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Spiritism: The Hidden Secret In Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Clara E. Speight Humberston

1915 232p. Don't let the odd title deceive you, this is a Surprising book. Richter thought that this book gave Baumring Important Keys to Breaking Gann. Includes: Biochemistry & Sacred Numbers; Crystallography; Pi; Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Great Pyramid; Kaballah; Atomic Physics; Alchemy; Rosetta Stone; Geometrical Space; Relativity; Geometrical Space Areas Explain Origin of Cell-Life; A Visionary Work!

CAT#029 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Wrania: Mystic Astronomy, Uzican Science, The Mystic Pyramid; A Treatise to Higher Science
W. Chas. Patti

1936 143p. Excellent Diagrams. Another Secret Baumring Favorite, Showing How the Great Pyramid is a Geometrical Calculator of the Universe. Contains: Ether; Magnetism; Gravitation; Vortexias; Light & Darkness; Satellites; Reality; Stellar Measurements; Polar Progression; Revolving Solar System; Orbital Motions of Sun; Cause of Sun Spots; Meteors; Mystic Stars; Uzican Zodiac; Birth Date of U.S.; Origin of Cheops; Astronomy of Sphinx; Pyramid Measurements; Sacred Cubit; Celestial Orientation. Very Serious Work!

CAT#030 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Apocalypse Of The Golden Mean
Anonymous (Hugh Roscoe)

20 Important Geometrical Demonstrations and Proofs. "The Masonic T-Square on the Cover States Plato's Academy Prohibition "No Entry without Geometry-Geometers Only!" "However, where Geometers were at work as constructors, their necessary helpers were granted an enter pass EIS-PHREW--- Free to Enter, converting them thereby into Phreo-Mason, or Freemason. Ownership, or Temporary Possession of This Monograph Is to Be Interpreted As an Eis-Phreo conferring on the possessor the Freemasonic Right of Entry to the Masonic Geometric Secrets of Stonehenge (portals running around in circles), and Avebury; namely the Drawing by the Square and Compasses Geometry, of a Right Line = Pi; Squaring the Circle; Drawing Concentric Circles of Radii Proportionate to the Mean Solar Distances of the Planets; the Elliptic Angle; the Cube Root of 2; the Earth's Radius; the Moon's Orbit.....ENTER!" Contains: Earth Measures = Geo-Meters; Pythagorean Technique for Imposing Diagrams on the Earth; Pythagorean Geometry; Four Means; Golden Mean; Golden Angle; Seasons; Siderial Time; Parameter of Ecliptic Angle; Circle Squared; Delphic Riddle; Royal Cubit; Ancient Measures & Weights; Great Pyramid Construction; Plato's Nuptial Number. Baumring rarely allowed anyone to view this Manuscript!

CAT#034 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Baumring's Essential Colville

Kabbalah: The Harmony of Opposites, A Treatise Elucidating Bible Allegories & The Significance of Numbers

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Revelations

W. J. Colville

1916, 1911 541p. Two of Baumring's selections on the Western Esoteric Traditions containing many important topics for understanding Gann. Contents: Bibles Under Modern Searchlight; Rivers of Life or Faiths of Man in All Lands; Ancient and Modern Ideas of Revelation; Various Spiritual Elements in the Bible and Classic Literature; Creation Legends; Egypt and Its Wonders Literally and Mystically considered; The Philosophy of Ancient Greece; The School of Pythagoras; The Delphic Mysteries; Apollonius of Tyana; Five Varieties of Yoga; Union of Eastern and Western Philosophy; Ezekiel s Wheel What it Signifies Astrology in Prophecy; Emanuel Swedenborg and His Doctrine of Correspondences; The Book of Exodus Its Practical and Esoteric Teachings; The Story of the Passover and the Pillar of Fire in the Wilderness; The Message of Buddhism Purity and Philanthropy; Magic in Europe in the Middle Ages; Ancient Magic and Modern Therapeutics Paracelsus and Von Helmont; Jeanne D Arc, the Maid of Orleans; Andrew Jackson Davis; Bible Symbolism; Life and Matter; The Law of Seven and the Law of Unity; Spiritualism and the Deepening of Spiritual Life; The Esoteric Teachings of the Gnostics; Halley's Comet; Psychopathic Treatment.

CAT#103 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Baumring's Essential Doreal

The 10 Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: A Literal Translation of One of The Most Ancient & Secret of the Great Works of The Ancient Wisdom

An Interpretation of the 10 Emerald Tablets, With The Two Tablets Not Printed Previously

Kabbalistic, Alchemical & Occult Symbolism of the Great Pyramid


1939, 71p.; 1948, 68p.; 1938, 47p. Contents: History of Thoth, The Atlantean; The Halls of Amenti; The Key to Wisdom; The Space Born; The Dweller of Unal; Lords & Masters of Cycles; Master of Magic; The Key of Magic; The Seven Lords; The Key of The Mysteries; The Key To Freedom of Space; The Key of Time; The Key To Above & Below; The Law fo Cause & Effect & the Key of Prophesy; The Keys of Life & Death; Interpretation of The 10 Tablets; Symbols Are But Keys; Higher Knowledge; The Last 2 Tablets Translated; Sacred Land; Symbols of Mystery; Guard of The Portal; Secret of Secrets; Key To Shambala. Volume II Symbolism of the Great Pyramid: Diagrams: Pyramid Structure; Crystal; Secret Entrance; Storehouse of Wisdom For Ancient Atlanteans; Storehouse For Machines; Force Projector; Suspended Radioactive Substance; Connection With Central Earth Force; Pyramid Construction 36,000 B. C. by Atlanteans; Melchizedek; Secret of Transmutation of Physical Powers to Spiritual Powers; Anti-Gravitational Machines; Vibratory Apparatus; Levitating Stones; Focusing Lenses Aligned With Central Earth Force; Interplanetary Teleportation; Vibratory Plasma Energy Rays; Initiation Into The Mysteries; Kabbala & Great Unity; Sephiroth & Kabbalistic Emmenation; Zodiac; Great Pyramid Symbolizes Human Body; Subterranean Passages; Generative Functions; Pyramid Perfectly Symbolizes 12 Phases of Alchemistry: Solution; Filtration; Evaporation; Distillation; Separation; Rectification; Calcination; Commixion; Purification; Inhibition; Fermentation; Fixation; Plus Two Beyond These: Multiplication & Projection; 4 Primal Elements: Azoth, Mercury, Sulphur, Salt; Pyramid Measurements & Cosmic Symbolic Correlations; Time Cycles; Esoteric Meaning of Hieroglyphics Never Been Interpreted; "Book of the Dead" is Actually "Book of Life";Secret Books on Construction of Pyramid; Cosmic Mind; Pythagoras, Thales, Democritus. An Amazing Perspective & New Revelations!

CAT#105 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Secret: The Gizeh Pyramids
Thothnu Tastmona

1954 131 8x11"p. With 93 Excellent Plates. Volume I of the 4-Volumed Proposed Work, Secret: The Pyramid & the Lisa (We Have Never Seen the Other Volumes). A Fascinating Analysis of the Pyramids Far Removed From the Traditions of Standard Egyptology Connecting the Designs With the Work of Leonardo Da Vinci. A Baumring Selection for the Extraordinary Originality of its Arithmetical & Astronomical Analysis of Egyptian Cosmology & Mythology. Contents: Ancient Egyptian Inner Circle Astronomical Policy; Gods of Ancient Egypt Were Planet 6 Saturn & Halley's Comet; Rings of Saturn Were Breasts of Isis; Hieroglyphic Alphabet Was Invented to Tell Allegory of Sun Bolt Collision with Bosom of Isis Causing 2 Comets; Inner Circle Names for 9 Gizeh Pyramids Which Symbolize 6 Known Planets & 3 Sections of Halley's Comet; Burial Hoax of Khufu & Khafra; Secret of Seal of Darius; Angle Code To Reveal Heliocentric Secrets of Gizeh Pyramid Field Structures; Secret of Mona Lisa; Leonardo Enciphers the Khufu Secret in Series of 4 Female Portraits, Mona Lisa #3; Solution of Lisa Smile; Secret of Grey's Elegy & Halley's Comet; Egyptian Astronomical Telescope; Copernican Theory Courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci; Pyramid Planetary & Cometary Identification; Hebrew Magen-David or Solomon's Seal Describes Egyptian Telescope; Numerical Relation of Pyramid Field to Saros; Meaning of Double Angle; NUT/Venus; Heliocentric Theory of Gizeh; Simple Arithmetic Astronomy; Elements: Earth, Air, Fire , Water; Origin of Unlucky; Gizeh Planetary Arithmetic Table; Numerical Explicatory; Proctor Tells of Planet; Angle of Saturn; Primeval Knowledge of Scientific Astronomy Revealed By Design & Usage of Hieroglyphs; Heliocentric Secrets & Formula; Herodotus; 1-3-5 Formula; Arithmetic of Burial Solution; Arithmetical Cypher Decoded; Pyramid Telescope Lense Integration; Astronomical Meaning of Blocked Air Channels; Eye of Osiris Planet 6 Design; Name of Sun God Ra, Astronomically Decoded; Nut Pet Solar Disaster; Dung Beetle, Resurrection Divinity; Egyptian God Amen; Hieroglyphic Egg-H = Hebrew Cheth; Sphinx Sun God; Pyramid 4 = Greek Omega; Symbolism of Hieroglyphics, Numerals, Deities, etc. Encoded in Pyramids; Pyramid Lenses; Nephthys Symbolism; Time Factor For Each Successive Saros or "Resurrection" of Osiris-Isis Is 15 Years; Treasury of Enciphered Expositories; Egyptian Mythology Proved to be Coded Scientific Description of Known Universe; Ancient Astronomical Secrets; Comet Came First in a Universe Deriving of Solar Emanations; Putah Supporter of Universe; Solution to Thothian Arithmetic; Motionless Motion Picture; Decipherment Presented to Permit Reader Study of the Code Process; Wing Feathered Enumeration; Hieroglyphic Dove's Tail Corresponds to Herbrew Aleph; Lion's Tail Corresponds to Hebrew Lamed; Ptah =P-T-H; Sad Facts About Neter; Formula NNN-TT-R Arithemetically Cements True Explanation of NeTeR Hoax; NUTAR- At Long Last; Pictorially Enciphered Primeval Secrets of Papyrus of Ani; Split Tail Dove Explanatories in Great Pyramid; Floating Staircases of Isis; Nutar Design Factor; 12 Part Secret Religious Ceremony; Great Nutar & Little Nutar; N-U-T-A-R Spelled By Acrostic; Egyptian Nutar God Accorded Mystic Number 25; Relation of Ankh & Nutar Mysteries; Cutting Edge of Nutar Axe a Lion's Tooth Telescope Lense;Primeval Science By Arithmetical Element Code; Factors of Reversed Pyramid Tabulation; Reversed Pharaoh Tabulation Include Astonishing Clue of the Cut Off Sign; Ancient Egyptians Possessed the Microscope; What is the Tetragrammaton; Ineffable Name; Gizeh Pyramids Encipher Jehovah's Identity; Secret Significance of Shem Hammephorash; Pyramids Declare Chronological Necessity for Leap Year Calendar; Curious Earth Numerical Premise Yields Coded Declaration of Heliocentric Universe; Arrival of Celestial Triad Announced Arithmetically. An Amazing & Unknown Work!!!

CAT#106 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Lost Solar System Of The Ancients Discovered, 2 Volumes
John Wilson

1856 Volume I 486p. Volume II, 475p. Appendix On Obelisks, 1858, 26p. One of the Most Fundamental & Important Works on Ancient Cosmology, Astronomy, Geometry & The Canon ever Written. There Are Subjects Breeched in this Work which are Untouched by Any Authors in the 150 Years Since It Was Written. Schwaller's Temple Of Man is the First Work to Reveal some of the Secrets Developed in this Work. Discusses Obelisks as Calculators of Gravitational Effects, The System of Number Series & Sequence as Ordering Process of the Universe. Baumring Took his Hyperbolic Series & Series Summed Ideas from this Almost Unknown Masterpiece. Filled with Figures & Calculations taken for the Analysis of the Architectural Coding of the Cosmological Systems of the Ancients. Contents: Volume I: Gravitation Near Earth's Surface; Construction of Obelisk; Variation of Time Velocity & Distance Represented by the Ordinates & Axis of Obelisk; Obeliscal & Parabolic Areas Compared; Construction & Summation of Obeliscal Series of Numbers, Squares & Cubes; Series of Obelisks & Pyramids Compared & Summed; Series to Second, Fourth & Sixth Powers; Series of Cubes Circumscribed by Squares; Obelisk Star or Cross; Complementary Obeliscal Series; Pylonic Curve Generated by the Ordinate which Varies Inversely as the Ordinate of the Obelisk; Horn of Jupiter Ammon Formed by Spiral Obelisk; Hyperbolic Series Defined & Calculated; Hyperbolic Reciprocal Curve From Which is Generated the Pyramid & Hyperbolic Solid, Calculations, Equations, Series & Variation Factors; Hyperbolic Solid Represents force of Gravity & Velocity Over Time; Gravity Represented Symbolically in Hieroglyphs by Hyperbolic Solid; Obelisk Represents Planetary Distances, Velocities, Periodic Times, Areas Described in Equal Times; Times Describing Equal Areas & Equal Distances in Different Orbits Having common Center in Apex of Obelisk; Attributes of Osiris Symbolize Eternity. Tower of Belus & Circumference of Earth; Cube of Side or Enclosure; Equivalent of Stade, Orgye, Cubit, Foot 7 Palm of Herodotus in Terms of Earth's Circumference & Stature of Man; Dimensions of Obelisks, Ships & Artificial Lakes in Relation to Earth; Pyramid of Cheops; Measurements & Dimensions & Relationships; Winged Globe Denotes the Third Power of Cube; Distance of Moon; Three Winged Globes the Power of 3 Times 3, the 9th Power, or the Cube Cubed; First Pyramids Erected by Sabaeans; Age of Pyramid; All Science Centered In Hierarchy; Relative Magnitude of Sun, Moon & Planets; Duplication of Cube; Cube of Hypotenuse in Terms of Cube of Sides; 47th Problem of Euclid; Difference Between 2 Cubes; Squares Described on 2 Sides of Triangles Having Common Hypotenuse; Pear-Like Curve; Shields of Kings of Egypt Traced Back to Fourth Manethonic Dynasty; Librarians of Ramses Minimum; Division of Time; Sources of Nile; Pyramid of Cephrens Measurements; Correlations; Significance; Pyramids of Egypt & Mexico & Bermese Pagodas Were Temples Symbolical of the Laws of Gravitation & Dedicated to Creator; Proportions of 3 Pyramids; American Pyramids; Silbury Hill; Avebury; Xochicalo; Teocalli of Peru; Ruins of Aztec City; Babylonian Broad Arrow; Druidical Remains; Stonehenge; Assyrian Mound at Nineveh; Thebes; Quito; Lydia; Sardis; Java; Rome; Parthenon; Brahmanical Temples; Babylon; Ceylon; Numerous Examples of Temples from Every Known Ancient Civilization With Detailed Calculations & Decoding of Symbolism For Each; Original Burmese Pagodas Were in Hyperbolic Form; Sacred Boat or Ship; Astrologers; Buddhism; Ancient Cities of Yucatan; Mayan Temples; Palenque; Druids; Nubian Pyramids; Temples In Lower Egypt; Intercourse Between Hemispheres; The Compass; Kashmir; Planetary distances Represented by Cube, cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, & Cone, in Terms of the Circumference of Earth & Distance of Moon from Earth; Also by 9th Root of Their Distances; Distances of Planets Represented By Spheres & Balls of Thread; Distance of Fixed Stars; Magnitute of Planets; Periodic Time of Belus 432 Years; the Yugas; Worship of Jupiter Once Universal; Periodic Time of Ninus 1200 Years; Antideluvian Kings & Patriarchs; Reign of Gods & Men In Egypt; Karna = Circum of Earth; Titans; Chaldea; Cube of Nineveh = Distance of Ninus; Zoroaster, Pythagoras & Plato; Eleusinian Mysteries; Brahmins, Buddhists, Jains & Seiks; Babylonian Mythology & Correspondences; Walls, Bridges; Mounds; Passages; Tunnels; Lakes; Towers; Cities; Canals; Railways; Etc. Of Every Time & Civilization All Analyzed, Decoded, Measured & Defined Exhaustively! Appendix: On Obelisks, Their Various Types and Dimensions & Calculations. A Masterpiece! Highly Recommended!

CAT#107 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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The Lodge & The Craft: A Practical Explanation Of The Work Of Freemasonry
Rollin C. Blackmer, C. M., M. D., LLD., Past Master, Past High Priest, Past Commander

1923 297p. One of Baumring's Choice Selections in Freemasonry, Containing One of the Three Keys to Gann. Blackmer Was Attempting to Revive the Lost Knowledge of The Lodge, 100 Years Ago. 31 Lectures Regarding Various Topics Including Legends, Ancient Landmarks, Rituals and Symbolism. The Three Degrees are Covered in Detail as Well as Lodge Management. Contents: ritual & Ceremony; Symbolism of Lodge; Memorial Tessarae & Metallic Substances; Working tools & Northeast Corner; Tenets & Perfect Points of Entrance; Winding Stairs; Five Orders of Architecture; Master Mason; Drama of Faith; Lost Work; Solomon Strikes the Funeral Chime; Prayers at Raising; Morality; Legend of the Craft; Modern History; Freemasonry & Roman Church; Masonic Jurisprudence; Discussions of Geometry, Mathematics; The Seven Liberal Arts & Quadrivium; Symbolism of Bible; Pythagoras.

CAT#108 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Your Aura & Your Keynote
Julia Seton Sears, M. D.

1912 61p. Baumring Pick for How to Determine the Fundamental Vibratory Rate of a Market by its Keynote. Contents: Why We Should See Our Aura & Hear Our Keynote; Atomic form In Universal Sea of Vibrating Ether; Atomic & Magnetic Polarization; Vibratory East - West Currents of Space; Eyes & Ears of the Superman; Auric Origin; Auric Minglings; Finer Forces; Physical Body Vibrations; Tones & Octaves; Vibration, Color & Planes; What The Aura Means; Keynotes & Colors; White Vibration; Receptive Trinity; Auric Vision; Harmony; Sound Waves.

CAT#110 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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The Alchemy Of Light & Color
Oliver Reiser

1928 78p. A Thorough Analysis of the Nature of Light & Color, Looking at Qualities, Physical Basis & Energies. Another Baumring Pick for Elaboration of Law of Vibration. Contents: Vision & Reality; Status of Qualities in Modern Thought; History of the Problem of Qualities; Iron Nerves; Physical Basis of Color; chemical Basis of Color; Biochemical Basis of Color; Nerve Conduction & Qualities; Facts of Visual Experience; Specific Energies & The "All or None" Law; Doctrine of Chronaxy; Consciousness & Nerve Fiber Radiation; Soul as Harmony of the body; Neural Frequencies & Ether Waves.

CAT#111 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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Vibrations: Their Principles, Light & Colors: Their Uses
Ernest J. Stevens, M. S., Ph. D.

1920-21 144p. Another Baumring Pick. Vibration Is The Language of the Universe; Light Is Nature's Book of Knowledge; Color Is Nature's Alphabet; Music is the Harmonious Vibration of the Spheres. Detailed Contents Coming Soon!

CAT#115 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering.$45.00

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The Key To The Bible
(Mathematical Kabbala)
Harry Waton

1952 97p. An Advanced Mathematical System Developing a Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Bible. Exceptional Representation of Qabalistic Cosmology. Baumring Pick for Deciphering Gann. Contents: First, Second & Third Aspects of The Mathematical System; The Shem Hamphoresh; An Introduction to the Kabbalah; Mathematics is the Key to All Knowledge & Understanding; Must Use a Mathematical Order of a Higher Nature; Hebrew Alphabet Numerical Correspondences; Additions & Summations; Geometric Symbolism; Anthropomorphism; All Creation Starts as a Point, Becomes a Line, Becomes a Surface, Becomes a Solid. Creation Begins With The First Letter of Tetragrammaton; Time is Life is Energy is Motion. All Motion in Existence is Cyclic; Light Becomes Matter. Infinite & Eternal Attributes, Modes & Aspects; Time - Space - Matter Continuum; Key to Decoding the Bible. Superb Work on Kabbalah!!

CAT#116 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Science Of Numerology Through The Law of Vibration
John C. Laurie

102p. An Analysis A Development of Numerological Keys Based Upon an Understanding of the Law of Vibration. Contents: What is Numerology; Philosophy of Life; What is Man?; Numerical Key; Inner Self, Soul & Individuality of Numbers; Names & Numerical Values; Vowels & Consonants; Birth Path; Vocational & Expression Number; Musical Instruments; Disturbing Effects; Rulership of Numbers over Human Body; Desires of Soul Expressed By Numbers; symbolism of Compound Numbers; Numbers & Days of Week; Outstanding Compound Numbers; Vowel Colors; Harmonious Vibrations; Cyclic Hour, Day & Month of World; Forecasting; What Different Cycle Years Mean in Life; Cyclic Months & Characteristic Days; Characteristics of Each Cyclic Day; Law of Nine Cycles, Days, Months, Years; Zodiacal Signs & Vibrations; Vibrations of Planets & Characteristics of Number Combinations.

CAT#117 $50.00

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Periodicity: The Law Of All Life
Prof. Jos. Rodes Buchanan, M. D.

1912 136p. A Scientific Secret Revealed. Periodicity, the Absolute Law of the Entire Universe Long Known to Control All Matter Now Revealed As The Law of All Life & The Periods Discovered, Showing Its Application to All Areas of Life. One of Baumring's Secret Books. Contents: Periodicity; Seven Prevalent Number In Nature; Septimal Division In All Affairs of Life & Solar System; Periodicity Throughout the Universe; Moon; Universal Influence of Celestial Bodies; Hippocrates; Kepler; Moon Governed By Seven; Earthquakes; Sir John Herschell; Kepler Explained Wind & Storms Caused By Moon & Planets; Moon Influences on Disease; Meteorology; New & Full Moon Dangerous; Moon Effects on Insanity; Flow of Sap; Weather; Tides; Critical Days in Diseases; Septimal System; Represented By Days of Week; Periodicity & Fate of Country; National Periodicity; Laws of Periodicity Applied to Hours of The Day; Vital Periods & External Periods Compared; The Light of the Soul & the Light of the Sun As Sources for Life; The Fortnightly Periods of a Long Life; Periods of Immortal Life & Parental Influences; Year & Day Compared; Periodicity of Days, Months & Years; Periodicity of Napoleon; Final Heavenly Rule; Periodicity Compared To Astrology;

CAT#118 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Number Key To Ancient Wisdom
J. W. T. Carrington

1932 92p. With Introduction, Copious Exemplifications, & Tables of 300 Prime Numbers & 100 Upward Summations. A Handbook Expository of the Principles of the Astronomical Wisdom-Doctrine in Greek & Hebrew Cryptography. A Superb work on Kabalistic Numerical Codes, Fundamental for Understanding Gann. Contents: Letter - Number Key; Transliteration From Greek; Transliteration From Hebrew; Greek Number - Letters; Hebrew Number - Letters; Principle of the World Number; Principle of Numerical Interpretation; Rules For Numerical Analysis; Scheme of (Radical) Numerical Significances; Notanda Thereupon; Special Significance in Higher Numbers (In Ascendant Order) Addenea & Appendix - Table of Upward Summations; Table of Prime Numbers.

CAT#119 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Mystic Symbolism In Bible Numerals
Leo Stalnaker

1952 148p. A Profound Work on the Inner Mystical Significance & Cosmological Significance of Bible Numerals. Used by Baumring to Decode Gann. Contents: Mystic Significance of Certain Numerals; One - Diety; Two - Symbol of Association, Union or Combination; Three - The Symbol of Attributes of Diety, & of Holiness; Four - Symbol of World - Wide Extension; Six - Symbol of World Powers' Greatest Triumph; Seven - Symbol of Perfection; Ten - Symbol of That Which is Human of Earthly; Twelve - Symbol of God's People; Forty - Symbol of Trial, Humiliation or Desolation; Seventy - Symbol of Transition.

CAT#120 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Io Unveiled: The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
Bozena Brydlova

1922 90 8x11"p. One of Baumring's First Picks for Esoteric Cosmological Number Theory Showing Numbers Developing Through a Series of Angles. Contents: Numbers; Originators of the Primordial Number Forms; Original Number Forms Number One; Two: The Sun, Light and Heat; Three: Moon, Water; Four: Mineral Crystal, the Star; Five: Vegetating Earth; Six: The Animal; Seven: Man (Androgenous), the Soul; Eight: Woman (The Ovum); Nine: Man (The Spermatozoan); Ten: Negative Circle and Negative Diameter; Angular Theory of Numbers; Bible Proofs of the Angular Theory; 45 Primordial Angle; 45 Tip of the Earth; Solar Naros, The Real Origin of Number Forms; Life s First Cleavage. The Embryo; Creation of Earth and Man according to the 45 angle; Sound and Color; The Lost Word; Bibliography.

CAT#121 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Gematria: a Preliminary Investigation Of The Cabala
Frederick Bligh Bond, F.R.I.B.A. &
Thomas Simcox Lea, D.D.

1916 111p. A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala Contained in the Coptic Gnostic Gooks & of a Similar Gematria in the Greek Text of The New Testament showing the Presence of a System of Teaching by Means of the Doctrinal Significance of Numbers, by Which the Holy Names Are Clearly Seen to Represent Aeonial Relationships Which Can Be Conceived in a Geometric Sense & Are Capable of a Typical Expression of That Order. Contents: Brief Outline of Gematria; Existence of the Gnosis; Uses of Gematria; The Key Applied; Note on Diagramma; Number 485; Of the Square & Circle Contained; Names of Christ as Multiples of 37; Schema of the Numbers of Jesus; Degree of the First Mystery; Of The Three Primary Figures; Cabala of Light; On Symbolism of Numbers; On Geometric Truth; Geometric Cubit as Basis of Proportion in Plans of Medieval Buildings; Cephas: The Name Given By Our Lord to Peter.

CAT#122 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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O. Hashnu Hara

1905 129p. An Interesting Baumring Astrological Pick. Contents: Psychiscopes; Sun in the 12 Signs; Houses; Health, Finance, Marriage; How To Judge of Health; Casting the Psychiscope; The Terrestrial Sun; Psychiscopy; Aspects & Their Results; Earth Tables.

CAT#125 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Handbook of Astrology
Zadkiel Tao Sze

1863 85p. A Baumring Astrological/Astronomical Selection Containing The Most Complete Collection of Formula for Every Set of Astronomical Calculations. Contents: Nativity Judgement; distribution of Doctrine of Nativities; Form & Temperment of Body; Fortune of Wealth & Rank; Employment; Marrige; Children; Travelling; friends & Enemies; Death; Sun, Moon & Planets; Rules to Work Directions of Angles in Mundo; Rules To Calculate Parallels to Angles, From Meridian; Rules to Calculate Rapt Parallels; Rules to Work Directions in Zodiac; To Find Arc of direction of Any Aspect Formed By Sun by Converse Motion of Zodiac; To Find Arc of Direction of Sun to any Parallel Declination; To Find Arc of Direction of Moon to any Aspect in Zodiac by Direct Motion & by Converse Motion; Find Arc of Direction of and Planet to the Aspect of the Sun Moon or any Other Planet; Arc of Direction of Any Planet in Zodiac to Aspects of Sun, Moon, of any Other Point In Heavens by Converse Motion; To Direct Midheaven& Ascendant in Zodiac. Finding: Ascensional Differences; Oblique Ascension & Semi-Arc; Semi-Diurnal Arc; Right Ascension & Declination; Calculating Secondary Directions; Mundane Directions to Sun & Moon Direct & Converse; Of Transits & Revolutions & Aspects & Returns of Planets; Ingresses, Eclipses & Lunations; Rectifying Birth Time; Judging Directions & Effects; Moon Aspects; Human Body - Planets & Signs; Trigonometrical Formula for Astronomical Problems; Rules to Reduce Motion of Moon & Planets; Difference of Mean & Siderial Time; Working by Logarithms; 10 Formula for Calculating Longitude, Lattitude, Declination, Right Ascension, Ecliptic Longitude, Oblique Ascension, To Find the Pole; Circel of Position; Logarithims in Astronomical Calculations. Extremely Important!

CAT#126 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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Eclipses & Lunations In Astrology
Sam Bartolet

1937 Baumring Selection Containing Numerous Important Cycles Like Eclipse Cycles, Saros Cycle, Chaldean & Ancient Hebrew Solar Cycle & Planetary Deities. Contents: Astrology & Astronomy; Eclipses Defined; Periodicity of Orb of Influence; Significator; Value of Eclipses as Portents; Lunations - Their Principle Effects; Solar Eclipses According to Ancient Astrology; Effects of Solar Eclipses in Decanates of Sighs; Relation to Mundane Astrology; The Saros period of 223 Lunations; Lunar Eclipses & Effects in Decanates; House Cusps & Effects; 18 Year Lunar Cycle; Longitudes of Eclipses & Lunations; New & Full Moons; Chaldean & Ancient Hebrew Solar Cycle; Why A.M. & C. C. Years Are Confusing; Antideluvian Solar Cycle Explained; How to Find Sabbatic Year; Date of Creation; Table of Ancient Chaldean & Hebrew Solar Cycle; 1932, a Cycle Year; past - Present- Future (Chronology); Dates of 10 Eclipse Cycles in AM Years Comparing Scripture Events With Astronomical Data From Creation to Everlasting Kingdom; Fixed Stars In Astrology; Indication of Spiritual Sight & Defective Vision; Planetary Deities; Biblical References to New Moons, Eclipses, Cycles, etc.

CAT#127 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Astrological Relation of Names & Numbers
Effie M. Cooley

1912 108p. Baumring Selection Discussing Key Notes for Finding Market Vibratory Rates, Zodical Harmony and the Astrological Numerological Correlations. Contents: Location of Sun In Zodiac Per Month; Influence of Sun; Numbers of Working Princilpe; Key Notes; What They Are, Use & Meaning; Name Delineations; Meaning of Numbers; coincidences in the Life & Name; Repetition of Numbers; Lucky Months & Years; Parts of the Body & Numerical Correspondence; Color by Vibration Sign & Planet; Symbols of Numbers in Zodiacal Harmony; Harmonizing Work for Use in Concentration; Products that Harmonize; Meaning of Letters; Colors; Use & Meaning; How to Name a Business the the Vibrations Point to Success; Numerical Values of Names of States.

CAT#128 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Septiform System Of The Cosmos

The Secrets Of The Meridian

Alec Stuart

1926, 1938, One Of Dr. Baumring's Recommendations, Two Very Serious & Important Astrological Works. Part I: Being An Exposition Of One Part Of The Septiform System Of Numbers, As Those Laws Affect The Human Centre Of Vibration Or The Horoscope Of Birth, Now Given Out Publicly. Septiform Nature Of Houses; Seven Phases Of Each Planet Of Our System; Septiform System Of The Universe; Primordial Intelligence Or Primordial Consciousness; The Word Or Science Of Numbers & Ratio; Pythagoras; "God Geometrises; Rhythm, Vibration & Numerical Ratio; "As Above, So Below"; Ratios, Vibrations Or Zodiacs Are Primordial & Fundamental; Perfect Circle Or Sun Of Twelve; Law Of 12; Spontaneous Generation; Angle Of Imprisonment; Lunar Octave; Earth Chain; Seven Tomes; Seven Number Of Matter; Uranus; Altitude; Fulcrum Of Horoscope; Meridian; Holy Trinity; Macrocosm & Microcosm; Keynote Of Life; Earth's Aura; Tone-Distances; Aspects; Cosmic Conception; Cross, Karma & Destiny; Alchemy Of Nature; Two Phases Of Vibration; Great Western Angle; Reciprocal Conditions; Golden Key Of Priceless Value; Generation, Life & Birth; Primordial Law; Chord Of Symphony; Degrees Of Octave Tone Following Ascendant; Ascendant Degree; Arabian Progressions; Time Factor; Placidian System; Simplicity Unveils Missing Links; Horoscope Of Birth Key To Everything; Radical Configurations; Neptune; Final Keys; Fixed Stars In Ecliptic; Indian Astrology; Table Of Ecliptic Fixed Stars; Cosmic Law Part II: Being A Further Exposition Of The Septiform System Of Vibration, As Those Laws Affect The Horoscope Of Birth, Revealing The Great Secret Of Directions. Law Of The Cosmos; Two Forces; Centripetal & Centrifugal Force; Cosmic System Is Motion; Co-Equal Forces; Free Will & Fate; Life Wave; Octave Tone; Earth; Angles Of Fate; Balance & Proportion; Ascendant Angle & Its Vibrations; Physical Bodies & Primary Powers; Heredity; Meridinal Teachings; Law Illustrated; Ascendant Degree; Earth's Motion; Life Wave; Earth Wave; Directions; Atlantis; Day & Degree; Prima Mobile; Pole Of The World; Seven Primary Constellations; Sun's Apparent Motion & Path; Progression Since Radical Birth; Arc Of Direction; Converse Directions; Addition & Subtractions Of Force; Justice; Fixed Stars & Terrestrial Conditions; Fiery Stars & Earthquakes; Meridinal & Nadir Angles; Powerful Directions.

CAT#195 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Planets & People… The Great Year-Book Of The Heavens, All About Stars & Mysteries From The Sun, 1896, 1897.
Frank Earl Ormsby, ED. Et Al

1896, 147p. 1897, 432p. Planets & People Was The Astrological Journal Edited And Authored By Ormsby, Devoted To The Science Of Occult Forces - Astronomy - Vibration - Magnetism - Life, The Mysteries Of Worlds, Suns & Systems. This Volume Contains The Complete Collected Editions Of This Exceptional Astrological Journal For The Years Of 1896-7, With Many Important & Insightful Articles On All Branches Of Metaphysics, Astrology With Relation To Vibration. Contents: Signs, Zodiac & Planets; Constellation Seasons; Mystics; Destiny; Time Of Day; Search For Truth; Progression; Chronometer; Agricultural Pointers; Water; Delineations; Oracle; Money; Pyramid & Cube; Astral Flights; Heliocentric Horoscopes; Vibratory Articles.

CAT#197 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $85.00

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The Book of Enoch The Prophet.
Richard Laurence, LL.D.

1838, 250p. Considered one of the most important books left out of the Bible, and a primary source and inspiration of early Christianity. What is of particular importance in this book is its presentation of Time Cycles, making this more than a spiritual text, but an important Cosmological Treatise, and Ancient presentation of Time Cycles. Referred to by Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine, this work presents many Ancient & Prophetic Mysteries.

CAT#396 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Ancient Science of Numbers.
Leo Clement

1908 129p. This interesting book is on numerology in the tradition of Balliet and has an extremely interesting section on KEYNOTES, which was selected by Baumring for his Course Manuals back in the 1980's. We’ve had a number of people who desired this entire book, since the theoretical approach is so connected to Gann's work, so we have made it available now. Contents: The Science of Numbers; The Letters & Numbers; The Triads & Their Effect; Fortunate & Unfortunate Days, Months & Years; Perfect & Imperfect Names; The Cornerstone, Keystone & Capstone; How to Remedy Defects In Names; The Colors & The Cycles; The Keynotes, or Musical Harmony In Life; The Law of Letters; Practical Application; The Supreme Test.

CAT#490 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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