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The Advanced Findings…






Volume 2 of Magic Words Thru the Zodiac
expands upon the Keys revealed in Volume 1, developing them with a level of mastery and insight that only comes after many years of dedicated work. It reveals a deeper level of application of the Masonic Gematria cypher, decrypting even more complex and important references and clues concealed thru Gann’s text, exposing complex Kabalistic and mathematical relationships that few, if any, have had access to before.

Volume 2 is simply loaded with new insights and breakthroughs that so subtle and complex that it is sometimes hard to believe they could be intentional, except that they work! It proves, once and for all, that Gann was encrypting layers of information in his work. It further demonstrates how these Keys to Gann’s cryptographic methodology can be used to decode other texts in other traditions revealing a long-hidden tradition of encoded texts, laid out like a secret trail of knowledge through history, waiting to be exposed by the curious seeker…

Magic Words Thru the Zodiac will save any Gann Tunnel researcher many years of otherwise wasted time. It will still take work to understand and to use these insights effectively, but the author has agreed monitor an Online Research Forum where he will answer Volume 2 reader’s questions and has promised to provide more detailed elaborations of the solutions, and to work through many applications on markets and charts to make the material more practical.



Anyone who has studied the work of W. D. Gann for an extended time, particularly on the deeper levels and through the inside teachings, will have become aware that there are a number of quite different approaches to the study of Gann Theory. The most exoteric approach looks at his more obvious technical analysis books and tools, such as his 1/8th divisions, Gann Angles, swing trading systems, and the like, and perhaps delves a bit into some basic cycle theories.

As the student advances, he begins to explore more advanced scientific and esoteric concepts, like astronomical theory and its potential influence upon human trends and events, crossing over into esoteric theories of astrological and numerological prognostication of future events, or what is more commonly called forecasting. As one pushes into these more esoteric theories, only then does one begin to discover the greater genius that was W. D. Gann.

For it is not until one begins to penetrate the veils of Gann’s pedagogical style, that one is able to enter into the deepest thinking and theories of this most mysterious of market traders and esoteric scientists. Gann, coming from the Ancient Traditionalist school of esoteric thought, was one who believed in the preservation of the secrecy of the Great Mysteries of Nature.

Gann was initiated into the secret traditions of esoteric science that possess an insight which penetrates far deeper than the impotent scientism and pseudointellectualism of the materialistic Quacademia (a wonderful and appropriate term coined by radical Egyptologist, John Anthony West) of today.


Gann respected and protected this Sacred Tradition, and refused to ever openly reveal, or clearly lay out his deepest ideas, let alone the entire framework of his Theory the way a modern scientific thinker or scholar would do. Instead he communicated his knowledge primarily in two primary ways.

The first was through applied technique, punctuated by brief, summarized teachings, cryptic texts, and complex rules to follow. Those who know Gann’s most serious works, his private courses, know that few of them ran longer than 40 pages, and most ran from 3 to 10 pages. These small courses were then combined into different sets to produce what are now called his “Master Courses”, though there were many versions of these compilations that Gann produced. Each of these courses generally presented one specific technique or set of conjoined tools, or it would address a particular market, providing a suite of tools and analyses to use on that market.

Gann also wrote a series of excellent financial market books mostly focused on technical analysis and trading rules and strategy. These present his more exoteric ideas, but also subtly weave in some of the deeper themes and principles as well, always leaving a breadcrumb trail of clues for the obsessive seeker. But these technical tools and applications have always provided a road for the engineer, trader or scientific type to work with logical mathematical systems and tools, which could be reverse engineered from Gann’s charts or cryptic explanations in an attempt to recreate Gann’s technology.

The Baumring School is a good example of the approach through the reverse engineering of the scientific system of the Law of Vibration. It studies the foundational sciences of Gann’s day, then interprets Gann’s tools, forecasts, charts, models and writings as hints towards a larger mathematical, geometrical, astronomical system, the entire mechanics of which is attempted to be worked out, from cause to effect.

The second approach is almost diametrically opposed to the first. In this school, it is clearly understood that Gann intentionally and methodically veiled and encoded his greatest secrets into some of his specific Key works, using a symbolic system of references, or actual cryptology itself.

To do so, Gann used astronomical, astrological, cryptological, numerological, Kabalistic and Masonic techniques and codes to veil and hide his secrets in his two strangest books, The Tunnel Thru the Air, a seemingly sappy romance novel, based upon a 1920’s sci-fi world war theme, and The Magic Word, an otherwise uninteresting collection of Bible quotes on health, life and the like, illustrated with a handful of symbolic illustrations.

It has become understood after a century of people exploring Gann’s work that these codes DO exist in his texts, and with the advent of the Internet, there developed a new interest in decoding these works within some online collaborations. A few serious groups developed and disbanded over the years, generally making this study better known than in the past and taking it to a higher level than had generally been accomplished before this time.


Since Gann refused to share his ideas and insights with anyone that did not “prove themselves worthy” to obtain them, these individuals and groups set out to prove their worthiness. Such proving required a combination of extraordinary efforts at study to an unusual level of scholarship within abstract fields that most people have never heard of, let alone mastered.

These fields range from chemistry, to advanced astronomy and cycle theory, from Biblical knowledge, to familiarity with the mathematics, geometry and sciences of Ancient Civilizations from Babylon, to Egypt, to India, Israel and more… It requires the mastery of secret systems of coding and symbolic logic and representation, like Kabalah, astrology, Alchemy, and numerology.

This wisdom rests upon obscure principles and systems arising out of systems like the Pythagorean Quadrivium, tracing its roots back to the Ancient Egyptian Temple, where Pythagoras studied for 22 years, and to ancient India, where Gann’s obscure calculators, like the Square of Nine originate.

However, not only does cracking this code require a mastery of these esoteric subjects, but it further demands a particular type of mind that has an obsession for details, almost like an OCD for intellectual clues, trails, threads and leads of ANY kind in ANY place, combined with a knack for solving complex, multi-dimensional puzzles.

It requires a massive effort simply to learn to recognize the clues, let alone to read and interpret them. But when this interpretation is done, it reveals a secondary line of content, or perhaps more of a system knowledge, that is woven as a sub-template to the overriding text. It turns out that the text is not the core content at all, but merely a vehicle upon which the REAL meaning is carried.

There are many ancient texts that are considered to be similarly encoded with a secondary subtext of knowledge when one knows how to read the secret code behind them. Examples of other such texts would be The Bible, The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, The Tasks of Hercules, Shakespeare’s Sonnets and Plays, as well as most of the other great Ancient stories and legends.

Such stories that survive the trial of time, were developed as such, with a secondary purpose of preserving a secret knowledge across eons of time. It is still a mystery to most as to what secrets all these great texts conceal, but the general understanding is that it is a secret tradition of knowledge of the ordering principles and timings of the cosmos.

In Gann’s system, the decoding process leads to a specific kind of information relating to the financial markets and the order behind them, revealing details of cyclical phenomena, including special cycle lengths, start and end dates, phasing, and so much more. Through symbolic decoding, these seekers weave together tapestry of numeric/astro/market meaning from 1000’s of hidden threads, in the hope of leading to a grand revelation of Gann’s greatest secrets! It is the ultimate scavenger hunt, digging for tiny clues within massive realms of knowledge, numerous traditions, multiple languages, and a plethora of scientific and metaphysical systems.

It is the kind of work that would drive 95% of people stark-raving mad after a few weeks of work. As such, this hidden secret of Gann’s has remained hidden to all but a very few honest, hard-working seekers with the perseverance to keep at the task without quitting, and the perspicuity to see thru the veil to what was carefully hidden.

But for those who love puzzles and problems of the highest complexity and deepest intelligence, there is nothing more fulfilling than solving these kinds of puzzles.

Our author, Robert Rundle, is one of those few, rare and unusual people who possesses these requirements, the perseverance to keep at this job for 20 years, the perspicuity to find answers and break codes where others see only silly stories and random Bible quotes, and the pure joy of solving problems that few others have ever considered.

This knowledge is truly “for those with eyes to see…” as they say… and now, with the help of Magic Words Thru the Zodiac, you too have the opportunity to have the veil lifted for yourself, so that you too can begin the journey of exploration and revelation…


·        Recapping the System Rules, and Additions to the Knowledge Base

·        The “Magic Words Thru the Zodiac” Method in Summary

·        The Hidden Point          

·        Bobby, It’s a Long Way to 1940 and Back

·        Boss, The Plane, The Plane…

·        Shakespeare’s Sonnets

·        The Tunnels Thru the Air, A Secret in Plane Sight.

·        Like Poetry Thru the Air Parting Like It Was Yesterday

·        Was Gann's "Old Schoolmate in Texas" "Luo Clements"?  

·        The Tunnel Thru The Air FOREWORD 

·        The Tunnel Thru The Air Chapter 1 page

·        Robert Gordon Natal

·        The “Square of 9” aka “The Lone Star State of Texas”, and the “Lonely Farmhouse” “Square of 19”, and the “NYSE Permanent Chart”

·        The Tunnel Thru The Air-  418 pages, 41800 hidden JC (Jesus Christ) the Jewelled Crown

·        Jesus Christ and the Christogram “ICXC        

·        Jesus Between 2 Thieves

·        The Mystery of “The Hidden Hand”       

·        Was Dr Jerome Baumring’s Price Time Vectors Introducing a MTF? 

·        Gann and God Repeating Words

·        Summation Σ Series Cycle Divisions   

·        Gann’s “The Magic Word” and Summation Series from His Bible Quotes    

·        Gann’s “BOOKS FOR SALE” aka “Recommended Reading List”  

·        Noah’s Clean or Unclean Animals 

·        TTTTA Page Numbers Converted

·        Left Vs Right Pages - THE TUNNEL THRU THE AIR : OR, LOOKING BACK FROM 1940  

·        From the Divine Power That Guides My Hand, Being Born Again Of LUCIFER         

·        Ganymede      

·        Eagles, Double Headed Eagles…                        

·        The BUCKSY, the US ONE Dollar Note – The 13th Eagle 

·        Johann Gichtel’s LoV Zodiac Wheel, a Master Time Factor Calculator Like No Other

·        EveryTree – As Above So Below, The Hidden Tree of YHVH           

·        Gann’s Use of S.E. Kiser’s “Poems That Have Helped Me”   

·        The Other “Magic Word” by Robert Collier          

·        Profits = WDGann    

·        W.D. Gann and Planetary Cycles

·        The Palace of Minos               

·        The Last Day of TTTTA

o   Looking Back to The Birth of Robert Gordon   

o   Looking Back to The Foreword

o   Ephemeris                                                                    

·        Oddments from TTTTA  

·        Conclusions

·        About the Author Robert Rundle



Since this material is inherently difficult, and it will still take work to understand and to use these insights effectively, the author has agreed monitor an Online Research Forum where he will answer everyone’s questions and help people work through the material. He has also promised to provide more detailed elaborations of the solutions, showing how to apply the outputs on markets and track the cycles on charts.  This should help to make the material more practical for everyone.


Magic Words Thru the Zodiac – Volume 2
My Tribute to W. D. Gann – The Advanced Findings…
By Robert Rundle
JUNE 2018, black suede hardcover. 222 pages.
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