Over the 20 years that I have been publishing market books and trading courses, I have always hoped to find the ideal course for beginners. When I say “beginners,” what I really mean are those traders who do not yet make consistent profits in their trading. Sadly, I have learned from my 30 years in this industry that this applies to most non-professional traders. There is a well-known statistic that says 95% of traders lose everything they invest in the markets. This is a sad state of affairs, and one that is not easy to rectify with most readily available trading material.


In my personal experience, the statistic is a lot lower, but that is only because at least half of my clientele is comprised of professional traders, and they DO know how to make money trading, or else they would not be working as professionals. Educating beginners was never my primary focus, since I was initially responsible only for publishing Dr. Jerome Baumring’s Investment Centre Gann Seminars along with the vast reference library required for the advanced research done by his students.


Over time, I fell into the role of publishing other new interpretive work in fields relating to Gann Theory, Astro-finance and the like, but still all of it was mostly on an intermediate to advanced level, since that was the level that most of my clients-turned-authors were working.


Dan Ferrera’s Keys to Successful Speculation was the only course we developed over the years which was tailor made to address the complete needs of the amateur, who either had no prior trading knowledge or was still struggling to find a way to make consistent profits. It did an excellent job teaching the fundamentals of risk management, the most important element that most failing traders are missing. It presented a swing trading system that was better than Gann’s own system or any other out there.


Both Gann and Baumring said that swing trading was the most practical first method to teach new traders to develop discipline and methodology, and Ferrera had taken the systems they both used and made significant improvements upon them in this course to which had added the best analysis of and strategy for risk management we had ever seen.


However, what it did not do was to provide a method to generate significantly larger profits, the kind that would make a significant difference in a small trader’s life. The main reason for this is that most smaller traders do not possess much investment capital, and swing trading is generally not the best strategy to compound small amounts of capital into large returns. For this, traders require a different approach.


So I’ve continued to look for something that would provide the tools for amateur traders to compound their smaller nest eggs into something noticeably larger, but such techniques are not easy to find. Over the years, as I spoke to many clients and traders, I always had my eye out for something along this line, but it was not until recently that I came across something that hit the mark.


I have known the author of this course, “Gordon Roberts” for about seven years now, and once or twice a year he usually contacts me curious about what new material I have which might be of interst to him. Usually this happens just after he has closed out a nice profitable trade, and is looking to reinvest a few thousand dollars to explore something new.


A few years back, during one such conversation, Gordon was asking me what I had that was not too overly complicated, requiring a couple years’ worth of study to master. He said he liked things that were simple and direct and could be used pretty easily without blowing out too many brain cells. To answer his question, I needed to know more about what kind of analysis and trading he did, so that I could try to recommend something to fit his exact needs.


Gordon responded by showing me the kind of tools that he best liked, which were mostly Gann based applications of mathematical relationships in price and time. I was immediately struck by his approach because it reminded me of something very familiar from my own early days as a private student of Dr. Jerome Baumring. Gordon’s technique was very much like a little trick that Jerry Baumring used to play with to impress and bedazzle his students back in his day.


It was a simple Gann method of calculating the harmonic relationships between significant turning points. Jerry would take the prices of historical highs or lows and then use simple math to directly relate one to another through quick mental multiplication and division. In fact, he could take any high or low on the chart and find multiple relationships between different points simply by multiplying or dividing by key numbers or other turning points. He used to call this his “prestidigitation,” demonstrating that there was a perfect order and relationship between all points on a chart, if you knew how to “see” it.


I quickly recognized that Gordon was using the same kind of Gannish techniques that Jerry had so loved, and immediately felt at home with his approach to analysis. I also realized something else, that in order to make the kind of large returns that I knew Gordon was producing, he MUST be using leveraged options trading, one of my absolutely favorite strategies.


What I loved about Gordon’s approach was the beautiful way in which he combined these two elements to a very profitable effect. He was using the same “prestidigitation” that Jerry so loved to structure highly leveraged position trades using an options strategy that I was already convinced was the best approach to trading. This strategy often captured the biggest generational moves ever seen in the markets, and traded them with a low risk, stress free strategy that even a beginner can easily learn and use.


I immediately recognized the intelligence of this combination of analytical approach and strategic methodology. In fact, I liked it so much that I quickly suggested that he write a course on the subject. He laughed at me at first, and said he had no desire to write a course, and that he preferred to just trade. But we decided to at least exchange information and trading ideas for a while, so that I could observe what he was doing and share with him some other tools that I thought might fit well into his toolbox.


So, for the next couple years, I watched his trades, and sent him various materials I thought he might like while we talked about tools, techniques and strategy. I continued to niggle away at him about writing a book, while he continued to say no in numerous creative ways. Over these couple years, I watched him line up a number of spectacular trades, a few nailing all-time highs, but numerous others capturing regular, intermediate-term swings which produced some very sweet returns. This was position trading at its best, and the options leverage was generating returns that mirrored some of those that Gann had become famous for!


The more I observed him, the better I began to appreciate the directness and simplicity of his approach, eventually leading me to realize that this was, without question, one of the key techniques that Baumring was trying to teach us all to do! The problem was that we were not properly listening.


See, all of Baumring’s students had enrolled in an advanced Gann Analysis program to learn the “deepest secrets of Gann,” and the science behind the system of this great master. As such, while we appreciated the beauty of such “prestidigitation,” this work seemed too “simple” to warrant much further attention, because it was not “deep” and “mysterious” enough. It was just simple calculations. How wrong we were!


Had we Baumring students been paying better attention 30 years ago, we might have seen that Jerry was pointing us towards something quite similar to the strategy presented in this book. But we were all too distracted by complexity to notice such simplicity. We all wanted to learn “Gann Secrets” not some straight-forward, obvious analysis that used a bit of basic math combined with a relatively simple options strategy.


I really want to kick myself for not having seen what Jerry was showing me 30 years ago, because I can see it all so clearly now. None of us ever imagined that Baumring’s little games of “prestidigitation” could have given us numerous opportunities to trade THE BIGGEST generational moves in the history of the commodities markets! I cringe at the lost opportunity of not haven taken simplicity seriously enough.


When I studied with Baumring in the mid to late 1980’s, we used to dream of the days of the spectacular, exponential moves made back in the 1970’s, with blow-off tops exploding into the heavens, then crashing back down to Earth, making or breaking fortunes in mere weeks. Who would have imagined that, not only would such moves occur again, but that the price swings would far exceed those in the 70’s all through the 90’s and 2000’s?


I’ll tell you who imagined it, or better, who KNEW it: Jerry Baumring… and W. D. Gann before him… and now it is our author, Gordon Roberts who knows this will happen again, and is generous enough to share this knowledge with us so that we can catch the next one. The examples shown in this course where Roberts picked all-time highs or lows are not some miracles of times past. They are events which will recur again, and again, if we are just a little patient and know how to watch and wait for them.


These kinds of trades are what Gordon calls “life changing trades,” and this is a good point to ponder. Many people come into trading with a dream of leaving their “day job” and being free to trade full time as their sole means of supporting themselves and their family. With the material presented in this course, this will become a very realistic goal for you. But something fewer people discuss is the idea of capturing a truly “life changing trade.” What might this truly mean for you?


When one sees these massive generational spikes in the past, one does not often think what it could have meant to have captured such a trade. In fact, most small time traders lack a strategy that would ever allow them to dream of capturing such a complex move in the midst of exponential markets with lock limit days and a fortune crushing collapse. These are the trades of superhero traders, not little Joe Blow who is lucky to catch some nice swings here and there. But with the knowledge you’ll gain in this course, you will discover that these ARE viable trades for even YOU!


Had I had been given the information in this course back in my days with Baumring, I would have been set up to take advantage of a good 50 opportunities over the last 30 years, where I could have turned $1000 into at least $50,000. I’m not talking about trading regular market swings here, but about taking positions in massive spike moves, that produce returns that are truly life changing. Capturing such moves can pay off your house, put your children through college, secure your retirement, or simply allow you to quit your day job. This is what is meant by “life changing trades.”


These opportunities are not as rare as you may think. The time that I was with Baumring does not feel to me like so long ago, and since then, these opportunities have occurred again and again, many dozens of times. I’ll wager that the next 30 years may pass just as quickly as the last, and I have no doubt that we will all see these kinds of opportunities once again!


Do you think I’m going to miss them the second time around? Not likely… and if you’re paying attention to the material that is in your hands right now, you will not be missing them either! But in the meantime, these same techniques still work to produce large profits even in quite normal markets. We do not have to wait for generational moves for trading to make a difference in our lives, but the prospect of having that occasional opportunity is something to contemplate and perhaps even visualize.


Too many people are impatient like I was in my youth, and will dismiss something that seems too distant and abstract, while the wise trader, like old W. D. Gann, who spent “45 Years on Wall Street,” understands that time passes quickly and second chances are often just around the corner.


The techniques presented in this course are primarily derived from Gann’s last major book, so in some ways represent the final culmination of his ideas. He always said that his books were written to help the little guy, so this course is bringing some of the best of that help to you from Gann’s simplest and most practical tools with Gordon’s strategy of applying them.


I’ll leave you by saying, had Jerry Baumring explained what he was implying as clearly as Gordon lays out the strategy presented in this course, I could have made many millions, without ever even trying to understand advanced Gann Theory. The “secret teachings” ARE there, and are a fascinating study for the curious seeker, but you do NOT have to master the esoteric mysteries to make big profits in the markets!


What is taught in this course is simple, clear and highly practical. If you follow the directions given, and have the patience to fully understand and apply them, you will find the opportunities you have so long sought, and will empower your trading to make that significant difference in your life!


William Bradstreet Stewart, Director

Institute of Cosmological Economics

Sacred Science Institute










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