Plate Index:


            Plate 1:        Construction elements of the Republic Pyramid

            Plate 2:        Untitled

            Plate 3:        The Republic Pyramid

            Plate 4:        The Timaeus Number Chart

            Plate 5:        The Triple Delta

            Plate 6:        The Regular Polyhedrons

            Plate 7:        The Three Spheres

            Plate 8:        The Four Essences

            Plate 9:        The Water Jug, Image of the Soul

            Plate 10:       The Golden Section

            Plate 11:       The Cones of the Jug

            Plate 12:       Jug with Lid, Extinguisher and Extinguisher Knob

            Plate 13:       Oil Vessel, Extinguisher, and Extinguisher Knob

            Plate 14:       Wick and Flame

            Plate 15:       Circles and Polygons in the Extinguisher

            Plate 16:       The Auxiliary Cones of the Jug

            Plate 17:       The Hendecagon of the Jug Section

            Plate 18:       The Pentagons

            Plate 19:       Ten-pointed star and five-pointed star

            Plate 20:      The Polygons

            Plate 21:       The Blossoms of the Polygons

            Plate 22:      The Altar

            Plate 23:      The Pointer (the quadrature of the Circle)

            Plate 24:      The Cone Sections

            Plate 25:      The Symbolon

            Plate 26:      The Spear Point

            Plate 27:      Chalice and Holy Grail

            Plate 28:      Image 1: Thaumazein – the Astonishment

            Plate 29:      Image 2: Psychogenesis - the Generation of the Soul

            Plate 30:      Image 3: Catharsis – the Purification

            Plate 31:       Image 4: Psyche Alogos – the Natural Soul

            Plate 32:      Image 5: Psyche Logistikon – the Enlightened Soul

            Plate 33:      Construction Parts of the Flower Miracle

            Plate 34:      The Geometric Proportion of the Timaeus Parts I-III

            Plate 35:      The Sign of the Macrocosm

            Plate 36:      The Planetary Orbits I

            Plate 37:      The Planetary Orbits II

            Plate 38:      The Sphairion (The First Horoscope)

            Plate 39:      The Conjunction of the Moon, Earth, and Venus

            Plate 40:      The Opposition of Jupiter and Mars

            Plate 41:       The Conjunction of the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury

            Plate 42:      The Blooming Heaven

            Plate 43:      Orion, the Soul of the Universe

            Plate 44:      The Animated Belts: The Fixed Stars

            Plate 45:      The Three Regulators

            Plate 46:      The Sacrificial Vessel

            Plate 47:      Sirius – the World Clock

            Plate 48:      Saturn the Destroyer

            Plate 49:      The Dagger in the Sky

            Plate 50:      The Hunt of the Two Moons

            Plate 51:       The End of the Doomed Planet

            Plate 52:      The Pendulum System

            Plate 53:      The Pentagon Again

            Plate 54:      The Windmill – The Soul’s Kernel

            Plate 55:      The Tree of the Immortal Soul

            Plate 56:      The Two Belts

            Plate 57:      Division II: Zodiac, planets, polar circle, Sirius

            Plate 58:      The Emergence of the World from the Soul

            Plate 59:      The Mixing of the World-Soul

            Plate 60:      The Key

            Plate 61:       Alpha and Omega - The 1 – The Polestar 216

            Plate 62:      The Image of the Deity

            Plate 63:      Coronas and ray spheres

            Plate 64:      The Power of Movement

            Plate 65:      The Pyramid Peak I

            Plate 66:      The Pyramid Peak II

            Plate 67:      The Neck and Breast Jewellery

            Plate 68:      The Monstrance

            Plate 69:      The 1st Polyhedron Harmony: The Eyes of the Deity

            Plate 70:      The Development of the Polyhedron Blossom

            Plate 71:       The Water Clock

            Plate 72:      The 2nd Polyhedron Harmony: the Treasure House

            Plate 73:      The Reinforcement of the Polyhedron

            Plate 74:      The 3rd Polyhedrons Harmony: the Polyhedron Symbola

            Plate 75:      Spider with Web

            Plate 76:      The Lighthouse

            Plate 77:      The Basilica of the Holy Wisdom

            Plate 78:      The Council of Supreme Justice

            Plate 79:      The Eagle ... The Aerie

            Plate 80:      The Insignia of Authority

            Plate 81:       The Head of the Ruler

            Plate 82:      Upper Part of the Ruler’s Form

            Plate 83:      The Statue of the Youth

            Plate 84:      The Ruler’s Throne

            Plate 85:      The Surfaces of the Image „The Ruler“ I

            Plate 86:      The Surfaces of the Image „The Ruler“ II

            Plate 87:      The Ruler

            Plate 88:      The Wheel of Time

            Plate 89:      The Wheel of Fate

            Plate 90:      A Feather from the Peacock Wheel

            Plate 91:       The Peacock

            Plate 92:      The Peacock’s Throne

            Plate 93:      The Three Pythagorean Monochords

            Plate 94:      The Pythagorean Circle of Fifths