The Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann

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This Course Includes Four Large, Transparent Master Calculators, with Complete Instructions for each, Resistance Levels, Geometrical Angles, and an expanded set of Master Charts, all of the most Mathematical, Geometric & Harmonic Writings and Charts together with Complete Instructions for Use.

The following is an excerpt from W. D. Gann's Marketing Brochure entitled "Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions", which Advertises and Explains the Value of the Master Calculator. This Important Mathematical Formula for Market Prediction Course with Instructions for Using the Mathematical Calculator Has Not Been Published since Gann Advertised it in this Brochure. In His Own Words:


W. D. Gann Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions



W. D. GANN'S latest and greatest invention for predicting the trend on stocks and commodities.

WHAT IT DOES. This Calculator is made of plastic and can be laid over a chart and it is easier to see through it than through glass.

This Master Calculator shows what these time figures are and what they mean.

1. It shows. major and minor time periods.

2. Locates a TRUE TREND LINE and a RELATIVELY TRUE TREND LINE for an advancing and a declining market.

3. The main trend and the proportion in minor time periods in days, weeks, months and years.

4. The Price Resistant Levels are shown and a Price and Time Balance.

5. The different divisions for Time and Price.

6. The Master Time Cycles and their relation to price levels and the indication where on-e time cycle ends and a new cycle begins.

7. The Number Seven is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other number. The Master Calculator proves the importance of 7 in time periods, also 3, 9 and 12 which are referred to in the Bible. This Calculator accurately measures Price Time and Space for future indications of Time Trends.,

8.             The Master Calculator locates the Corner Stone, the Key Stone and the Cap Stone for price and time Trend. It proves the Master Number and Master Time Cycle and shows why and how they work on price.

9. The Master Calculator proves 9 divisions of time from one center or time factor and shows at a glance whether the price of stocks or commodities are in a weak or strong position.


The Value of Master Calculator to You

It is absolutely mathematically accurate and prevents you from making mistakes on price or time trend. It eliminates human judgment and guesswork and saves at least 75% of the time required to calculate trend indications. This is of great value to people who are busy and whose time is valuable.

One job of research covering a period of 150 years required one man three weeks to complete. The Master Calculator covered the whole calculation in three hours time and did not make one error. The man who did the research work averaged one error for every three years.

W. D. GANN has devoted over 52 years to research work on stocks and commodities and has spent a fortune to complete this revolutionary discovery.

The value of this Master Calculator to you cannot be measured in dollars. You have the use of it for your entire lifetime.

You receive with the Master Calculator complete written rules and instructions on how to use it.

We now have two (2) Master Calculators ... Numbers 9 and 12. With these you can calculate quickly and accurately all future TIME CYCLES, PRICE and TIME RESISTANCE LEVELS. The new discovery used in connection with this Calculator forecast the big advance in Soy Beans from August 20, 1953, to March, 1954; also predicted that Coffee would advance to the highest prices in history in 1954. These Calculators gave these indications, based on the Master Time Cycle, as related to price.

One man who bought the Master Calculator says: "It is the greatest invention since the wheel. It saves me time and makes profits."

A cotton trader says: "I first took your course in 1927, and it has been of great value to me; but your new Master Calculator is the greatest discovery you have ever made, and the most valuable. It indicated top for March coffee on at 4020 on September 8, 1952, and called for low at 3210 on January 12, 1953. March cotton sold at 3212 on January 12. That is plenty close for me."

The price of the Master Mathematical Calculator depends upon what courses you take in connection with it. It can be used on any commodity or, on stock averages or individual stocks.

The Master Calculator can only be used with the Master Courses. It is not sold separate from the courses and cannot be used with the Mechanical Method.

We are making a special price to students who have taken the Master Courses on Stocks and Commodities. Please write if you are interested in the Master Calculator as we are having a supply made up and will reserve one for you.





William Delbert Gann


This Course Includes Four Large, Transparent Mater Calculators, With Complete Instructions For Each, Resistance Levels, Geometrical Angles, And An Expanded Set Of Master Chart, All Of The Most Mathematical, Geometric & Harmonic Writings And Charts Together With Complete Instructions For Use.



W. D. Gann Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions

The Master Mathematical Price, Time & Trend Calculators


-A Marketing Brochure Describing The Master Mathematical Calculator’s Importance.

-This Is One Of The Two Rarest And Most Valuable Of Gann’s Courses Unpublished Since His Advertised In The Above Brochure Containing Complete Instructions For The Following:

- Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 12 (144)

- Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 9 (90)

-Instructions On How To Use The Calculator For Soy Beans.             

The Trend Of Stocks And Commodities

-Instructions For The Use Of The Following Included Calculator.

-Time & Price Calculator- Square Of 52 (104), Weekly Time Periods               

-Instructions For Use Of The 4th Calculator Included In This Course:

-Calculator For Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Periods, May Soy Beans

-For The Further Elaboration Of The Calculators We Have Included This Course On Geometrical Angles, A Fundamental Element Of The Calculators.

-We Have Also Included This Course On Resistance Levels For A Deeper Explanation Of The Calculators, And Of The Important Points To Consider.

Master "12" Chart – Square Of 9 – Six Squares Of 9 – 2 Hexagon Charts – Master Chart Of 360° - Mater 360° Circle Chart Squared – Spiral Chart – NYSE Permanent Chart – Us Steel Name Chart – Us Permanent Chart – Price & Time Spiral Charts - 15° Hourly Spiral Chart – Square Of 4 – May Soy Bean Master Chart – Mater Egg Chart – Coffee Rio Conic Chart – May Wheat Geometric Chart – Even Squares – Gann Scientific Forecast - May Soy Beans

Part II

Astrological Writings & Charts

This Is A Collection Of Rare Unpublished Writings By Gann On Astrology & The Markets. Excerpts From These Writings Have Been Published In Various Works As Examples Of Gann’s Astrological Orientation, But Never Have All Of These Writings Been Published In Their Full Form. These Give Excellent Insights Into The Causative Factors Of The Market, & Of Gann’s Use Of Both Heliocentric And Geocentric Astrology.

-1921 This Is The Only Course Mentioning Planetary Correlations With Time Cycles.

-1931 A Fascinating Essay On The Symbolic Interpretation Of The Human Body. Discusses Number Symbolism, Geometry, Time Cycles And Astrology With Market Correlations.

-Mean Of 5 - Cycle Of 8 - Jupiter & Saturn Scale Cycles – Astrological Calculations – Heliocentric Average Of 6 Planets – May Coffee Moon Signs – Path Of The Planets

Price:     $350.00

(200 Pages, 4 Large Transparent Calculators)



The  Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann
I.    Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records

The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Stock
        Market Forecasting Courses

.  Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators & Astrological Writings

IV.   The
Complete Commodity Market Courses

V.     Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators

William Delbert Gann

1909 – 1955  5 Volumes, 4 Large Transparent Calculators, & Set of 30 Oversized Charts. This set is the most complete, best organized and best priced collection of Gann’s writings ever available.  For complete contents see the individual listings for the courses as follows.  Purchase of the complete set includes Volume I at no charge. $1000.00