Dr. Baumring compiled numerous works useful for explaining every aspect of the markets, expanding Gann’s list of recommended works. These books were carefully selected to elucidate primary aspects of knowledge essential for an understanding of Gann’s Market Cosmology. Check the Seeker's Sanctum for prices and availability.


 The Apocalypse of the Golden Mean. This is the most important book on the golden mean and its true meaning and relationship to ancient architecture and the universe. Jerry considered this book so important that he kept it locked away and never released it to any of his students.

Nature’s Harmonic Unity; Samuel Colman; 1911; 327p. Probably the best book on the harmonic ordering processes of nature. Filled with beautiful harmonic diagrams, and highly recommended by Dr. Baumring.

Proportional Form: Further Studies In The Science Of Beauty, Being Supplemental To Those Set Forth In "Nature’s Harmonic Unity"; Colman, Samuel; Coan, C. A.; 1920; 265 pages. This is Colman’s 2nd work completed two years before he died. It is an important companion to Nature’s Harmonic Unity, and one of the best books on order and geometry in nature.

The Lodge and the Craft; Rollin Blackmer; 1923; 287p. As stated by Dr. Baumring, this book contains one of the Three Keys to Gann. This is one of the few Masonic books which contains explicitly important knowledge and has direct connections to Tunnel Through the Air.

Behold! The Circle Squared Beyond Refutation; Heisel and Faber; 1934; 238p. The solution to the squaring of the circle, giving numerical proportions meaningful to the market.

Spiritism: The Hidden Secret in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity; Clara A. Speight-Humberston; 1915; 232p. This was one of Dr. Baumring’s secret books formative in his understanding of the markets. It relates cellular life with alchemy and sacred numbers.

The Lost Solar System of the Ancients Discovered, 2 Vols.; John Wilson; 1856; 1000p. This was one of Dr. Baumring’s most highly recommended books and is one of the best sources of information on market cosmology, number series, astronomy and ancient architecture. This is the only source for this extremely rare and valuable book.

New Laws For Natural Phenomena; Thomas Graydon; 1938. This was one of the main books on Dr. Baumring’s reading list. It goes into cosmic order and laws of astronomical harmony.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean; Doreal, 1939; 140p. This was another of Dr. Baumring’s goodies that he talked about but refused to release. These are the amazing translations of the original Emerald Tablets written by Hermes Trismegistus in Ancient Egypt, which were recovered by Doreal in a Mayan temple in the Yucatan and returned to the Hall of Records.

The Sun Book; John Hazelrigg; 1916.

Astrosophic Tractates; John Hazelrigg; 1936.

Secrets of the Meridian;
Alec Stuart; 1926.

The Septiform System of the Cosmos; Alec Stuart; 1935.

 Kabbalistic, Alchemical and Occult Symbolism of the Great Pyramid; Doreal; 1939.

Handbook of Mathematics; J. Claudel; 1906; 708p. This book was chosen by Jerry to give a complete mathematics introduction to his students. It covers completely all that is needed in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

 Ancient Mysteries and Modern Revelations;
W. J. Colville; 1916; 352p.

 The Magic of Numbers; Eric Temple Bell; 1946;418.

 Kabbalah; W. J. Colville; 1916; 190p.

 Sunspots and Their Effects; Harlan True Stetson; 1937; 200p.

 Other Worlds Than Ours; Richard Proctor; 1880; 328p.

 Astrosophic Principles;
John Hazelrigg; 1917.

 The Book of Enoch The Prophet;
Richard Laurence; 1838; 250p.

 Mystic Symbolism In Bible Numerals;
Leo Stalnaker; 1952; 150p.

 The Last Shift of the Earth’s Axis;
Fred G. Plummer; 1894.

 Introduction to the Theory of Sets;
Joseph Breuer; 1964.

 Planetary and Stellar Worlds
; Gen. O. M. Mitchel; 1891; 182p.

 Cleoparta’s Needle;
James King.

 Stars Ahead;
Ray and Josephine Smyth.

 The Alchemy of Light and Color;
Oliver Reiser; 1928.

 New Astronomy and Cosmic Physiology;
G. E. Sutcliffe.

 Io Unveiled;
Bozena Brydlova; 1922. A wonderful book highly recommended by Dr. Baumring.

 Key To The Bible;
Harry Walton; 1952.

 Secret: The Gizeh Pyramids;
Thothmu Tastmona; 1954. One of Dr. Baumring’s most highly recommended books on the pyramid.

 Hand-book of Astrology;
Zadikiel; 1863.

Eclipses and Lunations in Astrology;
Sam Bartolet; 1937.

 Periodicity: The Law of All Life;
Buchanan; 1912. This book was stored in the depth of Dr. Baumring’s files and has obviously great applications to the market.

 The Science of Numerology Through the Law of Vibration;
John Laurie. Another out of Dr. Baumring’s files never before released.

Hashnu Hara; 1905. This one also from Dr. Baumring’s files.

 Why Life Exists;
Lars Carlson; 1930; 224p. This one also out of Dr. Baumring’s private files.

 The Symphony of Life;
Donald Hatch Andrews; 1966; 423. From Dr. Baumring's reading list.

 Long Range Astro Weather Forecasting;
George McCormack; 1965. Also from Dr. Baumring’s files.

 The Web of the Universe;
E. L. Gardner; 1960. A great book on universal lattices.



Primary Recommendations: These were the books recommended by Dr. Baumring to his students as the most essential and important books for any student of the markets and particularly of forecasting. They are the all time classics of Technical Analysis and fundamental to any market education.


Investing For Profit With Torque Analysis of Stock Market Cycles; William C. Garrett; 1997. New Quality Hardbound Edition. One of the greatest and deepest technical analysis books ever written, out of print and unattainable for the last 20 years.
Graphs and Their Application to Speculation; Geo. W. Cole; 1936; 278p. Dr. Baumring had Gann’s own personal copy of this book in which Gann had marked numerous sections some of which he extracted and included in his own works.
Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits; Richard Schabacker; 410p. The all-time classic on technical analysis and market formations. Stock Market Profits; Richard Schabacker; 1934; 342p.

George Wollsten: Expert Stock and Grain Trader; George Bayer; 1946; 235p. Bayer probably had the next deepest understanding of the esoteric aspect of the market after Gann, making his works quite valuable.

Turning 400 Years of Astrology to Practical Use; George Bayer; 1944; 184p. This book gives insight into how Bayer did astrology, how to use it in the market.
Tubbs’ Stock Market Correspondence Course; Frank Tubbs. One of the best courses on technical analysis discussing the famous Tubbs bottom.
Benner’s Prophecies of Future Ups and Downs in Prices; Samuel Benner; 1879. Probably the earliest book on market forecasting and one of the finest.
Nature’s Law: The Secret of the Universe; R. N. Elliot; 1946. This book extends Elliot’s wave principle by connecting it to universal phenomena, and natural order. 
The Wave Principle; R. N. Elliot; 1938. This is the original work on the Elliot Wave by its discoverer. 
"The Wave Principle": A Series of Articles Published in 1939; R. N. Elliot. Another exposition of the famous principle by its founder.
Pickell-Daniel Extension Course of Grain Market Analysis; Pickell and Daniel; 1937; 400p. One of the greatest courses on grain market analysis includes weather pattern analysis and compass projections.
Seven Studies in Stock Market Trading; M. V. Woods; 1943. Important explanation of the real meaning of periodicity.
Wyler Series on Stock Market on Stock Market Speculation: Vol.1 The Application of Scientific Principles to Stock Speculation; Vol.2 Trading and Trending; Joseph A. Wyler; 174&215p. These books explain the markets in terms of Newtonian mechanics. 
Planetary Effects on Stock Market Prices; James Mars Langham; 1932; 179p. This book and its companion volume are the two best books on financial astrology.
Cyclical market Forecasting Stocks and Grains; James Mars Langham; 1938; 191p.
Economic Cycles Their Law and Cause; Henry Ludwell Moore; 1914; 114p.
Forecasting the Yield and the Price of Cotton; Henry Ludwell Moore; 1917; 173p.

Generating Economic Cycles; Henry Ludwell Moore; 1923; 141p.


Secondary Recommendations: These books, though secondary recommendations, are still some of the best, if not the only books on market analysis available. Dr. Baumring required that the most serious students read the books on this list as well as those on the previous list.


The One-Way Formula For Trading Stocks and Commodities; William Dunnigan;1957. This along with the I-S Method were considered by Dr. Baumring to be the two best trend following systems ever developed, with which one could make good profits even without the ability to forecast.
New Blueprints For Gains In Stocks and Grains; William Dunnigan; 1954; 150p.
Gains in Grains; William Dunnigan; 1952.
Barometers For Forecasting Stock Prices; William Dunnigan.
The Elliot Wave Principle: A Critical Appraisal; A. Hamilton Bolton; 1960; 115p.
Stock Market Prediction; Donald Bradley; 1948. 
The Long Waves In Economic Life; N. D. Kondratieff; 1944.
The ABC of Options and Arbitrage; S. A. Nelson; 1904.
Relative Strength and Stock Market Timing; Daniel Merkle; 1966 128p.
A New Technique of Stock Market Forecasting; C. S. Johnson; 1931.
The Great Bull Market and Collapse; National Graphic Co.; 1932.
Action-Reaction Signals; Edwin S. Quinn; 1950.
Basic Trend Barometer; Emil Schultheis; 1946; 200p.
Speculation As A Fine Art; Dickson F. Watts; 1865. Very Rare.
Minor Swings of the Stock Market And Their Indications; B. Edlin; 1924.
How Money Is Made In Security Investments; Henry Hall; 1908; 240p. 
An Introduction to Trend-Action; Richard Martin; 1943.
I Like the Depression; Henry Ansley; 1932. A humorous book describing the pleasures of the depression.
Psychology of the Stock Market; G. C. Sedlin; 1912.
Magic of Making Money In The Stock Market; Clif Stewart; 1951.
The "Todd Theory" of Market Measurement and Price Projection; Payson Todd; 1953.
The Psychology of Speculation; Henry Harper; 1926.
When to Sell To Assure Profits; James P. Morton; 1926; 158p.
Wall Street: Its Mysteries Revealed Its Secrets Exposed; William C. Moore; 1921; 144p.
What Makes Stock Market Prices; Warren Hickernell; 1932; 200p.
Safe Methods of Stock Speculation; William Stafford; 1902.