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The Gann Ellipse


A geometrical trading tool


together with a collection of the rarest books

from gann’s recommended reading lis











Recently we uncovered a cache of the rarest of materials including a set of ellipses from Gann’s personal collection, with replicas of Bayer’s two ellipses, along with a third which is an integration of the prior two creating an analytical tool that takes ellipse research into another dimension.  Interestingly, Figure 4 below, from Kayser’s Textbook, directly correlates with the third ellipse from the Gann collection, which further leads us to believe that the Kayser work outlines an interconnectedness between Gann’s spiral calculators, Law of Vibration, and numerical squares, as well as demonstrating that the ellipse theories are an inherent and essential part of this same harmonic ordering system. 


Gann himself never mentioned ellipses, yet Dr. Baumring was convinced that they were an integral key to his system, both from the perspective of elliptical cycles and their astronomical correspondences, and as geometric instruments measuring the market’s rotation into the z-plane of three-dimensional space.  Kayser, we feel, provides the key to the correlation of these complex theories, and the extension of their application to the third-dimension, and beyond to the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Figure 4: The Primordial


Along with these Gann Ellipses, we acquired a collection of the rarest books from Gann’s Recommended List, for which we had been searching over 20 years, and others for 30 years before us.  Most of you are aware that there have been about 15 books from Gann’s famous list which have remained undiscovered, but with our recent release, 10 of them are now available, leaving only about 5 more elusive titles to dig up.  We would like to put some serious attention upon finding these last 5 books, so that the Gann List is finally complete, and we encourage anyone with any of the rarest titles (email us if you’re not sure what they are), to contact us and help us complete this list, which we’ll make available to everyone.  Hopefully this will inspire some new thought and insights within the Gann community as it has done for our research teams who have had a first look at this material.


It is so fascinating to have an opportunity to access these rare books, and we’ve learned a number of things about the astrological community of that time. One author from the Gann list, Gregorius, whose Master Key of Destiny we uncovered, we’ve now learned was another financial astrologer, for in his 1924 book it mentions that “his service includes: Semi-Annual Stock, Bond and General Market Forecasts $250; Grain & Wheat Futures: A Reliable Guide to Fluctuations Of the Domestic Grain Market $250; Mundane Forecasts Giving Accurate Outlines of the Fluctuations to be Expected in International Trade, Finance & Events $250.”  And $250 is a pretty weighty price tag for 1924, reminding me of Gann’s $5000 price tag for his courses in the 1940’s.  Fred White was editor of the journal The Adept, which both Johndro and Professor Weston, author of Forecasting the NY Stock Market contributed to.  Sunspots & Weather is one of the absolutely rarest pieces we’ve ever found, more like a pamphlet, but loaded.  We’ve finally finished off all the missing Raphael volumes, found some more Johndro and Bayer articles, and the Paul Choisnard works are another super rare treat.  So this has really been one of the most exciting finds we’ve seen.




What is particularly interesting about these ellipses is their connection to the ellipse work of George Bayer. Bayer is the primary source of most ideas regarding ellipses, and we know many people who have studied Bayer's ellipses for many years now, and there is a general consensus that something is missing which is essential for their proper understanding and use. What is interesting about the materials that have come into our possession is that that the first two of the three ellipses from the Gann collection are directly related to the Bayer Ellipses, which begs the very interesting question of just how well Gann and Bayer knew each other, if at all.   One of our sources confirmed to us that he had seen evidence that Gann and Bayer simultaneously held anonymous memberships on the CBOT in 1936. The secretary of the exchange in 1936 possessed a log of memberships which included the hand-written names, addresses and phone numbers of both Gann and Bayer, and he remembered their meeting on the exchange. Sadly, with the death of this individual, these records have been lost, so we are unable to obtain any physical proof of these facts, so this information remains hearsay, but it is still worth consideration. However, these ellipses open up an entirely new can of worms, and potentially unveil a previously unknown connection between Gann & Bayer.

You may have noticed that I refer mainly to the Gann Ellipse in the singular. This is because it is the third ellipse that is the one that is utterly fascinating and essential. There can be little doubt that this tool most likely represents the intended solution posed by Bayer's incomplete ellipse work. It is a very interesting combination of the other ellipses with precise and specific angles, dots and alignments which are the essence of the application of this tool. Our preliminary speculations regarding it's use lead us to believe that it is possibly meant to be applied with the Square of Nine, and with the Master Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions, Price Time Trend Overlays, as well as a geometric measuring tool to be used on charts. It's most probable scientific correlations are to three dimensional market rotations into the Z-Plane, and to celestial mechanics as a measurement tool of some kind for the Solar System.

Included with the Gann Ellipse, are 3 reference manuals which include all pertinent information on ellipses extracted from numerous book such as those of George Bayer, the Baumring Seminars, Patterns In Space, and numerous other books in our library, giving everyone the most complete collection of reference material on ellipses and their applications to markets that has ever been available.



We have set up a Private Gann Ellipse Research Salon for purchasers of one of the packages where everyone will be able to communicate ideas, insights and applications about the ellipses, creating a group research team to unravel the meaning and application of this tool as quickly as possible.


In the process of doing our research, we discovered that the owner of the ellipses also had many other rare items that all of us would be very interested in, so I arranged with him to expand the package beyond what I initially mentioned to everyone several months ago. In order to make this package more attractive to a wider group, and to make up for the lack of instructions to go with the ellipses, it will include, along with the ellipse material, a selection of twenty-one further extremely rare and important items. I think everyone will be quite excited by this selection, for included here are 10 of the absolutely rarest of rare of the books from the Gann List, those that almost no one has ever found in the last 50 years. We're always excited when we find one of these every few years, but here are 10 at once, along with another 11 extremely interesting pieces by the same or our other favorite authors, which most of you have probably never seen before.

Since we realize that those of you most interested in the Gann Ellipse are our most advanced Gann researchers, we realize that a number of you may already have some of these items, or not be interested in some, so we have broken them into 3 packages so you can select from none to all books as desired. Please don't ask us if we can make a special price for 17 or 12 books, we've tried to make it affordable enough as is, and it makes for too much confusion. You can always pick up a couple extras sometime in the future.


The Gann Ellipse Package #1: First Partial Offering.
The Gann Ellipse & 3 Ellipse Manuals Only.
This package does not include any of the ELP# books, only
the 2 Baumring Ellipse Manuals and the 1 Bayer Manual.
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The Gann Ellipse Package #2: Second Partial Offering.
The Gann Ellipse & 3 Ellipse Manuals With 10 of 21 Titles.

Select any fourteen (10) of the 21 titles listed below. Click the
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The Gann Ellipse Package #3: The Complete Offering.
The Gann & 3 Ellipse Manuals With All 21 Included Titles.
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# ELP – 1 Raphael. Raphael’s Book of Fate: Whereby All Questions May be Answered Respecting the Present & Future. 1886. 180p Gann Reading List. Many delineations and correspondences between planets, days, hours, letters, etc. Contents: Grand Oracle of Fate’ Table of Celestial Signs’ Table of Questions; Mystical Table of the Numbers of the Cards; Beginning of the Oracle of Fate; Fortune-Telling by Cards; Signification of Different Cards of the Same Denomination; Dealing Cards by Threes, Sevens, Fifteens, Twenty-one; Italian Method of Consulting Cards; Present , Past & Future; To Know if Thou Wilt Get Thy Wish; English Method of Consulting Cards; Method of Telling Fortunes with Dominoes; Fortune-Telling with Dice; Sibylline Leaves; or Questions Relative of Destiny Answered & Explained; The Grand Oracle of Human Destiny; Emblematical Table of Letters; Another Method of Consulting the Oracle; Witchcraft; Remedies Against Charms; Mighty Oration for Theft; Alphabet of Good & Evil, Truth, etc.; Fortune-Telling by Tea & Coffee Grounds.

#ELP - 2  Raphael. Raphael’s Book of Dreams, Being A Concise Interpretation of Dreams. 1886. 179p. Gann Reading List. “I have arranged the booking two parts – the first part of the interpretations being by the excellent & divine system of ciphers, or casting lots; and the other part is a simple explanation of certain dreams. I strongly advise you to interpret your vision by the first part, being the truer of the two, although, perhaps the rather more troublesome.” An interesting system of numerical ciphers which arranged into sequential codes which form Hieroglyphical Emblems which correspond to values & qualities and give specific prognostications. This is followed by a long table of meanings for dream symbols.

#ELP - 3  Raphael
. Raphael’s Pythoness Of The East; Or, A Complete Key To Futurity. 1894 212 p. “Translated From The Original MS. Of The Celebrated Mystical Divining Book, Formerly In The Possession of Her Emperial Majesty The Empress Josephine, who while on the Isle of France, had the whole of her future destiny divulged to her before she sailed to Europe, and it is an authenticated fact that Napoleon repeatedly consulted this work in matters of vital importance, an extract from it having been found in his carriage after the battle of Leipzig. This extraordinary work is now submitted to the World as the most surprising and infallible Oracle of Destiny extant.” “The first 12 pages contain 144 questions relating to all the causalities and events of a human life, divided into twelve houses, each having a separate and distinct class of twelve questions. The remainder of the work is divided into 12 circles, each circle containing the sixteen geomantic oracles of twelve answers each, thus forming 2304 answers to the 144 questions.”

#ELP - 4  White, Fred. A Guide To Astrology (Version 1). 1901 111p. & Correcting The Time Of Birth. 1907. 30p. The first is one of the rarest books from Gann’s Reading List, the second another interesting title by this author. A series of Special Lessons in Astrology. “ There is no doubt whatever that the Heliocentric system shows the tendency of all speculative markets. The Geocentric system has a few indications which are of great value in forming an opinion at times, but without the Heliocentric system for speculation, the astrologer is as badly off as he would be without his head.” p86. Contents: The Zodiac & Its Signs; The Ascendant & Ruling Planet; Description Produced By Each Planet; Motion of Planets; Exaltation & Fall of Planets; To Erect A Horoscope; The Houses of the Horoscope; To Place the Planets; Disposition Produced by Signs; Life Ruling Planet; Individual Influence of Each Planet; Effects of Aspects Between The Planets; Description of Each Planet, Moon – Neptune; Significators; The Radix; Effects of Conjunctions When One of the Conjoined Planets is Significator; Effect of Squares & Oppositions When one of the Aspected Planets is Significator; Effects Produced by the Moon When Applying to or Separating From the Planets; Mental Qualities; For Disposition; For Marriage; For Children; For Unemployed; The Money Prospects; For Health; Diseases Ruled by Signs; To Judge a Horoscope; Fredrick the Great; Marie Antoinette; Rules for Rectifying a Nativity; Transits of Planets; Evil & Good Transits; A Lesson In Transits & Directions; The Parallel Aspect; The Celestial Periods of the Planets; The Planets By Periodical Direction; Table of Celestial Periods Of Each Planet As Applicable To Nativities; Lunar Directions; Generalities; Examples; How To Calculate Transits; What One Can Tell From A Glance at a Horoscope; A Forecast of Future Events; Mundane Astrology; Solar Revolutions & Revolutionary Figures; For Speculation; Speculative Markets; Aphorisms; Definition of Terms Used; Best Times to Plant & Harvest; Signs For Planting Purposes; Weather Signs; The Nodes of the Planets; Horary Astrology; Signification of the 12 Houses; General Rules for When Events Take Place; Judgment of Types; Signification of the Rulers of the Houses; General Judgment; Moon’s Influence In Horary Questions; A Lesson In Horary Astrology. Correcting Time of Birth: Strong & Weak Planets; To Judge The Effects & Aspects By Primary Direction; Transits, Progressed Aspects & Primary Directions; To Find The Ascensional Difference Time of Sunrise & Sun Set; An Example Correcting the Minute of Birth Using Primary Directions; Events To Use For Correcting the Minute of Birth By Progression; The Best Horoscope Chart; Oblique Ascension.


#ELP - 5  White Fred. A Guide To Astrology (Version 2): A Course of Instructions in which EITHER The Geo-Centric or Helio-Centric Places of the Planets May Be Used. 1901 77p. (Additional Sections 200p.) This is a second version of White’s Guide to Astrology from the Gann List, this one being about 35 pages shorter, covering most the same material, with some different examples and other additions, but including another 200 pages by different writings by several different authors, and we are reproducing all of it in this copy. See other listing for detail of contents. Accompanying Material Regulus’ Tables Of Ascendants Showing, Approximately, The Sign & Degree of the Zodiac Rising each hour of every Fourth Day in Any Year, Also A Table of Houses. 1896 Includes Detailed Illustrations of the Zodiacal Types of Mankind.& Instructions To Erect A Figure of the Heavens 32p. Regulus’ Brief Ephemeris Showing the Longitudes & Declinations of the Four Superior Planets from 1791 to 1918 Includes Diagram of Planets & Their Nature & Signs of Zodiac. 16 p. Another pamphlet by Fred White on How To Place the Planets, Latitude & Signification of Rulers. 30 p. We then have another 50 page section by what looks like Fred White. Contents: Signs of the Zodiac. Spiral Chart of Planetary Values; Influence of Planets; Vulcan; Vocations; What Dreams May Come; What Moles Indicate; Baneful Days; Days that Bring Good & Evil Fortune; Emblematic & Symbolic Meanings of Planets & Signs; Orbital Ellipse Diagram; Astro-Phrenological Comparisons; Phrenological Terms; Planetary Conjunctions; Map of the Zodiac (Looks Like Gann Wheel 360 Chart with Descriptions of Each Sector); Prof. J. Mac Donald’s New Universal Calendar; Planetary Rulings; The Centiloquy of Ptolemy, Being the Fruit of His Tetrabiblos or Quadripartite (Four Books) of The Influence of the Stars, 100 Aphorisms of Ptolemy. Reasons for Obtaining a Horoscope; Your Lucky Days; Table of Physiological Correspondences; The Microcosm or Grand Man of the Universe. Another 26 page pamphlet probably by White. Business Adaptability of People of the Zodiac; Map of Zodiacal Influences, Another 360 Degree Value Chart of Correspondences; Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Next Section: Astrology: Egyptian Astronomy: Being A Discourse or Introductory Lecture On The Influences of the Stars on Mankind Divested of all the Superstition of the Early Ages, Showing What Astrology is & How It Was Discovered, by Professor Ackroyd. 1878, 16p. The Final Section: Astrology Made Easy; or, The Influence of the Stars & Planets Upon Human Life, but HF, A Fellow of the Universal Brotherhood. Looks like White again under another pen name with another presentation. 56p.

#ELP - 6  White, Fred (Editor & Publisher). Professor Weston (Contributor). The ADEPT: The American Journal of Astrology, A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching & Demonstrating the Truth of Astrology, Established 1898. 250p. 1920: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, July, Oct, Dec. 1921: Jan, Sept, Oct. Numerous Articles by Fred White, Professor Weston of the excellent work “Market Forecasting”, C.H. Webber, John B. Earley, L. Edward Johndro, Geo. W. Walrond, Ludwig Larsen, Allyn Smith, Stuart Armour, with book reviews including many books from the Gann List, forecasts, editorials and articles of all kinds. One issue contains an interesting Gann style circle chart of planetary powers.

#ELP - 7  Councel, Paul. X Marks My Place. Showing the Right Locality for Health – Happiness – Success, According to Geographical Astrology. 1938 80p. A rare title from the Gann List author. Contents: Geographic Astrology As Pure Science. I Theory: Our Latitude & Longitude; Seasons of Birth; Astro-Planning & Management; Career & Vocation; The Law of Place. II Application: Finding Our Best Locality; Practical Examples; Compare Nativities In The Constellations; Astro-Geographic Birth Tables; Astro-Geographic Location Tables; Astro-Geographic Map of the United States; Application to US Possessions. III Astro-Locality Charting: Illustrative Charts; ABC’s of Astro-Locality Charting; Application To Foreign Countries.

#ELP - 8  Councel, Paul. Your Stars And Destiny. 1940 25p. One of the rarest of rare books on the Gann List, and very important. “Ultimate destiny discovered by the conjunction of the great stars of the Zodiac with the planets and angles, and the intensities of the personality described by their constellation and house positions. The need of a synthesizing principle in astrology occurred to me several years ago… It was the fixed stars that revealed the intensities of life… Further study yielded two important conclusions: (1) The zodiacal circle or frame of the chart was the moulder of personality, with its intensities revealed by the house positions of the great stars. (2) The planetary pattern within the chart frame was the shaping of force of the conduct of personality, its dominant energies – hence its character. And these were to be identified in the planets having the greatest fixed star amplification. Salvation is in the mastery of the import of equinoctial precession, the power of which will integrate the Western World and synthesize its policies to serve its great destiny.” Contents: Cheops, The Ancient Cornerstone; Precession of the Equinoxes; Terrestrial Longitude of Vernal Equinox; The Properties of Time (Great stuff, check this out: “The first approach to the study of Time is the recognition that every moment of it is a Form-Interval. This hyphenate obviously implies the same coordination of Space (form) with Time (interval). Ho form or space-content exists except for the duration of an interval of time, and every manifest form is nothing but the precipitation or crystallization of the properties of time for the interval of its duration. The properties of time must therefore be the infinitely mutating essences of sidereal vibration composing the sub-atmosphere stuff that we speak of as the ether or ambient. It is the medium that carries the radio wave; it produces the increasingly familiar phenomena of “extra sensory perception”, and is the constituency of that universally misunderstood substance that we call “the breath of life”. It is through the last mentioned function of the ether that the stars influence us according to the tenants of astrology. It follows logically that there are as many aspects of time as there are of space, space-contents, of form.”); Pyramid Time (again…..”The practical import of our doctrine of the properties of time is that no moment ever contains the same properties at any two places on Earth. And Pyramid Time is the coordinate with which may be mapped the pattern according to the foregoing of a given Form-Interval of creation in the place of its precise seasonal (time & place) effects. Therefore its cycle is the 24 hours of the apparent time of the Earth’s orbital circuit.); Functions of the Stars; Magnitude, Longitude & Declination; The Incredible Triple Coincidence; Roosevelt & America; Star Tables. SPACE-TIME COORDINATE CHART, STC-7, Celestial Focus of World Evolution For Epoch Dated, by Paul Councel ( an amazing chart of Earth’s orbit going 2 Lambda just as a harmonic chart with dates for the entire current 25,000 years of precession.) Table B – CONSTELLATIONS ON THE MERIDIAN, Civil Time, (C.T.) Epoch 1930. Table C – Displacement of Celestial Equator. Table D – Simple Conversion of Signs Into Constellations. Supplement.


#ELP - 9
  Foster, W. T. Sun Spots And Weather. 1907 12p. One of the absolutely rarest of rare books from the Gann List! “Note To Reader: I beg you to examine these pages carefully, and particularly to study the Sun Spot Chart. In them is revealed one of the greatest and most important of modern discoveries, proving that sun spots are controlled by the planets, and strong evidences tending to prove that our weather changes are caused by electro-magnetism generated by planetary movements. Very Respectfully. W. T. Foster” “The sun spot variations that average about 11.1 years have more than one cause. Regarding the planets as magnets and in accord with well-known laws of electro-magnetism, when the planets are nearest the sun the cloud elements of the Sun expand and cover the sun spots. Rapid motion increases electro-magnetic forces, and when the planets are approaching, or receding from the Sun with greatest velocities the sun spots are increased in size and number. An electro-magnetic force is thrown off from a rotating planet over its equator, disturbing the Sun or another planet that may come into that plane.” Contents: Explanations; Sun Spot Forecasts Demonstrated; Charts – Forecast Line, Sunspot Line; Sun Spots & Weather; Nature of Sun Spots; Causes Of, And How To Forecast, The Time & Heliographic Places Forecasting the Wolfer Sun Spot Numbers; Methods of Forecasting – 8 Rules; Jupiter’s Sun Spot Table; Saturn’s Sun Spot Table; Sun Spot Table of Uranus; Reduced Wolfer Sun Spots 1747-1906; Sun Spot Forecasts 1749-1918.

#ELP - 10  Gregorius. The Master Key Of Destiny. 1924 63p. Containing Invaluable Rules Based Upon The Secret Teachings of the Ancient Egyptians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Hebrews, Persians, Hindus and Chinese for Determining Your Best Years, Months, Weeks, Days and Hours for the Accomplishment of Your Every Purpose. With Complete Instructions For Use.” Gregorius describes himself as: Savant, Lecturer, Orientalist, Astrologian, who gain an “enviable reputation internationally as a pre-eminent authority in his field as a result of over 30 years study in the US, European and Oriental countries.” “His Service Includes: Semi-Annual Stock, Bond and General Market Forecasts $250 (that’s 1924 dollars!) Grain & Wheat Futures: a Reliable Guide to Fluctuations Of the Domestic Grain Market $250; Mundane Forecasts Giving Accurate Outlines of the Fluctuations to be Expected in International Trade, Finance & Events $250. “And the list goes on, interesting guy… “This little book should be worth its weight in gold to every man and woman, young or old, desiring to make the most of their life and opportunities…. Practice these keys, master these principles…” Contents: Prophesy & Forecasting; Kali Yuga; Great Pyramid; Astrology; Arcanes of the Tree of Life; Division of the Arcanas; KEYNOTES or Dominating Pulses; Osiris – The Crown; Isis – Divine Mother; Horus – Urania; Lucifer – The Falling Star; Hermes – The High Priest; Astarte – Eros; Poseidon – The Chariot Driver; Kronos – The Hermit; Janus – The Warrior; Fortunas – Wheel of Fortune; Glittering Intelligence – The Clenched Fist; The Sacrificed – Betrayed; The Path of Unity – The Mower; Vestal Virgin – The Dancing Girl; Path of Darkness – Typhon; Thunderbolt – Shattered Tower; Charon – Convalescence; “The Grave – Twilight; Resurrection – Light; Divine Breath – Preparation; Crowned Sun – The Universe; The Slave – Blind Fool; Notes on Planetary Hours; Planetary Hour Tables for Any Year; House & Hour Descriptions For: Jupiter; Venus; Mercury; Sun; Moon; Mars; Saturn; Tables of Birthdate Values. “Keep your Master Key of Destiny in your pocket. Consult it al all times and on all questions. You will soon come to appreciate its value and worth in solving the perplexities, problems & questions of your everyday life.”

#ELP - 11  Lynch
, Richard. The Path To Wisdom. 1934. 57p. The Way of Truth Instruction Through Metaphysical Terms & Definitions. “The beginning of wisdom is the beginning of supernatural power.” Paracelsus. Another of the rarest of rare from the Gann List. “Out of his own inspired consciousness of the truth that sets free, in his lectures and his writings Dr. Lynch is aiding thousands to attain that knowledge which is power. As editor of the monthly magazine, ‘The Key To Power’, Dr. Lynch contributes to each issue a stimulating article dealing with the power of mind and scientific thinking.” Contents: The Absolute; Affirmation; Appearance; Assurance; Channel; Christ Within; Communion; Compensation; Concentration; Concept; Consciousness; Cosmic Consciousness; Courage; Creation; Demonstration; Denial; Desire; Dimension; Divine Ideal; Dogma; Duality; Ego; Energy; Error; Esoteric vs. Exoteric; Faith; Fear; Freedom; God; Happiness; Harmony; Healing; Health; Idea; Ideal; Individuality; Intellect; Karma; The Kingdom; Knowledge; Law; Light; Lack; Logos; Love; Man; Manifestation; Materialism; Meditation; Metaphysics; Mind; Conscious vs. Subconscious vs. Superconscious Mind; Mysticism; Nature; Negative; Nonresistance; Omnipotence; Omnipresence; Peace; Personality; A Plane; Poise; Positive; Power; Praise; Prayer; Principle; Prosperity; Reality; Relaxation; Religion; Repression; Resurrection; Revelation; Science; Silence; Sin; Spirit; Spirituality; Substance; Supernatural; Supply; Symbol; Theology; Theosophy; Things; Thought; Truth; Unity; Universal; Vision; Wealth; Will; Wisdom; Work; Works; Worry.

#ELP - 12  Whitehead, Willis F. Occultism Simplified Or Mystic Thesaurus. 1921. 98p. This fascinating little book was said to have been handwritten on a copy of the Gann List at Lambert-Gann, perhaps a late inclusion, and far more interesting than many books on that list, but an author who was “Past Supreme Grand Vizier Ancient Order of Oriental Magi.” Hidden Meaning of the Symbol of the Zodiac… Significance of Alphabets & Tarot Cards… Mystery of Numbers… How to Make and Use the Magic Mirror by Means of Which Communication Can be Established with the Astral Brotherhood. Contents: The Symbol of the Cross; Relations of Zodiac, Cross & Man; The Zodiacal Symbol; Low of Proportional Degrees; Mystic Quarters & Meridians; 12 Houses & Their Classifications Triplicities & Quartenaries; Agrippian Cross & Its Mysteries; Crown of Astral Sevens; Planetary Life Periods; Quarters of Life; Twelve Polar Periods of the Line of Life; Diagrams of Vitruvius’ Perfect Man With Geometry & Proportions; Vitruvian Geometry & Magic Squares; Spiritual Gifts; Thought Telegraphy; Mind Radiation & Inspiration; A Message From The Stars; The Symbolic Constellation and the Agrippian Code; Directions From the Brotherhood of Magic For Creation of a Magic Mirror Including Full Instructions on its Make & Use. Initiative Exposition; Number of Endless Evolution; Triune Embodiments of the Omnific Word; Zodiac & Sun; Solomon’s Seal; The Number of Potency; Duality; Geometric Number Symbolism; The Mystic Notator A Cosmic Calculator; Franklin’s Astral Rule; Number, The Language of the Infinite; The Great Astral Number; Agrippa’s Code; Great Cosmic Sun, Zodiac & Cube; The Master of Pentacles is a Pyramid; How Nature & Number Evolve 142857 The Number of the Infinite; Seven Cubical Dimensions; Magic Square of The Cosmos, 142857; 142857 Squares the Circle; Why the Zodiac Has 360 Degrees; Letters Are Numbers; The Work of Initiation; The Great Pyramid; The Three Worlds; Alphabets are Measuring Scales; Correspondence Not Identification; The Three Great Cabalas; The Natural Cabala, Greek & Hebrew Each Distinctive; The Greek Cabala; The Human Cabala, Cabala & Tarot Table; Hebrew Values of English Letters; The Divine Cabala; English Cabala of Correspondences; Two-Fold Cabala, Objective & Subjective; Three Mystic Stars Revealed; The Supreme Law of Love; The Mystic Day of the Word; The Omnific Word of Words; Mystic Development; Death & Immortality; Natural Foundations; The Astral Number; Tables of Astral Powers; Powers of the Planets; Powers of the Months; Powers of the Days; Directions for Casting the Astral Number; The Astral Brotherhood; The Book of Intelligence, The Tarot of the Bohemians & The Clavicle of Solomon; Agrippa, A Key To the Cards; Mystery of the Cards; The Magic Mirror; A Message To Mystics By Direction Of The Brotherhood of Magic; An Invitation by The Brotherhood to Contact The Via the Magic Mirror; Celestial Companionship.

#ELP - 13  Sepharial. Your Personal Diurnal Chart. Finding Lifetime Direct Constant; Secure Converse Constant for Any Year; Direct Diurnal; Converse Diurnal; Make Two Separate Wheels, One For Direct Diurnal One for Converse Diurnal; List Planets, Orbs, Transits, etc. This is interesting because it is creating 2 spiral charts just as Gann’s 360 degree charts and squares did. Looks like clue to how this operates. Doesn’t look like the usual SEPHARIAL, but the other one and the dates are later. Very interesting wheel calculation system though.



#ELP - 14
  SEPHARIAL. Why The War Will End In 1917. 18p. The Old Feud; The Forecast; Europe Clear of Turks in 1921; Kaiser’s Sudden Death Predicted; Abdul the Damned; The Fateful Year; Reasons For Prediction; The Emperor of Austria; Writing on the Wall; How Long? The Great War Ended; the Purpose of War; Great Revolutions Predicted; Two Other Wars At Hand; London’s Danger Signal; German Surrender in August, 1917; The Readjustment; The Coming Race. Chart & Instructions.

#ELP - 15  Wynn. The Equilibrium Chart. 5 p. A very interesting Spiral Calculator Chart System, again quite like what Gann made, a Spiral Chart called the Equilibrium Chart and even a Master Chart. Many of these astrologers from this time were in the same small circle as Gann, so it is not uncommon to find cross over between many of their works since they shared ideas with each other. Four Circles To The Equilibrium Chart; Individual Live Course Chart; Super-Conscious Chart, Universal Chart; Sub-Conscious Chart; Conscious Chart; Zenith; Life Chart or Natal Chart; Birth Chart Referred to as Distorted Chart; For Predictions Use Progressions, Directions & Transits, Test them all.. Time & Place; Siderial or Star Time; Sun or Solar Time; Standard Time; True Local Time; Greenwich Mean Time; Calculation of Planets; Difficult Point Overcome; Horoscope Delineation, Interpretation;

#ELP - 16  Anonymous. RUBBER. 1929. 8p. This is probably a Sepharial Arcana, though there is no stated author, it looks the same format, and we’ll probably know for sure when several people see it. Anyway, a very interesting astrofinance work with some quite different analyses. Contents: Rubber’s Ruler; The Apsides; Aphelion & Perihelion; Effects of Orbital Distance From Sun On Appreciation & Depreciation of Share Values; The Orbit; Eccentricity; Variations in Irregularity of Motion; Share Value Correlations; The Economic Factor; The Artificial Factor; The Variable Factor; Planetary Rulers of Each Decan; Decan Significators; Perturbations. “We have a cyclic trend, a major indication and a minor indication, and a right estimate of these factors will induce to correct apprehension of the Market’s course.”

#ELP - 17  Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow. Musical Vibration Or The Speaking Voice, A Comprehensive Method. 1907 15p.& Beyond Sight (A Story). 1909. 54p. Here are a couple of lesser known pieces by Mrs. Balliett from the Gann List. The first is a voice training method correlated to here system of harmony and numbers. The second is a story which at a quick glance doesn’t strike one as esoteric, but who knows from these old schoolers… For those of you who like to see everything an author wrote, this may be of interest.

#ELP - 18  Johndro, L. Edward. Collected Articles. 1930’s Johndro was Science Editor of the National Astrological Journal, from which a number of these articles were taken. Contents: The Interesting Horoscopes of Los Angeles & San Francisco. Madame Curie: Horoscope of Radium’s Co-Discoverer whose Recent Passing Grieved The Scientific World. Electrophysics Relates Astrology & Astronomy: Einstein Linked Man With The Stars And Opened The Way To Reunion Of These Essential Twin Sciences. Corporate Horoscope of Santa Barbara, Author Explains Anniversary Earthquake “Coincidences” of Beautiful Pacific Coast City. Our States & Their Stars, Which Do You Live In? Is It the One Best Adapted to Your Talents? Technocracy – Trends & Tomorrow: Cosmic Energy charts Confirm Findings. Star Science Abstracts, A Column of Interest To Our Readers & Students. You & Your Aspects: The Author Defines The Effects of Planetary Light Line Angles in the Horoscope. You & Your Aspects: Electrical Laws Key to Conquest of Oppositions & Squares. You & Your Aspects: Action of Radio Crystal Throws New Light On Squares. You & Your Eclipses. Journal of the National Astrological Association, 1931: Annual Message from Llewellyn George. The Relation of Astrology & Astronomy (long version). Robert DeLuce, More About the US Horoscope.

#ELP - 19  Flammarion, Camille & Gore, J. Ellard. Popular Astronomy: A General Description of The Heavens. 1895?. 686p. Another of the hardest to find books from the Gann List, the only actual book on physical astronomy on the list. Probably the best reference for studying astronomy as Gann saw it. Contents: The Earth In the Sky; How The Earth Turns on Its Axis and Around the Sun; Dates; Hours; Meridians’ the Year & Calendar; The ELLIPSE of the Meridian; The Sun Dial; How Earth Goes Round Sun; Inclination of Axis Seasons; Climate; The Eleven Principle Motions of the Earth; The Precession of the Equinoxes; Earth, Planet & World; Theoretical & Practical Demonstration of the Motions of our Globe; The Moon, Motion & Distance; How the Moon Turns; Measurement of Celestial Distances; Phases of Moon, Day, Week, Measurement of Time; Motion of Moon Around Earth; Gravity on Other Planets; The Tides; Influences of the Moon; Eclipses; The Sun; Ruler of the World; Magnitude & Proportion of Solar System; Numbers & Harmony; Measurement’s of Sun’s Distance; Concordant Results of 6 Different Methods; Transits of Venus; Light & Heat of Sun; Sun Spots; Rotation, Magnitudes, Aspects, Forms & Motions of Solar Spots; Eruptions of the Sun, Prominences; Jets of Flame, Gigantic Explosions; The Solar Atmosphere; The Corona & Halo; Fluctuations of Solar Energy; Annual Variation of the Number of Spots & Eruptions; Eleven-Year Period; Curious Coincidences; Terrestrial Magnetism & Aurora Borealis; Light: It’s Nature; It’s Velocity; Spectrum Analysis; Chemical Composition of Sun & Celestial Bodies; Planetary Worlds; Apparent & Real Motions; The Planets Mercury – Neptune; Comets & Shooting Stars; Motions of Comets in Space; Cometary Orbits; Periodical Comets Now Known; Constitutions; Shooting Stars, Meteoric Stones, etc. Stars & Siderial Universe; Contemplation of Heavens; Right Ascensions & Declinations; Magnitude; Distribution; Number; Distance; Measurement of Celestial Distances; Light of Stars; Scintillation; Spectrum Analysis; Heat; Changes in Observed Heavens; Double & Multiple Stars; Proper Motions of Stars; Translation of all the Suns & Worlds through the Infinite Immensity; Secular Metamorphosis of the Heavens; Progress of Science.


#ELP – 20  Bayer, George. Collected Articles. 1930’s. Financial Forecasts For The Months of September, October, November, 1935. Planetary Determinations: A Translation of the 21st Book of Jean Morin de Villefranche, 17th Century Astrologer (with David Lee Norman). Previewing The Stock Market for March 1937 Ancient Astrological Note Books: Presenting a Bit of Treasure Trove From The Time of the Emperor Trajan. Previewing the February, 1937 Stock Market, Including a Forecast on Wheat & Cotton Movements. Bible Astrology & The Stock Market: In Which Are Given Some of the Keys to the Cyclic Movements of Shares & Commodities. Previewing the March 1937 Stock Market. Secrets of Success For Amateur Gardeners: The Rules & Methods Which Bring Results in “Gardening by the Moons”. Biblical Astrology: Why Is The Circle Or Cycle, “Larger” Than 360 Degrees? Who Rules the Earth – Mars or Sun? Among The Books: Time Factors in the Stock Market or Trading in Stocks & Commodities – A “Different” Astrological System of Charting Market Movements. Previewing the April, 1937 Stock Market, Including a Forecast on Wheat & Cotton Movements. Biblical Astrology: The Importance of Mars In Human Affairs. Previewing Biblical Astrology: Another In a Series of Illuminating Articles On the Astrology of the Bible – Abraham’s “Tent”. The May, 1937 Stock Market, Your Good & Bad Fortunes as Indicated by Your Birth Mercury & Jupiter. Previewing The June, 1937 Stock Market, With Pointed Remarks on Buying Stocks & Commodities With an Eye to Their Salability. Previewing The July, 1937 Stock Market. For Tolerance Among Astrologers: Discussing the Merits of the Various Accepted Systems of Calculation.

#ELP – 21  Yogi Hari Rama. Yoga System of Study. 1926. 80p. Another of the most rare titles from Gann’s Recommended Reading List, this interesting early work on yoga presents a complete system of yoga study including diet, meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, chemical breakdowns of foods, mantra chantings, Kundalini exercises, instructions on right living, sleeping, waking, and bathing. General Rules for Wearing Colors. Secrets of Success. The Power of Will. The Great Eternal Infinite; Recipes For a Yogi Diet. Super Yoga Science Chart of Kundalini and Nadis of the Body. Meaning of Yoga. Yogi Exercises For Practice.

#ELP - 1 Raphael. Raphael’s Book of Fate.
#ELP - 2 Raphael. Raphael’s Book of Dreams.
#ELP - 3 Raphael. Raphael’s Pythoness Of The East.
#ELP - 4 White, Fred. A Guide To Astrology (Version 1).
#ELP - 5 White, Fred. A Guide To Astrology (Version 2).
#ELP - 6 White, Fred (Editor & Publisher). The ADEPT: The American Journal of Astrology.
#ELP - 7 Councel, Paul. X Marks My Place.
#ELP - 8 Councel, Paul. Your Stars And Destiny.
#ELP - 9
Foster, W. T. Sun Spots And Weather.
#ELP - 10 Gregorius. The Master Key Of Destiny.
#ELP - 11 Lynch, Richard. The Path To Wisdom.
#ELP - 12
Whitehead, Willis F. Occultism Simplified Or Mystic Thesaurus.
#ELP - 13 Sepharial. Your Personal Diurnal Chart.
#ELP - 14 SEPHARIAL. Why The War Will End In 1917.
#ELP - 15 Wynn. The Equilibrium Chart.
#ELP - 16 Anonymous. RUBBER. 1929.
#ELP - 17 Balliett, Mrs. L. Dow. Musical Vibration Or The Speaking Voice & Beyond Sight.
#ELP - 18 Johndro, L. Edward. Collected Articles.
#ELP - 19 Flammarion & Gore. Popular Astronomy.
#ELP – 20 Bayer, George. Collected Articles. 1930’s.
#ELP – 21 Yogi Hari Rama. Yoga System of Study.






A couple people have passed on comments from WITS and I've also had a few other questions surrounding the issues mentioned, making me realize that there are some rumors going around based upon some of the information I sent out, which I should clarify.

As I'm sure everyone understands in the Gann community, there is a fine line between rumor, orally passed legend, inside knowledge, and absolute fact, and being in the center of a vast information flow there is a continuous dance between unsubstantiated stories I hear vs. trustworthy information which is shared in confidence, and about which I'm not at liberty to speak. The two emails I sent out contained a combination of various of these elements, and as you said, some at the beginning was rumor I was told, but I did not come back and clarify those points, mostly because it was about 4 months between then and I wasn't thinking about that which was first mentioned. I also didn't know this was a topic of conversation and continued interest. In the future, if there is anything unclear that has come from me, anyone please feel free to email me and I'll be happy to clear up any misunderstanding.

So let me tell you exactly what I do and do not know, what is speculation, fact, and likelihood:

First, there were a number of pieces of information told to me by the owner of the ellipses, most of which I have been unable to find any confirmation for whatsoever, which is why I never mentioned them again.

Following are the unsubstantiated points I was told by the owner which I have NOT been able to confirm:

-The ellipse was used to call all the Ticker Interview Trades. -- I have absolutely no evidence to confirm this in any way, so I'm taking this as pure rumor, at best. As we research and understand the ellipse, we'll check against the Ticker trades, and see if we can find any correlation, but for now, best to consider there is none.

-The owner's godfather was a private student of Gann's and Gann showed the ellipses only to his close students and would not let anyone have a copy. -- I've found NO proof or substantiation of this claim, so again I chalk it up to rumor with possibility for now.

What I HAVE been able to confirm:

-I was able to confirm that the owner was a Baumring student, his information was in our files from the Investment Centre, and a few of my long term friends know him, were fellow students, worked with him, purchased libraries with him, and more, and they all thought he was an honest and dedicated person, but could not confirm his trading stories, the story of his godfather, or any knowledge of the ellipses, yet they agreed it was possible, there's just no way for us to know.

- I was able to confirm, through 2 sources that these 3 ellipses DID come from the Lambert-Gann collection and were there in that collection back in the 70's. One source even suggested that I would recognize two of the ellipses right off, which was true.

-Regarding the connection between these ellipses and Bayer's work, let me be clear, which has been somewhat hard to do because I agreed not to say anything much to anyone outside of those who subscribe to the package, but the confusion warrants some clarification. Of the 3 ellipses, there is only ONE which is something new and different, and which MAY have been created by Gann, but was definitely in his possession. The other two ellipses ARE the two Bayer ellipses, exact same size, proportions and similar markings. The interest in the third ellipse is that it does something with the first two, setting them at angles, with lines, and markings which takes the use of these other ellipses which we all know, to a different level.

How do I know it takes it to a different level? Professional opinion, as I've worked with these types of tools for 20 years, and ellipses were a specialty of Dr. Baumring's, who, by the way, was the first person to rediscover and release Bayer's works, Wollsten and 400 Years. I also know others who have worked with these tools for over 10 years, and who have theorized that their use is dependent upon some further interrelation between the different ellipses, so that this new one is right up the line they were looking for. So, in my relatively educated opinion, this third ellipse which combines the two Bayer ellipses, poses the next step in the application of this work, a step which I only know a couple people who have ever considered and experimented with. That's about all I can say for now, but this is my basis for the claim, "there is little doubt this tool most likely represents the intended solution posed by Bayer's incomplete ellipse work."

Then there's the question of the connection between Gann & Bayer. Just the fact that these two Bayer ellipses were found in Gann's collection implies that Gann at least knew of Bayer and his work. But the discovery of this third ellipse is even more interesting. Did Bayer create it and Gann get ahold of it, or is it Gann's extension of Bayer's work. I don't know, but I think we'll have a better idea in 6 months. One of our sources confirmed to us that he had seen evidence that Gann and Bayer simultaneously held anonymous memberships on the CBOT in 1936. The secretary of the exchange in 1936 possessed a log of memberships which included the hand-written names, addresses and phone numbers of both Gann and Bayer, and he remembered their meeting on the exchange. Sadly, with the death of this individual, these records have been lost, so we are unable to obtain any physical proof of these facts, so this information remains hearsay, but it is still worth consideration. I really want to create a place where we can all share the little bits and pieces that we've dug up, but I'll have to talk those who know these secrets to opening up and sharing, and that's not always easy, many serious researchers don't like to publicly share their hard won insights, but I'll keep trying to talk them into it.

Replies from a number of people on our mailing list helped fill in some of the further gaps related to this material, like your comment below that "you've been told by more than one source that Gann only started using ellipses when he was trying to explain astro results via geometric methods." I've heard the same thing, but where's the proof? I don't have anything definite, other than stories and opinions of some of the smarter and better connected people in this field. There are no ellipses in Gann's work, not exactly at least, so how do we know this? We do have some quotes of Gann's, like this one:

"Remember, everything in this universe is elliptical or circular in motion; that applies both to the abstract and the concrete, the mental, physical and spiritual. ... In making my calculations on the stock market, or any future event, I get the past history and find out what cycle we are in and then predict the curve for the future, which is a repetition of past market movements." W. D. Gann, The Tunnel Thru the Air, pp. 76-77

Regarding presenting so and so's analysis of this work, that is what we do intend to do, but this will take some time and serious research, and we would like to invite anyone seriously interested in this work to participate in the process now rather than later, if they are so inclined. I'm not sure how we will publish that in the future since it will obviously be the combined work of a number of people, which is why I'm creating our online Gann Ellipse Research Salon where we will all discuss and analyze this together, so it may end up that we'll pull together the essence of what we find and put that together as a book down the line, along with entry into the Salon which will have all the intermediary and exploratory research.

It is due to the fact that I understand that there are many questions regarding the authenticity and value of these ellipses, that I told the owner that I wasn't interested unless we could arrange a much better deal including a number of further valuable and rare items to offset the risk for everyone in exploring the ellipses. Actually, to make this even more of a deal and to offer the best value possible, I've created the packages so that the base package for $1000 includes 10 books from the set. My feeling is that anyone can find 10 books in that set which they would consider to be worth $100 each, so that the ellipses and the 1100 page manuals I'm putting with them essentially are included for free. Anyone who doesn't think those other items are worth that much, in my opinion, is not a very serious Gann researcher.

There are at least 5 of the rarest Gann List books there that I don't know a single person who has a copy, including myself, until now, and even Baumring and all of his students. Fred White's work has almost never been known, Foster's Sunspots & Weather, people have wondered if it really existed, Councel's work everyone has searched for years. That Rubber piece, I'm pretty sure is another Sepharial Arcana, which no one has seen, though I'm not positive about it yet, but I'll know when my first guys have a look at it. Then there's still Lynch, Yogi Rama, Flamarion & Gore, Gregorius, Raphael, Sepharial and more. This is the biggest chunk of the rare Gann List that I've ever nailed down at once.

I hope this information helps to clear up any confusion.

Brad Stewart