The Key to Speculation
 in the

Gold Market

A Scientific Correlation and Proof as to When & Why
the Gold Market Makes its Tops and Bottoms
Including 100 Years of Projections to 2100


L. David Linsky


A valuable mathematically based pattern in the Gold Market has been discovered which provides a series of safe and highly profitable investment opportunities in Gold for many years into the future. The book lays out this unique discovery of a highly accurate and scientifically based proof foretelling when Gold will make its tops and bottoms within a very narrow time window with an 90-99% accuracy.

This powerful insight has proven accurate in forecasting all the Gold Market’s primary tops and bottoms over the past 40 years, with further verification over 750 years. It can be applied to any investment in any highly-correlated or Gold related financial instrument, including physical Gold, Gold related Stocks, Options, ETF's, Futures, Bullion, Coins or Jewelry. Whatever level of investment experience one may have, whether a beginner or professional, this information will provide an invaluable edge for trading the Gold market for decades to come!

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This book reveals a scientifically based proof which accurately predicts when
the Gold Market will make its tops and bottoms. Accurate projections have
been made since 1974 with an accuracy rating between 90% - 99%.

The Gold Market possesses a previously unknown but now identified hidden
pattern, timed by a series of specific cycles which will allow any trader to
capture Gold’s primary swings for the rest of their life…




Over the past 40 years, Gold has averaged almost 38% annualized returns. Assuming you knew when to buy the bottoms and sell the tops of the Gold market, using today's 2x and 3x Gold related ETF's, you could have easily produced yearly returns of just under 76% and 114%, respectively! This opportunity is never-ending, since the Gold market will continue to generate such volatile swings forever into the future…


“Assuming you knew when to buy the bottoms and sell the tops of the Gold market…”


Regardless of your investment style or level of experience, whether you have a small portfolio or large, invest for the long term or short, are a professional trader or a 1st time novice, the knowledge I am offering to share with you here could be the most valuable and profitable financial knowledge you'll ever possess! And this information is NOT something that will serve you for just one investment, but will provide you with a profitable trading strategy for Gold, year after year, for the rest of your life!

Over the years, I have purchased numerous books, periodicals & advisory letters, and most will agree that very few provide any real, concrete, timely or consistently accurate and actionable information. Most so called “Gold market experts” are simply offering their opinion based on antiquated models that are most often only hit and miss at best. They do not provide any level of sophisticated analysis, let alone something that can be considered an underlying PROOF of when and why the Gold Market tops or bottoms over many decades of time. 

Timing is everything in the investment world, and financially related newspapers and market letters are generally very poor regarding the timing of their recommendations, with most stock brokers and investment managers not being much better. In fact, they are often better contra-indicators, leaving the little guy wondering if these operators are not just dumping their overpriced positions on an “ignorant public.” One prominent newsletter distributed worldwide for a fee of over $300/month, recently recommended a buy on Walmart, and 2 days later Walmart dropped almost 20%. 

When it comes to Gold, everyone has been constantly bombarded with advertising hype on T.V., print media and the Internet about the Gold market, telling them to BUY, BUY, BUY! However, everyone who has bought Gold in any form since the 2011 top has lost lots of money! Gold has done nothing but drop ever since, and has lost almost 50% of its value as of this writing.

Further, these salesmen only make money when people buy their product, so none of them have any concept of selling at the top and trading short on the way back down. At times, that is when the larger profits are made, because markets often go down faster than they go up!  So, these traders who only know how to BUY are missing half the game, while at the same time, due to their lack of timing, end up being right only once a decade, when Gold finally does reach that long-awaited bottom.


My discovery of a mathematical and scientifically based pattern in the Gold market, however, provides a truly unique, highly accurate and revolutionary insight into Gold market analysis. I believe this discovery reveals the underlying structure of the Gold market itself! It is supported by a mathematically sound and scientifically based PROOF as to why and when Gold makes its tops and bottoms.

Anyone who possessed this knowledge would have known, well in advance, that the 2011 high was THE TOP! In fact, my projected date for the great high of 2011 was accurate to within just 5 calendar days, an example of the 99% accuracy mentioned above! At that point, knowledgeable investors would have exited their long positions and replaced them with short positions, riding the Gold market all the way back down.

These lucky investors would have reaped again the same profits they made during the last 4 years of Gold’s bull market, but this time compounding their prior profits into even greater returns. And again, at the next right moment, they would be repositioning themselves to compound those profits once again, and again and again, year after year, decade after decade.

I know I am making some very bold claims that may sound impossible, or may come off as too good to be true… but it is true, and it nailed the last multi-year bull market high in Gold to within just 5 calendar days of the exact top. And this level of accuracy is not uncommon with my discovery.

While others watched their profits disappear as they held their long positions, those who KNEW what was coming would be winning while everyone else was losing. Next time around, if you read this book, you will be winning too, since you will know what is coming. You’ll prove the power of my discovery with your own profits. 

What I have discovered from my many years of research into the Gold market is very real, and once I disclose my research results and methodology to you, it will be crystal clear that my claim is very well founded, in that I have literally unlocked the underlying structure to the price movement of the Gold market. Once this has been demonstrated and you understand the mathematical pattern that I have discovered, you will be able to determine when future tops and bottoms will occur within a very narrow time frame, for the rest of your life!

My book, The Key to Speculation in the Gold Market, will demonstrate to you exactly how my discovery accurately projected ALL previous tops and bottoms in Gold over the past 40 years! These historical predictions have an accuracy rate ranging from 90% to 99%, with the 2011 top mentioned above being an example of 99% accuracy.

Not all projections will be as good as this, but you don’t always need such perfection when taking a position at a major low or high. To enter or exit anywhere within weeks, sometimes months of a bottom or top will generally capture 85% or more of the profits. How much more does one really need?

​Now, just in case 40 years of proof is still not enough for you, I then extended my research back another 750 years, through Gold’s entire recorded history, to further prove the consistent, long-term, interrelation between my discovery and the geopolitical events and price trends connected to the historical Gold market. I further discovered that these correlations indeed do exist even over this great span of history.

This proves conclusively that this pattern is not some random short-term phenomenon, but instead represents a dominant historical influence existent through many centuries, and across global markets. This evidence gives us strong reason to believe that this influence will continue throughout our own lives, if not through the lives of our children as well. And if true, would this not be a valuable gift to leave to your kids to help provide for their futures?


Now, let’s take a bit more of a look at the opportunity presented to us by the Gold market. Back in 2011, when Gold was skyrocketing through the roof, many people were still buying Gold because of the media hype, and those people subsequently lost a LOT of money when the market turned and Gold started to drop. You may have been one of those caught in this trap. They simply had NO idea the bull market was over, and that the current multi-year bear market campaign had begun. But I did!

Meanwhile, plenty of people were still buying near the top, while being sucked in to the ecstatic media hype, since Gold was pushing towards an all-time high of $2000 an ounce, with the news constantly saying that Gold was headed to $5000 or more. I remember it clearly, because I knew otherwise. People thought that getting in around $2000 sounded good, because the move was ON, and it was going to double from there. Or was it?

My discovery told me that the move was done, and sadly, everyone who bought Gold since the 2011 high has lost a LOT of money. At the height of that 2011 top, a common ETF (Electronically Traded Fund, which trades Gold just like a stock), NUGT, was priced at over $2000 a share. Not long ago, that same ETF broke below $3 a share… One share of that ETF then would have cost you $2000, and is now worth only $3. Had you traded that ETF short, that would be a $1997 profit, per share! For most, it was a horrible loss that they prefer not to think about…

Recently, one hundred shares of this ETF would have been an investment of just under a $300. If Gold again reaches $2000/once at the height of the next bull market, that small $300 investment would be worth about $200,000! One thousand shares of this ETF @ $3/share would cost only $3000, but would be worth $2,000,000 (that’s 2 MILLION DOLLARS!) if Gold goes back up near $2000 again. These are not theoretical numbers, this ETF has already reached the $2000 a share level in 2011, and came back down to $3. You can check it yourself. That's one humungous return on a small investment! Do you think Gold will go near $2000 again, or even higher? I think it is very likely to do so… but the trick is to know WHEN! And I DO know when too…

You certainly do NOT want to miss out when the next bottom is scheduled to occur! That should be the beginning of a TREMENDOUS wealth building opportunity, one like you may never see again in your lifetime. For reasons that I cannot expose here, but will in the book, this next coming bull market may well exceed the last!

You need to know exactly when that next bottom will occur, so that you can properly structure your investment. Missing an accurate entry point alone could easily be worth the cost of this book times 10 for a small investor or trader. For a large investor, the nominal cost of this book will be less than the commissions on his position, so the slippage on a poorly timed or incorrect entry point would be ever so much greater.

If you want to take full advantage of these large wealth building swings in Gold, don’t waste your time in guessing, doubt and indecision, take action now! It just might be that the slightest delay could end up costing you much, much more in lost opportunity costs than the quite reasonable price of this book!


Once you read this book, you will clearly see the tremendous value of what I am offering and how accurate my discovery and methodology has been to date. When was the last time you bought any kind of investment at or near the very bottom of the market and then sold it at or near the very top? Have you ever? It is that kind of accuracy that this discovery has consistently produced, and the trading methodology will take advantage of this specific knowledge of the coming tops and bottoms in the market.

The results are very specific and easy to implement. You will not need to spend weeks or months studying the work to understand or decode the information. Everything is laid out for you in a clear, concise and sequential manner. You might not fully understand my underlying research immediately, but the results will be clear as a bell once you have finished reading through it just one time.

All future dates of the projected tops and bottoms in the Gold market are clearly disclosed for the next 100 years, so that there will be no confusion, and you will be able to act immediately upon the information as required.

This being the case, you need not worry about whether you will quickly understand the mechanics of my research or not, and in fact, if you are not interested in understanding the reasons for it all, it will make no difference in your ability to take advantage of and apply the conclusions to trading the Gold market.

Since my model and methodology has been very accurate over the entire 40-year modern trading history of Gold, as well the last 750 years of price changes, I cannot see any reason why the next 100 years of projections should not be just as accurate. 

My trading approach will enable you to constantly be in the market, if you so choose, always making money from Gold's movement up and down in either direction. This is not a specific options or unusual trading strategy of some kind that makes it unique. It is simply the pure knowledge of TIMING, which will allow you to use it and trade it in whatever way you wish.

It is up to you to trade in the strategic manner is the most natural and convenient way for you to invest in Gold or gold-related instruments. The application is fully in your hands, as will be the dates of these future tops and bottoms, which can even be entered in advance into your calendar to remind you years into the future. That way you will never forget about the next swing that is about to happen. How many investment strategies give you that?

The application is also simple. You do not need to buy physical gold bullion, or set up some kind of offshore vault, unless you want to for some specific reason. This knowledge can be applied equally to any investment instrument that is highly correlated to the Gold market. This includes physical Gold, or any Gold-related Stocks (such as Mining stocks), ETF's (or 2x or 3x ETF’s) like I mentioned above, Options or Futures. 

Literally, any instrument that moves in correlation with Gold in any exchange or market anywhere in the world will do.  You can even buy collectable Gold coins that cannot be confiscated by the government, or Gold jewelry if you’re so inclined, like they do in India. The vehicle is up to you…

The only thing that is NOT up to you, is knowing WHEN to buy and sell. That is determined by the Gold market itself, and requires the ability to read the patterns and cycles. If you don’t know how to do that, then let me show you, so that you can do it properly, generating an ongoing investment income for the rest of your life, rather than losing your money like so many others do.


To provide a little further input than just myself, here are the comments of some satisfied customers:

I must admit I found your work most interesting in regards to its stated track record and future projections. Your claims certainly did sound too good to be true and the proof will be in the pudding as they say. But now I better understand your perspective and claims after seeing your work. Your proof that you based your model on is most intriguing and took a little while for me to wrap my head around it, but its results are very clear. That being said, it has given me a good level of confidence of what gold should do and when. As you stated, if gold continues to follow your model we will be truly fortunate.
AS -  Kansas City, MO

I have purchased many trading programs and subscribed to countless market newsletters. The majority are worthless when used in real time. I have watched the author make some amazing timing calls over the years. This volume is fact based and shares some amazing insights that, I believe, will assist the investor in finding the tops and bottoms in the Gold market. 
RJ -  British Columbia, Canada

I have traded Gold on and off for over 40 years, and know the huge profits you can make IF you can catch the big swings. But that’s the trick, knowing when to get in and out! The analysis is first rate, and the theory behind it, though outside my field, is highly interesting and totally plausible. The record shows that it works, and that’s enough for me.  I’m going to trade it, because it’s the only guide that I have that I can trust at all! This is the one book that I’ll definitely leave to my children, since its value will last longer than I will!
WSS -  Newport Beach, CA


It doesn’t matter whether you are a trader, a speculator, or a long-term investor who plans to include precious metals or Gold-related instruments as part of your investment portfolio. Either way, this valuable knowledge will become a critical part of your decision-making process for many decades to come. 

​​​​          Compared to the many expensive books, courses and seminars I have purchased over the years, this is the only work that I’ve found with a long-term, proven track record extending through the history of the Gold market. I could easily justify charging $10,000 or more for this valuable material, particularly for larger investors, and it would still be a great value.

Once you see the results of this work, we are confident you will agree that it is being offered at a fraction of its actual worth. Due to this fact, we will be increasing the price to the general public in the near future, after our initial private release to Sacred Science clients. But for this limited time, you can purchase everything for just $1495.00, so don’t delay.

Also, when you purchase this book on the Gold market, it will not be the end of our relationship, but only the beginning. I will continue to provide ongoing updates if necessary, including new insights into the future. All owners of this work will receive periodic emails with updated analysis of the Gold market as events progress over time, at no added cost.

Have you ever seen a technique that gives an 90% to 99% accuracy as to when to buy and sell any financial instrument? A significant percentage of the projected turning points have a historical accuracy rating greater than 95%. Have you reaped multiple hundred percent returns on your investments multiple times over the years? These are the type of results my work has already produced over the past 40 years, and I am confident that once you see everything, you will agree that the $1495.00 investment in your future is actually a bargain. In fact, it’s not only a bargain, but a steal which will easily be made back in your first investment.


Because the knowledge and results of this work are so unique and valuable all purchasers will be required to sign a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement stating you will not reveal, reproduce or share the methodology, dates and research results with anyone. In this day and age of the Internet, proprietary information can easily be spread like wildfire and the author gets none of the credit or the remuneration they deserve. Also, if this information were shared openly, it would devalue the information for legal purchasers, removing the edge they have over the industry in knowing the turns in advance. In addition, each physical copy will be numerically registered and physically watermarked with your name on every page, as well as encoded with layers of cryptology that will be trackable, to prevent illegal disclosure.


The Key to Speculation in the Gold Market

A Scientific Correlation & Proof as to When & Why the Gold Market Makes Tops & Bottoms
Including 100 Years of Projections to 2100

By L. David Linsky   Ө   206 Pages  Ө   Black Suede Hardcover.

NOTE: This course requires the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

PRICE $ 1495.00



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