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The Collected Writings of W. D. Gann, Volume III:
Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators
William Delbert Gann

1954-1955 120p. This course contains the second of Gann's two greatest courses and most highly sought after courses, The Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions. It includes four large, Master Calculators, with complete instructions for each, Resistance Levels, Geometrical Angles, and the most complete set of Master Charts ever offered, all of the most mathematical, geometric & harmonic writings and charts together with complete instructions for their use. W. Contents: Part I: W. D. Gann Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions: The Master Mathematical Price, Time & Trend Calculators: Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions; The Master Mathematical Price Time And Trend Calculator; This Is The Rarest And Most Highly Desired Of Gann's Courses Unavailable Since Its Original Release In 1954 Just Before Gann's Death, Containing Complete Instructions For The Following: Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 12 (144); Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 9 (90); How To Use The Master Calculator May Soy Beans; Master Calculator For Weekly Time Periods To Determine The Trend Of Stocks And Commodities; Instructions For The Use Of The Time & Price Calculator - Square Of 52 (104), Weekly Time Periods; May Soy Beans Square Of 67 Time Periods For Days, Weeks, Months - Instructions For Use Of The Calculator For Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Periods, May Soy Beans; The Basis Of My Forecasting Method – Geometrical Angles, For The Further Elaboration Of The Calculators We Have Included This Course On Geometrical Angles, A Fundamental Element Of The Calculators; Resistance Levels, We Have Also Included This Course On Resistance Levels For A Deeper Explanation Of The Calculators; Enhanced Master Charts.

CAT#060 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $250.00

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George Wollsten: Expert Stock & Grain Trader
George Bayer

1946 239p. A Very Entertaining Autobiographical Novel, Similar To Gann's Tunnel Through The Air, Developing Bayer's Theories of Financial Market Forecasting & Cosmology, In Story Form as He Discovered Them. Bayer Is The Most Important Forecasting Author After Gann, & This Is His Most Important Work! Contents: Economic Conditions in 1907; Grain Prices; Horticulture; Agricultural Year Book; Graphs & Plotting Commodity Prices; Old Books; Sepharial< Key To Market Operations; Silver Panic of 1893; George's Approach to the Markets; George's Analysis of Market Movements; Dow Jones Averages; Caterpillar Movements; 2 & 1/2 "Time & Times & Half a Time"; Gaps in Price Structure; "Rattles of the Rattle Snake"; Cycles; Stories From Bible; & Year Indications; Astrology; American Ephemerous & Nautical Almanac; Charts of Planets' Paths; Degrees of Motion; How To Plot Planets; Mercury Heliocentric Motion in Longitude; Deductions From Plotting Planets' Paths; A Major Discover - The Crossing of Saturn & Jupiter By Mercury & Market Turning Points; On Geocentric Positions of Planets; Heliocentric Planetary Positions; From Plutarch's Lives; Puzzles of Nature; George Goes to NY To Trade Stocks & Grains; The Ellipses; Herschel's Astronomy; The 71 Degree & 78 Degree Angles; The "Jiggle Line"; Puts & Calls; Bids & Offers; Discovery of the "Polish Ellipse"; Application of The "Polish Ellipse"; The Pit At Chicago; Saturn - Stock Movements; Wheat Movements; George The Astrologer; Final Adjustment of "Jiggle Line"; The 123 Degree Angle Within The Ellipse; General Rules on Bull & Bear Movements; Switching Wheat Options; On Hedging; Half-Way Points Between Jupiter & Saturn; Advanced Trading of Grains & Stocks; The Horse-Whip; Squaring The Circle; Practical Rules on Trading Therefrom; Recognizing Adam & Eve & the Baby in Patterns; Shifting of Ellipses; Assortments of Stocks; Planetary Positions 1943-1947; Sample of the 5-4:3-3 Computation; The Six-Inch Ellipse With Half of Nine-Inch Inserted; The "Polish Ellipse" Showing bottom & Top Laying; Original Pattern Used To Discover The Squaring of the Circle; Short & Quick Construction of Squaring of the Circle; Wheat Daily High & Low Range Charted for 1901-1911;

CAT#063 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Turning Four Hundred Years of Astrology To Practical Use & Other Matters
George Bayer

1944 184 8x11p. Numerous Diagrams. Bayer's Next Most Important Work After George Wollsten. An Important & Insightful Analysis & Synthesis of 400 Years of Astrological Tradition With An Intent Towards Application to the Financial Markets. Contents: Stars; Fixing Star Positions; Latitude & Longitude; Astronomers; 5-fold Horoscope; Prime Factors; Siderial Time; Midheaven & Ascendant; Radix Horoscope; Siderial Time; Pluto; Transits; Artificial & Natural Decans; Mundane Horoscope; Progressed Moon; Rotations of Planets; Transits Over Ascendant; Trend For Grease Wool; Stock & Wheat Horoscopes; Stock Market Horoscope; Uranus Tables; Mutual Aspects in Stock Horoscope; Planet Progressions; Forecasting Trends In Stock Market; Harmony of Leaders; Practical Application of 5-Fold Horoscope In Market; Wheat Horoscope; History How The Time Was Attained; Comparison of Stock & Wheat Horoscopes; Venus Transit Over Ascendant for Wheat; Ellipses; Advanced Astrology & Philosophy; Languages; Clefs in Music; Greek Alphabet; Adam & Eve; Bible; Commodities; Patterns In Price Charts; On Paracelsus.

CAT#064 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices
James Mars Langham

1932 178 8x11p. With Illustrations & Indications for 1933 - 1934 - 1935; An Impartial Record of the Effects of Certain Planetary Positions & Aspects on Stock Market Prices; With Rules For Future Applications as an Aid in Speculation Langham's Works are Considered Two of the Best Works on Financial Market Astrology. Contents: Precession of Equinoxes, 2000 Year Cycles; great Conjunctions 240 Year Cycles; Eclipses of Sun & Moon; Commercial Effects of Major Planet Transits; Uranus Transits, 84 Years; Saturn Transits, 30 Years; Jupiter Transits, 12 Years; Major Planets Aspect versus Primary Market Chart of Averages; Effects of Herschel & Saturn, 13 Evil Aspects; Eight Good Aspects; Effects 7 Examples of Ingresses & Lunations; Rules for Selecting Favorable Times; Use of Individual Stock Charts; Human Interest in Astrology; Indications; Geocentric Longitudes.

CAT#074 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Cyclical Market Forecasting Stocks & Grains
James Mars Langham

1938 191 8x11p. A Complete Course of Instruction in an Original & Proven System. A New Volume Dealing with the Long Trends, Short Trends, and Grain Forecasting. Langham's Superb Second Volume. Contents: How Planets Effect Economic Trends; Technical Information; Which Aspects Are Bearish & Bullish; Major Market Trends, Which Combinations Cause Them; Chain Effects, Power of a Chain or Sequence of Formations; Long Term Indicators; Neptune; Heliocentric Positions & Effects; DJIA; Sun Spots Correlations; Short Swing Indicators; Minor Planets; Tape Indications; Line Formations; Direction; Diverging Averages; Tripple Tops; Eclipses; Ingresses; Lunations; Panics; Inflation; Grain Forecasting; Key Points of Zodiac; Short Swing Indicators; How To Erect Ingresses On Lunation Charts; geocentric Longitudes.

CAT#075 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Collected Works of Donald Bradley

Stock Market Prediction

Picking Winners

The Parallax Problem In Astrology

Solar & Lunar Returns

Donald Bradley

1948, 57p. Stock Market Prediction. 1948, 57p. The Planetary Barometer & How To Use It; 1954, 30p.Picking Winners. The Science of Predicting Game Scores; 1947, 63p. The Parallax Problem In Astrology. A Contribution To Astrological Theory; 1950, 126p. Solar & Lunar Returns. How They Affect You According to Sidereal Zodiac. There has been a revival of interests in the teachings of Donald Bradley recently & we have received many requests for his works. In response we have compiled in One Volume All Four of his Best Kknown and Most Desired Works. Contents: Vol I Mystery of Mass Psychology; Human Response to Outside Forces; Tides In Affairs of Men; Cycles Write Workd History; Search for Causes; 3 1/2 Year Business Cycle; Planetary Aspects Are The Secret; Jupiter-Uranus Cycle; Planetary Peirods & Synods; Symbols; Aspects in Action; Power of Aspects; Line of Aspectivity; computing; Example; Sideograph; Promises & Limitations. Vol II Test of Astrological Skill; Principles & Practice of Contest Analysis; Charting The Game; Current Aspects; Contest Analysis; Horse Racing. Vol III Parallax Problem in Astrology; mechanics; Solution for Lunar Parallax; Solar 7 Planetary Parallax; New Moon Theory; Proof. Vol IV Reinstating Classic Zodiac; Solunar Return Charts; Solunar Interpretation: Sun, Moon, Planets; Solunar Returns In Action; Crisis In Consciousness; Vernal Point.

CAT#078 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $85.00

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Tides In The Affairs Of Men: an Approach To The Appraisal Of Economic Change
Edgar Lawrence Smith

1939 178p. One of the Most Important Classics on Cycle Theory, Speculation, Mass Psychology, and their Causes. Part I: The Decennial Pattern & Other Periodicities. Biological Cycles & Stock Prices; Corroborative testimony of Decennial Recurrence; Tides In Mass Psychology; Speculative Psychology; The Weather; graphic Analysis the III Years & 1881-1936; Seasonal & Decennial Tendencies; Nine Year Period. Part II: Economic Response to Solar Change. An Hypothesis of Solar-Economic Relationships & Their Measure In Terms of Weather Data. Anthropologists, Physicians, & Psychologists; Meteorologists; Rainfall & Stock Price Movements; Sun Spot Cycles - Rainfall & Stock Price Movements; Weather as a Measure of Solar-Economic Change; Effects of Seasonal Changes In Solar Radiation & Weather; Meteorological Appraisal of Probabilities; Sun, Weather & Stock Prices; Pig Iron; Cotton; Commodities Prices; Bibliography.

CAT#099 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Forecasting Prices
T. G. Butaney, Financial Astrologer

1940-63 Revised & Enlarged 288p. A Rare & Important Work On Indian Financial Market Forecasting & Gaming As Seen By Vedic Astrology. Preface: "I Thoroughly Revised & Overhauled My Previous Publications On Commercial Astrology: (1) How To Forecast Prices (2) Complete Courses Of Commercial Astrology (3) Forecasting Prices Made Easy, Added A Lot Of Useful Information & Put In All My Secrets Of 25 Years' Research Work In This New Revised Edition. Now My Life's Work Is Over. I Lay Down My Pen Forever & Bid A Loving Farewell To All Readers Of My Books. In This Book Are Embodied "SOLOMON'S MINES OF GOLD & DIAMONDS". The Study Of Each Page Will Lift The Veil Of Darkness Covering The "SECRET RULES OF SPECULATION & SPOTTING WINNERS IN RACES". When You Have Studied & Grasped Each Rule Explained In The Book Carefully, Will Suddenly Flash The Dazzling Beauty Of Solomon's Mines Of Gold & Diamonds. Then Judicious & Intelligent Use Of These Rules Will Help You To Make Each Deal In Speculation A Success & Each Selected Horse A Winner In Races To Make You Rich Beyond Your Expectations." Contents: Economic Considerations & Golden Rules Of Speculation; Preliminary Ideas In Commercial Astrology; Effects Of Mutual Aspects Of Planets On Prices(Western Astrology); Forecasting Prices According To Indian Astrology; Application Of Astrological Laws In Forecasting Prices Of (1) Shares, (2) Cotton, (3) Grains, (4) Oil-Seeds, & (5) Bullion; Forecasts Of: (1) New York Share & Cotton Markets, (2) Bombay Share, Cotton & Oil-Seed Markets With Fluctuations For 1963-64 AD. Very Rare!

CAT#170 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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How To Forecast Prices & Winners In Horse Races; With Astrological Forecast Of Prices Or Cotton, Grains, Oil-Seeds & Rainfall
T. G. Butaney, Financial Astrologer

1947 204p. A Very Rare Work Published In India On Financial Market Forecasting & Gaming As Approached By Vedic Astrology & Compared To Western Astrology. Highly Respected Work By The Few Who Have Seen It. Contents: Economic Factors Governing The Price-Level: Supply & Demand; Statistical Position & Monetary Situation; Rate Of Money Circulation; Principles Of Successful Speculation: Correct Judgement & Daring; Bulls & Bears; Market Sentiment; Study Of Statistical Position & Resistance Price Levels On Charts; Political Conditions; Over-Trading Spells Ruin; Cut Losses, Let Profits Run; Pyramiding; Calm Mind; Theory Of Reaction; Golden Rules Of Speculation; Forecasting Prices According To Western Astrology(Sayan System): Earth, Zodiac; Houses; Ascendant Or East; Descendant Or West; How Many Planets Are There?; Orbit; Ecliptic; Declination; Longitude; Latitude; Ruler Or Lord; Detriment; Exaltation; Classification According To Elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Water; Fruitful Or Bullish Signs; Barren Or Bearish Signs; Planetary Relationships; Rahu & Ketu; Precession; Parallel & Importance Of Aspects; Importance Of Transits; Planetary Combinations; Effects Of Planets Transiting Sensitive Points On The Trend Of Commodities; Forecasting Prices According To Indian Astrology: How Many Constellations Are There?; 27 Nakshatra Or Constellations (Houses Of The Moon);13 Degrees 20 Minutes Of Zodiac; Tithi - Distance Of Moon From Sun; Lunar Months; Yogas & Rules; Nakshatra Theory Of Rainfall; Vedhas Or Aspect Theory According To Nakshtras; Rules For Effects Upon Commodity Prices; Vedhas Or Aspect Theory Of Planets According To Nakshtra; Aspects Of Jupiter & Saturn; Rules For Rise & Fall Of Prices In Shares & Commodities; Rules For Strong Rises & Panics; Forecasting Prices Of: Cotton & Jute, Gold & Silver, Grains (Wheat, Gram & Rice), Oil-Seeds, Shares; Astrological Anticipations Of Price-Movements & Rainfall From Sept. 1947 To June 1950 AD; Forecasting Winners In Horse-Races; Planetary Hours; Theory Of Weights; Time Calculations. Very Rare!

CAT#171 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Sepharial’s Arcana & Keys
The Arcana Of Stock & Share Key.
Key To Sugar Values.
The Master Key
The Golden Key.
The Eclipse System.
The Solar Lunar Values
The Solar Apex Method.
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old)

Sepharial’s Arcanas or Keys are his rarest and most important writings, being distilled applications of his most important techniques and systems. To originally acquire these writings Sepharial required a written application and signature of a non-disclosure agreement. Due to these restrictions, these writings have always been the hardest writings of Sepharial to find. This collection contains a sampling of these writings. The Arcana Of Stock & Share Key, and Key To Sugar Values, are direct facsimiles of the original documents. The Master Key, Golden Key & Eclipse System are transcribed reproductions, of these very rare works primarily focused on forecasting of horse races. About the Master Key, Sepharial said, “This system is deemed to be the final word in racing Systems. It embodies the result of 11 years of observation and research and is itself the easiest and most reliable of the many attempts that have been made to fathom the profundities of racing problems and it is claimed that The Master Key leaves others behind and gives the best results." The Golden Key, Sepharial comments, “is only published in typed script under an agreement which secures privacy and non-publication. This is the method I have employed in regard to all my Arcana. It would have been quite easy for me to have published the Golden Key as a book and in all probability it would have sold in thousands at a good price. But in doing so I should have emasculated its working value to all who possessed it." The Eclipse System was written sometime after the Golden Key, to which it refers, and it mentions recent racing from 1917. Some consider this Sepharial’s most reliable system. The Solar Lunar Values & Solar Apex Method are brief summaries of the rules applied by these systems. Altogether this is the most complete collection of these rare materials ever offered, and should serve as an excellent guide into Sepharials deepest work.

CAT#202 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $85.00

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The Collected Sepharial, Volume I
Gann's Financial Sepharial

The Law Of Values. (GL) 80p.

The Silver Key, A Guide For Speculators. (GL) 94p.

Manual of Astrology: The Language of the Heavens & The Reading of the Horoscope 1898.


CAT#203 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $85.00

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"Money" Investing in Stocks, Trading In Commodities, Or The Time Factors In The Stock Market
George Bayer

1937 73p Numerous Diagrams & Charts. This is one of Bayer's rare early courses containing the most detailed presentation of the method of applying the ellipse and astrological principles to the markets. Contents: Philosophical Thoughts; What Do We Mean By Time?; About Religions; Motions In The Universe; Some Fundamentals Of Astronomy; Extension Of Astronomic Laws; The Stock Market, One Of The Minute Wheels Of The Universe; "Quack, Quack" About The Market; Biblical Interpretation; Market Vibrations; Mechanical Vs. Teleological Conceptions Of Market; Solar Energetic Forces; Planetary Forces; Astrological Methods & Applications; Gap Indications; Point Of Rotation; Force Intensity; Bayer Ellipse; Quadrature Of The Circle; Ellipse Method #3; Detailed Discussion Of Uses Of Ellipses & Controlling Circles; Construction Of Ellipse In Market; Conic Sections; Astrological Proofs From Bible; Tribes & Time Cycles; Angle Method #4; Method #5: Planetary Influences On Numbers; House Rulerships; Quadrants; Table Of Planetary Numbers; Planetary Stock Numbers; Attraction & Repulsion Of Planets; Detecting The Changes Of Trend By Means Of Critical Degrees; Wheat Examples. Bayer's Services.

CAT#231 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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A Complete Course In ASTROLOGY, Erection & Interpretation of Horoscopes As Well As For Stocks
George Bayer

1937 37p. Numerous Detailed Diagrams This course on the application of astrological principles to the Stock Market. Very rare! Contents: Erection Of A Chart; Placing Planets In A Chart; Calculation Of Mundane Chart; Radix Mirrored Chart; Mundane Mirrored Chart; Progressed Chart; Interpretation Of The 5-Fold Horoscope; Weighing The Aspects; Rectification Of A Chart With Unknown Birthtime; Practical Application Of The Five-Fold Horoscope; Tables Of Planetary Positions; Rotation; Daily Progressions; Latitude & Longitude.

CAT#232 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Market Forecasting: A Scientific Exposition of the Influences of the Heavenly Bodies On The Fluctuations of Values
Fakir Chandra Dutt

1949 178p. Illustrated With Charts & Maps. A rare market forecasting work published in India. Contents: Planetary Influences; Planetary Configurations; Mundane Astrology; Directions In Mundane Horoscopes; Ruling Signs Of Cities & Towns; Planets In Signs Of Zodiac; General Significators Of Commodities; Astrological Principles In Market Forecasting; Considerations & Significations; Charting The Value Curve; Planetary Influence On Stock Exchange; Planetary Cycles & Mundane Events; Individual Corporation; Produce Market; Charting Price Fluctuations; Wheat Market; Sugar Market; Rice Market; Cotton Market; Rubber, Jute & Hessian Market; Ephemeral Price Fluctuations.

CAT#233 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Forecasting The New York Stock Market
Professor Weston

1921 50 pages With Detailed Charts & Diagrams. An Extremely Rare & Important Technical Presentation of Astrological Cycle Theory & Fourier Analysis. From Title: Being A Treatise On The Geometrical Or Chart System Of Forecasting In Which Is Explained The Principles Of The Art, And Giving A Demonstration With The Price Curve Of Potatoes In The U. S. Contents: Banking & Pools; Cycles; Fourier Sequence; Cyclical Phenomenon; Fourier Equations; Cycle As Series Of Recurring Events; Linear Equations; Divisions Of Circle; Properties Of Circles; How To Construct Cycles; Geometrical Construction Of Cyclical Phenomena; Harmonics & Multipliers; Forecasting The Stock Market; 10 Year Cycle; Planetary Causes; Forecast Curve; Secondary Cycle; The System; Influence Of Jupiter & Saturn; Mercury In Stock Forecasting; 22 Day Cycles; 4 Month Cycles; 10 Year Cycle Of NYSE; Smoothed Forecast Curve; Cyclic Periods Of Finance; Fourier Chart Of Market.

CAT#234 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Financial Astrology
J. Ross Tyler

1934 49 Pages. Contents: The Key To Universal Law; The Significance Or Individuality Of Each Planet; Signs Of The Zodiac; Financial Astrology In Its Broader Aspects; The Making Of A Speculator; Financial Forecasting; General Electric; Ford Motors; Homestake Mining; General Motors; Willys-Overland Company.

CAT#235 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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A Scientific Correlation & Proof as to When & Why the Gold Market Makes Tops & Bottoms Including 100 Years of Projections to 2100

By L. David Linsky

2017. 201 pages. THE GOLD MARKET HAS BEEN SOLVED! This book reveals a scientifically based proof which accurately predicts when the Gold Market will make its tops and bottoms. Accurate projections have been made since 1974 with an accuracy rating between 85% - 99%. The Gold Market possesses a previously unknown but now identified hidden pattern, timed by a series of specific cycles which will allow any trader to capture Gold’s primary swings for the rest of their life… A valuable mathematically based pattern in the Gold Market has been discovered which provides a series of safe and highly profitable investment opportunities in Gold for many years into the future. The book lays out this unique discovery of a highly accurate and scientifically based proof foretelling when Gold will make its tops and bottoms within a very narrow time window with an 85-99% accuracy. This powerful insight has proven accurate in forecasting all the Gold Market’s primary tops and bottoms over the past 40 years, with further verification over 750 years. It can be applied to any investment in any highly-correlated or Gold related financial instrument, including physical Gold, Gold related Stocks, Options, ETF's, Futures, Bullion, Coins or Jewelry. Whatever level of investment experience one may have, whether a beginner or professional, this information will provide an invaluable edge for trading the Gold market for decades to come!

CAT#288 $1495.00 Black Suede Hardcover
Requires signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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The Collected Writings of W. D. Gann, Volume VI:
Astrological Writings
William Delbert Gann

1954-1955 70p. This course contains a collection of rare unpublished writings by Gann on astrology & the markets. Excerpts from these writings have been published in various works as examples of Gann's astrological orientation, but never have all of these writings been published in their full form. These give excellent insights into the causative factors of the market, & of Gann's use of both heliocentric and geocentric astrology. Contents: Astrological Writings & Charts: Method For Forecasting The Stock Market, 1921 - This Is The Only Course Mentioning Planetary Correlations With Time Cycles. The Human Body & Time Cycles, 1931 - A Fascinating Essay On The Symbolic Interpretation Of The Human Body, Discusses Number Symbolism, Geometry, Time Cycles And Astrology With Market Correlations. Soy Beans Price Resistance Levels, Active Angles & Degrees Of Zodiac. May Coffee Santos D, Heliocentric And Geocentric Aspects & Planets. Astrological Charts And Tables: Mean Of 5 - Cycle Of 8 - Jupiter & Saturn Scale Cycles – Astrological Calculations – Heliocentric Average Of 6 Planets – May Coffee Moon Signs – Path Of The Planets.

CAT#0357 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $100.00

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Bible Interpretation.
George Bayer.

1937 With 55 Excellent Diagrams. Contents: Astrological Diagram Interpretation of Biblical Genesis; Longitude & Latitude; Ecliptic; Tree; Transits; Plotting Stock Charts; Diagrams Of Earth, Heavens & Cosmos; The Node Man; Leaf Forms & Astrological Chart; Human Form & Chart; Astrological Calculator Diagrams; Biblical Interpretation; Noah's Ark; Zodiacal Diagrams; Ellipses.

CAT#359 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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NEW!!! Recently Discovered! Master Key Of Races
T. G. Butaney, Financial Astrologer

1970 Overhauled & Enlarged. 314p. A very rare work published in India presenting in detail the authors final and ultimate insights and secrets from his life’s work. In it are incorporated: ALL Handicap Numerological & Astrological Secrets Discovered by Me During My Over 30 Years Racing Experience To Pick The Winner in Each Race. From Preface: During my researches in Racing Science, I discovered many Marvelous Secrets of Handicap, Racing Numerology and Racing Astrology during 1966 and 1967 to pick Winner in Each Race, Solve Double and Treble Win, Forecast Pool and even Jackpot Pool many a time. They do not find a place in the 1964 Edition because they were discovered by me after the 1964 Edition was printed. It has ever been my grand desire that I should share these GRAND SECRETS, each worth $1000’s with the Racing Fans of the world. I have thoroughly overhauled and considerably Enlarged the earlier editions. I have also neatly explained and incorporated all Beautiful Secrets in this edition, so that readers all over the world might share these Secrets with pleasure. Contents: Part I: Secret Handicap Formulae (FORM). Part II: Racing Numerology (NUMBERS) Secrets of Numerological Combinations Beautifully Explained & Illustrated. Part III: Secret Handicap Formulae & Racing Numerology Combined. Part IV: Racing Astrology (STARS) Marvelous Secrets Neatly Explained & Astrological Rules are supported by Actual Results of about 300 Races. Very Rare!

CAT#369 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Stock & Commodity Traders’ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Secrets of Forecasting Values, Especially Commodities, Including Stocks.
George Bayer

1940. 51p. This is Bayer’s latest work which is directly focused upon giving a set of clearly defined trading rules Fro traders to apply, using his astrological indicators and ellipse. Contents: The Foundation Upon Which We Build Our Rules of Forecasting Movements of Commodities & Stocks; Additional Fundamentals; What The Ancients Knew; Charts; Trading In Commodities; Astronomy For Traders; Rules For Trading In Wheat; Hides & Stocks; 11 Rules For Trading In Hides or Stocks; Rules For Cotton, Lard and Stocks. Declination, Heliocentric; Direct Motion of Planets; 80 Year Cycles; Rules and Use of Ellipse; Latitude & Longitude both Heliocentrically & Geocentrically; Speed Differentials of Planets; Right Ascension & Declination; Daily Variations; Motions of Mercury, Mars, Venus, & Saturn; Neptune; Perihelion and Appehelion; Conjunctions; Effects of Zodiacal Signs; Parallax; Retrograde Motion; Detailed Trading Rules Using These Principles.

CAT#390 $75.00

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Daniele Prandelli

2010, 240p.This insightful new work unravels one of the most intriguing, yet least understood and properly applied principles of the great W. D. Gann, Planetary Price Lines. Many people have experimented with this technique, yet few have been able to maximize the potential of this powerful tool, due to a lack of a proper conversion factor which allows these Key natural forces to be usefully plotted on modern day charts with their extended price scales. Gann never spoke in detail about this technique, and the few references we have to it appear only on some of his most complex and messy charts, having to be deciphered and reverse engineered by the astute Gann analyst in order to determine what he was actually doing. Unfortunately, these attempts have rarely provided a fully functional tool for modern traders, because there is a missing Key, without which one becomes overwhelmed with too much indecipherable information. This course presents the first solution we have seen to properly using Planetary Price Lines in current markets. Contents: CHAPTER 1 – INDISPENSIBLE VIRTUE. CHAPTER 2 – PLANETARY PRICE-TRACKING PRICE PROJECTIONS - PLANETARY PRICE LINES. CHAPTER 3 – THE MASTER PRICE CYCLE- HOW TO DETERMINE THE RATIO FOR ANY MARKET- LONGER TERM PLANETS & VARYING RATIOS IN MULTIPLE MARKETS - SHORTER TERM PLANETS.CHAPTER 4 PLANETARY TIME- FIXED PLANETARY CYCLES (JUPITER, SATURN & URANUS)- PLANETARY ASPECTS. CHAPTER 5– MERGING PLANETARY PRICE & PLANETARY TIME – UPDATES FOR 2010 - REAL-TIME FORECASTS & TRADES. CHAPTER 6 – MATERIAL FOR RESEARCH AND REFLECTION- A NEW TIME SYSTEM CONCLUSION. APPENDICES: APPENDIX A – ORIGIN OF CYCLES. APPENDIX B – A SIGN AS GOOD AS GOLD. APPENDIX C – RESEARCH MULTIPLE INDICES TO CONFIRM REVERSAL RELIABILITY. APPENDIX D – JANUARY 2010 RESEARCH. APPENDIX E – RETRACEMENTS: A CRITIQUE. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE!

CAT#405 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $1,995.00

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Dr. Alexander Goulden

2014. THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY EVER WRITTEN! For full details see the following link: The intent of this course is to demonstrate the astrological principles which underpin the movement of financial markets. It offers a contemporary presentation (and the author's refinement) of the superior astrological techniques derived by the Masters of Antiquity. A core component of this advanced system is the science of the Chronocrators (Time Lords), without which forecasting becomes ineffective. Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source. The course includes unique revisions of an ancient method by which to rectify a nativity. It explains the astrological factors which regulate the timing of pivots and the direction of trend. It also reveals certain astrological secrets which determine price. Most importantly, perhaps, it explains, by reference to the Chronocrators, how to isolate the astrological signals which are "live" at any given point, and which are therefore likely to have an effect upon a market. § The Septenary division of significators of the natal chart. The relationship between the lunar cycle, the moment of birth and the timing of major events in the native's life. The chart of the pre-natal Syzygy and how to use it. The nature of the biquintile aspect. The significance of the rotary interaction between the Moon, the North Node and the lunar counterparts by progression and direction. The metaphysics of the Part of Fortune and other Arabic Parts. An Arabic Part of great power and utility which is little known and little used today. Secrets concerning the rotary coordinates of price. Ancient Chronocrator systems, revised and modified in light of extensive research and computer testing, revealing the inner and outer holograms of trend. Yearly, monthly and daily time lords (Chronocrators). The astrological dynamics of trend in light of the Chronocrators. The convergence of Chronocrators as a signal for culmination of trend. Time keys and simplified directions. The science of rectification - based on ancient techniques, but revised and modified (including a detailed example rectification of the S&P500). INCLUDES SUBSCRIPTION TO SECRETS OF THE CHRONOCRATORS ONLINE FORUM MODERATED BY THE AUTHOR. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE.

CAT#425 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $3,600.00

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Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled!
Daniel T. Ferrera

2001, 350p. This course presents the most detailed explanation of Gann Theory &Application ever before released to the public. Covering in detail a dozen of Gann's most difficult analysis techniques and theories, this course will advance the general reader to levels far beyond most Gann "experts" known today. Contents: The Astrological Secret Of Gann Angles; Analysis Of The Coffee Letter & Planetary Vectors Or Angles; The Cosmology Of 17 Years; Squaring Price With Time; Forecasting With Planetary Cycles; The 37 Year Cycle Pattern In The Dow Jones Industrial Average; Important Formulas And Techniques For Planetary Cycles; Three Term Proportion Of Planetary Longitudes; Gann’s CE Average, MOF Formula & Master Charts; Periodic Number Cycles; Support & Resistance Techniques From The Square Of 9; Converting Planetary Longitude To Price; Converting A Horoscope Into A Price Calculator; Gann’s Master Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions; Mass Pressure Forecasting Technique; Forecasting The Stock Market With Cycles; Gann’s Permanent Charts; Gann’s Base Ten Method; Balancing Solar Longitude With Price On The Square Of 9; Tunnel Thru The Air; Soybean Letter To Private Student; Market Volume; Conclusion. Includes 6 computer programs to calculate the various Gann techniques listed above.

CAT#439 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering.$1,500.00

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Studies In Astrological Bible Interpretation.
Daniel T. Ferrera

2001. An interesting exploration of the process used in coding astrological and astronomical cycles into literature. Engages in a thorough analysis of the book of Genesis, exploring coding systems by which astrological symbolism is veiled. Contents: Study of George Bayer’s Bible Interpretation; A Study of Ludwig Larson’s Key to the Bible & Heaven; A Study of David Fideler’s Jesus Christ Sun of God; Revelations Revisited; Bible Interpretation Related to W. D. Gann; 666 The Number of the Beast; A Study of the Book of Genesis; The Number 12; The Great Flood; Astrological Analysis of Astrological Codes of Genesis; Noah & His Sons; The Complete Book of Genesis is Broken Down Into Astrological Symbolism. Includes two horoscopes of the Bible.

CAT#440 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering.$75.00

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Cosmic Patterns.
John Nelson.

80p. A Baumring Favorite “producing evidence that the planets do, when in certain arrangements, cause changes in the particular solar radiations that are associated with magnetic storms in the atmosphere of the earth.” Nelson was employed by RCA to study sunspots in order to forecast magnetic storms which would disrupt shortwave radio communications. Nelson discovered that some natural forces besides sunspots were in some way involved in this phenomena, and found that the planets as they circled the sun were a part of the answer. Within a few years Nelson was able to build a forecasting system for shortwave communications facility throughout the world, based upon a combination of sunspots and planetary interrelationships. This book explains in great detail the methods used. Contents: Introduction to Sunspots, the Ionosphere, and Shortwave Radio; Early Research Period; The Search For Angles; The Search for Harmonic Refinements; Summary.

CAT#442 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering.$60.00

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Luther J. Jensen

1935/1938, 142. A bonafide classic of financial astrology. Two of the finest "How-To" books on financial astrology ever written combined into one volume. At 77 years of age, Mr. Jensen has written his life's work into this volume. Over 50 years of study, research, and actual application of his concepts in the stock and commodity markets have proven Jensen to be one of the greatest astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the point, the methods shown in Astro-Cycles are being used today by some of the most successful private traders and large companies.

CAT#445 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket Lambert-Gann Publishing $49.00

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How To Forecast Business & The Stock Market

LCdr. David Williams

1984, 264P. Represents the culmination of 30 years of research by the acknowledged dean of astro-economists. Commander Williams shares the techniques he used to score an 80 percent accuracy rating in predicting the ups and downs of the US economy in his magazine column. An absolutely indispensable reference for anyone interested in economics, business cycles and investing. The title "Financial Astrology" of this book is reductive: this is not another book about horoscopes or sun signs. When it comes to forecasting the Business cycle, traditional economic and econometric models simply do not work, in this book the author focused on non-conventional explanations of the Business cycle such planetary and astronomical cycles.

CAT#446 Oversized Paperback, American Federation of Astrologers $50.00

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The McWhirter Theory Of Stock Market Forecasting.
Louise McWhirter.

1938 198p. The long out of print early classic on financial astrology, is now again available as a facsimile of the original 1938 1st edition. Contents: The McWhirter Theory Of Stock Market Forecasting. Business Cycles and Stock Market Trends, 1850-1950. California Cold Inflation Prosperity Period. Panic of 1857. The Secession Depression. War Prosperity. Primary Post War Depression. Industrial Over-Expansion Prosperity Period. Secondary Post-War Depression Period. Depression of 1884. Railroad Prosperity Period, 1888-1892. Baring Crisis – 1891. Panic 1893-95. Recovery of 1895. Silver Campaign Depression 1896-1897. Merger Prosperity Period, 1900-1903. Rich Man’s Panic 1903-1904. Corporate Prosperity Period,1905-7. Panic of 1907. War Depression 1913-1914. War Prosperity,1915-1918. Primary Post-War Depression 1920-1922. Coolidge Prosperity Period 1925-1927. Bull Market Boom 1928-1929. Wall Street Panic of 1929. Secondary Post-War Depression. 1939. What of the Future – 1940-50? How to Forecast Monthly & Daily Trends on the New York . How to Forecast Trends of Individual Stocks. Stock Exchange 95 NYSE Stock Market Chart. The 12 Signs. The 10 Known Planets. Date and Place of Incorporation of Stocks Listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Simplified Ephemeris of the Planets, 1938. Glossary of Terms. Sign Rulership of the Countries.

CAT#471 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Stock Market Prediction: The Historical & Future Siderograph Charts & Software.
Donald Bradley.

1948, 2004 180p. The Planetary Barometer & How To Use It. Donald Bradley’s Siderograph Indicator is a very popular market indicator used by many analysts to give current turning points and trend indications for the markets. We have kept Bradley’s original work available for many years, but there has never been software to produce the charts readily available. Upon learning that services charged up to $100 per year for each Bradley chart, and that the only available software to produce the charts ran into the thousands of dollars, we put together a new version of Bradley’s work including the Bradley Siderograph charts for 100 years from 1950 to 2050, including the software so that anyone can produce these charts for themselves. The historical charts will also allow researchers to track past performance of the Siderograph for the past 55 years of market history, and to have ready made charts covering the next 45 years. This book includes a CD ROM with the software, and is bound in a Hardcover. CONTENTS: Mystery of Mass Psychology; Human Response to Outside Forces; Tides In Affairs of Men; Cycles Write World History; Search for Causes; 3 1/2 Year Business Cycle; Planetary Aspects Are The Secret; Jupiter-Uranus Cycle; Planetary Periods & Synods; Symbols; Aspects in Action; Power of Aspects; Line of Aspectivity; computing; Example; Sideograph; Promises & Limitations. 100 Years of Siderograph Charts.

CAT#496 $195.00 HARDCOVER W/ CD ROM.

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The Earliest Financial Astrology Manuscripts.
Fred White, Professor Weston, Sepharial, W.D. Gann.

1902, 1917, 1930 250p. Hardcover. We feel that this collection represents one of the most important discoveries ever in this field, both in terms of astro-finance history, and astrological trading application. The first manuscript, written in 1902, gives us a startlingly new and radically altered insight into the techniques used by the forefathers of astro-finance, in that it is the most advanced and important single document on astro-finance that we have ever seen. The second two manuscripts, written in approximately 1917 and 1930, add to the mystery by presenting advance astro-finance methodologies and insights that have not been duplicated in any other work since. The final undated manuscript, marked “…Confidential…” across the bottom, is on Market Trends & The Volume Rule, and is written in a style and with a content surprisingly similar to Gann’s. The original manuscripts are all in the same format, typed carbon copies on onion skin paper, with occasional blue and red pencil lines highlighting important points. Unfortunately, there is no mention of an author in any of these documents. Contents: 1902 Manuscript:- To Memorize - Motion Of The Planets - Houses Of The Planets - Planetary Hours - Mundane Astrology - Rules Applying To Markets - Influence of Each Planet - The Tendency Of Markets Under Strong Aspects Is As Follows – Elevations - Effect of Elevations On The Speculative Markets - Example In Transits – Panics - Rules For Forecasting Sugar - Rules For Forecasting Wheat Markets - The Parallel Aspect - The Nodes Of The Planets - For Speculation - Nodes Of The Planets – Geocentric – Speculation - The Terms Of The Planets - The Zodiac. 1917 Manuscript: - The Significator - The Indicator - Ephemeral Aspects - Nature of Aspects - Specific Natures - A Boom & A Slump – Aspects - Ruling Signs – Internationals - Guilt Edge Bonds Or Government - Sign Transits - Transition Points - Specific Horoscopes - American Railroads - The British Stock Exchange - Specific House Influences. 1930 Manuscript: February 1, 1897 - Market Swing Review - Lunar Rules For Determining Trend - Method For Trading By New Moon - Two New Moons In Same Sign & Yearly Trend - Indications For Full Moon - How To Determine Change In Trend - Moon’s Meaning In Different Houses - 10 Year & 11.9 Year Cycles - 5 Year 1.2 Cycle of 10 - Full Moon In Pisces – Fatal Sign - Rules For Volume of Sales - Declination & Parallels - Composite Cycles. Undated Manuscript: Market Trends - Price & Volume Trading Pointers - The Volume Rule - The Trend – Pressure - Advancing & Decreasing Prices - Advancing & Decreasing Volume - Volume Must Increase On Advances - Bull & Bear Market Rules - Reaction Rules - …Confidential… Apdx1:Fred White. A Guide To Astrology. 1901. Apdx2:Professor Weston. Forecasting The New York Stock Market. 1921 – 1923. Apdx3: Sepharial. The Arcana & Keys. Apdx4: W. D. Gann. Astrological Writings & Charts, 1921-1954.

CAT#505 $1,000.00 Hardcover, Manuscripts Reproduced In Color.

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Richard Scott

2010, 184 & 90p. 130 Charts, Tables & Images. What is presented in this course are the results of 8 years of labor, summarized, simplified, and clearly presented so that any trader can begin tracking and trading the planetary influences on the markets in a matter of weeks rather than years. Scott compiled 110 years of Dow Jones Industrial Average data, and, with his ephemeris in hand, tracked down every instance of every influence that he could discover until he was able to explain all the planetary influences over those 110 years. This course presents an important insight into planetary influence by determining the ongoing energetic background environment that the market is traveling through at all times. This environment is defined by the summation of the underlying planetary energies at any time. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE!

CAT#509 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $1,750.00 (Disregard shipping charges of $175 on the next page, we will correct shipping to $15-45.00)

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Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck & Harriett Higginson

3 Volumes. 2011. Vol. 1 425p. Vol. 2 410p. Vol. 3 615p. PLUS: Tarot & Astrology (Pursuit of Destiny) 222p. The Institute of CosmoEconomics is excited to at long last release the first installment of the Space-Time Forecasting Archives of Muriel and Louis Hasbrouck. This archive represents one of the most important discoveries ever in the field of market forecasting based on causation or correlation with natural forces, a science we call CosmoEconomics. The only other comparable level of research and insight to that of the Hasbroucks would be the work of WD Gann. The Hasbrouck archives present an entire education in market forecasting, celestial mechanics and field theory, and astronomical causation which goes well beyond all current theories of modern science, producing forecasting results that are, as yet, beyond scientific or economic understanding. Even though this work is 30-50 years old, it is still ahead of science by a good 50 years, and of economics and finance by 100 years or more. Our Hasbrouck research group will comprise the first and only group of people to learn and apply the lost secrets that the Hasbroucks so carefully guarded. We anticipate that the release of this treasure trove of wisdom will help to advance the field of financial forecasting and solar field causation in way never before considered. This introductory set contains everything needed to obtain an understanding of the nature of the Hasbrouck’s work, and the effectiveness of their results. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COLLECTION!

CAT#522 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $1,995.00 – TEMPORARY SPECIAL DISCOUNT $1,500.00

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Bill Meridian's Planetary Economic Forecasting.
Bill Meridian.

2008, 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded. Introduction by Robert Hand. 267P. Economic forecasting through the use of planetary cycles comes of age with the publication of this book. Planetary cycles have been analyzed in two ways. First, quantitative cycles have been computed based on 200 years of American industrial production data. This unique time series became available in 1988, and has been maintained by the author since. The second analysis is qualitative. Graphs showing commercial crises, recessions, and panics for each sidereal and synodic cycle are presented. Each cycle has been back tested from 1800. Some of the results are contrary to conventional assumptions. 1. Foreword. 2. The Data. 3. The Graphs. 4. Expansion and contraction. 5. Planets through the signs. 6. Synodic cycles. 7. Testing the cycles. 8. Eclipses. 9. Past projections. 10. Future projections. 11. CPI revealed. 12. The Federal Reserve. 13. Bibliography. 14. About the author.

CAT#529 $50.00 Quality PB, Cycles Research Publications.

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Bill Meridian's Planetary Stock Trading - III.
Bill Meridian.

2008, 2nd Edition Revised & Updated. 380p. This is the only book available that not only offers over a thousand first trade charts, but the methodology of how to use them, complete with 53 case studies, and new university-replicated lunar phase study. Foreword to Second Edition. Introduction: Part One: First Trade Charts: What are They? Part Two: Interpretation of the Natal First Trade Horoscope. Part Three: Case Studies. Part Four: Computerized Stock Selection and Portfolio Management. Part Five The Future of Financial Astrology. Part Six Methodology. Part Seven Market Analysis for Astrologers. Part Eight Case Studies, Edition Two. Part Nine Financial Astrology: The Future gets Even Brighter. Dow Jones Industrials. Dow Jones Transportations. Dow Jones Utilities. S & P Stocks (NYSE). OTC (NASDAQ) Charts. Mutual Funds. Foreign Funds (NYSE). Financial Institutions. British Stocks (FTSE). Appendix.Chart Data of Illiquid Stocks. Chart Data of Inactive Stocks. Ticker Symbol Company Index.

CAT#530 $50.00 Quality PB, Cycles Research Publications.

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The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths.

Bill Meridian.

2010. 330p. JAYNE’S ECLIPSE RULES. JOHNDRO’S BIRTH ECLIPSE RULES AND ELECTRIC PHASE ARC. JAYNE’S ECLIPSE BRIDGES AND ECLIPSE CHAINS. MERIDIAN’S ECLIPSE PATHS AND ACG MAPS. TIMING WITH ECLIPSES, SAROS CYCLES, METONIC CYCLES. FOR PERSONAL ASTROLOGY AND MUNDANE ASTROLOGY. JAYNE'S WW2 PREDICTIONS ANALYZED AND EXPLAINED. DID YOU KNOW THAT: -The natal eclipse path of General Robert E. Lee cuts the USA in half from east to west. -The natal eclipse path of Mao Tse Tung cuts China in half from east to west. -The natal eclipse path of Mohammed the Prophet shadows the lands in which Islam is strongest. -You can meet the love of your life where your eclipse path meets a Venus ACG line. -When your natal eclipse is eclipsed again, there will be a major life change. Events begun in the week to ten days prior to an eclipse rarely work out as planned: *The NY Giants upset the Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2008 in the week prior to an eclipse. *Hillary Clinton was upset by Obama in the Super Tuesday primary prior to the same eclipse. *Vietnam was created prior to an eclipse that sliced the country in half. *The 2009 birthday of Tiger Woods was on the day before an eclipse. CONTENTS: TO NATAL HOROSCOPES 4. THE ECLIPSE PATH. 5. PREDICTION. 6. ECLIPSE PATHS IN MUNDANE ASTROLOGY. 7. ECLIPSE PATHS & ASTROCARTOGRAPHY. 8. JAYNE’S ORIGINAL ARTICLES. 9. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. 10. THE PRIMARY FAMILY OF ECLIPSE PATHS. 11. NEW DIMENSIONS IN MUNDANE ASTROLOGY. 12. ECLIPSE PATHS IN PRACTICE. APPENDIX.

CAT#531 $40.00 Quality PB, Cycles Research Publications.

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