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Night Of The Gods: An Inquiry Into The Cosmic & Cosmogonic Mythology & Symbolism
John O'Neill

Vol.1 1893,Vol.2, 1897. 1077 pages. Numerous Diagrams. A spectacular and extremely rare work exploring the "endless traces of the Divinities of the Universe Machine, its Axis and its Poles, which are to be found scattered and lost or in the curious condition of the open secret in myth, legend, etymon, sacred literature or common idioms. Contents: Axis Myths; Stone; Pillar; Pillar-Axis as Tower; Axis & Universe-Tree; Polar Myths; Wheel; Buddha's Footprints; Dancing; The Sphere; Kronos & Ptah; Kaberiroi, or Khabirim; Heavens-River; The Mountain; Number 7; South; Universe-Axis Myths. A Fundamental work on Symbolique!Very, Very Rare!

CAT#003 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $190.00

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The Rediscovery of Truth, By The Solar and Other Spectra
Edward Hall

1923 177p. 35 Cosmological Diagrams. A Beautiful Inspired Treatise on the the Relationship of Geometry, Color & Harmonics to Universal Order. Contents: Spiritual & Natural or Total Universe; Creation & Biochemistry; Vesica Piscis; Geometry of Sound & Orbital Motion; Light & Number-Spectrum Analysis; Geometric Values of Color; Infinite & Eternal; Milky Way, Answer to Einstein; Evolution; Time Cycles.

CAT#014 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Book Of Life

1884 423p. Many Diagrams. Very Interesting Title. Contents: Origins of Worlds; Solar System; Functions of Body; Geometry of Brain; Celestial Mechanics; Lay of Ellipse; Law of Responses; Polarity of Faculties; Sacred Numbers; Waves of Force; Spirit & Matter; Laws of Gesture; Spheres of Contrast; 7 Seals of Truth; Tree of Life; Universal Synthesis; Laws of Universe; Logic & Science; Universal Language; Symphonies of Sense & Soul.

CAT#024 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Geometrical Psychology, Or The Science Of Representation
Louisa S. Cook; B.W. Betts

1887; 100 p. 43 Diagrams including 12 Beautiful Color Plates. An Abstract on the Theories & Diagrams of B.W. Betts, a Visionary Cosmologist who developed a Geometric Theory of Manifestation of Consciousness/Form in Space/Time. Contents: Evolution thru Polarity; Great Duality;3 Numerical Progressions, Arithmetical, Geometrical, Harmonical, & Equivalents in Consciousness; Variation & Scales of Angular Measurement of Diagrams; Negative Polarity & Mathematical Equivalent; Evolution of Higher Morality; & Its Representation; 3rd, 4th, & 5th Standing-Grounds of Life; 4th Dimension of Space. An Extremely Important work including the most clear description of Gann's Tunnel Through The Air!

CAT#025 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Restorations Of Masonic Geometry & Symbolry, Being A Dissertation On The Lost Knowledges Of The Lodge
H. P. H. Bromwell

1905; 606P. COLOR PLATE EDITION. Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published: 1905. INCLUDING 30 FULL-PAGE HAND-COLORED PLATES WITHOUT WHICH THE THESIS IS IMPENETRABLE! Numerous Further Diagrams,. "Truth, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Is The Corner Stone Of The Masonic Edifice, The Stone Of Foundation Of Enoch, And The Glory Of The Grand Architect Of The Universe." By Far The Most Important Work On Masonic Astronomy And Masonic Geometry Ever Written. Bromwell Recovered The Lost Sacred Knowledge Of The Freemasons And Explains In Amazing Detail The Geometry And Astronomy Of The Masonic Architecture As Symbols And Maps Of The Sacred Laws Of The Universe. Contents: Design Of This Work; What Is Masonry; What Is The Lodge; Government Of The Lodge; Geometry; The Three Great Lights; Form And Situation Of The Lodge; The 47th Problem Of Euclid; The Floor Of The Lodge; The Entered Apprentices Lodge; The Globe; The Fellow Crafts Lodge; Light; The Master Mason's Lodge; The Royal Arch; The Temple; The Two Great Pillars; The Four Cardinal Points And Circumambulation. 30 Color Plates: 1.)Belt Of Zodiac & Line Of Ecliptic. 2.)Master's Lodge On The Center & The 47th Problem Drawn In The N, S, E, & W. 3.)Forty-Seventh Problem, Circles Of Enoch, Squares, Triangles, Hexagons, Octagons, Etc., Forming Their Own Circles About A Center; Semi-Circles, The Dots On Same Showing Vertices Of Right Angled Triangles, Both Inscribed & Circumscribed Thereon, Formed By Lines Crossing. 4.)3 Larger, 3 Smaller Squares & Nine Circles (Of 47th Problem) Drawn About A Center. 5.)47th Problem & Nine Circles (With Twice The Number At Center), & Outer Squares Only Partly Shown. 6.)47th Problem & Nine Circles. 7.)Triangles & Arches (Circles Of Enoch) 8.)47th Problem & Nine Arches Of Enoch. 9.)The 9 Arches (Circles) Of Enoch. 10.)The Octalpha, Master Mason's Floor & Nine Arches(Circles). 11.)The Octalpha, Master Mason & Fellow Craft Floors, With Eight Arches (Circle Of Enoch). 12.)The Maltese Cross, Showing The Master's Floor & Border & Outer Line Of The Lowest Floor, & 8 Of The Small 16 Triangles, 2 On Each Side Of The Floor, Forming One Beam Or One Arm Of The Cross. The Stone Of Foundation & The Ninth Circle Of Enoch. 13.)The Passion Or Calvary Cross. 14.)The Templar's Cross. 15.)The "Crux Ansata," Handled Cross 16.)The Saltire Cross Or Cross Of St. Andrew. 17.)Seal Of King David, The Double Triangle. 18.)The Master Mason's Floor. 19.)Second Foundation Of The E.A. Floor, Showing Correspondence Between First & Second Foundations In Breaking Joints At Ends & Sides. 20.)Third Foundation Of The E. A. Floor & Stones Below. 21.)First Floor Of Entered Apprentice Lodge. 22.)Second Floor Of The Entered Apprentice Lodge 23.)The 3 Floors Complete, With Figures Of The 47th Problem 24.)Elevations, Floors Of Lodge. 25.)Fellow Craft & Master Mason Lodges According To Second Projection. 26.)Master Mason's Floor Extended To The Poles, One Hemisphere, With Stones Of Equal Size Throughout. 27.)Projection Of Floors Of King Solomon's Temple. 28.)The Fifth Circle Of Enoch, Showing The Quadrature Of The Circle In The Master's Floor. "The Floors Of The Lodge," Showing Also The Lower & Lowest Floors Of The Lodge. 29.)Royal Arch Banner, Entered Apprentice Apron, Fellow Craft's Apron, Master Mason Apron, With Lodge Floor. 30.)The Pyramid. A Fundamental Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand Sacred Or Masonic Cosmology.

CAT#026 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $120.00

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Which? Impulse, Instinct or Intuition. Applied Psychology, Geometry & Astronomy
C. Tousey Taylor

1919 166p. 35 Diagrams. An Interesting Book Showing the Correspondences of the Spiritual Laws of Life with the Cosmological Representational Symbolism of the Esoteric & Masonic Tradition. Gives Serious Clues to the Scientific Application of Esoteric Symbolism. Contents: Creation; Symbols Changing From Water to Air; Duality; Trinity; 12 Fold Being of Man; Cosmic Law; Unity; Philology; Why 5 Is Not Desirable in Creation; 7 Is Polarity; Involution & Evolution; Geometry; Masonic Tools & Symbolism; Tangents; Perfect Square; Cabbalah; Solomon's Temple; 2 Pillars; Maltese Cross; Wheel; Astrology; Grid Patterns; 5x5 Square; Masonic Apron.

CAT#027 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Wrania: Mystic Astronomy, Uzican Science, The Mystic Pyramid; A Treatise to Higher Science
W. Chas. Patti

1936 143p. Excellent Diagrams. Another Secret Baumring Favorite, Showing How the Great Pyramid is a Geometrical Calculator of the Universe. Contains: Ether; Magnetism; Gravitation; Vortexias; Light & Darkness; Satellites; Reality; Stellar Measurements; Polar Progression; Revolving Solar System; Orbital Motions of Sun; Cause of Sun Spots; Meteors; Mystic Stars; Uzican Zodiac; Birth Date of U.S.; Origin of Cheops; Astronomy of Sphinx; Pyramid Measurements; Sacred Cubit; Celestial Orientation. Very Serious Work!

CAT#030 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Apocalypse Of The Golden Mean
Anonymous (Hugh Roscoe)

20 Important Geometrical Demonstrations and Proofs. "The Masonic T-Square on the Cover States Plato's Academy Prohibition "No Entry without Geometry-Geometers Only!" "However, where Geometers were at work as constructors, their necessary helpers were granted an enter pass EIS-PHREW--- Free to Enter, converting them thereby into Phreo-Mason, or Freemason. Ownership, or Temporary Possession of This Monograph Is to Be Interpreted As an Eis-Phreo conferring on the possessor the Freemasonic Right of Entry to the Masonic Geometric Secrets of Stonehenge (portals running around in circles), and Avebury; namely the Drawing by the Square and Compasses Geometry, of a Right Line = Pi; Squaring the Circle; Drawing Concentric Circles of Radii Proportionate to the Mean Solar Distances of the Planets; the Elliptic Angle; the Cube Root of 2; the Earth's Radius; the Moon's Orbit.....ENTER!" Contains: Earth Measures = Geo-Meters; Pythagorean Technique for Imposing Diagrams on the Earth; Pythagorean Geometry; Four Means; Golden Mean; Golden Angle; Seasons; Siderial Time; Parameter of Ecliptic Angle; Circle Squared; Delphic Riddle; Royal Cubit; Ancient Measures & Weights; Great Pyramid Construction; Plato's Nuptial Number. Baumring rarely allowed anyone to view this Manuscript!

CAT#034 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy; Or, The Origin & Meaning Of Ancient & Modern Mysteries Explained
Robert Hewitt Brown, 32nd Degree.

1882 117 8x11"p. Wit Numerous Illustrations By Author & Two Full Color Plates. An Extremely Rare & Important Work on the Meaning & Symbolism of Masonic Astronomy. This is a Serious Work Considering Important Questions in Celestial Mechanics & Masonic Symbolism, with Clear & Technical Explanations, not a bunch of indecipherable gibberish. Contents: Ancient Mysteries Described; A Chapter of Astronomical Facts; What the Ancients Knew about Astronomy; Masonic Astronomy; Astronomical Allegory of the Death and Resurrection of the Sun; An Astronomical Explanation of the Emblems, Symbols, & Legends of the Mysteries, both Ancient and Modern, & the Lost Meaning of Many of them Restored.

CAT#102 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Secret: The Gizeh Pyramids
Thothnu Tastmona

1954 131 8x11"p. With 93 Excellent Plates. Volume I of the 4-Volumed Proposed Work, Secret: The Pyramid & the Lisa (We Have Never Seen the Other Volumes). A Fascinating Analysis of the Pyramids Far Removed From the Traditions of Standard Egyptology Connecting the Designs With the Work of Leonardo Da Vinci. A Baumring Selection for the Extraordinary Originality of its Arithmetical & Astronomical Analysis of Egyptian Cosmology & Mythology. Contents: Ancient Egyptian Inner Circle Astronomical Policy; Gods of Ancient Egypt Were Planet 6 Saturn & Halley's Comet; Rings of Saturn Were Breasts of Isis; Hieroglyphic Alphabet Was Invented to Tell Allegory of Sun Bolt Collision with Bosom of Isis Causing 2 Comets; Inner Circle Names for 9 Gizeh Pyramids Which Symbolize 6 Known Planets & 3 Sections of Halley's Comet; Burial Hoax of Khufu & Khafra; Secret of Seal of Darius; Angle Code To Reveal Heliocentric Secrets of Gizeh Pyramid Field Structures; Secret of Mona Lisa; Leonardo Enciphers the Khufu Secret in Series of 4 Female Portraits, Mona Lisa #3; Solution of Lisa Smile; Secret of Grey's Elegy & Halley's Comet; Egyptian Astronomical Telescope; Copernican Theory Courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci; Pyramid Planetary & Cometary Identification; Hebrew Magen-David or Solomon's Seal Describes Egyptian Telescope; Numerical Relation of Pyramid Field to Saros; Meaning of Double Angle; NUT/Venus; Heliocentric Theory of Gizeh; Simple Arithmetic Astronomy; Elements: Earth, Air, Fire , Water; Origin of Unlucky; Gizeh Planetary Arithmetic Table; Numerical Explicatory; Proctor Tells of Planet; Angle of Saturn; Primeval Knowledge of Scientific Astronomy Revealed By Design & Usage of Hieroglyphs; Heliocentric Secrets & Formula; Herodotus; 1-3-5 Formula; Arithmetic of Burial Solution; Arithmetical Cypher Decoded; Pyramid Telescope Lense Integration; Astronomical Meaning of Blocked Air Channels; Eye of Osiris Planet 6 Design; Name of Sun God Ra, Astronomically Decoded; Nut Pet Solar Disaster; Dung Beetle, Resurrection Divinity; Egyptian God Amen; Hieroglyphic Egg-H = Hebrew Cheth; Sphinx Sun God; Pyramid 4 = Greek Omega; Symbolism of Hieroglyphics, Numerals, Deities, etc. Encoded in Pyramids; Pyramid Lenses; Nephthys Symbolism; Time Factor For Each Successive Saros or "Resurrection" of Osiris-Isis Is 15 Years; Treasury of Enciphered Expositories; Egyptian Mythology Proved to be Coded Scientific Description of Known Universe; Ancient Astronomical Secrets; Comet Came First in a Universe Deriving of Solar Emanations; Putah Supporter of Universe; Solution to Thothian Arithmetic; Motionless Motion Picture; Decipherment Presented to Permit Reader Study of the Code Process; Wing Feathered Enumeration; Hieroglyphic Dove's Tail Corresponds to Herbrew Aleph; Lion's Tail Corresponds to Hebrew Lamed; Ptah =P-T-H; Sad Facts About Neter; Formula NNN-TT-R Arithemetically Cements True Explanation of NeTeR Hoax; NUTAR- At Long Last; Pictorially Enciphered Primeval Secrets of Papyrus of Ani; Split Tail Dove Explanatories in Great Pyramid; Floating Staircases of Isis; Nutar Design Factor; 12 Part Secret Religious Ceremony; Great Nutar & Little Nutar; N-U-T-A-R Spelled By Acrostic; Egyptian Nutar God Accorded Mystic Number 25; Relation of Ankh & Nutar Mysteries; Cutting Edge of Nutar Axe a Lion's Tooth Telescope Lense;Primeval Science By Arithmetical Element Code; Factors of Reversed Pyramid Tabulation; Reversed Pharaoh Tabulation Include Astonishing Clue of the Cut Off Sign; Ancient Egyptians Possessed the Microscope; What is the Tetragrammaton; Ineffable Name; Gizeh Pyramids Encipher Jehovah's Identity; Secret Significance of Shem Hammephorash; Pyramids Declare Chronological Necessity for Leap Year Calendar; Curious Earth Numerical Premise Yields Coded Declaration of Heliocentric Universe; Arrival of Celestial Triad Announced Arithmetically. An Amazing & Unknown Work!!!

CAT#106 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Lost Solar System Of The Ancients Discovered, 2 Volumes
John Wilson

1856 Volume I 486p. Volume II, 475p. Appendix On Obelisks, 1858, 26p. One of the Most Fundamental & Important Works on Ancient Cosmology, Astronomy, Geometry & The Canon ever Written. There Are Subjects Breeched in this Work which are Untouched by Any Authors in the 150 Years Since It Was Written. Schwaller's Temple Of Man is the First Work to Reveal some of the Secrets Developed in this Work. Discusses Obelisks as Calculators of Gravitational Effects, The System of Number Series & Sequence as Ordering Process of the Universe. Baumring Took his Hyperbolic Series & Series Summed Ideas from this Almost Unknown Masterpiece. Filled with Figures & Calculations taken for the Analysis of the Architectural Coding of the Cosmological Systems of the Ancients. Contents: Volume I: Gravitation Near Earth's Surface; Construction of Obelisk; Variation of Time Velocity & Distance Represented by the Ordinates & Axis of Obelisk; Obeliscal & Parabolic Areas Compared; Construction & Summation of Obeliscal Series of Numbers, Squares & Cubes; Series of Obelisks & Pyramids Compared & Summed; Series to Second, Fourth & Sixth Powers; Series of Cubes Circumscribed by Squares; Obelisk Star or Cross; Complementary Obeliscal Series; Pylonic Curve Generated by the Ordinate which Varies Inversely as the Ordinate of the Obelisk; Horn of Jupiter Ammon Formed by Spiral Obelisk; Hyperbolic Series Defined & Calculated; Hyperbolic Reciprocal Curve From Which is Generated the Pyramid & Hyperbolic Solid, Calculations, Equations, Series & Variation Factors; Hyperbolic Solid Represents force of Gravity & Velocity Over Time; Gravity Represented Symbolically in Hieroglyphs by Hyperbolic Solid; Obelisk Represents Planetary Distances, Velocities, Periodic Times, Areas Described in Equal Times; Times Describing Equal Areas & Equal Distances in Different Orbits Having common Center in Apex of Obelisk; Attributes of Osiris Symbolize Eternity. Tower of Belus & Circumference of Earth; Cube of Side or Enclosure; Equivalent of Stade, Orgye, Cubit, Foot 7 Palm of Herodotus in Terms of Earth's Circumference & Stature of Man; Dimensions of Obelisks, Ships & Artificial Lakes in Relation to Earth; Pyramid of Cheops; Measurements & Dimensions & Relationships; Winged Globe Denotes the Third Power of Cube; Distance of Moon; Three Winged Globes the Power of 3 Times 3, the 9th Power, or the Cube Cubed; First Pyramids Erected by Sabaeans; Age of Pyramid; All Science Centered In Hierarchy; Relative Magnitude of Sun, Moon & Planets; Duplication of Cube; Cube of Hypotenuse in Terms of Cube of Sides; 47th Problem of Euclid; Difference Between 2 Cubes; Squares Described on 2 Sides of Triangles Having Common Hypotenuse; Pear-Like Curve; Shields of Kings of Egypt Traced Back to Fourth Manethonic Dynasty; Librarians of Ramses Minimum; Division of Time; Sources of Nile; Pyramid of Cephrens Measurements; Correlations; Significance; Pyramids of Egypt & Mexico & Bermese Pagodas Were Temples Symbolical of the Laws of Gravitation & Dedicated to Creator; Proportions of 3 Pyramids; American Pyramids; Silbury Hill; Avebury; Xochicalo; Teocalli of Peru; Ruins of Aztec City; Babylonian Broad Arrow; Druidical Remains; Stonehenge; Assyrian Mound at Nineveh; Thebes; Quito; Lydia; Sardis; Java; Rome; Parthenon; Brahmanical Temples; Babylon; Ceylon; Numerous Examples of Temples from Every Known Ancient Civilization With Detailed Calculations & Decoding of Symbolism For Each; Original Burmese Pagodas Were in Hyperbolic Form; Sacred Boat or Ship; Astrologers; Buddhism; Ancient Cities of Yucatan; Mayan Temples; Palenque; Druids; Nubian Pyramids; Temples In Lower Egypt; Intercourse Between Hemispheres; The Compass; Kashmir; Planetary distances Represented by Cube, cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, & Cone, in Terms of the Circumference of Earth & Distance of Moon from Earth; Also by 9th Root of Their Distances; Distances of Planets Represented By Spheres & Balls of Thread; Distance of Fixed Stars; Magnitute of Planets; Periodic Time of Belus 432 Years; the Yugas; Worship of Jupiter Once Universal; Periodic Time of Ninus 1200 Years; Antideluvian Kings & Patriarchs; Reign of Gods & Men In Egypt; Karna = Circum of Earth; Titans; Chaldea; Cube of Nineveh = Distance of Ninus; Zoroaster, Pythagoras & Plato; Eleusinian Mysteries; Brahmins, Buddhists, Jains & Seiks; Babylonian Mythology & Correspondences; Walls, Bridges; Mounds; Passages; Tunnels; Lakes; Towers; Cities; Canals; Railways; Etc. Of Every Time & Civilization All Analyzed, Decoded, Measured & Defined Exhaustively! Appendix: On Obelisks, Their Various Types and Dimensions & Calculations. A Masterpiece! Highly Recommended!

CAT#107 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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The Temple Of Man: Apet Of The South of Luxor
R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Translated From The French By
Robert & Deborah Lawlor

French Edition 1957; Tr. 1998 Inner Traditions International; 2 Quarto Volumes In Slipcase; 1088p.; 363 Illustrations, 51 Photographic Plates Table of Contents: The Temple of Man Volume 1; Publisher's Preface; Translators' Acknowledgments; Translators' Preface; Preface; Introduction; Symbol-Evocation; Part 1 The Doctrine of the Anthropocosmos: Elements; Consciousness and Irreducible Magnitudes; Consciousness; Irreducible Magnitudes & Consciousness; Symbolique; The Magical Character of the Symbol; Symbol-Synthesis; Innate Knowledge ( A Summary); The Principle of the Present Moment; The Discontinuous Object in the Continuous Present; Relationship is the Symbol of Being; Symbolique; Anthropocosmos; The Meaning of the Anthropocosmos; The Principle of the Microcosm; Totemism & Heraldry; Mysticomagical Science; God & Determinism; Pharaonic Thought; Elements of the Pharaonic Mentality; The Technique of Thought; Function, Number, & Neter. Part 2: Mathematical Thought; Foundations of Pharaonic Mathematics; The Mystical Number; The Irrational; On Harmony; Space; Pharaonic Volumes; The Root; Pharaonic Calculation; Fundamentals; General Considerations; The Egyptian Notation of Numbers; Egyptian Calculation; Fractions; The Rhind Papyrus; Part 3: The Master Builders' Grid: Pharaonic Mathematics Applied; Pharaonic Trigonometry; Fundamentals of the Trigonometry; Functional Development of the Law of Right Triangles; Addition & Subtraction of Angles in Proportional Notation; The Canevas: Living Architecture of Number; The Architectural Grid of the Builders of the Temple; The Three Functions of the Canevas; Varying the Originating Center of the Construction; The Cosmic Principle of Volume; The Principle of the Square Roots of the Lineage of 2 & The Cube Root of the Lineage of 3; Musical Harmony & Volumes; The Problem of the Duplication of the Cube; Gnomonic Growth of cubes & a Practical Method for Extracting a Cube Root; The Canevas of Volumes; Pharaonic Cubits; Measures; The Principle of the Royal Cubit; The Pharaonic Pi; Measures & Cubits; The Human Canon; The Canevas Guide; The Numbers 7 & 19; The Two Pharaonic Methods of Using the Grid; Human Biometrics & Invariable Principles; Application of the Standard Pharaonic Canon; Projection of the Canevas on Two Royal Figures; The Royal Apron; The Axes; The Principle of the Axes; the Axes of the Temple of Luxor; The Axis of Amun & the Naos of Amun's Barque; The Axis of the Court of Ramesses (Narthex); the Teaching of the five Kings of the Sanctuary of Amun. Part 4 The Architecture of the Temple: Themes; The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus; Introduction; Some Anatomical Terms Used in the Papyrus; Carious Skull Injuries; The Temporal Region; Magical Incantations; Conclusion; The Diadem; The Crown of the Skull; Diadem, I Assume Thee; The Joints: Guides for Reading; The Covered Temple: The Head; Sanctuary V; The Essential Secret Sanctuaries; The Significance of Sanctuary V; Crossing; The Zodiac; The Genesis of the Empire; The Zodiac on Egypt; The Zodiac & the Precession of the Equinoxes; The Pharaonic Calendar; The Hindu Temple; The Square of Nine; The Mystic Temple: A Meditation; The Parvis; The Door; The Narthex; The Nave: The Vessel; The Peristyle: Transept & Womb; The Covered Temple, Entrance to the Choir; The Sanctuary; The Apse, Extra Muros. Volume 2, Part 5, The Pharaonic Temple: The Architectonics of the Pharaonic Temple; Preface to the Presentation of the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; The Temple of Luxor. Part 6: Plates, Legends, and Commentaries; Amun and Suti-Hor; Amun, Source of Births, Creator of Neters; Suti-Hor: The Original Builders; General Views of the Temple of Luxor; The Growth of the Temple; A Colossus of the Temple; Joints and Pieces; The Mosaic Figure in the Foundation of the Temple; The Crown of the Skull; The Moon in the Haty; The Knees; The Bows; The Zodiac; The Master Builders' Grid; The Problem of Establishing a Human Canon; Study of an Applied Canevas: The Tomb of Ukhotep at Meir; The Use of a Grid by the Maya; Investigation of the Canevas Imposed by the Representation & Proportions of the Figures; Cubits & Temple; The Grid & Architecture; An Application of the Canvas to the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; Transformations and Mutations; A Secret Sanctuary; The Axes of the Temple; The Holy of Holies; The Lines on the Floor; The Three Axes; The Naos of Alexander & the Geometric Pi; discussions Concerning a Perfect Pi; Receiving & Giving; Giving & Receiving; Receiving & Giving; The Architectural Structure; Transparency and Transposition; Seth-Horus; Realizers of the Plan: Suti-Hor Appendix: Comparison of Parts and Chapters in the English and French Editions;List of Works Cited; Index. BE AWARE, THIS BOOK WEIGHS 13 LBS. SO SHIPPING PRICES VARY CONSIDERABLY FOR DIFFERENT ZONES. ESTIMATES FOR AIR MAIL-ZONE 1: USA, CANADA & MEXICO $15.00-$20.00, ZONE 2: EUROPE, S.AMERICA, PACIFIC RIM $75.00. ZONE 3: AUSTRALIA, FAR EAST $90.00.

CAT#141 $195.00

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The Glass Bead Game
Hermann Hesse

Final novel by Hermann Hesse, published in two volumes in 1943 in German as Das Glasperlenspiel, and sometimes translated as Magister Ludi. The book is an intricate bildungsroman about humanity's eternal quest for enlightenment and for synthesis of the intellectual and the participatory life. Set in the 23rd century, the novel purports to be a biography of Josef Knecht ("servant" in German), who has been reared in Castalia, the remote place his society has provided for the intellectual elite to grow and flourish. Since childhood, Knecht has been consumed with mastering the Glass Bead Game, which requires a synthesis of aesthetics and scientific arts, such as mathematics, music, logic, and philosophy. This he achieves in adulthood, becoming a Magister Ludi (Master of the Game). Synopsis: Setting his story in the distant, post-Holocaust future, Hesse tells of an elite cult of intellectuals occupying themselves with an elaborate game that employs all the cultural and scientific knowledge of the ages. The most imaginative and prophetic of Hesse's works. A Masterpiece! QUALITY PAPERBACK EDITION

CAT#144 $20.00

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"Divine Arithmetic." A Subject Long Since Forgotten
The Elements Of Theology.
By Proclus (The Platonist)
Translated By A. C. Ionides

The Life Of Proclus, Or Concerning Felicity.
By Marinus

Circa 450 A.D. Tr.1897 130p; Circa 590 A.D. One Of The Most Profound Works On Platonic Or Pythagorean Arithmetic, Universal Order & Cause & Effect, From The Level Of Most Divine Abstraction. Arithemetic Is The First And Most Refined Aspect Of The Universal Emmenation, Said By Pythagoras To Be The First Step In The Cosmological Unfolding Of The Quadrivium: Arithemetic - Geometry - Music - Astronomy. Proclus Is One Of The Greatest Authors Of The Neo-Platonic Tradition, A Mystic, Cosmologist & Philosopher, Equal Even To Plato In Profundity And Subtlety! Contents: Unity & Plurality; One & Not One; Concerning A Unit; Concerning Producer & Production; Concerning The Foremost Good; That Which Is Free & Self-Sufficient; Cause; The Immovable & Self-Moving Principle, Or Cause; Incorporeal Essence; Mind Is Not The First Cause; The Imparticipable; Perfection; Progression; Circular Movement; Cause & Effect; Multiplication & Reversion Through Progression; Self-Subsistence; Concerning The Eternal With A View To Shewing That The World Is Eternal; Time & Eternity; Subsistence In Time; Every Cause Exists Prior To Effect, & Is Subsequently The Subsistence Of More Causes; Simple Superior Or Inferior To Composite; Divisible & Indivisible Powers; Monad Underlies A Double Number; Being & Cause; Universal Order; Universal Causes; Potential & Actual Being; Begotten Of Two-Fold Power; Every Separate Cause, Is Everywhere, & At The Same Time Nowhere; Every Leading Cause , With Respect To Every Series, Transmits Its Properties To The Whole Order; Every Series Of Whole Extends To An Imparticipable Cause & Origin; "The Partial Of An Order Can Participate The Monad In The Proximate Subsisting Disposition, In A Two-Fold Manner - Either Through The Cognate Therein, Co-Ordinate Thereto"(Wow); Every Divine Number Is Unique; The Supreme Of Every Divine Order Are Like The Last Of The Order Above; Threefold Nature Of Divine Order; Every Intellectual Number Is Limited; Everything Participating Time, Is Ever Moved & Measured By Periods; Every Period Of Spirit Is Measured In Time; Ratios; Glossary. Part II: The Life Of Proclus By Marinus Has Been Added As A Background Of The Life Of This Great Neo-Platonic Philosopher. Very Highly Recommended!

CAT#172 $50.00

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John Dee (1527-1608)
Charlotte Fell Smith

1909 342p. With Illustrations & Plates. One Of The Rarest An Best Biographies Of The Great English Cosmologist Dr. John Dee, Queen Elisabeth's Personal Astrologer. Contents: Birth & Education; Imprisonment & Authorship; Mortlake; Jane Dee; The Search For A Medium; Edward Kelly; Crystal Gaze; Madimi; Foreign Journey; Foreign Journey; Promises & Visions; Cracow; From Cracow To Prague; Dream Of Gold; Castle At Trebona; End Of Partnership; End Of Kelly; Return To England; Royal Commission; Dee's Library; Adieu To Courts & Courting; Manchester; College Affairs; Last Days; Descendants.

CAT#173 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Space In The Light Of Creation; A New Essay In Cosmic Theory
George Adams Kaufmann

1933 67 8x11"P. With Many Diagrams. George Adams Is One Of The Leading Proponents Of The Anthroposophical Science School, Founded By Rudolf Steiner & Inspired By The Scientific Vision Of Goethe. The Works Of This School Present Some Of The Most Profound Insights Into The Nature Of Vortex System, Ethereal Forces, Projective Geometry & Consciousness; Morphological Botany; Growth & Form; Space, Counterspace & Time. These Works Help Provide Radical Insight Into Many Of The Traditional Cosmological Systems But From A New & Needed Perspective Beautifully Integrated With Consciousness. Baumring Stressed The Importance Of This Work In Understand The Structure & Forces Of The Markets & The Universe. Contents: Mathematical Physics; Spirit Of Goethean Science; Order Of Nature; Rudolf Steiner; Synthetic Geometry; Radiation Of Space; Poncelet; Chasles; Jacob Steiner; Cayley & Sylvester; Von Staudt, Felix Klein & The New Geometry; Geometry Of Point, Line & Plane; 2-Fold Aspects Of Line, Physical - Ethereal; Projective Geometry; Descartes & Pascal; Principle Of Duality; Creation Of Space Out Of Pure Realms Of Time; Botany; Conics Of Weaving Light Rays; Theorem Of Desargues; Theorems Of The Harmonic Four; 3-D Projective Geometry; Goethe's Conception Of Space; Moebius Strip; Transformation Of Two Into One; Qualitative Polarization Of Axes; Archetypal Elements Of: Hexahedral, Octahedral & Dodecahedral Forms; Logos; Ratios; All That Is Form Within The Earthly Realm Has Its Origin In The Periphery Of Cosmic Space; Constancy Of Anharmonic Ratio; Music Of Number; Pythagoras; Infinitely Distant Plane; Imaginary Circle; Morphology Of Plants; Geometry & Dynamics; Functional Property Of Reciprocal Relations; Transformation Of Cartesian Ordinate System To Triangular Projective System; Functional Relation To Ellipse; Theorem Of Pascal; Pythagorean Theorem, 47th Problem Of Euclid; Musical Element Of Creation; Equal Roots & Parabolic Limits; Unequal Roots & Hyperbolics; Conjugate Imaginary Roots & Ellipse; Contrasting Qualities Of Cosmic In & Out Breathing Of Self-Enclosed Eternal Circulation In Pure Forms Of Hyperbola & Ellipse Or Circle; Simplest Cyclic Transformations Of Projective Geometry Are Hyperbola & Ellipse; Rhythms Of Numbers; Cyclic Processes; Number Series; In Every Point Of Space The Infinite Abounds; Sound-Ether; Ether Of Numbers; Light Ether; Chemical Sound-Ether; Forces Of Cosmos; Points Of Inflexion; Lemniscatory & Spiral Curves; Burden Of Earth & Sacrifice Of Warmth; Foundations Of Mathematical Physics; All World-Formation Has Origin In Periphery; "Locus Of Zero Intensity"; Cosmos & Chaos; Earth Forces Symbolized By Lengths In Space; Kinematics & Dynamics; Crystallography; Parabolic Transformation Of Space; Newton's Law Of Inertia Reveals Connection Between Time 7 Periphery Of Space; Force & Work; The Right Angle, Static & Dynamic Symmetry; Measure Number & Weight; Mechanics & Thermodynamics; Negative Gravity. This Work Is Very Clearly Written, Not Overly Mathematical, Presenting An Essential Vision Of The Universe! Strongly Recommended For Everyone Studying Cosmology Or The Markets!

CAT#176 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Mathematical Dr. Dee

Hieroglyphic Monad: The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically, Magically, Qabalistically & Anagogically Explained

Mathmatical Preface To Euclid's Elements Of Geometry

Private Diary & Catalog Of Dee's Library Of Manuscripts
Dr. John Dee

1564, 76p.; 1570 64p.; 1583 90p. This Collection Contains Four Very Interesting And Important Selections Of The Great Magus, Cosmologist, & Astrologer Of Queen Elisabeth. Baumring's Regularly Referred To Dee's Monus Hieroglyphica, Considering It One Of The Most Important Cosmological Works Ever Written. We Have Added Dee's Excellent Preface To The 1570 First English Edition Of Euclid's Elements Giving Of The Best Overviews Of The Esoteric-Scientific Doctrine Stemming From The Pythagoreans. We Have Also Included Dee's Private Diary & Catalog Of Manuscripts In His Library For A Deeper Insight Into This Enigmatic Character. Part I: This Work Written In 13 Days In 1564 Explains Dee's Discovery Of The Key To The Universe, The Monas, Or Unity Underlying The Cosmos, As Expressed In A Hieroglyph, Or Symbol. The Monad Represents The Alchemical Process & Goal Of The Magus, Who In Partaking Of The Divine, Achieves That Gnostic Regenerative Experience Of Becoming God. Everything Is Dependant Upon The Circle & Straight Line Which Are Formed From The Point. From This Point Revolve Sun & Moon Resting Upon A Cross, Then Upon Two Half-Circles, The Original Fire Of Creation. The Key To The Glyph Is In The Meditation & Study Of It And Its Suggestions To The Creative Memory. Part II: A Very Fruitful Preface Made By M. I. Dee, Specifying The Chief Mathematical Sciences, What They Are Disclosed Certain New Secrets Mathematical & Mechanical Until These Our Days Greatly Missed. Contents: Intent Of Preface; Number, Point, Line; Magnitude; Arithemetic; Qualities Of Elements; Number; Geometry; Art Mathematical Derivative; Mechanic; Vulgar Geometry; Geographie; Chorographie; Hydrographie; Stratarithmetrie; Astronomie; Musike; Cosmographie; Astrologie; Light; Cubes; Anthropographie; Trochilike; Pneumatithmie; Menadrie; Hypogeoidie; Horometrie; Zographie; Architecture; Navigation; Archemastrie; Groundplate Of My Mathematicall Paeface Categorizing All Sciences & Artes Mathematicall. Part III: The Private Diary Of Dr. John Dee Taken From The Margin Notes Of His Almanacs, beginning in 1554 & The Catalog Of His Library Of Manuscripts, Made By Himself in 1583, Before His House Was Plundered By The Populace. Dee Is Said To Have Expended In This Collection The Sum Of 3,000 Pounds, A Very Large Sum In The Sixteenth Century For A Person Of Limited Income.

CAT#198 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Rational Non-Mystical Cosmos, The Mysticism Of Science Exploded.
George F. Gillette.

1933 384p. Profusely Illustrated With Superb Cosmological Diagrams. Title Page: “Major ‘Mysteries’ Solved: Re-Creation, Radiation, Heat Light, Color, Electricity, Gravitation & Internal Structure Of Mass, Etc. The Single Law Of Nature, A Unitary Conception Of All Natural Phenomena And Of The Subatomic Mechanism Of The Cosmos Novel, Original & Revolutionary. The New Physics, Pure Newtonian Physics & Euclidian Geometry. The Greater Relativity Theory Of Subatomia, A Rational, Hypothetical System Of The Cosmos In Its Entirety. Simple Mathematical Reasoning Versus The Mystical Legerdemain Of Higher Mathematics. Ho Mystical Mathematics Of Fourth Spatial Dimensionalism Employed, No Metaphysics. A Scientific Version Of Genesis.” Contents: Cosmic Cycles Of Velocity And Plane; Cosmic Planes Of Size And Cycles Of Velocity; Chart Of The Cosmos; Majestic Cyclorama Of The Cosmos And Its Infinite Series Of Cycles Of Energy; First Law Of Nature; Sole Source Of Energy; Relativity Of Power; Universality Of Energy; Mass & Matter-Motion-Energy; Cosmic Cycles Of Empty Space; Re-Creation Of Higher Plane Mass, Co-Swirlation; Growth & Shrinkage; Co-Bumped Swirls, Solar Systems, Tornadoes; Vortex Systems; Cycles Of Power & Velocity; Ether Swirls; Wheels Within Wheels; Cosmic Velocities; Newton’s Laws; Cosmic Cycles Of Sound; Super Dimensions Of Space; Gyroscope; Color Velocities. A Magnificent Cosmological Masterpiece Redefining The Fundamentals Of Science From A Much Deeper Perspective. Not To Be Missed!!

CAT#362 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Hans Kayser. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited by Joscelyn Godwin.


German Edition 1950. English Translation 2006. 630 pages, 485 illustrations. The first release in our project to translate the complete works of Hans Kayser. The Textbook is THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON HARMONICS AND VIBRATION EVER WRITTEN! This course is the equivalent to a Ph.D. in technical and historical harmonics and musicology, and there is no work ever created or conceived which touches the depth of knowledge and scientific application of this masterpiece! It surveys the entire history of harmonics through all ancient societies and authors, developing a Science of Harmonics & Vibration, stemming from Pythagorean origins, elaborating how the entire universe is constructed upon Harmonic Principles. CONTENTS: Translation Society Preface; Translator’s & Editor’s Preface; Foreword; Introduction; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE-NUMBER: The Monochord; Tone-Value & Tone-Number; String Lengths – Wavelength; Vibration-Numbers = Frequencies; The Reciprocity of Waves = String Length and Frequency (Space and Time); Rhythm and Periodicity; Resonance; Interference; Haptic – Ektypic – Prototype – Value-Form – Theorem, Step – Being – Value; Coincidences of the Theorems of Tone-Number and Their Value-Formal Ambivalences; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE SERIES: The Overtone Series; The Undertone Series; The Whole Numbers; The Quanta; The Intervals; Harmonic Logarithms; Convergence – Divergence And Perspective – Equidistance; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE-GROUPS: THE PARTIAL-TONE DIAGRAM; The Partial-Tone Coordinates; The Rationing of Partial-Tone Coordinates; Major and Minor Series of the Partial-Tone Coordinates; Polarity; The Equal-Tone Lines; Value-Forms for 0/0, 1/1, and the Equal-Tone Lines; Index and Generator; Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse; The Proportions; Harmonic Proportions in Architecture; Trinity; Variation Models; Combination Models; Polar Diagrams; Tone-Spirals and Tone Curves; The Complete Partial-Tone Diagram; Logarithmic Arrangements; Tone-Space; Sound-Images. SELECTIONS: Scales; Chords; Ektypics for Melodies and Chords; Cadence; Counterpoint; Directions; Interval Powers and Constants; Symmetry; Space and Time; Enharmonics; Tempering; Number Symbolism; Tolerance: a Dialogue (and Review); Hierarchy; Norm; Harmonic Cosmogony; Summary of the History of Harmonics; Afterword; Partial-Tone Logarithms; Great Table of Ratios; The Author’s Publications.

Translation Society Edition.CAT#385 $350.00

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The Physics of the Secret Doctrine.
William Kingsland

1910, 153p. "Occult Physics are so closely connected with Metaphysics that it is almost impossible to deal with the one without the other. While, therefore, we shall be compelled to present somewhat of the Metaphysical basis upon which the whole of the teachings rest, we shall at the same time endeavor to subordinate this as much as possible to what is more generally understood as Physics. All Physics, however, all physical inquiry when pushed far enough, must necessarily end in a metaphysical region. Matter can have no ultimate explanation in and by itself, or without its correlative, Mind or Consciousness." Contents: Fundamental Principles; Matter & Motion; Primordial Substance; The Substantial Nature of Force; The Dawn of Evolution; The Cosmic Elements; The Evolution of Humanity & The Evolution of the Elements; Physical Plane Matter; The Sun & Solar System; Fohat, Electricity, & Correlated Forces

CAT#398 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Of Learned Ignorance
Nicolas Cusanus

1440 tr.1954 174p. One of the Great Works of Renaissance Philosophy by a Cosmologist Referred to by Hermann Hesse as a Precursor to the Glass Bead Game. Contents: How Knowledge Is Ignorance; Absolute Truth Is Beyond Our Grasp; The Absolute Maximum Is Known But Not Understood Maximum & Minimum Are Synonymous; Oneness of The Maximum; Maximum Is Absolute Necessity; Eternal Unity & Trinity; Eternal Generation; Eternal Progression Of the Connection; How The Understanding of The Trinity In Unity Transcends All Things; Mathematics Are A Very Great Help In Understanding different Divine Truths; The Way Mathematical Signs Should Be Used For Our Purpose; Modifications Of Absolute Infinite Line; Infinite Line I A Triangle; Infinite Triangle Is A Circle & A Sphere; Relationship Of Maximum To All Things Is By Analogy What The Infinite Is To Lines; Participation of Being; Analogy Between Infinite Triangle & Infinite Trinity; Impossibility of Having Four Or More Divine Persons; Analogy Between Infinite Circle & Unity; Infinite Sphere = Existence Of God; Negative Theology; Unity & Infinity of Universe; Everything In Everything; Universe-Its Unity & Degrees of Development; Trinity of Development; Possibility or Matter of the Universe; Soul of Form of Universe; Spirit of Universe; Corollaries on Movement; Conditions of Earth; Divine Design In Creation of World. Unfortunately this is not the cleanest copy of this rare book, but it is fully readable.

CAT#412 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Collected Essays Of George Adams.

Universal Forces In Mechanics.

The Lemniscatory Ruled Surfaces In Space & CounterSpace.

A Letter From George Adams.
George Adams

1939-1959, 200p.. Profusely Illustrated. Two Rare & Excellent Essays By the Greatest Thinker Of Anthroposophical Science. Anyone Interested In Counterspace & Subtle Physics Must Read These Important Source Works. Contents: Part I Warmth & Inner Forces; Force-Trihedra & Tetrahedra In Counterspace; Kinematical Space, Dynamical Counterspace. “Vector-Hexagram”; Counterspace & Graphic Statics (Plane Frameworks); Technique of Counterspacial Measurement; Dynamical ”Shape”-Principle Of The Lever; Further Aspects Of The Force-Configuration; Mass-Pint & Celestial Remoteness; Guide To Orientation; Mechanics of the Earth-Element; Archetypal Space-Screws; Formal Connections; Kinematics & Dynamics – Polar Relationship; Spherical Space; Polarity In Form of Space & Course Of Time. Part II On The Lemniscatory Ruled Surface & Its Plane & Twisted Curves (Lemniscates, Circles, Conic Sections, Planetary Loop-Curves; Spiral Lemniscates). Part III A Letter From George Adams. An Excellent Dissertation On The Spiral Vortex Nature Of Universal Order With Over 40 Full Pages of Diagrams.

CAT#417 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Das Gesetz Des Kosmos: Die Gottliche Harmonie Nach Platons Politeia-Timaios. Die Platonischen Zalenratsel Erneut Gelost Und Dargestellt.
Eberhard Wortmann

1965, Text in GERMAN. 130 Oversized Pages With Over 80 Full Page Geometric & Cosmological Diagrams. Title In English: The Law Of The Cosmos The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic – Timeaus The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved Again And Described. This is One of the Ten Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written Eberhard Wortmann is the only know modern Magister Ludi to have corresponded with Hermann Hesse, who in appreciation of his brilliant work called him a "Glass Bead Game Player." The Sacred Science Institute is working in conjunction with Wortmann's family to produce English translation of this Masterpiece, segments of which will be posted upon our website as they progress. Wortmann's works contain hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean and Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics and Astronomy ever seen, as well as one of the most intricate elaborations of Universal Order and Kosmic Law known to man. The vast and synthetic thinking process presented in these works inspired a correspondence discussing the GBG between Hesse and Wortmann. "Here it should be mentioned that the Platonic riddle of numbers are actually a question of logical games of thought, "Glass Bead Games", as Hermann Hesse, the great writer and man, had named this kind of mental business." The Diagrams Contained in this Masterpiece Are the Most Advanced & Original Geometric/Cosmological/Harmonic/Astronomical Diagrams We Have Ever Seen. Even If you Do Not Read German, Three Quarters of This Work Contains Pure Diagrams & Geometry, So It Is of Great Value To Everyone Interested in Sacred Geometric Cosmology!

CAT#435 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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Lost Star Of Myth & Time.
Walter Cruttenden.

2006. 340p. The companion book to the DVD The Great Year, developing a new paradigm of astronomical theory, with our Sun being part of a binary Sun system, which accounts for the Precession of the Equinoxes, and correlates the Precession with the theory of the Hindu Yuga Cycles. A fascinating and breakthrough work in astronomical theory, which very well may change the way we see the universe. Includes important information forming the basis of astrological or cosmic causation, and theorizing that humanity rises and falls through consistent cycles of advancement and decline over a grand 24,000 year cycle. A MUST READ!!! “Lost Star of Myth and Time is a wonderful, stimulating, thought-provoking new – or very old – approach to the greatest enigmas of human history. If Walter Cruttenden is right, as I very much suspect he is, then he has found the key to the mystery of the ages.” — Graham Hancock, author, Fingerprints of the Gods. “A compelling explanation for a major, but studiously neglected mystery: Why Ancient Egypt was at its height very near its beginning then slowly degenerated. This quietly incendiary book confronts the Paradigm Police across a spectrum of disciplines: ancient history, modern astronomy and the accepted account of human civilization. Powerful stuff!” — John Anthony West, author, Serpent in the Sky. Contents: A Search For Answers; A Cyclic Theory of History; An Astronomical View. Chapter 1: A Brief History of History: The First Archeologists; The Trouble with Assumptions; History Revised; How Broad Were The Dark Ages?; Pushing Back the Clock; Astronomical Alignments; Alternative Theories; Why The Dark Age?; Chapter 2 The Cycle of the Ages: Precession of the Equinox… Defined; Great Year; The Greeks; The Egyptians; Vedic Indians & the Yuga Cycle; The Length-of-Cycle Debate; Biblical References to the Ages of Man; The Dark Ages; A New Spring; The Cycle of Time In Ancient America; The Age of the Fifth Sun; The Hopis; Ancient Wisdom. Chapter 3: The Ancient Science Behind Precession: Precession; The Zodiac; Vernal & Autumnal Equinoxes; The Standard Explanation: A Little Background; The Ancient Sources of Copernicus; The Perspective of the Ancients; In Search of a Cause; Whispers of Another Star; Mithras; Beyond Mythology; A New Search Begins; Chapter 4: The Case of the Missing Motion: What’s Your Reference Frame?; Problems with Lunisolar Theory; Looking With New Eyes; More on the Binary Hypothesis; Binaries Everywhere; Lunisolar or Binary? A Side by Side Comparison; Missing motion & the Lunar Witness; Celestial Signs; The Test is in the Accuracy of the Model; Solar System Anomalies; Rate of Precession; Angular Momentum: A Case of Hide & Seek; Sheer Edge & Non-Random Comet Paths; Orbital Time Deltas; Slips & Spins Make Time; Earth Orbit Geometry & Reference Frames; The New Model: In Sync With Form & Function; Archeological & Historical Implications. Chapter 5: The Search: Nemesis; IRAS & What It Didn’t Find; So, What is It? Black Holes; Brown Dwarfs; Dead Stars; Virtual Observatories; A Visible Star?; What do the Ancients Say? The Giza Marker; The Binary Exception; Sirius Stories; Nibiru, Indra & Sirius… One and the Same?; Distant Influences. Chapter 6: The Cosmic Influence: An Interactive Universe’ The Mu Room; Cemi Field Theory; Consciousness, Mind & the Cosmic Influence; Vishnunabahi, Magnetars & Beyond. Chapter 7: Wisdom of the Stones: The Round Towers; Lines of Energy; Gaia; Terra Preta. Chapter 8: Reconstructing the Menagerie: A Pagan Dig; A Larger Context; It’s the Real Thing; Obituary for the Descending Cycle. Chapter 9: Higher-Age Reality. Purpose; Older & Wiser; The Promise.

CAT#448 $20.00 Softcover, St. Lynn’s Press. SEE COMPANION VIDEO - THE GREAT YEAR CAT#507

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Zen-Yoga: A Creative Psychotherapy to Self-Integration.
P.J. Saher

1976 Originally, 2002 Edition published by Motilal Banarsidass, India. This book contains a surprise beyond its excellent, highly scientific, mystical instructions. In the back it includes 25 Diagrams by Eberhard Wortmann, the only modern author to be acknowledged by Hermann Hesse as a master of the Glass Bead Game. Surprisingly, there is no reference made or credit given to Wortmann in the book, the diagrams are just mysteriously included, with brief one line descriptions of shocking content value. Wortmann’s diagrams are probably the most advanced sacred geometry diagrams ever conceived & all were inspired from Plato’s Timeaus/Republic. Since Wortmann’s works are all in German, this is the only clue we have in English to his mysterious and superb work! Besides the diagrams, this books presents a spiritual science of meditation and mastery with a scientific basis the like of which we have not seen before, but most closely resembling the initiatory path of Franz Bardon, though focused more on mysticism than magic. Contents: Mind & Thinking; Drifts of the Mind & What They Convey; Do We Think & How?; Must We Sleep & How Much?; Expanding Consciousness; Breathing & Its Relationship To Conscious & Life; Spiritual Planes; Avoidable Mistakes; The Centres (Chakras) & Their Mechanism; Use of Free Will in Trifles; Correct Methods of Daily Living; Progress on the Path; Will-Force; Internal Non-Equilibrium of Centres; How to Restore Equilibrium of Centres; Purpose of Life & Birth; Unpublished Secrets of Zen & Yoga; Pratyahara; Self-Conquest; Laws of Spiritual Success; Liberation from Bondage to Ego; Yoga Sutras; The 60 Secret Steps To Salvation; Mysteries of Higher Grades of Salvation; Practical Exercises; Celestial Influence or Intensities of Celestial Bodies; Neuro-Physiological Basis of our Mind. 25 Wortmann Diagrams!!! Sample Wortmann Captions: Geometrical Structure of Dharmakaya. The “Milky Way” seen as an exact Replica of psycho-astrological Meridian Points in the brain. The brain as pivot of the seven channels leading to it from the Centres-Mandala of the Esoteric Sciences. The principal Three Centres working in cosmic harmony with the Phases of the MOON. The central star as the macrocosmic Centre co-ordinating the micro-cosmic Centres. The anatomical brain reconstructed as a Computer kybernetically co-ordinating the Centres. The internal astro-geometric construction of a Chakra; Geometrical proportions of the Astral Body & its Chakras; The First Five Centres in their geometric Ratios of an esoteric Mathematics. To see some sample Wortmann diagrams see this link:

CAT#462 $30.00 OUT OF STOCK!

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The Astrological Calculator.
Amedeo Babbo.

2001 Package contains an astrological dial, a fold out chart & instructions. The simplest method of calculating through Kabbalistic Astrology the Angles present & the talents they impart at the moment of birth. This Calculator is based on the work & is to be used in conjunction with The Practice Of Magical Evocation, by Franz Bardon. It calculates an accurate natal horoscope in an entirely different manner using the elements of Kabbalistic Astrology as taught by Bardon. Using you birth time, this calculator will allow you to calculate the principles, intelligences, genii or angles and their respective spheres which influence you throughout your life.

CAT#463 $25.00OUT OF STOCK

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The Great Year. (Documentary)
Walter Cruttenden & Friends.

2003 Walter is an old customer of the Sacred Science Institute, who actually used material from our books in this documentary. It is one of the most fascinating documentaries we have ever seen, with some new breakthrough science of interest to all cycle and astronomical researchers. The Great Year is a compelling documentary that explores the possibility that the fall of ancient civilizations around the globe, and the rise of modern civilization, might be related to our Sun’s motion around a companion star. The film examines evidence that ancient civilizations may have known of this celestial cycle and that our Sun may indeed display the characteristics of binary motion. Just as the Earth’s spin on its axis causes day and night and our planet’s annual orbit around the Sun is responsible for the ongoing cycle of the seasons, what if there is some greater celestial cycle, lasting thousands of years, slowly influencing the rise and fall of civilization across the globe? Where is the evidence? What could be the cause? To many ancient cultures, the answers lie in the stars. In their view, time and civilization did not progress ever forward in a strict linear path, but moved in a cyclical pattern, with human civilization and consciousness rising and falling as great ages came and went. To the ancient Mayans, we are entering the time of the Fifth Sun; Hindu and Vedic scholars spoke of the Yuga Cycle a great circular progression of ages; and in ancient Greece, Plato taught of a large cycle of time which would slowly return us to a “Golden Age”. He called this cycle: The Great Year. The Great Year investigates the common thread in these beliefs and looks back into time seeking answers to the questions that still loom over science today. How far back into history do humankind’s roots really go? What did the ancients know about the stars and their movements and what can we learn from them? Why was the “Precession of the Equinox” universally revered? Many of these cultures spoke of an unseen sun that drives this movement of the stars across the sky over thousands of years and causes great ages to rise and fall. Could there be an unseen binary partner to our Sun? The Great Year examines this theory and finds growing scientific evidence to support it. What makes The Great Year so compelling is that it reveals a startling truth embodied in the number one ancient mystery: the Precession of the Equinox. By showing the cutting edge scientific evidence that challenges the current theory, this film is sure to set off debates in the scientific, archaeological, and astronomical communities. This provocative film, narrated by James Earl Jones, is accompanied by 18 minutes of animation and a moving original musical score. The message behind the film may be the beginning of a whole new way to look at time and history, and just might set off a new scientific movement to find our Sun’s binary companion. The Great Year DVD is formatted with Region 1 encoding (North America). For International Orders, please make sure that your DVD player can read this format.

CAT#507 $20.00 DVD Documentary. SEE THE COMPANION BOOK - THE LOST STAR - CAT#448

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NATURAL ARCHITECTURE: OR, A Report By Petrus Talemarianus On The Establishment Of A “Golden Rule,” According To The Principles Of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, And The Kabala, Serving To Fulfill The Laws Of Universal Harmony And Contributing To The Accomplishment Of The Great Work.
Petrus Talemarianus. Edited by Alexandre Rouhier. Illustrations by Marcel Nicaud. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited & Preface by Joscelyn Godwin.

French Edition 1948. Translation 2007. 456 pages. With 50 Geometric, Numeric, And Titled Designs From The Author, As Well As 108 Engravings And 7 Titled Geometric Designs From The Editor. The second title in the Sacred Science Translation Society series. This book is a masterpiece of esoteric cosmology, coming from a secret French esoteric school, connecting the work of the cosmologist Wronski, teacher of Eliphas Levi and Balzac, and the work of the French Traditionalist, Rene Guenon. The thesis develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical and astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world. We guarantee that this is one of the most important and fascinating works that anyone has ever seen. Contents Overview: The Magic Word ABRACADABRA; The Ratio H/G Linking The Side Of A Regular Pentagon To That Of A Regular Hexagon In The Same Circle; An “Operative Diagram” With Twelve Triangles And Seven Squares; Hindu Doctrines; AKLISHTAKAR’s Tantric Diagram; Chinese Taoism; Numeric Correspondences To The Different Worlds Of Manifestation; Cosmogonic Ennead; Figure That Mediates Between The Squares And The Circle; Pyramid Of CHEOPS; Constructive Aspect Of The Philosopher’s Stone; ARSENIC; Geometric Progression Of Ratio H/G,; Mutation Of The Quinary And Senary; Study Of Progression; Geometric Outline Of The Interior Corridors And Chambers Of The Great Pyramid; Dimensions & Proportions Of The Philosopher’s Stone; “Intermediary Diagram On Triangles” With Eleven Elements; Correspondence To The Signs Of The Zodiac And To The Planets; Intermediary Diagram On Pentalphas; Mediating Diagram; Seal Of The Mutations Of The Quinary And Senary; Deformations Of The Nine Lengths Of ARSENIC; Metaphysical Attributions Given To The Eight Constructive Ratios Of The Philosopher’s Stone; Role Of The Mystic Numbers 108 And 7 In Tantrism And The Kabala; Egyptian Theodicy; The Hebraic Kabala Vehicle Of Egyptian Science; Constitution Of The Sephirothic Tree; Principle Of Polarity; Formal Principles Of Natural Architecture; Pythagorean Discipline; Constructive Theories From Arithmetic, Astronomy, Harmony, Geometry, And Stereometry; Cosmogonic Squares Of The Chinese; Khmer Tradition Concerning Planetary Arithmology; Chinese Theory Of The Twelve Musical Pipes; Scales Of PTOLEMY And PYTHAGORAS; Resemblance Existing Between The Laws Of Harmony And Those Of Natural Architecture; Study Of Harmony; Logarithmic Law; Study Sacred Alphabets; The Ratio Of The Bases Of The Same Exponential Law That Rules Both Musical Intervals And Architectural Proportions Is √G; Regular Division Of The Circle; Universal Pantacles; Stereometry & The Regular Partition Of The Sphere; Regular Polyhedrons; Four Types Of Correspondences Between These Solids; Diagrams Are Projection, On A Plane Of These Correspondences; Justification In The Regular Partition Of The Sphere; Social Applications Of Metaphysics; Myths And Symbols; Numeric Oppositions; Cults Of The Stone And The Waters; Two Exteriorizations Of The Center Of The World; Doctrines Of The Alchemists; Alchemical Vessel; Four Operations Or “Colors” Of The Great Work; “Genesis” Of MOSES; “Theogony” Of HESIOD; Proofs Of This Concordance; Myths Of PLATO In Relation To The “Timaeus”; DANTE’s “Divine Comedy”; To The Alchemical And Initiatory Science; Secret Science; RABELAIS’ Novel; Philosophical Dwelling Of An Adept; Island Of Atlantis And Its Royal City; “Apocalypse” Of Saint JOHN; “Shekinah” (Cathedral Of Amiens); Realization Of Universal Harmony. APPENDICES: Construction Of An Approximate Pentalpha With The Rectangle √G; Table Of The Approximate Numeric Values Of The Eight Ratios Of ARSENIC●M; Ratio H/G Obtained Through The Regular Dodecahedron; Chinese Cosmogonic Squares And Table Of PYTHAGORAS; The Magic Squares; Khmer Arithmological Series And Chinese Cosmogonic; On √Π, 1/√2, And The Ratio Between The Septenary And Duodenary (Unpublished Essay By Francis WARRAIN); Regular Polyhedrons And Polygons; Quadratures Of The Circle Obtained In The Diagrams; The Figured Numbers; The Rhythm Of The Holy Letters; The Divine Architectural Archetype And Its Paths. SELECTED FIGURES: PASCAL’S Arithmetical Triangle And The FIBONACCI Sequence; Egyptian Triangle; PASCAL’s Arithmetical Triangle Limited By The Chessboard; Logarithmic Spiral Tangent To The Corners Of The Revolving Squares; The “Shriyantra”; The Holy Trinity; The Triple Triad; The Pair Of Opposites (Eastern And Western Alchemies; Triangular Numbers; Square Numbers; Pentagonal Numbers; The Shrivatsa; The Constitutive Triangles Of A Pyramid Connected With The “Materia” Squares; Assyrian Ennead; Quadrilateral Of HERMES; Twelve Signs Of The Zodiac; Seven Planets; Magic Rectangle Of The Great Pyramid – Pentagon And Pentalpha; The Egg Of The World – Tibetan “Om”; The Zodiacal Hermaphrodite; The Alchemical Work; Ogdoad Of Hermopolis; Aleph; The Sephirothic Tree – CYBELE, The Mother Of The Gods – MICHAEL, The “Metatron” – The Table Of The Twelve Loaves Of Showbread – The Candelabra Of The Tabernacle; Meditating Taoist; Hindu “Lingam”; The Geometric Tau – Crucifixion Between The Sun And Moon; Chinese Cosmogonic Squares Of 6 And 5; Chinese Tower With Eleven Stories; “Swastikas” On The Cosmogonic Square Of 6 And 5 – The Goddess Of The Rainbow; Khmer Arithmological And Planetary Squares; MITRA-PHANES Emerging From The Pyrogenic Egg Of The World – Egyptian Gnostic Cross – Alchemical Putrefaction; The Rose Of The Twelve Musical Pipes – Chinese Bell With Phoenix Heads – AMPHION, Son Of JUPITER, Building Thebes “Of The Hundred Gates”; Alphabetical Wheels Based Of ARSENIC●M – Ritual Of The Consecration Of A Church – The Rose On The Façade Of The Cathedral Of Exeter; The Union Of Macrocosm And Microcosm – Double-Headed Eagle; Architecture And Music; Constitutive Quadrilaterals Of The Equilateral Triangle And The Square; Equilateral Triangle And Squares With Their Constitutive Triangles; Pentagon With Constitutive Triangles – Notre-Dame De; The Planar Projections Of The Five Platonic Solids; The Projection Of The “Yin” Correspondences Of The Platonic Solids Superposed On The Complete Diagram – The Quintuple Hexahedron – Cubic Stone; Image Of The Moon And Image Of The Sun; Descent Of The Sephirothic Tree Into The Various Worlds Of Manifestation – Ascent Of “Kundalinî” Through The Seven “Chakras” Of The Human Being – The Prophet ZECHARIAH; JACOB’s Ladder; Alchemical Laboratory; The Ark Of The Covenant – MOSES’ Tabernacle And Courtyard – Nubian Tau; The Tomb Of King MIDAS The Alchemist; The Great Alchemical Work (Humid Path) – The Great Alchemical Work (Dry Path) – The Labyrinth At Chartres Cathedral; Tree Of Raymond LULLY; Plan Of The Palace Of Versailles, Superimposed Upon The Monad Of John DEE; The Vision Of The Throne Of GOD And The Lamb – Keystone Of The Absidial Vault Of The Cathedral Of Amiens; Plan Of The Lamaic Cathedral Of Lhasa; The Magic Squares And Their Planetary Correspondences; Regular Polyhedrons: Surfaces And Volumes – Fig. I A, B, C, And D – Fig. II, III, And IV – Table Of The Classification Of The Types Of Polyhedrons – Nomenclature Of The Polyhedrons – Table Of The Elements Of The Polyhedrons – Construction Of The Faces Of The Polyhedrons – Correspondence Of The Polyhedrons To The “Sephiroth”; Quadrature Of The Circle Obtained In The Operative Diagram; Table Of The Numeric Values Corresponding To The Letters Of The Hebrew And Greek Alphabets; Properties Of The Circles Or Parts Of The Whorl. For details about the Translation Society, as well as the complete contents and diagram descriptions, see the Translation Society link on our homepage,

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Eberhard Wortmann. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited by Joscelyn Godwin.

German Edition 1965, Translation Society Edition 2008. 135 Pages, Including 80 Geometric Plates and 12 FULL COLOR PLATES. This is the 3rd book in the Sacred Science Translation Society series. This book is One of the Ten Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written! Eberhard Wortmann is the only know modern Magister Ludi to have corresponded with Hermann Hesse, who in appreciation of his brilliant work called him a master "Glass Bead Game Player." The Sacred Science Institute worked in conjunction with Wortmann's family to produce this English translation of his Masterpiece, and will continue to translate his 3 further works, bringing his life work into English for the fist time. Wortmann's works contain hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean and Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics and Astronomy ever seen, as well as one of the most intricate elaborations of Universal Order and Cosmic Law known to man. The vast and synthetic thinking process presented in these works inspired a correspondence between Hesse and Wortmann discussing the GBG. "Here it should be mentioned that the Platonic riddle of numbers are actually a question of logical games of thought, "Glass Bead Games", as Hermann Hesse, the great writer and man, had named this kind of mental business." CONTENTS: REPUBLIC OR PLATO’S POLITICAL SECRET: The Riddle of Numbers in the Republic; The Solution of the Republic Riddle; Step Pyramid & Ideal Pyramid; The Significance of the Republic Pyramid; Apotheosis; TIMAEUS, OR REVELATION BY MEANS OF NUMBER: Part 1: The Four Essences; The Timaeus Riddle of Numbers; The Arithmetical Solution of the Timaeus Riddle’ The Regular Polyhedrons; The Four Essences; The Proofs; The Master Speaks. Part 2:: The Best of Things Created; Description of the Water Jug; The Golden Section; The Cones of the Jug; The Volume of the Jug; The Extinguisher; The Extinguisher Knob; The Oil Vessel; Wick & Flame; The Jug Stand; Circles & Polygons in the Extinguisher; The Accessory Cones of the Jug; the Hendecagon of the Jug Section; The Cross-section of the Jug; the Pentagons; Ten-pointed Stare & Five Pointed Star; The Polygons; The Pointer (Quadrature of the Circle; The Altar (The Squares of the Egyptian Triangles); The Conic Sections; The Symbolon; The Spearpoint; Mysteries from the Ancient Past; Chalice & Holy Grail; Part 3: Psyche or the Flower Miracle; Thaumazein – The Astonishment; Psychogenesis – The Generation of the Soul; Catharsis – The Purification; Psyche Alogos – The Natural Soul; Psyche Logistikon – The Enlightened Soul; The Proportion of the Flower Miracle; The Total Proportion of the Timaeus Parts. Part 4: The Sign of the Macrocosm; The Orbits of the Planets; The Sphairion – First Horoscope; The Conjunction of the Moon, Earth & Venus; The Opposition of Jupiter and Mars; Helios, The Conjunction of the Sun Saturn & Mercury; The Blooming Heaven; Orion, The Soul of the Universe; The Animated Bands ( The Fixed Stars); The Timaeus Sigil. Part 5 Thus Did Time Come Into Being; The Revolution of the Planets; The Three Regulators; The Corrected Revolution Periods of the Planets; The World-Year; The Planet’s Revolutions; The Proportion of the Planets’ Revolution Periods; The Sacrificial Vessel; The Planets’ Revolution Periods in Divine Time; Sirius, The World Clock; Time Measurement & its History; Platonic Time Division; The Eight World Years; World-Fire & New Beginning; Saturn the Destroyer; The Deluges; The Dagger in the Sky; Table of Planetary Revolution Periods to be Determined; The Hunt of the Two Moons; The End of the Doomed Planet; The Pendulum System; The Emergence of the World from the Soul; The Pentagon Again; The Windmill; The Soul’s Kernel; The Tree of the Immortal Soul; The Two Bands; The Second Division; Division of the Sphere’s Outer Surface; The Mixing of the World-Soul; The Key; A Game With Prime Numbers; The Number 37; The Number 315. Part 6: The Image of the Deity: Alpha & Omega; The ONE; The Pole Star 216; Coronas & Ray Spheres; The Force of Movement; The Volume of the Pendulum System; The Pyramid Peak; The Neck & Breast Jewelry; The Monstrance; The Regular Polyhedrons Again; The 1st Polyhedron Harmony: The Eyes of the Deity; The Water Clock; The Orb; The 2nd Polyhedron Harmony: The Treasure House; The 3rd Polyhedron Harmony: The Polyhedron Symbola; The Great Number Game; The Whole Proportion of the Surfaces of Timaeus; The Whole Proportion of the Solids of Timaeus. Part 7: The Ruler; The Basillica of the Holy Wisdom; The Council of Supreme Justice; The Eagle; The Ruler’s Toe Point – The World-Sphere; Six Arriving Worlds; The Eleven Spheres of the Divine; The Form of the Ruler; The Crystal Ball; The Twenty-Two Pointed Star; The Square; The Twenty-One-Pointed Star; The Sixty-Three Pointed Star; The Ruler as a Surface; The Soul Emerges; The Perfect Harmony of the Sections; The Solids of the Image: The Peacock’s Throne & Body. Appendix: The Harmony of the Spheres; Pythagoras & Music; The Vibration Ratios of the Tone Intervals (Pythagoras); Mathematical Proof; Historical Proof; The Tone-Values of the 31 Number; The Myth of the Hereafter in the Republic.

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Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.
John Anthony West.

1993. 266P. This revised edition of West's revolutionary reinterpretation of the civilization of Egypt challenges all that has been accepted as dogma concerning this ancient and enigmatic land. It features a new introduction linking Egyptian science with the perennial wisdom tradition and an appendix updating the author's work with Robert Schoch in redating the Sphinx based upon water erosion. This wonderful work is based upon the research and discoveries of the famous Alchemist/Egyptologist, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, and gives a detailed overview of Schwaller’s ideas of the scientific system of the Egyptian Temple. Topics Include: Hieroglyphs carry Hermetic messages that convey the subtler realities of the Sacred Science of the pharaohs. Egyptian science, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy were more sophisticated than most modern Egyptologists acknowledge. Egyptian knowledge of the universe was a legacy from a highly sophisticated civilization that flourished thousands of years before. The Great Sphinx represents geological proof that such a civilization existed. Pythagoras Rides Again. Science & Art in Ancient Egypt. Myth Symbolism, Language, Literature. Heir to Atlantis.

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Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date.
John Major Jenkins. Introduced by Terence McKenna

1998. 423p. The Maya Long Count calendar, a complex system for measuring time, was developed around 2000 years ago, possibly at the pre-Maya site of Izapa in southern Mexico. Jenkins, an independent researcher, presents a wealth of information about Maya astronomy, mythology, and calendrics in support of his analysis of the Long Count calendar end-date, scheduled to occur on December 21, 2012. Providing evidence that the end-date corresponds with a rare alignment of our solar system, Jenkins contends that the Maya were aware of this celestial event and believed that it portended a dramatic rebirth for humanity. Jenkins explains how the Maya mapped the movements of the Earth, including precession, and incorporated their measurements into their calendars. Good illustrations, maps, and an extensive bibliography complement this detailed work.

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Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions.
John Major Jenkins.

2002.300p. This book is a fascinating and scholarly exploration of ancient cosmologies, which focuses on the relationships between the spiritual destiny of mankind and the solstitial position of the sun and the centre of our galaxy. Basing himself on a number of eminent authorities, John Major Jenkins describes a cosmic clock which provides critical end-points in the process of world-cycles. Jenkins makes us aware of the huge scale of the esoteric knowledge of antiquity, and he sets out to restore what has been lost, which is a form of cosmological knowledge embracing all the levels of our complex being at once. The great changes we are witnessing today are shown to be mysteriously coordinated with cosmic movements which we wrongly thought the ancients knew little or nothing about.

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Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time.
John Major Jenkins.

2004. 192p. The first translation of a previously unknown Aztec codex and its initiatory teachings for 2012. Discloses the potential for great spiritual awakening offered at the end of the Aztec calendar cycle. Presents the only existing English-language transcription of the Aztec codex, with line-by-line commentary. Contains the epic poetry and metaphysical insights of Beat poet Marty Matz (1934–2001). In 1961 an unknown Aztec codex was revealed to Beat poet and explorer Marty Matz by a Mazatec shaman in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico. Originally intended for dramatic performance, this codex presents a profound metaphysical teaching describing how the end of time will bring about a visionary ascent. At the behest of his Mazatec teacher, Matz transcribed this pictorial codex into a literary form that would preserve its initiatory teachings and reveal its secret meanings to a wider audience. Pyramid of Fire is an epic poem that provides a vehicle to transport the initiate into the higher realms of consciousness. It represents a barely surviving thread of teachings that have been passed down in secret since the time of the Spanish Conquest. Revealed are the techniques by which man is transported to the stellar realm after death via the solar energy within what the ancients called the “serpent of consciousness.” Line-by-line commentary by Matz and John Major Jenkins provides insights into the perennial philosophy contained in the codex and its relevance to our times.

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THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity. Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts
By Marquis Saint-Yves D'Alveydre.
Translated by Ariel Godwin.
Edited & Introduced by Joscelyn Godwin.

French Edition 1911, Translation Society Edition 2008. 500 Pages, Accompanied by 5 Color Plates, 10 Portraits, & 100 Figures & Tables. This fourth translation in the Sacred Science Translation Society series represents one of the most highly respected elaborations of the universal system, by one of the most respected esotericists of the 19th century. Our volume includes the technical source text, along with a further 70 page elaboration and description by another of St. Yves associates published in the French magazine La Gnose from 1909-1912. It also includes another half dozen scholarly articles published throughout the last century on St. Yves and his work. This book is another of the Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written! From the Intro: What is the Archeometer? The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric myths of all religions. It is the canon of ancient Art in its various architectural, musical, poetic, and theogonic manifestations. It is the Heaven that speaks: every star, every constellation becomes a letter or a phrase, or a divine name lighting the ancient traditions of all peoples with a new day. Saint-Yves applied Archeometric keys to a new translation of the Genesis of Moses, in a work that is sadly little known: The Theogony of the Patriarchs. Together with the Vulgate, Fabre d’Olivet’s translation, and other earlier attempts, this new adaptation of the words of Moses in Saint-Yves’s rhythmic prose is of greatest interest to the members of all the Churches of Christianity, pastoral or secular. Over time, Saint-Yves, initiated directly by the Hindu Brahmans, wrote his Mission of India, in which the question of the “Mahatma” is resolved definitively and clearly. His “friends” have reverently reprinted this work, of which all but one example had been destroyed. Thus, here is a subject of study for future critics, or rather, many subjects, and we do not know what posterity will find most striking: the author’s immense erudition, his style as personal as it is brilliant, or the exalted revelations of the initiate and historian. Dr. G. Encausse, aka “Papus.” CONTENTS: TRUE WISDOM - BOOK I. INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE ARCHEOMETER Dedication Foreword PART I. Man’s Wisdom and Paganism CHAPTER 1. Mental Regression From the Universal Verbal Synthesis to Individual Philosophy. – Pagan Instruction and Christian Education. Chapter 2. Triumphant Error I. Pythagoras’s Struggle against the Pagan Mentality. – His Efforts for the Reconstitution of the Protosynthesis. II. Pythagoras’s Successors. – The Golden Verses. III. False Pythagoreanism, ancient and modern. – The three mental Races. Chapter 3. Spiritual Death The Renaissance and the Triumph of Paganism through Modern Humanism PART II: God’s Wisdom and Christianity Chapter 1. The Path I. Christian Mathesis. II. The constitutive Criteria of the Mathesis. First criterion. Second criterion. First degree: Positive. Second degree: Comparative. Third degree: Superlative. Third criterion: Religion. Chapter 2. The Truth I. Identity of Christianity before and after the Incarnation II. Esoteric Christianity. Chapter 3. The Life I. The organic Canon of Life of Humanity and its Revelation II. Divine Life and the Revelation of its Mysteries Conclusion. Appendix I. The millenary Cycles. Appendix II. Influence of Paganism on the French Revolution, Demonolatry of Charles de Secondat. Appendix III. Shema of the dactylic key of 5 Notes on the Cabalistic Tradition. BOOK II. Description and Study of the Archeometer. Chapter 1. The “Friends of Saint-Yves.” Chapter 2. Preliminary Clarifications. Chapter 3. The Cosmological Archeometer. I. The Archeometric Planisphere II. Speech and the Alphabets Chapter 4. The Celestial Triangles I. The Astronomy of the Initiatory Temples of Antiquity II. Triangle of the Word, Jesus, or Trigon of the Earth of the Living III. Triangle of Mary, or Trigon of the Living Waters IV. Triangle of the Holy Angels, or Trigon of Ether V. Triangle of the Lamb, or Trigon of the Vivifying Fire Chapter 5. The Archeometer and Oriental Tradition I. The Sanskrit alphabet and its correspondences with the Adamic II. Archeometer of the XXII letters BOOK III. The Adaptations of the Archeometer. Chapter 1. Architecture I. The Marquis de Saint-Yves’s Musical Ruler II. Application of the Musical Ruler to Architecture and to Shapes III. Biblical References Chapter 2. Speaking and Musical Architecture I. Angelical Salutation II. The Standard III. The Patent IV. Regulating Archeometer V. Chromological Archeometer Protractor of Degrees Music of Sounds Summary Applied architecture. APPENDICIES. FURTHER WRITINGS ON THE ARCHEOMETER Appendix I. THE ARCHEOMETER. From La Gnose (1909-1911). Signed “T.” by the authors (René Guénon and Alexandre-Thomas Marnès). Appendix II. Saint-Yves d’Alveydre and the Archeometer. By Jean Reyor (pseudonym of Maurice Clavelle) Appendix III. Kabbalistic Theory of Music. By Rouxel Appendix IV. On the “Theogony of the Patriarchs.” By T. Basilide (pseudonym of Patrice Genty) Appendix V. The Sorbonne Library’s: Saint-Yves d’Alveydre Collection. By Robert Amadou

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The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition.
Laird Scranton. Foreword by John Anthony West.

2006. 224p.A look at the close resemblance between the creation and structure of matter in both Dogon mythology and modern science. Reveals striking similarities between Dogon symbols and those used in both the Egyptian and Hebrew religions. Demonstrates the parallels between Dogon mythical narratives and scientific concepts from atomic theory to quantum theory and string theory. The Dogon people of Mali, West Africa, are famous for their unique art and advanced cosmology. The Dogon’s creation story describes how the one true god, Amma, created all the matter of the universe. Interestingly, the myths that depict his creative efforts bear a striking resemblance to the modern scientific definitions of matter, beginning with the atom and continuing all the way to the vibrating threads of string theory. Furthermore, many of the Dogon words, symbols, and rituals used to describe the structure of matter are quite similar to those found in the myths of ancient Egypt and in the daily rituals of Judaism. For example, the modern scientific depiction of the informed universe as a black hole is identical to Amma’s Egg of the Dogon and the Egyptian Benben Stone. The Science of the Dogon offers a case-by-case comparison of Dogon descriptions and drawings to corresponding scientific definitions and diagrams from authors like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene, then extends this analysis to the counterparts of these symbols in both the ancient Egyptian and Hebrew religions. What is ultimately revealed is the scientific basis for the language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which was deliberately encoded to prevent the knowledge of these concepts from falling into the hands of all but the highest members of the Egyptian priesthood. The Science of the Dogon also offers compelling new interpretations for many of the most familiar Egyptian symbols, such as the pyramid and the scarab, and presents new explanations for the origins of religiously charged words such as Jehovah and Satan.

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