1000 Pages of Sepharial Articles!
The Kaleidoscope

Sepharial’s Monthly Column In

The British Journal of Astrology

Volume 1 (1916-1923) - Volume 2 (1924-1930)


Sacred Science Institute is pleased to make available this new collection of Sepharial’s monthly column, The Kaleidoscope, from The British Journal of Astrology.  The Kaleidoscope served as the centerpiece of this famous astrological journal, being at least 6 pages of each approximately 16 page issue, the rest of which was composed of more brief writings, horoscopes, correspondences, book reviews, and monthly data.  Sepharial produced this column for 22 years from sometime around 1908 until his death on December 23rd, 1929, in his 66th year.  That being said, the pieces contained within this journal represent a huge bulk of Sepharial’s complete writings, in total around 2000 pages of content, most of which has never been seen since it was originally published 100 years ago.

Mr. E.H. Bailey, editor of The British Journal of Astrology, and close personal friend of Sepharial for 27 years, said of him, “as an astrologer he was without doubt second to none, and it can be said without fear of contradiction that he was the greatest astrologer since the days of Lilly.  Most modern readers of Sepharial are unaware of the depth of his scholarship, and he was indeed an extraordinary scholar by the standards of any age, far surpassing the intellectual achievements of most “metaphysical” authors of today.

Sepharial was born as “Walter Richard Gorn Old” in Handsworth, England, March 20, 1864, and began his esoteric studies early in his life, already studying astrology and kaballah by the age of 16.  His horoscope and brief biography in the final February 1932 journal at the end of this collection states that he read all of the works of Swedenborg, Kircher (which were only available in Latin) studied the Scriptures in the original, and from Hebrew went on to Coptic, Hieroglyphics, Assyrian, Sanskrit and Chinese.  He was a dedicated member of the Theosophical Society, acting in a number of high level administrative positions in England, spent time with the TS in India, and predicted the death of Madame Blavatsky, his personal friend, being present at her death-bed.  He also played a key role in forming the British Astrological Society, of which he was President for the first two years.  He was famous for his predictions, having forecasted the start of World War 1 and the Armistice to the exact day, the bottom of the stock market crash in 1932 four years in advance, and he even his own death.

Some researchers are of the opinion that these monthly articles contain the very best of Sepharial’s writings, since knowing that these journals had a small print run and were less likely to be preserved, Sepharial would reveal insights and concepts that he was reluctant to include in the more permanent and easily preserved format that his published books represented.  Indeed, this has proven to be the case, since in the 100 years since Sepharial began writing these articles, there has never yet been a compilation of them made available, until now. 

Included in this collection of articles is a vast wealth of fascinating and profound writings by one of the greatest fathers of modern astrology.  Sepharial’s Kaleidoscope presents an ongoing monthly commentary upon world events with their astrological correlations and significances.  It is fascinating to see the world through the esoteric perception of one of the founders of the modern astrological movement, and hear explained by him how stellar influences affect global events.  Along with this, there are secondary articles on various astrological subjects, often first presented here before being published in his books, or never later published at all. 

We also gain an insight through his monthly advertisements, or “Announcement” into the various lost systems, reports and forecasts he produced over the years, such as those known as his Arcana & Keys to the financial markets, as well as his racing systems and other tantalizing tidbits like the “Nonal Equivalent” that all Sepharial fans continually seek, but which have been lost to the modern world.  Note the prices listed, with the Apex System costing 50 British Pounds in the early 1900’s, the equivalent of almost $5000 in today’s valuation, or his yearly Market Forecasts for which he charged the equivalent of $1000 in today’s money. 

Also included are occasional reviews of books from his time, giving an insight into his perception of his contemporaries, as well as responses to correspondences, sometimes showing the infighting that occurred back in the day between the authors that we have long since come to know and admire.  Of particular interest is an ongoing argument with Raphael, who sent incendiary letters to the editor criticizing Sepharial’s sale of expensive horse racing courses, like the Apex System mentioned above, and publicly challenged him to a test of his abilities, leading to the discontinuation of these correspondences in future journals.  In addition to the monthly Kaleidoscope, we have included all these other snippets, and together they produce a fascinating insight into the birth of 20th century astrology, and the mind of its greatest interpreter. 

Of even greater interest to those familiar with Sepharial through the recommendation of W.D. Gann, are his occasional observations on the stock market, as demonstrated in particular by this comment in the December 1929 Journal, published the exact month of Sepharial’s death, where only two months after the top in the market, he clearly goes on public record predicting the bottom of the Great Stock Market Crash as being in 1932.  Since most of the yearly forecasts he refers to above have never been found, these journals help us to track some of Sepharial’s wisdom that has been lost to us today.

It is extremely difficult to find an ongoing run of these journals as they were rarely collected as a set, and have mostly been lost over the last century.  When discovered, they often bring extremely high prices, as much as $20-$50 per 16 page journal, making it as costly as it is difficult to compile a large collection of them.  However, we were very fortunate to have discovered an almost complete run of them from 1919 through 1930 in a set of bound volumes that had previously been owned by a long defunct astrological school.  Unfortunately, even our complete run is missing a handful of months for several years, which I will list following in the hope that one or more of our readers may have some of the missing issues and can help provide them to us to make this collection as complete as possible.

Our run is complete from 1923 through 1930, but we are missing Apr, Jun, Jul, Aug & Nov 1922, May 1921, June 1920, Jan, Feb & May-Oct 1918, Mar, Apr, May, Jul & Aug 1917, and all but Jan of 1916.  We have no copies of any of the journals from the inception of Sepharial’s column sometime around 1908 through 1917, save the Jan 1916 issue mentioned above.  Rather than limiting this publication to the complete run in our possession from 1923-1930, we felt that all serious Sepharial researchers would prefer to have everything in our possession, even with the gaps, so we have included in this collection every journal we have to make it as complete as possible.  Again, we would appreciate the help of anyone with access to any of the pieces that we are missing and would be happy to compensate those who can help provide the missing pieces to us.  We hope in time to be able to expand this collection to include the entire 22 year series of Sepharial’s Kaleidoscope. 

In the mean time, we sincerely hope that this new compilation will enhance the research of all serious astrologers and Sepharial enthusiasts, as well as bring greater appreciation to the vast and exceptional work of this great astrologer, esoteric thinker, and metaphysical scholar.

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