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Select Quotes by the Author & a Student

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A long-time client and friend of Sacred Science Institute studied with Solastro for many years before his death in the 1990’s, and shared with us his personal experiences both with Solastro and his work, which he and his wife used for over 3 decades to win numerous racing and lottery prizes. The following recollections are presented in our friend’s own words:

The late Solastro was a real expert in the field of speculation! I was in correspondence with him in the 1980s. I initially got in contact with him by responding to an ad in a horseracing magazine many, many years ago. He didn’t sell to everybody, just a few whom he had confidence in, and who would follow his guidelines conscientiously, which I always have. He was in poor health much of his life owing to a severe car accident he suffered while travelling in India, I believe, in the 1960s. I once tried to visit him in Canada to take private lessons from him, but he was too sick to receive people and said he didn't see any visitors.

He had very few students whom he selectively sold material to. He said he only sold them to a very limited number of individuals, only those he really felt deserved them! But I was one of the fortunate and privileged few! He had many amazing manuscripts for sale, and I bought most of them. Some of the manuscripts were quite pricey, but I felt honored that he sold to me after my correspondence with him!

Solastro was a remarkable individual indeed! He thoroughly researched the greats from the past, including Sepharial, Robson, Butaney and Maloney, to name but a few. He greatly expanded on the work of his predecessors and made many original discoveries of his own. I bought many manuscripts from his collection (some rare Sepharial pieces) and also many manuscripts which he authored himself. These writings are clear and understandable for the average person with clearly worked examples of some of his successes, which anyone with a little diligence and discipline can learn and apply.

His method was primarily astrology, which he explains very thoroughly and simply enough for even a beginner to use it. My knowledge of astrology is very limited, yet still I was able to understand his manuscripts without too much difficulty. Indeed, I had success with his system in The Key to Names and Numbers the second time I tried it at Belmont Parkway back in 1986. He also uses numerology, color, and even sound in his advanced methodology, greatly expanding on Sepharial and applying his techniques to modern day speculation.

He won many large prizes at the tracks in Canada as well as large lottery prizes. He mailed me 4 cancelled checks of huge winnings at various tracks and lotteries for proof and said that I could verify them if I wished. I remember those checks being between $20,000 and $40,000 (and this was in 1970-80’s dollars!)!!! 2 were from the track and 2 were lottery winnings up in Toronto, Canada. His Lottery manuscript details how he won a 2nd prize of $30,000 in the Canadian lottery, just narrowly missing the jackpot! He was the real deal! Unfortunately, we had a flood in our basement a number of years ago, and I lost some stuff, including Solastro’s cancelled checks though I still do have some of my correspondence with him. That's a real shame because it was my absolute proof of his genius, other than my own winnings!

I paid a lot of money for his stuff, but I have since recovered at least 20 times my original investments! I have tested and practiced his stuff for years, also with good success, but I was not successful to the degree that he was, though I am still trying! I made back the cost of his last horse racing work, The Final Chapter, within 3 months when I won a trifecta for $1250.50 using it at Monticello raceway in the fall of 1985! I also have a large number of small prizes from his lottery manuscripts, but I do better with the horseracing, probably because I am much more versed in the subject.

I showed some of those manuscripts to Vivia Jayne, whom I became friendly with when she was alive and in a right state of mind. She was the widow of the famous Charles Jayne in astrological circles. She was, indeed, very impressed, and helped me make some experiments early on with this material. My wife and I have some of Charles's jottings, but I can't make any sense out of it. He was very profound and a brilliant guy too, from what I have been told from those that knew and studied with him. Charles was a highly respected financial astrologer as well. My first spiritual teacher back in 1975, Willemstad Nyland, who was with Mr. Gurdjieff for over 25 years and asked by him to start groups in America, used to get charts from Charles Jayne and Vivia.

Solastro was a very private and secretive man, so I don’t know much more about him except just what he told me in his letters, which I also have preserved. I always honored his privacy, and followed his requested guidelines. For example, he always advised giving back at least 10% of your winnings from his methods to charities and other good causes. He felt this was extremely important, not to be selfish and greedy. I have always believed this myself as I pursue my spiritual path. I know he was a very insightful, conscientious and intelligent spiritual man, as I have proven for myself many times over. I assert that everything I have told you is the unvarnished truth, and I have not exaggerated or fabricated anything. Solastro was truly a genius and way ahead of anyone of his time…


In 1933 Solastro first came across an article in the London Daily Express which read, “Find the winner with Pantuala Ghosal. This native astrologer has publicly foretold the correct result of every big race in India this season…” Thus began Solastro’s fascination with the astrological prediction of horse races culminating, after 20 years of study and practice, in this first work on astrological race prediction. Solastro states, “Against my better judgement, I was compelled to believe that there was “something” which pointed to winners based solely on planetary influences as precise and undeviating as the ebb and flow of tides. Was there a natural law concealed but operating beneath what we called change?” The outcome of these questions was published in my first major book on horse racing, Astrology for Horse Racing.

*        *        *

As I look back over the years when I first began the study of Astrology applied to horse-racing, I am more than encouraged with the results achieved. Today, I believe with indisputable proof at my disposal, that planetary positions at the time of these events play a vital and almost conclusive part in the result of this sport. The basis of my investigations formed the subject of my first work "Astrology for Horse-racing". The extremely encouraging response to this book, from the far corners of the world, led me to continue my research. I realised that the subject dealt with could be potentially dangerous in
 the hands of the unscrupulous and this led me to restrict my later findings to a strictly limited number of persons in India and overseas.

*        *        *

After the completion of my first work on astrology, Astrology for Horse Racing, I never ceased striving for a method that gave as accurate of results without the use of astrology.  I was convinced that the alternative lay in the application of numbers and/or sounds vibrations, (i.e. the letters forming the names of the horses). Alongside my research on astrology, I investigated numbers and names. The common factor in most methods of applying numbers to racing entailed the coding of horse’s names – another laborious process which he was determined to avoid.

It wasn’t until 1967, after many years of searching, discarding, checking and counter checking, that I discovered an entirely new avenue of approach. I then began testing – on 100 races, then 200 and next 300. The results were consistently good, but I was still not satisfied and continued with 400 and finally 500 races.  The results continued to show an undeviating 67% of winners, and with this proven success, I decided to publish his discovery! This work became The Key to Names and Numbers.

*        *        *

Pythagoras maintained that "the world is built upon the power of numbers". It must logically follow, therefore, that numbers must be the key to understanding of the world. Today, the importance of Pythagoras in the history of Western thought is undeniable for it was from Pythagoreanism that the thought of Plato largely derived. It was also Galileo's belief that "the book of nature is written in mathematical symbols" . In the present-day technological world of the computer, the entire gamut continues to be built on the basic nine numerals.

Pythagoras also believed that the planets in their orbits emit sounds. The pitch depends upon the size or mass of each as well as their speed and distance from the Earth. He termed this "the music of the spheres". From the macrocosm of the universe to the microcosm of the drawing of numbers for a lottery, the celestial music and the power of numbers prevail with precision. Few among us, however, perceive the relation that exists between all things here on our global village and even our connection with bodies in inter-stellar space.

*        *        *

Should you believe that something controls the result of a race THEN YOU CAN MAKE RACING PAY! I have done so for many years with my own private and confidential method, yet I have never been a heavy or compulsive gambler - if I were I would never offer my book for sale. Hy dedication is to continue my research into the law which brings 40% non-favourites as winners. I BELIEVE THE UNIVERSE IS ESTABLISHED ON LAW .AND THAT NOTHING HAPPENS BY CHANCE. In cases like a horse race (where we do not know the law) we call it a game of chance! Science is only now confirming the LAWS OF SOUND VIBRATIONS which speed the growth of plants, and the vibrations from the moon which affect the cells of the human brain - especially during Full Moon. The laws governing radio and television existed since time began but were DISCOVERED only recently. Laws CONTINUE to be discovered and with each discovery, the word CHANCE is eliminated. YET - and I find this amazing - 9 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE WHO ATTEND THE RACE-TRACKS OF THE WORLD ARE UNCONSCIOUSLY BACKING; THE SAME HORSE - the horse called CHANCE!

*        *        *

ln the concluding paragraph of "THE LAW OF CYCLES" I referred to my then indifferent health which prevented me from continuing further research into other related facets of the natural laws involved. In the 1979 Supplement I said " ... it was as if I was in a small clearing in the midst of a lush forest of huge stately trees. Yet on all sides of me were numerous, narrow paths inviting me - showing me the way out of the mass of greenery. The trees of course were the data, the statistics, the accumulated records of many years of strenuous effort. The paths were the 'leads' for further investigation .... ".

My research since then has been restricted entirely to lotteries and the several 'numbers games'. Here too natural laws apply. It was here, recently, while I was researching one specific 'finding' or 'lead' for a 'number game' that I detected a relation with what I had written in "THE LAW OF CYCLES" and "THE SUPPLEMENT". As I read and reread the relevant portions an idea suddenly flashed to my mind. It was as if I was watching a sun-rise. It was inspiring in its simplicity and yet it had evaded me for all these many years. Why hadn't I thought of it earlier! It offered an unique and radical approach. I tested it on all races quoted in "THE LAW OF CYCLES" plus numerous others. In the many, many years of my investigations, I have learned and discovered much, but never have I found anything so strikingly simple. There are no tables to refer to, no charts or horoscopes to erect, no knowledge of Astrology or intricate calculations. All that is required is the result of the preceding race!

*        *        *

It is far wiser and much safer to work in harmony with Nature, than follow the whims and fancies of a random choice. And Nature scatters a generous choice of methods which anyone may research and follow. If her laws are elusive, they are a challenge to all seekers of the truth behind the facade. And her goals are overwhelmingly beneficent. As we look about us there is continuing evidence of her abundance: the grains of sand on the beaches, the countless stars in the heavens, the blades of grass, the leaves of the trees, the myriad forms of life. They all point to a limitless creativity and productivity; rewards to all who seek her secrets and work with her and not against her. And all her laws interwoven with each other maintain a perfect balance and opportunity for all species of life. "No man is an island" someone has said, meaning of course that nothing in the universe works in isolation. Also "God does not play dice with the cosmos" Einstein added. All is law. Our planet is a pebble in space, yet its rotation, its revolution and every atomic change upon it are governed by natural laws. For everything, there is a cause, and an effect.

*        *        *

My serious research into Astrology as it applied to speculative activities was the result of an irresistible urge that started many years ago. I was convinced that natural laws operate at all levels for all activities on our planet. It was also my belief that everything in our little galaxy is Interconnected. Every action has a corresponding re-action. While we as human beings are representatives of the highest form of creation, we too are subject to the same unalterable laws. Nature is the body of God; natural laws are the thoughts of God. Since however we carry within ourselves a 'divine spark', a vital part of consciousness, we are each one of us, an individualised form of the creative force that brought us into being. This unique feature and our awareness of it, enables us to be the creators of our own destiny. We build our lives on our thoughts, which lead to habits and character. The entire gamut of our affairs is based on our personal choices. Whether we succeed or fail depends on our positive or negative attitude to things and people around us.

We hurt or injure others, we are passing a sentence of suffering on ourselves. When we help another, we are treading the path of success for ourselves. Our little galaxy, with the Sun its centre, is like a mother hen, travelling with her brood of planets in space, each reacting to one another, members of one family. We as human beings, are like parasitic mites on one of these chickens, one member of the brood. The comparison is not a flattering one but nevertheless true. Our pollution of the oceans, our disregard to the animal and plant life and our defilement of the atmosphere all point to unfettered greed and a suicidal thoughtlessness for other forms of life. We keep on taking from Nature's bounty and return but little. Today we are engaged in a relentless pursuit of self-destruction.

It is ironic indeed to realise that as the highest form of life we alone have the unique distinction of destroying other forms of life and our own species. We have yet to learn that we do not break natural laws, we break ourselves upon them. When we suffer the consequences of our folly, we question the existence and love of God. We can argue till we are blue in the face as to whether God is alive or dead - God's condition remains unchanged. Each of our bodies is a universe in itself, comprised of trillions of cells. Yet if one tiny part is hurt, the entire body suffers. From a single human cell to the vastness of space nothing functions in isolation. We may ridicule the sway of planetary influences on our lives - the influences remain unchanged. I have laboured this point repeatedly in the past in all my writings. So in this manuscript I shall say no more about it.

The solution to Lotto as I see it at present leaves little more to be discovered. It reveals the inter-action between the Sun and the Planets and their combined influence on the outcome of the Lotto game. I had mentioned in my letter introducing this my final manuscript that it was unique in more ways than one. You will have the opportunity of confirming this presently.

Since the nineteen-seventies I have devoted more and more time to the specific Lotto type of lottery. It represented for me a tremendous challenge to the human spirit, a fascinating quest against almost impossible odds. Yet this insignificant past-time drives me to find the connection that I know exists. Human history has revealed few who dare, to tread an unbeaten path. The corridors of time are littered with untold millions who were content to follow without question. Today, few players of Lotto concern themselves with the question as to why certain numbers win. The overwhelming majority are satisfied without rhyme or reason to 'take a chance'. None are so blind as those who will not see!

To win a Jackpot, against the tremendous odds that are involved, would be looked upon, by the general public, as a stroke of Luck bordering on a miracle. To think of doing so more than once, would put one's sanity in question. Yet with the approach enunciated in the earlier part of this treatise, it brings repeated successes well within the range of probability - of that I am convinced. Time, with a dedicated persistence, tempered with a moderation in betting, and a willingness to share one's winnings with charitable causes - these are the vital elements crucial for success in all endeavours and challenges in life.

Solastro My Winning Strategy for Lotto, 1992

*        *        *

One fact never ceases to amaze me. Visit a race track and you'll find many thousands following religiously the 'form' and condition of the horses and investing their money on a 'certainty', They refuse to see that the only certainty is that the 'certainty' can lose. I recently read of one punter who had invested $50,000.00 for 'show' on one of these 'certainties’. To him it was as clear as a crystal that that horse simply could not lose! The horse came in fourth! This to that punter must have been as clear as muddy water! Lotteries and other 'games of chance' are further examples.

The six-number game particularly, which continues to grow in popularity, is still another instance of large numbers of people indulging their fancy and their money on a suicidal leap into space! They" remind me of the little rodent called the lemming. With calendar regularity, once every four years, millions of these little creatures start a mass migration. They proceed along a straight line and never deviate or change their direction. More often than not their path finally leads to the ocean where the entire horde is eventually destroyed No scientist has so far been able to explain the reason for this suicidal phenomenon, yet humans, at horse races and lotteries and casinos, behave like these little creatures, Talk to them of the necessity to search for   natural law governing success in these events, and they'll look at you aghast and offer you the name and address of a psychiatrist! But enough of that, this is written for the few who DO look for a cause, who DO appreciate the beneficent hand of Nature in everything.

*        *        *

In studying again my 'jottings' from my original notebooks I am truly amazed at the degree of accuracy which has been achieved in forecasting winners. I am convinced that in the near future this subject of Astrology, so often held up to ridicule, will more than prove its claims. My books comprise, among other features, details of statistics of literally thousands of races. More recently my selections, made before the event, set against those of leading sports writers with specialised knowledge of the sport, have without exception revealed a much higher degree of accuracy in correct forecasts. Only those blinded by prejudice will refute these. In a few years perhaps the writing will appear on the wall, and sports writers- will be forced to realise that the ancients- did have wisdom -which we today with our profound knowledge are only now unearthing.

*        *        *

In offering my work to you I expect you, from all your winnings, to donate a minimum of 10% to charities of your choice in your area, Why? Because I also believe that everything we own has been given to us on trust TO SHARE WITH THE LESS FORTUNATE. If, after using my book you allow greed to control then; if happiness evades you, you will have no one but yourself to blame. WE DO NOT BREAK THE LAWS OF NATURE, WE ONLY BREAK OURSELVES UPON THEM.

*        *        *

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