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The Handbook of Astrology
Zadkiel Tao Sze

1863 85p. A Baumring Astrological/Astronomical Selection Containing The Most Complete Collection of Formula for Every Set of Astronomical Calculations. Contents: Nativity Judgement; distribution of Doctrine of Nativities; Form & Temperment of Body; Fortune of Wealth & Rank; Employment; Marrige; Children; Travelling; friends & Enemies; Death; Sun, Moon & Planets; Rules to Work Directions of Angles in Mundo; Rules To Calculate Parallels to Angles, From Meridian; Rules to Calculate Rapt Parallels; Rules to Work Directions in Zodiac; To Find Arc of direction of Any Aspect Formed By Sun by Converse Motion of Zodiac; To Find Arc of Direction of Sun to any Parallel Declination; To Find Arc of Direction of Moon to any Aspect in Zodiac by Direct Motion & by Converse Motion; Find Arc of Direction of and Planet to the Aspect of the Sun Moon or any Other Planet; Arc of Direction of Any Planet in Zodiac to Aspects of Sun, Moon, of any Other Point In Heavens by Converse Motion; To Direct Midheaven& Ascendant in Zodiac. Finding: Ascensional Differences; Oblique Ascension & Semi-Arc; Semi-Diurnal Arc; Right Ascension & Declination; Calculating Secondary Directions; Mundane Directions to Sun & Moon Direct & Converse; Of Transits & Revolutions & Aspects & Returns of Planets; Ingresses, Eclipses & Lunations; Rectifying Birth Time; Judging Directions & Effects; Moon Aspects; Human Body - Planets & Signs; Trigonometrical Formula for Astronomical Problems; Rules to Reduce Motion of Moon & Planets; Difference of Mean & Siderial Time; Working by Logarithms; 10 Formula for Calculating Longitude, Lattitude, Declination, Right Ascension, Ecliptic Longitude, Oblique Ascension, To Find the Pole; Circel of Position; Logarithims in Astronomical Calculations. Extremely Important!

CAT#126 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Five Books Of M. Manilius, Containing A System Of Ancient Astronomy & Astrology, Together With The Philosophy Of The Stoics.
M. Manilius

1697 179p. Contents: Rise & Progress Of Astronomy; Opinions On Beginning Of World; Order Of Frame; Round Earth; God Soul Of World; Signs Of Zodiac; Axis; Great Bear; Constellations; Milky Way; Planets; Meteors; Providence Against Epicureans; World As Animal, God As Soul; Influence Of Heavens; Male & Female Signs; Single & Double Sign; Pairs; Day & Night Signs; Earth7 Water Signs; Fruitful & Barren Signs; Season Signs; Trines; Quadrates; Contiguous Sign Opposites; Unequal Signs; Guardians Of Signs; Dodecatemorion Of Planets; Friendly & Unfriendly Aspects; Celestial Houses; 12 Lots Of 12 Signs; Lots Suited To Signs; Chaldeans Refuted; Length Of Days & Nights; Years, Months, Days & Hours Of Signs; Years In Sign & Station; Rising & Setting; Arguments Of Fate; Good & Bad Degrees Of Signs; How Signs Act When Rising; Ecliptic Signs; Orion; Pleiades; Constellations & Rising Signs.

CAT#184 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Light Of Egypt Or The Science Of The Soul & The Stars, In Two Parts &
Celestial Dynamics, A Course Of Astro-Metaphysical Study
An Initiate In Esoteric Masonry (Thomas H. Burgoyne)

1889 292p.Illustrated W/ 8 Engravings, 1896 107p. "In Light Of Egypt, An Effort Is Made To Show That The Science Of The Stars & The Science Of The Soul Are The Twin Mysteries Which Comprise The One Grand Science Of Life. The Secrets & Occult Mysteries Of Astrology Are Revealed & Explained For The First Time, Since The Hieroglyphics Of Egypt. To The Occultist It Will Supply The Mystic Key For Which He Has Been So Long Earnestly Seeking,. To The Astrologer It Will Become A 'Divine Revelation Of Science.'" "Celestial Dynamics Is An Important Primary Work Being The First Practical Exposition Of The Astro-Magnetic Forces Of Nature In Their Relation To Man." Contents: Vol. I, Science Of Soul: Realms Of Spirit, Involution Of Divine Idea; Realms Of Matter, Evolution & Crystallization Of Force; Origin Of Physical Life, Progressive Expressions Of Polarity; Mysteries Of Sex, Differentiations Of Biune Spirit; Transition Of Life: Incarnation And Re-Incarnation, Truths, Apparent & Delusory; Hermetic Constitution Of Man, Principles Vs. Results, Contradictions Reconciled; Karma, Its Real Nature & Influence; Mediumship, Its Universal Nature, Laws & Influence; Realities Of Life; Soul, Nature & Attributes; Morality & Immortality, Nature's Processes, Appearance & Reality; Dark Satellite, Sphere Of Failure & Undeveloped Good; Triumph Of The Human Soul, Adeptship, Its Nature & How Attainable. Science Of The Stars; Basic Principles Of Celestial Science, Refraction & Distribution Of Solar Force; Influence Of Stellar Force Upon Human Brain; Inter-Action Of Stars Upon Man; Conclusion; Alchemy & Stars; Alchemical Nature Of Man; Powers & Potencies Of 12 Signs & Planets; Practical Application Of Science; Mystical Chain Or Union Of Soul & Stars. Part II: Celestial Dynamics: Solar Power; Occult Forces Of Nature; Language Of Starry Heavens; Harmonies & Cycles; Vital Force; Temperament, Physical & Magnetic; Electric & Magnetic Planets & Sign; Mental & Intellectual Powers; Financial Prospects; Celestial Dynamics In Operation; Diagnosis Of Disease; Material Destiny Of Man.

CAT#192 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Planets & People… The Great Year-Book Of The Heavens, All About Stars & Mysteries From The Sun, 1896, 1897.
Frank Earl Ormsby, ED. Et Al

1896, 147p. 1897, 432p. Planets & People Was The Astrological Journal Edited And Authored By Ormsby, Devoted To The Science Of Occult Forces - Astronomy - Vibration - Magnetism - Life, The Mysteries Of Worlds, Suns & Systems. This Volume Contains The Complete Collected Editions Of This Exceptional Astrological Journal For The Years Of 1896-7, With Many Important & Insightful Articles On All Branches Of Metaphysics, Astrology With Relation To Vibration. Contents: Signs, Zodiac & Planets; Constellation Seasons; Mystics; Destiny; Time Of Day; Search For Truth; Progression; Chronometer; Agricultural Pointers; Water; Delineations; Oracle; Money; Pyramid & Cube; Astral Flights; Heliocentric Horoscopes; Vibratory Articles.

CAT#197 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $85.00

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NEW! 1000 Pages of Sepharial Articles!
Sepharial’s Monthly Column In
The British Journal of Astrology
Volume 1 (1916-1923) Volume 2 (1924-1930)
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old)

Original Journals 1916-1939, Compilation 2010. Vol. 1 511 Pages, Vol. 2 601 Pages. We are pleased to make available this new collection of Sepharial’s monthly column, The Kaleidoscope, from The British Journal of Astrology. The Kaleidoscope served as the centerpiece of this famous astrological journal, being at least 6 pages of each approximately 16 page issue. Sepharial produced this column for 22 years from sometime around 1908 until his death in 1929. The pieces contained within this journal represent a huge bulk of Sepharial’s complete writings, in total around 2000 pages of content, most of which has never been seen since it was originally published 100 years ago. This collection contains 1000 pages of those articles. Some researchers are of the opinion that these monthly articles contain the very best of Sepharial’s writings, since knowing that these journals had a small print run and were less likely to be preserved, Sepharial would reveal insights and concepts that he was reluctant to include in the more permanent and easily preserved format that his published books represented. Indeed, this has proven to be the case, since in the 100 years since Sepharial began writing these articles, there has never yet been a compilation of them made available, until now. Included in this collection of articles is a vast wealth of fascinating and profound writings by one of the greatest fathers of modern astrology. Sepharial’s Kaleidoscope presents an ongoing monthly commentary upon world events with their astrological correlations and significances. It is fascinating to see the world through the esoteric perception of one of the founders of the modern astrological movement, and hear explained by him how stellar influences affect global events. Along with this, there are secondary articles on various astrological subjects, often first presented here before being published in his books, or never later published at all.

CAT#389 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. 2 Volumes $500.00

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The Familiar Astrologer, An Easy Guide To Fate, Destiny & Foreknowledge; As Well As to The Secret & Wonderful Properties Of Nature.

1841, 701p. An Old & Very Rare Work By The Original Raphael, One Of The Foundations Or 20th Century Astrology. Contents: Ancient Augury; Astrologer's Creed; Agrippa; Ancient Enchantment; Astronomy; Correspondences; Bibliomancy; Burning Mirror; Barometer; Conjunctions; Love Charms; Celestial Magic; Effects of Eclipses; New Theory of The Earth; Elements of Astrology; Fortunate & Unfortunate Hours of the Day; Figure of Triplicity; Fortunate Days; French Astrology & Mathematics; Fatal Horoscopes; Solar Horoscopes; Influence of Moon; Indian Witchcraft & Magic; Lunar Aspects; Lilly's Astrology; Elixir of Life; Life of Lilly; Herbs, Stones & Roots; Magic Vessel Magical Experiment; Michael Scott; Natural Magic; Nativities; Necromancy; Neapolitan Astrologer; Oracle of Dreams; Moon's Age; Pythagorean Days; Planetary Alphabet; Mechanical Puzzle; Philosopher's Stone; Palmistry; Metoposcopy & Physiognomy; Prophecies; Planisphere; Poles of Houses; Wonders of The Sage; Seven Planets; Sun In 12 Houses; Secrets in Geomancy; Theorem For Working the Celestial Poles; Velocity of Earth's Motion; Wheel of Pythagoras; Wonders of Physics.

CAT#420 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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PRIMIUM MOBILE, With Theses To The Theory & Canons for Practice; Wherein Is Demonstrated From Astronomical & Philosophical Principles The Nature & Extent Of Celestial Influx Upon the Mental Faculties & Corporeal Affections Of Man; Containing The Most Rational & Best Approved Modes Of Direction Both In Zodiac & Mundo: Exemplified In Thirty Remarkable Nativities Of The Most Eminent Men In Europe, According To The Principles of the Author Laid Down In His “Celestial Philosophy.
DIDACUS PLACIDUS DE TITUS, Mathematician To His Serene Highness Leopold William Archduke of Austria, Translated by John Cooper, Teacher of Mathematics.

1657, 462p. This is the Source Work for The Material Later Adapted (Without Acknowledgement) By Partridge For His Famous Work. One of the Rare Original Works of Astrology Out Of Print Since Its Early Editions Over 300 Years Ago, A Foundation For All Modern Astrology. Contents: Celestial Philosophy; use of Tables; Ascensional Difference; Semi-Diurnal or Nocturnal Arcs; Horary Times; Fight Ascension; Right Distance; Oblique Ascension & Descension; Reduction of Right Ascension or Oblique To Degree of Longitude In Ecliptic; Distances From Cusps Of Angles or Houses; To Describe A Figure of The Heavens; Converting Hours Or Minutes Into Degrees & Minutes of Equator On Circle Position, or Poles Elevation Of Any Planet; Distances of Aspects In Zodiac & World; Arc of Direction; Calculation of Directions To Aspects In The Zodiac; Direction of Sun In Conjunctions In Mid-heaven, Cusp of All Rays; Arcs & Conjunctions; The Significator In Latitude to Conjunction of Rays; Parallels; Parallels In Declination; Directions To Aspects In The World; Cardinal Signs; Direction of Medium Coeli to Sextile, Quartile & Trine; Oblique Cardinal Signs; Quintile, Sesqui-quadrate & Biquintile; Pentagonal Cosmic Construction; Directions of Significators; Significator’s Own Rays; Directing Significators In Converse Motions to All Aspects In World; Precepts of Ptolemy; Rays of Stars; Secondary Directions, Progressions, Ingresses & Transits; 30 Remarkable Nativities; Francis I King of France; Henry IV of France; King of Portugal; Numerous Other Nativities of European Royalty & Important People. A Very Important & Sophisticated Work.

CAT#421 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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A Key To The Whole Art Of Astrology.
Henry Coley, Student In The Mathematicks & Astrology.

1676, 860p. Another of the Greatest Astrological Works Ever Written, Basis For Our Modern Concept of Astrology, Yet Written With Considerably Greater Elaboration & Detail Than We Know Today. A Fundamental Source Work! Title Page: “In Three Parts Containing An Introduction By which An Ordinary Capacity May Understand The Grounds Thereof, & How to Set A Figure Upon Any Occasion: With The Schemes of the Cusps of the Celestial Houses In Copper Plates, Very Useful In Horary Questions, Select Aphorisms; With Rules & Examples How To Resolve or Judge All Lawful Questions Astrological, From A Radical Scheme Erected; Also Elections & other Necessary Precepts of The Art. The Genelithical Part; Wherein is Shown How To Recite & Calculate Nativities According to Tegiomonanus Aigal & Kepler, with some Varieties in the Doctrine of Directions, Revolutions & Profections, not before Published: Also Tables, & All Other Requisites both for Calculation & Demonstration, to Which are added the Rudolphine Tables whereby the places of the planets may be calculated for any time place, present or to come.” Dedicated To Elias Ashmole the Great Compiler of Alchemical Works. Partial Contents: 12 Signs; Aspects of Planets; Signification of 12 Signs; Qualities of Planets in Latitudes of Houses; Description of Planets; Herms & Government of Planets; Essential Dignities; Hourly Motions of Planets; Quarters of The Heavens; Signification of Houses; Horary Questions; Principle of Judgment; Celestial Science; Length of Life; Weather Reports; Delineations of Each House; compendium of Trigonometry; Axioms of Spherical Triangles; Nature of Spherical Triangles; Canon of Sines & Cosines, & Tangents; Equinoxial & Solsiticial Points; Doctrine of Directions; Converting Hours & Minutes of Time To Degrees & Minutes; Positions of Lords In Houses; Significators; Judgments of Houses; Latitude of Planets; Declination Kepler’s Rectifications. Much, Much More…. Incredible Detail!

CAT#422 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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William Lilly’s History Of His Life & Times From The Year 1602 To 1681.
William Lilly To Elias Ashmole

1715, 260p. This Autobiography of the Greatest Astrologer of the 17th Century Reveals The Nature of The Art of Astrology At That Time & The Key Individuals Involved In The Development of What Is Now Known As Western Astrology.

CAT#424 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Astro-Theology Or, A Demonstration Of The Being & Attributes of GOD From A Survey Of The Heavens.
W. Derham

1726, 250p. Contents: The Systems of the Heavens, the Habitability of the Planets, and a Plurality of Worlds; Of The Ptolemaick System; Of The Copernican System; By Whom Cultivated; Why Preferred By The Author; Objections Against It From Scripture; Answered; On the Sun’s Reces; Objections From Sense Answered; Objections From Philosophy Answered; Of The New System; Why Most Favoured By The Author; Fixt Stars Are Suns; Author’s Opinion About the Whiteness of the Galaxy; Author Suspects There Are More New Stars Than Ever Yet Have Been Taken Notice Of; His Observations of Them; How To Be Observed; The Planets Are Worlds; Mr. Huygens Denies Seas Being In the Moon; Author’s Proof & Observation of Them; What Creatures Inhabit The Planets.

CAT#427 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Unheard-of Curiosities: Concerning The Talismanical Sculpture of the Persians; The Horoscope of the Patriarkes; And The Reading of the Stars.
Written In French by James Gaffarel
Englished by Edmund Chilmead

1650. 433p. Another Superb & Extremely Rare Work Laying the Foundations for Western Astrology. Contents: Part I Wherein the Jews & other Eastern Men are Defended: I. That Many Things Are Falsely Imposed Upon the jews & the Rest of the Eastern men, Which Never Were. II. That Many Things Are Esteemed Ridiculous, & Dangerous In the Books of the Jewes, Which Yet Are Without Any Blame Maintained by Christian Writers. Part II: Of the Talismanical Sculpture of the Persians, or the manner of making Figures, and Images Under Certain Constellations. III. That the Persians Are Unjustly Blamed, Concerning The Curiosities of their Magicke, Scuplture, and Astrology. IV. That for want of Understanding Aristotle Aright, Men have Condemned The Power of Figures & Concluded Very many Things, both Against this Philosopher, and Against All Found Philosophy. V. The Power of Artificial Images Is Proved, by that of those that are Found Naturally Imprinted on Stones & Plants, Commonly called Gambe or Camaieu, & Signatures. VI. According To The Opinion of the Eastern Men, Figures, & Images may be so Prepared, under Certain Constellations, as that they shall have the power, Naturally, & without the aid of Demon or Devil, to drive away noisome beasts, allay Winds, Thunder, & Tempests, & to cure Diverse kinds of Diseases. VII. Objections Made against Talismanical Figures, make not anything at all against their Power. Part III Of the Horoscope of the Patriarchs: or the Astrology of the Ancient Hebrews. VIII That Idolatry is falsely said to have sprung from the Astrology of the Ancients. IX Ancient Hebrews Made Use of Mathematical Instrument in their Astrology. X Astrology of the Ancient Hebrews, Egyptians, & Arabians. XI The Course the Patriarchs & Ancient Hebrews took in their Observations at the erecting of a Nativity. Part IV Reading The Stars, and What else is seen in the Aire. XII Whether it be possible to read anything in the Clouds & in all other Meteors. XIII Stars According to Hebrews Arranged in Heavens in the Form of Letters, & Reading What is of Importance is to Happen Through the Universe.

CAT#428 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Star; Being A Complete System of Theoretical & Practical Astrology.
Ebn Shemaya

1839, 203p. “Containing Rules & Astronomical Diagrams For Finding The Right Ascensions, Ascensional Differences, Declinations, &c. Of the Planets & Fixed Stars. The Whole Art Of Directions, According To Principles Strictly Mathematically, With An Easy Method of Rectifying Nativities. Rules To Erect A Theme of the Heavens For Any Latitude, by Trigonometry & The Celestial Globe. Precepts For Judging Nativities, Whereby Every Important Event In Life May Be discovered From the Cradle To The Tomb.” Contents: computation of Primary directions; Sun’s Declination, Longitude & Right Ascension; Right Ascension & Declination of a Star, with Latitude; Ascensional Difference, Semidiurnal Arc & Seminocturnal Arc, & Oblique Ascension & Descension of Sun Or Star; Pole of Position of Sun or Star; Pole of Position of Celestial House; Variable Poles; Point of Ecliptic Occupied By Cusp of Any Celestial House; Erect Horoscope By Globes; Direct Any Significator In Zodiac With & Without Latitude; Mundane Primary directions; Angles of Figure; Mundane Parallels; Rapt Parallels; Direction of Significator; Conjunction; Sextile & Trine; Square & Opposition; Secondary directions; Influence of Herschell; Debilities of Planets; Measure of time in Arc of Direction; Measure of Time.

CAT#429 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Astrologer Of The Nineteenth Century: Or, The Master Key To Futurity, & Guide To Ancient Mysteries, Being A Complete System Of Occult Philosophy.
By Members Of the Mercurii: Raphael, The Metropolitan Astrologer; & Other Sideral Artists of First-Rate Eminence.

1825, 562p. Contents: The Necromancer, comprising A Remarkable Series of Wonderful Events, Founded On Fact; Chronicle of Celestial Influence, Exemplifying The Power of Astral Agency Over Kingdoms, States & Individuals; Celestial Omens; Saturn; Extraordinary Memory; Fires & Earthquakes; Magic Charms, Ceremonies & Incantations, Comprising the Ancient Practice of Raising Sprits 7 Invocating The Dead; Intelligences & Spirits; Babylonian Astrologer; Cabalistical Words of Great Efficacy; Spirit Omens; Planetary Spirits; Moon Spirits; circle & Mystic Rites; Great Incantation; Angelical World; Complete Illustration of the Celestial Science of Astrology Comprising The Art of Foreknowing Future Events By The Positions, Aspects & Configurations of the Heavenly Bodies; Principles of Nature On Which Astrology Is founded; Proportional Quantities of matter in the System; different Systems; Starry influence Drawn From Tides; Application to Science; Twelve Signs; Zodiac; Aspects; Essential dignities; Table of Orbs; Meteorological Table; Table of fortitudes; Astrological Secrets; Significations of 12 Houses; 12 Signs; Influences of Planets; Hourly Motion of Moon; Planetary Motions; Fixed Stars; Transits; Secondary Directions; Planetary dignities; Wonderful Prophecies By Celebrated Astrologers; Nostradamus; Remarkable Nativities; Synopsis of Geomancy, or The Science of Casting Celestial Lots; 16 Figures; divination; Wonderful Charms & Talismans, & Curious Secrets In Occult Philosophy; Natural Magic; Magical Candle; Magic Torch; Ancient Runic Calendar; Magical Ointments; Mercuriana, or Astrological & Scientific Fragments.

CAT#430 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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Cosmology, Or Universal Science, Cabala, Alchemy, Containing The Mysteries Of the Universe, Regarding God Nature Man, The Macrocosm & Microcosm, Eternity & Time, Explained According To The Religion Of Christ, By Means Of The Secret Symbols Of The Rosicrucians Of The 16th & 17th Centuries.
Henricus Madathanus Theosophus & Anon. Translated by Franz Hartmann, M.D.

1888, 70 Folio (11”x17”)Pages Including 27 Full Page (11”x17”)Color Diagrams of Rosicrucian Symbolism (Color Diagrams Account for Increased Production Cost). Copied and translated from an old German manuscript, and provided with a Dictionary of Occult terms. Contents: Part I. Aureum Seculum Redivivum or The Ancient Golden Age, which has disappeared from the Earth, but will reappear; whose germ is beginning to sprout, and will bear blossom & fruit. By Henricus Madathanus Theosophus. Part II. A Treatise on the Philosopher’s Stone, by a still living Philosopher, but who does not desire to be known. Written fro the instructions of those who love the Secret Doctrine, & for the guidance of the Brothers of the Golden Rose-Cross. Containing text about the Secret Symbils of the Rosicrucians and their application to Hermetic Science, Alchemy & all forms of Cosmology. The text is a showcase for the 27 Magnificent Geometrical & Esoteric Color Diagrams Titled as Follows: Mysterium Magnum Studium Universali; Elohim Jehovah, God Word; The Mystery of the Number Three; Mystery of The Number Five; Mystery of Number Seven; The Great Mystery, Equal Armed Cross; Figura Camalistica, The Basis of the Wonderful Numbers:, Elohim; The Philosopher’s Stone, Spiriti Damnati; Figura Divina Theosoph, Cabalist, Philosoph, & Chymica; The Corner-Stone, Invisible Incomprehensible Chaos, The Visible Comprehensible Chaos, The Signet Star of Time; Scala Philosophorum Cabalistica Magia; Jesus, Alpha & Omega; The Triune God, Jehovah; The Celestial Virgin, Celestial & Terrestrial EVE, Mother of All Beings in Heaven & on Earth, Star of the Sages From The East, Virgin Sophia, Sun of Justice; Unification; Figura Cabalistica; The Septenary Mysteries, Man Know Thyself, & Thou Shalt Know All; The Sealed Book; The Open Book With Seven Seals; Evolution; River Of Gold & Of Silver; Mercurius De Mercurio; Revelation of Jesus Christ; Rosicrucian Prayer; Eternity. A Rare & Important Masterpiece!!

CAT#431 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Raphael’s Mundane Astrology.
Raphael’s Pythoness Of The East.
Raphael’s Book of Dreams.
Raphael’s Book of Fate.

1932, 80p. 1894, 212p. 1886, 179p. 1886, 180p. The four books by Raphael from Gann’s Recommended Reading List, combined into one complete volume. A significant discount off purchasing the books individually.

CAT#472 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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Raphael’s Book of Fate: Whereby All Questions May be Answered Respecting the Present & Future.

1886. 180p. One of the four Raphael books on Gann’s Recommended Reading List. Many delineations and correspondences between planets, days, hours, letters, etc. Contents: Grand Oracle of Fate’ Table of Celestial Signs’ Table of Questions; Mystical Table of the Numbers of the Cards; Beginning of the Oracle of Fate; Fortune-Telling by Cards; Signification of Different Cards of the Same Denomination; Dealing Cards by Threes, Sevens, Fifteens, Twenty-one; Italian Method of Consulting Cards; Present , Past & Future; To Know if Thou Wilt Get Thy Wish; English Method of Consulting Cards; Method of Telling Fortunes with Dominoes; Fortune-Telling with Dice; Sibylline Leaves; or Questions Relative of Destiny Answered & Explained; The Grand Oracle of Human Destiny; Emblematical Table of Letters; Another Method of Consulting the Oracle; Witchcraft; Remedies Against Charms; Mighty Oration for Theft; Alphabet of Good & Evil, Truth, etc.; Fortune-Telling by Tea & Coffee Grounds.

CAT#474 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Raphael’s Book of Dreams, Being A Concise Interpretation of Dreams.

1886. 179p. One of the four Raphael books on Gann’s Recommended Reading List. “I have arranged the booking two parts – the first part of the interpretations being by the excellent & divine system of ciphers, or casting lots; and the other part is a simple explanation of certain dreams. I strongly advise you to interpret your vision by the first part, being the truer of the two, although, perhaps the rather more troublesome.” An interesting system of numerical ciphers which arranged into sequential codes which form Hieroglyphical Emblems which correspond to values & qualities and give specific prognostications. This is followed by a long table of meanings for dream symbols.

CAT#475 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Raphael’s Pythoness Of The East; Or, A Complete Key To Futurity.

1894 212p. One of the four Raphael books on Gann’s Recommended Reading List. “Translated From The Original MS. Of The Celebrated Mystical Divining Book, Formerly In The Possession of Her Emperial Majesty The Empress Josephine, who while on the Isle of France, had the whole of her future destiny divulged to her before she sailed to Europe, and it is an authenticated fact that Napoleon repeatedly consulted this work in matters of vital importance, an extract from it having been found in his carriage after the battle of Leipzig. This extraordinary work is now submitted to the World as the most surprising and infallible Oracle of Destiny extant.” “The first 12 pages contain 144 questions relating to all the causalities and events of a human life, divided into twelve houses, each having a separate and distinct class of twelve questions. The remainder of the work is divided into 12 circles, each circle containing the sixteen geomantic oracles of twelve answers each, thus forming 2304 answers to the 144 questions.”

CAT#476 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Collected Guides To Astrology, Versions 1 & 2:
A Guide To Astrology (Version 1- 1901 111p.)
Correcting The Time Of Birth. (1907. 30p.)
A Guide To Astrology: A Course of Instructions in which EITHER The Geo-Centric or Helio-Centric Places of the Planets May Be Used. (Version 2- 1901 77p. Additional Sections 200p)
White, Fred.

This combined edition saves $30.00 over purchasing each version individually.

CAT#479 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $110.00

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The ADEPT: The American Journal of Astrology, A Monthly Journal Devoted to Teaching & Demonstrating the Truth of Astrology, Established 1898.
White, Fred (Editor, Publisher, Author). Professor Weston & L. Edward Johndro (Contributors).

250p. 1920: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, July, Oct, Dec. 1921: Jan, Sept, Oct. Numerous Articles by Fred White, Professor Weston of the excellent work “Market Forecasting”, C.H. Webber, John B. Earley, L. Edward Johndro, Geo. W. Walrond, Ludwig Larsen, Allyn Smith, Stuart Armour, with book reviews including many books from the Gann List, forecasts, editorials and articles of all kinds. One issue contains an interesting Gann style circle chart of planetary powers.

CAT#480 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $80.00

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Sun Spots And Weather.
Foster, W. T.

1914. One of the absolutely rarest of rare books from the Gann List! This is the FIRST COPY anyone has ever found!!! “Note To Reader: I beg you to examine these pages carefully, and particularly to study the Sun Spot Chart. In them is revealed one of the greatest and most important of modern discoveries, proving that sun spots are controlled by the planets, and strong evidences tending to prove that our weather changes are caused by electro-magnetism generated by planetary movements. Very Respectfully. W. T. Foster” “The sun spot variations that average about 11.1 years have more than one cause. Regarding the planets as magnets and in accord with well-known laws of electro-magnetism, when the planets are nearest the sun the cloud elements of the Sun expand and cover the sun spots. Rapid motion increases electro-magnetic forces, and when the planets are approaching, or receding from the Sun with greatest velocities the sun spots are increased in size and number. An electro-magnetic force is thrown off from a rotating planet over its equator, disturbing the Sun or another planet that may come into that plane.” Contents: Explanations; Sun Spot Forecasts Demonstrated; Charts – Forecast Line, Sunspot Line; Sun Spots & Weather; Nature of Sun Spots; Causes Of, And How To Forecast, The Time & Heliographic Places Forecasting the Wolfer Sun Spot Numbers; Methods of Forecasting – 8 Rules; Jupiter’s Sun Spot Table; Saturn’s Sun Spot Table; Sun Spot Table of Uranus; Reduced Wolfer Sun Spots 1747-1906; Sun Spot Forecasts 1749-1918.

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Popular Astronomy: A General Description of The Heavens.
Flammarion, Camille & Gore, J. Ellard (Translator).

1895?. 686p. Another of the hardest to find books from the Gann List, the only actual book on physical astronomy on the list. Probably the best reference for studying astronomy as Gann saw it. Contents: The Earth In the Sky; How The Earth Turns on Its Axis and Around the Sun; Dates; Hours; Meridians’ the Year & Calendar; The ELLIPSE of the Meridian; The Sun Dial; How Earth Goes Round Sun; Inclination of Axis Seasons; Climate; The Eleven Principle Motions of the Earth; The Precession of the Equinoxes; Earth, Planet & World; Theoretical & Practical Demonstration of the Motions of our Globe; The Moon, Motion & Distance; How the Moon Turns; Measurement of Celestial Distances; Phases of Moon, Day, Week, Measurement of Time; Motion of Moon Around Earth; Gravity on Other Planets; The Tides; Influences of the Moon; Eclipses; The Sun; Ruler of the World; Magnitude & Proportion of Solar System; Numbers & Harmony; Measurement’s of Sun’s Distance; Concordant Results of 6 Different Methods; Transits of Venus; Light & Heat of Sun; Sun Spots; Rotation, Magnitudes, Aspects, Forms & Motions of Solar Spots; Eruptions of the Sun, Prominences; Jets of Flame, Gigantic Explosions; The Solar Atmosphere; The Corona & Halo; Fluctuations of Solar Energy; Annual Variation of the Number of Spots & Eruptions; Eleven-Year Period; Curious Coincidences; Terrestrial Magnetism & Aurora Borealis; Light: It’s Nature; It’s Velocity; Spectrum Analysis; Chemical Composition of Sun & Celestial Bodies; Planetary Worlds; Apparent & Real Motions; The Planets Mercury – Neptune; Comets & Shooting Stars; Motions of Comets in Space; Cometary Orbits; Periodical Comets Now Known; Constitutions; Shooting Stars, Meteoric Stones, etc. Stars & Siderial Universe; Contemplation of Heavens; Right Ascensions & Declinations; Magnitude; Distribution; Number; Distance; Measurement of Celestial Distances; Light of Stars; Scintillation; Spectrum Analysis; Heat; Changes in Observed Heavens; Double & Multiple Stars; Proper Motions of Stars; Translation of all the Suns & Worlds through the Infinite Immensity; Secular Metamorphosis of the Heavens; Progress of Science.

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Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck & Harriett Higginson

3 Volumes. 2011. Vol. 1 425p. Vol. 2 410p. Vol. 3 615p. PLUS: Tarot & Astrology (Pursuit of Destiny) 222p. The Institute of CosmoEconomics is excited to at long last release the first installment of the Space-Time Forecasting Archives of Muriel and Louis Hasbrouck. This archive represents one of the most important discoveries ever in the field of market forecasting based on causation or correlation with natural forces, a science we call CosmoEconomics. The only other comparable level of research and insight to that of the Hasbroucks would be the work of WD Gann. The Hasbrouck archives present an entire education in market forecasting, celestial mechanics and field theory, and astronomical causation which goes well beyond all current theories of modern science, producing forecasting results that are, as yet, beyond scientific or economic understanding. Even though this work is 30-50 years old, it is still ahead of science by a good 50 years, and of economics and finance by 100 years or more. Our Hasbrouck research group will comprise the first and only group of people to learn and apply the lost secrets that the Hasbroucks so carefully guarded. We anticipate that the release of this treasure trove of wisdom will help to advance the field of financial forecasting and solar field causation in way never before considered. This introductory set contains everything needed to obtain an understanding of the nature of the Hasbrouck’s work, and the effectiveness of their results. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COLLECTION!

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