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 The Square

 Quantitative Analysis of

Financial Price Structure
Leonardo's Vitruvian Man

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo Da Vinci

C. N. Plapcianu

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"After exhaustive researches and investigations of the known sciences, I
discovered that the Law of Vibration enabled me to accurately determine
the exact points to which stocks or commodities should rise and fall
within a given time.
Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of

energies, therefore they are controlled, mathematically.”

W. D. Gann


 Overview & Intent

The intent of this course is to present, for the first time, the true meaning and mechanics of the Squaring of Price & Time. It will provide absolute proof that the financial markets are mathematically controlled and predictable.  It will demonstrated that ALL market movement can be categorized into only 9 possible binary cases that will exist in any type of vibrational chart. Because “pivot” points in the market have 3 bars composing them, these 9 types will then be intersected with each other resulting in 81 possible cases, represented in a 9x9 grid called the Universal Swing Chart, which logically orders and defines every possible variation of market action. This chart provides an objective mathematical determination of the exact nature of price swings and pivot points, allowing the energetic balancing of price and time to be calculated through the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Once the swings and turning points are thus mathematically defined, they can be identified as conical transformations of the circle, and the calculation of acceleration and deceleration rates for each swing becomes possible. Four types of nonlinear distribution in the extent of a swing will be presented and applied to the projection of hyperbolic acceleration/deceleration curves, which dynamically mold the curvature of future market action. These hyperbolic curves consistently identify and capture large tradable segments of sequential swings in any market, on any time frame, from minute to monthly.  This methodology provides the basis for the first algorithm, Hyperbolic 1, an automated trend following system which generates (unleveraged) annualized returns in the 100-300% range with exceptional consistency.

Hyperbolic Long


Hyperbolic Short


The second algorithm, Circular 1, uses mathematically defined pivot points to derive geometrical price/time relationships which, when converted through a mathematical growth sequence and applied through an expanding circle, square Price and Time, thereby projecting a sequence of future tradable pivot points. 

Circular 1


Circular 1


This algorithm produces a secondary trading methodology based upon the projection of these squared turning points, where high probability trades can be placed using increased leverage, due to the specificity of the squared projections. The profitability of trades increases exponentially with the advanced levels of this indicator, with the Circular 3 producing annualized returns of over 4000%!

These algorithms are mathematically defined in full detail, allowing them to be applied manually or to be programmed. Accompanying the course, or available separately, are a set of subscription indicators, based upon these algorithms, which generate powerful automated trading signals, and provide full backtesting capabilities complete with detailed statistical analysis.  By adjusting account leverage based upon statistical backtest results, significantly higher returns than those above can be generated, which far exceed the returns produced by most professional traders or automated systems.  This course opens a new era of technical analysis, because it fundamentally defines every possible variant of pattern and swing, mathematically proving the financial markets to be an Absolute Deterministic System.



The search for order within chaos is a quest that stretches back to the earliest reaches of human thought. Since ancient man’s first development of science and philosophy, two fundamental positions have vied for dominance. One claims randomness to be the underlying factor of the universe, while the other argues that order pervades this entire cosmos, and that the perception of randomness is merely an artifact of an ignorance yet to be penetrated.  As humanity advances from one scientific revolution to the next, from Renaissance to Enlightenment, through Einstein’s Relativity to high energy particle physics, pushing ever forward into sciences of greater order like Chaos and Complexity Theory, Superstring Theory, and M Theory, one thing is forever assured, that where once chaos reigned, now order dominates!

        Yet still we see the argument of these random theorists persist within fields that their limited viewpoints are incapable of penetrating, arguing with all the passion of the religious fundamentalist, that the claim of order in some complex systems is even anti-scientific, when in reality, such discovery represents the epitome of scientific method.  So too does the modern financial analyst, who believes in Random Walk Theory, fail to perceive the subtle designs behind the complex system of the financial markets, denying even the possibility of order because his limited tools are incapable of measuring it.

And belief this is, for when order is proven to exist where before was only randomness, the light of knowledge illuminates the Truth, and no logical mind will again bend to such false interpretations, once such truth has been revealed. Only the irrationality of indoctrinated belief can hold something to be random which the tools of science and mathematics have proven to be ordered. The intent of this course is to shed the light of science into the chaos of randomness and to prove, once and for all, that order reigns in the financial markets, and that Random Walk Theory is merely the residual belief of an ignorant past incapable of penetrating the complexities of this abstract system.


W. D. Gann & The Ticker Interview

This science is not new… In fact, its application was first demonstrated over a century ago by the legendary trader, W. D. Gann, in his 1909 interview with Richard Wyckoff in The Ticker & Investment Digest, a precursor to the Wall Street Journal. For this famous interview, Gann was first audited by an accountant for the paper who monitored his trading over a 25 day period, where out of 286 trades, 264 were profitable with only 22 losses, a 92% success rate, producing a 1000% return on his initial margin, one of the greatest documented trading records in the history of the markets. (Click here to read this full interview…)

In this article, Gann elaborated some general foundational principles which formed the basis of his system, discussing the essence of his work as deriving from the natural sciences of the late 1800’s, summarized by what he called the Law of Vibration.  Of the many researchers, analysts and teachers of Gann Theory, there are almost none who approach these principles and give any kind of explanation as to how Gann actually applied this kind natural science to the markets. Most analysts use his advanced tools of technical analysis, explore his valuable cycle theory, or become engaged in complex explorations of financial astrology to try to explain his work, but have utterly and completely missed the most important inner core of his system, which Gann himself explained as the true basis of his theory.

Since these principles are so important to Gann’s work and provide the basis of the theory developed in this course, we will present the essential quotations from the Ticker Interview where Gann explicitly lays out the basis of his system, so as to better orientate readers to the ideas that will be approached in this and the following two courses.  These brief comments from 1909, given only in this one interview, provide a more complete and detailed insight into Gann’s true system than any future writings would ever reveal.  Therefore, there is no better introduction to the essence of Gann’s work and the content of this course than Gann’s own words.  We even recommend that you read the full Ticker Interview to gain a better orientation to the concepts we will be approaching, as well as to review the trading results that are documented therein. The full article can be found at the following link:

Gann’s 1909 Interview in The Ticker & Investment Digest

Gann’s 25 Day Trading Record:


During the month of October, 1909, in twenty-five market days, Mr. Gann made, in the presence of our representative, two hundred and eighty-six transactions in various stocks, on both the long and short side of the market. Two hundred and sixty-four of these transactions resulted in profits, twenty-two in losses.  The capital with which he operated was doubled ten times, so that at the end of the month he had one thousand per cent on his original margin.” – Richard Wyckoff



"I soon began to note the periodical recurrence of the rise and fall in stocks and commodities. This led me to conclude that natural law was the basis of market movements. I then decided to devote ten years of my life to the study of natural law as applicable to the speculative markets and to devote my best energies toward making speculation a profitable profession. After exhaustive researches and investigations of the known sciences, I discovered that the Law of Vibration enabled me to accurately determine the exact points to which stocks or commodities should rise and fall within a given time. The working out of this law determines the cause and predicts the effect long before the Street is aware of either. Most speculators can testify to the fact that it is looking at the effect and ignoring the cause that has produced their losses.

"It is impossible here to give an adequate idea of the Law of Vibration as I apply it to the markets, however, the layman may be able to grasp some of the principles when I state that the Law of Vibration is the fundamental law upon which wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone and phonographs are based. Without the existence of this law the above inventions would have been impossible.

"In going over the history of markets and the great mass of related statistics, it soon becomes apparent that certain laws govern the changes and variations in the value of stocks and there exists a periodic or cyclic law, which is at the back of all these movements. Observation has shown that there are regular periods of intense activity on the Exchange followed by periods of inactivity. Mr. Henry Hall, in his recent book devoted much space to 'Cycles of Prosperity and Depression' which he found recurring at regular intervals of time. The law which I have applied will not only give these long cycles or swings, but the daily and even hourly movements of stocks. By knowing the exact vibration of each individual stock I am able to determine at what point each will receive support and at what point the greatest resistance is to be met.

“Those in close touch with the market have noticed the phenomena of ebb and flow, or rise and fall in the value of stocks. At certain times a stock will become practically stationary or inactive with a very small volume of sales. I have found that the Law of Vibration governs and controls these conditions. I have also found that certain phases of this law govern the rise in a stock and an entirely different rule operates on the decline.

"I have found that in the stock itself exists its harmonic or inharmonic relationship to the driving power or force behind it. The secret of all its activity is therefore apparent. By my method I can determine the vibration of each stock and by also taking certain time values into consideration I can in the majority of cases tell exactly what the stock will do under given conditions.

"The power to determine the trend of the market is due to my knowledge of the characteristics of each individual stock and a certain grouping of different stocks under their proper rates of vibration. Stocks are like electrons, atoms, and molecules, which hold persistently to their own individuality in response to the fundamental Law of Vibration. Science teaches 'that an original impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into periodic or rhythmical motion,' also 'just as the pendulum returns again in its swing, just as the moon returns in its orbit, just as the advancing year ever brings the roses of spring, so do the properties of the elements periodically recur as the weight of the atoms rises.'

"From my extensive investigations, studies and applied tests, I find that not only do the various stocks vibrate, but that the driving forces controlling the stocks are also in a state of vibration. These vibratory forces can only be known by the movements they generate on the stocks and their values in the market. Since all great swings or movements of the market are cyclic they act in accordance with periodic law.

"Science had laid down the principle that 'the properties of an element are a periodic function of its atomic weight.' A famous scientist has stated that 'we are brought to the conviction that diversity in phenomenal nature in its different kingdoms, is most intimately associated with numerical relationship. The numbers are not intermixed, chaotically and accidentally, but are subject to regular periodicity. The changes and developments are also seen to be in many cases undulatory.'

"Thus, I affirm, every class of phenomena, whether in nature or in the stock market, must be subject to the Universal Law of Causation and Harmony. Every effect must have an adequate cause.

"If we wish to avert failure in speculation we must deal with causes. Everything in existence is based on exact proportion and perfect relationship. There is no chance in nature, because mathematical principles of the highest order lie at the foundation of all things. Faraday said: 'There is nothing in the Universe but mathematical points of force.'

"Vibration is fundamental; nothing is exempt from this law; it is universal, therefore applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe.

“Through the Law of Vibration every stock in the market moves in its own distinctive sphere of activities, as to intensity, volume and direction; all the essential qualities of its evolution are characterized in its own rate of vibration. Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of energies, therefore they are controlled, mathematically. Stocks create their own field of action and power; power to attract and repel, which principle explains why certain stocks at times lead the market and 'turn dead' at other times. Thus to speculate scientifically it is absolutely necessary to follow natural law.

"After years of patient study I have proven to my entire satisfaction as well as demonstrated to others that vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market."


After these brief comments providing some initial hints as to the nature of his system, Gann continued a 45 year career, during which he is rumored to have extracted $50 million from the markets in the early to mid-1900’s. Over these years, he published a series of 7 books and dozens of advanced courses of private instruction, which seemingly presented only his advanced principles of technical analysis and trading. One of these books was even a seemingly silly romantic novel, which turned out to present a complex hidden code that Gann enthusiasts have worked for decades to penetrate and understand, demonstrating the efforts Gann went to in order to veil his work.  However, through all of this output, the underlying mechanics of his system were never openly revealed, thus leaving the scientific proof of the mathematical determinism behind market action a tightly held secret, which is thought to have accompanied him to the grave.


Dr. Baumring’s Expanded Gann Theory

However, bits and pieces of Gann’s real system were subtly hidden amongst these more exoteric writings, or were secretly passed along through private hands over the decades, leaving a trail of clues for future seekers to pursue. The first known researcher to have successfully followed this trail to its conclusion was Dr. Jerome Baumring of the Investment Centre, an iconoclastic savant, who after years of grueling research, managed to resynthesize Gann’s complete system, and to extend it into new fields of science unknown to Gann in his time.  Dr. Baumring presented this system in a complex course on Gann analysis in the 1980’s, called Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration, quantifying its application through advanced mathematics and expanding it into new fields like the multi-dimensional molecular market modeling, DNA coding and Chaos Theory.

However, much like his predecessor, Dr. Baumring refused to openly document the mechanics of the system, considering it too valuable to reveal to the general public. He did, however, leave an intricate trail through a labyrinth of resources that only the most dedicated researcher, willing to do this most difficult research himself, could follow to the goal, thereby assuring that the essence of the science would be accessible while remaining carefully hidden.

Many have disagreed with this philosophy of concealment as practiced by both Gann and Baumring, when such insights would significantly contribute to the advancement of science and economics in the modern world. We count ourselves amongst those in disagreement with this concealment, fueling our attempts to bring these principles and teachings out of the secrecy in which they have long been held. The author of this work, C. N. Plapcianu, is one of the few truly dedicated researchers to have successfully followed the trail of these predecessors to the rediscovery of this long hidden science, and is the first who is willing to share his discovery with the world. The principles elaborated in this course will provide the key foundational insight into the essence of this natural science, thereby allowing a wider public, for the first time, to have access to these most secret of teachings, without having to first dedicate a lifetime to rediscovering them.

These principles deal directly with the theory of the markets as energetic phenomena governed by the strict laws of physics and mathematics, operating within the domain of space and time. This phenomenon is not limited to the nature of the financial markets alone, but rather extends to the mechanical laws which manifest all order across the universe. For the inherent laws of mathematics are pervasive throughout all fields of reality simultaneously, and the same vibratory phenomena that define the permutations of market structure, similarly define the permutations of all function and form, all physics and metaphysics, structuring the very core of reality itself. Price/Time and Space/Time are actually the same, since the exact same mathematical laws control all energetic formation within this vast multidimensional Cosmos.  Therefore, this system is not restricted merely to the limited fields of economics and finance, but is better defined as the essence of Cosmology itself, the system of mathematical order which permeates the fabric of the entire universe.


Author’s Background & History

I first met the author after he completed his business Master’s Degree in 2010, during his intermediate investigations of market phenomena, and have watched as he dedicated himself with almost maniacal determination to pursuing the leads provided by these two visionaries who claimed to have discovered and proven the orderly nature of the markets.  With a background in structural engineering and a Master’s degree in business, Plapcianu’s interest in the financial markets began with a brief study of fundamental analysis, which yielded little fruit, but lead to his discovery of technical analysis, an approach of greater scientific application which better suited his engineering based mind.

While doing a certification with the Society of Technical Analysts, he came across one small section on the work of W. D. Gann, in particular a reference to the 1909 Ticker Interview.  As mentioned above, Gann produced 1000% return with a 92% success rate in 25 days, and at another point in the article, an associate of Gann’s, William Gilley, describes another time where Gann produced an almost unbelievable 12,000% return in a single month, saying, “He has taken half a million dollars out of the market in the past few years. I once saw him take $130, and in less than one month run it up to over $12,000. He can compound money faster than any man I ever met." The results produced by W. D. Gann were so impressive that Plapcianu’s interest immediately turned away from standard technical analysis to an exhaustive search for the real system used by this famous master.  If these documented results were true, it was apparent that Gann had discovered something that went far beyond modern finance, and it was that which he set out to find.

This is what led him to us, and in particular to the work of Dr. Baumring, being the only known person to have actually cracked the more scientific elements of Gann’s system, and to approach the topics that were said by Gann to be the essence of his Law of Vibration. It was clear by the contents of Baumring’s courses alone that he developed subjects not even mentioned by other “experts” in the Gann field, so this became the obvious pathway to follow.  Dr. Baumring had presented his seminars series back in the late-1980’s through the Investment Centre Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA (see the original course introduction here).  Baumring’s seminars were attended by approximately 100 students over the 5 years he taught them, and also included another 20 private students in a more advanced and intensive program, of which I was a member. But his career was tragically cut short by his untimely death in 1992, leaving his teachings only partially elaborated, requiring his students to complete their research independently.  These courses `remained in print over the next 20 years through the Sacred Science Institute, so were available to provide the proper guidance to those few who desired to explore Gann’s deepest work.

Baumring’s teaching style was highly complex and extremely demanding, requiring a PhD level of research, covering hundreds of books and requiring 1000’s of hours of hand charting and market research. This left only a few students with the determination and intelligence to persevere on their own to the conclusion of the work, with its goal of cracking Gann’s original system.  But there were a few who did reach this goal, and those few further confirmed the claims of both Gann and Baumring, that there was a definitive order behind the markets, which could be understood and used to forecast and trade with extraordinary results. 

        Plapcianu set out to uncover this system with a dedication and intensity that was unmatched by any before him, devouring Baumring’s essential reading list, and even going so far as to fly his past college mathematics and physics professors to Geneva to give him private tutorials on advanced subjects such as Relativity Theory, spherical astronomy and topics in advanced mathematics. Often he would describe elements of the market phenomena that he was attempting to quantify to his math professors, asking what forms of mathematics would be best suited to model it, and would then study those mathematical systems and apply them to his research. For about four years, this deep research continued, with ongoing breakthroughs and insights along the way. Often he would describe these insights to me over hours of intricate, mind-bending conversation, so that I could recommend further research materials from Baumring’s collection, or provide alternative secret references only shared with the closest private students, always searching for that particular piece which might help to inspire the next step, or fill in some missing gap.

Slowly but surely the mechanics of the system began to take a more crystalized form. As these mechanics took form, he continuously worked to distill them into algorithmic sequences that could be used to quantify the phenomena, and which could be programmed, so as to incorporate the system into an automated indicator which would model and forecast the markets. His first programmed indicator was initially made available through Bloomberg Financial, where Plapcianu was one of the 15 official software developers.  This process was long and convoluted as the algorithms were ongoingly developed and perfected, requiring reprogramming over 30 times in the course of a few years, continually enhancing the power of their output. The statistical results of the final elaboration of his Bloomberg indicator (which is the Beta version of Hyperbolic 1) are presented in our statistical results section, demonstrating the returns that the first algorithm was able to produce through a fully automated “black box” signal generating system. The returns generated by the automated trend following system, Hyperbolic (Beta) were excellent, producing, at worst, returns that were equivalent to the best money managers on Wall Street in the 20-30% range, and when backtested to determine markets and time frames that were more responsive to the algorithms, would produce returns 10 times greater than that in many markets, in the 100-300% range, using no leverage.

However, a problem arose in providing these tools only as a “black box” indicator, generating purely automated trading signals.  Many professional traders and managers who used Bloomberg were not able to implement a black box system where they could not validate the nature of the signals for their trading, leading to ongoing requests to provide the actual code for the algorithms. Simultaneously, knowing the progress that he had made in understanding Gann and Baumring’s deepest work, I continually pressed him to present the outcome of his research in a course that would not only provide the formulae for automated trading algorithms, but would also teach the essence of the knowledge behind the system that Gann and Baumring would never openly explain.  These two requests finally coincided in Plapcianu’s realization that the ideal way to make available his automated indicators would be to accompany them with a course that would present the foundational ideas behind the tools, simultaneously presenting an unveiling of Gann’s deepest system to the community of researchers that have attempted to penetrate these secrets for the last century.


Multiple Options for Different Needs

As we explored this idea, it became apparent that presenting this material in one course would be overly challenging, due to the complexity and depth of concepts, and the range of tools that would require development in such a course. Instead, the idea of breaking it into a series of 3 courses, accompanied by a sequence of 3 levels of progressively more advanced indicators, would be the ideal way to present this information. We felt that by breaking up this material into separate pieces, on one side the courses, and on the other the indicators, with 3 progressive levels to allow users to begin with the less complex and less expensive tools and material, and then move on, step by step, at their own pace to the more advanced levels, would provide the greatest range of options and choices for every type of person, whether an individual trader or a professional manager.

For those who are not interested in understanding the knowledge, or who cannot afford the courses at this time, the indicators are available on their own at initial prices that should be affordable to any small trader. This will allow him to generate further capital from trading the black box signals, and to progress on to the more advance indicators as his trading and profits increase, or to pay for the cost of the course in this way. Those who may be hesitant to commit their funds to the course without first seeing the practical value of the tools can subscribe to the indicators first for a minimal cost, and backtest and trade them for as long as they require, then move on to the course only when they are thoroughly convinced of its value.

 For those definitely interested in actually learning the knowledge itself, or for professionals who are required to understand the technology behind any black box system before they can trade it, the course material presents these principles in a logical and fully applicable manner.  But rather than having to manually apply or program the tools themselves, owners of each level course will have access to the fully programmed indicators at half the standard subscription price, as an added benefit to courses owners.  And for those who appreciate this value and know they will use the indicators over time, the 50% savings on the indicator subscription rates for course owners will even pay for the cost of the course within a relatively short period of time. 

The indicators are also available or in development on multiple platforms including Bloomberg, Excel, our standalone proprietary App, Market Analyst, and more in time, so as to fit the broadest range of trader’s requirements. We hope that this option and step based strategy will provide a solution for every type of person, allowing them, at the very least, to experiment with these tools and prove their value for themselves.


What Will Be Taught in The Course Series

The information laid out in this Trilogy will present approximately 40% of Baumring’s teachings. Anyone who may think that 40% of Baumring’s system is insubstantial should understand that the level of research required to figure out this meager 40% is equivalent to a PhD in the applied sciences. This 40% is piece is so foundational to cracking the ultimate system, that without it, the rest of the puzzle will remain forever inaccessible. It provides THE CORE quantitative essence which lies at the foundation of Gann’s system, and upon which the ENTIRE basis of every further element of his insight is based.  Without this quantitate foundation, it is absolutely impossible to even begin to understand, let alone truly crack Gann.  This piece is the engine which provides the locomotion to the vehicle of the universal system.  It provides the mechanical physics behind the engineering, the framework behind the structure of this entire science. Without this understanding, no holistic theory of Gann will ever stand, leaving his work a mere collection of various technical analysis principles and esoteric applications, which is indeed exactly where ALL publicly known Gann analysis stands today.

For those who think they may already understand Gann’s Squaring of Price and Time, I can assure you, without question, that you have never even come close to what is presented in this series, and I can explain why this is. Partial insights into this squaring concept are ONLY applied to a standard price chart, a limitation which will NEVER allow a vision of the second and third dimensions of Time and Price/Time to reveal themselves. To even see these secondary dimensions requires building new kinds of charts which allow calculations to be generated from these alternate dimensionalities. The plotting of such multi-dimensional charts was hinted at by Gann, and pointed at more definitively by Baumring, but is SO far beyond any known Gann techniques, that it has never even been theorized by anyone else. The mental leap required to breach this conceptual gap from normal price charts to time and price/time charts is so great (and complicated), that even with it full explained, as it is in this series, it still requires a challenging reorientation of conceptual perspective just to grasp the idea.  It is a serious mind-bender, but when understood, provides the doorway which opens up the rest of Gann’s science, taking it to a new level which only a small few have ever understood.

Having myself been Dr. Baumring’s closest private student, I have seen the depth and detail with which he presented these theories to his students, and have reviewed every work on this type of Gann analysis that has ever been publicly released, and I can absolutely affirm that no one else even begins to address these concepts, let alone comes anywhere near to actually understanding them. There is no question that Dr. Baumring fully understood this material, since the specialized comments and book references he provided point directly to it, and these specific leads can serve no other possible purpose.  But Baumring was so protective of this most secret core of the work, that he gave nothing but the most rudimentary hints, leads and references to the direction in which it lay, leaving his students on their own to synthesize the theory for themselves.

This feat is so difficult, that I am surprised that anyone ever was able to figure it out at all. Plapcianu, himself, worked for 4 years, doing 18 hour days almost 7 days a week, consulting for weeks with math and physics professors just to find the right tools to quantify the phenomena. Very few others have had sufficient belief that there was actually a tangible goal to be reached in this research. At the same time, those with this belief often lack the mathematical and engineering skills required to synthesize work of this level of complexity. Then consider the intelligence and mental discipline needed to dedicate years to such grueling research, and it is no surprise that this secret has remained hidden for so long.  We credit Plapcianu for his perseverance which has paid off with such profound insight, and even more so for his willingness to share these hard won insights with the rest of us through this series.

Plapcianu has explained that he is not willing to present all of the theoretical background behind the mechanics and quantitate analysis which will be presented in these courses. After all, even he will not give everything away… But this quantitate foundation will guide everyone 40% of the way down the path, bringing them closer to that full understanding than anyone else has done before. From that point, individual researchers can work the rest of the way for themselves, by continuing their study of Gann and Baumring, and by pursuing other works on science and metaphysics which will fill out the full theoretical background.  We have even discussed the possibility of having Plapcianu create a distillation of Baumring’s courses, boiling their 9 volumes down to around 500 pages of the most core theoretical material, so as to provide a more direct insight into the conceptual foundations of this work. Once this series is complete, we will explore these other ideas…


The Trilogy – The Square, The Triangle & The Circle

This information will be presented through a series of 3 volumes, revealing a new approach to analyzing and trading the markets. All three volumes will be concerned firstly with defining, identifying and ranking turning points, and secondly, with their prediction. The author will not be going to go into detail as to “why” he used such and such methods, but will demonstrate that they work on any class of phenomena, be it a weather forecast, market behavior, or the movement of the planets around the sun.

This Trilogy is intended to be ranked increasingly in terms of difficulty. The notions presented in each sequential work will need to be well understood in order to pass on to the next, due to the interconnectivity between the parts. After thoroughly going through each course, the reader should be able to duplicate the steps presented therein, without difficulty, on any price/time chart.  The steps and concepts explained in each Volume will not be repeated in the next Volumes, so without a thorough understanding of the full range of ideas presented in each, the reader will not be able to progress through the later volumes.

In this three-part series, the author will systematically document the mathematical foundations of this system, which have never before been revealed, with irrefutable clarity.  Not only will core of this system be documented and quantified theoretically, it will also be quantified mechanically, through the series of programmed algorithms which will be progressively developed through the Trilogy, until a set of Master Algorithms is provided in Volume 3, which will produce results that outlie all known standards of trading performance.

Gann himself stated that his entire science could be explained by the Square, the Triangle and the Circle, and his personal logo showed a combination of these 3 geometric forms.  However, to date, no one has ever explained what he meant by this statement.  This Trilogy will reveal exactly what Gann meant for the first time, and the sequence of Volumes will cover just these 3 geometric forms, demonstrating how they control the dimensional structures behind the markets.  Following is a general summary of the concepts presented in each volume of the Trilogy.

Volume 1 – The Square  (Now Available!)

The intent of Volume 1, The Square, is to present the first foundational mechanics of this ordering system through the Squaring of Price & Time. Price/Time on a financial chart is defined by Cartesian Coordinates, providing an n-dimensional map of Space/Time. Upon this map, all market movement can be categorized into only 9 possible binary cases that will exist in any type of vibrational chart. Because “pivot” points in the market have 3 bars composing them, these 9 types will then be intersected with each other, resulting in only 81 possible cases, represented in a 9x9 grid called the Universal Swing Chart, which logically orders and defines every possible variation of market action. This chart provides an objective mathematical determination of the exact nature of price swings and pivot points, allowing the energetic balancing of price and time to be calculated through the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Once the swings and turning points are thus mathematically defined, they can be identified as conical transformations of the circle, and the calculation of acceleration and deceleration rates for each swing becomes possible. The first 4 types of nonlinear distribution in the extent of a swing will be presented and applied to the projection of hyperbolic acceleration/deceleration curves, which dynamically mold the curvature of future market action. These mathematically defined pivot points are also be used in a second methodology to derive geometrical price/time relationships which, when converted through a mathematical growth sequence, square Price and Time through the dynamics of an expanding circle, thereby projecting a sequence of future tradable pivot points. These two methodologies will be quantified in two algorithms, the Hyperbolic 1 and the Circular 1, the application of which will be fully documented for practical use.

Volume 2 – The Triangle  (Expected Release Fall 2016)

The next course, The Triangle, will center on the application of the Universal Swing Chart to a “Time Chart”. This Time Chart will be a perfect mirror image of a regular “Price Chart”, but with the equidistant points being price based instead of time based. An inductive approach will lead to changing the current Universal Swing Chart so as to accommodate the true determination of total energy.  The last 5 complex types of nonlinear distributions in the extent of a swing will be detailed. Swings will be time ordered and ranked using our mirror image Time Chart.

The Hyperbolic 2 algorithm will be expanded so as to be able to predict time and price turning points using all 9 types of nonlinear distribution, rather than only the 4 simple forms presented in Volume 1. This will create hyperbolic projections which cut the market through both price and time, creating intersection points which define key pivots. The Circular 2 algorithm will be evolved through the dynamics of a compressing circle, which will square coordinates determined by the Universal Swing Chart on the Time Chart (as opposed to the method presented in Volume 1).

Volume 3 – The Circle  (Expected Release 2017)

The third and final course, The Circle, will combine all of these teachings into an advanced application of the Universal Swing Chart to a Master Time/Price Chart that will become the basis of an even more evolved set of algorithms, Circular 3 and Hyperbolic 3.  At this advanced stage, these techniques will dynamically mold onto the market using a set of two circles (one compressing and one expanding) to determine the true squaring of time and price coordinates, producing highly accurate projections in both price and time.

The 9 types of nonlinear distribution will be extended in the last course in such a way that both time and price swings will be identified, being in a continuous state of acceleration/deceleration. The full understanding of these 9 types of nonlinear distributions, along with the Universal Swing Chart applied to the Master Time/Price Chart, the concept of energy determination, and the squaring of price and time, will unveil the true potential of these Master Algorithms.


The Subscription Indicators – Hyperbolic & Circular Apps

As discussed above, our two trading algorithms are the Hyperbolic and the Circular. The Hyperbolic will produce a sophisticated trend following system using advanced geometries which slice the market according to its acceleration and deceleration processes. The Circular will project future turning points in price and time. As we progress through each of the 3 sequential Levels of this Trilogy, our algorithms, the Hyperbolic and the Circular will similarly evolve through 3 advancing levels of sophistication into more efficient and accurate technologies, producing greater profitability due to the refinements of their projections. These refinements will allow the capability of higher account leveraging due to their continually improved accuracy, further compounding their profit potential. For full details, pricing and platform options, click here to see the detailed Indicator Application Page.


Online Discussion Forum & Ongoing Author Webinars

Accompanying each course will be an Online Research Forum accessible to course owners, where they will be able to discuss topics, ask questions of the author, and receive ongoing support in studying the knowledge and applying the technology.  Since the information in these courses will be considered challenging for some, the Online Forum will serve as a classroom and will provide an ongoing, invaluable resource in digesting and understanding the content. Plapcianu has promised to provide detailed support to owners of the courses to ensure that everyone is able to understand and apply the tools, so that no one become lost in material that is out of their depth.

As an extension beyond the Online Forums, Plapcianu has further agreed to present occasional Webinars, as required by readers, or as he feels may be necessary or useful in helping students to better understand the work. These Webinars will present detailed and explanations of specific topics, applications or calculations which readers find challenging or are having any difficult with.  In these Webinars, readers will be able to interact directly with the author, asking questions and seeking explanations of elements of the material that they do not understand or would like to have deeper explanations of.  These Webinars will be recorded and will remain available within the Online Forum for future access anytime anyone wants to review or study the material, or for new clients who come in after the initial Webinars have been presented.  Over time, we intend to build a detailed archive which clearly elaborates every element of the information provided in these courses.


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Quantitative Analysis Of Financial Price Structure
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