A New Astrological Trading Course!

A Compendium of Astro-Economic Influences

Practically Applied!

To 110 Year Analysis Of The Dow Jones Industrial Averages

(Volume I Text, Volume II Charts)

Richard Scott


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The Institute of CosmoEconomics is very pleased to release this new work on determining the effects of planetary influences upon the markets through astro-economics, by a new author for us, Richard Scott.  We are very happy to present this work as a direct and accessible doorway into a practical application of astro-economic theory.  Being that we publish the largest collection of works on financial astrology and related studies, we are all too aware of the difficulties and challenges presented to the researcher in taking the vast complex of astro-economic theories and techniques and finding anything reliably useful in them for trading, without years of long labor and hard work.  The difficulty that confronts such researchers is that there is a wealth of contradictory material available, which literally takes years to even begin to organize into a tradable methodology. 



Richard Scott spent 8 long years doing exactly this kind of research, by hand, watching the markets day after day, studying each change, and then tracking down every influence and lead that he could find which would demonstrate to him the cause behind market movements.  He compiled 110 years of Dow Jones Industrial Average data, and, with his ephemeris in hand, tracked down every instance of every influence that he could discover.  He tested, tracked, traded, reanalyzed, retested, traded again, and on the process went for 8 years, while he slowly uncovered every influence needed to explain the behavior of 110 years worth of Dow data. What is presented in this course are the results of those 8 years of labor, summarized, simplified, and clearly presented so that any trader can begin tracking and trading the planetary influences on the markets in a matter of weeks rather than years.


Description: Description: Garage Charts Edited.jpg

Scott’s garage wall showing 100 years of Dow history with planetary influences beneath.



What we particularly like about this course is that it provides an alternative perspective and approach to many of the techniques and systems that our clientele are well familiar with.  Some of our courses, like Goulden’s Behind The Veil, or Plapcianu’s Technical Analysis & Time Projection, provide technical methodologies for identifying high probability time turning points or price projections in the future, often determining specific turning points down to the day.  Other courses, like Ferrera’s Wheels Within Wheels, give longer term cyclic models and perspectives on the market, some extending out 100 years into the future, which are essential for understanding the big picture of the market and for defining one’s intermediate to long-term outlook, but they are not always easy to trade in the shorter term.  Another issue that is common with many tools is that they will project good turning points and potential trends, but not give a clear indication as to whether that turning point will be a high or low, or that trend up or down.  Many people have been seeking better solutions to determine the energetic background environment of the market at a specific time or over an ensuing time period, in order to help better navigate their trading expectations.



This course presents an important insight into this issue by determining the ongoing energetic background environment that the market is traveling through at all times.  This environment is defined by the summation of the underlying planetary energies at any time.  If one were to have an important time projection point from any system, but were unsure whether it is going to be a high or low, one could simply check the background energetic influences at that point, and, if it is an important point, there will generally be confirmation through the planetary energetic that it is an extremely positive or negative environment for the market, indicating an important high or low.  Of if there were an equilibration of energies, one would know in advance that the market would be dampened at that point, and the projected turn may not be of such importance.


Similarly, one would look at the extended time period following any such key point, and see if there is an ongoing bullish or bearish energy, measure how long this energy lasts, when it increases, and when it decreases, and when it ends, thereby confirming their expectations of the forthcoming trend.  It should be clear that such an insight, whether used alone, or in conjunction with toolbox of other techniques, would provide an invaluable perspective to any trader.


Certainly, many of the influences discussed in this book will also provide key indications of important tops and bottoms, particularly when looking at the more immediate and time specific influences of major planets.  These indications alone will allow traders to establish a clear trading plan, which with good risk management, will allow them to successfully trade their way through the clear energetic signals provided in this course. 


          THE GREAT ART

The great “Art” of this process is determining the proper summation of the underlying energies.  Richard explains how to weigh these different influences based upon his 8 years of experience watching the markets in real time, while studying and comparing every smallest influence and effect to 100 years of past Dow data.  These influences have been rigorously cataloged in detailed tables showing the results of each influence, tabulating the percentage gains and losses of the market in response, establishing the clarity of his technique through an overwhelming consistency of data referencing over 100 years of market history.  Charts demonstrating these influences over these long years of history are also included, in monthly, weekly, and daily format, with one year’s worth of intraday lunar tables showing the shorter term influences that occur during the trading day.


And though the data may appear overwhelming, the transition from digesting the information to applying the insights gained is surprisingly simple.  No long calculation tables or complicated software is required, one just needs to understand the few reference lists of weighted planetary influences, and an ephemeris, and they will quickly be plotting the same anticipated energies in the coming market as Richard, himself, would be looking for.  The greater practice comes in learning to understand and interpret these energetic combinations with enough confidence to trade them.  However, using these techniques in conjunction with previously developed trading methodologies or strategies will in no way detract from those techniques, but will only serve, at very least, to give an important insight into the underlying influential energies behind the market, so as to better anticipate how your own strategies might be affected by these influences.



Another valuable tool which will add to the efficiency and ease of applying this analysis is the previously mentioned, forthcoming Market Analyst tool designed to create a practical interface between the astrological data and a summational energy calculator, allowing the user to weigh the varied planetary influences and create a model of their expectations.  This tool will be released with the new Market Analyst 7, expected to be available around February 2011, and the tool is available only to registered owners of this course, as long as you own or subscribe to Market Analyst Astronomical Edition (This can be done for a moderate fee of $200/mo, with an 18 month contract, giving full ownership of the software).


We feel that this software has the widest range of required functions on the market, containing almost every technical, Gann or astrological function you could ever imagine, plus MA works with us directly with us to program modules for every course we put out, giving them most complete toolbox of required and proprietary tools available anywhere.  It also now includes an online trading platform which allows you to trade through Interactive Brokers directly from the software platform, and the new version will also include a Pascal based programming language which will allow you to program anything you can imagine while easily incorporating any functions already programmed into the MA platform.  We strongly encourage all of our customers to begin using Market Analyst, since we are attempting, through them, to centralize all of our required and desired programming functions and features into one piece of software that does everything.  We have a special link which will allow anyone to try Market Analyst for free for 30 days, with no obligation, so contact us if you are interested.  Once the new module is available in Market Analyst 7, registered owners will also be able to try the tool module during their 30 day trial, so they can experiment with applying the techniques in this course.



We have broken this course into two volumes, putting the historical charts in the second volume, where you can easily access and follow along with the market while you read through the text and tables, without having to turn pages back and forth all the time.  We hope that this format makes the reading process considerably easier for the reader.  We did not refer to specific chart sections wanting the text, but it is clear that different sections deal with longer or shorter term phenomena within particular date ranges, and you should be able to coordinate the monthly, weekly, daily or intraday charts and data accordingly. 



Richard will also be monitoring an Online Forum, the Scott Astro-Economic Influences Forum, where he will answer questions, and where readers can communicate and share research with each other.  This Forum is free for all registered owners. 


With this, I leave you to the course, and hope you find some valuable new insight and techniques here to enhance both your knowledge of planetary influences and your trading methodology.


William Bradstreet Stewart




A Compendium of Astro-Economic Influences Practically Applied!

To 110 Year Analysis Of The Dow Jones Industrial Averages

(Volume I Text, Volume II Charts)

black suede hardcover.

vOL 1 TEXT 210 pages, vOL 2 CHARTS 295 PAGES, 250 charts, diagrams & TABLES
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Volume I - Text


Publisher’s Preface


Identifying Aspects on the Planetary Wheel

Chapter 1 – Planetary Influences

-         Locating An Upward Trend – What To Look For

-         Locating A Downward Trend – What To Look For


Section I – Locating An Upward Trend

Chapter 2 – Long Term Upward Directional Influences

Chapter 3 – Cycles Within Cycles

Chapter 4 – Influences Involving the Three Outer Planets

Chapter 5 – Influences Involving the Three Outer Planets

With Jupiter and Saturn

Chapter 6 – The Significance of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

And Pluto Being at Certain Places

Chapter 7 – The Influence of Planets Retrograding

Chapter 8 – Venus and Saturn Retrograding

Chapter 9 – The Influence of Certain Configurations & Other Positive Planetary Combinations

Chapter 10 – Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Indications

Chapter 11 – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars with Particular Aspects to all Other Planets


Section II – Locating A Downward Trend

Chapter 12 – Long Term Downward Directional Influences

Chapter 13 – Negative Elements Involving the Three Outer Planets

Chapter 14 – Negative Elements Involving the Three Outer Planets

 with Jupiter and Saturn

Chapter 15 – Mercury, Mars and Jupiter Retrograding

Chapter 16 – A New Kind of T-Square

Chapter 17 – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars Interacting with All Other Planets

Chapter 18 - The Role of the Moon in Short Term Trading

 Chapter 19 - Around The World In Eight Indices!

1.     The Dow Jones (United States)

2.     The S & P 500 (United States)

3.     All Ordinaries (Australia)

4.     Nikkei (Japan)

5.     Hang Seng (Hong Kong)

6.     CAC 40 (France)

7.     DAX (Germany)

8.     FTSE 100 (U.K.)


Volume II - Charts


Monthly Influences DJIA 1900 – 2010

Weekly Influences DJIA 1946 – 2010

Daily  Influences DJIA 2000 – 2010

Daily  Influences on Gann Style Swing Chart 2000 – 2010

Intraday Moon Influence Charts – January – December 2010


Clusters of Moon Transits Charts – January 2001 – August 2011


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