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The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume I:
Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records
William Delbert Gann

1909-1954 180p. This first collection of writings contains an assortment of Marketing Brochures which were used by Gann to market his courses & services, Annual Forecasts for a year in advance, interviews with Gann & articles about him, & a selection of his Trading Records. These writings are very enlightening, explaining in clearer words than in his books & courses, Gann's methodology and vision of the markets. There are extremely important clues in these writings which are often overlooked, like the clues in the Ticker Interview, to Gann's background research & to the importance & purpose of each of his courses. These writings also help to draw a personal portrait of the master himself, & to trace his development over the years. We have included a smattering of rare Master Charts to titillate the imagination. Contents: Marketing Brochures; Science And Stock; Supply And Demand Letter; Mathematical Formula For Market Predictions; How I Forecast Stock, Cotton, And Grain Markets; Scientific Stock Forecasting Or Large Profits On Small Risks; Satisfied Clients Tell You The Story Of My Successful Service; Investors Up-To-Date Practical Complete Wall Street Education; Learn Before You Lose Or Why You Lose Money On Stocks & How To Make Profits; Comparison Of Dow Theory & W. D. Gann's Method In Dow Jones Industrial Averages; Interviews & Articles; The Ticker & Investment Digest, 1909; A Brighter Outlook For The Stock Market & General Business Conditions, 1921; Gann Foretold Run Of Stocks, 1922; Poor Business, Damaged Crops, Strikes And Bank Failures In 1923 Predicted By Prophet; Gann To Tour Country By Plane For Broad Business Survey, 1933; Annual Forecast For 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1929, 1933, 1934, 1935; Trading Records For 1933, 1934, 1935, 1897-1939, 1897-1914. This set of writings is included free with the purchase of The Complete Collected Works of W. D. Gann, Volumes I-V

CAT#058 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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George Wollsten: Expert Stock & Grain Trader
George Bayer

1946 239p. A Very Entertaining Autobiographical Novel, Similar To Gann's Tunnel Through The Air, Developing Bayer's Theories of Financial Market Forecasting & Cosmology, In Story Form as He Discovered Them. Bayer Is The Most Important Forecasting Author After Gann, & This Is His Most Important Work! Contents: Economic Conditions in 1907; Grain Prices; Horticulture; Agricultural Year Book; Graphs & Plotting Commodity Prices; Old Books; Sepharial< Key To Market Operations; Silver Panic of 1893; George's Approach to the Markets; George's Analysis of Market Movements; Dow Jones Averages; Caterpillar Movements; 2 & 1/2 "Time & Times & Half a Time"; Gaps in Price Structure; "Rattles of the Rattle Snake"; Cycles; Stories From Bible; & Year Indications; Astrology; American Ephemerous & Nautical Almanac; Charts of Planets' Paths; Degrees of Motion; How To Plot Planets; Mercury Heliocentric Motion in Longitude; Deductions From Plotting Planets' Paths; A Major Discover - The Crossing of Saturn & Jupiter By Mercury & Market Turning Points; On Geocentric Positions of Planets; Heliocentric Planetary Positions; From Plutarch's Lives; Puzzles of Nature; George Goes to NY To Trade Stocks & Grains; The Ellipses; Herschel's Astronomy; The 71 Degree & 78 Degree Angles; The "Jiggle Line"; Puts & Calls; Bids & Offers; Discovery of the "Polish Ellipse"; Application of The "Polish Ellipse"; The Pit At Chicago; Saturn - Stock Movements; Wheat Movements; George The Astrologer; Final Adjustment of "Jiggle Line"; The 123 Degree Angle Within The Ellipse; General Rules on Bull & Bear Movements; Switching Wheat Options; On Hedging; Half-Way Points Between Jupiter & Saturn; Advanced Trading of Grains & Stocks; The Horse-Whip; Squaring The Circle; Practical Rules on Trading Therefrom; Recognizing Adam & Eve & the Baby in Patterns; Shifting of Ellipses; Assortments of Stocks; Planetary Positions 1943-1947; Sample of the 5-4:3-3 Computation; The Six-Inch Ellipse With Half of Nine-Inch Inserted; The "Polish Ellipse" Showing bottom & Top Laying; Original Pattern Used To Discover The Squaring of the Circle; Short & Quick Construction of Squaring of the Circle; Wheat Daily High & Low Range Charted for 1901-1911;

CAT#063 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Famines Of The World: Past & Present
Cornelius Walford

1879 304p. A Significant Contribution to the tracing of Patterns in disasters over an extended period of time & Correllations with cosmic Phenomena. Chronology; Causes; tables of Floods, Frosts; Dry & Hot Seasons; Comets; Cyclones; Earthquakes; Disasters; Plagues; Meterology Affecting Famines; Indian Famines; Sun-Spot Theory. Very Rare!

CAT#100 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Causes of Catastrophe: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, & Hurricanes
L. Don Leet

1946 232p. A Detailed Historical Work on the History of Catastrophe Tracing their Cycles & Causes Over the Centuries. Contents: Culmination of Catastrophe; Earthquakes; Volcanoes; Mountain Making as the Cause Of Earthquakes & Volcanoes; Mountain Making & Volcanoes In the Pacific; Tidal Waves; Hurricanes & Typhoons; Geophysical Fables - Atlantis To Zealots.

CAT#101 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Frabato The Magician
Franz Bardon

1996 173p. Though cast in the form of a novel, Frabato the Magician is in fact the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon, one of the twentieth century's greatest Hermetic adepts. Frabato was the author's stage name during his career as a performing magician, and it is Frabato who occupies center stage in the novel as well. Set in Dresden, Germany, in the early 1930s, the story chronicles Frabato's magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final desperate days of the Weimar Republic, and the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in Franz Bardon's classic books on Hermetic magic. More than an occult novel, Frabato the Magician is itself a work of magic which illuminates Bardon's other books as well as providing a revealing look into the dark occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.

CAT#147 $0.00 OUT OF STOCK

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John Dee (1527-1608)
Charlotte Fell Smith

1909 342p. With Illustrations & Plates. One Of The Rarest An Best Biographies Of The Great English Cosmologist Dr. John Dee, Queen Elisabeth's Personal Astrologer. Contents: Birth & Education; Imprisonment & Authorship; Mortlake; Jane Dee; The Search For A Medium; Edward Kelly; Crystal Gaze; Madimi; Foreign Journey; Foreign Journey; Promises & Visions; Cracow; From Cracow To Prague; Dream Of Gold; Castle At Trebona; End Of Partnership; End Of Kelly; Return To England; Royal Commission; Dee's Library; Adieu To Courts & Courting; Manchester; College Affairs; Last Days; Descendants.

CAT#173 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Divine Harmony: The Life & Teachings of Pythagoras
John Strohmeier & Peter Westbrook

1999 160p. Pythagoras, the sixth century BC Greek scientist and mystic, has long been recognized as a seminal figure in western thought, a teacher "whose influence on the ideas, and thereby on the destiny, of the human race was probably greater than that of any single man before or after him." But until now, no accessible biographical study of him has been available for general readers. Drawing upon the most authoritative sources available—the writings of Pythagoras' disciples—Divine Harmony describes his wanderings in ancient Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, and the Greek islands, and the heart of Pythagorean ideas as taught at his scholarly community in Southern Italy. Strohmeier, a classical scholar, and Westbrook, a historian of music and Sacred Science, present a portrait of a man whose ideas are as powerful in our own time as they were two and a half millennia ago. Part I The Making of a Philosopher. 1. Birth of Pythagoras 2. Early Years 3. Studies in Ionia 4. Passage to Egypt 5. Travels in Egypt and Babylonia 6. Travels in the Greek World 7. Relocation to Italy Part II The Teachings of Pythagoras 8. The Pythagorean Community 9. Knowledge 10. The Nature of the Soul 11. Friendship 12. Number 13. Harmony 14. The Celestial Spheres 15. Care of the Self 16. Magic and Miracles 17. Family Life 18. Politics and Justice 19. Divinity Part III Decline of the Pythagoreans 20. The Death of Pythagoras 21. Followers of Pythagoras Part IV The Golden Verses


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Leonardo of Pisa & The New Mathematics Of The Middle Ages.
Joseph & Francis Gies

1960, 128p. Biography & Thought of Leonard Fibonacci, Discoverer of the Fibonacci Sequence. Contents: World of Leonard Fibonacci; Pisa; Education of a Mathematician; Voyage To Burgia; Burgia: The Arab World; The Mathematician; The Fibonacci Sequence; The Emperor; Legacy; Problems From The Liber Abaci; Golden Rectangle.

CAT#408 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Ancient Freemasonry, An Introduction To The Study Of Masonic Archaeology.
Franc C. Higgins, 32nd Degree

1923, 463p. One of the Most Scholarly & Revealing Histories of Freemasonry Ever Written. Contains Many Insights into the Geometrical, & Astronomical Secrets of Masonry & Their Origins in the Ancient Civilizations. Contents: Freemasonry the Parent of all Religions; Legends of Masonry; Hiram, King of Tyre; Freemasonry of Ancient Greeks & Romans; Pythagorean Multiplication Table; Trisection of an Oblong; Trapezoid; Universe Geometrical & Cyclic According To Ancient Philosophers; Mysteries of Freemasonry In Ancient Egypt; Freemasonry in Prehistoric America; Mysteries of the Knights Templar; Hidden Source of Freemasonry and its Rituals; Science of Ancient Masonry; Freemasonry's Sacred Cities; Astronomy's Part in Freemasonry; Symbols of Freemasonry Charms and Amulets; Geometrical Relations Between Circle Squaring Triangles, Keystones & Pyramids; Light on the Ancient Mysteries of Initiation; Freemasonry Solves the Mysteries of the Pyramids; First Freemasons in The Universe; Debt Owed To India; Ancient Science Of Numbers; Women in Freemasonry; Masonic Tradition of Adam and Eve; Freemasonry’s Relation To The Calendar; King Solomon a Wizard; Most Ancient Symbols; Sampson and Initiation. An Essential Companion to Higgins Cosmological Freemasonry, Filed With Sacred Science & Symbolism. Many diagrams.

CAT#414 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Count Michael Maier Life & Writings, 1568-1622: Doctor Of Philosophy & Medicine, Alchemist, Rosicrucian, Mystic.
The Rev. J. B. Craven, D.D.

1910, 165p. Count Michael Maier is considered one of the great Alchemists & Rosicrucians of his times. Author of the Alchemical Work, Atalanta Fugienes, he is one of the only know Alchemists to apply the Canon to the Musical Arts, & is a definite predecessor of the Glass Bead Game. This wonderful book gives a full review of his Life & Works.

CAT#415 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Athanasius Kircher S.J., Master Or A Hundred Arts 1602-1680.
P. Conor Reilly, S. J.

1940, 207p. A Rare Biography of The Man Considered The Last Polymath, A Multifaceted Scientist/Metaphysician Whose Amazing Diagrams Litter Esoteric Works since His Time. Another Great Magister Ludi of the Glass Bead Game. Contents: Early Years In Germany; The Young Professor; Road To Rome; Professor At Roman College; Southward Journey; Great Art Of Light & Shadow; The Plague; Mundus Subterraneus; Kircher-Alchemist; Frustrated Missionary; The Speaking Trumpet Controversy; Kircherian Museum; Years In Rome; Mentorella & The Last Years. See Our Catalog Of Foreign Titles For Original Latin Versions of Kircher’s Works.

CAT#416 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization.
Graham Hancock.

2002. 740p. Graham Hancock continues his pursuit of uncovering lost civilizations, this time under the sea. He takes us on a journey through the Mediterranean, the Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal and the Pacific Ocean around Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan by looking at underwater structures that might be of human origin. The government of India has recently authenticated two of his discoveries off the coast of India. In both cases, these structures are dated between 9000 and 11 000 years before the current era, which supports the hypothesis of a great flood that submerged vast areas of up-to-then habitable land. What I really like about Hancock as author is that he also provides the orthodox view at the same time as his own theories. Hancock has indicated the most likely places for pre-flood civilizations with the help of Dr. Glen Milne of Durham University who is an expert on glaciation-induced changes in the sea level, and taking into account the plethora of flood-myths found amongst all cultures on all continents. Underworld is lavishly illustrated and well served by a thorough index and extensive bibliography. This gripping text will amply reward the reader who enjoyed Hancock's earlier titles.

CAT#543 $17.00 Quality PB, Three Rivers Press.

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