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Faber, George Stanley.
The Origin Of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained From Historical Testimony & Circumstantial Evidence...

London: A. J. Halry, 1816. FIRST EDITION. 2 Quarto Volumes, 500+P Each. All Leather, Beautiful Condition. Faber's Argument Is That The Various Systems Of Pagan Idolatry Exhibit So Many Similarities That They Must Have Originated From A Common Source.


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Myer, Isaac.
Qabbalah. The Philosophical Writings of Solomon Ben Yehudah Ibn Gebirol or Avicebron & Their Connection With The Hebrew Qabbalah & Sepher ha-Zora, Also An Ancient Lodge of Initiates.

Philadelphia:Publisher By Author, 1888. FIRST EDITION Limited to 350 Copies. Margins Cut to Octavo Size From Original Folio. 499p.


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Waite, Arthur Edward.
The Secret Tradition In Freemasonry, And An Analysis of the Inter-Relation Between the Craft & The High Grades In Respect of Their Term of Research, Expressed By the Way of Symbolism.

New York: Rebman, 1911. FIRST EDITION. 2 Quarto Volumes. 900+p. Great Condition!


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Waite, Arthur Edward.
The Hermetic Museum, Restored & Enlarged: Most Faithfully Instructing All Disciples Of The Sopho-Spagyric Art How That Greatest & Truest Medicine Of The Philosopher's Stone May Be Found & Held.

London; James Elliot, 1893. FIRST ENGLISH EDITION From The Latin Done In 1678, Containing Twenty-0Two Most Celebrated Chemical Tracts In Two Small Quarto Volumes. 680p.


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Sze, Mai-Mai
The Tao Of Painting

New York: Pantheon, 1956. FIRST EDITION. A Lovely Cloth 4to, 2 Volume Set In Slipcase. Bollingen Series XLIX. Vol. I The Tao Of Painting. Vol. II The Chich Tzu Yuan Hua Chuan.


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Macphail, Ian, Et. Al.
Alchemy And The Occult, A Catalogue Of Books & Manuscripts From The Collection Of Paul & Mary Mellon Given To The Yale University Library.

New Haven: Yale U. Pr., 1968. FIRST EDITION. 4 Volume, Cloth, Large 4to Set, In 2 Slipcases. Vol. I Printed Books 1472-1623. Vol. II Printed Books 1624-1790. 521p. Vol. III Manuscripts 1225-1671. Vol. IV Manuscripts 1675-1922. 853p. Filled With Beautiful Diagrams And Excerpts Of The Magnificent Works Cataloged.


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Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis.
Osiris & The Egyptian Resurrection.

New York: Putnam, 1911. FIRST EDITION. 2 Volumes, Cloth, Gold Lettering & Engraving, Small 4vo, 845p. W/ Folding Charts.


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Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis.
The Gods Of The Egyptians Or Studies In Egyptian Mythology.

London: Methuen, 1904. FIRST EDITION. Beautiful 2 Volume, Cloth With Gold Lettering & Embossing, 4vo, 956p.


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Budge, Sir E. A. Wallis.
The Book Of The Dead: The Papyrus Of Ani.

New York, Putnam, 1913. First Edition. 3 Volumes, Cloth With Gold Lettering & Engraving, Small 4to, 704p. Vol. III Contains 37 Beautiful 15" Fold-Out Color Plates Of Which The First Two Volumes Are The Translation.


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Waite, Arthur Edward.Strange Houses Of Sleep.

London: Phillip Sinclair Wellby, 1906. FIRST EDITION Limited To 250 Copies, Numbered & Signed By Author. Vellum, Gold Lettering, Metal Tipped, Small 4to, 326p. Very Interesting Book.


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Scott, Walter.
Hermetica, The Ancient Greek & Latin Writings Which Contain Religious Or Philosophic Teachings Ascribed To Hermes Trismegistus.

London: Dawsons, 1968. Second Edition. 4 Volumes, Cloth, 8vo. Vol. I. Introduction, Texts & Translation. II & III. Commentary. IV. Testimonia, Appendices & Indices.


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Skinner, J. Ralston.
Key To The Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery In The Source Of Measures, Originating The British Inch & The Ancient Cubit By Which Was Built The Great Pyramid & The Temple Of Solomon; & Through The Possession & Use Of Which , Man, Assuming To Realize The Creative Law Of The Deity, Set It Forth In A Mystery, Among The Hebrews Called Kabbala.

Philadelphia: David Mckay Company. 1875. Cloth, Gold Lettering, 8vo, 400p. Recognized By Esoteric Scholars As One Of The Greatest Works Ever Written On The Geometrical & Metrological Mysteries Of The Egyptians & Hebrews. Referred To By Blavatsky In The Secret Doctrine, And Called By Robert Lawlor The Most Esoteric Work In The Secret Doctrine Series. One Of Baumring's Key Source Texts. A Masterpiece!


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Mead, G.R.S.
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Studies In Hellenistic Theosophy & Gnosis, BEING A Translation Of The Extant Sermons & Fragments Of The Trismegistic Literature With Prolegomena, Commentaries & Notes.

London: Theosophical, 1906. FIRST EDITION. 3 Volumes, Cloth, 8vo, 1400p. A Highly Desired Translation Of The Hermetic Opus.


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