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Project Hindsight is an extraordinary project which is finally nearing completion, being the unveiling of the complete Greek system of astrology by Robert Schmidt of the Phaser Foundation.  Schmidt has spent the last 15 years painstakingly translating the entire corpus of over 50 volumes of works on Hellenistic Astrology, and has essentially cracked the mathematical astrological system of the Ancient World, the distant source of all the Western astrology known today, and the origin of modern financial astrology.  What was not developed by the Greeks themselves is likely to have come from Egypt and Babylonia, as it is well known that most Greek wisdom was passed to them through their initiates in the Egyptian Temple, such as Pythagoras.  The Greek system was then passed on in part through the Arabs, to the Medieval and Renaissance astrologers, and finally, again only in part, to the modern world through astrologers well known to traders, like Alan Leo, Sepharial and the community of turn of the century astrologers to which Gann belonged.


However, what has been passed down to us over the past two millennia was altered at every step due to linguistic and conceptual errors, leaving us with merely a vague shadow of what existed in the distant past.  The primary tenets of modern astrology all originated in the Hellenistic system, as Schmidt says, “These included such basic matters as aspects, the concept of rulership, the meanings of the houses, transits to the natal chart, and synastry, all of which have remained defining for Western astrology to this day, as well as an abundance of other concepts and techniques that did not make it into the twentieth century.”  It is this “abundance of other concepts and techniques that did NOT make it into the 20th century” which will be of interest to financial astrologers and Gann researchers.


Schmidt’s work, we think, will provide the mathematical elaboration of the astronomical and astrological system which is most closely aligned with Gann and his circle, and will provide the system of correspondences to understand the interrelation between cosmic order and living systems, like individuals, societies or markets.  Schmidt states that, “the central Hellenistic hypothesis is that celestial events are expressions of the inner workings of the cosmic soul.”  Schmidt’s elaboration of the science of the celestial events as expressions of the cosmic soul provides us not only with quantitative measurements of a physical universe, but with qualitative correlations to human consciousness, that element which translates cycles and planetary relationships to qualitative experiences like hope and fear.  Similarly, Kayser’s elaboration of harmonics sees not only a system of physical or energetic vibration as a backdrop to physical manifestation, but also shows a psychical correlation demonstrating harmonic frequencies as qualitative elements of consciousness. 


Kayser’s penetration into the subtle field of harmonics, equivalent to Faraday’s “mathematical points of force”, provides us with the keys to the dimensional transformations from the 3-dimensional world, to the deeper dimensions of the cosmic soul.  Kayser was a neo-Pythagorean and the sources of his work lead us directly to the same origins that have inspired Schmidt.  Pythagorean cosmology designates four primary categories, called the Quadrivium: Arithmetic, Music, Geometry and Astronomy.  Kayser reveals the intricacies of the first three, Schmidt brings mastery to the last… and the first… and much in between, but together, these two systems should allow us to access the universal system of the Ancient World, which some would argue was more advanced than the scientific systems of modern academia. Besides the greater simplicity and universal integration of these ancient systems, they include the one essential element which has been almost altogether ignored by modern science: CONSCIOUSNESS!  This ancient cosmology presents a unified field theory or superstring theory in which the strings themselves are consciousness, and wherein the mathematical relationships are actual psychical qualities of consciousness.  This is the first time in two millennia that such access to the deepest secrets and technologies of the Ancient World has been available to anyone but initiates of the most esoteric mystery schools.


When I consider that many people pay thousands of dollars for college courses which teach them nothing they can’t find in any one of dozens of books in any library in the world, but balk at investing the equivalent to learn something that has never been available through academia for 2000 years, and which goes beyond the level of most modern PhDs, I can only think that it is simply due to not knowing that these wonderful alternatives are available.  I hope this article will find interested ears amongst the Gann and market forecasting community, for in my experience, Gann researchers are amongst the largest majority of truly sincere scientists and seekers of universal truth.  Our experience at Sacred Science Institute is that 80% of our sales, including all of our scientific and metaphysical books are from Gann students, without whom none of these materials would remain available to the rest world at all, due to complete lack of interest.  My intention has been to express to you what is of incredibly significant interest and importance in these projects, and to hopefully elicit some support for their continuance.


Robert Schmidt’s Phaser Foundation is a non-profit organization, that has primarily been supported by a very small handful of contributors allowing him to just scrape along while completing his work.  Now, with the completion of their projects, they hope and need to build a significant subscription list to support their publication and distribution.  Their materials comprise two parts, first a 60 hour course on tape of Schmidt’s lectures, elaborating step by step and in precise detail the entire science of Hellenistic Astrology, to be followed up by two further more advanced tape series.  I’m told this system will teach one to forecast specific events in an individual’s life down to the day, the process which also directly applies to the markets. 


Project Hindsight will be releasing a 40 volume collection containing Schmidt’s new complete translations of the entire corpus of Hellenistic Astrological works, in exact order of necessary study, including explanatory footnotes and appendices, elaborating and interconnecting all of the source works into one unified system which correlates with the lecture series.  These will be offered one volume at a time on a subscription basis, each volume being released every 4-6 weeks, at the very meager price of $35.00.  Since they need to know how many copies to produce, they need those interested to subscribe ASAP so they are sure to print enough copies for everyone from the outset. I felt there would be many people in the Gann community who would jump to support this work, and I encourage all of you to visit their websites and sign up for the course and the subscription series. ( and )  Their ultimate dream is to find an angel donor who would purchase and donate their estate to the Phaser Foundation, which they would like to turn into a research institute and learning center where conferences could be held, and where Schmidt would give public lectures.  All donations to them are tax deductible, and traders can write off the costs of the courses and books as investment research and education. (I hope everyone realizes that you can do this with all of your market books and materials.)


As far as we know, at the current time, these materials will only be available directly through the Phaser Foundation, so please go directly to their website and sign up for the subscriptions, so they can get a proper publication count in advance.  I hope we are able to help come up with considerable interest and support for Project Hindsight’s further publications.


W. B. Stewart
Sacred Science Institute

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Announcing The New Astrologer's Edition of the Hellenistic Astrological Texts!

The PHASE Conclave Returns: August 14th - 20th, 2006 -- Don't Miss This Important Conference!

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