By Julius J. Nirenstein


Julius Nirenstein was one of Dr. Baumring's closest private students and friends, and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend 14 different seminars (there were 3 groups of seminar students, so earlier seminars were repeated more than once with differing material, depending on Dr Baumring's mood).

When a number of students were asked for their notes in order to compile a good representation of Baumring's teachings at the Seminars, it was found that most students had only 5-10 pages of notes per Seminar, because they had been so intent upon following the lectures, they had not had the opportunity to write much down. Julius' Notes fell in striking contrast to the others, for they included everything in everyone else's notes and far, far more. Julius was intent on taking detailed notes, since as a private student he could spend as much time as he desired with Dr. Baumring discussing them in detail at a later time.

We feel that Julius' Notes give an even better presentation of Dr. Baumring's Seminars than many people gained through attending them, since they went home with very little memory of the difficult concepts presented by Dr. Baumring and very few notes to help them recollect. Both private and seminar students who worked with Dr. Baumring have found these Notes to be an endless source of knowledge and teaching, continuing the education that Dr. Baumring started, now that he is now longer with us.

New student who have discovered this material since Dr. Baumring's time have found it essential to understanding Baumring's teachings while studying the Seminar Manuals and Reading Lists. Many feel that they actually have a greater opportunity to understand these teachings now, with the addition of the Notes and the ability to acquire all 9 Seminar Manuals immediately rather than waiting several years as required during the Seminars. We have also released and noted the books which Dr. Baumring shared only with closer students who exhibited greater determination in their studies, allowing a more complete resource of background material than was previously available.

The following 11 pages of Notes have been selected from the 250 pages of Complete Notes to give interested individuals an opportunity to evaluate the quality of content and readability of this material. The numbers at the top center of the pages tell which Seminar it represents (1-9), the underlined numbers on the top right tell where in the 250 pages it stands. We feel we have included enough pages to allow a good evaluation of this material, and want to make clear that every page of the Notes is of the same level of content, these are NOT the 10 best pages! The visual quality is better on paper than on these low resolution scanned pages, making the parts which are a little blurry here perfectly clear.

Note the concepts discussed and the type of Gann material explained, for it is considerably different from most modern popular interpretations and explanations of Gann Theory.