To The Law of the Cosmos

Of Eberhard Wortmann
By Rosemarie Mueller-Wortmann


As the author’s daughter, it is very gratifying to me to see the publication of my father’s work in the English language.


For a long time, his life’s work appeared to have fallen into oblivion. Therefore, it was a great surprise for my whole family when, a few years ago (1998) we saw the name of Wortmann as author of Das Gesetz des Kosmos on the Web page of the Sacred Science Institute.  A copy of his book had made its way, by unknown means, to the USA, and the Sacred Science Institute immediately became familiar with his work.

I hope that with its translation into the English language, my father’s great work will now receive the appreciation that it deserves.


Eberhard Wortmann was born in 1891 in Westphalia, Germany. His profession as an export merchant took him to many different countries, most of whose languages he learned quickly, and whose mysticism and historical riddles he eagerly sought to investigate.

After the terrible experiences of the Second World War, he immersed himself more and more in the mystical world of numbers and geometric images.

Two passions moved him throughout his life: the love of the visual arts—he painted countless watercolors himself—and, simultaneously, philosophical and mathematical tinkering with magic numbers.  In his advanced years, he was able to connect these two interests marvelously in his works on the Platonic number riddles.

Wortmann self-published Platons Göttliche  Harmonie and Ariston oder die Platonischen Zahlenrätsel in 1955 and 1956. In 1965, Das Gesetz des Kosmos: Die Platonischen Zahlenrätsel erneut gelöst und dargestellt was published by Otto Reichl Verlag in Remagen. Wortmann gave lectures and readings on this subject in several German cities.


He received a recognition and praise of his work in 1960 in the form of some correspondence with the author Hermann Hesse, whom he greatly admired; Hesse described Wortmann as a “glass bead gamer.”

His work Der Heilige Krug: Roman eines antiken Mysteriums remains unpublished.

Eberhard Wortmann died in 1970 in Bad Godesberg, Germany.


Rosemarie Mueller-Wortmann
, Argentina
, February, 2006