Nuggets from my Research – Volume 1

The Law of Vibration

by the Patterns

Dr. Lorrie Bennett

On Baumring & Wave Mechanics


With the history of the development of the series complete, I wanted to say a few words about the content of this text and its relationship to Baumring’s Courses and curriculum. As one of Baumring’s closest Private Students back in the 1980’s, I had the opportunity to study directly with him, as well as to work as his personal assistant and teaching assistant during the seminars and through the 5 years that I worked intensively with him before he died unexpectedly in 1992.

One of the very first assignments given to me was the exercise which is the subject of this text, the creation and study of theoretical wave mechanic charts. I spent over 100 hours making up sets of 4 and 6-wave theoreticals by hand, as Baumring would not allow us to do this work on the computer. (Note: my 2 sets of hand drawn theoreticals are included on the CD so you can see what it was like to do them by hand. Also, the 6-wave theoreticals are not presented in this text, so you can refer to them for an extended level of study.) I spent many hours studying these charts and learning to see how the underlying component waves generated the composite pattern, and learning to count these waves to find the underlying intervals in the market.

I was one of only a dozen or so students that I know of who actually did the wave mechanics exercise. There is a set of some computer generated partial versions that one student created which were included in one of the Baumring Course Manuals. Most students looked those over a bit and figured they understood what it was about, but very few really studied or researched this subject closely.

I can now say, after having carefully worked through Lorrie’s text during these last two months of editing and development, that even I never really understood the depth and intention behind Baumring’s having us do this work. I understood a third to perhaps half of it, but the level that Lorrie has taken the work here goes FAR beyond anything that I ever considered. It has advanced my understanding of the subject and its importance significantly.

To my surprise, there is more depth and importance underlying this seemingly simple exercise than I had myself ever considered.  I only now understand why Jerry said that this work was the foundational step underlying all the rest of the Gann research. I see it now, because Lorrie has explained clearly what Jerry would not, and has shown how to put it to use.

I have personally been so impressed with the quality and intelligence of Lorrie’s work that I have provided her with a copy of my Private Student Notes from the five years that I worked closely with Baumring. These notes probably represent the most detailed representation of Jerry’s ideas of anything there is, since I spent far more time with him than anyone else did, and as a Private Student was given a different level of information than was provided in the Seminars.

I have always intended to publish these Notes someday for the serious Baumring students, but they require a lot of work to type up my hard to read handwriting and to provide better diagrams. But I realize that a more direct route to my own full understanding of these complex notes is to share them with Lorrie, who is reviewing them very closely. I have agreed to let her pull out any examples she would like to use in her books to demonstrate that Baumring understood this work and to show what he was doing with many of his vague hints and references.

My further hope in this collaboration is that my Notes may provide Lorrie with further clues, leads and ideas than she found in Julius’ Notes and Al’s Notes, which will make her work deeper and more extended than it already is. Much of the work in my Notes would fall more into the Geometry segment of Gann, though there was lots of work in every branch of Gann Analysis. So, I hope my Notes provide many useful examples and further clues that Lorrie will decipher and share with us all.

It is this willingness to explain where Jerry would only hint, that is the half the value of Lorrie’s work! The other half being the depth of her insights, which when combined with her openness and willingness to teach and share her ideas without veils or blinders, places her above all the Gann teachers that have preceded her.

Everyone who has seriously studied Gann or Baumring has been deeply frustrated at the cryptic and vague method of presentation and pedagogy that Gann teachers employ, and only the most patient, perseverant or simply bull-headed types ever really crack into the deep layers of this work. Most who have done that have committed at least 10, if not 20 or 30 years to their research.

This field truly is not a study for the impatient, or a quick fix for the those hoping to find an easy answer to the markets. But the added impairment to direct understanding of the subject overlaid by types like Gann, Bayer, Baumring and others, takes a highly difficult pursuit and makes it almost impossible.

Lorrie’s work is going to bring a massive revelation and reorientation to the field of Gann Analysis, erasing many misunderstandings and debunking many false theories and incorrect explanations. She will help to give Gann’s work a higher degree of respect in a financial world that has often disrespected and derided him. She will help to affirm the value of Baumring’s work that has also often been dismissed by those either too lazy to do the work or not smart enough to understand it.

Her approach to presenting this material is with clear logic and detailed explanations, illustrated by multiple examples. She then applies the techniques to multiple markets, creating REAL forecasts that can be studied, understood and traded by students. This is combined with an Online Classroom where Lorrie will be available ongoingly to answer questions and to explain ideas that are not being easily grasped, or to discuss trades as they setup, progress, and close out. This structure and hands-on approach creates a sort of apprenticeship program for her students, leading newcomers or old Gann students alike through each stage of the work.

Between these various pedagogical elements, we expect students of Lorrie’s series to progress to a higher level of Gann understanding than any group has in the past. Students of this series can expect to become as advanced than the best experts in the field, if not more so, since few, if any others, have made the discoveries that Lorrie has. And all this can be accomplished without the decades of time required and endless confusion others experienced, just to reach a small fraction of Lorrie’s understanding.

So, with this in mind, I encourage each reader to dedicate himself to this study and to take advantage of the unusual opportunity presenting itself here. Be sure to make good use of your access to Lorrie on the Online Forum, since this amenity may not be available forever. I am certain that there has never been a series of courses of this level of quality and depth on these subjects, and I have seen everything out there, so I am better equipped to judge than most.

I wish I had had the opportunity to begin my Gann studies 30 years ago with Lorrie rather than with Jerry, because I would have made far more progress, far more quickly, and with far less pain and frustration, than will everyone who gains their next levels of Gann understanding under Lorrie’s tutelage. I am almost envious of those who have the good fortune to begin their Gann studies here…

The same can also be said about Gann, if not more so, since Baumring helped to significantly penetrate Gann’s work, and provided a clearer pathway to understanding him than Gann himself would ever have shared. That path helped Lorrie to make faster headway, and now Lorrie will help all of us to do the same. So, we each have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of those who have preceded us, and to gain an added level of benefit from the years of hard work and struggle that our predecessors went through.

This first book really is only an introduction to the larger insights that will be presented in the following volumes, unveiling Lorrie’s serious breakthrough into Gann. The first big revelation will come in the second book, Numbers, and will then expand through the third and fourth volumes. But this first work alone should provide a new level of understanding and application in a foundational field that is key to Gann Analysis, and will present it on a level beyond anything written on the subject before.

With this, I leave you at the doorway to a new and greater intellectual adventure than you have likely every engaged in before, but an adventure with a potential for accomplishment that has not been easily attained before.











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