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We ongoingly request our customers to give us feedback as to any way we can improve the material, help better with the Online Forum, or just to help provide an evaluation of the material for others who are considering the course and would like to know what others think.  The following comments have been given by the first group of customers for this new course, and we will update it over time to include more comments as more people digest the material.


I just finished reading it the first time through and I went from beginner/intermediate astro to ADVANCED just by reading your book! Awesome job!
JM, Ohio


When presented with unalterable fact, one must change his opinions! Fact is, I see Alex calling turns like a mofo!  Either he's psychic, or he's using astrology…  I'd like to congratulate Alex on an incredible work. This is ground breaking stuff! It's not overly complex, but I don't think anyone else could have figured this out and assembled the pieces of the puzzle.  Having the time of my life lately! So much fun I can't even begin to describe it.  Man - all I want to do is get out of this office, get home and fire up the laptop to work on this stuff all weekend…  MF, Canada


Thank you for taking the time to share your immense and profound work with us all; it speaks on many levels and you are a master in many ways....each time I pick it up something else comes through....like Behind The Veil. It is astonishing.  MO, UK


Bottom line: account up over 150% in two trades. Used in tandem with other techniques (you do have to catch the option writers with their pants down, and it's very hard), this material works!  I'm not bragging. I'm absolutely stunned to be truthful, and I'm afraid now of getting over confident and wanting to trade everything I see. But...... if there are people who are still having trouble with this material, I wanted to assure you that the work is worth it. I've spent literally over a thousand hours on this new material so far (maybe 2000? my wife has forgotten my name), and I still have questions. But I progress… (Pun intended)

MF, Nova Scotia


Without doubt this course presents information and techniques that are new and different from material I have seen before. I have read Gann, Sepharial, Bayer, and the nearly the complete Gann reading list. I have been researching Gann’s Tunnel Thru the Air for 3 years. I think it’s safe to say that to have developed the themes and techniques in the book, one would need to be an astrologer, and I am not … yet at least. I have studied with two astro trading “gurus” whose names I have no doubt everyone would recognize, who if they know about these techniques, certainly weren’t willing to share the information with me and they charged considerably more than I paid for Alex’s book.

I believe the course provides an excellent framework to focus research efforts for a person with an intermediate knowledge of astrological concepts. The forum is immensely helpful and has already helped me correct one fundamental error of interpretation. Alex is remarkably direct in the forum and very prompt in his responses. The writing is much more direct than anything else I have read, and I would not hesitate to recommend it as long as the purchaser doesn’t expect to give it a cursory read and immediately start trading with it. I am, in short, eternally grateful to Alex for writing it and to you for publishing it.    DS, Saint Simons Island, GA


    This is fascinating work! I love it! It is a magnificent course! As you mention, the exchanges can be analyzed and their charts rectified. These rectified masterpieces are personal. That is the beauty of it. This is, by far, the ultimate puzzle and I am loving each step. Thank you for that!    SF, Evansville, Wisconsin


Alex was sorta right in that you can't really predict price better than to within 4.  With respect to the S&P, I'm not talking 4 points. I'm talking 4 ticks! It's a three step process of honing in, and when everything is lined up (astro) it is indeed possible to predict price to with 4 hundredths of a point. No BS! The week in June 2013 that I studied had 5 pivots all told. I was able to nail all of them!  MF, Halifax, CA


Yes, I see it! Beautiful! Just let me say I also appreciate the level of work Alex has put into this, especially after chipping away at Gann, Sepharial and Bayer these past three years. I can't imagine how long it would take me to discover this on my own…   CS, Georgia


I created my own home-made 'weighting system', and combining Alex's rectified S&P chart with the syzygy chart I've been able to very accurately describe the action from the flat top in mid-January. I now fully understand his adage that this isn't about picking turning points but rather identifying trends. Yup. It makes much sense now.

Check it out! Mars and outward planets ONLY! No Sun, Mercury, Venus or tertiary Moons. This is my first crack at a pressure diagram (ever)!  I didn't know how good this was until I drew a line in pencil over the bar chart. It's only a few weeks, but to be fair, I'm doing this all by hand. What’s amazing is that I literally could've drawn this model 20 years ago. When I fully grasped how well it worked, I damn near crapped myself... 

Meanwhile, back in 2013........ streamlining the Syzygy severely, acknowledging the signals from true noon, and discounting Mars (as opposed to his bigger friends), I get this:

The red line is a 'close line', blue is the 'pressure' curve.  Looking closely, that it caught the upmove is very obvious. The choppy bits between mid-May to the bottom in June are...... choppy and ill-defined. One can definitely get the last plunge though. Noting that the bottom is off by 2 days, I refer back to the techniques in "Behind the Veil". All three major timing techniques confirm the pivot, and tend to point more towards June24, which was the actual bottom.

MF, Halifax


Many thanks again for the excellent material, because it would have really taken all my life to get to this point.
AS, Muscat, Oman


People should just take seriously what Alex told them in the course write-up. Get prepared and get ready to do further work on their side.  Alex is generous on the forum, and as his previous book proved, he's not afraid to go far beyond what was in the written course material. The most important factors for a successful forum is to have an author that has something interesting to say plus his willingness to share knowledge. I think Alex excels in both regards…

MM – Munich, Germany


Wonderful stuff indeed!!  Loving the forum posts…

SW, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Absolutely no disappointment at all, and all Behind The Veil clients should take this work! But Secrets is quite challenging and needs a lot of thought to understand all that is there. As it happens, I have been referring back to material in Behind the Veil as there are a few questions I would like to ask Alex re linking the two, as these two works must be linked.  I will provide some more intelligent comment once I am finished running my own tests.  MO, Surrey, England


I am definitely interested in Dr Goulden's book. It is certainly different to anything else I've read, even compared to other books I've bought from Sacred Science. I'm surprised at how active the forum has been. Before I even ask my first question, I would like to thank Dr. Goulden for answering questions on the forum as this is going to be very, very useful for understanding the material! I'll have to get back to you with more comments once I have thoroughly tested Dr Goulden's methods.  TH, London, England


This course explains things that occur in the markets better than anything I could have imagined possible. One can finesse it as much as one wants to, but at its core........ yes... it should darn well identify the major trend better than anything you'll ever see elsewhere. For me it was like receiving some major missing pieces to the puzzle. I had a car, but it was missing two wheels and the ride was definitely bumpy.  I've been surprised at what I've found. It's shaken up some of my preconceived notions. I'd say that right off the bat, this book filled in some absolutely gaping holes that existed in my knowledge base. My basic techniques aren't going to change overmuch, but let's just say I have a more accurate 'template' now. I'd not have found this on my own, not for a number of years if ever.

Lets' just say that following Vivian Robson or Sepharial will only get you so far.............. then you're going to hit a wall and wonder what is going on. There's only so far one can go with a limited set of tools. After that you'll repeatedly run into scenarios where everything seems to be inexplicably upside down. Then one starts looking for alternate solutions and explanations (cusps, tertiaries, poltergeists.....).  With the info in this book, now you'll have a better idea of "what's going on". At least from an astro perspective.

It's a very unique course. Of all the books I've purchased over the years, Alex's two are clearly the most valuable. From a selfish point of view, I do worry about too many people catching on to this. But, "Veil" readers would be doing themselves a disservice not to check it out. Techniques such as the use of octaves will clearly be of merit in fine tuning actual pivot days, although it should be stated that this book is NOT about that. It might be a happy result at times, but it's more about identifying the major trend.  Everyone will approach it in their own unique way and develop their own sets of tools to organize and present things. Having said all that, the workload involved makes "Veil" look like paint-by-numbers. Worth it though. I enjoy it!  MF, Halifax, Nova Scotia


I am SO GLAD that I bought the Goulden course!  It is so good that I am wondering now if I just dedicated myself to it and forget about everything else... wouldn't I be better off???

JM, Reynoldsburg, Ohio


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