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Magic Words Thru The Zodiac



a guide to the work…





Volume 1 of Magic Words Thru the Zodiac provides an initial introduction to first Keys to cracking the complex symbolic code that W. D. Gann used to conceale his greatest secrets within his works. It unveils a Masonic Gematria cypher which serves to decrypt references and clues concealed in names, dates and other key words thru the text. These letter/numerical conversions are used to determine potential anchor points for engineering of important underlying market cycles. 

Gann carefully hid these cycles within his most mysterious books, The Tunnel Thru the Air and The Magic Word. Many believe that Gann’s greatest secrets were veiled only within these abstract metaphysical books, which can only be decoded thru the complex unravelling of this secret code, leading to a full understanding of Gann’s underlying astronomical model of cyclical market activity. This book goes further in presenting the secret Key to Gann’s cryptographic methodology than has ever been revealed before.



I am relieved that now I can relinquish a secret, held in my Akashic Records, that has burdened me for some time. My custodial sentence is over, and the Time is now right to release this knowledge into the world. After working for many years under the auspices of William D. Gann, this book, Magic Words Thru the Zodiac, Volume 1, unlocks the secrets to my interpretation and his most mysterious works, The Tunnel Thru the Air, Looking Back From 1940 and The Magic Word.

The cornerstone of this Science rests upon the relationship between numbers, the letters of the Hebrew and English alphabets, and their vibration thru the Zodiac and Annual Calendar.

Gann’s Key Secret to unlocking his veiled references, is a Holy Bible/Freemasonic style cipher he used on Key Words {Magic Words} thru out his writings. This phenomenon really is Magic, and like Gann says, “You would not believe it anyway.” This book will help you understand so much more about:


§  The one key mechanism and all its nuances by which Gann veiled words, events, dates and cycles thru out all his works. Only his best students and peers could understand the hidden content in Gann’s works.

§  How to construct a Tunnel Thru the Air on a market chart, and how this Tunnel interacts with cycle results.

§  How to be able to work thru Gann’s writings, identify his Magic Words, and test this phenomenon for yourselves.

§  Robert Gordon’s adventures, the reasoning behind the names, places and events used thru out the book.

§   Gann’s real 4 Seasons.

§  Why Jesus rose on the third day and rested on the seventh day.

§  Tunnel Essentials, and Why the title The Tunnel Thru the Air or Looking Back From 1940.

§  Understanding the “Law of Vibration”.

§  THRU vs. Through.

§  Jonas vs. Jonah

§  The Ineffable Name of GOD, and why it is important!

§  The Holy Bible, Freemasonic and Secret Societies, Alchemy, and The Master Time Factor.

§  Just how brilliant W.D. Gann truly was!


Anyone who has been seeking these truths, and who has made any kind of effort to decode Gann’s hidden meanings and astronomical codes will be overwhelmed by the contents of this book! Nothing else comes close to the level of content and insight that is presented herein (except for Volume 2, which takes all this work MUCH further). If you understand this system of hidden knowledge, it will change the way you look at many things, not just the markets.

Aside from the book text, I have included 30 electronic chart attachments, with plots of cycles, charts, and intervals worked out to help with the research in electronic format to be blown up and studied. I have also included an Excel Spreadsheet Calculator to help with the conversion of words and numbers. Lastly, I have included pre-made models for Timing Solutions that can be used to help with this research.

This book is my tribute to W. D. Gann and is pay back to anyone who has publicly ridiculed his good name, vindicating him forever! They say, if you can’t read the book you want, then write it for yourself. This book is my effort to write the book that I always wanted to read. I hope it serves to provide readers with the guidance and clues that I so badly sought 20 years ago, when I first began this study.

          Robert Rundle




To read a more detailed introduction to this subject and the work presented in Volume 1 & 2 of Magic Words Thru the Zodiac, please click this link to go to the full writeup for Volume 2 of Magic Words thru the Zodiac NOTE: Purchase of Volume 2 also includes membership in an Online Research Forum where the author, Robert Rundle, will answer questions, discuss and elaborate on topics in more detail, and demonstrate more practical applications in the markets.


·        “T” the Other “G”

·        The “Magic Words Thru The Zodiac”– The Method in Summary

·        Tunnel Essentials – Magic Word Zodiac Values for Characters, Names and Places

·        TTTA Looking Back From < “1940”

·        Gann’s Real 4 Seasons

·        Understanding the “Law of Vibration”, aka LOV, and Interpreting our Results

·        Thru The Air Tunnel

·        “THRU” vs. “Through”

·        “Jonas” = “Jonah”

·        “I AM” the Ineffable Name of GOD

·        TETRAGRAMMATON “YHVH”, and the Hebrew Alphabet

·        The Holy Bible

·        Bible Genealogy, The Divine Families

·        The Number of the Beast ‘666’

·        Gann’s Ephemeris 2 Bible Quotes

·        Freemason and Secret Societies

·        Alchemy

·        The Master Time Factor, aka “MTF” 

·        Conclusions



Magic Words Thru the Zodiac – volume 1
My Tribute to W. D. Gann – a guide to the work…
By Robert Rundle
2nd edition, Revised. JUNE 2018, black suede hardcover. 144 pages.
(Note: 1st edition was issued only as electronic pdf – THE NEW EDITION HAS BEEN REVISED WITH ADDITIONAL CONTENT.)
iNCLUDES: Chart Attachments, MS Excel Spreadsheet Calculator, Pre-made Models for Timing Solutions Software.
NOTE: Signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is required with this book.
Volume 1 alone - Price $333.00

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