Gann Science
The Periodic Table & The Law of Vibration

Eric Penicka

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I’ve read many books, papers, and studies about the markets.  I’ve done a few myself.  Even the ones that I deemed truly worthless have added to a collective “wisdom”.  I at least learned that some things are truly worthless!  In markets, that is probably worth less than worthless because you potentially lose more money in discovering the fact. 

Over the course of time, I’ve also found a much smaller subset of books that I call “keepers”.   Those books usually show working examples of trading concepts.  They often find a reference in some way to W.D. Gann.  Mr. Gann isn’t the beginning of knowledge.  However, it is my belief that he was a practitioner and teacher of knowledge.

I have recently been blessed with an opportunity to read a new book about Gann Science.  It finds a place in my “keeper” library.  I’ve only met the author through his words, but I can envision his years of study now that he’s briefly allowed me a “view into his head”.   I’m always happy to find a new Gann researcher to help educate me.  Rare as they are, I have found another one in Eric Penicka. 

I’ve studied Mr. Gann a “few” years myself.  Study doesn’t necessarily make anyone an expert and I’d argue that any fool can write a book. So… I approach new books with a healthy skepticism.  With that general attitude as I began his book, I was pleasantly surprised to find that his work hit upon many things that I had previously been curious about studying over the years.   I had even studied some of it in what I thought was pretty good depth.  I suspect many of you would be able to say the same. 

I was only a few chapters into the book when I realized that even if some of Eric’s thoughts were on my “to do” list, he had jumped way ahead of me in these disciplines.   I had been splashing around in his kiddie-pool while he did flips and twists off the high dive down at the deeper end of the pool.   I had “read” many of his references while he had explored them to understand.  The truth is that I may never have done much of this work for myself.  But now I will!   I’ll be proving these things for myself which is the Gann way.

There are many coincidences in the markets.  On the other hand, there may be few real causes and effects for market phenomena.  Some even argue that markets are random chaos. My years of work force me to think markets are far from random, however chaotic they may seem. 

Mr. Penicka helps to demystify some of the “chaos”.  He shows several of Mr. Gann’s famous quotes and explains them in a historical light that helps reveal probable truth underneath some of the historical Gann “haze” that is veiled behind nebulous terms like “Law of Vibration” and “Natural Law”.  

If you search for explanations of those terms, this book is probably one that will be of interest to you.  I’m better for having read it… and I will indeed read it more than once. 

Gordon Roberts




Eric’s book, “Gann Science” is the real deal… wow!!!

Unusual concepts to say the least; and the forum is very helpful too, altho much is over my head…

I give it a 9.5!!!!! Many thanks for your making it available to me!!!

L.G. Sterling City, TX

*    *   *

Very impressed so far... Very impressed! This is how to write a book! Lots of drool on the pages. 

Incredible insights here! Best explanation of music theory I've ever read.

It all makes sense and holds together very well. Even leaving out the trading aspect, it's great knowledge.

Either this is truly groundbreaking or I'm looking at one unbelievable, mathematically exact coincidence after another.

I went off on my own a bit and discovered some tie-ins between atomic weights and price which are so exact I shit myself.  The only thing is that the notes are strange, they are ratios I've seen before but never knew what the heck they were or why they kept popping up all the time.

I think the SPX speaks to the _____-____ periodic weights. The kicker is that the SPX prices are these weird tone multiples of those weights - precisely. It's not unusual to see a price be an EXACT multiple of two or three different atomic weights.

I mean... screw me, with only 7 tones it'd be damn near impossible to get those convergences.

What's amazing is that the levels I get using the music box and atomic weights invariably wind up very near the levels I get using my own math as well as my brand of astro. Isn't that kinda amazing when you ponder it? Completely different methodologies, but they all get together and point at the same specific price levels.

I'd say that even if you only use one tenth of the material presented, it's the best bang for the buck that Sacred Science has ever published! I think you can stop publishing now. Everything else is now redundant...

M.F. Nova Scotia, CA

*    *   *

“Periodic Table??!! .... at first, I was skeptical, however Eric very nicely documents this as coming directly from Gann's 1909 Ticker interview. It is all new and VERY original material. Eric's book is the first I've ever heard about this approach. I would give it an "A" for original research!”

 J.G. Grosse Point, MI

*    *   *

   This is a very good book! 
The concepts can be used to develop excellent trades.  It is obvious that Eric has spent an incredible amount of time researching the ideas that are in the book. I am very happy that he is willing to spend the extra time teaching the material on the Forum.  I am really glad that I have purchased this book!

A.G. Fort Collins, CO

*    *   *

I find this book fascinating!
I majored in chemistry and minored in music in college, so the material covered here is right up my line. I have tried to apply these ideas to Gann before, but I did not have the breakthrough that Eric did. I will be studying this book for some time, there is so much in it.  Excellent work!

J.E. Birmingham, AL

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