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The Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann

Including Previously Unpublished Rare Courses

The  Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann
I.    Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records

The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Stock
        Market Forecasting Courses

.  Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators & Astrological Writings

IV.   The
Complete Commodity Market Courses

V.     Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators

William Delbert Gann
1909 – 1955  5 Volumes, 4 Large Transparent Calculators, & Set of 30 Oversized Charts. This set is the most complete, best organized and best priced collection of Gann’s writings ever available.  For complete contents see the individual listings for the courses as follows.  Purchase of the complete set includes Volume I at no charge. $1000.00


Detailed Contents of Courses As Follows

Including Gann’s Own Explanations of His Courses

The following quotations are excerpts from various marketing brochures by W. D. Gann, explaining his theories of knowledge and techniques of analysis. We present below a new collection of Gann's courses organized to his specifications and including all of the material including his rarest & most desired courses, the Master Time Factor, & The Mathematical Formula For Market Prediction, neither of which has, until this time, been available in any of the previously published collections of Gann’s Courses. We thought it best to let Gann speak for himself regarding his teachings and services, so the following sections are Gann's own presentation of his courses from his own Marketing Brochures:


This Service possesses many superior, advantages over other classes of service, because it has the one thing lacking in all other services-the time element. My discoveries of a Master Time Factor and the Great Cycle enable me to forecast markets years in advance. I do not depend on space charts based on space movements alone, because these would make errors and cause losses. I use volume combined with the proper time charts, which help me to determine the technical position of the stocks much better and a long time before the statistical position is shown. Time tells on all things.

The object of this Service is to give you valuable advice based on scientific methods and to show you how to help yourself. Only a fool makes mistakes without learning something. I have benefited because I have made mistakes in the past and made losses. I can show you-how to avoid the mistakes that most of the traders make in Wall Street.

Investors and traders are always willing to pay for what will help them to make a greater success. It pays to get the best scientific knowledge, because the best is always the cheapest in the long run and you can not expect to get something good for nothing. Experience has taught me that the best way to help others is to show them how to help themselves, and if I can get subscribers to read my books and learn my Methods, they make a greater success following my Service.



Webster said: "The man who can teach me something is the man I want to know." You may think my prices are high, but stop to consider that you have the use of these Methods during your entire lifetime and that the knowledge I teach will be worth the money for one week's trading at critical times. You can easily lose in the market the price you would pay for my Course and the market leaves you with no valuable knowledge after your losses. Learn to see and know for yourself what Commodities will do; then you will make a success.



After you have learned all of the rules laid down in TRUTH OF THE STOCK TAPE and WALL STREET STOCK SELECTOR and have learned how to apply them, I am sure you will agree that I have given you more than your money's worth in these books. You will then be ready for a post-graduate course and will probably want to know how to forecast according to my Master Time Factor, and determine the years when stocks will have big advances and reach final tops and also the years and the cycles when panicky declines are indicated.

I teach all of these rules with my complete Forecasting Methods, showing how to determine the major and minor swings according to the time element. I can teach you how to determine the wave lengths of different stocks so you will know about how many points they are going to advance when they go into new territory and about how many points they are going to decline when they break out of the zone of distribution. With my Forecasting Methods, you can make up a forecast for the average market one or more years in advance and also make,-up a yearly forecast on individual stocks. Each stock moves according to its' individual time limit and makes top and bottom at different times, because the vibration, and wave length varies on the different stocks.

I teach Courses of Instruction on Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Oats, Rye, Lard, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Rubber, Silk and other commodities, but I only impart these Methods to people who are willing to comply with my requirements. They are too valuable to be broadcast or put in the hands of people who cannot use them to advantage. Therefore, I only teach them to people who want them for their own use and do not intend to publish them or sell them to others. I will not teach my Forecasting Method to anyone unless I feel sure that they can make a success with it after they learn it. Some men cannot make a success with any kind of a method or rule. I would not take a man's money and teach him something that I did not think would benefit him.

The man who expects to succeed in speculation or investments must study and learn all that he can about the market. It has been well said, "Where knowledge begins, speculation ceases." Therefore, the aim and object of every man who wants to make success in speculation or investing should get as much scientific knowledge as possible and then he will be able to make profits. 



 Volume I





William Delbert Gann


This Collection Of Writings Contains An Assortment Of Marketing Brochures Which Were Used By Gann To Market His Courses And Services, , Annual Forecasts For A Year In Advance, Interviews With Gann And Articles About Him, And A Selection Of His Trading Records. These Writings Are Very Enlightening, Explaining In Clearer Words Than In His Books And Courses, Gann’s Methodology And Vision Of The Markets. There Are Important Clues In These Writings To Gann’s Background Research And To The Importance And Purpose Of Each Of His Courses. They Also Help To Draw A Personal Portrait Of The Master Himself, And To Trace His Development Over The Years. We Have Included A Smattering Of Rare Master Charts To Titillate The Imagination.






PRICE: $ 50.00 (180 PAGES)





Volume II



This course was Gann's Greatest Course as you will see below reflected in his valuation of it. Notice the prices charged for the different courses and what they contain and you will find an Excellent Clue to what he considered of the Greatest Importance. This course has been unavailable since the time Gann himself sold it. The following excerpt is from "Learn Before You Lose", one of Gann's Marketing Brochures which discusses the importance of the Master Time Factor, and which advertised this Course. Everything listed in the following description is included in our set of courses listed after Gann's Introduction.


What the Course Consists of

The Complete Course is in Four Lessons:

LESSON I. Form Reading or Picture Method. A great improvement on the Dow Theory. Formations or how to forecast the trend by certain formations by fixed rules which help to make your judgment accurate. Examples are given to prove the rules. With this lesson you learn from the picture or formation and after experience your eyes will recognize a formation and know what it means.

LESSON II. Resistance Levels. Where stocks meet buying or selling and make bottom and top. Definite mathematical rules, practical and proven that make profits. They are easy to learn and apply. All buying and selling points marked plainly on the charts and rules given why to buy or sell at certain points. Anyone should be able to learn this lesson in three days' time and make substantial profits with this Lesson alone. This method keeps you with the trend and enables you to buy near low layers and sell near top.

LESSON III. Time Elements and Time Rules. There is a definite relation between price and time. When time is up stocks make top and start down. When time is up and the time cycle runs out stocks make bottom and start up. It makes no difference how high stocks are selling, they can go higher until time runs out and no matter how low they are they can go lower until time is up.

Time is the most important factor in determining and forecasting market movements. Very few people understand the time element and its value. With this lesson you learn when the right time comes to buy and you know according to time three important buying points:

1. When near extreme low levels. With limited risk.

2. A safer buying point at a certain time period.

3. The safest buying point after the market gives the third time signal.

These rules give the three selling levels according to time. With this method you will be able to make up a forecast one year or more in advance on the average or individual stock.

LESSON IV. Volume of Sales. Now, up-to-date, since the Security Exchange regulation and higher margin requirements have changed volume of sales. The Volume of Sales is the driving power that moves the market but time determines when volume will change at fop or bottom. The volume rules are proven by charts, rules and forms on volume never published or used by anyone else.

Results from the Methods

1896 to 1931-43 years with Dow Jones Averages.

No. I Course of Instructions


1. Form Reading or picture method. Some Time Rules and Formations. B. W. points.

2.         Resistance levels make it easier to operate with first lesson. Gives more mathematical confirmations of why to buy and sell at certain points.

In order to help those who are worthy and frying to help themselves, I am making .8 very reasonable price on these courses so that young students and people of small means can get started on their Investment Education. At a small cost and with a small capital students may start trading after they hays gained knowledge and make profits.

The price is $500.00; payable $300.00 cash in advance. Easy terms on the balance, or can be paid after you make profits.

No. 2 Complete Course of Instructions


This is a more complete course than I have sold for $5,000.00 in former years and it is worth $5,000.00 or more to anyone who will study it and use it. To help others who need help and are trying to make a success, I am making a low price of $1,000.00 for the Complete Course which includes a Weakly High and Low Chart on Dow-Jones 20 Railroad Averages- 1896 to 1914, a Weekly High and Low Chart on Dow-Jones 30 Industrial Averages 1914 to date. A swing Chart on 30 Industrials 1896 to data. Weekly High and Low Chart on five active stocks that you select or we select, these Charts will be for two or three years back, according to the stock and market positions at the time.

Terms arranged if you are not in position to pay all cash in advance.

No. 3 Master Forecasting Method

This Method contains all of the Form Rules, Resistance Level 'and Volume of Sales and my secret discovery of the Master Time Factor and a new way of Forecasting by Mathematical Rules that are simple and practical.

MATHEMATICAL RULES OR REASONS: It is possible to got as many as nine confirmations or reasons why a stock should be bottom or top at a certain time and the greater number of confirmations the surer the chances of making profits. That is why each of my Lessons and Courses teach you more rules to confirm what you learned in the first Course or previous Lessons.

Master Charts that save time and work go with this Course, Master High and Low Charts ten to forty-five years back. This Course gives mathematical proof of how I forecast the 1929 Bull Market and the Panic which followed to 1932.

Price of complete Master Forecasting Course $2500.00 cash in advance. Terms can be arranged with part cash and balance on monthly payments.






 William Delbert Gann


  SECTION I      The Original No. 3 Master Forecasting Method

& How To Make Profits

-An Important Marketing Brochure Discussing The Master Time Factor And Advertising The Original Release Of This Most Important Course.

-One Of Gann's Most Important Courses, His Greatest Dissertation On Pattern Recognition

-How To Measure Resistance Levels In The Market, The Harmonic Analysis Of The Market

-Gann's Explanation Of The Force Behind The Markets

-This Is One Of Gann’s Two Most Important, And Previously Unpublished Courses Covering The Following Rare Sections: Forecasting, Great Cycle - Master Time Factor, Bull & Bear Calendar Years, How To Make Annual Forecasts, Mater 20-Year Forecasting Chart, 1929 & 1936 Yearly Forecasts, NYSE Permanent Chart

-Master "12" Chart – Square Of 9 – Six Squares Of 9 – 2 Hexagon Charts – Master Chart Of 360° - Mater 360° Circle Chart Squared – Spiral Chart – NYSE Permanent Chart – Us Steel Name Chart – Us Permanent Chart – Price & Time Spiral Charts - 15° Hourly Spiral Chart – Square Of 4 – May Soy Bean Master Chart – Mater Egg Chart – Coffee Rio Conic Chart – May Wheat Geometric Chart – Even Squares – Gann Scientific Forecast - May Soy Bean

Section II Stock Market Forecasting Courses

We Have Included In This Section All Other Unpublished Forecasting Courses We Have Found To Create A Complete Supplement For Those Who Have Previously Acquired Gann’s Work Through The Lambert-Gann Stock Course.

-A Rare Unpublished Stock Market Course From 1921 Covering Gann’s Complete Method Of

Forecasting And Including Astrological Correlations Never Included In Other Courses.

-Another Rare, Unpublished Forecasting Course Focusing On The Dow Jones.

-This Is A Previously Published Course But Is Included To Complete The Forecasting Course.

-An Unfamiliar Short Time Cycle Course Illustrating How Gann Sold Sections Of His Courses.

-An Interesting Analysis Of Auburn Motors By Geometrical Angles

-Another Rare And Interesting Course On Resistance Levels

-Gann's Most Complete Explanation Of Options Trading, Something Many People Don't Think They Did In Gann's Time.

-Another Short Unpublished Work On Selling Puts And Calls.


$2,500.00 IN 1939


$ 300.00 (220 PAGES)






This Course Includes Four Large, Transparent Master Calculators, with Complete Instructions for each, Resistance Levels, Geometrical Angles, and an expanded set of Master Charts, all of the most Mathematical, Geometric & Harmonic Writings and Charts together with Complete Instructions for Use.

The following is an excerpt from W. D. Gann's Marketing Brochure entitled "Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions", which Advertises and Explains the Value of the Master Calculator. This Important Mathematical Formula for Market Prediction Course with Instructions for Using the Mathematical Calculator Has Not Been Published since Gann Advertised it in this Brochure. In His Own Words:


W. D. Gann Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions



W. D. GANN'S latest and greatest invention for predicting the trend on stocks and commodities.

WHAT IT DOES. This Calculator is made of plastic and can be laid over a chart and it is easier to see through it than through glass.

This Master Calculator shows what these time figures are and what they mean.

1. It shows. major and minor time periods.

2. Locates a TRUE TREND LINE and a RELATIVELY TRUE TREND LINE for an advancing and a declining market.

3. The main trend and the proportion in minor time periods in days, weeks, months and years.

4. The Price Resistant Levels are shown and a Price and Time Balance.

5. The different divisions for Time and Price.

6. The Master Time Cycles and their relation to price levels and the indication where on-e time cycle ends and a new cycle begins.

7. The Number Seven is mentioned more times in the Bible than any other number. The Master Calculator proves the importance of 7 in time periods, also 3, 9 and 12 which are referred to in the Bible. This Calculator accurately measures Price Time and Space for future indications of Time Trends.,

8.             The Master Calculator locates the Corner Stone, the Key Stone and the Cap Stone for price and time Trend. It proves the Master Number and Master Time Cycle and shows why and how they work on price.

9. The Master Calculator proves 9 divisions of time from one center or time factor and shows at a glance whether the price of stocks or commodities are in a weak or strong position.


The Value of Master Calculator to You

It is absolutely mathematically accurate and prevents you from making mistakes on price or time trend. It eliminates human judgment and guesswork and saves at least 75% of the time required to calculate trend indications. This is of great value to people who are busy and whose time is valuable.

One job of research covering a period of 150 years required one man three weeks to complete. The Master Calculator covered the whole calculation in three hours time and did not make one error. The man who did the research work averaged one error for every three years.

W. D. GANN has devoted over 52 years to research work on stocks and commodities and has spent a fortune to complete this revolutionary discovery.

The value of this Master Calculator to you cannot be measured in dollars. You have the use of it for your entire lifetime.

You receive with the Master Calculator complete written rules and instructions on how to use it.

We now have two (2) Master Calculators ... Numbers 9 and 12. With these you can calculate quickly and accurately all future TIME CYCLES, PRICE and TIME RESISTANCE LEVELS. The new discovery used in connection with this Calculator forecast the big advance in Soy Beans from August 20, 1953, to March, 1954; also predicted that Coffee would advance to the highest prices in history in 1954. These Calculators gave these indications, based on the Master Time Cycle, as related to price.

One man who bought the Master Calculator says: "It is the greatest invention since the wheel. It saves me time and makes profits."

A cotton trader says: "I first took your course in 1927, and it has been of great value to me; but your new Master Calculator is the greatest discovery you have ever made, and the most valuable. It indicated top for March coffee on at 4020 on September 8, 1952, and called for low at 3210 on January 12, 1953. March cotton sold at 3212 on January 12. That is plenty close for me."

The price of the Master Mathematical Calculator depends upon what courses you take in connection with it. It can be used on any commodity or, on stock averages or individual stocks.

The Master Calculator can only be used with the Master Courses. It is not sold separate from the courses and cannot be used with the Mechanical Method.

We are making a special price to students who have taken the Master Courses on Stocks and Commodities. Please write if you are interested in the Master Calculator as we are having a supply made up and will reserve one for you.





William Delbert Gann


This Course Includes Four Large, Transparent Mater Calculators, With Complete Instructions For Each, Resistance Levels, Geometrical Angles, And An Expanded Set Of Master Chart, All Of The Most Mathematical, Geometric & Harmonic Writings And Charts Together With Complete Instructions For Use.



W. D. Gann Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions

The Master Mathematical Price, Time & Trend Calculators


-A Marketing Brochure Describing The Master Mathematical Calculator’s Importance.

-This Is One Of The Two Rarest And Most Valuable Of Gann’s Courses Unpublished Since His Advertised In The Above Brochure Containing Complete Instructions For The Following:

- Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 12 (144)

- Master Time & Price Calculator, Square Of 9 (90)

-Instructions On How To Use The Calculator For Soy Beans.             

The Trend Of Stocks And Commodities

-Instructions For The Use Of The Following Included Calculator.

-Time & Price Calculator- Square Of 52 (104), Weekly Time Periods               

-Instructions For Use Of The 4th Calculator Included In This Course:

-Calculator For Daily, Weekly, Monthly Time Periods, May Soy Beans

-For The Further Elaboration Of The Calculators We Have Included This Course On Geometrical Angles, A Fundamental Element Of The Calculators.

-We Have Also Included This Course On Resistance Levels For A Deeper Explanation Of The Calculators, And Of The Important Points To Consider.

Master "12" Chart – Square Of 9 – Six Squares Of 9 – 2 Hexagon Charts – Master Chart Of 360° - Mater 360° Circle Chart Squared – Spiral Chart – NYSE Permanent Chart – Us Steel Name Chart – Us Permanent Chart – Price & Time Spiral Charts - 15° Hourly Spiral Chart – Square Of 4 – May Soy Bean Master Chart – Mater Egg Chart – Coffee Rio Conic Chart – May Wheat Geometric Chart – Even Squares – Gann Scientific Forecast - May Soy Beans

Part II

Astrological Writings & Charts

This Is A Collection Of Rare Unpublished Writings By Gann On Astrology & The Markets. Excerpts From These Writings Have Been Published In Various Works As Examples Of Gann’s Astrological Orientation, But Never Have All Of These Writings Been Published In Their Full Form. These Give Excellent Insights Into The Causative Factors Of The Market, & Of Gann’s Use Of Both Heliocentric And Geocentric Astrology.

-1921 This Is The Only Course Mentioning Planetary Correlations With Time Cycles.

-1931 A Fascinating Essay On The Symbolic Interpretation Of The Human Body. Discusses Number Symbolism, Geometry, Time Cycles And Astrology With Market Correlations.

-Mean Of 5 - Cycle Of 8 - Jupiter & Saturn Scale Cycles – Astrological Calculations – Heliocentric Average Of 6 Planets – May Coffee Moon Signs – Path Of The Planets

Price:     $300.00

(200 Pages, 4 Large Transparent Calculators)




The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume IV
The Complete Commodity Market Courses
William Delbert Gann
1940-1955  250p.  Includes tube containing 30 Oversize Charts.  This courses contains all of the courses on the commodity markets written by Gann, along with 30 Oversized Charts demonstrating his methods and principles.  Content, Part I: Speculation A Profitable Profession, A Course Of Instructions On Grains.  Mechanical Method & Trend Indicator For Trading In Grains.  Soybeans, Corn & Wheat, Rules For 2-Day Chart Moves.  The Basis Of My Forecasting Method For Grains, Geometrical Angles.  Forecasting Grain By Time Cycles.  Cash & May Soybean Futures.  Part II: Mechanical Cotton Method & New Trend Indicator.  Cotton Forecasting Instructions. Resistance Levels. Forecasting Cotton By Time Cycles, The Master Time Factor.  Part III: Master Egg Course.  October Eggs.  Master 360 Degree Square Of 12 Chart For Eggs, Instructions.  Egg Futures, Rules For 2-Day Moves.  Master Square For Price & Time Trends On Eggs.  Tables For Squares 144 for Egg Prices.  Why Prices Move Faster At High Levels.  Price & Time Chart For Egg Futures.  Eggs, How To Determine Culminations & Changes In Trend.  Rules For Eggs. Charts For Eggs.  Complete Enhanced Master Charts (see listings above Vol II for contents).  Oversized Chart Contents:  May Soybeans Daily.  July Soybeans Daily.  November Soybeans Weekly. May Soybeans Weekly Time Periods.  Trend Line Indicator For Wheat.  May Wheat Monthlies. May & Cash Wheat Monthly.  Wheat Prices 1259-1840.  Coffee Moon Signs.  Path Of The Planets. March Cotton Daily. March, May & October Cotton Weekly.  July Cotton Swings. December, March, July & October Cotton Monthly.  Eggs 1918-1955.  October Eggs Weekly.  Dow-Jones Averages Swings.  Dow-Jones 9 Point Swings.  Dow-Jones 15 Day Chart.  Union Pacific Weekly.  And More…  $300.00



The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume V
Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators
William Delbert Gann
1935-1954  200p.  This course contains all of the more easily approachable Stock Market Courses by W. D. Gann, and would be, along with Volume I, the best introduction to Gann’s writings for those hesitant to approach the more difficult Courses contained in Volumes II, III & IV.  It gives clear instructions for the most easily applied Mechanical Methods and Trend Following Indicators of this great master, along with reviews of the markets, and general principles of stock trading and investment.  Contents: Speculation A Profitable Profession, A Course Of Instruction On Stocks.  Method For Trading With The Overnight Chart, The W. D. Gann Mechanical Stock Trading Method.  Review Of The Bull & Bear Markets, Showing Formations & Buying & Selling Points 1903-1939 Dow-Jones Industrial Averages.  Seasonal Changes In Stocks.  Natural Resistance Levels & Time Cycle Points.  How To Make Profits Trading In Puts & Calls.  $100.00