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Bohme, Jacob.(Tr. John Rolleston Earle, M.A.)
On The Election Of Grace & Theosophical Questions With A Biographical Sketch.

London: Constable, 1930. 327p.


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Bohme, Jacob; Teutonick Philosopher. (Tr. John Sparrow)
Concerning The Three Principles Of Divine Essence, Of The Eternal, Dark, Light, & Temporary World. Shewing What The Soul, The Image & The Spirit Of The Soul Are, As Also What Angles, Heaven & Paradise Are. How Adam Was Before, In And After The Fall...

London: Watkins, 1910. (Original German, 1618-19). Cloth, Royal 8vo, 808p.


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Bohme, Jacob; Teutonick Philosopher. (Tr. John Sparrow)
Mysterium Magnum, Or An Exposition Of The First Book Of Moses Called Genesis. Concerning The Manifestation Or Revelation Of The Divine Word Through The Three Principles Of Divine Essence; Also Of The Originall Of The World & The Creation...

London: John Watkins, 1924. (German 1623). 2 Volumes, Cloth Royal 8vo, 981p.


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Bohme, Jacob; Teutonick Philosopher. (Tr. John Sparrow)
The High & Deep Searching Out Of The Threefold Life Of Man Through The Three Principles.

London: Watkins, 1909. (German, 1620). Cloth, Royal 8vo, 628p.


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Bohme, Jacob; Teutonick Philosopher. (Tr. John Sparrow)
The Forty Questions Of The Soul & The Clavis (Key).

London: Watkins, 1911. (Latin, 1632) Cloth, Royal 8vo, 364p.


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Penny, A. J.
Studies In Jacob Bohme

London: Watkins, 1912. FIRST EDITION. Cloth, Royal 8vo., 475p.


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Vetterling, Herman.
The Illuminate Of Gorlitz Or Jakob Bohme's Life & Philosophy, A Comparative Study.

Leipzig: Market & Peters 1923. FIRST EDITION, Limited To 50 Copies. Green & Gray Cloth With Gold Lettering. 4vo, 1453p. This Work Is A Topical Encyclopedia Of Bohme Ideas As Compared To Others. A Beautiful Book!


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