The Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann

Including Previously Unpublished Rare Courses


The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume IV
The Complete Commodity Market Courses
William Delbert Gann

1940-1955  250p.  Includes tube containing 30 Oversize Charts.  This courses contains all of the courses on the commodity markets written by Gann, along with 30 Oversized Charts demonstrating his methods and principles. 

Content, Part I: Speculation A Profitable Profession, A Course Of Instructions On Grains.  Mechanical Method & Trend Indicator For Trading In Grains.  Soybeans, Corn & Wheat, Rules For 2-Day Chart Moves.  The Basis Of My Forecasting Method For Grains, Geometrical Angles.  Forecasting Grain By Time Cycles.  Cash & May Soybean Futures. 

Part II: Mechanical Cotton Method & New Trend Indicator.  Cotton Forecasting Instructions. Resistance Levels. Forecasting Cotton By Time Cycles, The Master Time Factor.  

Part III: Master Egg Course.  October Eggs.  Master 360 Degree Square Of 12 Chart For Eggs, Instructions.  Egg Futures, Rules For 2-Day Moves.  Master Square For Price & Time Trends On Eggs.  Tables For Squares 144 for Egg Prices.  Why Prices Move Faster At High Levels.  Price & Time Chart For Egg Futures.  Eggs, How To Determine Culminations & Changes In Trend.  Rules For Eggs. Charts For Eggs.  Complete Enhanced Master Charts (see listings above Vol II for contents).  

Oversized Chart Contents:  May Soybeans Daily.  July Soybeans Daily.  November Soybeans Weekly. May Soybeans Weekly Time Periods.  Trend Line Indicator For Wheat.  May Wheat Monthlies. May & Cash Wheat Monthly.  Wheat Prices 1259-1840.  Coffee Moon Signs.  Path Of The Planets. March Cotton Daily. March, May & October Cotton Weekly.  July Cotton Swings. December, March, July & October Cotton Monthly.  Eggs 1918-1955.  October Eggs Weekly.  Dow-Jones Averages Swings.  Dow-Jones 9 Point Swings.  Dow-Jones 15 Day Chart.  Union Pacific Weekly.  And More…  $350.00


The  Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann
I.    Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records

The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Stock
        Market Forecasting Courses

.  Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators & Astrological Writings

IV.   The
Complete Commodity Market Courses

V.     Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators

William Delbert Gann

1909 – 1955  5 Volumes, 4 Large Transparent Calculators, & Set of 30 Oversized Charts. This set is the most complete, best organized and best priced collection of Gann’s writings ever available.  For complete contents see the individual listings for the courses as follows.  Purchase of the complete set includes Volume I at no charge. $1000.00