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The Book Of Life

1884 423p. Many Diagrams. Very Interesting Title. Contents: Origins of Worlds; Solar System; Functions of Body; Geometry of Brain; Celestial Mechanics; Lay of Ellipse; Law of Responses; Polarity of Faculties; Sacred Numbers; Waves of Force; Spirit & Matter; Laws of Gesture; Spheres of Contrast; 7 Seals of Truth; Tree of Life; Universal Synthesis; Laws of Universe; Logic & Science; Universal Language; Symphonies of Sense & Soul.

CAT#024 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Discover Vedic Mathematics: A Practical System Based on Sixteen Simple Formulae.
Kenneth R. Williams

2004. 210 Large P. This book shows how the Vedic Maths system applies in a large number of areas of elementary mathematics, covering arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus etc. Each chapter concentrates on one Vedic Sutra or Sub-sutra and shows many applications. This gives a real feel for the Vedic Sutras each of which has its own unique character. It covers much of the content of Bharati Krishna's book above but in more detail and with more applications and explanations. It also contains Vedic solutions to GCSE and 'A' level examination questions. Preface; Illustrative Examples; 1 All From Nine And The Last From Ten; 2 Vertically And Crosswise; 3 Proportionately; 4 By Addition And By Subtraction; 5 By Alternate Elimination And Retention; 6 By Mere Observation; 7 Using The Average; 8 Transpose And Apply; 9 One In Ratio- The Other One Zero; 10 When The Samuccaya Is The Same It Is Zero; 11 The First By The First And The Last By The Last; 12 By The Completion Or Non-Completion; 13 By One More Than The One Before; 14 The Product Of The Sum Is The Sum Of The Products; 15 Only The Last Terms; 16 Calculus; 'O' And 'A' Level Examination ;Papers; List Of The Vedic Sutras; Index Of The Vedic Formulae; Answers To Exercises; Index.

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