The Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann

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Volume II



This course was Gann's Greatest Course as you will see below reflected in his valuation of it. Notice the prices charged for the different courses and what they contain and you will find an Excellent Clue to what he considered of the Greatest Importance. This course has been unavailable since the time Gann himself sold it. The following excerpt is from "Learn Before You Lose", one of Gann's Marketing Brochures which discusses the importance of the Master Time Factor, and which advertised this Course. Everything listed in the following description is included in our set of courses listed after Gann's Introduction.


What the Course Consists of

The Complete Course is in Four Lessons:

LESSON I. Form Reading or Picture Method. A great improvement on the Dow Theory. Formations or how to forecast the trend by certain formations by fixed rules which help to make your judgment accurate. Examples are given to prove the rules. With this lesson you learn from the picture or formation and after experience your eyes will recognize a formation and know what it means.

LESSON II. Resistance Levels. Where stocks meet buying or selling and make bottom and top. Definite mathematical rules, practical and proven that make profits. They are easy to learn and apply. All buying and selling points marked plainly on the charts and rules given why to buy or sell at certain points. Anyone should be able to learn this lesson in three days' time and make substantial profits with this Lesson alone. This method keeps you with the trend and enables you to buy near low layers and sell near top.

LESSON III. Time Elements and Time Rules. There is a definite relation between price and time. When time is up stocks make top and start down. When time is up and the time cycle runs out stocks make bottom and start up. It makes no difference how high stocks are selling, they can go higher until time runs out and no matter how low they are they can go lower until time is up.

Time is the most important factor in determining and forecasting market movements. Very few people understand the time element and its value. With this lesson you learn when the right time comes to buy and you know according to time three important buying points:

1. When near extreme low levels. With limited risk.

2. A safer buying point at a certain time period.

3. The safest buying point after the market gives the third time signal.

These rules give the three selling levels according to time. With this method you will be able to make up a forecast one year or more in advance on the average or individual stock.

LESSON IV. Volume of Sales. Now, up-to-date, since the Security Exchange regulation and higher margin requirements have changed volume of sales. The Volume of Sales is the driving power that moves the market but time determines when volume will change at fop or bottom. The volume rules are proven by charts, rules and forms on volume never published or used by anyone else.

Results from the Methods

1896 to 1931-43 years with Dow Jones Averages.

No. I Course of Instructions


1. Form Reading or picture method. Some Time Rules and Formations. B. W. points.

2.         Resistance levels make it easier to operate with first lesson. Gives more mathematical confirmations of why to buy and sell at certain points.

In order to help those who are worthy and frying to help themselves, I am making .8 very reasonable price on these courses so that young students and people of small means can get started on their Investment Education. At a small cost and with a small capital students may start trading after they hays gained knowledge and make profits.

The price is $500.00; payable $300.00 cash in advance. Easy terms on the balance, or can be paid after you make profits.

No. 2 Complete Course of Instructions


This is a more complete course than I have sold for $5,000.00 in former years and it is worth $5,000.00 or more to anyone who will study it and use it. To help others who need help and are trying to make a success, I am making a low price of $1,000.00 for the Complete Course which includes a Weakly High and Low Chart on Dow-Jones 20 Railroad Averages- 1896 to 1914, a Weekly High and Low Chart on Dow-Jones 30 Industrial Averages 1914 to date. A swing Chart on 30 Industrials 1896 to data. Weekly High and Low Chart on five active stocks that you select or we select, these Charts will be for two or three years back, according to the stock and market positions at the time.

Terms arranged if you are not in position to pay all cash in advance.

No. 3 Master Forecasting Method

This Method contains all of the Form Rules, Resistance Level 'and Volume of Sales and my secret discovery of the Master Time Factor and a new way of Forecasting by Mathematical Rules that are simple and practical.

MATHEMATICAL RULES OR REASONS: It is possible to got as many as nine confirmations or reasons why a stock should be bottom or top at a certain time and the greater number of confirmations the surer the chances of making profits. That is why each of my Lessons and Courses teach you more rules to confirm what you learned in the first Course or previous Lessons.

Master Charts that save time and work go with this Course, Master High and Low Charts ten to forty-five years back. This Course gives mathematical proof of how I forecast the 1929 Bull Market and the Panic which followed to 1932.

Price of complete Master Forecasting Course $2500.00 cash in advance. Terms can be arranged with part cash and balance on monthly payments.






 William Delbert Gann


  SECTION I      The Original No. 3 Master Forecasting Method

& How To Make Profits

-An Important Marketing Brochure Discussing The Master Time Factor And Advertising The Original Release Of This Most Important Course.

-One Of Gann's Most Important Courses, His Greatest Dissertation On Pattern Recognition

-How To Measure Resistance Levels In The Market, The Harmonic Analysis Of The Market

-Gann's Explanation Of The Force Behind The Markets

-This Is One Of Gann’s Two Most Important, And Previously Unpublished Courses Covering The Following Rare Sections: Forecasting, Great Cycle - Master Time Factor, Bull & Bear Calendar Years, How To Make Annual Forecasts, Mater 20-Year Forecasting Chart, 1929 & 1936 Yearly Forecasts, NYSE Permanent Chart

-Master "12" Chart – Square Of 9 – Six Squares Of 9 – 2 Hexagon Charts – Master Chart Of 360° - Mater 360° Circle Chart Squared – Spiral Chart – NYSE Permanent Chart – Us Steel Name Chart – Us Permanent Chart – Price & Time Spiral Charts - 15° Hourly Spiral Chart – Square Of 4 – May Soy Bean Master Chart – Mater Egg Chart – Coffee Rio Conic Chart – May Wheat Geometric Chart – Even Squares – Gann Scientific Forecast - May Soy Bean

Section II Stock Market Forecasting Courses

We Have Included In This Section All Other Unpublished Forecasting Courses We Have Found To Create A Complete Supplement For Those Who Have Previously Acquired Gann’s Work Through The Lambert-Gann Stock Course.

-A Rare Unpublished Stock Market Course From 1921 Covering Gann’s Complete Method Of

Forecasting And Including Astrological Correlations Never Included In Other Courses.

-Another Rare, Unpublished Forecasting Course Focusing On The Dow Jones.

-This Is A Previously Published Course But Is Included To Complete The Forecasting Course.

-An Unfamiliar Short Time Cycle Course Illustrating How Gann Sold Sections Of His Courses.

-An Interesting Analysis Of Auburn Motors By Geometrical Angles

-Another Rare And Interesting Course On Resistance Levels

-Gann's Most Complete Explanation Of Options Trading, Something Many People Don't Think They Did In Gann's Time.

-Another Short Unpublished Work On Selling Puts And Calls.


$2,500.00 IN 1939


$ 350.00 (220 PAGES)


The  Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann
I.    Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records

The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Stock
        Market Forecasting Courses

.  Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators & Astrological Writings

IV.   The
Complete Commodity Market Courses

V.     Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators

William Delbert Gann

1909 – 1955  5 Volumes, 4 Large Transparent Calculators, & Set of 30 Oversized Charts. This set is the most complete, best organized and best priced collection of Gann’s writings ever available.  For complete contents see the individual listings for the courses as follows.  Purchase of the complete set includes Volume I at no charge. $1000.00