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The New Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain.
Betty Edwards

1999. 320pp. This book is amazing! It will teach anyone who feels that they draw like a child to learn to draw stunningly realistic drawings within the time it takes to work through the book(about a month). An superb example of true education, showing that everyone possesses the inherent ability express their vision through drawing, and that our lack of this ability is solely due to our lack of know-how, received through the poor or non-existent art education given in our schools. Book Jacket: “Translated into thirteen languages, with more than 2.5 million copies sold, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used drawing instruction book."--BOOK JACKET. "This twentieth-anniversary edition of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain has been dramatically revised, with more than fifty percent new material, including: recent developments in brain research that relate to drawing; new insights on the use of drawing techniques in the corporate world and in education; instruction on self-expression through drawing; ways to step beyond black-and-white drawing into color; and detailed advice on applying the five basic skills of drawing to solve problems." Contents: 1Drawing and the Art of Bicycle Riding. 2 The Drawing Exercises: One Step at a Time. 3 Your Brain: The Right and Left of It. 4 Crossing Over: Experiencing the Shift from Left to Right. 5 Drawing on Memories: Your History as an Artist. 6 Getting Around Your Symbol System: Meeting Edges and Contours. 7 Perceiving the Shape of a Space: The Positive Aspects of Negative Space. 8 Relationships in a New Mode: Putting Sighting in Perspective. 9 Facing Forward: Portrait Drawing with Ease. 10 The Value of Logical Lights and Shadows. 11 Drawing on the Beauty of Color. 12 The Zen of Drawing: Drawing Out the Artist Within. Afterword: Is Beautiful Handwriting a Lost Art?

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