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The Law of Vibration

A 4 Volume Series Revealing THE UNKNOWN


Dr. Lorrie Bennett





The Institute of Cosmological Economics and Sacred Science Institute are thrilled to announce the first release of a new 4-volume series of courses by Dr. Lorrie Bennett, revealing the deepest levels of insight into Gann’s forecasting system, which he called the Law of Vibration. Dr. Bennett is the first person we have known, since Dr. Baumring, who has solved much of the puzzle left behind by W. D. Gann!

I know this may sound like a wild claim to some, but we have seen the work of most everyone out there in this field, and Dr. Bennett’s breakthroughs reveal a new level of understanding and application of the Law of Vibration than has been disclosed before, with a level of depth demonstrated only by the likes of Gann and Baumring in the past. Some aspects of her research even take the knowledge further than either Baumring and Gann themselves did!

We feel that this work is so important that we strongly urge all our Gann clientele and all other serious Gann or market researchers to take a very close look at it, and to either prove or disprove its value for themselves. To make this possible, we have priced Dr. Bennett’s introductory volume, The Law of Vibration by the Patterns, at a very reasonable rate to allow people a low risk opportunity to verify the depth of her intellect, and the profundity of her Gann wisdom as presented in her introductory course, and in her teachings on the Online Forum, where you can ask her questions, pick her brain, and judge for yourself whether she knows what she says she knows.

 While this introductory volume does NOT contain her breakthrough insights into Gann (those begin with Volume 2), it does contain enough impressive work to allow most researchers to gauge her knowledge level and determine whether they would want to continue into her deeper work.

The most unusual and important element about Dr. Bennett’s teaching is that she has promised to lay out what she knows with no veil! It will be taught clearly and in detail, no secrets held back, no half-truths leaving the student to find the deeper application themselves. Dr. Bennett is an open book and has dedicated herself to being fully available to her students through a series of Online Classrooms to teach and apply these principles and to answer every student’s questions.

To compliment the theoretical studies Dr. Bennett will engage students in an ongoing Practicum, through the Online Forum, where she and the group will study and analyze a group of markets throughout the series of courses. She has provided initial analysis of 7 major markets in this first course (Dow, Bonds, Silver, Crude Oil, Soybeans, Wheat and Corn). Since the release of the course, on the Online Forum, she has continued adding more markets to the analysis list, one for Coffee, Bitcoin, and Cotton, and a full workshop on the USDEUR currency pair, showing step by step how she does her analysis (using the tools of Volume 1), in an apprenticeship style workshop. She has also agreed to analyze a few stocks as well, to cover the full span of market types that different traders are interested in.

It is this perfect combination of the Theory and Practice, one laid out in the Course Manual, and the other developed in real time, through Socratic dialog with the author, as well as ongoing group analysis of the current major markets, to demonstrate the application of the theory in real time on real markets. There are not many market experts that are willing to make themselves available in this way to their students. We appreciate Dr. Bennett’s generosity in offering her time in this way to her students.

We strongly encourage everyone serious about Gann, forecasting and trading to take a close look at this work, because it could be exactly what you have been dreaming of finding throughout your whole trading career. This course reveals the scientific system behind the Law of Vibration in an openly explained and thoroughly documented format. There is nothing else out there that presents the depth and detail of this course series.



We have been expectantly waiting to begin development of this series for over 7 years now, since we first began discussing the project with Dr. Bennett back in 2010, when she first told us she had “cracked Gann,” particularly though breaking a secret code in the Gann’s final book, The Magic Word. At long last, we are now able to begin bringing you what we consider to be the best series of courses on Gann Theory ever!

Volume 1, The Law of Vibration by the Patterns was released in mid-October 2017 and Volume 2, The Law of Vibration by the Numbers is currently available for pre-order at a discounted package price, with the actual physical textbook to be released in around the end of 2018. Pre-ordering gives access to an Online Forum which is already open for pre-registrants. This Forum introduces Dr. Bennett’s first major Gann breakthroughs, and already has over 1000 posts on it. Volume 3, The Law of Vibration by the Planets will be released near the end of 2019, and Volume 4, The Law of Vibration by the Geometry will come in in late 2020, completing the core set of this series, and laying out all dimensions of Gann’s deepest knowledge.


There is so much to say about this series, that it has required us to provide you with a dozen pages of information about Dr. Bennett and her work here, in an attempt to give as much information as possible about the course series. Aside from this General Introduction, we suggest people next read Ken Macht’s Introduction to Dr. Bennett’s Work, as he is a long-time research associate of Dr. Bennett, and a well-known and highly-respected expert in the Gann community, so he provides an excellent insight into the importance her work.

We would also suggest you read Dr. Bennett’s Biography, which tells the fascinating story of how a spiritually orientated Chiropractor and healer by nature became involved in the materialistic world of financial market analysis and Gann Theory. One might think that the obvious connection is to be found in the fact that Dr. Bennett’s is related to Gann, her great uncle having been a 1st cousin of Gann himself, named in Tunnel as R. L. Cole, but the story is even more interesting than just that. She shares the history of her path to the markets, including fascinating explanations of her breakthrough into Gann, as shown the following excerpt:

“Once having cracked the door to Magic Word, I knew that I needed more knowledge. That is when I found Baumring. I needed a roadmap of how to navigate the footpath before me. I asked the question of whether anyone had found the answer, and it was his work that helped to bring more knowledge and understanding. It would be Baumring’s work that told me I had found the answer, as buried within the pages of notes on his lecture materials was a section discussing the DOW.

It was 2007 and the market was going strong. I had found a number span in Magic Word that I didn’t know where to put. I read the notes for the umpteenth time and saw the number. It was not just written but a quick calculation showed it. That was the moment I saw the 4th dimension for the first time. It was a blazing Sun that exploded through my head! And I knew it was right…

“I had been working on faith that I had the code in Magic Word correct, and to find it in Baumring was the confirmation I needed. It was a few days later when I found the same number in the DOW. And WOW! We were at the end of the time! I knew the top was coming very soon. I shared it with people only to be laughed at and ignored. I sent it to someone who had worked at Janus Funds. He ignored it, then lost millions in the collapse…

“The fall in 2008 confirmed my numbers and I knew I had them. I didn’t have it all, but I knew how to find the key numbers using planets from Magic Word, I knew some of the key cycles as well as many of the rules he related in Magic Word. I didn’t give up, but I did change course.

“Having discovered some amazing things in Gann’s writings, I moved on to Mundane Astrology and World events to prove out the knowledge. My thought was if it works in other fields as much as it works in the Markets, then it is true. Over the next 7 years I slowly proved it out. I developed a new Astrological System for evaluating World events, earthquakes, storms and any other events that were not market related. I needed to see it working anywhere else but in the markets. Then, 3 years ago, the voice of understanding sounded again, and a deeper realization came. In a flash of understanding, I knew what Gann meant about the numbers, and the full answer to the LOV became real.

“It has taken 3 years to pull the rest of the understanding from his courses and other writings. I continue to read Tunnel, Magic Word, and all the courses, working to tie things together. But I knew! I also learned that knowing and using were two different creatures. Over the course of these years I have learned how to apply all the knowledge into a systematic process. How to tie numbers to planets, how to tie the tools in the courses to the charts, and what the tools in Tunnel could do and how to apply them. I could finally say that I understood Gann, that I had cracked what he wrote and could use it.

 For those anxious for a fast overview of what this material is all about, let me provide a quick overview here and link out to further references and information with more detailed content. Dr. Bennett has been studying the work of W. D. Gann and Dr. Jerome Baumring for over 15 years and is the first person we’ve found who has really cracked the inner mechanics of Gann’s financial market systems as deeply, if not more so, than Dr. Baumring did over 30 years ago.

Interestingly, a key element responsible for her breakthrough is that, in 2005, Dr. Bennett was in an accident and hit her head, damaging much of her left brain. Surprisingly, it was this injury that provided her with the key to cracking Gann and Baumring, by enabling her to see their work through her right-brain dominant orientation. This ability unveiled an unusual type of insight leading to a different type of reasoning that commonly eludes the normal left-brain thinker, making Gann’s work so difficult to understand by most.

This enabled her to crack the code within Gann’s mysterious encrypted novel, The Tunnel thru the Air, and led her to the discovery of a further unknown code in Gann’s final and most mysterious work, The Magic Word, seemingly just a collection of Bible quotes on different subjects, that everyone has always wondered the true purpose of. Turns out it truly IS his most important and secretive work, summarizing the essence of his system through a series of Sacred Numbers, which reveal the inner workings of Gann’s most deeply guarded secrets.

Dr. Bennet now has Gann’s system of the Law of Vibration mastered, with the science behind it laid out from multiple cross-confirming perspectives, numerically, geometrically, harmonically, astronomically, astrologically, and more. In this 4-volume series, Dr. Bennett will reveal the full technical details of Gann’s analytical, forecasting and trading system for the first time ever, with complete openness and clarity, hiding nothing, and laying out her full understanding. This is the first time EVER that anyone with this insight has agreed to share it with the public.

The 1st course, The Law of Vibration by the Patterns, is considered to be the “introductory” work, providing a set of extremely important technical foundations that lay the groundwork for Gann’s understanding of the market. It is not until the 2nd work, The Law of Vibration by the Numbers, that the explanation of Dr. Bennett’s breakthrough insight, which really cracks Gann’s system of the Law of Vibration, is introduced. It elaborates a perspective on Gann that no one we have seen has even come close to explaining, except Baumring, of course. Baumring, however, refused to clearly explain the details of how the entire system worked, providing the source works and a vast collection of clues and hints as to how it goes together, which his students had to figure out themselves.

There have been a few who have done this to one level or another, but Dr. Bennett has gone further than all the rest and into areas that Baumring did not explore, like the decoding of Tunnel and Magic Word. But unlike the others, she is the first to agree to openly reveal everything that she knows, saving Gann students years, if not decades of work, if they would ever have figured it out at all, which is highly unlikely... This series is so important because it will be the 1st time ever that these most powerful but highly secret systems are revealed openly to a select public of serious and dedicated Gann researchers.


Ultimately, what is most exciting about Dr. Bennett’s work is the openness with which it will be presented. It will be meticulously laid out and fully explained from each angle of application as the series progresses. To best accomplish this, besides the core textbook that will be provided for each level, Dr. Bennett further has agreed to monitor a group of Online Student Forums, one for each course. This will provide a real classroom environment where she can present and develop the theories introduced in the textbook, while providing endless examples to elaborate the applications through real-time market analysis and forecasting. As students follow and study the analysis, they can use the information themselves to trade the market, which could help pay for their course tuition.

This classroom will be an interactive environment where students can ask ongoing questions to be sure they understand every detail. They can also engage in research and discussion among themselves to better digest and master the subjects as a team effort. These discussions and presentations will be preserved forever, so that students who come along later can benefit from the Q&A of those who came before them. The Forums will also provide an environment where group analysis of the markets in the textbooks, or others, can be discussed, updated and traded as time progresses, creating a live trading tutorial environment, much like the apprenticeships of older Renaissance times.

Each sequential course will analyze the same set of core markets, overlaying the continually advancing techniques upon the past analysis, creating an increasing confidence in the forecasts through cross-correlated analytical techniques that confirm each other, creating a more sophisticated and advanced analysis as the series progresses.


As an original Private Student of Dr. Baumring myself, back in the 1980’s, I can hardly wait to finally have the opportunity to understand this material in its full scope! My education with Baumring was cut off early by his untimely death, and I never reached the conclusion of the educational program through which he was guiding me. Following his death, I never had the time, resources and where-with-all to give the required 5-10 years of dedicated research that it takes to penetrate to this level of understanding. So, it is with great joy and excitement that I work with Lorrie to help to bring this material to all of you, so as to hopefully fulfill some of your dreams in the way that this work is fulfilling mine!

Dr. Bennett is laying out the most detailed explanation of Gann’s and Baumring’s techniques and science that I’ve ever see, and the pieces I have had access to so far take the subject matter to completely new levels, explaining things that neither I nor any other scholar or researcher that I know ever managed to comprehend! The material in her Volumes 2-4 is just totally original, and different from anything anyone else has done, outside of Baumring, and very few ever properly understood Baumring.

Her original work goes even further in some areas than Baumring’s, such as her insight into Astrology, and the new system that she has developed from Gann’s Tunnel, that simply no one has figured out, but which is closer to more ancient forms like Hellenistic or Egyptian Astrology. This new approach will revolutionize the entire field of Astrology, if it were to be made public, perhaps even recovering the ancient system that has been long lost and much sought in recent centuries. These are truly revolutionary and paradigm changing breakthroughs, and those of us who join this educational program, will be the first, if not the only, people in the modern world to gain access to this lost wisdom!

Understanding this, my only wish is to help her to better confirm her work, and if possible, hopefully even inspire new ideas in her research. As such, I have provided her with a copy of my own personal Private Student Notes from my 5 years of intense private study with Dr. Baumring, which are the most detailed record of the advanced work of Baumring that there is, since I was his closest student.

Lorrie is using this new resource to seek further confirmations and to uncover new concepts that were not included in any of the Seminar Lecture Notes of Nirenstein and Friedman. I have given her permission to pull material from these several hundred pages of notes to include as references in her courses, so as to help prove that what she is explaining was in fact taught by Baumring himself. She is also working to fill out and develop other deeper concepts that were only taught to Baumring’s closest Private Students, going much deeper than the ideas presented in his public seminars. We expect that many of these deeper insights will be included in her last Volume 4, Geometry, after she has had a couple more years to digest and develop them.

In my editing of each of these texts, I am working very closely with Lorrie to assure that her ideas are as fully elaborated and logically presented as possible, so that anyone with a core Gann and esoteric orientation can understand them, even if they do not have the full Baumring foundations. They may need to do some further background study and research, but we will suggest those references and texts after providing the essential elements and explanations in the course itself.

For those of you who may fear that this work may be too difficult for you, do not fret, we are doing all we can to make it accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the study and do the work required. Our intention is that this course will not be too far over the heads of most of the Sacred Science clientele, who are already well-versed in this perspective, and that for those who are not, there will be clear guidelines to fill in those foundations.

Remember, this is not a weekend seminar or a semester college class, but an advanced educational program, more like a Master’s degree or Ph.D. program, that will continue for many years to come. So, everyone will have all the time they need to work at their own pace through the material and will have unlimited access to the Online Forums for as long as they need.



As mentioned above, what is particularly powerful about Lorrie’s approach is that she is loading her courses up with analyses of over a dozen markets, so that students can gain a wide amount of experience and practice through the practical application of the principle presented in each volume. This is the “Practicum” side of this educational program, where the knowledge is made real by applying it through real trading. Some years back Lorrie moderated a Forex trading group, so she is well experienced in educating traders, and teaching them how to turn theory into practice. This is a huge benefit to this program which takes it far beyond just a theoretical course.

As mentioned, Volume 1 includes analysis of at least 7 different markets with new ones being added all the time on the Online Forum, providing perspectives on these markets through the end of 2017. However, after the end of this year, one must continue to the next course to keep up with the current analysis, as the completing Volume 2 with an expected release at the end of 2018. We have already activated the Online Forum for Numbers pre-registration owners where Lorrie is sharing the breakthrough insights from Level 2 and talking through her insights with the group. There are already over 1000 posts on that Forum, and it is filled with fascinating discussion and information.

Moving forward from Volume 2 through 4, each of these BIG courses will continue to provide analysis of the same group of markets that will be included in Patterns, updating and extending the forecasts further out into the future. As said, each new course and Forum will continue to integrate the newest techniques applying them to the analysis of each market, so that there is an ongoing overlay and extension of ideas and forecasting techniques, developing a deeper technology and mastery of each market as the series progresses. This is the ongoing applied Practicum side of this program, which is intended to lead all students into becoming successful traders.

Book 2, Numbers, includes a 5-year forecast of the Dow, providing some critical insights and an invaluable model of the coming market action into 2023, through what is destined to become one of the most important times in the history of the stock market! No one will want to miss out on this forecast, because trading it could fund their education and much more! This is very timely material! So, don’t waste your time procrastinating in your decision process, as the missed opportunity cost will be greater than the cost of the courses themselves!


Aside from this core series on Gann’s Law of Vibration, Dr. Bennett also has a number of smaller and more specialized works going into related subjects like Earthquake Forecasting, Intraday Trading Systems, Sepharial’s Gravitational System, Geodetics, Applied Spherical Harmonics, Gann’s Trade Setups, The Hyperspace Cube, the Lunar Cycle, the “Seasons of Gann”, decoding Gann’s Magic Word and Tunnel Through the Air, a Book of Tracings, a Book of Why, and other fascinating topics, including an entirely new revelation in astrology, which will revolutionized the entire field for the future.

One or two of each of these shorter works will also be released each year at lower prices than the LOV series. These works are not required to fully grasp Gann’s Law of Vibration but will expand these subjects into specialized related fields for those who want to go deeper, or who are interested in different and more worldly applications than the financial markets. These books will not have any prerequisite requirements, and will be accessible to anybody.


Many people will ask why Dr. Bennett is willing to share her knowledge at all? Fundamentally, it is because she is fed up with the misrepresentations and misinterpretations of Gann that are so pervasive across the Internet or in the numerous courses and online groups talking about Gann. I cannot explain it better than she does herself in her own Biography, which I will paraphrase here:

“I have spent many years on Yahoo and Google group boards searching for other kindred souls to share with what I know. I have found some that became fellow journeyman and I have found others that became a thorn in my side. It is these thorns that have caused me to write. So often I would put up a secret of Gann only to have it shot down or to find myself dismissed from the board. Being a non-confrontational person, I quietly went my way. And often it was for my own betterment.

“When I put aside all the garbage from the boards and the efforts to solve what they said and instead followed my own mind, I then learned to trust in myself and my own interpretation of what Gann had written and its meaning. This was the moment I became free of the red herrings and misdirection so prevalent in the world of Gann. Now after another 12 years of research I can ask, why do they do this? What is gained? What purpose does it serve to create confusion and illusions that are not true?

“This is why I am writing the series before you. Not to just make money, although in honesty, money is required to pay the bills to allow me to continue my research. But also, to clear the path of all the idiotic obstacles that so many have placed to prevent others from finding the truth. The semester I did at Summit University was Pallas Athena’s quarter. She is known as the Goddess of Truth. It is that flame that I have followed in the countless hours of research and the times I have walked the path of my life. That is why there is no attempt at confusion, illusion or misdirection. Truth must come out! I am honor bound to tell the Truth by my duty to the Truth!”

 Further, being a Dr. of Chiropractic in her primary career, her work of healing and helping the world brings her no conflict within herself in sharing her insights into the markets and the underlying science simply for the benefit and betterment of humanity. I am deeply grateful for her open attitude which runs so contrary to the greed for knowledge and money that compels others with wisdom to maintain total secrecy, thereby giving nothing back for the benefit of society. And those of you who choose to follow this educational path, I think will soon feel the same…


As hopefully has been made clear, each book in the series will be required as a pre-requisite to obtain a copy of the next book in the series. Since each of the later BIG courses (Vol 2-4) will elaborate and expand on concepts introduced in the prior courses, everyone will be required to have each sequential work so that they have a clear understanding of the foundational principles and elaborations developed through each volume. There will be no skipping of books in the series, so, for instance, no one will be allowed to buy Planets unless they have both Patterns and Numbers. Of course, no one is required to continue to purchase later volumes if they do now want to continue with the program, that is up to you. But no one will be allowed to skip the introductory volume.

Dr. Bennett has also suggested that she might limit the number of copies, perhaps to 100 or so, to keep the knowledge more exclusive. I’m trying to expand that number since we have well over 100 Baumring students alone, though many are no longer active. Right of 1st refusal has been offered to original Baumring students and our other most loyal top clientele, who have already taken the first 95 copies, and now sales have been opened up to our wider community.

So, if you are interested in this subject, we strongly suggest that you purchase at least the 1st book in the series to lock in a place for yourself, in case the edition is limited to keep it more exclusive. Anyone who has Volume 1 will be allowed to continue in the program, even if it will take them some time to acquire the funds for the later volumes. It is not our intention to limit access only to people with deep pockets. We want this educational program to be available to anyone with a true desire to learn, and anyone who cannot come up with $2000, will never become a trader, since they lack resources and resourcefulness. So, locking in Volume 1 is the best way to lock in a place for the ongoing series, then funds can be saved up or traded up to purchase the more expensive volumes more slowly over time.


Volume 1, The Law of Vibration by the Patterns, the introductory volume is priced at $2000. Volume 2, The Law of Vibration by the Numbers, which is the first BIG, important work that reveals the breakthrough insights, is currently priced at $6000. We anticipate that Volume 3, The Law of Vibration by the Planets and Volume 4, The Law of Vibration by the Geometry will each be priced at approximately $7500, since they both provide the highest level breakthrough insights into Gann’s work, and reveal the astrological and geometric principles that are the deepest secrets of Gann, which everyone most wants to know.

For those who would like to receive a bit of a discount, we have a special offer for the 1st two courses in the series, Patterns and Numbers, purchased together, FOR THE NEXT MONTH ONLY, with Numbers as a pre-registration, but giving immediate access to the Numbers Online Forum and all the forthcoming major forecasts, like the 5-year forecast of the Dow. Buying these 2 volumes together before December gives an extra $500 discount off the final price for a total of $7500. This deal will be discontinued soon, so do not delay!

Purchasers of either of these two specials understand that payment will be made now, when the order is entered, but Numbers will not be officially released until sometimes around February. However, for Numbers pre-registrants, there is now Online Forum beginning NOW, to teach the first principles and to engage in analysis of these coming critical forecasts, so that they can take full advantage of them as they approach.

They will also be provided with copies of Dr. Bennett’s 5-year forecast of the Dow Jones, showing important activity that everyone will want to prepare for in advance. All of the courses in the series require the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, just as we require for all of our other high-end courses to protect the information and assure that it stays within our private group.

The following link gives new customer two options for you to order either just Volume 1, Patterns, or to order the discounted set of Volume 1&2, Patterns & Numbers, Patterns available immediately, and Numbers coming soon but the Online Forum immediately available.



I hope everyone is as excited as I am about this new series, because it will, without question, be the biggest breakthrough in Gann Analysis in decades! This is the best material we have ever seen, and we are honored to be able to offer it to our clients to help bring everyone to a new level of understanding of Gann. I will leave you with a last quote from Lorrie that summarizes our feelings about this work:

“May my books give you the guidepost to follow my path until you can blaze your own way. May you take comfort that there are those who have traveled the path and know that it can be done. May these books shine a light into the morass of knowledge and understanding until you can see the wonderous threads that tie all of Life together.” - Dr. Lorrie Bennett


William Bradstreet Stewart, Director
          Institute of Cosmological Economics
          Sacred Science Institute











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