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Night Of The Gods: An Inquiry Into The Cosmic & Cosmogonic Mythology & Symbolism
John O'Neill
Vol.1 1893,Vol.2, 1897; 1077 8x11p. Numerous Diagrams. A spectacular and extremely rare work exploring the "endless traces of the Divinities of the Universe Machine, its Axis and its Poles, which are to be found scattered and lost or in the curious condition of the open secret in myth, legend, etymon, sacred literature or common idioms. Contents: Axis Myths; Stone; Pillar; Pillar-Axis as Tower; Axis & Universe-Tree; Polar Myths; Wheel; Buddha's Footprints; Dancing; The Sphere; Kronos & Ptah; Kaberiroi, or Khabirim; Heavens-River; The Mountain; Number 7; South; Universe-Axis Myths. A Fundamental work on Symbolique! Very, Very Rare! $77.77

Patterns In Space
Colonel Robert S. Beard
1963; 125 8x11p. Of Pure Diagrams. An Early Manuscript Edition Of One Of The Greatest Cosmological Works Ever Conceived. This Was Dr. Baumring's Absolutely Favorite Book, From Which He Took Diagrams And Laid Them On Market Charts Clearly Showing The Spirilic Natural Ordering Patterns Of The Markets. A Book Requiring Considerable Geometric Contemplation By The Reader As It Contains No Text Explaining The Diagrams, But The Diagrams Are In A Logical Sequential Order Presenting A Cosmological Vision Of Infinite Subtlety. Contents: Diagonals Of 24 Sided Polygon; Diagonals Of Regular Polygons; Rhombic Subdivision Of Dodecagon; Proportioned Petals; Star Tiling Patterns & Spirals; Constructions Of Complex Spiral Tiling Patterns; Petal Spirals; Triangular Spirals; Square Spirals; Tessellated Polygons; Drawing Polygons In Circle; Formula For Polygonal Construction; Value Of 2Pi Variation Of Apollonius Problem; Encircling The Parallelogram & Triangle; Tangent Circles Centered On Verticies Of Diamonds; Primitive Right Triangles: Odd Side Tabulations & Even Sided Tabulations With Formula; Trains Of Circles From Primitive Right Triangles: Odd & Even Series; Series Combined; Elliptical Axes; 47th Problem Of Euclid; Area Calculations; Logarithmic Spiral Inscribed In A Golden Rectangle; Powers Of K; K Factor = Growth Factor; K Factor Equations For Regular Pentagons & Decagons; 5 Pointed Star; Decagon; The Pentagon: 15 Dimensions In 5 Different Units; Powers Of The Golden Section Ratio; Fibonacci Series A, B, & K; Transformation Of Powers Of K (Equivalents In Other Powers; K Circle Grid; Petal Patterns; Star Patterns & Grids; Pentagonal Patterns & Grids; The Five Star Insigne; Vesica Piscis; Star Spangled Heart; Nonagon; Dynamic Circles: 10 Positions Of A Circle As It Rolls Inside A Fixed Circle; 20 Positions Of Circle As It Revolves Around A Point In Its Circumference; 36 Positions Of Circle As It Rolls Around A Base Circle Of Same Size; Conics Board; Parabola; Construction Of Parabola; Light Rays; Tangents; Normals; Parabola In Set Of Cioncentric Circles; The Ellipse & Its Formula; The Hyperbola & Formula Tangent Circles As Parabola; Tangent Circle Ellipses; Tangent Circle Hyperbolas; 3 Hyperbolas Based Upon Any Triangle; Hyperbolic Paraboloid; Elliptical Envelope; Hyperboloid; Conics Creased In Wax Paper; Projective Grid Patterns; Circles With Radii In Arithmetical Progression: Intersections With Parallel Tangents Are Loci Of Parabolas; Circles In Arithmetic Progression; Circles In Geometric Progression; 2 Foci For Circle; 10% Rate Increases; Cycloidal Curves; Straight Line Hypocycloids; Cycloidal Curves; Cardioid; Conchoidal Transformation Of Line; Conchoidal Transformations Of Circle With Formula; Cinchoidal Transformation Of Triangles; Archimedian Spirals; Logarithmic Spirals; Rectangular Spirals; Rhomboidal Spirals; Commensurate Squares; Square Root Spiral; Patterns For Plato's 5 Regular Solids; Table Of Equations For 5 Platonic Solids; Seven Polyhedron Families Having 5" Cube Members; Cube With Its Cover, Blister & Lining Spheres; Patterns For The Honeycomb Dodecahedron; Icosahedron Star; Patterns For: Star Icosohedron, Rhombic Dodecahedron, Triacontahedron, Five Interlocking Cubes, Great Icosahedron, Three Compound Polyhedra, Segments Of Cubes, Dawn Of America; Mount Rushmore. One Of Our Most Highly Recommended Titles! $55.55

Magic Squares & Cubes
W. S. Andrews, et al.
1917; 419p. Hundreds of Diagrams. The most complete collection of writings on every aspect of Magic Squares and Cubes by over a dozen excellent authors. Fundamental for understanding the Logic behind Magical Numerical and Geometric Representational Calculators and Gann's Squares. Contents: Magic Squares w/ Odd Numbers, Even Numbers; Composite & Concentric Squares; Odd & Even Cubes; Franklin Squares; China & Jaina; Order of Figures & Symbols; Mathematical Study; Constructive Plans; Classification; 6th Order Cubes; Overlapping, Oddly-Even, Pandiagonal, Serrated & Lozenge Squares; Geometric & Rectangular Squares; Formulas; Magic Circles, Spheres, Stars & Octahedroids; Magic in the 4th Dimension; Diagrams of Completed Magics. $55.55

RX The Life Atom: Key to Nature
Calvin Samuel Page
1923; 330 p.. 13 Diagrams. New Direct Explanations of Radio, Gravitation, Magnetism,. Electricity, Light, Sound, Nervous Force, Molecule, Refuting Einstein's Relativity Confirmations using new discoveries of the Earth, Mercury, Moon, Volcanoes, Etc. Rescue of Newton, Galileo, Euclid; Seeing Space; Law of Molecule, Atom & "Electron-Atom". $44.44

The Rediscovery of Truth, By The Solar and Other Spectra
Edward Hall
1923; 177 p. 35 Cosmological Diagrams. A Beautiful Inspired Treatise on the relationship of Geometry, Color & Harmonics to Universal Order. Contents: Spiritual & Natural or Total Universe; Creation & Biochemistry; Vesica Piscis; Geometry of Sound & Orbital Motion; Light & Number-Spectrum Analysis; Geometric Values of Color; Infinite & Eternal; Milky Way, Answer to Einstein; Evolution; Time Cycles. $55.55

The Book Of Life
1884 423 p. Many Diagrams. Very Interesting Title. Contents: Origins of Worlds; Solar System; Functions of Body; Geometry of Brain; Celestial Mechanics; Lay of Ellipse; Law of Responses; Polarity of Faculties; Sacred Numbers; Waves of Force; Spirit & Matter; Laws of Gesture; Spheres of Contrast; 7 Seals of Truth; Tree of Life; Universal Synthesis; Laws of Universe; Logic & Science; Universal Language; Symphonies of Sense & Soul. $44.44

Geometrical Psychology, Or The Science Of Representation
Louisa S. Cook; B.W. Betts
1887; 100 p. 43 Diagrams including 12 Beautiful Color Plates. An Abstract on the Theories & Diagrams of B.W. Betts, a Visionary Cosmologist who developed a Geometric Theory of Manifestation of Consciousness/Form in Space/Time. Contents: Evolution thru Polarity; Great Duality;3 Numerical Progressions, Arithmetical, Geometrical, Harmonical, & Equivalents in Consciousness; Variation & Scales of Angular Measurement of Diagrams; Negative Polarity & Mathematical Equivalent; Evolution of Higher Morality; & Its Representation; 3rd, 4th, & 5th Standing-Grounds of Life; 4th Dimension of Space. An Extremely Important work including the most clear description of Gann's Tunnel Through The Air! $55.55

Restorations Of Masonic Geometry & Symbolry, Being A Dissertation On The Lost Knowledges Of The Lodge
H. P. H. Bromwell
1905; 606 Large 8x11p. With 30 Of The Most Important & Magnificent Full-Page, Hand-Colored Plates & Numerous Diagrams. "Truth, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Is The Corner Stone Of The Masonic Edifice, The Stone Of Foundation Of Enoch, And The Glory Of The Grand Architect Of The Universe." By Far The Most Important Work On Masonic Astronomy And Masonic Geometry Ever Written. Bromwell Recovered The Lost Sacred Knowledge Of The Freemasons And Explains In Amazing Detail The Geometry And Astronomy Of The Masonic Architecture As Symbols And Maps Of The Sacred Laws Of The Universe. Contents: Design Of This Work; What Is Masonry; What Is The Lodge; Government Of The Lodge; Geometry; The Three Great Lights; Form And Situation Of The Lodge; The 47th Problem Of Euclid; The Floor Of The Lodge; The Entered Apprentices Lodge; The Globe; The Fellow Crafts Lodge; Light; The Master Mason's Lodge; The Royal Arch; The Temple; The Two Great Pillars; The Four Cardinal Points And Circumambulation. 30 Color Plates: 1.)Belt Of Zodiac & Line Of Ecliptic. 2.)Master's Lodge On The Center & The 47th Problem Drawn In The N, S, E, & W. 3.)Forty-Seventh Problem, Circles Of Enoch, Squares, Triangles, Hexagons, Octagons, Etc., Forming Their Own Circles About A Center; Semi-Circles, The Dots On Same Showing Vertices Of Right Angled Triangles, Both Inscribed & Circumscribed Thereon, Formed By Lines Crossing. 4.)3 Larger, 3 Smaller Squares & Nine Circles (Of 47th Problem) Drawn About A Center. 5.)47th Problem & Nine Circles (With Twice The Number At Center), & Outer Squares Only Partly Shown. 6.)47th Problem & Nine Circles. 7.)Triangles & Arches (Circles Of Enoch) 8.)47th Problem & Nine Arches Of Enoch. 9.)The 9 Arches (Circles) Of Enoch. 10.)The Octalpha, Master Mason's Floor & Nine Arches(Circles). 11.)The Octalpha, Master Mason & Fellow Craft Floors, With Eight Arches (Circle Of Enoch). 12.)The Maltese Cross, Showing The Master's Floor & Border & Outer Line Of The Lowest Floor, & 8 Of The Small 16 Triangles, 2 On Each Side Of The Floor, Forming One Beam Or One Arm Of The Cross. The Stone Of Foundation & The Ninth Circle Of Enoch. 13.)The Passion Or Calvary Cross. 14.)The Templar's Cross. 15.)The "Crux Ansata," Handled Cross 16.)The Saltire Cross Or Cross Of St. Andrew. 17.)Seal Of King David, The Double Triangle. 18.)The Master Mason's Floor. 19.)Second Foundation Of The E.A. Floor, Showing Correspondence Between First & Second Foundations In Breaking Joints At Ends & Sides. 20.)Third Foundation Of The E. A. Floor & Stones Below. 21.)First Floor Of Entered Apprentice Lodge. 22.)Second Floor Of The Entered Apprentice Lodge 23.)The 3 Floors Complete, With Figures Of The 47th Problem 24.)Elevations, Floors Of Lodge. 25.)Fellow Craft & Master Mason Lodges According To Second Projection. 26.)Master Mason's Floor Extended To The Poles, One Hemisphere, With Stones Of Equal Size Throughout. 27.)Projection Of Floors Of King Solomon's Temple. 28.)The Fifth Circle Of Enoch, Showing The Quadrature Of The Circle In The Master's Floor. "The Floors Of The Lodge," Showing Also The Lower & Lowest Floors Of The Lodge. 29.)Royal Arch Banner, Entered Apprentice Apron, Fellow Craft's Apron, Master Mason Apron, With Lodge Floor. 30.)The Pyramid. A Fundamental Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand Sacred Or Masonic Cosmology. $111.11

Which? Impulse, Instinct or Intuition. Applied Psychology, Geometry & Astronomy
C. Tousey Taylor
1919; 166 p. 35 Diagrams. An interesting book showing the Correspondences of the Spiritual Laws of Life with the Cosmological Representational Symbolism of the Esoteric & Masonic Tradition. Gives serious clues to the Scientific Application of Esoteric Symbolism. Contents: Creation; Symbols Changing From Water to Air; Duality; Trinity; 12 Fold Being of Man; Cosmic Law; Unity; Philology; Why 5 Is Not Desirable in Creation; 7 Is Polarity; Involution & Evolution; Geometry; Masonic Tools & Symbolism; Tangents; Perfect Square; Cabbalah; Solomon's Temple; 2 Pillars; Maltese Cross; Wheel; Astrology; Grid Patterns; 5x5 Square; Masonic Apron. $44.44

The Lotus Fire: A Study In Symbolic Yoga
George S. Arundale
1939; 776p. Diagrams. An Important work helping to bridge that all too Ignored Gap between the Science of Consciousness and its Representation in Symbolic Cosmology. Highly Recommended! Contents: Stanzas of Dzyan; Yugas (Time Cycles)& Yoga; Yoga of Acceleration; Point as Seed of Evolution; Universality & Potentiality of Point; The Web; All-Embracing Line; Triangularities; 47th Proposition of Euclid; Squaring the Circle; Functions of Circle; Cross within Circle; Whirling Cross; Sound, Color & form Rays of Lotus; Supercosmic Symbols; Yoga of Infinitudes; Symbol Involves Creation; AUM; Rhythms of Man; Symbols as Zodiac; Scientific Ultimates; Time & Space; Symbol-Octave of Manifestation. Beautiful, Beautiful Book! $55.55

Spiritism: The Hidden Secret In Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Clara E. Speight Humberston
1915; 232p. Don't let the odd title deceive you, this is a Surprising book. Richter thought that this book gave Baumring Important Keys to Breaking Gann. Includes: Biochemistry & Sacred Numbers; Crystallography; Pi; Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Great Pyramid; Kaballah; Atomic Physics; Alchemy; Rosetta Stone; Geometrical Space; Relativity; Geometrical Space Areas Explain Origin of Cell-Life; A Visionary Work! $55.55

Wrania: Mystic Astronomy, Uzican Science, The Mystic Pyramid; A Treatise to Higher Science
W. Chas. Patti
1936; 143p. Excellent Diagrams. Another Secret Baumring Favorite, showing how the Great Pyramid is a Geometrical Calculator of the Universe. Contains: Ether; Magnetism; Gravitation; Vortexias; Light & Darkness; Satellites; Reality; Stellar Measurements; Polar Progression; Revolving Solar System; Orbital Motions of Sun; Cause of Sun Spots; Meteors; Mystic Stars; Uzican Zodiac; Birth Date of U.S.; Origin of Cheops; Astronomy of Sphinx; Pyramid Measurements; Sacred Cubit; Celestial Orientation. Very Serious Work! $55.55

Behold! The Grand Problem No Longer Unsolved; The Circle Squared Beyond Refutation
Carl Theodore Heisel &
Carl Theodore Faber
1934 278p. Mathematical & Geometrical Demonstrations by Heisel Disproving Numerous Theorems, Problems, Postulates, Corollaries, Axioms, and Propositions, With Ratios, Laws and Rules Hitherto Unknown in Mathematical & Geometric Science, Naturally Growing out of the Extraordinary and Significant Discoveries of a LACING LINK by Faber, in the demonstration of the World Renound Pythagorean Problem, Utterly Disproving Its Absolute Truth, Although Demonstrated As Such for 24 Centuries; & By This discovery establishing the Fact of the Existence of Perfect Harmony Between Arithmetic and Geometry as a Law of Nature, and Calculating to Settle Forever the Famous Dispute Between The Two Great Philosophic Schools. $55.55

Nature's Harmonic Unity: A Treatise On Its Relation To Proportional Form
Samuel Colman, N.A.
Edited by C. Arthur Coan, LL.B.
1911; 327 8x11p. With 302 Exquisite Illustrations by Author & Mathematical Analysis by Editor. Baumring's Top Pick for an Understanding of Harmonic Order of Nature. Beautiful Analysis of the Harmonic Structure of All Types of Forms in Nature clearly showing the Order of their Form. Contents: Correlation of Number & Form; Polyhedra; Modes of Progression; Pentagon; Octagon & Square; Equilateral Triangle & Hexagon; Geometric Forms; Egyptian Triangle; Ideal Angle; Vesica Piscis; Rectangles; Form Evolution; Geometry of Segmentation; Extreme & Mean Proportion; Law of Numbers; Crystallography; Botany; Conchology; Diatoms; and Forms; Insects; Birds; Fish; Mammals; Figure; Force; Sound; Light; Heat; Gravitation; Architecture. A Masterpiece! Don't miss its companion volume Proportional Form! $55.55

Proportional Form: Further Studies In The Science Of Beauty, Being Supplemental To Those Set Forth In "Nature's Harmonic Unity"
Samuel Colman, N. A. &
C. Arthur Coan, LL.B.

1920; 265 8x11p. 156 Beautiful Harmonic Illustrations. The Final Summation of these two Brilliant Men's Work. They demonstrate how the Forces & Laws of Nature Create the Ordered Natural Geometric Forms. Contents: Heavens First Law; Form and Portion; Units of Measurement; Numerical Units; Geometric Units; Tetragon Family; Pentagon Family; Spiral Formation; Trigon in Visible Nature; Trigon in Force; Gravity; Sound; Light; Asymmetry and Variety; Antidote for Symmetrophobia; Catenary Curves; Ellipses; Eccentrics; Spirals; Asymmetrical Groups; Golden Series in Nature; Proportional Form As Applied in Art and Architecture. Magnificent! $55.55

Apocalypse Of The Golden Mean
Anonymous (Hugh Roscoe)

20 Important Geometrical Demonstrations and Proofs. "The Masonic T-Square on the Cover States Plato's Academy Prohibition "No Entry without Geometry-Geometers Only!" "However, where Geometers were at work as constructors, their necessary helpers were granted an enter pass EIS-PHREW--- Free to Enter, converting them thereby into Phreo-Mason, or Freemason. Ownership, or Temporary Possession of This Monograph Is to Be Interpreted As an Eis-Phreo conferring on the possessor the Freemasonic Right of Entry to the Masonic Geometric Secrets of Stonehenge (portals running around in circles), and Avebury; namely the Drawing by the Square and Compasses Geometry, of a Right Line = Pi; Squaring the Circle; Drawing Concentric Circles of Radii Proportionate to the Mean Solar Distances of the Planets; the Elliptic Angle; the Cube Root of 2; the Earth's Radius; the Moon's Orbit.....ENTER!" Contains: Earth Measures = Geo-Meters; Pythagorean Technique for Imposing Diagrams on the Earth; Pythagorean Geometry; Four Means; Golden Mean; Golden Angle; Seasons; Siderial Time; Parameter of Ecliptic Angle; Circle Squared; Delphic Riddle; Royal Cubit; Ancient Measures & Weights; Great Pyramid Construction; Plato's Nuptial Number. Baumring rarely allowed anyone to view this Manuscript! $55.55

The Measure Of The Circle. Perfected In January, 1845
John Davis
1854 156p. Numerous Geometrical Constructions. Another of the Greatest Circle Squaring Treatises seeking the True Measure of Pi. Includes: Circle; Hexagon; Divisions of Square; Triangles & Polygons; Concentric Circles; Squaring the Circle; Hypotenuse; Angles; Mechanical Powers; Electricity; Pneumatics; Air Change & Theory of Winds; Cause of Thunder & Lightning; Hydrostatics; Tables of Gravity, Solids & Fluids; Divisions of Sounds & Letters; Correct Measure; Measure of Globe; Pyramid; Prism; Number 6; Trigonometry; Measures for Grain; Numeration; Permutation; Multiplication; Geometry; Linear Measure; Square Measure; Measure of Ellipse; Circular Root. Very Rare! $55.55

The Canon: an Exposition Of The Pagan Mystery Perpetuated In The Cabala As The Rule Of All The Arts
Anonymous (William Stirling)
1897 404p. Numerous Diagrams. Highly Respected by all Geometers! Describes and Develops the Canon Laws which Govern Architecture, Music, & Religion, and Traces its Roots. A dissertation upon the Symbolism and Meaning of the Cross. Contents: Holy Oblation; Cabala; Noah's Ark; Names of the Gods; Holy Rood; Tower of Babel; Temples; Freemasonry; Music of the Spheres; Ritual; Geography; Rhetoric; Grid Systems; Masonic Problems; Pythagoras; Astronomy; Planetary Distances; Metrology; Logos; Cube; Mythology; Vitruvius; Copernicus; Galileo; Greek & Egyptian Architecture; Pythagorean Harmony; Zodiac; Natural Hieroglyphics. A Classic! $55.55

Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy; Or, The Origin & Meaning Of Ancient & Modern Mysteries Explained
Robert Hewitt Brown, 32nd Degree.
1882 117 8x11"p. Wit Numerous Illustrations By Author & Two Full Color Plates. An Extremely Rare & Important Work on the Meaning & Symbolism of Masonic Astronomy. This is a Serious Work Considering Important Questions in Celestial Mechanics & Masonic Symbolism, with Clear & Technical Explanations, not a bunch of indecipherable gibberish. Contents: Ancient Mysteries Described; A Chapter of Astronomical Facts; What the Ancients Knew about Astronomy; Masonic Astronomy; Astronomical Allegory of the Death and Resurrection of the Sun; An Astronomical Explanation of the Emblems, Symbols, & Legends of the Mysteries, both Ancient and Modern, & the Lost Meaning of Many of them Restored.$55.55

  Baumring's Essential Colville

Kabbalah: The Harmony of Opposites, A Treatise Elucidating Bible Allegories & The Significance of Numbers
Ancient Mysteries & Modern Revelations
W. J. Colville
1916, 1911 541p. Two of Baumring's selections on the Western Esoteric Traditions containing many important topics for understanding Gann. Contents: Bibles Under Modern Searchlight; Rivers of Life or Faiths of Man in All Lands; Ancient and Modern Ideas of Revelation; Various Spiritual Elements in the Bible and Classic Literature; Creation Legends; Egypt and Its Wonders Literally and Mystically considered; The Philosophy of Ancient Greece; The School of Pythagoras; The Delphic Mysteries; Apollonius of Tyana; Five Varieties of Yoga; Union of Eastern and Western Philosophy; Ezekiel s Wheel What it Signifies Astrology in Prophecy; Emanuel Swedenborg and His Doctrine of Correspondences; The Book of Exodus Its Practical and Esoteric Teachings; The Story of the Passover and the Pillar of Fire in the Wilderness; The Message of Buddhism Purity and Philanthropy; Magic in Europe in the Middle Ages; Ancient Magic and Modern Therapeutics Paracelsus and Von Helmont; Jeanne D Arc, the Maid of Orleans; Andrew Jackson Davis; Bible Symbolism; Life and Matter; The Law of Seven and the Law of Unity; Spiritualism and the Deepening of Spiritual Life; The Esoteric Teachings of the Gnostics; Halley's Comet; Psychopathic Treatment. $44.44

The Secrets of Ancient Geometry & Its Use
Tons Brunes
1967 2 Volumes, 586p. With Hundreds of Exquisite Geometrical Diagrams! This book Develops a Complete Theory of the Origin and Development of Sacred Geometry through the Ages. It is a Magnificent Work of Great Beauty and Creativity Loaded with Diagrams. A must for anyone interested in this area. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FIRST EDITION, NOT A REPRINT!! Detailed Contents Coming Soon! $444.44

Baumring's Essential Doreal
The 10 Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: A Literal Translation of One of The Most Ancient & Secret of the Great Works of The Ancient Wisdom
An Interpretation of the 10 Emerald Tablets, With The Two Tablets Not Printed Previously
Kabbalistic, Alchemical & Occult Symbolism of the Great Pyramid
1939, 71p.; 1948, 68p.; 1938, 47p. Contents: History of Thoth, The Atlantean; The Halls of Amenti; The Key to Wisdom; The Space Born; The Dweller of Unal; Lords & Masters of Cycles; Master of Magic; The Key of Magic; The Seven Lords; The Key of The Mysteries; The Key To Freedom of Space; The Key of Time; The Key To Above & Below; The Law fo Cause & Effect & the Key of Prophesy; The Keys of Life & Death; Interpretation of The 10 Tablets; Symbols Are But Keys; Higher Knowledge; The Last 2 Tablets Translated; Sacred Land; Symbols of Mystery; Guard of The Portal; Secret of Secrets; Key To Shambala. Volume II Symbolism of the Great Pyramid: Diagrams: Pyramid Structure; Crystal; Secret Entrance; Storehouse of Wisdom For Ancient Atlanteans; Storehouse For Machines; Force Projector; Suspended Radioactive Substance; Connection With Central Earth Force; Pyramid Construction 36,000 B. C. by Atlanteans; Melchizedek; Secret of Transmutation of Physical Powers to Spiritual Powers; Anti-Gravitational Machines; Vibratory Apparatus; Levitating Stones; Focusing Lenses Aligned With Central Earth Force; Interplanetary Teleportation; Vibratory Plasma Energy Rays; Initiation Into The Mysteries; Kabbala & Great Unity; Sephiroth & Kabbalistic Emmenation; Zodiac; Great Pyramid Symbolizes Human Body; Subterranean Passages; Generative Functions; Pyramid Perfectly Symbolizes 12 Phases of Alchemistry: Solution; Filtration; Evaporation; Distillation; Separation; Rectification; Calcination; Commixion; Purification; Inhibition; Fermentation; Fixation; Plus Two Beyond These: Multiplication & Projection; 4 Primal Elements: Azoth, Mercury, Sulfur, Salt; Pyramid Measurements & Cosmic Symbolic Correlations; Time Cycles; Esoteric Meaning of Hieroglyphics Never Been Interpreted; "Book of the Dead" is Actually "Book of Life"; Secret Books on Construction of Pyramid; Cosmic Mind; Pythagoras, Thales, Democritus. An Amazing Perspective & New Revelations! $55.55

Secret: The Gizeh Pyramids
Thothnu Tastmona
1954 131 8x11"p. With 93 Excellent Plates. Volume I of the 4-Volumed Proposed Work, Secret: The Pyramid & the Lisa (We Have Never Seen the Other Volumes). A Fascinating Analysis of the Pyramids Far Removed From the Traditions of Standard Egyptology Connecting the Designs With the Work of Leonardo Da Vinci. A Baumring Selection for the Extraordinary Originality of its Arithmetical & Astronomical Analysis of Egyptian Cosmology & Mythology. Contents: Ancient Egyptian Inner Circle Astronomical Policy; Gods of Ancient Egypt Were Planet 6 Saturn & Halley's Comet; Rings of Saturn Were Breasts of Isis; Hieroglyphic Alphabet Was Invented to Tell Allegory of Sun Bolt Collision with Bosom of Isis Causing 2 Comets; Inner Circle Names for 9 Gizeh Pyramids Which Symbolize 6 Known Planets & 3 Sections of Halley's Comet; Burial Hoax of Khufu & Khafra; Secret of Seal of Darius; Angle Code To Reveal Heliocentric Secrets of Gizeh Pyramid Field Structures; Secret of Mona Lisa; Leonardo Enciphers the Khufu Secret in Series of 4 Female Portraits, Mona Lisa #3; Solution of Lisa Smile; Secret of Grey's Elegy & Halley's Comet; Egyptian Astronomical Telescope; Copernican Theory Courtesy of Leonardo Da Vinci; Pyramid Planetary & Cometary Identification; Hebrew Magen-David or Solomon's Seal Describes Egyptian Telescope; Numerical Relation of Pyramid Field to Saros; Meaning of Double Angle; NUT/Venus; Heliocentric Theory of Gizeh; Simple Arithmetic Astronomy; Elements: Earth, Air, Fire , Water; Origin of Unlucky; Gizeh Planetary Arithmetic Table; Numerical Explicatory; Proctor Tells of Planet; Angle of Saturn; Primeval Knowledge of Scientific Astronomy Revealed By Design & Usage of Hieroglyphs; Heliocentric Secrets & Formula; Herodotus; 1-3-5 Formula; Arithmetic of Burial Solution; Arithmetical Cipher Decoded; Pyramid Telescope Lense Integration; Astronomical Meaning of Blocked Air Channels; Eye of Osiris Planet 6 Design; Name of Sun God Ra, Astronomically Decoded; Nut Pet Solar Disaster; Dung Beetle, Resurrection Divinity; Egyptian God Amen; Hieroglyphic Egg-H = Hebrew Cheth; Sphinx Sun God; Pyramid 4 = Greek Omega; Symbolism of Hieroglyphics, Numerals, Deities, etc. Encoded in Pyramids; Pyramid Lenses; Nephthys Symbolism; Time Factor For Each Successive Saros or "Resurrection" of Osiris-Isis Is 15 Years; Treasury of Enciphered Expositories; Egyptian Mythology Proved to be Coded Scientific Description of Known Universe; Ancient Astronomical Secrets; Comet Came First in a Universe Deriving of Solar Emanations; Putah Supporter of Universe; Solution to Thothian Arithmetic; Motionless Motion Picture; Decipherment Presented to Permit Reader Study of the Code Process; Wing Feathered Enumeration; Hieroglyphic Dove's Tail Corresponds to Herbrew Aleph; Lion's Tail Corresponds to Hebrew Lamed; Ptah =P-T-H; Sad Facts About Neter; Formula NNN-TT-R Arithemetically Cements True Explanation of NeTeR Hoax; NUTAR- At Long Last; Pictorially Enciphered Primeval Secrets of Papyrus of Ani; Split Tail Dove Explanatories in Great Pyramid; Floating Staircases of Isis; Nutar Design Factor; 12 Part Secret Religious Ceremony; Great Nutar & Little Nutar; N-U-T-A-R Spelled By Acrostic; Egyptian Nutar God Accorded Mystic Number 25; Relation of Ankh & Nutar Mysteries; Cutting Edge of Nutar Axe a Lion's Tooth Telescope Lense; Primeval Science By Arithmetical Element Code; Factors of Reversed Pyramid Tabulation; Reversed Pharaoh Tabulation Include Astonishing Clue of the Cut Off Sign; Ancient Egyptians Possessed the Microscope; What is the Tetragrammaton; Ineffable Name; Gizeh Pyramids Encipher Jehovah's Identity; Secret Significance of Shem Hammephorash; Pyramids Declare Chronological Necessity for Leap Year Calendar; Curious Earth Numerical Premise Yields Coded Declaration of Heliocentric Universe; Arrival of Celestial Triad Announced Arithmetically. An Amazing & Unknown Work!!! $55.55

The Lost Solar System Of The Ancients Discovered
John Wilson
1856 Volume I 486p. Volume II, 475p. Appendix On Obelisks, 1858, 26p. One of the Most Fundamental & Important Works on Ancient Cosmology, Astronomy, Geometry & The Canon ever Written. There Are Subjects Breached in this Work which are Untouched by Any Authors in the 150 Years Since It Was Written. Schwaller's Temple Of Man is the First Work to Reveal some of the Secrets Developed in this Work. Discusses Obelisks as Calculators of Gravitational Effects, The System of Number Series & Sequence as Ordering Process of the Universe. Baumring Took his Hyperbolic Series & Series Summed Ideas from this Almost Unknown Masterpiece. Filled with Figures & Calculations taken for the Analysis of the Architectural Coding of the Cosmological Systems of the Ancients. Contents: Volume I: Gravitation Near Earth's Surface; Construction of Obelisk; Variation of Time Velocity & Distance Represented by the Ordinates & Axis of Obelisk; Obeliscal & Parabolic Areas Compared; Construction & Summation of Obeliscal Series of Numbers, Squares & Cubes; Series of Obelisks & Pyramids Compared & Summed; Series to Second, Fourth & Sixth Powers; Series of Cubes Circumscribed by Squares; Obelisk Star or Cross; Complementary Obeliscal Series; Pylonic Curve Generated by the Ordinate which Varies Inversely as the Ordinate of the Obelisk; Horn of Jupiter Ammon Formed by Spiral Obelisk; Hyperbolic Series Defined & Calculated; Hyperbolic Reciprocal Curve From Which is Generated the Pyramid & Hyperbolic Solid, Calculations, Equations, Series & Variation Factors; Hyperbolic Solid Represents force of Gravity & Velocity Over Time; Gravity Represented Symbolically in Hieroglyphs by Hyperbolic Solid; Obelisk Represents Planetary Distances, Velocities, Periodic Times, Areas Described in Equal Times; Times Describing Equal Areas & Equal Distances in Different Orbits Having common Center in Apex of Obelisk; Attributes of Osiris Symbolize Eternity. Tower of Belus & Circumference of Earth; Cube of Side or Enclosure; Equivalent of Stade, Orgye, Cubit, Foot 7 Palm of Herodotus in Terms of Earth's Circumference & Stature of Man; Dimensions of Obelisks, Ships & Artificial Lakes in Relation to Earth; Pyramid of Cheops; Measurements & Dimensions & Relationships; Winged Globe Denotes the Third Power of Cube; Distance of Moon; Three Winged Globes the Power of 3 Times 3, the 9th Power, or the Cube Cubed; First Pyramids Erected by Sabaeans; Age of Pyramid; All Science Centered In Hierarchy; Relative Magnitude of Sun, Moon & Planets; Duplication of Cube; Cube of Hypotenuse in Terms of Cube of Sides; 47th Problem of Euclid; Difference Between 2 Cubes; Squares Described on 2 Sides of Triangles Having Common Hypotenuse; Pear-Like Curve; Shields of Kings of Egypt Traced Back to Fourth Manethonic Dynasty; Librarians of Ramses Minimum; Division of Time; Sources of Nile; Pyramid of Cephrens Measurements; Correlations; Significance; Pyramids of Egypt & Mexico & Bermese Pagodas Were Temples Symbolical of the Laws of Gravitation & Dedicated to Creator; Proportions of 3 Pyramids; American Pyramids; Silbury Hill; Avebury; Xochicalo; Teocalli of Peru; Ruins of Aztec City; Babylonian Broad Arrow; Druidical Remains; Stonehenge; Assyrian Mound at Nineveh; Thebes; Quito; Lydia; Sardis; Java; Rome; Parthenon; Brahmanical Temples; Babylon; Ceylon; Numerous Examples of Temples from Every Known Ancient Civilization With Detailed Calculations & Decoding of Symbolism For Each; Original Burmese Pagodas Were in Hyperbolic Form; Sacred Boat or Ship; Astrologers; Buddhism; Ancient Cities of Yucatan; Mayan Temples; Palenque; Druids; Nubian Pyramids; Temples In Lower Egypt; Intercourse Between Hemispheres; The Compass; Kashmir; Planetary distances Represented by Cube, cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, & Cone, in Terms of the Circumference of Earth & Distance of Moon from Earth; Also by 9th Root of Their Distances; Distances of Planets Represented By Spheres & Balls of Thread; Distance of Fixed Stars; Magnitute of Planets; Periodic Time of Belus 432 Years; the Yugas; Worship of Jupiter Once Universal; Periodic Time of Ninus 1200 Years; Antideluvian Kings & Patriarchs; Reign of Gods & Men In Egypt; Karna = Circum of Earth; Titans; Chaldea; Cube of Nineveh = Distance of Ninus; Zoroaster, Pythagoras & Plato; Eleusinian Mysteries; Brahmins, Buddhists, Jains & Seiks; Babylonian Mythology & Correspondences; Walls, Bridges; Mounds; Passages; Tunnels; Lakes; Towers; Cities; Canals; Railways; Etc. Of Every Time & Civilization All Analyzed, Decoded, Measured & Defined Exhaustively! Appendix: On Obelisks, Their Various Types and Dimensions & Calculations. A Masterpiece! Highly Recommended! $77.77

The Lodge & The Craft: A Practical Explanation Of The Work Of Freemasonry
Rollin C. Blackmer, C. M., M. D., LLD., Past Master, Past High Priest, Past Commander
1923 297p. One of Baumring's Choice Selections in Freemasonry, Containing One of the Three Keys to Gann. Blackmer Was Attempting to Revive the Lost Knowledge of The Lodge, 100 Years Ago. 31 Lectures Regarding Various Topics Including Legends, Ancient Landmarks, Rituals and Symbolism. The Three Degrees are Covered in Detail as Well as Lodge Management. Contents: ritual & Ceremony; Symbolism of Lodge; Memorial Tessarae & Metallic Substances; Working tools & Northeast Corner; Tenets & Perfect Points of Entrance; Winding Stairs; Five Orders of Architecture; Master Mason; Drama of Faith; Lost Work; Solomon Strikes the Funeral Chime; Prayers at Raising; Morality; Legend of the Craft; Modern History; Freemasonry & Roman Church; Masonic Jurisprudence; Discussions of Geometry, Mathematics; The Seven Liberal Arts & Quadrivium; Symbolism of Bible; Pythagoras. $44.44

On The Sensations Of Tone: As A Physiological Basis for The Theory of Music
Hermann L. F. Helmholtz, M. D.
1885 575 8x11"p. Profusely Illustrated. The Greatest Work on the Theory of Music & Harmonics, & a Detailed Presentation of the Law of Vibration. Baumring Used this Work as his First Introduction to Vibration, Harmonics & Music Theory. On the Composition of Vibrations; Upper Partial Tones & Qualities of a Tone; Analysis of Musical Tones by Sympathetic Resonance; On the Analysis of Musical Tones By The Ear; On Differences in Quality In Musical Tones; On The Apprehension of Qualities of Tones; Combinational Tones; On The Beats of Simple Tones; Deep & Deepest Tones; Beats of Upper Partial Tones; Beats Due to Combinational Tones; Chords; General View of the Different Principles of Musical Style In The Development of Music; The Tonality of Homophonic Music; The Consonant Chords of The Tonal Modes; The System of Keys; Of Discords; Laws of Progression of Parts; Aesthetical Reltaions; Appendices: Resonators; On the Motion of Plucked Strings; Production of Simple Tones By Resonance; Vibrational Forms of Pianoforte Strings; Analysis of Motion of violin Strings; Theory of Pipes; On Composition of Vowels; On Phases of Waves Caused By Resonance; Relation Between Strength of Sympathetic resonance & Length of Time Required For Tone to Die Away; Vibrations of the Membrane of Basilaris in the Cochlea; Theory of Compositional Tones; Variation in Pitch of Simple Tones that Beat; Calculation of Intensity of Beats of Different Intervals; On Temperament; On Determination of Pitch Numbers; On Calculations of Cents from Interval Ratios; Musical Intervals, Not Exceeding Octave, Arranged In Order of Width; Musical Duodenes, or The Development of Just Intonations for Harmony; Experimental Instruments Exhibiting Just Intonation; On Tuning & Intonation; History of Musical Pitch In Europe; Hon-Harmonic Scales; Recent Work on Beats & Combinational Tones; Analysis & Synthesis of Vowel Tones. Exhaustive Treatment, A Masterpiece! $55.55

Your Aura & Your Keynote
Julia Seton Sears, M. D.
1912 61p. Baumring Pick for How to Determine the Fundamental Vibratory Rate of a Market by its Keynote. Contents: Why We Should See Our Aura & Hear Our Keynote; Atomic form In Universal Sea of Vibrating Ether; Atomic & Magnetic Polarization; Vibratory East - West Currents of Space; Eyes & Ears of the Superman; Auric Origin; Auric Minglings; Finer Forces; Physical Body Vibrations; Tones & Octaves; Vibration, Color & Planes; What The Aura Means; Keynotes & Colors; White Vibration; Receptive Trinity; Auric Vision; Harmony; Sound Waves. $33.33

The Alchemy Of Light & Color
Oliver Reiser
1928 78p. A Thorough Analysis of the Nature of Light & Color, Looking at Qualities, Physical Basis & Energies. Another Baumring Pick for Elaboration of Law of Vibration. Contents: Vision & Reality; Status of Qualities in Modern Thought; History of the Problem of Qualities; Iron Nerves; Physical Basis of Color; chemical Basis of Color; Biochemical Basis of Color; Nerve Conduction & Qualities; Facts of Visual Experience; Specific Energies & The "All or None" Law; Doctrine of Chronaxy; Consciousness & Nerve Fiber Radiation; soul as Harmony of the body; Neural Frequencies & Ether Waves. $44.44

The Geometry Of Art & Life
Matila Ghyka
1946 174p. With 80 Plates. This was One of Baumring's First Choices for his Students in the Field of Natural Order, Growth & the Sacred Geometry Governing it. An Absolutely Wonderful and Classic Work! Contents: Proportion In Space & Time; Ratio & Proportion; Asymmetrical Division; Ockham's Principle of Economy; Arithmetical, Geometrical & Harmonic Proportion; 10 Types of Proportion; Proportion, Symmetry & Eurhythmy; Rhythm in Space & Proportion in Time; Golden Section; Algebraic & Geometrical Properties of Golden Section; Number PHI; Fibonacci Series; Phyllotaxis & "Ideal Angle " In Botany; Pentagonal Symmetry; Geometrical Shapes on the Plane; Polygons; Regular & Star Polygons; Remarkable Triangles; Triangle of Pythagoras; Triangle of Price; "Sublime" Triangle; Rectangles; PHI Rectangle; Pentagon & Pentagram; Decagon; Golden Section; Hexagon & Octagon; Geometrical Shapes In Space; 5 Regular Polyhedra or Platonic Bodies; Prisms & Anti-Prisms; Kepler's Star-Dodecahedra; Icosahedron & Golden Section; "Chamber of the King"; Great Pyramid, Star-Dodecahedra & Human Body; Regular Hypersolids in the Fourth Dimension; Regular Partitions on the Plane in Space; Equipartitions & Partitions of Plane, Space; Crystal Lattices; Hexagonal & Cubic Symmetries; Cuboctahedron & Close Packing of Spheres; Principle of Least Action; Most General Law for Inorganic Systems; Geometry Of Life; Harmonious Growth & Logarithmic Spiral; Pentagonal Symmetry in Living Organisms; Pentagon, PHI Spiral & Golden Section; Flowers & Shells; Human Body & PHI Progression; Transmission of Geometrical Symbols & Plans; Pythagoras; Number-Mystic; Pythagorean Tradition, Pentagram, Decad, & Tetraktys; Neo-Pythagoreanism & Kabbala; Antique Builder's Guilds & Mason's Guilds of Middle Ages; Mason's Marks; Masonic Tradition & Symbols; Greek & Gothic Canons of Proportion in Architecture; Dynamic Symmetry; Dynamic Rectangles of Hambidge; Directing Circles of Moessel; Greek Vases, Temples & Human Body; Gothic Master Plans; Symphonic Construction; Periodic Rediscovery of Golden Section; Seurat's Divisionism; Revival of Pythagorean Doctrine in Science & Art; Modern Applications; Symphonic Composition. Wonderful Book, Highly Recommended!! $44.44

Cleopatra's Needle: A History of the London Obelisk, With an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics.
Rev. James King, M. A.
An Important book on the Theory of Obelisks, with Important Contributions to an Understanding of Egypt. Contents: religious Character of Ancient Egyptians; Obelisks & Family; Largest Stones of the World; London Obelisk; How Hieroglyphic Language Was Recovered; Interpretation of Hieroglyphics; Thothmes III; Hieroglyphics of Thothmes III; Translations of 4 Sides; Rameses II; Hieroglyphics of Rameses II; discoveries of Their Mummies; Thoth; Constantinople; Memphis; Alexandria; Rosetta Stone; Phonetic Hieroglyphic; Hieratic Hieroglyphic; Son of the Son; Ra-Amen. $33.33

The Magic Of Numbers
Eric Temple Bell
1946 418p. An Excellent Dissertation on the Esoteric Aspect of Numbers Looked at from the Pythagorean Perspective with a Cosmological Orientation. Detailed Coverage of the History and Meaning of Pythagorean & Platonic Number in a Detail not Usually Found In These Books. A Solid Book on the Subject Picked by Baumring. Contents: The Past Returns; Royal Mace; Decisive Century; One or Many; Discord & Harmony; Mythology Transformed; Cosmos As Number; Intimations of the Infinite; Politics & Geometry; Number Defined; Pythagoras. $44.44

Vibrations: Their Principles, Light & Colors: Their Uses
Ernest J. Stevens, M. S., Ph. D.
1920-21 144p. Another Baumring Pick. Vibration Is The Language of the Universe; Light Is Nature's Book of Knowledge; Color Is Nature's Alphabet; Music is the Harmonious Vibration of the Spheres. Contents: Lamp of Knowledge; Science & Truth; Electro - Magnetic Vibrations; Creative Energy, Light & Colors; Physio-Mental Vibrations; Physical Vibrations; Manifestation of Radiant Energy; Silent Vibrations; Nature's Scale of Vibration; Science, Light & The Bible; Light is a Force & Vibration; Elementary Physics of Light; Mouth & Throat Vibrations; Reproductive Vibrations; Master Keys for Master Minds; Spiritual Magnetic Waves; Breathing Vibrations; White Consciousness; Mental & Moral Effects of Light; Our Solar System Chemist; Healing by Vibration; 12 Health Vibration Rules; Color Psychology; Congestion is the Only Disease; Visibility of 7 Octaves; Soul's Vibration; Color Sources; Triad of Color, Form & Sound; Color Symbolism; Sound & Color; Law of Color Correspondence; Electrons, Atoms & Motion; The Odic Lights; Fourth Dimension & Einstein's Theory of Relativity; Astral & Odic Forces; Radium $44.44

The Key To The Bible (Mathematical Kabbala)
Harry Waton
1952 97p. An Advanced Mathematical System Developing a Kabbalistic Interpretation of the Bible. Exceptional Representation of Qabalistic Cosmology. Baumring Pick for Deciphering Gann. Contents: First, Second & Third Aspects of The Mathematical System; The Shem Hamphoresh; An Introduction to the Kabbalah; Mathematics is the Key to All Knowledge & Understanding; Must Use a Mathematical Order of a Higher Nature; Hebrew Alphabet Numerical Correspondences; Additions & Summations; Geometric Symbolism; Anthropomorphism; All Creation Starts as a Point, Becomes a Line, Becomes a Surface, Becomes a Solid. Creation Begins With The First Letter of Tetragrammaton; Time is Life is Energy is Motion. All Motion in Existence is Cyclic; Light Becomes Matter. Infinite & Eternal Attributes, Modes & Aspects; Time - Space - Matter Continuum; Key to Decoding the Bible. Superb Work on Qabballah!! $44.44

The Science Of Numerology Through The Law of Vibration
John C. Laurie

102p. Baumring Selection. An Analysis A Development of Numerological Keys Based Upon an Understanding of the Law of Vibration. Contents: What is Numerology; Philosophy of Life; What is Man?; Numerical Key; Inner Self, Soul & Individuality of Numbers; Names & Numerical Values; Vowels & Consonants; Birth Path; Vocational & Expression Number; Musical Instruments; Disturbing Effects; Rulership of Numbers over Human Body; Desires of Soul Expressed By Numbers; symbolism of Compound Numbers; Numbers & Days of Week; Outstanding Compound Numbers; Vowel Colors; harmonious Vibrations; Cyclic Hour, Day & Month of World; Forecasting; What Different Cycle Years Mean in Life; Cyclic Months & Characteristic Days; Characteristics of Each Cyclic Day; Law of Nine Cycles, Days, Months, Years; Zodiacal Signs & Vibrations; Vibrations of Planets & Characteristics of Number Combinations.$33.33

Periodicity: The Law Of All Life
Prof. Jos. Rodes Buchanan, M. D.
1912 136p. A scientific Secret Revealed. Periodicity, the Absolute Law of the Entire Universe Long Known to Control All Matter Now Revealed As The Law of All Life & The Periods Discovered, Showing Its Application to All Areas of Life. One of Baumring's Secret Books. Contents: Periodicity; Seven Prevalent Number In Nature; Septimal Division In All Affairs of Life & Solar System; Periodicity Throughout the Universe; Moon; Universal Influence of Celestial Bodies; Hippocrates; Kepler; Moon Governed By Seven; Earthquakes; Sir John Herschell; Kepler Explained Wind & Storms Caused By Moon & Planets; Moon Influences on Disease; Meteorology; New & Full Moon Dangerous; Moon Effects on Insanity; Flow of Sap; Weather; Tides; Critical Days in Diseases; Septimal System; Represented By Days of Week; Periodicity & Fate of Country; National Periodicity; Laws of Periodicity Applied to Hours of The Day; Vital Periods & External Periods Compared; The Light of the Soul & the Light of the Sun As Sources for Life; The Fortnightly Periods of a Long Life; Periods of Immortal Life & Parental Influences; Year & Day Compared; Periodicity of Days, Months & Years; Periodicity of Napoleon; Final Heavenly Rule; Periodicity Compared To Astrology. $44.44

The Number Key To Ancient Wisdom
J. W. T. Carrington
1932 92p. With Introduction, Copious Exemplifications, & Tables of 300 Prime Numbers & 100 Upward Summations. A Handbook Expository of the Principles of the Astronomical Wisdom-Doctrine in Greek & Hebrew Cryptography. A Superb work on Kabalistic Numerical Codes, Fundamental for Understanding Gann. Contents: Letter - Number Key; Transliteration From Greek; Transliteration From Hebrew; Greek Number - Letters; Hebrew Number - Letters; Principle of the World Number; Principle of Numerical Interpretation; Rules For Numerical Analysis; Scheme of (Radical) Numerical Significances; Notanda Thereupon; Special Significance in Higher Numbers (In Ascendant Order) Addenea & Appendix - Table of Upward Summations; Table of Prime Numbers. $44.44

Mystic Symbolism In Bible Numerals
Leo Stalnaker
1952 148p. A Profound Work on the Inner Mystical Significance & Cosmological Significance of Bible Numerals. Used by Baumring to Decode Gann. Contents: Mystic Significance of Certain Numerals; One - Deity; Two - Symbol of Association, Union or Combination; Three - The Symbol of Attributes of Deity, & of Holiness; Four - Symbol of World - Wide Extension; Six - Symbol of World Powers' Greatest Triumph; Seven - Symbol of Perfection; Ten - Symbol of That Which is Human of Earthly; Twelve - Symbol of God's People; Forty - Symbol of Trial, Humiliation or Desolation; Seventy - Symbol of Transition. $33.33

Io Unveiled: The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
Bozena Brydlova
1922 90 8x11"p. One of Baumring's First Picks for Esoteric Cosmological Number Theory Showing Numbers Developing Through a Series of Angles. Contents: Numbers; Originators of the Primordial Number Forms; Original Number Forms Number One; Two: The Sun, Light and Heat; Three: Moon, Water; Four: Mineral Crystal, the Star; Five: Vegetating Earth; Six: The Animal; Seven: Man (Androgynous), the Soul; Eight: Woman (The Ovum); Nine: Man (The Spermatozoa); Ten: Negative Circle and Negative Diameter; Angular Theory of Numbers; Bible Proofs of the Angular Theory; 45 Primordial Angle; 45 Tip of the Earth; Solar Naros, the Real Origin of Number Forms; Life's First Cleavage. The Embryo; Creation of Earth and Man according to the 45 angle; Sound and Color; The Lost Word; Bibliography. $44.44

Gematria: a Preliminary Investigation Of The Cabala
Frederick Bligh Bond, F.R.I.B.A. &
Thomas Simcox Lea, D. D.
1916 111p. Baumring Pick for Gann Analysis. A Preliminary Investigation of the Cabala Contained in the Coptic Gnostic Gooks & of a Similar Gematria in the Greek Text of The New Testament showing the Presence of a System of Teaching by Means of the Doctrinal Significance of Numbers, by Which the Holy Names Are Clearly Seen to Represent Aeonial Relationships Which Can Be Conceived in a Geometric Sense & Are Capable of a Typical Expression of That Order. Contents: Brief Outline of Gematria; Existence of the Gnosis; Uses of Gematria; The Key Applied; Note on Diagramma; Number 485; Of the Square & Circle Contained; Names of Christ as Multiples of 37; Schema of the Numbers of Jesus; Degree of the First Mystery; Of The Three Primary Figures; Cabala of Light; On Symbolism of Numbers; On Geometric Truth; Geometric Cubit as Basis of Proportion in Plans of Medieval Buildings; Cephas: The Name Given By Our Lord to Peter. $44.44

Stars Ahead
Ray & Josephine Smythe

An Astrological Pick of Dr. Baumring. Contents: Favorable Places of Planets; Study of Past Business Depressions; Depression of 1929; Look Into the Future For Business Activity; War Planet; Aspects in 1941; History of Astrology; Presidential Election of 1932; Appendix. $44.44

Why Life Exists & Allied Subjects
Lars A. Carlson
1930 244p. A Baumring Selection For Natural Philosophy & Science. Contents: Other Planets; Other People; Transformation of Matter; Meteors; Origin of Stars; Comets; Saturn's Rings; Sun; Planets' Relation to Sun; Satellites; Gravitation; Electricity & Magnetism; Composition of Earth; Earth's Rotations; Origin of Life on Earth; Why Life Exists On Earth; Future of Life on Earth; Chemistry of Nature; Mysterious Occurrences; Bible 7 its Teaching; Personal Liberty; Past - Present - Future; Human Mind. $44.44

O. Hashnu Hara
1905 129p. An Interesting Baumring Astrological Pick. Contents: Psychiscopes; Sun in the 12 Signs; Houses; Health, Finance, Marriage; How To Judge of Health; Casting the Psychiscope; The Terrestrial Sun; Psychiscopy; Aspects & Their Results; Earth Tables. $33.33

The Handbook of Astrology
Zadkiel Tao Sze
1863 85p. A Baumring Astrological/Astronomical Selection Containing The Most Complete Collection of Formula for Every Set of Astronomical Calculations. Contents: Nativity Judgement; distribution of Doctrine of Nativities; Form & Temperament of Body; Fortune of Wealth & Rank; Employment; Marriage; Children; Travelling; friends & Enemies; Death; Sun, Moon & Planets; Rules to Work Directions of Angles in Mundo; Rules To Calculate Parallels to Angles, From Meridian; Rules to Calculate Rapt Parallels; Rules to Work Directions in Zodiac; To Find Arc of direction of Any Aspect Formed By Sun by Converse Motion of Zodiac; To Find Arc of Direction of Sun to any Parallel Declination; To Find Arc of Direction of Moon to any Aspect in Zodiac by Direct Motion & by Converse Motion; Find Arc of Direction of and Planet to the Aspect of the Sun Moon or any Other Planet; Arc of Direction of Any Planet in Zodiac to Aspects of Sun, Moon, of any Other Point In Heavens by Converse Motion; To Direct Midheaven & Ascendant in Zodiac. Finding: Ascensional Differences; Oblique Ascension & Semi-Arc; Semi-Diurnal Arc; Right Ascension & Declination; Calculating Secondary Directions; Mundane Directions to Sun & Moon Direct & Converse; Of Transits & Revolutions & Aspects & Returns of Planets; Ingresses, Eclipses & Lunations; Rectifying Birth Time; Judging Directions & Effects; Moon Aspects; Human Body - Planets & Signs; Trigonometrical Formula for Astronomical Problems; Rules to Reduce Motion of Moon & Planets; Difference of Mean & Siderial Time; Working by Logarithms; 10 Formula for Calculating Longitude, Latitude, Declination, Right Ascension, Ecliptic Longitude, Oblique Ascension, To Find the Pole; Circle of Position; Logarithms in Astronomical Calculations. Extremely Important! $44.44

Eclipses & Lunations In Astrology
Sam Bartolet
1937 Baumring Selection Containing Numerous Important Cycles Like Eclipse Cycles, Saros Cycle, Chaldean & Ancient Hebrew Solar Cycle & Planetary Deities. Contents: Astrology & Astronomy; Eclipses Defined; Periodicity of Orb of Influence; Significator; Value of Eclipses as Portents; Lunations - Their Principle Effects; Solar Eclipses According to Ancient Astrology; Effects of Solar Eclipses in Decanates of Sighs; relation to Mundane Astrology; The Saros period of 223 Lunations; Lunar Eclipses & Effects in Decanates; House Cusps & Effects; 18 Year Lunar Cycle; Longitudes of Eclipses & Lunations; New & Full Moons; Chaldean & Ancient Hebrew Solar Cycle; Why A.M. & C. C. Years Are Confusing; Antideluvian Solar Cycle Explained; How to Find Sabbatic Year; Date of Creation; Table of Ancient Chaldean & Hebrew Solar Cycle; 1932, a Cycle Year; past - Present- Future (Chronology); Dates of 10 Eclipse Cycles in AM Years Comparing Scripture Events With Astronomical Data From Creation to Everlasting Kingdom; Fixed Stars In Astrology; Indication of Spiritual Sight & Defective Vision; Planetary Deities; Biblical References to New Moons, Eclipses, Cycles, etc. $44.44

The Astrological Relation of Names & Numbers
Effie M. Cooley
1912 108p. Baumring Selection Discussing Key Notes for Finding Market Vibratory Rates, Zodiacal Harmony and the Astrological Numerological Correlations. Contents: Location of Sun In Zodiac Per Month; Influence of Sun; Numbers of Working Principle; Key Notes; What They Are, Use & Meaning; Name Delineations; Meaning of Numbers; coincidences in the Life 7 Name; Repetition of Numbers; Lucky Months & Years; Parts of the Body & Numerical Correspondence; Color by Vibration Sign & Planet; Symbols of Numbers in Zodiacal Harmony; Harmonizing Word for Use in Concentration; Products that Harmonize; Meaning of Letters; Colors; Use & Meaning; How to Name a Business the Vibrations Point to Success; Numerical Values of Names of States. $33.33

The Web Of The Universe
E. L. Gardner
1936 104p. Many Diagrams. Transaction of The Theosophical Research Center. An Occult Theory of Sub-Stance, of Man's Origins & the Source of his Creative Powers. Important Baumring Selection Explaining The Lattice Matrix Structure of the Universe & and the Order of Nature. Contents: Father-Mother Spin A Web; Some Descriptive Definitions; The Web; Man & the Elemental Kingdoms; Consciousness & the Dimensions of Space; Man's Origins; Creative Energy; Lunar, Terrene & Solar; Our Solar Scheme. $33.33

New Astronomy & Cosmic Physiology: An IntroductionTo The Subject
G. E. Stucliffe
Baumring Selection in Natural Science, Including Master Key To the Solar System; Circulation of Energy. Contents: Our Universe of Death; Our Universe of Life; Basis of New Science; Revolution in Modern Physics; Monochromatic Vision; Testing of Monochromatic Vision; Discovery of New Planets; Master Key of the Solar System; Factors of the Master Key; Circulation of Energy; In Conclusion. $33.33

New Laws For Natural Phenomena
Thomas H. Graydon

1938 64p. One of Baumring's Favorite & Most Often Referred to Books on the Order of the Solar System, Time Cycles & Natural Science. Includes: Kepler's 2nd & 3rd Laws; Newton's Law of Gravitation Equations; Planet Distances; Relation of Planet Distance to Chemical Behavior; Square of the Integer & Periodic Law. Extremely Important Work, Non-Traditional With Important Revelations! $44.44

Handbook Of Mathematics, For Engineers & Engineering Students.
J. Claudel
1906 708p. This was Baumring's Selection for all of his Students as the Single Textbook Capable of Giving the Market Student all the Mathematical Foundations Necessary for Market Analysis & Esoteric Cosmology All Coming From An Applied Standpoint. Covers In Perfect Detail Arithmetic; Powers & Roots; Ratios, Proportions & Progressions; Logarithms; Algebra; Equations of 1st Degree; Powers & roots of Algebraic Quantities; Equations of Second Degree, Quadratics; Plane Geometry; Solid Geometry; Plane Trigonometry; Spherical Trigonometry; Analytic Geometry; Conic Sections; Lemniscate; Spirals; Curvature; Cycloid; Epicycloid; Helix; Polar Coordinates; Differential Calculus; Tangents; Radii of Curvature; Integral Calculus; Integration by Series; Quadrature of Curves; Cubature of Solids; Rectification of Curves Expressed In Polar Coordinates; Areas of Surfaces of Revolution; Cubature of Solids of Revolution; Center of Gravity; Radius of Gyration & Moment of Inertia. $55.55

The Planetary & Stellar Worlds
Gen. O. M. Mitchel
1891 182 A Selection of Dr. Baumring's Giving Popular Exposition Of The Great Discoveries & Theories Of Modern Astronomy & Including The Septiform System Of The Cosmos by Alec Stuart, as a Correlative Addition. Contents: Problem of the Heavens; Discovery in Primitive Ages; Theories of Explanation of Heavenly Bodies; Great Laws of Motion & Gravitation; Universal Gravitation Applied to Solar System; Stability of Planetary System; Discovery of New Planets; Cometary Worlds; Scale On Which Universe Is Built; Motions & Revolutions of Fixed Stars. $44.44

Other Worlds Than Ours: The Plurality of Worlds Studied Under The Light Of Recent Scientific Researches
Richard A. Proctor
1870 338p. Baumring Astronomical Selection for Understanding Stellar Systems. Contents: What Earth Teaches; What We Learn From Sun; Inferior Planets; Mars, Miniature Earth; Jupiter, The Giant; Saturn, Ringed World; Uranus & Neptune, Arctic Planets; Moon & Satellites; meteors & comets; Other Suns Than Ours; Of Minor Stars & Distribution; The Nebulae, External Galaxies? $44.44

The Last Change In The Earth's Axis
Fred G. Plummer
1894 Baumring Pick on the Orientation of the Earth's Axis & Its Changing Position. Important to Understand the Precession of the Equinox. Contents: Proposition; Axis Orientation of Various Planets; Geological Facts; A Former Equator; Former Pole; Change of the Axis; Change of Directions; Orientations of Ancient Mounds; Pyramids; Change of Climates; Floods; Ancient Astronomy & Geography; Ancient & changing Zodiac; Mythology; Enoch Tells Of It; Homer Sings of It; The Drift; Occult Connections; The Earth Cracked; Puget Sound Fracture; Some Forgotten Past. Very Important! $33.33

The Constitution Of Matter: Modern Atomic & Electron Theories
Max Born
1923 79p. With 13 Diagrams. An Excellent Work On Atomic Theory Interesting Due To It's Integrative Presentation & Correlation With Chemistry & Physics. By One Of The Greatest Physicists Of The Century. Contents: Part I The Atom: Electrons & Nuclei; Structure Of Atom; Atomic Theory Of Electricity; Positive Electricity; Charge Of An Atom; Magnitude Of Electrons & Nuclei; Thomson's Model Of Atom; Rutherford's Nucleus Theory; Interference Of X-Rays; Atomic Structures; Chemical Inferences; Visible Spectra; Quantum Theory Of Atoms; Structure Of Nuclei. Part II From Mechanical Ether To Electrical Matter: Elastic Theory Of Light; Electromagnetic Theory Of Light; Theory Of Atoms; Lattice Theory Of Crystals; Electrical Nature Of Molecular Forces; Atom Lattices; Electrolytic Ions; Ion Lattices; Electrical Force Of Contraction; Force Of Repulsion; Calculation Of The Compressibility. Part III The Fusion Of Chemistry & Physics: Problems Of Chemical Affinity; Elementary Chemical Constants; Combination-Energy Of Diatomic Molecules; Energy Of Crystal-Lattice; Reactions Between Binary Salts; Ionization-Energy Of Positive Ions; Electron-Affinity Of Electro-Negative Atoms; Ionization-Energy Of Hydrogen Halides; Heat Of Vaporization Of Monovalent Metals. $33.33

Principles Of Electricity Applied To Telephone & Telegraph Work
A Training Course Text
1938 346 8x11"P. 100's Of Diagrams & Illustrations. This Selection Has Been Made As A Reference Work For W. D. Gann's Law Of Vibration. This Is A Superb Presentation Of The Foundations Which Gann States In His Ticker Interview Are The Basis Of His System Of Forecasting Through The Law Of Vibration. This Is The Most Complete & Integrated Presentations Of The Principles Of Vibrations & Waves & The Forces Governing Them Which We Have Found. There Are Diagrams Here Which Explain The Scientific Basis Of Many Diagrams In Sacred Geometry Texts And Market Texts Like Torque Analysis, Wyler & Gann. Contents: Elementary Definitions & Ohm's Law; Electric Circuit; Electrical Pressure Or Electromotive Force; Resistance; Current Volt; Series & Parallel Circuits; Properties Of Electrical Conductors; Solution For D. C. Networks; Kirchoff's First Law; Conductance; Kirchoff's 2nd Law; Magnets & Magnetic Circuits; Nature Of Magnetism; Electromagnets; Relation Between Current & Field Intensity; Flux Density; Field Intensity & Permeability; B-H Curves; Hysteresis; Electrical Measurement In Direct-Current Circuits; Measurements Of Resistance; Drop In Potential Method; Direct-Current Dynamo-Electric Machine; Induced Electromotive Force; D-C Motors; Batteries; Thermo- & Photo-Electric Effects; Rectifiers; Inductance & Capacity; Principle Of Telephone; Sound; Retardation Coils; Telegraph Circuits, Principles Of Operation; Principle Of Polar Duplex Operation; Bridge Polar Duplex Systems; Differential Duplex Systems; Principle Of Vibrating Circuit; Polarential & One-Way Polar Systems; Telegraph Transmission Principles; Nature Of Telegraph Signals; Wave Shapes In Neutral Telegraph Systems; Bias Distortion; Wave Shapes In Polar Telegraph Systems; Characteristic Distortion; Fortuitous Distortion; Alternating Currents; Source Of Alternating E.M.F.; Sine Wave; Phase Relations & Vector Notation; Effective E.M.F. & Current Values; Power In A.C. Circuits; Ohm's Law & Alternating-Current Calculations; Inductive Reactance; Capacity Reactance; Combination Reactances; Impedance; Series Networks; Parallel & Series Parallel; Networks; A.C. Resistance; Resonance; Repeating Coils & Transformers; Mutual Induction; Theory Of Transformer; Hybrid Coil; Transmission Theory Of Long Telephone Lines; Transmission System; Transfer Of Power; Pollard's Theorem; Equivalent Networks; Reflection & Transition Loss; Loading; Cut-Off Frequency; Effect Of Loading Upon Wave-Length Constant; Mechanical Analogy Of Loading; Attenuating, Equalizing, & Time-Delay Correcting Networks; Time Delay 0r Phase Equalizers; Filters; Low & High Pass Filter Sections; Composite Filters; Crystal Filters; Lattice Networks; Vacuum Tubes; Electrode Tubes; Diodes; Triodes; Tetrodes; Pentodes; Amplifier; Generator & Oscillator; Noise; Telephone Repeaters & Amplifier Circuits; Negative Feedback Amplifiers; Principles Of Carrier; Elements Of Carrier System; Modulation; Demodulation; Sources Of Carrier Frequencies; Types Of Carrier Systems; "Low Frequency" & "Broad-Band" Carrier Systems; Noise & Crosstalk; A.C. Tests & Measures; Carrier-Frequency Transmission Measurements; Impedance Bridge 7 Measures; Line Impedance; Frequency Meters; Physical Quantities & Units Of Measurement; Mechanical Quantities; 3 Fundamental Units; Density & Specific Gravity; Velocity & Force; Acceleration; Force; Work; Power; Energy; Construction & Use Of Curves; Wave Motion Frequency Scales; Vibratory Motion; A-C Frequency Scales; Wave Analysis. $77.77

On The Relation Of Phyllotaxis To Mechanical Law
Arthur Harry Church, M.A., D.Sc.
Lecturer In Natural Science, Oxford
1904 353p. A Rare & Magnificent Work On The Ordering Processes Of Plant Growth Through Dual Spiral Numerical Series, & Explaining The Laws Which Govern This Order. These Same Growth Patterns Are Found Within All Aspects Of Nature Including The Mass Psychological Emanations Of The Financial Markets. A Beautifully Illustrated & Important Work. Contents: Part I: Construction By Orthogonal Trajectories; Historical Sketch: Fibonacci; Bonnet, Spiral Theory Of Schimper, Bravais, Sachs; General Observations Of 5 Plant Types; Geometrical Representations Of Growth; The First Zone Of Growth; Vortex Representation; Geometry Of Uniform Growth Expansion; Application Of Spiral Vortex Construction; Possible Arrangements; Concentration--Systems; Construction Of Log. Spiral Curves; Application To Plants; Helices & Spirals Of Archimedes; Ideal Angles; Suggestions Of Wiesner; Asymmetry. Part II Asymmetrical & Symmetrical Phyllotaxis: Normal Fibonacci Phyllotaxis: Conception Of Bulk Ratio; Constant Phyllotaxis; Rising Phyllotaxis; Fibonacci Expansion; Falling Phyllotaxis; Asymmetrical Floral Diagrams; The Symmetrical Concentrated Type; Asymmetrical Least Concentrated Type; Symmetrical Non-Concentrated Type; Multijugate Type; Bravais; Expansion System; Anomalous Series; Dichotomy; Conclusions. Part III Secondary Growth-Phenomena: Notation; Rhythm: Theory Of Growth-Center & Lateral Centers; Periodicity; The Log. Spiral Theory Of Equi-Growth-Potential; Contact-Pressures; Theories Of Schwendener & Weisse; Apex; Reciprocal Pressures & Quasi-Squares; Influence Of Rigid Boundary; Packing; Bud; Seedling; Hexagonal Faceting; Eccentric-Growth; Eccentric Homologues Of The Centric Growth-Center; Anisophylly & Dorsiventrality; Orientation Of Eccentric Shoot-Systems; Eccentric Flowers; Bilaterality Of Appendages: Structure Of Foliage-Bud; Phenomena Of Sliding-Growth; Displacements & Readjustments; Spiral Of Dorsiventrality; Spiral Of Phyllody; Representation Of Extreme Bilaterality; Contact-Cycles; Varying Growth In Lateral Members: Retention Or Obliteration Of The Primary Pattern; Production Of A Normal Foliage-Leaf; Mathematical Notes On Log. Spiral Systems & Their Application To Phyllotaxis Phenomena; General Equation To Quasi-Circle Inscribed In A Log. Spiral Quasi Square Mesh: Bilaterality; Dorsiventrality; Isophylly; Mathematical Orthostichies In Log, Spiral Systems; The Form Of The "Ovoid" Curve; Bulk-Ratio; The Oscillation Angle; The Fibonacci Series; Continued Fractions; Sliding Growth; Pine Cones. Amazing! $55.55

Natural Philosophy
Isaac Sharpless, Sc.D.
Geo. Morris Phillips, Ph.D.
C. Canby Balderston
1883 376p. An Excellent Presentation Of The Natural Sciences As They Were Viewed In Their More Integrated Perspective At The Time Of Gann. Fundamental Presentation Of The Basis Of Understanding Of Natural Law And The Law Of Vibration. These Principles Were Said By Gann To Be The Basis Of His Complete System. Contents: Matter. Motion & Force: Energy; Center Of Gravity; Falling Bodies; Pendulum; Machines. Liquids: Hydrostatics; Specific Gravity; Surface-Tension & Capillarity; Hydraulics; Water-Machines. Gases: Atmosphere; Pneumatic Machines. Sound: Cause & Phenomena; Musical Sound; Musical Instruments; Music. Light: Through Uniform Media; Reflection; Refraction; Dispersion. Heat: Transmission Of Heat; Conduction; Convection; Steam-Engine. Magnetism. Electricity: Static Electricity; Electrical Currents; Electro-Magnetism & Magneto-Electricity; Dynamos & Motors; Radiant Matter; X-Rays & Radium. Meteorology. Metric System. Table Of Specific Gravities. $44.44

The Story Of Force & Motion
D. W. Hering
E. N. Grisewood
1922-48 430p. Numerous Diagrams. The Science Of Physics - Our World In Terms Of Energy & Matter - Heat, Light, Sound, Electricity & Magnetism - Atomic Energy. Another Selection For Natural Philosophy & Foundations Of Law Of Vibration. Contents: Part I Preliminary View Of Physics: Science & Art; Realms Of Physics; Forms Of Matter - Atomic Structure; Development Of Mechanics; Force & Mass; Work & Transference Of Energy; Forms Of Energy. Part II Elements Of Physics: Force & Motion - Velocity & Acceleration; Centrifugal Force; Work & Energy; Elementary Machines; Gravitation; Specific Gravity - Density; Liquids & Gasses; Heat & Temperature; Effect Of Applying Heat To A Body; Freezing, A Warming Process; Boiling Temperature & Boiling Point; How Heat Is Transmitted Through Bodies & Space; Great Thermodynamic Laws; Sound; Sound & Hearing; Simple & Compound Tones; Interference Of Sounds; Sympathetic Vibration - Resonance; Diffraction & Reflection Of Sound; Magnetism; Earth's Magnetic Action; Electricity - Attraction & Repulsion; Electric Discharges & Currents; Evolution Of Electromagnet; Batteries; Induced Currents; Electric Heat & Light Produced; The Electron Theory Wireless Telegraphy; Picture Transmission - Television; X-Rays; Atomic Structure; Light; Mirrors & Lenses - The Camera; Measurement Of Light; Polarized Light; Colors - Spectrum; Photography - Motion Pictures; Interesting Facts About Light; Quantum Theory; Relativity; Aeronautics; Atomic Energy; Glossary. Very Thorough & Broad Coverage! $44.44

The Correlation & Conservation Of Forces
Dr. Faraday, Dr. Mayer, Prof. Grove
Prof. Helmholtz, Prof. Liebig, Dr. Carpenter
Chief Promoters Of The New Views
1872 438p. "The Highest Law In Physical Science Which Our Faculties Permit Us To Perceive - The Conservation Of Force" - Dr. Faraday. A Series Of Expositions By The Greatest Natural Philosophers & Scientists Of The Late 19th Century. Gann Himself Quotes Faraday, & Baumring Regularly Referred To Helmholtz. A Brilliant Presentation Of All The Key Topics. Contents: The Correlation Of Physical Forces By W. R. Grove: Motion; Heat; Electricity; Light; Magnetism; Chemical Affinity; Other Modes Of Force. On The Interaction Of Natural Forces, By Prof. Helmholtz. Remarks On The Forces Of Inorganic Nature, By Dr. J. R. Mayer, & On Celestial Dynamics: Sources Of Heat; Measure Of Sun's Heat; Origin Of Sun's Heat; Constancy Of Sun's Mass; Spots On Sun's Disk; Tidal Wave; Earth's Interior Heat. Remarks On The Mechanical Equivalent Of Heat. Some Thoughts On The Conservation Of Force, By Dr. Faraday. The Connection & Equivalence Of Forces, By Prof. Liebig. On The Correlation Of The Physical 7 Vital Forces, By Dr. Carpenter: Relation Of Light & Heat To The Vital Forces Of Plants & Animals. $44.44

Ancient Calendars & Constellations
Hon. Emmeline M. Plunket
1903 263p. With 26 Plates Of Calendars & Constellations. A Rare & Important Work On The Classification & Analysis Of The Ancient Calendar Systems & Their Relation To Astronomical Phenomena. Contents: Accadian Calendar: 200 BC, 2000 BC, 3800 BC, Ancient Calendar Siderial; Modern Calendar Tropical; Constellation Aries; Solstice In Aries 6000 BC; Stars Recede From Seasons; Equinox In Aries 200 BC; Aries, Leader Of Signs; Antediluvian Astronomy; "Knowing Good & Evil"; Aries Not Conspicuous & Widely Honored; Market A Season; Two Calendars In Egypt; Amen's Ram-Headed Symbols; Amen & Egyptian Year; Amen & Aries; Fixed & Vague Years; Temple Orientated To Aries; Zodiac Prehistoric. GU, Eleventh Constellation Of Zodiac: Uncertain Meaning; GU=GULA=BAU; Winter Solstice In Aquarius; Aries & Aquarius; Rival Calendars. Median Calendar & The Constellation Taurus: Equinox In Taurus Persian Nowroose; Mithras & Equinox; Mithras Slays Bull; Bull Lion, Scorpion, Eagle; Eagle For Water Man; Griffin & Solstices; Persepolitan Demi-Bulls; Median & Assyrian Art: Greek Vs. Indian Science; Solar Zodiac Grecian; Hindu Calendar 570 AD; Week-Days; Varahamihira; New Sources Of Knowledge; Zodiac In Asia In 3000 BC; Aries Leader In 3000 BC; Zodiac In VEDA Denied; Zodiac In VEDA Claimed; Indra And "Atmospheric God", God Of Summer Solstice; Vritra & Hydra; Hydra & Darkness; Hydra & Doubt; Soma Pavamana = The Moon; Moon In Aquarius; Agni In Waters; Sun Is Aquarius; Vedic Imagery Out Of Date; Assyrians Copied Medes; Symbolic Standard Median. Astronomy In The RIG VEDA: Initial Point Of Zodiac; Aswins; Astronomical Correlations Of Gods In Veda; New Year Divinities; Aswin Legends - Pre-Vedic; Ahura Mazda; Moon In Sagittarius. Ancient Indian Astronomy: Astronomy In Talmud & Bible; Full Moon; New Moon & Solar Eclipses. The Chinese Calendar, With Some Remarks With Reference The Chaldeans: Chinese & Hindu Lore; 16,916 BC; Gregorian Year, 1582 AD; Chinese Calendar, 1624 AD; 2510-2431 BC; "15 Degrees Du Verseau". Antiquity Of Constellations, 24 Plates Correlating The Constellations Of The Ancients: Crab = Scarab; Scales = Plumes; Twins - Equal Day & Night $55.55

The Calendar Of Tiahuanaco: A Disquisition On The Time Measuring System Of The Oldest Civilization In The World
H. S. Bellamy & P. Allan
1956 440p. With 53 Diagrams. Contents: Symbology Of The Calendar Of Tiahuanaco: Symbols: Satellitic Symbols; Solar Symbols; Signs, Elements, & Steps; Features; Remainders; Conspectuses Of Symbology; Brackets Of The Symbols; Chronological Evaluation Of The Calendar Of Tiahuanaco: The 24 Day Cycle; The Evaluation Of The Halo Symbols Of The First Twelfth; Day Of Autumnal Equinox; Identification Of The Symbols On The Pedestal Of The First Twelfth With The Revolutions Of The Satellite In One Twelfth; Elements On The Bodies Of The Puma-Faced Fishes; Symbols Above The Heads: References To Meridian Altitudes & Obliquity; Additional Symbolism: The Notation Of Visible & Non-Visible Eclipses; Pedestals: References To Sun's Amplitude; Signs Inside Pedestals: Linking Twelfths Of Comparable Amplitude; Symbols At Ends Of Pedestals Refer To Horizontal Eclipses; Solstice Trumpeters: Dates Of Solstices & Eccentricity Of Terrestrial Orbit; Great Meander; Faces & Heads; Compensations & Discrepancies; Winged Figures: Detailed Representation Of Peculiarities Of Eclipse Cycles Throughout Year; Identification Of Symbolism Of All Features; Reason For Anthropomorphic & Ornithomorphic Designs Of Figures; Spirals & Shells; Counting Board For Eclipses; Tables For Eclipses Near Horizon, Satellitic, Solar, & Shell Eclipses; Chronological Aspects Of Temple; Orientation Of Temple & Proportions; 11 Pillars On West; Why Grand Portal & Staircase Are To North Of Axis; Sitting & Orientation Of Calendar Gate; Tiahuanacan Linear Unit Of Measurement; Real Diameter Of The Satellite; 'Tuncamayani' - The Number 11 - The Hendecade; T/Hours & T/Minutes; Tiahuanacan Time Scale & Relation To Winged Figures & Circle; Symbolism Of Body; Central Part Of Body; Human Face Symbols; Distribution Of Symbols Between Left & Right Sides; Epoch Of The Calendar; Map Of Ttahua-Ntin-Suyu; Puma Punku Calendar; Indications Of Certain Ratios In Relation To Circle: 22:7 Ratio; 14:11 Ratio; Future Of Calendar Gate. $55.55

The Dawn Of Astronomy: A Study Of The Temple Worship & Mythology Of The Ancient Egyptians
J. Norman Lockyer
1890 432p. Profusely Illustrated. Contents: Worship Of Sun & Dawn; First Glimpses Of Egyptian Astronomy; Astronomical Basis Of Egyptian Pantheon; Two Horizons; Yearly Path Of Sun-God; Probable Hor-Shesu Worship; Methods Of Determining The Orientation Of Temples; Earliest Solar Shrines In Egypt; Similar Shrines Elsewhere; Solar Temple Of Amen-Ra At Karnak; Age Of Temple Of Amen-Ra At Karnak; Stars - Risings & Settings; Egyptian Heavens - Zodiacs Of Denderah; Circumpolar Constellations: Myth Of Horus; Temples Directed To Stars; Stellar Temples; Building Inscriptions; Star Temples At Karnak; Personification Of Stars; Temple Of Isis & Hathor; Star-Cults; Amen-T & Khons; Egyptian Year & Nile; Years Of 360 & 365 Days; Vague & Sirian Years; Sothic Cycle & Its Use; Calendar & Revisions; Fixed Year & Festival Calendars; Isis & Osiris; Temple-Stars; History Of Sun Worship; Early Temple & Great Pyramid Builders; Cult Of Northern Vs. Southern Stars; Origins Of Egyptian Astronomy - Northern & Thebes Schools; Conclusions As To North & South Races; Egyptian & Babylonian Ecliptic Constellations; Influence Of Egypt Upon Temple Orientation In Greece. $44.44

The Numeration, Calendar Systems & Astronomical Knowledge Of The Mayas
Charles P. Bowditch
1910 346p. 64 Illustrations, 33 Tables, 19 Plates. Originally Printed By Cambridge University Press For The Use Of The Peabody Museum Of Harvard University. An Extraordinary & Exhaustive Work On Mayan Cosmology, Like No Other! Contents: Sources Of Information; Day Signs In Codices; Day Forms In Columns; Day Series Continuous; Lanes & Dots In Mayan Numeration; Red Day Numbers 1-13; Columns & Rows Of Numbers; Direction Of Reading Numbers; Scattered Numbers; 20; Numeration By Position; Long Numerical Series Of Codices; Uinal; Kin; Tun; Katun; Black Numbers; Uinal Or Month Signs In Codices; Names Of Months; Day Numbers Of Beginning Of Month; Year 7 Calendar Round; 52 Year Period; Year Bearers; Goodman's Plan; Distinction Between Year & Calendar; Higher Numbers Of Codices; Table Of 80 Calendar Rounds; Dresden Codex; Day & Month Forms In Inscription; Initial Series; Forms For Zero; Supplementary Series; Grand Cycle Glyph; Period Forms; Nine Cycles; Palenque Temples; Distance Numbers & Dates; Heads Faces & Meaning; Cycle Numbers; Methods Of Fixing Dates; End Glyphs; Lapse Glyphs; Intercalary Days; Mexican & Mayan Methods; Other Astronomical Knowledge Of The Mayas; Moon; Table Of Lunar Revolutions; Planets: Mercury; Jupiter; Saturn; Venus; Mars; Glyphs With 13 & 19; Phoneticism; Mayan Time Cycles; Counting Time; Long Count; Calculating Time; 13 Or 20 Cycles In Grand Cycle? Continuous Series; Wheels; 13 Number Count; 260 Day Count; Year Count By Days & Months; 13 Katun Count; Mayan Time Wheels; Mexican Calendar & Count; Times Of Revolutions Of Planets; Lengths Of Various Years. Planet Glyphs; Moon Series; Jupiter Series; Period Rounds. $55.55

Aether & Gravitation
William George Hooper, F.S.S.
1903 358p. A Very Important Work From Baumring's Collection Presenting The Pre-Einsteinian Conception Of Aether & Vortex Physics, A Clear Presentation Of Universal Phenomena From The Natural Philosophy School, Not Disproven Or Outdated As The Modern Establishment Wrongly Assumes, Essential For Understanding Theories Of Esoteric Cosmology & Market Forecasting. Contents: Philosophy Of Gravitation: Cause Of Gravitation; Newton's 3 Rules Of Philosophy & Application To Gravitation; Analysis Of Law Of Gravitation; Primitive Impulse; Centripetal & Centrifugal Force; Newton's Laws Of Motion; Force; 3 Laws Of Motion; Gravitation Attraction; Universality Of Gravitation; Direction Of Forces; Proportion Of Forces; Law Of Inverse Squares; Terrestrial Gravity; Centrifugal Force; Kepler's 3 Laws. Matter: What Is Matter?; Conservation Of Matter; Matter Is Atomic; What Is An Atom?; Atomic Theory; Kinds Of Atoms; Elements Of Matter; Mater Is Gravitative; Matter Possesses: Density, Elasticity, Inertia. Aether: Aether Is: Matter, Universal, Atomic, Gravitative; Aether Possesses: Density, Elasticity, Inertia; Aether Is Impressible; Aether & Its Motions. Energy: Conservation Of Energy; Transformation Of Energy; Potential & Kinetic Energy; Energy & Motion; Conservation Of Motion; Transformation Of Motion; Motion & Work. Heat, A Mode Of Motion: Heat, A Mode Of Motion; Heat & Matter; Radiation & Absorption Heat Is A Repulsive Motion; Radiant Heat; Direction Of A Ray Of Heat; Law Of Inverse Squares; 1st & 2nd Laws Of Thermodynamics; Identity Of Heat & Light. Light, A Mode Of Motion: Transverse Vibration Of Light; Reflection & Refraction; Solar Spectrum; Direction Of Ray Of Light; Intensity Of Light; Velocity Of Light; Dynamical Value Of Light; Electro-Magnetic Theory Of Light. Aether & Electricity: Electricity, A Mode Of Motion; Electric: Field, Induction, Energy, Radiation; Law Of Inverse Squares; 2nd Law Of Electricity. Aether & Magnetism; Electro-Magnetism; Earth A Magnet; Sun An Electro-Magnet; Faraday's Lines Of Force; Terrestrial Magnetism; Solar Magnets; Cause Of Rotation Of The Earth On Its Axis; Vortex Motion; Relative Motion Of Aether & Matter; Vibrations In The Electro-Magnetic Theory Of Light. Aether & Newton's Laws Of Motion: Aether &: Centrifugal Force, Centripetal Force, Newton's 3 Laws Of Motion; Why Planets Revolve From West To East. Aether & Kepler's Laws: Aether & Kepler's 3 Laws; Orbital Motion Of Moon; Eccentricity Of Moon's Orbit; Sun & Kepler's 1st & 2nd Laws; Aether & Plane Of Ecliptic; Centripetal Force. Aether & Comets: What Is A Comet?; Orbits Of Comets; Kinds Of Comets; Parts Of Comet; Centrifugal Force & Comets; Formation Of Tails. Aether & Starry World: Stars & Kepler's Laws; Aether 7 Nebulae; What Is A Nebulae?; Aether & Nebular Hypotheses; Kinds Of Nebulae. Aether & Universe: Unity Of Universe; Construction Of Matter; Constitution Of Matter; Quod Erat Faciendum; God & The Universe. Very Important Title! $55.55

The Celtic Druids; Or An Attempt To Shew That The Druids Were The Priests Of Oriental Colonies Who Emigrated From India, & Were The Introducers Of The First Camden System Of Letters, & The Builders Of Stonehenge, Of Carnac, & Other Cyclopean Works In Asia & Europe.
Godfrey Higgins
1829 595 8x11p. With Numerous Detailed Plates, Maps & Foldouts. A Monumental Work Breaching An Uncommon & Original Thesis Redefining Many Ideas Of Modern History & Origins. Extremely Rare! Contents: Division Of Year & Circle; Necessity Of Etymology; Alphabets; Changes In Language; Druids Acquainted With Letters; Irish, Greek, And Hebrew Letters The Same; Hieroglyphics; Ciphering Invented Before Letters; Virgil A Druid; Most Ancient Alphabets; Runes; Genesis Chapters Misplaced; Nineveh Near To Babylon; Cycle Of Naros; Seven-Day Cycle; Persia, India, And China, The Depositaries, Not The Inventors Of Science; Who The Celt Were; Affinity Between The Latin, Sanscrit, And Celtic; Term Barbarian; Reasons Against Existence Of Ancient Nation Not Valid; Arrival Of Phoenician Colonies In Ireland; Origin Of Irish Fables; Derivation Of The Word Britain; Hero Gods; Derivation Of The Words: Albion, Druid, Vates And Bards; Britain Known To Aristotle; Road To Britain Lost, Like That To America And Australia; Greeks Knew Ireland; Magnetic Needle, Telescopes, Gunpowder Known To Druids; Hyperboreans Were Britons; Ancient Oracles Founded By Celt ; Druids Probably Pythagoreans; Cross Common To Greeks, Egyptians, And Indians; Monograms Of Christ; Mosaic Chronology; Structure Of Earth; Eternity Of Matter; Druids Admitted The Creation Of Matter; Doctrines Of Pythagoreans; Festivals Removed By The Precession Of The Equinoxes; Druid Festival Of Christmas; Origin Of The Lost Word; Mother Of The Gods; Gods Of India And Ireland The Same; Explanations Of Ancient Doctrines; First Cabiri 3 In Number; Meaning Of Cabiri; Cabiri Of Phoenicians; Baal; The Sacred Fire; Chaldees Of The Jews; Chaldean Priests The Same As The Magi; Culdees Succeeded By Hereditary Descent; Brahman In Yorkshire; Last Remains Of Culdees In Yorkshire; Jupiter & Janus; St. Patrick; A Single Plain Stone The Origin Of Idolatry; Rocking-Stones Or Logan Stones; Circular Temples, Stonehenge And Abury; Stonehenge Not A Roman, Saxon, Or Danish Work; Circular Temples Of Israelites; Agreement Of Agreement Of Number Of Stones In Circle With The Ancient Cycles; The Crosses & Globes At Iona & Ancient Cycles; Ancient Superstitions Respecting Numbers; Theory On The Origin Of Letters & Numbers; Observations On Hebrew Chronology; Hierarchy Of The Druids; Druids Assertors Of Their Country's Liberty; Immortality Of The Soul And Metempsychosis; Druids Had An Excellent System Of Morals; Mistletoe And Other Sacred Plants; Worship Of Sun In Taurus; Institution Of Priesthoods An Evil. $33.33

Anacalypsis, An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Isis; Or , An Inquiry Into The Origin Of Languages, Nations, & Relations.
Godfrey Higgins, Esq.
Volume I 1833 525 8x11"P. Volume II 1836 876 8x11"P. An Extraordinary Work On The Origins Of Number, Language, & Symbolism. Contents: Chronology & Cycle Periods; Grecian History A Travesty; Origin Of Letters; Moon's Periods; Cycle Of 14; Thoth; Cryptography, Indian; Vowel Points; Number Line; Arabic Letters; Names Of Gods Of Week; Vedas; Universal Pontifical Government; Book Of Enoch Is On Earth's Axis; Noah & Ships Of Ancients; Cause & Extent Of Flood; Change Of Earth's Axis; Comets Held To Be Planets; Seven Day Cycle & Length Of Year; Year Of 360 Days; Length Of Antediluvian Year; Comet Of 1680; Comet Of 575 Years; Periods Of Comets; Microcosm; Atoms; Chinese Microcosm; World Divided In 3; Sacred Numbers; Mercavah & Caaba; Measures Of Ancients; Vedanta & Nyaya Philosophies; Nature Of Microcosmos; Pythagoras On Numbers; Cycles - Mythology; Symbolic & Alphabetic Writing; Cyclic Mythos; Ancient Mysteries; Birthplace Of Mankind; Former Heat At The Poles; The Mythic-Cyclic-Microcosm System; What Happened May Happen Again; Age Of World; Flood; Planets & Days Of Week; Moon; First God Of Ancients; Sun; Double Nature Of Deity; Metempsychosis & Renewal Of Worlds; Eternity Of Matter; Sephiroths & Emanations; Origin Of Time; Planets Or Samim; Observations On The Doctrine That Destruction Is Only Regeneration; Taurus & Aries; Buddha The Sun In Taurus, Krishna Sun In Aries; Cycles - Isaiah's Prophecies Known To Egyptians , & Celts Of Gaul; Explanations Of Oriental Astronomical Systems; Mosaic & Hindoo Systems; 2 Cycles, Sun & Moon; 600 Year Cycle; Meaning Of Cross; Cross Of Ezekiel; Sacred Numbers In Temples Of Britain; Mystic Numbers; Indian Circles; Secret Doctrines; Serpent Of Genesis The Logos; Influence Of The Moon; Moon & Isis; Mount Meru; Deluge; Change From Taurus To Aries; Two Classes Of Avatars; Star Of Abraham; Cabala; Plato's Atlantis; Templars; Masons; Gnostics; Time; Towers Of Mexico & Babel; Probable Origin Of Numbers And Letters; Cross; Easter Island; Last Avatar Expected; Christian Religion Not New; Etymology And Its Use; Origin Of The Adoration Of The Bull, Phallic And Vernal Festivals; Age Of The World; First God Of The Ancients, The Sun, Metempsychosis, Moral Evil, Buddha, Genesis; The Sun The First Object Of Adoration Of All Nations; Two Ancient Ethiopias, Great Black Nation In Asia, Hindoos And Egyptians Similar; Ancient Persians, First Books Of Genesis, Disingenuous Conduct In The Translators Of The Bible, Abraham Acknowledged More Than One God; Jewish Trinity; Ancient Jewish Cabala, Sephiroths And Emanations; Melchizedek, Zoroaster, Zendavesta, All Ancient Religions Astrological; Character Of The Old Testament; Orphic And Mithraitic Trinity, Mithra, Opinions Of Herodotus, Porphyry, Strabo, Julian, Times Of Pythagoras And Zoroaster, The Vedas Describe The Persian Religion; The Word OM; The Christian Trinity, Its Origin, Philo's Trinity Of The Jews; Life Of Cristna; Crucifixion Of Cristna, Immaculate Conception, From The History Of Pythagoras; Buddha The Sun In Taurus, As Cristna Was The Sun In Aries, Names And Meaning Of The Word Buddha; Isaiah's Prophecy Known To The Egyptians And The Celts Of Gaul, Mystical Meaning Of The Letter M, Oriental Astronomical Systems; Cross The Meaning Of It, Monograms Of Christ And Osiris, Lama Of Tibet, Indra Crucified, Jesuits' Account Of Tibet; Hercules And Samson The Same; Baal, Etymology Of The World Bal; Yajna Or Passover; Secret Doctrines, Bull-Headed And Ram -Headed Gods; Disputed Chapters Of Matthew And Luke; Flood Of Noah, Text Of Genesis, Origin Of The Delta Of Egypt; Adoration Of The Virgin And Child; Ionians, Argonauts, Linga And Yoni; The Lotus; The Loadstone, Helen Athena; Ship Of Egypt And Greece; Aphrodite And Diana, Thales; Cassandra, Babylonian Mythos, Constantine And Helena, Astrology; Rome, Jewish Pentateuch; Judaism Shown By Eusebius To Be Older Than Abraham, Hellenism; Mount Of Solomon, Mount Of The Cabala, Mount Olympus; Religions Of Afghans And Rajpouts; Arabians Of India; Jews Hate The Female Principle, Jews And Egyptians, Observations On The Jews; Origin Of The Sanscrit; Amazons; Cyclopes, All Ancient History Fable Or Nigma, Freemasons In Mundore; Serpent Of Genesis; Observations On Homer, The Iliad, And The Neid; Fish Avatar, Fish Acrostic; Observations On Templars, Chair Of St. Peter, Gospel Of St. Joachim, Masons; Freemasons Of York And India. $88.88

The Principles Of Light & Color: Including Among Other Things The Harmonic Laws Of The Universe, The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy Of Force, Chromo Chemistry, & The General Philosophy Of The Fine Forces.
Edwin D. Babbitt
1878 560p. Illustrated By 204 Exquisite Photo-Engravings, Besides Four Superb Colored Plates. This Is The Famous Work Unavailable In Its Original Unabridged Form With Color Plates For 100 Years. Original Source For The Vortex Molecule So Often Pictured In Theosophical Writings. Recommended By Baumring, This Extraordinary Work Should Be Studied By Everyone. Contents: Harmonic Laws Of The Universe: Light; Nature Our Guide; Unity; Diversity; Harmony; Gradation Or Progression; Contrast; Harmony Of Analogy; Violent Contrasts Contrary To Natures Laws; Nature's Unrestricted Growth Never Discordant; Law Of Perfection; Truth; Divisions Of Colors; Triad Of Primary, Secondary & Achromatic Colors; Hues; Grays; Spectrum; Contrast; Harmonic Colors In Architecture. Insufficiency Of Present Theories Of Light & Force; Science & Philosophy Combined; Cohesion; Chemical Affinity; Electricity; Gravitation; Physiology & Psychology; Light & Color Formulated By Law; Chromatic Phenomena; How Is Light Projected; Shadow Is An Entity; Knowledge Of Atoms; Therapudic Properties Of Color; Dynamic & Material Theory; Faraday; Bacon; Locke & Tyndall; Kant; Fitch; Schelling; Laws Of Optics. Etherio-Atomic Philosophy Of Force: Atoms; Force; Size Of Atoms; Form Of Atoms; Heat End Of Atoms; Nature Of Atomic Spinals; Ethereal Forces; Primate Of Force; Grades Of Ether; Ethers Have Weight; Polar Cohesion Of Atoms; Laws Of Atomic Combination; Lateral Cohesion; Unity Of Atoms; Transverse Layers Of Atoms; Paraverse Layers Of Atoms; Crystalloid & Amorphous Bodies; Heat & Cold; Types Of Electricity: Frictional, Chemico, Galvano, Magneto, Chromo; Magnetism; Diamagnetism; Phosphorescence; Fluorescence; Directional Electricity; Weight & Heat Of Atoms; Latent & Sensible Heat. Sources Of Light: Nebulous Matter; Sun Formation; Planet Formation; Comets; Refinement Of Matter; Atmosphere Of Space; Aurora Borealis; Terrestrial Forces; Solar Atmosphere; Sunspots; Production Of Light; Moon; Planets & Fixed Stars; Calcium Light; Combustion. Chromo Chemistry: Spectrum Analysis; Spectroscope; Laws Of Color; Chemical Repulsions; Elements; Metals; Octaves Of Color; Sunlight. Chromo-Therapeutics, Or Chromopathy: Healing Power Of Color; Powers Of Each Color & Healing Effects Of Each Shade & Gradation. Chromo Culture Of Vegetable Life: Germination; Growth; Reproductive Function Of Plants; Insect Life. Chromo Philosophy: Refraction; Reflection Of Light; Absorption; Transparency; Polarized Light; Undulatory Theory. Chromo Dynamics, Or Higher Grade Lights & Forces: Odic Light & Color; Influence Of Solar & Lunar Rays; Magnetism & Odic Force; Proof That Odic Light Comprises Fluidic Forces. Chromo Mentalism: Beauty Of Fine Forces; Exaltation Of Conception; Higher Colors Reveal Primary Laws Of Force; Higher Vision; How To Develop Finer Vision; Psychic Force; Colors & Forces Of Brain; Right & Left Brain; Radiations & Laws Of Power Intuition; Positive & Negative Poles; Interior Machinery Of Life; Process Of Mental Action; Organ Of Higher Vision. Vision: Machinery Of Eye; Retina In Detail; Sensation Of Light; Perception Of Colors. Important Breakthrough Work! $55.55

Gothic Cathedrals & Sacred Geometry
George Lesser
1957 Volume I 290 8x11"P. Volume II Contains 80 Exceptional Full Page Photo Plates & Diagrams With Detailed Geometric Analyses Of Cathedrals. A Very Rare & Exceptional Work Upon The Sacred Proportions Of The Gothic Cathedrals. Contents: Volume I; Something About Proportions; Polygons & Polygrams; Early Circular Temples; Round Temple At Tivoli; Pantheon, Rome; Santa Costanza, Rome; San Lorenzo, Milan; Temple Church, London; Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge; Inter-Relations & Cross-Influences Between Longitudinal & Centralizing Church Types; Baltic Group; St. Mary, Wismar; Short Compendium Of The Octagrammatic & Dodecaidal Systems; St. Nicolas, Wismar; St. Mary, Stralsund; St. Mary, Lubeck; St. Nicolas, Stralsund, Lubeck Cathedral; Schwerin Cathedral; Church Of The Cistercian Abbey Of Doberan (Mecklenburg); St Peter, Malmo; St Mary, Rostock, St. Peter, Riga; St George, Wismar; St. Nicolas, Lueneburg; Church Of Cistercian Abbey Of Dargun; Parish Church Of Buetzow; St. Mary, Prenzlau (Brandenburg); St. Nicolas, Anklam; St. George, Parchim; Amiens Cathedral; Reims Cathedral; Westminster Abbey, London; Principles Of Octagonal Geometry In Their Application To Longitudinal Churches; Symbolism; Historic Outlook. Early History Of Chartres Cathedral Up To 1194; Gothic Cathedral; Abstract Geometry, Plan; Abstract Geometry, Cross Sections Through West Limb & South Transept With Crossing; Elevation Of South Transept Front; Long Section; West Front; Symbolism Of Chartres Cathedral. There Are No Other Works Which Describe The Geometric Detail Of The Cathedrals In The Detail Here! $55.55

An Important Question In Metrology
Charles Totten.

1884 230p. With 48 Detailed Figures & Constructions. Based Upon Recent & Original Discoveries: A Challenge To "The Metric System," & An Ernest Work With The English-Speaking Peoples On Their Ancient Weights & Measures. A Very Important Work On Metrology (The Sacred Science Of Measure) With A Particularly Important Appendix On The 5x5 Square (The Basis Of Gann's Square Of Nine) As The Basis Of The Great Pyramid & As A Template For Squaring The Circle. Contents: Cabalistic Origin Of Metrology ; Science Essentially Atheistic; Significance Of Heraldry; Pyramid Metrology; Earth-Commensuric Inch; Pyramid As Factor In Equation. Weights & Measures: Why Anglo-Saxon Metrology Should Not Be Abandoned; Metric System Vs. Anglo-Saxon; Linear Measure: Inch Earth-Commensuric; Determination Of Polar Axis; Capacity Measure; Coffer In Great Pyramid; Caldron Of Anglo-Saxons; Ark, Or Laver Of Hebrews; Pyramid A Metric Monument; Tables Of Correspondences; Roots Of System. Weight Measure: Relation Of Capacity To Weight; Standard Chamber At Gizeh; Pyramid Weight Measure; Greatest Common Divisor; Origin Of British Metrology; Last Drop In Coffer; Ultimate & Grain Rectifies Measure; Cubic Inch In Ultimates & Grains; Mean Density Of Earth; Its Use In Connection Weight & Capacity; Value Of Cube Inch In Grains & Ultimates, A Most Important Number; Significance Of Cubit Inch; Teachings Of Great Pyramid; Ancient Metrology If Israel Earth-Commensurate; Wonderful Cubical Properties; Principles Upon Which System Is Based; Primary Unit; Standard Physical Conditions; Units & Primaries; Constants. Aerostatics: Atmosphere In Relation To Rectified System; Its Weight; Specific Gravity; Mean Barometric Height; Dew-Point; Moisture; Rate Of Expansion; Height Of Atmosphere; Metrology Universal Science; No Exception To The Law Of Number; How Nature Replies To Us In Terms Of New Metrology; Standard Cube; Unit Cube; Solomon's Wisdom; Babylonian Division Of Circle; Chronological Employment By Daniel; Chronological Scheme; Standard, Or King's Chamber; Sanctum Sanctorum Of All Science; The Sacred Cubit; Rational Circular Subdivision; Great Pyramid & Diagrams: Dimensions Of Coffer; Pi Angle Of Casing Stones; Equality Of Boundaries; Equality Of Areas; Equation Of Boundaries; Temple Diagram; Pyramid & Temple Harmonized; Workman's Rule For "Squaring The Circle"; 5 Part Division; Cubit, Square & Circle; Cubit & Primary Circular Functions; Pythagorean Triangle & Cubit; Point, Line & Cubit; CUBIT OF: Angle, Equilateral Triangle, Square, Pentalpha, Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon, Duodecagon, 15-Sided Polygon, 16-Sided Polygon, Heptagon, Nonagon, Hendecagon, 13-Sided Polygon, 14-Sided Polygon, Rational Polygons, Irrational Polygons, Trigonometry, Number In Abstract. Pyramid, Pentalpha, & Canon Of Proportions; Pyramid Diagram & Human Figure; The Universal Problem; The 240 Degree Division Of The Circle.$55.55

  "Divine Arithmetic." A Subject Long Since Forgotten
The Elements Of Theology.
By Proclus (The Platonist)
Translated By A. C. Ionides
The Life Of Proclus, Or Concerning Felicity.
By Marinus
Circa 450 A.D. Tr.1897 130p; Circa 590 A.D. One Of The Most Profound Works On Platonic Or Pythagorean Arithmetic, Universal Order & Cause & Effect, From The Level Of Most Divine Abstraction. Arithemetic Is The First And Most Refined Aspect Of The Universal Emmenation, Said By Pythagoras To Be The First Step In The Cosmological Unfolding Of The Quadrivium: Arithemetic - Geometry - Music - Astronomy. Proclus Is One Of The Greatest Authors Of The Neo-Platonic Tradition, A Mystic, Cosmologist & Philosopher, Equal Even To Plato In Profundity And Subtlety! Contents: Unity & Plurality; One & Not One; Concerning A Unit; Concerning Producer & Production; Concerning The Foremost Good; That Which Is Free & Self-Sufficient; Cause; The Immovable & Self-Moving Principle, Or Cause; Incorporeal Essence; Mind Is Not The First Cause; The Imparticipable; Perfection; Progression; Circular Movement; Cause & Effect; Multiplication & Reversion Through Progression; Self-Subsistence; Concerning The Eternal With A View To Shewing That The World Is Eternal; Time & Eternity; Subsistence In Time; Every Cause Exists Prior To Effect, & Is Subsequently The Subsistence Of More Causes; Simple Superior Or Inferior To Composite; Divisible & Indivisible Powers; Monad Underlies A Double Number; Being & Cause; Universal Order; Universal Causes; Potential & Actual Being; Begotten Of Two-Fold Power; Every Separate Cause, Is Everywhere, & At The Same Time Nowhere; Every Leading Cause , With Respect To Every Series, Transmits Its Properties To The Whole Order; Every Series Of Whole Extends To An Imparticipable Cause & Origin; "The Partial Of An Order Can Participate The Monad In The Proximate Subsisting Disposition, In A Two-Fold Manner - Either Through The Cognate Therein, Co-Ordinate Thereto"(Wow); Every Divine Number Is Unique; The Supreme Of Every Divine Order Are Like The Last Of The Order Above; Threefold Nature Of Divine Order; Every Intellectual Number Is Limited; Everything Participating Time, Is Ever Moved & Measured By Periods; Every Period Of Spirit Is Measured In Time; Ratios; Glossary. Part II: The Life Of Proclus By Marinus Has Been Added As A Background Of The Life Of This Great Neo-Platonic Philosopher. Very Highly Recommended!

John Dee (1527-1608)
Charlotte Fell Smith
1909 342p. With Illustrations & Plates. One Of The Rarest An Best Biographies Of The Great English Cosmologist Dr. John Dee, Queen Elisabeth's Personal Astrologer. Contents: Birth & Education; Imprisonment & Authorship; Mortlake; Jane Dee; The Search For A Medium; Edward Kelly; Crystal Gaze; Madimi; Foreign Journey; Foreign Journey; Promises & Visions; Cracow; From Cracow To Prague; Dream Of Gold; Castle At Trebona; End Of Partnership; End Of Kelly; Return To England; Royal Commission; Dee's Library; Adieu To Courts & Courting; Manchester; College Affairs; Last Days; Descendants. $33.33

Medieval Number Symbolism, Its Sources, & Influence On Thought & Expression
Vincent Foster Hopper
1938 241p. Contents: Elementary Number Symbolism; The Astrological Numbers; Pythagorean Number Theory; The Gnostics; The Early Christian Writers; Medieval Number Philosophy; The Beauty Of Order - Dante; Number Symbolism Of Northern Paganism. $44.44

Geometry In Egyptian Art
Else Christie Kielland
214p. With 56 Illustrations & 34 Plates Of Geometrical Analysis. Contents: Idea Of Order; Egyptian Mathematics; The Golden Section; Lespius' Canon; Theory Of Squares; The Law Of Frontality; Representation Of The Human Figure: Original Position & Movement; Measurements & Axes Of The Flat Figure Are Dependent On The Measurements Of The Picture Surface; Cubic Forms; Planning & Proportioning; Frontal Statues; Statues Of Human Figures In Movement; Link Between The Representation Of The Human Figure As A Flat Picture & As A Sculpture; The Squares As Secondary Marks; Conclusion: Extended Meaning Of The Conception Of Frontality. Flat Pictures With Several Figures: Method For Giving Reality To The Symbolic Idea; Expressing The Story In The Mastaba Reliefs; Developing "Abstract Space"; Composing The Chariot Pictures. Beautiful Diagrams & Analysis! $44.44

Space In The Light Of Creation; A New Essay In Cosmic Theory
George Adams Kaufmann
1933 67 8x11"P. With Many Diagrams. George Adams Is One Of The Leading Proponents Of The Anthroposophical Science School, Founded By Rudolf Steiner & Inspired By The Scientific Vision Of Goethe. The Works Of This School Present Some Of The Most Profound Insights Into The Nature Of Vortex System, Ethereal Forces, Projective Geometry & Consciousness; Morphological Botany; Growth & Form; Space, Counterspace & Time. These Works Help Provide Radical Insight Into Many Of The Traditional Cosmological Systems But From A New & Needed Perspective Beautifully Integrated With Consciousness. Baumring Stressed The Importance Of This Work In Understand The Structure & Forces Of The Markets & The Universe. Contents: Mathematical Physics; Spirit Of Goethean Science; Order Of Nature; Rudolf Steiner; Synthetic Geometry; Radiation Of Space; Poncelet; Chasles; Jacob Steiner; Cayley & Sylvester; Von Staudt, Felix Klein & The New Geometry; Geometry Of Point, Line & Plane; 2-Fold Aspects Of Line, Physical - Ethereal; Projective Geometry; Descartes & Pascal; Principle Of Duality; Creation Of Space Out Of Pure Realms Of Time; Botany; Conics Of Weaving Light Rays; Theorem Of Desargues; Theorems Of The Harmonic Four; 3-D Projective Geometry; Goethe's Conception Of Space; Moebius Strip; Transformation Of Two Into One; Qualitative Polarization Of Axes; Archetypal Elements Of: Hexahedral, Octahedral & Dodecahedral Forms; Logos; Ratios; All That Is Form Within The Earthly Realm Has Its Origin In The Periphery Of Cosmic Space; Constancy Of Anharmonic Ratio; Music Of Number; Pythagoras; Infinitely Distant Plane; Imaginary Circle; Morphology Of Plants; Geometry & Dynamics; Functional Property Of Reciprocal Relations; Transformation Of Cartesian Ordinate System To Triangular Projective System; Functional Relation To Ellipse; Theorem Of Pascal; Pythagorean Theorem, 47th Problem Of Euclid; Musical Element Of Creation; Equal Roots & Parabolic Limits; Unequal Roots & Hyperbolics; Conjugate Imaginary Roots & Ellipse; Contrasting Qualities Of Cosmic In & Out Breathing Of Self-Enclosed Eternal Circulation In Pure Forms Of Hyperbola & Ellipse Or Circle; Simplest Cyclic Transformations Of Projective Geometry Are Hyperbola & Ellipse; Rhythms Of Numbers; Cyclic Processes; Number Series; In Every Point Of Space The Infinite Abounds; Sound-Ether; Ether Of Numbers; Light Ether; Chemical Sound-Ether; Forces Of Cosmos; Points Of Inflexion; Lemniscatory & Spiral Curves; Burden Of Earth & Sacrifice Of Warmth; Foundations Of Mathematical Physics; All World-Formation Has Origin In Periphery; "Locus Of Zero Intensity"; Cosmos & Chaos; Earth Forces Symbolized By Lengths In Space; Kinematics & Dynamics; Crystallography; Parabolic Transformation Of Space; Newton's Law Of Inertia Reveals Connection Between Time 7 Periphery Of Space; Force & Work; The Right Angle, Static & Dynamic Symmetry; Measure Number & Weight; Mechanics & Thermodynamics; Negative Gravity. This Work Is Very Clearly Written, Not Overly Mathematical, Presenting An Essential Vision Of The Universe! Strongly Recommended For Everyone Studying Cosmology Or The Markets! $44.44

The Living Plant & The Science Of Physical & Ethereal Spaces
George Adams & Olive Whicher
1949 77 8x11p. A Study Of The "Metamorphosis Of Plants" In The Light Of Modern Geometry & Morphology. A Continuation Of George Adam's Work With His Wonderful Long-Time Research Partner Who Has Also Written A Number Of Highly Recommended Work On This Subject. An Extremely Original And Essential Field Of Research. Serious Students Should Read Everything These Two Have Written! Contents: Goethe's "Metamorphosis Of Plants" & The Present Work; Goethe's Scientific Method; Ideal Type; Organic Relation Of Part & Whole; Expansion & Contraction; Polarity; Enhancement; Vertical & Spiral Tendencies; Spiral Matrix Of Plant Life; Gesture Of The Growing Plant; Leaf 7 Plane; Flower's Chalice; Fruit; Goethe's 3rd Expansion; "Convex & Concave" In Forms Of Growth; Unfolding Growth & Plastic Outline; Radial Below & Enveloping Above; Cup Within Cup; Modern Geometry & Polar Forms Of Space; Formative Spaces; Metamorphosis & Polarity; Ideal Entities In Science; Interweaving Of Part & Whole "Infinite" & "Absolute"; Archetypes Of Crystal Form; Polar "Negative" Of Euclid; Plastic Spaces Of Living World; Ethereal Spaces & World Of Life; Ethereal Defined; Rudolf Steiner's Work; Ethereal Forces & Life Of Plant; Ethereal Field Of Planet Earth; "Negative Gravity" Or "Levity"; Primitive & Convex Growth; Chaos & Germinating Life; Chaos & Cosmos; Time & The Second Law; Dual Space-Form; Interplay Of Spaces Forming An Organic Whole; Ethereal Aspect Of Plant; Interplay Of Spaces Forming Organic Whole; Ethereal Aspect Of Plant; Focus Above Growing-Point; Sun Or Star Centre; Planar Aspect Of Light; Plant Between Sun & Earth; 2-Fold Process Of Unfolding Growth; Physical Increase, Ideal Decrease; Levity & Upward Growth; Living Geometry Of Plants: 2 & 1 & No Dimensions; Goethe's Spiritual Staff, "Infinitude Within"; Verticon & Horizon; Radial & Periphery: Root & Shoot; Radial Forms & Mechanical Forces; Radial & Peripheral In Living Sphere; Forms Of Leaves; Dual Formative Activity Ion Branching Systems; Leaves As Etherial & Plastic Organs; Varieties Of Gesture; Recurrence Of Plastic Type; Bi-Polar Living Form; Lemniscatory Spaces; Lemniscate-Form In Higher Plant; Rhythm Of The Nodes; Staff Of Mercury; Higher Plant In Light, Air & Time; Leaf & Flower, Fruit & Seed; Leaf-Lemniscate; Leaf, Stem & Flower; Sheathing Petioles; Culmination In Flower; Ethereal Space, Inpouring Content; World Within The Flower; Metamorphosis From Leaf To Carpel; Star-Center & Pollen; Fulfillment. $44.44

The Etheric Formative Forces In Cosmos, Earth & Man, A Path Of Investigation Into The World Of The Living
Dr. Guenther Wachsmuth
1932 245p. Numerous Diagrams. Another Primary & Important Contributor To The Steiner Ethereal Science School. Highly Recommended! Contents: Quantitative & Qualitative Observations Of The World; Character Of Legitimate & Of Illegitimate Hypotheses; Fundamentals Of A New Theory Of Motion; Organic & Inorganic World; Second Riddle Of The Universe, According To Du Bois Reymond; Will & Motion; Being & Phenomena; Etheric Formative Forces; States Of Aggregation Of Substance & The Etheric Formative Forces; Earth Organism; Etheric Life Phenomena Of The Earth Organism & Their Relation To The Human Organism; Chaos & Order; Waking & Sleeping; Breathing Process Of The Earth Organism; Barometric Pressure; Breathing Of Earth Organism & Of The Human Organism; Vertical Current; Potential Gradient; Emanation; Humidity; Rising & Galling Of Sap In The Plants; Three Great Rhythms Of The Plant World; Circulatory Process Of Earth Organism; Rotation Of Earth; Heliotropism Of Earth Etheric Earth & Solid Earth; Etheric Currents In Earth Organism; Sun Current, Vertical Current; Moon Current, Horizontal Current; Position Of Vertebral Column & Its Relation To Consciousness; East-West & West-East Currents; North-South & South-North Currents; Migrations Of Birds; Nature Of Gravitation & Terrestrial Magnetism; Their Inter-Relationships; Magnetic Poles; Polar Light & The Phenomena Of The Northern Lights; The Sun; Planets & Their Spheres; A 3rd Movement Of The Earth; Exceptional Position Of Uranus & Neptune; Constellations; Planetary Spheres; Man; Interior Of Earth; Metamorphosis Of Etheric Formative Forces On The Planetary System; Transversion Of Inner & Outer; Etheric Organism Of The Earth & Moon; True & False Anthropocentric World Conceptions; Organic Life Processes & Their Connection With Consciousness; Ontogenetic Origin & Disappearance Of Substance; Spontaneous Dissolution Of Substance; Earth Organism, Cosmic Forces, & The Genesis; Of Substance; Cloud-Forming & The Genesis Of Water; Genesis Of Space & Earth Organism; Relation Between Worlds Of Spiritual Being, Or The Etheric, Of Substance, & Of Force; Etheric Formative Forces & Electricity; "Animal Electricity"; The "Spectrum Of Light" & The "Spectrum Of Nature"; Polarity & Intensification; Space & Time: Their Genesis & Their Disappearance; Being & Phenomenon; Fundamental Phenomenon For A New Theory Of Light; Light & Substance; "Pure Light" Cosmic Pure Light & The Earth Organism; Terrestrial Pure Light: Phosphorescence, Radioactivity; "Heat Light": Combustion; Forces Of Light Freed Through The Dissolution Of Substance; Foundation For A New Theory Of Colour; Goethe's Thoery Of Colour & Newton's "Preformation" Theory; Polaric Primary Colors; Activity Of Light & That Of Darkness; Influence Of Colour Upon Organisms; Phenomena Of Tone; Tone & Structure Of Substance; Control Of Their Inter-Relationships; Genesis Of Tone; Relation Of Tone To Humidity, Pressure & Darkness; Shaping Of Substance , The Dissolution Of Substance & Radioactivity; Spontaneous Dissolution Within The 'Earth Organism; Macrocosmic Correspondence & Ages Of Substance; New Substance Unit For The Explanation Of Phenomena Of Radioactivity; Effects Of Radioactivity & Their Significance For Human Evolution; Shape Building Forces & Archetypal Forms In Nature & Reality; Individualization Of Substance In The Process Of Becoming; Archetypal Forms & Theory Of Genesis In The Earth Organism; Archetypal Forms In Mineral Kingdom; Archetypal Forms In Plant World; Heredity; Mendelism; Shaping Forces & Archetypal Forms In Embryonal Development; Sense Organs & Their Formative Forces; Animal Instincts; Man & Animal; Differentiating Characteristics Of The Kingdoms Of Nature; Man & Man's Organism; Threefold Human organism; Polarity Of Etheric Formative Forces; Polarity Of The "Cold & Warm Flame"; Genesis Of The Bony Skeleton; Nature & Cause Of Human Breathing; Rhythmic System, Speech; Nature & Cause Of Human Blood Circulation; Forming Of Organs; Archetypal Forms In The Human Organism; Etheric Structures Of Dead & Living Substance; Genesis Of White & Red Blood Corpuscles & Their Formative Forces; Blood & Oxygen; Stages Of Consciousness,, Etheric Formative Forces & Substance In Man, & Their Relationship To Macrocosm; Etheric Life Current In Human Organism; Etheric Formative Forces In Healing Art; World Reflection. $55.55

The Natural Philosophy Of Plant Form &
Goethe's Botany: An Attempt To Interpret The Metamorphosis Of Plants (1790)&
Fragment: Tobler's Ode To Nature(1782)
Agnes Arber D.Sc., F.R.S.
J. W. Von Goethe (Tr. Arber)

1950 247p., 1947 106p. With Illustrations. Plant Morphology As Presented By This Tradition Is A Perfect Model For All Universal Growth Forms Including The Financial Markets. It Is These Forms That The Sacred Traditions Measure In Their Sacred Canons. This Collection Is An Excellent Presentation Of This School Of Botany & Natural Philosophy Based Upon Goethe's Vision & Including His Famous "Metamorphosis Of Plants". Everything Needed To Understand The Fundamentals Of This Branch Of Science Is Included In This Collection. Contents: The Natural Philosophy Of Plant Form: Meaning & Content Of Plant Morphology; Plant Morphology Of The Aristotelian School; Plant Morphology Of Albertus Magnus & Andrea Cesalpino; Plant Morphology From Joachim Jung To Goethe & De Candolle; Concept Of Organisation Type; Partial-Shoot Theory Of The Leaf; Urge To Whole-Shoot-Hood Of Leaf; Bearing Of The Partial-Shoot Theory Of The Leaf On Other Morphological Problems; Repetitive Branching & The Gestalt Type, With Special Reference To Parallelism; Mechanism Of Plant Morphology; Interpretation Of Plant Morphology. The Author Then Gives A Detailed Introduction To Goethe's "Metamorphosis", Followed By Her Translations Of It & Tobler's Ode, Two Of The Greatest Classics In This Field. An Interesting & Informative Basis In Natural Philosophy, Growth & Form. $44.44

Formative Forces In Crystallization
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer
1936 63p. With 98 Photo Plates. Contents: The Activity Of Formative Forces In Plant, Animal 7 Man; Some Crystallization With Sodium Sulfate; The Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Preparations; Comparative Tests Of The Quality Of Produce: Crops, Flour, Bread, Milk; Ice Crystallizations; Technical Details; Appendices; Plates. $33.33

The Three Circuits: A Study Of The Primary Forces
Taylor Flick
1892 268p. Another Excellent Presentation In Natural Philosophy Of The Solar System As Dynamo. Contents: Lower, Middle & Upper Octave; Magnetism Should Be Name Of Primary Force; Solar Nebulae; Forces Of Nature Have Common Origin; Composition Of Solar Nebulae; Polarity & Axial Direction; Attraction & Repulsion; 3 Circuits; Magnetic Counter Currents; Repulsion The Effects Of Binary Relationship; Production Of Light & Heat; Nebular Segregation; Flow Of Primordial Matter; Conflict In Solar System; Earth Survives; Binary Relationship Of Earth & Moon; Gravitation As Primary Force Over-Rated; Night Side Phenomena; Key To Magnetic Force; 11 Year Period; Great Solar Outburst; Cognate Phenomena; Aurora Borealis & Australis; Comet's Tails; Objections To The Heat Theory; Night-Side Phenomena Explained; Square Shouldered Appearance Of Jupiter; Matching & Mismatching Of Magnetic Points Of Intensity; Zodiacal Light; Indefatigable Observer; Atmospheric Molecules; Molecules Likened To Magnetic Needle; Arrangement With Reference To Bodies Which They Surround; Atmospheric Belt Theory; Minor Circuits Of Magnetic Force, & Result Of Their Coalition; Belts Of Jupiter Compared With Those Of Earth; Cometic Phenomena; Misleading Inventions; Solar Enigma: Weight Is Local Measure; Red Flames; Sun Spots; Variable Stars; Shrinkage In Mass; Solar Enigma; Reflex Answer; Force & Matter Hand In Hand; Freed Force; True Source Of Power; Old Expressions Of Primary Force; Light & Its Color Lines; Musical Octave; Sensate Octave; New Jerusalem; Precession Of Equinoxes natural Architect; Effects Of Earthly-Lunar Relationship; Nuptials Of Sun; Forces Of God; Serpent Race; Organized Forces; Scientific Inspiration; River Of Life. $33.33

Colour: An Elementary Manual For Students
A. H. Church
1887 193p. An Excellent Introductory Dissertation On The Science Of Color By The Author Of "On The Relation Of Phyllotaxis To Mechanical Law". Contents: Colour A Sensation; Connection Of Physiology & Optics With Colour; Luminous & Illuminated Bodies; Undulatory Theory Of Light; Emission; Reflection; Transmission; Absorption, Refraction, & Dispersion Of Light; Composition & Analysis Of Light; Solar Spectrum; Different Colours Differently Refracted; White Light Always Compound; Color Light Simple; Recomposition Of White Light; Rainbow; Sound & Light Compared & Contrasted; Production Of Colour By Absorption, Diffraction & Polarization; Hue Effects; Interference Of Light Waves; Opalescence & Turbid Media; Phosphorescence Incandescence; Unity Of Solar Spectrum; Constants Of Colour; Purity; Luminosity; Classification & Nomenclature Of Colour; Mutual Relations Of Colour; Complementary Colours; Theory Of 3 Primary Colour-Sensations; Theories Of Helmholtz, Clerk & Maxwell; Red, Yellow Blue Theory; Secondary & Tertiary Colors; Mixtures; Chromatic Circle; Laws Of Contrast; Contrast Of Tone & Colour; Lense Of Eye; Complex Combination; Gradated Colors; Harmonies Of Analogy & Contrast; Harmonies Of Seration & Change; Sunlight; Colored & Artificial Light; Colors Of: Metals; Alloys; Glass; Gems; Plants; Animals. $33.33

Ancient Records: The Secret Law, The English Alphabet, The Arabic Numerals, The Zodiac, Blessings Of Israel
1927 100p. An Interpretation Of Very Ancient Records, Which Seem To Have Been Left To Humanity By A People Who Lived In An Erudite Age , One From A Long Forgotten Past, Wherein God Was One, Language Was One Language, The People Were On People Under Diving Law. Contents: Two Spirit Influences In Earth; Ancient Sacred & Secret Law Of The Spirit-Christ, Portrayed In The Star Of Bethlehem, A Geometrical Cosmic Calculator; Unfolded Tetrahedron In Construction Of Star; Four Tetrads Of Form; Divine Symbols Of The Invisible Priesthood; Zodiacal Wheel Calculator; Divine Law In The Great Tetrahedron; 13 Commandments Statement Of Law; Spirit In Center Of Star; Tools Of A Master Builder; Forms Of The Ancient Alphabet; Journey Of The Soul As Portrayed By Alphabet; David's Prophecies; Arabic Numerals Symbolic Of Soul's Journey; 3 Double Heads Of Divine Law In The Master Builder Diagram; Quickening Triads; Numerology; Man's Journey Through Life Under Zodiacal Influence; Heliocentric Astrology; Heliocentric Astronomy & Spiral Emanation Of Planets; Siderial Astrology; Houses Of Heavens; Israel's Blessings As Pertaining To The Sons Of God, 7 Portrayed In Ancient Masonry; Real Spirit Of Masonry; Universal Laws; Harmony, Perfection & Active Principles. $33.33

The Five Books Of M. Manilius, Containing A System Of Ancient Astronomy Y Astrology, Together With The Philosophy Of The Stoics.
M. Manilius
1697 179p. Contents: Rise & Progress Of Astronomy; Opinions On Beginning Of World; Order Of Frame; Round Earth; God Soul Of World; Signs Of Zodiac; Axis; Great Bear; Constellations; Milky Way; Planets; Meteors; Providence Against Epicureans; World As Animal, God As Soul; Influence Of Heavens; Male & Female Signs; Single & Double Sign; Pairs; Day & Night Signs; Earth7 Water Signs; Fruitful & Barren Signs; Season Signs; Trines; Quadrates; Contiguous Sign Opposites; Unequal Signs; Guardians Of Signs; Dodecatemorion Of Planets; Friendly & Unfriendly Aspects; Celestial Houses; 12 Lots Of 12 Signs; Lots Suited To Signs; Chaldeans Refuted; Length Of Days & Nights; Years, Months, Days & Hours Of Signs; Years In Sign & Station; Rising & Setting; Arguments Of Fate; Good & Bad Degrees Of Signs; How Signs Act When Rising; Ecliptic Signs; Orion; Pleiades; Constellations & Rising Signs. $33.33

The Art Of Composition, A Simple Application Of Dynamic Symmetry
Michel Jacobs
1926 141p. "This Book Is Based On Greek Proportion Which In Turn Was Undoubtedly Founded On Nature's Own Laws. Much Of This The Information Was Gathered From "Nature's Harmonic Unity & The Work Of Jay Hambidge & A. H. Church. This Book Is Intended As A Preliminary Study Of The Great Principles Of Dynamic Symmetry." Contents: Composition In General; Dynamic Symmetry; Different Roots Or Forms & Proportion Of Pictures; Points Of Interest; Whirling Square Root; Root 1; Root 2; Root 3; Root 4; Root 5; Combined Roots; More Complex Compositions; Ground Compositions In Perspective, Showing The Third Dimension; Composition Of Mass, Light & Shade; Composition Of Colour; Few Mathematics Of Dynamic Symmetry; Glossary.$33.33

Correspondence Course In Astrology
Carl Payne Tobey
300 8x11"P. 24 Lessons In The Mathematical Basis Of The Universal Astrological System. Baumring Recommended Tobey's Works. Contents: A Mathematical Study Of Biological & Psychological Dynamics; Zodiac & Solar System, Their Form & Their Meaning; Pythagorean Theorem; Elements; Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Crosses; Triangles; Unconscious Interpretative Apparatus & The Three Survival Dynamics, Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces, The Water Signs; Individual, Family & Social Survival Dynamics; Water Signs & Mathematics Of Zodiac; Survival Dynamic Reactors, Earth Signs; Astrological Alphabet; The Geometry Of Time, The Relation Of Time, Space & Human Psychology; Solar System Time; Another Conception Of Time; Period Of Gestation As Unit Of Time; Now Point; Physical Senses Detect Only Past; Psychological Time; Frame Of Reference; Must Cause Precede Effect; Astrological Conception Of Time; Gravity & Mathematics; Non-Survival Dynamics, Fire Signs, Re-Form Of Design; Air Signs Associated With Pattern Of Future; Integers & Squares; Design In Solar System: Planets & Zodiacal Signs In A Perfect Pattern; Jigsaw Puzzle; Mathematical Jigsaw Puzzle With Pieces; Magnetic Field Diagram; Astrological Houses & Planetary Aspects; Houses, Planets & Aspects As They Fit The Pattern; Siderial Time, A Simplified Way Of Relating Time To The Zodiac; Erecting The Birth Chart; Placing Planets In Astrological Signs; Horoscope Drawn In Plane Of Earth's Orbit; Natal Horoscope; Use Of Ephemeris, Computing Planetary Positions; Art Of Interpretation, Combining Theory & Common Sense; Analytical Interpretation; Systematized Interpretation Of Chart By Logical Deduction; Economy Of Design; Triangle; Square; Hexagon; Survival Or Non-Survival; Future Vs. Past; Mysterious Social Survival Problems; Conflicts With The Social Structure Of Today; Seeds Of Mental Illness; Basis Of Inner Conflict Associated With Neptune; Progressions, Transits & Horary Astrology; Degree Blends & Mathematical Design; Statistical & Analytical Approach; Two Ways Of Truth; Design Explains Cycles; Astrology At Work; Secondary Chart; A Work Of Ancient Mathematics; Pythagorean Triangular & Square Progressions; Secondary Ascendant; Prediction & Creation; Important To Create Your Own Future; Child Training; Allowing The Child Its; Individuality; Human Relationships; As Advantageous Or Dangerous As The Atom. $65.00

Secreta Secretorum (Secret Of Secrets): Three Prose Versions
Pseudo Aristotle
1898 293p. This Is An Interesting Work Famous Throughout The Last Several Hundred Years, Purporting To Be A Dialogue Between Aristotle & Alexander The Great On How To Be A Great King, But Said Really To Be A Coded Manuscript On Time Cycles Explaining The Totality Of Universal Phenomena. This Version Includes Three Different Versions Translated From French, & Latin, Enough Source Material For The Best Shot At Decoding. $33.33

The Cipher Of Roger Bacon
William Romaine Newbold
1928 224p. This Is An Analysis & Interpretation Of The Famous Voynich Manuscript, Attributed To The Great Middle-Age Alchemist & Cosmologist Roger Bacon, Said To Encode The Universal System Of Order & Knowledge, But Written In A Sophisticated Symbolic Code. The Original Voynich Manuscript Was Purchased Some Time Ago By Bill Gates For Around $70,000, No Doubt To Feed The Imagination Of His Cryptography Team. Contents: Forerunner Of Modern Science; Voynich Cipher Manuscript Of Roger Bacon: Sketch Of Its History & Contents; Principles Of Roger Bacon's Cipher; Following The Clues; Derivation Of Bilateral Alphabets; Script Of Shorthand Cipher; Rules For Deciphering Texts; Interpretation Of The Key; Annular Eclipse Of 1290; Great Nebulae Of Andromeda; Comet Of 1273; Cato & Fulvius; Oxford Story; Gunpowder Phenomena; Vatican Document; Paris Medical Text; Formula For Producing Metallic Copper; Abbreviated Word About The Green Lion; Table Of Values. $44.44

Occult Chemistry: Clairvoyant Observations On The Chemical Elements
Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater
1919 120p. This Wonderful Book Shows The Inner Structure Of Chemical Elements & Natural Order From The Clairvoyant Perspective. Contents: Vortex Atoms 7 Chemical Elements; Geometric Structures Of Chemical Elements; Heart Shaped Form; Force; Babbitt's Vortex Atom; Spirilic Forms; Numerical Characteristics Of Atoms; Platonic Solids & Interlaces; Male & Female Vortices; Hyper-Meta-Proto Matter; Cyclic Form Tetrahedron, Octahedron; & Stars; Geometry Of Elements; Dumb-Bell Group; Dissociation Of Atoms; Geometrical Drawings Of Atoms; Tetrahedral & Cube Groups; Atomic Weights; Antinomy; Octahedral Groups; Funnels; Aether Of Space. $33.33

Sunspots And Their Effects & Sunspots In Action
Harlan True Stetson, MIT
1937 201p.; 1947 252p. These Two Books Were Dr. Baumring's Top Selections In The Field Of Sun Spot Theory And Were Recommended To All Students. Stetson Was Research Associate At Massachusetts Institute Of Technology & Director Of The Cosmic Terrestrial Research Laboratory. Part One, Contents: The Sun; Sunspots And: Human Behavior, Growing Things, Radio, Business, Weather; Measuring Sunlight; Solar Utilities, Power & Light; Of Sunspots, Earth's Magnetism & Carrier Pigeons; Where Sunspots Grow; Can We Predict Sunspots; What Makes Sunspots?; Sunspot Numbers. Part II, Contents: Atomic Energy & The Sun; Solar Powerhouse; Metering Sunlight; Sunspots & Radio Communication; Sunspots & Radio Prediction; Sunspots, Earth's Magnetism & Northern Lights; Radio & Moon; Radio, Solar Eclipses & Cosmic Effects; Sunspots Themselves; Origin Of Sunspots; Predicting Sunspots; Sunspots & Weather, Living Things, Radio Industry & FCC Sunspots & Economic Cycle; Cosmic Terrestrial Research; Relative Sunspot Numbers. Detailed Treatments & Analyses Of Sunspot Cycles! $44.44

Researches Into The Origin Of The Primitive Constellations Of The Greeks, Phoenicians & Babylonians
The Law Of Kosmic Order: An Investigation Into The Physical Aspect Of Time
Robert Brown
I: 1899 2 Volumes 520p.; II: 1882 87p. Part I, Primitive Constellations. Contents: Primitive Constellations Of Greeks; Signs Of Zodiac; Mythology; Lunar Zodiac; Adoption By Romans, Persians, Indians, Arabs & Asians; Arabian Lunar Mansions; Chinese & Egyptian Constellation; Hipparcho-Ptolemy Star-List; Phoenician Constellations; Constellations In Greek Literature; Constellations & Coin Types; Homeric References; Unnumismatif Art Of Aigaion Seaboard; Gems; D'Arcy Thompson Babylonian Astronomy After Alexander; Euphratean Numbers; Circle-Cycle Of 10 Antideluvian Kings; Persian & Indian Kosmic Periods; Babylonian Astronomical Terms; Seven Planets; Euphratean Kosmogony Euphratean Connexion Of The Orientation Of Greek Temples; 5 Planetary Divinities; Map Of Northern Hemisphere; Constellations In Babylonian Creation-Scheme; Scheme Of 36 Constellations; Euphratean Art; Engraves Stones; Divisions Of Universe; Extra-Zodiacal Constellations; Mithraic Art; Archaic Lunar Zodiac; Star Names. Part II, Kosmic Order. Contents: Importance Of Ascertaining The Mental Standpoint Of Archaic Man; Necessity Of Concepts Of Space, Time & Number; 3 Great Divisions Of Time; 12 Hours Of Day; Khemic Time-God; Contest For Kosmic Order, According To The Euphratean Scheme; Signs Of Zodiac; Names Of Signs; Assyrio-Akkadian Calendar; The 12 Signs & Their Symbolism; The Lost Sign Now Represented As Libra; Dagon; Reign Of Law; Signs Of Zodiac In Euphratean Art. $44.44

The Light Of Egypt Or The Science Of The Soul & The Stars, In Two Parts &
Celestial Dynamics, A Course Of Astro-Metaphysical Study
An Initiate In Esoteric Masonry (Thomas H. Burgoyne)
1889 292p.Illustrated W/ 8 Engravings, 1896 107p. "In Light Of Egypt, An Effort Is Made To Show That The Science Of The Stars & The Science Of The Soul Are The Twin Mysteries Which Comprise The One Grand Science Of Life. The Secrets & Occult Mysteries Of Astrology Are Revealed & Explained For The First Time, Since The Hieroglyphics Of Egypt. To The Occultist It Will Supply The Mystic Key For Which He Has Been So Long Earnestly Seeking,. To The Astrologer It Will Become A 'Divine Revelation Of Science.'" "Celestial Dynamics Is An Important Primary Work Being The First Practical Exposition Of The Astro-Magnetic Forces Of Nature In Their Relation To Man." Contents: Vol. I, Science Of Soul: Realms Of Spirit, Involution Of Divine Idea; Realms Of Matter, Evolution & Crystallization Of Force; Origin Of Physical Life, Progressive Expressions Of Polarity; Mysteries Of Sex, Differentiations Of Biune Spirit; Transition Of Life: Incarnation And Re-Incarnation, Truths, Apparent & Delusory; Hermetic Constitution Of Man, Principles Vs. Results, Contradictions Reconciled; Karma, Its Real Nature & Influence; Mediumship, Its Universal Nature, Laws & Influence; Realities Of Life; Soul, Nature & Attributes; Morality & Immortality, Nature's Processes, Appearance & Reality; Dark Satellite, Sphere Of Failure & Undeveloped Good; Triumph Of The Human Soul, Adeptship, Its Nature & How Attainable. Science Of The Stars; Basic Principles Of Celestial Science, Refraction & Distribution Of Solar Force; Influence Of Stellar Force Upon Human Brain; Inter-Action Of Stars Upon Man; Conclusion; Alchemy & Stars; Alchemical Nature Of Man; Powers & Potencies Of 12 Signs & Planets; Practical Application Of Science; Mystical Chain Or Union Of Soul & Stars. Part II: Celestial Dynamics: Solar Power; Occult Forces Of Nature; Language Of Starry Heavens; Harmonies & Cycles; Vital Force; Temperament, Physical & Magnetic; Electric & Magnetic Planets & Sign; Mental & Intellectual Powers; Financial Prospects; Celestial Dynamics In Operation; Diagnosis Of Disease; Material Destiny Of Man. $44.44

  Astrosophia, Being Metaphysical Astrology
Astrosophic Principles
Astrosophic Tractates Or Stellar Hypothesis
John Hazelrigg
1917, 1936; 80P., 127p., 134p.Hazelrigg's Works Were Very Highly Recommended By Dr. Baumring And Are Serious Hermetic Style Presentations Of Natural Law & Planetary Correspondences. Part I: Observations On The Stellar Doctrine, It's Principles, Its Symbolism, Its Speculative Truths, & Its Mundane Applications As Revealed Through Discernible Facts & Palpable Correspondences. Rationale Of Astrology; Inductive Astrology; Astrological Symbolism; Eclipses; Natures Analogies; Horoscope Of Declaration Of Independence. Part II: An Enquiry Into The Tenets & The Philosophy Of The Stellar Science - With Numerous Arguments, Controversial & Evidentiary, In Support Of Its Rationality, Including The Horoscope Of Declaration Of Independence Rectified From Historical Data. Part III: Astrosophic Tractates, In Which Are Presented Certain Phases Of The Stellar Doctrine Not Usually Subjected To Interrogation Or A Diligent Enquiry; A Conscientious Effort To Unite Logic & Consistency In Support Of Its Claim, & To Remove Its Implicits A Degree Further Beyond The Pale Of The Sciolist & The Shallowness Of Argumentative Discussions. Contents: Cosmogenesis, A Kabalistic Fragment; Duodenary Divisions Of The Circle; Inductive Analysis; Planetary Influence; Its Modus & Rationale; Soul Astrologized, Soul Mates; World Horoscope; Cosmical Law Of Periodicity; Zodiac Gems; Esotericism Of Gems In High Priest's Breastplate. Illustrations: Apsectal Map; Formative Principle Fo Atom; Breastplate Of High Priest; Crystals & Correspondences; Four Triangles; Globe Of Elements; Planetary Rulerships, Solar Spectrum & Notes Of Diatonic Scale; Seven Principles; Six Creative Days; Tribes Of Judah, Months & Zodiacal Signs. $55.55

The Sun Book Or, The Philosopher's Vade Mecum & Fundamentals Of Hermetic Science
John Hazelrigg
1916, 189p.; 1925, 141p. Part I: Sun Book Wherein Is Expounded The Mysteries Of Cosmic Evolution, From The Archetypal To The Manifest; The Sidereal Correspondences; With A Hermetic Dissertation On The Christ Allegory, And The Rationale & Praxis As Concern The Redemptive Processes In Human Regeneration. A Mathematical Premise As Applied To A Geometric Plan Giving The Correspondences Between Sacred Myths & Complex Fabric Of The Physical Heavens Expositive Of Intra-Cosmic Principles, The Astronomy Or Body Of The Mysteries; Creative Sequence From Archetypal To Phenomena; Projection Of Idea Through Time & Space; Trinity & Sevenfold Light; Macrocosm & Microcosm; Alchemy; Creation Of Human Cosmos; Gestitave Regimens Analogical & Reiterative Of Fundamental Processes; Central Principle Metaphysics Of Being; Law Of Diversity; Initiation; Star Of Bethlehem; Occult Physics & Dynamics Of Cross; Forces Of Nature; Regeneration & Redemption; Summum Bonum; Praxis & Correlations; Solomonic Tradition; Yang & Yin; On Corruption & Incorruption; Period Of Pyramid. Part II: Being The Bona Fides Of Astrology As Antecedent To Its Application & Practice; Its Principia Fully Elucidated & The True Foundation Of The Doctrine Rationalized. Contents: Fundamentals Of Hermetic Science; 3 Kingdoms; Law Of Infinitudes; Alchemical Analogy; Celestial Permutation; 7 Norms; Septenade; Transmutation Of Principles; Motion; Nature Reiteration Of Similitude; Determinative Powers; Identity Of Principles; Solar System; Cosmic Egg; Organic Cell; Protozoon; Doctrine Of Signatures; Duality; Geometry Of Circle; Quaternary; Astral Serpent; Duodenary; Geocentric Astrology; Earth A Siderial Organism; Adam Kadmon; 4 Elements; Triplicities; Alphabet Of Nature; Swedenborg; Sound & Number; Harmony Of Sequences; Nature Correlates; Human Cosmos; 7 Coordinate Centers; Cause & Effect; Transmission Of 7 Currents; Ingress Of Elements; Siderial Physics; Astral Forces; Law Of Cycles; Lunar Periodicity; Orbital Impulses; Salts Of Nature; Magnetic Attraction. $33.33

  The Septiform System Of The Cosmos

The Secrets Of The Meridian
Starlore: Stuart's Astrological Journal
Alec Stuart
1926, 1938, 1938-9 One Of Dr. Baumring's Recommendations, Two Very Serious & Important Works, Now Combined In One Edition With Over 300 Pages Of Stuart's Monthly Astrological Journal Filled With Excellent & Informative Articles. Part I: Being An Exposition Of One Part Of The Septiform System Of Numbers, As Those Laws Affect The Human Centre Of Vibration Or The Horoscope Of Birth, Now Given Out Publicly. Septiform Nature Of Houses; Seven Phases Of Each Planet Of Our System; Septiform System Of The Universe; Primordial Intelligence Or Primordial Consciousness; The Word Or Science Of Numbers & Ratio; Pythagoras; "God Geometrises; Rhythm, Vibration & Numerical Ratio; "As Above, So Below"; Ratios, Vibrations Or Zodiacs Are Primordial & Fundamental; Perfect Circle Or Sun Of Twelve; Law Of 12; Spontaneous Generation; Angle Of Imprisonment; Lunar Octave; Earth Chain; Seven Tomes; Seven Number Of Matter; Uranus; Altitude; Fulcrum Of Horoscope; Meridian; Holy Trinity; Macrocosm & Microcosm; Keynote Of Life; Earth's Aura; Tone-Distances; Aspects; Cosmic Conception; Cross, Karma & Destiny; Alchemy Of Nature; Two Phases Of Vibration; Great Western Angle; Reciprocal Conditions; Golden Key Of Priceless Value; Generation, Life & Birth; Primordial Law; Chord Of Symphony; Degrees Of Octave Tone Following Ascendant; Ascendant Degree; Arabian Progressions; Time Factor; Placidian System; Simplicity Unveils Missing Links; Horoscope Of Birth Key To Everything; Radical Configurations; Neptune; Final Keys; Fixed Stars In Ecliptic; Indian Astrology; Table Of Ecliptic Fixed Stars; Cosmic Law Part II: Being A Further Exposition Of The Septiform System Of Vibration, As Those Laws Affect The Horoscope Of Birth, Revealing The Great Secret Of Directions. Law Of The Cosmos; Two Forces; Centripetal & Centrifugal Force; Cosmic System Is Motion; Co-Equal Forces; Free Will & Fate; Life Wave; Octave Tone; Earth; Angles Of Fate; Balance & Proportion; Ascendant Angle & Its Vibrations; Physical Bodies & Primary Powers; Heredity; Meridinal Teachings; Law Illustrated; Ascendant Degree; Earth's Motion; Life Wave; Earth Wave; Directions; Atlantis; Day & Degree; Prima Mobile; Pole Of The World; Seven Primary Constellations; Sun's Apparent Motion & Path; Progression Since Radical Birth; Arc Of Direction; Converse Directions; Addition & Subtractions Of Force; Justice; Fixed Stars & Terrestrial Conditions; Fiery Stars & Earthquakes; Meridinal & Nadir Angles; Powerful Directions. Part III: Starlore October 1938 - September 1939: Each Issue Written & Edited By Alec Stuart, With Other Select Contributors, Includes Sections On: Editorial, Financial Market Outlook, Wall Street & London, Favorable Days, Stars, Finance & Market Prices, Weather, International Outlook, Articles, Racing, Correspondence. Interesting Articles: Josephs' Coat Of Many Colors & Human Body; Physical Basis Of Astrology, Wave Mechanics, Composite-Wave Curves; An All-Embracing Theory; Rays Of Influence; New Ideas On Old Problems; Dominant Zodiac; Ascendant Degree; Astronomy; Orbits. $55.55

"The Law & The Prophets" A Scientific Work On The Relationship Between Physical Bodies, Vegetable, Animal, Human & Planetary
Frank Earl Ormsby, A Magian Mystic
1892 271p. Illustrated. Ormsby's Works Are Deeply Respected By Most Serious Astrologers, And Were Earmarked By Baumring As Being Very Important. This Volume Is Designed For The Instruction & Guidance Of Students In The Occult Sciences, In Which May Be Found The Keys That Unlock The Mysteries Of Planetary Lay , & Reveals The Hidden Secrets Of Life, Death, Character & The Primal Causes Of The Carried States & Condition In Human Beings. Contents: Astronomy; Zodiac; Significance Of Signs; Polarities Of Aspects Zodiac & Planets; Waves Of Energy; Comparative Vibrations; Significance Of Planets; Concerning Delineation; Solar Anatomy; Symbolism; Physical Life; Cause Of Diseases; How To Eat; Prayer; Dinner Of Gods; Word To Seeker; Individual Astral Vibration; Phrenology & Physiognomy; Magnetic Co-Ordinate Chart; Ideal Character; Incarnations; Adept; Spiritually ; Tables Of Powers; Zodiacal Types; Position Of Zodiac; Mundane Houses; Elemental Divisions; Zodiacal Physiognomy; Male & Female; Planets, Sun & Moon; Compound Delineation; Vibrations According To Time; Prediction; Accidents; Birth Marks; Nature Of Combinations; Directions; Transits; Differential Lines; Web Of Life. $44.44

Planets & People... The Great Year-Book Of The Heavens, All About Stars & Mysteries From The Sun, 1896, 1897.
Frank Earl Ormsby, ED. Et Al
1896, 147p. 1897, 432p. Planets & People Was The Astrological Journal Edited And Authored By Ormsby, Devoted To The Science Of Occult Forces - Astronomy - Vibration - Magnetism - Life, The Mysteries Of Worlds, Suns & Systems. This Volume Contains The Complete Collected Editions Of This Exceptional Astrological Journal For The Years Of 1896-7, With Many Important & Insightful Articles On All Branches Of Metaphysics, Astrology With Relation To Vibration. Contents: Signs, Zodiac & Planets; Constellation Seasons; Mystics; Destiny; Time Of Day; Search For Truth; Progression; Chronometer; Agricultural Pointers; Water; Delineations; Oracle; Money; Pyramid & Cube; Astral Flights; Heliocentric Horoscopes; Vibratory Articles. $44.44

  The Mathematical Dr. Dee
Hieroglyphic Monad: The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically, Magically, Qabalistically & Anagogically Explained
Mathmatical Preface To Euclid's Elements Of Geometry
Private Diary & Catalog Of Dee's Library Of Manuscripts
Dr. John Dee
1564, 76p.; 1570 64p.; 1583 90p. This Collection Contains Four Very Interesting And Important Selections Of The Great Magus, Cosmologist, & Astrologer Of Queen Elisabeth. Baumring's Regularly Referred To Dee's Monus Hieroglyphica, Considering It One Of The Most Important Cosmological Works Ever Written. We Have Added Dee's Excellent Preface To The 1570 First English Edition Of Euclid's Elements Giving Of The Best Overviews Of The Esoteric-Scientific Doctrine Stemming From The Pythagoreans. We Have Also Included Dee's Private Diary & Catalog Of Manuscripts In His Library For A Deeper Insight Into This Enigmatic Character. Part I: This Work Written In 13 Days In 1564 Explains Dee's Discovery Of The Key To The Universe, The Monas, Or Unity Underlying The Cosmos, As Expressed In A Hieroglyph, Or Symbol. The Monad Represents The Alchemical Process & Goal Of The Magus, Who In Partaking Of The Divine, Achieves That Gnostic Regenerative Experience Of Becoming God. Everything Is Dependant Upon The Circle & Straight Line Which Are Formed From The Point. From This Point Revolve Sun & Moon Resting Upon A Cross, Then Upon Two Half-Circles, The Original Fire Of Creation. The Key To The Glyph Is In The Meditation & Study Of It And Its Suggestions To The Creative Memory. Part II: A Very Fruitful Preface Made By M. I. Dee, Specifying The Chief Mathematical Sciences, What They Are Disclosed Certain New Secrets Mathematical & Mechanical Until These Our Days Greatly Missed. Contents: Intent Of Preface; Number, Point, Line; Magnitude; Arithemetic; Qualities Of Elements; Number; Geometry; Art Mathematical Derivative; Mechanic; Vulgar Geometry; Geographie; Chorographie; Hydrographie; Stratarithmetrie; Astronomie; Musike; Cosmographie; Astrologie; Light; Cubes; Anthropographie; Trochilike; Pneumatithmie; Menadrie; Hypogeoidie; Horometrie; Zographie; Architecture; Navigation; Archemastrie; Groundplate Of My Mathematicall Paeface Categorizing All Sciences & Artes Mathematicall. Part III: The Private Diary Of Dr. John Dee Taken From The Margin Notes Of His Almanacs, beginning in 1554 & The Catalog Of His Library Of Manuscripts, Made By Himself in 1583, Before His House Was Plundered By The Populace. Dee Is Said To Have Expended In This Collection The Sum Of 3,000 Pounds, A Very Large Sum In The Sixteenth Century For A Person Of Limited Income. $55.55

An Essay Upon Force In Nature & It's Effects Upon Matter.
The Crown Jewels Of The Nations Are Their Measures.
J. Ralston Skinner

1869 85p., 1877, 90p. These Are Two Extremely Rare & Important Works By The Author Of Key To The Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery In The Source Of MeasuresSaid By Robert Lawlor To Be The Most Esoteric Book In The Secret Doctrine Series. These Works As Introductory & Explanatory Of Skinners Work. Part I: "The Following Essay Embodies An Attempt To Show That Planetary Movement Can Not Be Perfected By The Theory Of Gravitation As Received. Planetary Movements Are Caused By The Effect Of Force On Matter, Not Inherent In Matter:& Further, That The One Primal Force On Which Planetary Movement Depends, Modified By Special Effects Upon Substances Differing In Kind, In Arrangement, And In Position, Is That Which, Under The Modified Conditions, Is Called By The Various Names Of Force, As Of Attraction & Repulsion, Cold & Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Weight, Etc.- In Other Words, It Is Thought That Differences Of Forces By Name Should Be Taken As Being Expressions Of Differences In Manifestation Of A Same Force, But Not Of Specific Differences Of Forces;- The Differences As To Manifestation Arising From Peculiarities Of Matter On Which The One Force Acts." Detailed Dissertation With Geometric Theorems & Proofs. Part II: This Work Is A More Concise Summary Of The Conclusions & Theories Developed In "Source Of Measures" Presenting The "Development Of Numbers As Answering To Geometrical Analyses Of Shapes, To An Extent Of Exhibition That Proves The Source Of These Number Relations To Exist In Nature, And The Issuances Therefrom (As Shown)To Be The Development Of A Natural Creative System, Or More Reverentially, A Divine Creative System, Which To The Extent Presented, It Is Exact, And Ample To Indicate Basis Of The Complete System. Contents: Geometry; Conics; Diagonals Of Square; Measure Of Circle; The Measures Of The Nations & Their Origin; Turin & Nilometer Cubit Measures; Ansated Cross Of Egyptians; Architectural Details & Specification S Of Great Pyramid Of Egypt, As Derived From These Measures; Ark Of Covenant; Demonstration Of Essential Error In The Legendre Or Playfair Method Of Rectification Of The Curve Of The Circle; Astronomical Use Of The Form; Natural Measure; Polar Diameter; Parker's Methods; Mean Solar Year; Parallax; Quadrature Of Circle; Newton & Kepler's Laws; General Law Of Interplanetary Distances; Biblical Matters. $44.44

Isidore Kozminski, D.Sc.
In this treatise I am impressed to open up generally unexplored country in one of the greatest fields of life commonly know under the somewhat vague term of 'Chance'. Contents: Kabala & Number Codes; Elementary Astrology; Planetary Polarity; Zodiac; Midheaven & How To Find It; How To Calculate Maps For Racing Events; Sound; Value of Letters; Vowels; Phonetic Alphabet; Simple Numbers; How To Determine Vibration of a Name; Vibratory Definitions of Double Names; Process of Selection; Vibratory Law2 Illustrated By Racing Events; Subdivisional Tables; Examples; Edges of Vibratory Periods; Complex System of Vibrations; Divisional Systems; Sunrise System & Theory; Saddle Numbers; Power of Midheaven; Selection By Primary Letters; Fortunate Periods For Race Horses; Proven Name Values. $55.55

The Rational Non-Mystical Cosmos, The Mysticism Of Science Exploded.
George F. Gillette.

1933 384p. Profusely Illustrated With Superb Cosmological Diagrams. Title Page: "Major 'Mysteries' Solved: Re-Creation, Radiation, Heat Light, Color, Electricity, Gravitation & Internal Structure Of Mass, Etc. The Single Law Of Nature, A Unitary Conception Of All Natural Phenomena And Of The Subatomic Mechanism Of The Cosmos Novel, Original & Revolutionary. The New Physics, Pure Newtonian Physics & Euclidian Geometry. The Greater Relativity Theory Of Subatomia, A Rational, Hypothetical System Of The Cosmos In Its Entirety. Simple Mathematical Reasoning Versus The Mystical Legerdemain Of Higher Mathematics. Ho Mystical Mathematics Of Fourth Spatial Dimensionalism Employed, No Metaphysics. A Scientific Version Of Genesis." Contents: Cosmic Cycles Of Velocity And Plane; Cosmic Planes Of Size And Cycles Of Velocity; Chart Of The Cosmos; Majestic Cyclorama Of The Cosmos And Its Infinite Series Of Cycles Of Energy; First Law Of Nature; Sole Source Of Energy; Relativity Of Power; Universality Of Energy; Mass & Matter-Motion-Energy; Cosmic Cycles Of Empty Space; Re-Creation Of Higher Plane Mass, Co-Swirlation; Growth & Shrinkage; Co-Bumped Swirls, Solar Systems, Tornadoes; Vortex Systems; Cycles Of Power & Velocity; Ether Swirls; Wheels Within Wheels; Cosmic Velocities; Newton's Laws; Cosmic Cycles Of Sound; Super Dimensions Of Space; Gyroscope; Color Velocities. A Magnificent Cosmological Masterpiece Redefining The Fundamentals Of Science From A Much Deeper Perspective. Not To Be Missed!! $55.55

A Short Practical Treatise On Spherical Trigonometry.
Oliver Byrne.

1835 "Containing A Few Simple Rules By Which The Great Difficulties To Be Encountered In This Branch Of Mathematics Are Effectually Obviated. Contents: Primum Mobile; Ancient Astronomy; Simple Theorems Of Spherical Trigonometry; Right-Angled Spherical Trigonometry; Pentagram Star Comprised Of 3 Triangles; Simple Formula For Solving All Problems Of Spherical Trig.; Solutions Of Right Triangles; 47th Problem Of Euclid; Pythagorean Theorem; Spherical Triangles; Of Oblique-Angled Spherical Triangle Trigonometry; Correlating The Pentagram Formula To The Fingers Of The Hand. Pentagonal Symmetries; An Important Work Showing A Correlative System Of Sacred Geometric Symbolism And Its Relations To Mathematics & Astronomy. $33.33


The Collected Mrs. L. Dow Balliet:
Philosophy Of Numbers, Their Tones & Colors. (GL) 1908, 168p.
Number Vibration In Questions And Answers, A Textbook.
(GL) 1920, 104p.
The Day Of Wisdom According To Number Vibration.
(GL) 1917, 184p.
Vibration: A System Of Numbers As Taught By Pythagoras.
1905, 74p.
Nature's Symphony Or Lessons In Number Vibration
1911, 132p.

Mrs. L. Dow Balliett

The Collected L. Edward Johndro:
The Stars, How And Where They Influence. (GL) 1929, 120p.
The Earth In The Heavens, Ruling Degrees Of Cities, How To Find & Use Them.
(GL) 1929, 151p.
A New Concept Of Sign Rulership.
1927, 30p.
Astrological Dictionary & Self-Reading Horoscope,
1927, 40p.

L. Edward Johndro $55.55

The Collected Ludwig B. Larsen:
Key to the Bible and Heaven, The Mystery of The Ages Revealed. (GL) 1919, 280p.

Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom.
1941, 301p.
Ludwig B. Larsen $55.55

The Collected Sepharial, Volume I: The Financial Sepharial
The Law Of Values. (GL) 80p.
The Silver Key, A Guide For Speculators.
(GL) 94p.
The Science Of Foreknowledge, The Radix System.
(GL) 1918, 160p.
The Arcana Or Stock & Share Key.

Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $55.55

The Collected Sepharial, Volume II: Gann's Astrological Sepharial
Sepharial's Astrology, How Top Make & Read Your Own Horoscope. (GL) 126p.

Directional Astrology, The Calculation Of Arcs Of Direction. (GL) 1921 190p.
The Astrological Ready Reckoner & Student's Assistant (GL) 68p. .
The Manual Of Astrology, In 4 Books, Treating: Language Of The Heavens, Reading A Horoscope, Measure Of Time, & Hindu Astrology. (GL) 1898, 255p.
Eclipses In Theory & Practice. (GL) 112p.
This collection represents all of the astrological titles selected by W. D. Gann for his recommended reading list.

Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $55.55

The Collected Sepharial, Volume III: The Kabala of Numbers.
The Kabala Of Numbers, The Original Source Book In Numerology. (GL) 388p.
The Kabala Of Numbers, A Handbook Of Interpretation.
(GL) 2 Vols. 204p., 215p. This collection of titles was selected by W. D. Gann for his recommended reading list.
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $44.44

The Collected Sepharial, Volume IV: Studies in Numerology & Kabala.
Cosmic Symbolism: The Art Of The Kabalists, Mysteries Of Sound, Form & Number.(GL) 1912, 294p.

The Numbers Book, Science Of Numerology. 128p.
Your Fortune In Your Name, Or Kabalistic Astrology, Being The Hebraic Method Of Divination By The Power Of Sound, Number, & Planetary Influence. 95p This collection of titles was selected by W. D. Gann for his reading list.
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $44.44

The Collected Sepharial, Volume V: Occultism & Divination
Manual Of Occultism, The Occult Arts & Sciences. 356p.
The Wheel Of Fortune,
A Study Of Astrology, Graphology, Numerology, Dreams, Omens & Palmistry. 304p.
Second Sight,
A Study Of Natural & Induced Clairvoyance. 96p.
The Book Of Charms & Talismans
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $55.55

The Collected Sepharial, Volume VI: Detailed Topics In Astrology
The Solar Epoch, A New Astrological Thesis. 90p.

The World Horoscope, Hebrew Astrology, Key To The Study Of Prophecy. 71p.
The Daily Guide. 95p.
The Theory Of Geodetic Equivalents In Relation To Mundane Astrology. 61p.
Primary Directions Made Easy. 80p.
Transits & Planetary Periods, A Book Of Practical Hints To Students Of Astrology. 94p.
New Dictionary Of Astrology, In Which All Technical & Abstruse Terms Of The Science Are Intimately Illustrated. 1921, 192p.
Sepharial (Walter Gorn Old) $55.55

The Collected Robert DeLuce
Rectification Of The Horoscope, Practical Lessons, Tables & Illustrations. (GL) 1930, 72p.
Horary Astrology.
(GL) 1932, 164p.
Complete Method Of Prediction
From Genethliac Astrology According To The Western Systems. 1935, 196p.
Robert DeLuce $55.55

The Wheel Of Life Or Scientific Astrology. (GL) 1927-1935, 5 Volumes, 800p.
Maurice Wemyss

Ogilvie's Astrological Birthday Book
(GL) 1915, 264p. Is Your Birthday Today? A Character Reading For Every Day In The Year Compiled From Observations Of The Effect Upon Character Making, Of The Aspect Of The Heavenly Bodies At The Moment Of Birth.
Leo Bernart $33.33

The Essential A. E. Partridge
Fortunate Hours, How To Select Them, The Philosophy Of Planetary Influence & Planetary Hours. (GL) 1924, 96p.
Story Of Heavens: How The 48 Constellations Got Their Names 5,000 Years Ago, Including "The Poem Of Manilius", BC 45, "The Phainomena, Or Heavenly Display Of Aratos", BC 225. 1936, 49 Pages With Maps.
A. E. Partridge

The Essential H. J. Kerns
Prophetic Time Of The Ages From Adam To The Millennium According To Scriptures, Gematria, & Astronomy; Biblical-Logical-Awakening. (GL) 1932 91p.

Secrets Of Wisdom, The Measuring Rod Of Time & Space. 34p.
H. J. Kerns $33.33

The Sickle. (GL) 1918, 391p.
William W. Walter $33.33

Gann's Essential Carey & Perry
The Chemistry Of Human Life:
The Biochemic Statement Of The Cause Of Disease & The Physiological & Chemical Operation Of The Inorganic Salts Of The Human Organism & Their Chemical Formulas. (GL) 1919, 78p.
The Wonders Of The Human Body: Physical Regeneration According To The Laws Of Chemistry & Physiology. (GL) 1918, 126p.

God-Man: The Word Made Flesh: Telling About The Word Of God Without Which "Not Anything Was Made". (GL) 1920, 176p.
Dr.George Washington Carey & Inez Eudora Perry $55.55

The Zodiac & The Salts Of Salvation.
1932, 368p. Relation Of The Mineral Salts Of The Body To The Signs Of The Zodiac & An Esoteric Analysis & Synthesis Of The Zodiacal Signs & Their Physico-Chemical Allocations.

Road To The Moon. 1924, 50p. A Great Occult Story.
Dr. George Washington Perry & Inez Eudora Perry

The Essential Shaftesbury
The Goal Of Creation.
(GL) 1920, 464p. A Constructive Course In The Study Of Creation & Human Progress Within The Temple Of Great Achievements Leading To The Goal Of Creation.
Instaneous Personal Magnetism 1936, 401p. Combining An Absolutely New Method With The Best Established Teachings Of The Past. The Standard Work Of The Magnetism Club Of America, This Volume Has Been Added To Give A Thorough Presentation Of The Foundations Of Shaftesbury's System Of Mental & Magnetic Training.
Edmund Shaftesbury $55.55

The Collected Sheik & Mabel Ahmad
The Mysteries Of Sound & Number. (GL) 1902, 89p. The Relationship Of The Numerical Value Of Sounds To Planetary Periods With Demonstrations Of The Law.
The Hidden Mysteries Of Numbers. 1912, 61p. Elucidating The Reason Of Occult Potentiality Of Numbers & Sound With Calculations Ascertaining Success Or Failure.

Sound & Number, The Law Of Destiny & Design. 128p. Demonstrated By Solar Architectural Design In Nature, Numerical Harmonies, & Planetary Letters & Numbers.
Names & Their Numbers. 1924, 57p. Law Of Calculation Of Numerical Name Value Through Sound.
Christian Names & Their Values. 192p. The Interrelation Of Numerical Value To Sound, Numerical Relationships, Six Dimensions, Types Of Numbers, Zodiacal Parallels, Planetary Action & Polar Numbers.
Sheik Habeeb & Mabel L. Ahmad $55.55

The Essential Ariel Yvon Taylor
Numerology Made Plain. (GL) 1926, 194p. The Science Of Names & Numbers & The Law Of Vibration.
Character Grams: Numerology Its Facts & Secrets. 1934, 141p. A Divining Rod To Human Nature The World Over, Through The Rhythms Of Language.
Ariel Yvon Taylor $44.44

The Essential Mark Mellen
Winning Bets.1945, 113p. Systems & Suggestions Presented With The Hope They Will Point Out The Way To The Pay-Off Window.
Hot Tips On How To Pick Winners. 1945, 33p.
Mark Mellen $33.33

The Essential Swami Paramananda
Faith As A Constructive Force. (GL) 1912, 80p. The Constructive Force & Power Of Faith ,Self-Reliance, & Trust In The Divine.
Secret Of Right Activity. 1912, 84p. Right Thinking, Right Living & Non-Attachment.
Swami Paramananda $33.33

The Essential William Redding
Mysteries Unveiled. (GL) 1896, 195p. The Hoary Past Comes Forward With Astonishing Messages For The Prophetic Future.
Our Near Future. 1896, 216p. A Message To All The Governments & People Of Earth.

William A. Redding $33.33

The Essential Wilfred Brandon
Open The Door. (GL) 1935, 195p. An Unveiling Of The Laws Of The Subtle Worlds, Time & Space Beyond The Veil.
Incarnation, A Plea From The Masters. 1936, 172p. An Explanation Of The Etheric Plane And The Process Of Involution & Incarnation.
Wilfred Brandon Transcribed By Edith Ellis $33.33

The Essential Worth Smith
Miraclee Of The Ages, The Great Pyramid. (GL) 1934, 160p. An Analysis Of The Pyramid & Interpretation Of Its Significance.
The House Of Glory 1939, 144p. An Interpretation & Elucidation Of The Radiant Prophecies & Allied Messages Of The Holy Bible & Great Pyramid Of Gizeh.

Isles Of Splendor. 1942, 96p. An Exposition Of The Wisdom Found Within The Signs, Symbols & Tokens Of The Great Pyramid.
Worth Smith

Sixth & Seventh Books Of Moses (GL) 190p. The Mystery Of All Mysteries, The Wonderful Magical & Spirit Arts, Rare Old Mosaic Books Of The Talmud & Cabala.
Anonymous $33.33

Secret. (GL) 1947, 67p. Explanation Of The Creation & Principles Of Atomic Weapons.
Wesley Stout $33.33

Spiritual Radio (GL) 1925, 64p. The Creative Thought & Energy Of The Radio Mind In Tune With The Universe.
Archbishoop F. H. Du Vernet, D.D. $33.33

Power Of Will. (GL) 1907, 387p. A Practical Companion-Book For Unfoldment Of Selfhood Through Direct Personal Culture, Embracing The Theory & Practice Of A Growing Will; Direct Control Of The Personal "Faculties"; & Success In The Conduct Of Affairs.
The Personal Atmosphere. 1908, 86p. Ten Studies In Poise & Power. Foundation: Vital Education As The Evolution Of Consciousness.
Frank Channing Haddock

The Philosophy Of Natural Magic: Book I Of Three Books Of Occult Philosophy(GL) 1531 TR. 1913, 284p. This Is The Edition Of Agrippa Used By Gann Including The Important First Book On Natural Magic Or Physics: Divination, & Their Power. The Occult Virtue Of Things Which Are In Them Only In Their Life Time, And Such As Remain In Them Even After Their Death. The Occult Or Magical Virtue Of All Things.
Fourth Book Of Occult Philosophy, Magical Ceremonies. 1655, 93p. Applied Occult Science, This Work Is An Excellent Epilogue To Agrippa's Complete Work. Includes An Appendix; Heptameron Or Magical Elements Of Peter De Abano.
Henry Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim

The Law Of Psychic Phenomena. (GL) 1893, 409p. A Working Hypothesis For The Systematic Study Of Hypnotism, Spiritism, & Mental Therapeutics. Gann's Selection For A Description Of The Laws Of The Subtle Planes.
A Scientific Demonstration Of The Future Life.
1895, 326p. We Have Included With Gann's Recommendation Hudson's Second Work Giving A Further Presentation Of His Theses.
Thomas Jay Hudson $33.33

The Essential Thomas Troward
Bible Mystery & Bible Meaning. (GL) 1913, 327p. An Interpretation Of The Bible From The Standpoint Of Modern Metaphysics.
The Creative Process In The Individual. 1915, 185p. The Author Explains The Sequence Of The Creative Action In The Emmenation Of The Universe.

The Law & The Word. 1917, 185p. Judge Troward's Final Statement Of His Beliefs After Long Investigation & Study In The Field Of Metaphysics.
Thomas Troward $33.33


The Secrets Of Ancient Geometry & Its Use
Tons Brunes
1967 2 Volumes, 586p. With Hundreds Of Exquisite Geometrical Diagrams! This Book Develops A Complete Theory Of The Origin And Development Of Sacred Geometry Through The Ages. It Is A Magnificent Work Of Great Beauty And Creativity Loaded With Diagrams. A Must For Anyone Interested In This Area. Contents: Volume I: Introduction; The First Experiences; Speculation On Time & Numbers; Appearance Of Figure 7 As A Symbolic Factor; Birth & Development Of Geometric Speculation; Circles Rectangle & Triangle; Dividing Up The Circles Circumference ; The Applications Of Ancient Geometry; Ancient Geometry & Its Place In Ancient Egypt; The Pyramids; The Great Pyramid Of Cheops; Pyramid Of Cheops In Relation To Ancient Geometry; Book Of Exodus; Ritual Significance Of Moses; Tabernacle; Egyptian Mathematics 7 The Influence Of Ancient Geometry; Measures Of Capacity; Measures Of Area; Triangular Calculation ; Pythagoras; A Geometric Analysis Of Plato's Timaeus; Pythagoras; Plato; Temples Of Antiquity; Temple Of Ceres; The Theseum; Temple Of Poseidon; The Parthenon; Plans & Proportions Of Temple Columns; Geometry Applied On The Ancient Building Site; Triumphal Arches Of The Early Christian Era; Volume II: Ancient Geometry Reaches The Middle Ages; Cologne Cathedral; The Old; Cologne Cathedral; The New; The Pantheon; The Golden Section Vs. The Sacred Cut; Ancient Geometry And Figurative Art; Art In Egypt; Sculpture In Greece; Vases, Jars & Geometry; Cuneiform & Numerals: The Shape Of Things To Count; ABC Of The Modern Alphabet; Trellborg: A Viking Stronghold; The Origin Of Chess?; Ancient Geometry & Modern Times. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FIRST EDITION, NOT A REPRINT!! $444.44

Instant Zen: Waking Up In The Present
Zen Master Foyan
Translated By Thomas Cleary
1994 137p. This 12th Century Chinese Zen Classic, Taken From The Lectures Of Zen Master Foyan (1067-1120) Offers Simple Exercises In Attention And Thought Designed To Lead To The Awakening Of Zen Insight Into The Real Nature Of Self. This First English Translation Of A Great Zen Master's Work Introduces The Liberating Force Of Zen Practice In Everyday Experience. Demonstrating How The Words Of Ch'an Master Foyan Apply To Contemporary Life, Instant Zen Introduces The Teachings Of The 11th-Century Master In Clear, Practical Language. Contents: Introduction; Zen Lectures; Freedom & Independence; Zen Sickness; Facing It Directly; Seeing & Doing; The Marrow Of The Sages; Not Knowing ; Emancipation; Stop Opinions; The Director; Saving Energy The Most Direct Approach; Asleep; No Seeing ; Independence; In Tune; Learning Zen ; The Basis Of Awareness; Just Being There; Two Sicknesses; Mind Itself ; Seeing through Speaking Effectively; Naked Realization ; Seeing Mind; Discovery; Show The Truth; Real Zen; Wonder; Just This; Keep Evolving; Approval; Self Knowledge; Step Back & See; All The Way Through; Comprehending Everything; Seek Without Seeking Original Reality; Same Reality, Different Dreams; Watch Yourself; Understand Immediately; Instant Enlightenment; Zen Mastery; Equality; Clear Eyes; Finding Certainty; Get An Understanding Principle & Phenomena; Keys Of Zen Mind; Sitting Meditation; Notes; Appendix: Song Of The Trusting Heart. $12.95

Instant Zen: Waking Up In The Present
Zen Master Foyan
Translated By Thomas Cleary, Narrated By Mitchell Ryan
1996 2 Cassettes, 3 Hours. This 12th century Chinese Zen classic, taken from the lectures of Zen Master Foyan (1067-1120)offers simple exercises in attention and thought designed to lead to the awakening of Zen insight into the real nature of self. This first English translation of a great Zen master's work introduces the liberating force of Zen practice in everyday experience. Demonstrating how the words of Ch'an Master Foyan apply to contemporary life, Instant Zen introduces the teachings of the 11th-century master in clear, practical language. Contents: Introduction; Freedom & Independence; Zen Sickness; The Marrow Of The Sages; Not Knowing ; Emancipation; Stop Opinions; The Director; Saving Energy; The Most Direct Approach; Asleep; No Seeing; Independence; Learning Zen ; The Basis Of Awareness; Just Being There; Two Sicknesses; Mind Itself; Seeing Through; Speaking Effectively; Naked Realization; Seeing Mind; Real Zen; Just This; Keep Evolving; Step Back & See; All The Way Through; Comprehending Everything; Seek Without Seeking; Original Reality; Same Reality, Different Dreams; Watch Yourself; Understand Immediately; Instant Enlightenment; Zen Mastery; Clear Eyes; Finding Certainty; Get An Understanding; Principle & Phenomena; Keys Of Zen Mind; Sitting Meditation; Appendix: Song Of The Trusting Heart. $17.95

Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation
Translated By Thomas Cleary
1995 180p. This collection of short, accessible works from Asia on the practice of meditation includes seven traditional texts from China, Japan, and Korea, written by renowned teachers from various Buddhist sects, covering a wide range of topics. Because of the growing popularity of meditative practices in many spiritual traditions, this anthology of Buddhist meditation manuals is timely. Collected here are texts that discuss a variety of techniques of meditation, the distinctions between sudden and gradual enlightenment, the value of Zen koan meditation, and the power of meditation in action. Cleary's translations are clear and lively. Minding Mind says its a basic meditation book, but get ready for some surprises! The contributes all great masters from various time periods are obviously coming from a state of close enlightenment. One master states after giving a discourse "If I am deceiving you, in the future I will fall into eighteen hells. I promise to heaven and earth. If I am not being truthful, let me be devoured by tigers and wolves lifetime after lifetime. Not many of the authors on spiritual topics would promise that! How often can you get to listen to that wise master up in the Himalayas? Or the Zen master who says he has taken the route to the top of the mountain and can show you the way? Here you have a guide book to mindfulness which is after all the rest of the time (when not meditating). Every page is a jewel of wisdom, this book is for the beginner and the advanced practitioner. The book is broken down into sections which cover all the questions that a student would want to ask the enlightened master. Contents: Translator's Introduction Treatise on the Supreme Vehicle; Models for Sitting Meditation; Guidelines for Sitting Meditation; A Generally Recommended Mode of Sitting Meditation; Secrets of Cultivating the Mind; Absorption in the Treasury of Light; An Elementary Talk on Zen; Notes. $10.00

The Temple Of Man: Apet Of The South of Luxor
R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Translated From The French By Robert & Deborah Lawlor
French Edition 1957; Tr. 1998 Inner Traditions International; 2 Quarto Volumes In Slipcase; 1088p.; 363 Illustrations, 51 Photographic Plates Table of Contents: The Temple of Man Volume 1; Publisher's Preface; Translators' Acknowledgments; Translators' Preface; Preface; Introduction; Symbol-Evocation; Part 1 The Doctrine of the Anthropocosmos: Elements; Consciousness and Irreducible Magnitudes; Consciousness; Irreducible Magnitudes & Consciousness; Symbolique; The Magical Character of the Symbol; Symbol-Synthesis; Innate Knowledge ( A Summary); The Principle of the Present Moment; The Discontinuous Object in the Continuous Present; Relationship is the Symbol of Being; Symbolique; Anthropocosmos; The Meaning of the Anthropocosmos; The Principle of the Microcosm; Totemism & Heraldry; Mysticomagical Science; God & Determinism; Pharaonic Thought; Elements of the Pharaonic Mentality; The Technique of Thought; Function, Number, & Neter. Part 2: Mathematical Thought; Foundations of Pharaonic Mathematics; The Mystical Number; The Irrational; On Harmony; Space; Pharaonic Volumes; The Root; Pharaonic Calculation; Fundamentals; General Considerations; The Egyptian Notation of Numbers; Egyptian Calculation; Fractions; The Rhind Papyrus; Part 3: The Master Builders' Grid: Pharaonic Mathematics Applied; Pharaonic Trigonometry; Fundamentals of the Trigonometry; Functional Development of the Law of Right Triangles; Addition & Subtraction of Angles in Proportional Notation; The Canevas: Living Architecture of Number; The Architectural Grid of the Builders of the Temple; The Three Functions of the Canevas; Varying the Originating Center of the Construction; The Cosmic Principle of Volume; The Principle of the Square Roots of the Lineage of 2 & The Cube Root of the Lineage of 3; Musical Harmony & Volumes; The Problem of the Duplication of the Cube; Gnomonic Growth of cubes & a Practical Method for Extracting a Cube Root; The Canevas of Volumes; Pharaonic Cubits; Measures; The Principle of the Royal Cubit; The Pharaonic Pi; Measures & Cubits; The Human Canon; The Canevas Guide; The Numbers 7 & 19; The Two Pharaonic Methods of Using the Grid; Human Biometrics & Invariable Principles; Application of the Standard Pharaonic Canon; Projection of the Canevas on Two Royal Figures; The Royal Apron; The Axes; The Principle of the Axes; the Axes of the Temple of Luxor; The Axis of Amun & the Naos of Amun's Barque; The Axis of the Court of Ramesses (Narthex); the Teaching of the five Kings of the Sanctuary of Amun. Part 4 The Architecture of the Temple: Themes; The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus; Introduction; Some Anatomical Terms Used in the Papyrus; Carious Skull Injuries; The Temporal Region; Magical Incantations; Conclusion; The Diadem; The Crown of the Skull; Diadem, I Assume Thee; The Joints: Guides for Reading; The Covered Temple: The Head; Sanctuary V; The Essential Secret Sanctuaries; The Significance of Sanctuary V; Crossing; The Zodiac; The Genesis of the Empire; The Zodiac on Egypt; The Zodiac & the Precession of the Equinoxes; The Pharaonic Calendar; The Hindu Temple; The Square of Nine; The Mystic Temple: A Meditation; The Parvis; The Door; The Narthex; The Nave: The Vessel; The Peristyle: Transept & Womb; The Covered Temple, Entrance to the Choir; The Sanctuary; The Apse, Extra Muros. Volume 2, Part 5, The Pharaonic Temple: The Architectonics of the Pharaonic Temple; Preface to the Presentation of the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; The Temple of Luxor. Part 6: Plates, Legends, and Commentaries; Amun and Suti-Hor; Amun, Source of Births, Creator of Neters; Suti-Hor: The Original Builders; General Views of the Temple of Luxor; The Growth of the Temple; A Colossus of the Temple; Joints and Pieces; The Mosaic Figure in the Foundation of the Temple; The Crown of the Skull; The Moon in the Haty; The Knees; The Bows; The Zodiac; The Master Builders' Grid; The Problem of Establishing a Human Canon; Study of an Applied Canevas: The Tomb of Ukhotep at Meir; The Use of a Grid by the Maya; Investigation of the Canevas Imposed by the Representation & Proportions of the Figures; Cubits & Temple; The Grid & Architecture; An Application of the Canvas to the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; Transformations and Mutations; A Secret Sanctuary; The Axes of the Temple; The Holy of Holies; The Lines on the Floor; The Three Axes; The Naos of Alexander & the Geometric Pi; discussions Concerning a Perfect Pi; Receiving & Giving; Giving & Receiving; Receiving & Giving; The Architectural Structure; Transparency and Transposition; Seth-Horus; Realizers of the Plan: Suti-Hor Appendix: Comparison of Parts and Chapters in the English and French Editions; List of Works Cited; Index. 10% DISCOUNT OFF RETAIL PRICE($195.00), SSI PRICE $175.00. This Set Weighs 13 Pounds & Requires Specific Shipping Charges Depending Upon Shipping Destination. (See Website For Details) $175.00

The Glass Bead Game
Hermann Hesse
Final novel by Hermann Hesse, published in two volumes in 1943 in German as Das Glasperlenspiel, and sometimes translated as Magister Ludi. The book is an intricate bildungsroman about humanity's eternal quest for enlightenment and for synthesis of the intellectual and the participatory life. Set in the 23rd century, the novel purports to be a biography of Josef Knecht ("servant" in German), who has been reared in Castalia, the remote place his society has provided for the intellectual elite to grow and flourish. Since childhood, Knecht has been consumed with mastering the Glass Bead Game, which requires a synthesis of aesthetics and scientific arts, such as mathematics, music, logic, and philosophy. This he achieves in adulthood, becoming a Magister Ludi (Master of the Game). Synopsis: Setting his story in the distant, post-Holocaust future, Hesse tells of an elite cult of intellectuals occupying themselves with an elaborate game that employs all the cultural and scientific knowledge of the ages. The most imaginative and prophetic of Hesse's works. A Masterpiece! PAPERBACK EDITION $15.95

The Glass Bead Game
Hermann Hesse
A Masterpiece! HARDBACK EDITION $23.00

  The Complete Works of Franz Bardon
Introduction: Frabato the Magician
Volume I: Initiation Into Hermetics
Volume II: The Practice of Magical Evocation
Volume III: The Key To The True Kabbalah
Volume IV: Questions & Answers
Franz Bardon We are offering a 10% Discount Off The Retail Prices For The Purchase Of The Complete Set of Franz Bardon's Writings. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from these titles, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page, & the individual listings in the Hermetics or Other Categories of the Seeker's Sanctum. $135.00

Frabato The Magician
Franz Bardon
1996 173p. Though cast in the form of a novel, Frabato the Magician is in fact the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon, one of the twentieth century's greatest Hermetic adepts. Frabato was the author's stage name during his career as a performing magician, and it is Frabato who occupies center stage in the novel as well. Set in Dresden, Germany, in the early 1930s, the story chronicles Frabato's magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final desperate days of the Weimar Republic, and the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in Franz Bardon's classic books on Hermetic magic. More than an occult novel, Frabato the Magician is itself a work of magic which illuminates Bardon's other books as well as providing a revealing look into the dark occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page. $20.00

Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice
Franz Bardon
1993 287p. The Publisher is currently out of stock of this title and is preparing a new translation edition which will be released in June. In the meantime, we are able to obtain used copies until the title is back in print. Initiation into Hermetics is the entrance gate to true initiation as it is the first key to the universal laws. The content of this book is not based on any speculative methods, but is the result of personal experiences and research of practical exercises by the author, which, up to now, was available only to a chosen few. And it is not easy to express in simple words a subject which is on such high level as magic, and make it understandable to everyone. Initiation into Hermetics transcends any book ever written on this subject, even though it is only the first of three volumes. From this statement you can gather the wealth of information the other volumes contain. Never before in the history of mankind has this information been committed in this form to paper in such a complete and understandable manner. Initiation into Hermetics is the greatest treasure in this universe and this applies to the other two volumes as well. The reader will not find this information in any other books. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page. $33.00

The Practice Of Magical Evocation: Instructions For Invoking Spirit Beings From The Spheres Surrounding Us.
Franz Bardon
First Published 1956. 492 Pages, 148p. & Color Plates With Seals of Spirit Beings . Merkur Publishing. The Practice of Magical Evocation is divided into two parts: the first section deals with evocational magic, and second with the hierarchy of the beings in the different spheres. You could divide magical knowledge into three categories: lower magic, intermediate magic, and high magic. This book gives the reader the significance of the magic circle, triangle, the magic mirror, the magic wand, and so forth. The second part discloses the names and signatures of the different heads, genii and intelligences of the various planetary spheres in our solar system, how to communicate with them and also what their specific tasks are. These heads or genii have their specific field; there is not one field of endeavor which is not covered by one or another head, intelligence or genii. A detailed description of their expertise in a particular field is listed in this book by name and sphere, and how to establish contact with these beings. It should however be mentioned that you cannot succeed in contacting these beings unless you have practically and successfully completed the first volume Initiation into Hermetics, or you must have at least successfully completed the eighth step. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page. 45.00

The Key To The True Kabbalah: The Kabbalist As A Perfected Sovereign In the Microcosm & The Macrocosm
Franz Bardon
1996 279p. In The Key to the True Kabbalah, Franz Bardon demonstrates that the mysticism of letters and numbers the true Kabbalah is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. This book, the third in Franz Bardon's remarkable texts of Hermetic magic, is nothing less than a practical guide to such attainment. Using the common German alphabet, Bardon guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement. No other available text reveals as great a depth of Kabbalistic wisdom or provides the reader with as much practical training. Though intended primarily as a working text for those who have completed Bardon's first and second volumes, Initiation Into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation, the present work stands on its own, and even those without the requisite background in practical Hermetics will be fascinated by the author's intellectual journey through the mysticism of Tantric India, Tibet, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and the ancient sources of the Western magical tradition. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page. $36.00

Questions & Answers
Franz Bardon
1998 99p. Franz Bardon is regarded by many as greatest Hermetic adept of the 20th century. A tireless worker for the light, he survived Hitler's concentration camps but died a victim of Communist persecution in 1958. He left behind him four legendary books which have become acknowledged classics of occult literature. This present volume is the first complete Bardon book from the hand of Franz Bardon to appear since his famous series of books on Hermetics. Compiled by Dieter Rueggeberg from the notes of Bardon's students in Prague, it represents his oral teachings on the nature of the magical universe. Set in the form of questions and answers, this book is an invaluable addition to the Bardon material. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page. $15.00

On The Elephant's Knee: Gurdjieffian Typology
Thomas M. Easley
1998 186p. An Interesting Title By An Associate Of The Sacred Science Institute, Presenting A System For Psychologically Reading Or Evaluating People Through Observation Of Physiological & Psychologically Interactive Behavior Characteristics. This System Is Based Upon Principles Developed By The Famous Mystical Cosmologist, G. I. Gurdjieff, And Essentially Allows One To Learn A Quantity Of Information As Sophisticated As An Astrological Reading, Merely Through Observation Of Physical & Behavioral Characteristics. Such Systems Have Always Been Used In Esoteric Orders To Allow An Added Advantage Of Psychological Insight Into Those With Whom They Dealt. This Knowledge Is Called Foundation Knowledge, Revealing The Core Or Foundation Of All Knowledge Which Manifests Through The Law Of Correspondences In All Phenomena. A Valuable Work Meant For Application. Contents: Origins Of Foundation Knowledge; Body Type: Attraction & Repulsion; Alchemy: Keeping Peace Within Your Environment; Chief Feature: Diminishing Fear; Center Of Focus: Spending Your Energy; Essence: What You Can't Change. Charts, Tables & Diagrams Of Correspondences. $ 15.00

The Keepers Of Time 1999: Thirteen Moon Mayan Creation Calendar
Mayapan Productions
Photographs By Courtney Milne
This Is A Beautiful New Calendar Tracking The 13 Moon Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. This Calendar Orientates One To The Mayan Multi-Dimensional Time System, And Organic Time System Based Upon The Cycles & Rhythms Of The Universe. The Mayans Were The Most Sophisticated Time Engineering Civilization In The History Of The World With Over 17 Different Calendars Mapping Different Cycles Of Universal Time. This Calendar Begins In 1999, And Completes The Millennium On The Mayan Schedule. Mayan Time Contains Qualitative Components For Each Day Determining The Energy & Intent For The Day, Adding A Synchronistic & Qualitative Value To Days, Weeks, Months & Years. The Calendar Contains Sections To Explain & Decode The Mayan Time Symbolism, The Tzolkin Harmonic Module, The 13 Galactic Tones & 20 Solar Tribes. Each Month Displays A Beautiful Photograph Of The Mayan Ruins In The Yucatan Taken By Photo-Journalist Courtney Milne, Author Of The Sacred Earth & Spirit Of The Land. Change Your Time System To Multidimensional Time & Experience The Effects Of Multidimensional Reality. $15.00