Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett’s
Law of Vibration Series

An Introduction to

Dr. Bennett and Her Work

By Kenneth Macht

You hold in your hands a real map to a real treasure—treasure that is likened unto the Horn of Althea in that it will pour forth insight after insight and if held by persistent hands will yield an important and fundamental toolset towards the understanding and application of the works of W. D. Gann. Dr. Lorrie Bennett is going to take you there through the conduit of Dr. Jerome Baumring and later, through one of herself. Dr. Bennett has no antecedents beyond W. D. Gann and Jerome Baumring.

Dr. Bennett is unique in the community of Gann researchers not only for the aforementioned reason, but also—and most importantly—because unlike most before her, she is going to show the work to you without reservation. No half explanations or double-talk here, nor that puerile game of “I’ve got a secret,” so prevalent in this field. She has earned a real place as an interpreter and applier, and she is giving it to you. In other words, what she has presented before you works!

She has a profound gift of seeing patterns and of perceiving the underlying order within whatever subject she directs her attention towards. Additionally, she has the gift of perceiving not only what is truly being said, but more importantly, what is not. She has taken on the works of W. D. Gann and Dr. Jerome Baumring in a total immersion. Her tenacity, will, and energy have been the sails, the current, and the wind of her voyage through the illusory and sometimes rocky waters of W. D. Gann.

She is also unique in that there are very few, almost none in fact, in the W. D. Gann community that can actually understand and apply the secrets of Gann. While many try to mystify, monopolize or claim W. D. Gann’s secrets as their own, Dr. Bennett has ever strived to seek the truth, the real truth—and also to express it plainly spoken. For many years, for reasons not of our concern, she has kept this knowledge close to her vest, but she has privately expressed from the beginning of my acquaintance and subsequent friendship with her, the strong desire to share what she has learned. The first piece of the crown of her work is now before you, with more on the way. She privately conveyed to me that this present series of work is to be her legacy to her children and to the world.

Dr. Bennett, Lorrie from here onward, and I met about fifteen years ago at a Gann conference. Immediately, one could recognize a brilliant mind here, one that could see patterns, processes, and underlying order in whatever she was interested in. Gann’s works were her interest, and she displayed from the outset an affinity for understanding the subject as a whole. Trained as a physician, with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, she possessed a skill set of tools, the mathematics, and a penetrating ability to “see” both what is seen and what is not seen, the diagnostician.

She possesses unusual tenacity and when faced with obstacles of any kind, she quietly and persistently works through them. Where she lacked knowledge of music or tuning theory, she found it; astrology, she found it; programming, she found it; symbolism in the Bible, she found it; and so on. Another example is that much of the early Neo-Pythagoreanism, which is the basis of modern numerology, is but a means of expressing patterns and structure in nature through numbers. Lorrie cut through the nonsense and went straight to the roots of what Gann was doing with the numbers. You will learn more about that in the second volume of this series.

Lorrie shared with me her entire set of notebooks containing her journey thought Gann, so I know what is to come for you, the reader. As alluded to above, Lorrie was self-taught in all that she needed to know. It was a difficult journey, as ofttimes, no one really knows ahead of time what they need to know. I was frequently amazed at her uncanny ability to intuitively know what to study and to what depth she needed to go. She was undaunted by lack of experience or requisite knowledge, and dove with determination into whatever she needed to know in order to decipher Gann.

In her notebooks, she structured her study almost as a dialogue, asking herself a series of questions about the work or subject, and then proceeding to seek the answers. Plato’s dialogue as a didactive method is superior to almost any other, and leads one to deep insights beyond the face of any study. I think this is the principle technique she used to gain the knowledge that she is about to share with you. I strongly suggest that you consider mimicking her process by writing down the questions that will naturally pop up as you read her works, and then take these questions on one by one seeking the answers.

In Volume Three of the series, she takes on the planets and planetary cycles. Here is where I helped her most, as this is my specialty. She perceived concepts and techniques directly from reading Gann (and his The Tunnel Thru the Air especially). What she did not know, and did not really need to know, was just how close she was to an understanding of some of the more obscure parts and techniques of Ptolemy and the ancient Astrologers.

One application, which I leave to Lorrie to reveal to you at the proper time, is in my estimation, the jewel in the crown of everything you need to know about Ancient Astronomy and Astrology. This technique is found hidden in plain sight within George Bayer, and the Bible, too, and is not just in The Tunnel Thru the Air. Another crown jewel is her deciphering of the real use of certain aspects of Ancient Astronomy and Astrology relating to the particular division of the zodiac. Again, I will not steal her thunder. I honor her, because no one, aside from an ivory towered student like myself, would ever see it. And unlike me, she discovered a very practical application to use it for market analysis. It’s amazing to see this working, and you will see it all in Volume Three.

Her study of geometry is completely out of the box. Personally, I understand this approach the least of all, and will only comment that her treatment of the subject, like so much of what she has uncovered in general, is not the conventional, and she reaches into truths and applications not found anywhere else outside of Baumring. Much of her insight is truly simple, and demonstrates how most of us have been misled by overcomplications of the work.

Back to this present volume. Here she deals with the mathematics of music theory, and applies simple principles of engineering to the study of theoretical wave mechanics. This was an important and fundamental lesson from Jerome Baumring’s curriculum, and in this first Volume, Lorrie has deciphered and applied the subject most ably.

As an engineer myself by training and profession, I, like most of my kind, made the study either too hard, or demanded too much exactitude, when an open mind and a lot of elbow grease were what was really needed. Lorrie constructed a method to organize the study so as to make what began as a theoretical examination into a valuable and practical application. This provides a clear and natural place to begin the journey of exploration through which her series will guide the reader into deeper and greater stages of Gann and market revelation. It is a foundation that you will depend upon throughout the entire study.

One particular area of her work which is completely unique is her treatment of Gann’s final book, The Magic Word. No one has ever provided a meaningful explanation of Gann’s intention with this small and very abstract work filled primarily with Bible quotations. If any other besides she has any insight into that book, they are keeping it to themselves. Lorrie, however, has deciphered a code within it, containing an insight into numbers, which elaborates the essence of Gann’s most profound insights. That understanding and application will be laid open for readers of this series.

Lorrie has unraveled a huge mystery in the field of W. D. Gann, and her work is impressive by any standard. She worked carefully and alone for many years. She had to; few people understood her or her genius. Many wanted to steal her work and some of the smaller minded purveyors of Gann secrets have castigated and ostracized her, as there is nothing like the truth to raise the hackles of those who claim to know when they actually do not.

Lorrie does know, and she is now ready to open up to the world a wonderful treasure. It is my honor and privilege to introduce this body of knowledge, and I think that all of you who touch this work will apprehend with the same awe the magic that is in her words…

Ken Macht
Atlanta, Georgia
October 7, 2017











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