Magic Words Thru The Zodiac

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How to Construct a ‘Tunnel Thru the Air’

By Robert Rundle

The cornerstone of W.D. Gann’s Science rests upon the relationship between numbers, the letters of the Hebrew and English alphabets, and THEIR vibration thru the Zodiac and Annual Calendar, proving The Law of Vibration within cycles of Mass Human Behaviour.

Gann’s Key Secret to unlocking his veiled references, is a Holy Bible/Freemason style cipher that he uses on Key Words {Magic Words} thru out his writings to give the reader cycle anchor dates and cycle duration periods. A process I have named ‘Magic Words Thru The Zodiac’ as a tribute to Mr Gann. This phenomenon really is Magic, and like Gann says ‘You would not believe it anyway’.


Just like in The Bible, Gann uses simple wordplay, simple mathematics, simple astrology and esoteric symbolism to hide the truth from fools. There are a few gems at simple face value for every reader, but all the good stuff is deeply hidden, for which he rewards you well for your efforts. Every number and every word, every character, and every place is carefully placed for very good reasons. There are so many layers, so many wheels within wheels, I sincerely doubt if we will ever really find them all. He really was a genius.


Everyone enters the Gann path as a trader, looking for a simple low risk, high profit trading system to get rich quick. But once you understand what W.D. Gann is about you will see that there is just so much more to Gann than that.


How to construct a ‘Tunnel Thru The Air’. Such an impressive tool, so simple and easy to use, you will wonder why you have never seen it done before.
Simply draw lines connecting the
- Highest price recorded in each “AIR” Sign {Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius}.
- Lowest price recorded in each “AIR” Sign {Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius}.
- and then a ‘Midpoint Line’ of these results {the midpoint between the High and low of the same Air Sign}.

I.e. Air Low+((Air High-Air Low Time and Price)/2).

Work thru this process yourself and get a feel for the nuances of this method as it is a key to understanding Gann and Biblical concepts that are used in conjunction with the ‘Magic Words Thru the Zodiac’ method. You will then see the importance why these two methods must be used in conjunction with each other. Many of the resulting dates that initially gave you what appeared to be irrelevant turns, now combined with a Tunnel Thru The Air give you exact reactions to one of the 3 Tunnel Air Nodes and Bands.


All Gann based Cycles results need to be referenced to the properties within the Tunnel Thru The Air as many are referencing ‘Air Tunnel’ Time and Price relationships rather than a High Vibration day or short term change of trend as expected.

This is part of Robert Gordon’s discovery of Ezekiel’s flying machine. Study the properties of the cycle turns in relationship to Price reaction intercepting the top or bottom Tunnel boundaries and its gravitation back to the Mid-Point {Mean Reverting} on the cycle date. Price breakouts from the Tunnel are proportional to the Tunnel:Mid-Point’s range {similar to a Pitchfork’s Action and Reaction lines}.





There are many more nuances to these Tunnels Thru The Air Signs, but this brief introduction does not permit me to continue in further detail.

Can you see now where some of Gann’s other Trading Rules may now become relevant?


As an example of the ‘Magic Words Thru the Zodiac’ word cipher, let us take W.D. Gann’s use of Fides Intrepida as Pope number 266, as prophesized by Malachy in 1139, on page 82 of Gann’s ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air’:


“Some evidence of long-range predictions which have

been fulfilled, that has attracted attention, appeared in

the New York American, January 29, 1922. The

article refers to an amazing prophecy of the twelfth century

made by Malachy, a priest, in A.D. 1139, in which

he foretold accurately the personality of the Papal succession

by means of mottoes and numbers. He foretold

the long struggles which Ireland would have to go thru

and the eventual peace, which has been recently signed.

His prophecy on the future Pope is No. 266. Fides

Intrepida, which means -- "Unwavering Faith, unshaken

belief in the face of danger; unfaltering devotion."

To those who understand numbers, "266" reveals

some remarkable events that are to follow the election

of the new Pope.”


(Note: the numeration of Popes and their Motto values can change from various sources. We are currently on the 266th Pope with Pope Francis, so this is relevant for our times!)


The name ‘Fides+Intrepida’ using the word cipher equals 13°Aries, on 3rd April the Sun is at 13°Aries. Adding 266 days is Dec 25th, the Church’s date for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


The enthusiastic Gann researcher will quickly discover that Fides Intrepida (aka Pius XI, Achille Ratti, Intrepid Faith 1922 to 1939) was not Pope number 266, but in fact he was Pope number 261, improving the cycle vibration.


But in true Gann style there are many interconnecting numbers layered to give the researcher extra conformation. Pope 266 was ‘De labore Solis’ John Paul II 1978 to 2005. So named because he was born during a Solar Eclipse, 18th May 1920. OMG, what are the odds of that?


What the researcher initially misses is Gann’s reference to “the Papal succession by means of mottoes and numbers”, indicating there is a 156 difference in the Number of the Pope’s MOTTO Number and the Number of the Pope.



Was Gann trying to point us to Pope 266 ‘De labore Solis’ John Paul II’s Motto Number of 110? A commonly themed number throughout his ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air’, it’s additionally confirmed by placing this on page 82. A reader of the Magic Words Thru The Zodiac volumes will understand the duel importance of the number 156 in reference the Ineffable Name of God, and the last page of Gann’s ‘The Tunnel Thru The Air’ on 30th August.


OMG Mr Gann, for the LOVE of Numbers;

Pope’s MOTTO # plus 156 (God/YHVH) = POPE’S#


Very nicely done Mr Gann, without exposing the Catholic Church’s fascination for numbers, and their knowledge of the Law of Vibration.







If you find this sort of Gann Tunnel Thru the Air decoding intriguing, you might enjoy my 2 Volume series, Magic Words Thru The Zodiac, Vol 1 & Vol 2, available through Sacred Science Institute.












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