Gann Science
The Periodic Table & The Law of Vibration

Eric Penicka

Detailed Contents





Chapter 1 - The Basis of the Law.. 1

The Ticker & Morning Telegraph Interview Quotes. 1

The 1909 Ticker Interview.. 2

1922 Telegraph. 3

Basic Definitions. 4

Key Figures. 5

John Ernst Worrell Keely. 5

Walter Russell 6

G.I. Gurdjieff 6

The Tunnel Book Connection. 6

Science is Merged to Create a Market Method. 7


Chapter 2 - The Periodic Table. 9

Basic Tenets. 9

John Alexander Reina Newlands – The Law of Octaves. 10

Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner – The Law of Triads. 13

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev – Periodic Law.. 15

Julius Lothar Meyer. 18

Comparative Dedications. 23

Comparative Text 24


Chapter 3 - Introduction to Music Theory. 30

Intervals & Keys. 32

Example Scale – Lydian Mode. 34

The Diatonic Scale. 35

Market Example – Harmonics Projections in Price & Time. 36

The Concept of The Octave and Octaves Within Octaves. 39

Market Example – Anchoring Price. 45

Market Example – Anchoring Time. 47


Chapter - 4 Gurdjieff’s Philosophy. 49


The Way of the Fakir. 50

The Way of the Monk. 51

The Way of the Yogi 51

Gurdjief’s Key Principles. 53

The Law of Seven. 53

The Law of Three. 54

The Eneagram.. 54

Ouspensky’s Presentation of Gurdjieff’s Harmonic Theory. 57

Revisiting Gann’s Tunnel Thru the Air 66

Foreword from Tunnel 66

The Three Forces at The Start of Creation. 72

Summary. 78


Chapter 5 - John Keely’s Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. 79

John Ernst Worrell Keely. 79

Keely’s 40 Laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. 80

(1) Law of Matter and Force. 80

(2) Law of Corporeal Vibrations. 80

(3) Law of Corporeal Oscillations. 81

(4) Law of Harmonic Vibrations. 81

(5) Law of Transmissive Vibraic Energy. 81

(6) Law of Sympathetic Oscillation. 81

(7) Law of Attraction. 81

(8) Law of Repulsion. 81

(9) Law of Cycles. 82

(10) Law of Harmonic Pitch. 82

(11) Law of Force. 82

(12) Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances. 82

(13) Law of Sono-thermity. 82

(14) Law of Oscillating Atoms. 83

(15) Law of Vibrating Atomolic Substances. 83

(16) Law of Oscillating Atomoles. 84

(17) Law of Transformation of Forces. 84

(18) Law of Atomic Pitch. 84

(19) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Rad-energy. 84

(20) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Electricity and Magnetism.. 85

(21) Law of Variation of Atomic Pitch by Temperature. 85

(22) Law of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation. 85

(23) Law of Variation of Pitch of Atomic Oscillation by Pressure. 85

(24) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Temperature. 85

(25) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Electricity. 86

(26) Law of Variation of Atomic Oscillation by Sono-thermism.. 86

(27) Law of Chemical Affinity. 86

(28) Law of Chemical Dissociation. 86

(29) Law of Chemical Transposition. 87

(30) Law of Chemical Substitution. 87

(31) Law of Catalysis. 87

(32) Law of Molecular Synthesis and Combination (Organic) 87

(33) Law of Chemical Morphology. 87

(34) Law of Atomic Dissociation. 87

(36) Law of Heat 88

(37) Law of Electro-Chemical Equivalents. 88

(38) Law of Cohesion. 88

(39) Law of Refractive Indices. 88

(40) Law of Electric Conductivity. 88

SVP Laws Needed for Gann Integration. 89

(9) Law of Cycles. 89

(10) Law of Harmonic Pitch. 89

(11) Law of Force. 89

(12) Law of Oscillating Atomic Substances. 90

SVP Market Application. 91

What Was Keely Doing in Application?. 92

More Keely Quotes to Assist in Understanding His SVP. 93

Walter Russell SVP Connection. 95

Gann's Connection to These Men. 97

Base 9 Octaves. 98

The Power of 3! 99

Chapter 6 - Walter Russell as Confirmation. 101

Russell's Periodic Table. 103

The Circle Growth Mechanism.. 106

The 10 Octave Theory of the Universe. 108

The Linear Sine Wave. 108

The Spiral Wave. 110

The Cube Octave and Mirror Cube Wave. 112

The Expanding & Contracting Nature of the Energy Wave. 115

The Theory of Locked Potentials. 118

Formula of Locked Potentials in Universal Ratios. 120

The Cosmic Pendulum.. 121


Chapter 7 - The Finer Points of the Science. 124

The Periodic Table. 125

Electron Shell Theory. 128

Keely Principles in Practice. 129

Laws of Being. 130

Keely's Vibration Technique. 135

The Fundamental or Keynote. 136

Definition of Keynote. 136

Walter Russell and Gann. 140

Summary. 142


Chapter 8 - Applying Music Theory to the Market 143

ES “Music Box” Example. 143

Another Perspective on the Same Chart 148

Music Box Variant Placement & Time Triggers. 148

Ascencion in Time. 152

Time within Time. 154

Price within Price. 154

A Descension Principle. 158

   Descending Price O.. 161

Price within Price Another Take. 162

Conclusion. 162


Chapter 9 - Atomic Theory. 163

AMX Example of Atomic Motion in Market 165

Atomic Properties in Time. 166

Atomic Properties in Price. 171

Midpoints. 173

Integrating Diatonic Ratios with Price. 175

Merging the Periodic Table AtomicProperties with the Law of 3 and 7  175

 Looking for Shocks. 177

The Power of 3! 179

Summary Overview.. 180

The Time Factor. 181

Bringing it to The Daily Level 183

Apple Computer Example. 186

Apple Price Levels. 188

One Look at APPL on a Daily Bar. 190

Apple’s Mathematical Points of Force. 192

Choosing the Number Set and Developing the Octave. 194

Back to AMX.. 195

Bridging the Gap. 197


Chapter 10 - Harmonic Resonance - Keely's 3, 6, 9. 198

A Key in This Table of Developing Harmonics. 200

The 3, 6, 9 Tesla, or Keely. 200

ALSN 3, 6, 9 Example. 205

Projecting Turning Points in Time Using Keely Harmonics. 208

More Examples of the Harmonic Structure. 210

Forecasting the Bear Market with Keely Harmonics & Growth /Contraction Principles. 211

Day Trading the ES Contract 217

Price Harmonics in Corn. 218

Time & Price Harmonics in Soybean ETF. 219

Other Application Ideas. 222

Elemental Properties as Price-Time Vectors. 222

Elemental Properties as Price Ranges. 223

Applying the “Ray of Creation” of Gurdjieff to APPL. 224

Projecting from a Vector Impulse in Amx. 226


Chapter 11 - Keely as Key Shock. 227

Time, Times and a Half Bible Interpretation. 231


Chapter 12 - Walter Russell Concepts Explored. 235

Applying The Circle of Harmony. 235

In Time. 235

The Circle of Harmony Applied to Price. 238

The Fibonacci PHI Spiral in Price & Time. 239

Chapter 13 - Luo Clements - What's in a Name?. 242

Apple Computer A Born Winner. 242

Clements Positive Year Study on Apple. 244

Defining a Keynote. 246

The Elemental Keynote of Apple. 247

An Example in Apple in _ Scale. 247

Subtle Scale Adjustments. 254

Examining the Wavelength of the Keynote. 256

Increments of the Base Cycle. 258

Applying the Numbers on a Personal Level 259

Chapter 14 - Price and Time - Cycles & Ratios. 260

Time Factors. 262

What is a Time Factor?. 262

Ideas for Experimentation. 262

Ratios of Atomic Properties. 264

Integrating the Law of 3 and 7 with these Points on the Atomic Ratio Chart 266

Atomic Properties as Time Cycles Started at Origin. 269

Squaring the Range - A New Definition. 271

Elemental Properties Multiplied by Phi 273

Square Root of 2, 3, and 5. 275

Density. 277

Table Properties. 281

Using Triangulation to Find Gravity Centers. 283

Trading Gravity Centers. 285

The Tunnel Thru the Air, Page 77. 287

Circling and Converting to Price and Time. 290


Chapter 15 - Harmonics and Periodicity. 295

Tesla Example. 296

14 Generations from Abraham to David. 299

Trading Generational Harmonics. 301

Segments of Generations. 303

Calculating Periodicity for Individual Stocks Vibrations. 306

Periodicity. 306

Atomic Structure. 307

Properties. 307

Harmonic Convergence on TSLA.. 312


Chapter 16 - Making a Composite Cycle. 318

Composite Model Based upon Elemental Properties of Periodicity. 320

A Weekly Composite Model 321

Elemental Composite Cycle on AMX.. 323


Chapter 17 - Gravity Centers Derived from the Elements. 325

Volume of the Elements. 326

Volume, Density & the Neutral Center. 332

Volume of Elements in Time. 334


Chapter 18 - Volume as the Third Dimension. 336

The Third Dimension. 336

AMX Example of Gann Definition of Volume. 337

Structure 1. 340

Structure 2e. 342

The Giza Pyramid as structure 3. 342


Chapter 19 - Apple in F Scale. 345

Projecting Time Turns with Musical Intervals in APPL. 350

Perfect Intervals, what are they?. 352

F major Interval Qualities. 352

Perfect or Major?. 352

Beat Harmonics. 354

The 11th & 12th Beat Harmonic in Time in AAPL. 355


Chapter 20 - The Jonah Riddle Explained. 357

Upward Moving Jonah Principles in AAPL. 359

Another Way to Look at Jonah Patterns. 361

Principles of Oscillation Between 4 Scales of Structure. 366

The All to Nothing Example in ES Futures. 371

A Different Way to Stack the Structure. 375

Another Structure Pattern to Apply to the Market. 379

Creating a Chord. 382

Jonah in Time on AMX.. 383

Jonah in Time. 390

Summary. 392


Chapter 21 - Pitch - The Fourth Dimension and How to Find It 393

How to Create the Pitch Angle. 395

Pitch True Gann Fans on AAPL. 395

Gann Fans with a Planetary Twist 401

Root Slopes & Planetary Angles. 403

Origin Date Pitch Lines. 409

Gann’s Tunnels Thru The Air. 412

Using Heliocentric Orbits as Pitch Values. 414

Setting Fan Lines to Natal Planet for AMX.. 416


Chapter 22 - Synthesizing the Material 419

   Summarizing the Techniques by Chapter. 420

How to Begin. 421

Priority Order of Analysis. 421

Techniques by Concept 422

Developing a Trading Application. 424

2 Viewpoints. 424

Position Trading. 424

Application. 425

The Swing Trader. 429

December 8, 2017 Update to AMX.. 442


Chapter 23 - The Formula for Constant Success. 444

Using Mathematical Constants in the Markets. 444

Pi Cycles with Venus Longitude. 445

The Most Important Constants to Use in the Market 446

Applying the Constants on Phillip Morris. 447

Intraday ES Futures with 4m Intraday Chart 453

Lieb’s Constant 456

Converting Pi to a Time Cycle from a Price Swing. 459


Gann Science Epilogue. 460


Gann Science Bibliography. 461

Recommended Reading. 461

Software. 461




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