Dr. Lorrie V. Bennettís
Law of Vibration Series

The Higher Purpose of Gann Theory

By William Bradstreet Stewart



There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to hear of Baumring students, or other dedicated Gann researchers, making deep, penetrating breakthroughs in Gann Analysis and Forecasting, since many people consider Gannís theories to be either pure fantasy or impenetrably complex. Whenever somebody solves some key element of the Gann puzzle or cracks some part of his mysterious code that explains some element of his system, producing accurate forecasts, or developing successful trading systems, this provides further evidence to the entire Gann and financial community that these esoteric theories have a solid basis in the markets.

Further, such proof that markets are truly forecastable brings up philosophical and scientific questions about the nature of reality that are beyond the scope of modern academic science. Such evidence serves to prove the existence of a lost, hidden, or little known Higher Science, that not only controls the markets, but must similarly control at least some part, if not all of reality itself. This is a paradigm shattering realization, and it just happens that the financial markets, when understood through the lens of Gann Theory, could possibly serve up the undeniable evidence of a metaphysical/scientific system that supersedes all modern scientific paradigms.

This science, though known by the Ancients, has been completely missed, ignored or suppressed by mainstream academia, the scientific community and Wall Street. One wonders just how that could be, and a study of the different schools of thought over the last couple centuries will show that the science dominant in Gannís time was a very different type of science than we have today. Scientists in the late 1800ís were called Natural Philosophers, and the purview of their study was the entire universe, including all branches of science, seeing everything as an integrated body of knowledge.

The scientific perspective of those days was very unlike today, where the sciences have become so hyper-specialized that the physicist often cannot communicate with the mathematician, and neither can speak to a biologist, let alone a psychologist. Like the Tower of Babble, what was once an integrated and cohesive world view became smashed into incommunicable parts, incapable of intelligent interaction, let alone of seeing the universe as a holistic system.

This science from the Ancients to the Natural Philosophers was known by a term coined by the great Pythagoras, father of modern science: Cosmology. However, this term has lost its meaning today, where academic science uses it only in reference to a form of glorified astro-physics, and the search for the unification of the 4 fundamental forces. It has lost its meaning of old, which related to a system of unified scientific principles of order and causation existing across the universe, defined as all things in manifest existence, from matter, to biology, to mind and psychology, and even consciousness, which in modern times has been relegated to the superficial prison of a mere brain function, instead of being understood as the primary substrate of the cosmos itself.

It is the nature of modern materialistic science to provide petty reductionist theories for systems of complex beauty and precision known by the Ancient Traditions to permeate the universe with perfect order. This advanced science clearly resides beyond the parameters and limitations of materialistic science, as there is no theory in that paradigm that would allow for the possibility of financial markets to be predictable, since they are not a material entity, so cannot adhere to any kind of material force or influence. Therefore, proving the predictability of the markets fundamentally shatters the entire paradigm of materialistic science, a goal, the accomplishment of which, would be the great honor of any higher philosophy, and the natural intention of Sacred Knowledge.

This explains why this field of market forecasting is often summarily dismissed or aggressively attacked by certain types and schools, particularly the materialists, because its verification signifies the intellectual death of their entire belief system, without which they would be completely lost. Such materialists think the market is and can only be random, as their absurd Random Walk Theory professes. So, any consistent verification of an ability to forecast beyond a 50% random average proves there is a science beyond randomness, providing a death blow to the random action theory of materialism.

It is such intentions that illustrate the higher purpose of Gann Theory and market forecasting! The pursuit of higher wisdom and philosophy, order and beauty, the search for Truth in a world of illusion, and the quest for the ultimate cosmological science behind the universe itself; these are the higher purposes of this Work. To disprove false theories of science, economics, psychology, biology, astronomy, physics and mathematics, and to replace them with a new and improved worldview and scientific system of operation is the higher purpose of Gann Theory, or what I prefer to call Cosmological Economics. This is what I find most interesting about this study, and anyone who spends enough years researching this field will become enchanted with such higher values and goals as well.

The results of such endeavors have the potential to create new technologies across many fields of application, since the markets are but one small example of how this science operates in the world. Further implications and applications would stretch across every field of science and technology, philosophy and spirituality, bringing revolutionary changes to the world, if ever this Higher Science were to become known and replace the crippled and confused science which has so far served to half destroy our planet.

Sure, the ability to forecast and trade the markets for personal profit is all fine and dandy, but it is truly a superficial goal bred by another branch of materialism, philosophical or spiritual materialism. This materialistic philosophy has become a cancer in the body of mankind, as we view the rampant greed and corruption that plague modern finance, politics and industry, placing the wealth of a planet into the hands of the few, with most of those few being the least worthy or deserving of it. The desire for vast wealth beyond what is needed for a comfortable life or for the fulfillment of a specific task or purpose also springs from the same corrosive and corrupt materialism that pervades the scientism of academia.

It is for these reasons above that I believe these science behind Gann Theory should be released, rather than greedily hoarded solely for the personal benefit of a few. Higher Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge are meant to be shared, not suppressed, such that baser systems of knowledge come to dominate the world. Obviously, Gann, to some degree, believed the same, or he would not have left us what record he did of the discoveries he made. Baumring too had the same intention, leading him to teach his Seminar Series, though both he and Gann struggled within themselves to truly let go, leading them to veil and complicate their presentations to nearly impossible degrees.

My intention through the work of Sacred Science Institute and the Institute of Cosmological Economics is to encourage and support the wider release of this knowledge privately in its market applications within the financial community, and widely in its more general scientific context to the world. And in Lorrie Bennet, I have found a friend and comrade in purpose, who feels no conflict in privately revealing her financial market discoveries to the Gann community, and publicly sharing her non-financial discoveries based upon the same principles, but applying to wider fields of science and metaphysics. This book is the first step in fulfilling these many intentions.

The higher-minded Gann Theorist who will develop out of the study of these books will learn with time and experience, that there is a law of give and take, action and reaction, that pervades not only the markets, but the entire universe. The use of Sacred Knowledge, as this knowledge truly is, for materialistic ends can produce a violation of a higher law that will exact its own penalty for any misuse or abuse. This is the age-old and little understood Law of Karma, and no one falls beyond its recourse.

Jerry Baumring believed that the abuse of oneís forecasting abilities for the mere pointless accumulation of wealth had severe Karmic consequences, so he only traded to support his needs, without abusing the higher principle. He is not the only one to think in this way. This is a good lesson for all to keep in mind as they begin this process of acquiring higher wisdom in a financial context. This does not mean that this work cannot become oneís profession, providing comfortably for oneís family, and passed down to future generations, enabling a higher purpose and a more meaningful pathway in life.

On the contrary, that is entirely a just and reasonable intention for pursuing this work. One must just be cautions to avoid letting things get out of hand and out of balance, while being conscious about finding higher purposes and good works to contribute to with oneís gains. The universe will let you know if things begin to fall out of balance, though you will probably already know this yourself. Seek to rectify the issue before it occurs and thereby you will manage to always keep the scales properly balanced.











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