Dr. Lorrie V. Bennett’s
Law of Vibration Series
The Origin & Development of the Series

By William Bradstreet Stewart

I first met Lorrie Bennet in 2003, when she contacted me about obtaining copies of Dr. Jerome Baumring’s Seminar Series, Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration. At that time, now almost 15 years ago, she was already exploring the field of theoretical wave mechanics and planetary cycles though the work of Rudy Bess, and she mentioned that she had some initial exposure to Dr. Baumring’s theories, which she wanted to explore in their full detail.

Her primary interest was in the work of W.D. Gann, whom she mentioned was a cousin of her grandfather, and she desired to dedicate herself to the deepest possible exploration of Gann’s work. The courses of Dr. Baumring are generally considered to be the most advanced elaboration of Gann’s deeper scientific and esoteric theories, so she wanted to acquire these courses as a key guide and supplement to her own research.

We arranged to provide her with the complete set of Baumring Courses along with Julius Nirenstein’s accompanying Lecture Notes, after which she disappeared for some time into deep research, as most Baumring students tend to do. She popped back up a year later to purchase a new set of Baumring Lecture Notes by Alfred Freedman which we had acquired after his passing, and again vanished back into her research.

A couple years later, in 2005, she mentioned that she had been in an accident which had left her disabled, requiring some years of rehabilitation, and that she intended to engage this research in total immersion through her long recovery period. This leads to what is one of the most surprising and interesting elements of Lorrie’s story, that being that the accident and her brain injury primarily affected her left brain, leaving her right brain totally dominant.

This ended up being the Key to her cracking Gann, as it gave her the ability to access the inner secrets of Gann’s and Baumring’s work that were simply missed or imperceivably by everyone else. Gann’s work requires the shifting of one’s perception to a different perspective and while thinking from a different paradigm that the left brain, as well as our past educational experience, struggle to grasp or allow. But her accident simply shut off the element that blocked everyone else’s access, opening a doorway of insight that has led to this series.

The next time I heard from her was about 2 years later, in the summer of 2007, when I released an unusual item I had found called The Gann Ellipse, a geometrical ellipse overlay related to the work of George Bayer, but said to have been altered and further developed by Gann. Lorrie contacted me to acquire a copy of this Gann Ellipse and it was at this point that she provided me with the first little peek into the depth of the work that she was engaged in, through the following tantalizing comment:

“I have cracked Magic Word and believe that the ellipse ties to a technique he describes in there. Dr Baumring was correct, and Gann did use ellipses in forecasting. It has taken me 4 years to finally grasp what Baumring was pointing out, and after Magic Word opened up, I realized that Baumring had not broken Magic Word, but did have much of Gann’s inner technique correct.”

It was another 3 years, in 2010, before I heard from Lorrie again, but this time, she was bursting with ideas and plans to begin publishing her work. She told me that since Baumring had been so influential in helping her, that Sacred Science Institute felt like the right place to bring out her work as well, to continue the Tradition within the same School. She also realized that my clientele were the ideal people to bring her work too, since all had a deep understanding of Gann, and since I had the direct connection to all the Baumring students from over the last 25 years.

She provided me with detailed outlines for at least five absolutely fascinating works, along with various supportive material, charts, overviews and outlines. We went back and forth for a while discussing elements and details of the series, what should follow what, and how to structure and organize them, according to the different contents and points of focus.

There was a more technical market work on Gann’s trading setups, a couple intraday timing methods, one based upon Sepharial’s Gravitational System, another based upon Tunnel and the Tides, with more advanced insights into ancient timing systems and Lunar cycles and influences. Then there was the BIG one, decoding Magic Word and providing the breakthrough into her understanding of the Law of Vibration. It is this primary work that has now evolved, 7 years later, into the 4 Volumes of her Law of Vibration series.

She mentioned that there were many further possible books that could be written depending upon the approach taken and the depth plumbed. However, she was also concerned about the security of the books, and how I could assure they would remain private and within the group of paid students, without being pirated and passed around the Internet, which at that time and still now has been a terrible problem causing many authors to stop writing or to never publish anything important. Lorrie told me clearly that if her books were pirated, she would quit writing and not make any more of her knowledge available to the public.

At the time I was in the process of developing and implementing a set of new technologies that provided much deeper overlapping security measures for our books. I required a bit more time to complete this project, so suggested she start working on her manuscripts to begin building out the content, while I finished resolving the security issues, and that soon we would both be ready.

Over the next year, we bounced occasional emails back and forth, with Lorrie working to get some more text written, but often distracted by family life, graduating children and various frustrating illnesses that kept her from her work. Ultimately, a lull came upon our communications that surprisingly lasted seven entire years with almost no contact as time just blew by, with both of us distracted by very busy lives.

Sometimes it seems that the universe has a timing of its own, and this was the case for us both, while family and other responsibilities intervened. She was often on my mind, as I continued to develop and test more powerful security measures, particularly intended for her books, while simultaneously working to build a new advanced website that would be more Baumring-centric, and provide the ideal platform for the development of her work (also delayed 7 years, but now close to completion).

Then suddenly, several months ago, some kind of strange time portal unexpectedly reopened… In late May of this year, 2017, at the encouragement of a couple of her friends, Lorrie published a short PDF version of a few partially developed sections contained in this Volume, and mentioned it to an online group she belonged to. A few friends and clients of mine informed me of this, since many knew that Lorrie and I had been intending to publish her work for some years. When I saw the PDF, I immediately wrote her and told her that if she was ready to start putting her work out, so was I, but that PDF’s were definitely NOT the way to do it, since there was no security on them. She told me that this was just a tiny piece she put out as a first test case, but that yes, she would still like to publish together, and was now ready to go with a 4-volume series that was an expansion of her initial BIG work on the Magic World and Law of Vibration from 7 years ago.

From that point, this project suddenly burst into a life all its own, one that neither of us were anticipating nor prepared for. My wife and I were expecting our new daughter to be born two weeks later, and I had promised my wife I’d take a few months off through the summer, doing only part time work once the baby came. So, I had not been planning on or expecting to dive head first into the best and most complex series of books that had ever come across my desk. Similarly, Lorrie mentioned to me just the other day, that had someone told her 6 months ago that she would be working full force to get her 1st two books out by the end of the year, she would have laughed at them.

So, this project has a very strange and timely energy to it, the like of which I have never quite seen before, coming out of the blue with no warning, and having a pace that is far more intense than is usual. The pace is primarily due to some forthcoming market cycles in the New Year, that possession of Volume 2 will enable readers to take advantage of in a way that could be life changing for them, and help them pay for the cost of the series.

More unusual yet, just through my mentioning the series to a handful of people, a real buzz started that pushed me to do an initial pre-release of the 1st 2 books, which even happed right during Mercury Retrograde, something I never do. At one point I had asked Lorrie her feelings about Merc Rx, and she informed me that by Gann’s system in Tunnel, it was not an influence that was bad at all, and that she had no concern in doing a release during that traditionally difficult time period. Surprisingly, this produced the largest and fastest response I’ve ever seen for any of our publications in 20 years.

So again, this confirms that there is some energy, some intention with this work, that has a life of its own, and we are just moving along with it as quickly as we can, while assuring the quality and clarity are up to the highest possible standards. Needless to say, my summer baby vacation did not happen, to the displeasure of my wife, and there will be no rest until Christmas, before which we plan to release Volume 2.











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