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The following quotations are excerpts from various marketing brochures by W. D. Gann, explaining his theories of knowledge and techniques of analysis. Our collection of Gann's courses is organized to his specifications with all of his material including his rarest & most desired courses, the Master Time Factor, & The Mathematical Formula For Market Prediction, neither of which has, until this time, been available in any of the previously published collections of Gannís Courses. We thought it best to let Gann speak for himself regarding his teachings and services, so the following sections are Gann's own presentation of his courses from his own Marketing Brochures:


This Service possesses many superior, advantages over other classes of service, because it has the one thing lacking in all other services-the time element. My discoveries of a Master Time Factor and the Great Cycle enable me to forecast markets years in advance. I do not depend on space charts based on space movements alone, because these would make errors and cause losses. I use volume combined with the proper time charts, which help me to determine the technical position of the stocks much better and a long time before the statistical position is shown. Time tells on all things.

The object of this Service is to give you valuable advice based on scientific methods and to show you how to help yourself. Only a fool makes mistakes without learning something. I have benefited because I have made mistakes in the past and made losses. I can show you-how to avoid the mistakes that most of the traders make in Wall Street.

Investors and traders are always willing to pay for what will help them to make a greater success. It pays to get the best scientific knowledge, because the best is always the cheapest in the long run and you can not expect to get something good for nothing. Experience has taught me that the best way to help others is to show them how to help themselves, and if I can get subscribers to read my books and learn my Methods, they make a greater success following my Service.



Webster said: "The man who can teach me something is the man I want to know." You may think my prices are high, but stop to consider that you have the use of these Methods during your entire lifetime and that the knowledge I teach will be worth the money for one week's trading at critical times. You can easily lose in the market the price you would pay for my Course and the market leaves you with no valuable knowledge after your losses. Learn to see and know for yourself what Commodities will do; then you will make a success.



After you have learned all of the rules laid down in TRUTH OF THE STOCK TAPE and WALL STREET STOCK SELECTOR and have learned how to apply them, I am sure you will agree that I have given you more than your money's worth in these books. You will then be ready for a post-graduate course and will probably want to know how to forecast according to my Master Time Factor, and determine the years when stocks will have big advances and reach final tops and also the years and the cycles when panicky declines are indicated.

I teach all of these rules with my complete Forecasting Methods, showing how to determine the major and minor swings according to the time element. I can teach you how to determine the wave lengths of different stocks so you will know about how many points they are going to advance when they go into new territory and about how many points they are going to decline when they break out of the zone of distribution. With my Forecasting Methods, you can make up a forecast for the average market one or more years in advance and also make,-up a yearly forecast on individual stocks. Each stock moves according to its' individual time limit and makes top and bottom at different times, because the vibration, and wave length varies on the different stocks.

I teach Courses of Instruction on Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Lard, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Rubber, Silk and other commodities, but I only impart these Methods to people who are willing to comply with my requirements. They are too valuable to be broadcast or put in the hands of people who cannot use them to advantage. Therefore, I only teach them to people who want them for their own use and do not intend to publish them or sell them to others. I will not teach my Forecasting Method to anyone unless I feel sure that they can make a success with it after they learn it. Some men cannot make a success with any kind of a method or rule. I would not take a man's money and teach him something that I did not think would benefit him.

The man who expects to succeed in speculation or investments must study and learn all that he can about the market. It has been well said, "Where knowledge begins, speculation ceases." Therefore, the aim and object of every man who wants to make success in speculation or investing should get as much scientific knowledge as possible and then he will be able to make profits. 



 Volume I





William Delbert Gann


This Collection Of Writings Contains An Assortment Of Marketing Brochures Which Were Used By Gann To Market His Courses And Services, , Annual Forecasts For A Year In Advance, Interviews With Gann And Articles About Him, And A Selection Of His Trading Records. These Writings Are Very Enlightening, Explaining In Clearer Words Than In His Books And Courses, Gannís Methodology And Vision Of The Markets. There Are Important Clues In These Writings To Gannís Background Research And To The Importance And Purpose Of Each Of His Courses. They Also Help To Draw A Personal Portrait Of The Master Himself, And To Trace His Development Over The Years. We Have Included A Smattering Of Rare Master Charts To Titillate The Imagination.






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TheComplete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann

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William Delbert Gann
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