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Myer, Isaac.
Qabbalah. The Philosophical Writings of Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol or Avicebron & Their Connection With The Hebrew Qabbalah & Sepher ha-Zora, Also An Ancient Lodge of Initiates.

Philadelphia:Publisher By Author, 1888. FIRST EDITION Limited to 350 Copies. Margins Cut to Octavo Size From Original Folio. 499p.


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Waite, Arthur Edward.
The Holy Kabbalah, A Study of the Secret Tradition In Israel As Unfolded by the sons of the doctrine for the benefit & consolation of the elect dispersed through the lands & ages of the greater exile.

London: Williams & Norgate, 1929. FIRST EDITION. 636p.


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Waite, Arthur Edward.
The Doctrine & Literature Of the Kabbalah.

London: Theosophical Pub., 1902. FIRST EDITION. 508p. Octavo.


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Waite, Arthur Edward.
The Secret Doctrine In Israel, A Study of the Zohar & Its Connections.

London: Rider, 1913. FIRST EDITION. 330p. Octavo.


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d'Olivet, Fabre.
The Hebraic Tongue Restored, & The True Meaning Of The Hebrew Words Established & Proved By Their Radical Analysis.

New York: Putnam, 1921. FIRST ENGLISH EDITION. Cloth, 8vo. 810p. This Is An Extremely Important Work Due To Its Second 346p. Section On The Cosmogony Of Moses, Including Sections On Extraction, Divisional Multiplication, Facultative Comprehension, Proportional Measurement, Aggregative & Formative Energy.


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Skinner, J. Ralston.
Key To The Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery In The Source Of Measures, Originating The British Inch & The Ancient Cubit By Which Was Built The Great Pyramid & The Temple Of Solomon; & Through The Possession & Use Of Which , Man, Assuming To Realize The Creative Law Of The Deity, Set It Forth In A Mystery, Among The Hebrews Called Kabbala.

Philadelphia: David Mckay Company. 1875. Cloth, Gold Lettering, 8vo, 400p. Recognized By Esoteric Scholars As One Of The Greatest Works Ever Written On The Geometrical & Metrological Mysteries Of The Egyptians & Hebrews. Referred To By Blavatsky In The Secret Doctrine, And Called By Robert Lawlor The Most Esoteric Work In The Secret Doctrine Series. One Of Baumring's Key Source Texts. A Masterpiece!


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Plummer, L. Gordon.
The Mathematics Of The Cosmic Mind, A Study In Mathematical Symbolism.

Wheaton: Theosophical, 1982. Second Edition. Cloth, DJ, 4to., 223p. An Excellent Work.


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Albertus, Frater.
The Seven Rays Of The QBL.

York Beach: Weiser, 1985. Revised. Cloth, DJ, 8vo, 169p. An Excellent Work On Cycles & Number Symbolism. Very Important!


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