Gann Science
The Periodic Table & The Law of Vibration

Eric Penicka

Author Introduction





Many of you, as I, have been down a very similar path in our efforts to understand the secrets of the legendary trader W.D. Gann, and the other masters from the past.

The reason you are here at Sacred Science Institute is because of your interest, your own personal efforts, and your own ongoing curiosity and desire to learn what you can about the methods of the masters.

Many of us who initially attempt to author a book in order to bring certain ideas forward have no formal education or basis upon which to generate “authority or expertise” for this specialized subject matter.  There is no accredited university, no training ground, no “resume” to present to qualify on as a Gann expert.

For me, or for any other “Gann author” to claim expertise is foolish.  None of us can ever really prove our methods of what Gann was thinking or doing in his time.  All we can do is demonstrate our thoughts and methods and let you, the reader, test them and accept or reject them for yourself.

Not everyone can trade everything. Your method has to be in sync with your personal psychology and belief system or you will not be able to implement it in the market successfully.  What’s good for one is not good for all because we are all different in our thinking, risk tolerance, and ability to act on it.

What is learned is earned through the school of personal research and testing.  Knowledge is developed over years of study, reading both exoteric and esoteric material and trying to meld the two into an understanding of what Gann and the masters may have been doing, and where they got it from.

This path of research has been a pursuit of mine for over 30 years.  On and off, dead ends and roadblocks too numerous to mention lay along that path.  Insights are gleaned gradually, and small steps forward are made with the occasional epiphany helping to keep the mind focused and motivating oneself to continue to try to move forward to finding and understanding more of this arcane wisdom.

As clients of Sacred Science Institute, I know many of you have developed an interest in this Gann subject that goes much beyond trading.  The deeper one explores, the more the secrets are revealed, and the less important the market becomes as you realize you have come into contact with something far bigger and far greater than what you were originally looking for.

In my personal experience, whatever revelations, for lack of a better word, that I have had, have not come from within, but have come from the source of all, the creative intelligence of the universe, or call it God.  No matter what religion, or spiritual process one uses, the source of all knowledge comes from the creator. If I had not realized this, I could have never put this work together.

In the introduction to my book, I have two quotes.  One from Paracelsus, and one from Jesus in the New Testament.

Here is the first part of that introduction:

Gann Science, The Law of Vibration, 
and the Periodic Table From the Ticker Interview

 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Matthew 7:7-8 New International Version (NIV)

This writing is the culmination of many days and hours of research and testing.

Anyone understanding natural law, understands that man does not have any original ideas.

Idea's, discoveries, and understanding only come from the God source, the life energy force of the universe. We are all one small slice of the same thing.

Great minds of science or any other field were receivers of the ideas and concepts because they had developed the ability to connect to the Source of creative power either consciously, or subconsciously, for it to be given to them.

"All knowledge comes from the stars (the universal mind).  Men do not invent or create ideas: the ideas exist and men are able to grasp them."  Paracelsus

After much reading, research, and contemplation, I bring to you my interpretation of W.D. Gann's famously quoted "Law of Vibration".

This book is based on what W D Gann said in The Ticker and Investment Digest interview from 1909.

 In reviewing Gann's words from the Ticker, it is clear his market application was based on math and science.

No hocus pocus, no astrology, just math and science. In order not to confuse the issue, the simplest thing to do is explore the science that was available to Gann before 1908. This is a sound base that will allow us to know what he may have known.  We will also look at science from another angle post 1909. That may help us with the interpretation of the law from some later sources.

This is a book about science and the exploration of natural law and its further application to markets.

The definition of what constitutes natural law may not agree with the definition of natural law we all learned in school. The research done for this work has changed my current understanding of cosmogony in a very big way.

In order to understand what Gann was doing, his words in the Ticker point us to certain areas of study.

Those comments bring us to the work of Newlands, Mendeleev, Duncan, Gurdjieff, Keely, and Russell.

A sound basis of understanding of the theories of these men is necessary to make the corresponding translation to the market. There is also some great modern literature which will be credited in the Bibliography at the end of the book.

I will not pretend I am an expert, or a scientist, or say I have all the answers, or understand all the facets of the science to be looked at herein. I will not pretend that I fully understand the totality of the Law of Vibration. It is a complex phenomenon, in totality it is fully beyond the grasp of the finite intelligence of the human conscious mind.

This work contains a significant summary of the important parts of the science of the periodic table, vibration, and music theory. The overview is necessary to allow a reader unfamiliar with these topics, to have a rounded knowledge base of the science. 

This base will then allow us to create and translate that science via the Law of Correspondence into a market application which will allow a trader to trade with a high success rate on entries and exits in the manner that I believe Gann did. My experience has shown me that, with practice, a trader can develop an 80% success rate using these techniques.

The science involved is very complex and I have tried to the best of my ability to consolidate it to make it as easy as possible to understand., at least as much as is necessary to have a grounded foundation as we work into the application.

Many readers will be seasoned traders or Gann researchers. Many may be beginners in the field. Hopefully, my summation and presentation will work to the understanding of all, no matter the level of background or experience.

As Mathew quoted Jesus above, "Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Nothing truer was ever said, as knocking enough will eventually bring the answer to you. The universal mind of The One is very generous, and will grant that which we ask of It, once we possess the key of knowing how to ask.

It is an honor and a privilege for me to be able to be the one to bring this information forward. Any insight you may gain from this work, I hope you will forward it to me so that I may further my knowledge from your thoughts as well.

 I truly hope you will enjoy it and be able to utilize it in the markets to your benefit!

Jesus, Gann, and Walter Russell have told us how to ask God for what we want. To open the door, we must learn how to ask, and it shall be given.  Learning how to ask is much more important than anything we can do individually.  Our small minds and large egos can get in the way of receiving an important download from the greatest computer in the universe.

The term, Law of Vibration, is a term that has many meanings to many different people.  The term is confusing as many will associate concepts that were outside of Gann’s words to fall under the large umbrella of the LOV.

In this work, I have only taken from Gann’s own words to form a hypothesis of what the LOV is.

Anything outside of what Gann said, is not under my LOV umbrella.

Since everything is related to everything else, the harmonics between various things like astrology, astronomy, math, science, cycles, even traditional technical analysis like Fibonacci, etc., all will work at some point. People take these correlations or harmonic relationships and place them all under the umbrella of LOV, even though that is not what they may be. This is what confuses the definition of what LOV really is.

My goal when writing this book, was to not let anything outside of what Gann said, get in the way of the definition of the LOV.

I have attempted to explain this in this work to the best of my ability. 

The book is broken into segments.

The scientific background is developed in the early chapters to give the reader the base to understand the market application which is developed out further in the book.

This may seem boring to some, but is a necessary integral piece of understanding what will follow.

The basis of the law, intro to music theory, the science of Gurdjieff, John Keely, and Walter Russell are explored.

There is a chapter devoted to Luo Clements, taking a look at his Ancient Science of Numbers theory.

Other chapters look at developing time cycles, Composite cycles, and Gravity centers.

The latter part develops a theory on what Gann meant as Volume as the third dimension, and the fourth dimension.

The book culminates with a chapter on how to synthesize the material into a trading application.

Along with the base LOV market application, other things are covered which the reader may or may not want to implement in a trading plan.  Other pieces of science are covered that are there to verify the LOV concepts that are presented.

Many correlations to The Bible and other books are given, and some of the mysteries that have been pursued in the Gann Internet groups are explained.

The Jonah Riddle, the 3 days and 3 nights, the time, times, half a time from Daniel, the concept of harmonics and periodicity, what they are and how to use them, all have a concrete application.

This book is about math and science and their application to the price action on a chart.

I believe this work is unique, and that it presents many original ideas which are not in any other market book available to the public today.  The application of the techniques are simple, so simple you will wonder why you didn’t think of some of them yourself.  A lot of complexity has to be gone through before getting to the point of simplicity as the end result.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope you will find it helpful in your trading and that it may help you to clear some roadblocks and dead ends as well.


          Eric Penicka



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