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Restorations Of Masonic Geometry & Symbolry, Being A Dissertation On The Lost Knowledges Of The Lodge
H. P. H. Bromwell

1905; 606P. COLOR PLATE EDITION. Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published: 1905. INCLUDING 30 FULL-PAGE HAND-COLORED PLATES WITHOUT WHICH THE THESIS IS IMPENETRABLE! Numerous Further Diagrams,. "Truth, Most Worshipful Grand Master, Is The Corner Stone Of The Masonic Edifice, The Stone Of Foundation Of Enoch, And The Glory Of The Grand Architect Of The Universe." By Far The Most Important Work On Masonic Astronomy And Masonic Geometry Ever Written. Bromwell Recovered The Lost Sacred Knowledge Of The Freemasons And Explains In Amazing Detail The Geometry And Astronomy Of The Masonic Architecture As Symbols And Maps Of The Sacred Laws Of The Universe. Contents: Design Of This Work; What Is Masonry; What Is The Lodge; Government Of The Lodge; Geometry; The Three Great Lights; Form And Situation Of The Lodge; The 47th Problem Of Euclid; The Floor Of The Lodge; The Entered Apprentices Lodge; The Globe; The Fellow Crafts Lodge; Light; The Master Mason's Lodge; The Royal Arch; The Temple; The Two Great Pillars; The Four Cardinal Points And Circumambulation. 30 Color Plates: 1.)Belt Of Zodiac & Line Of Ecliptic. 2.)Master's Lodge On The Center & The 47th Problem Drawn In The N, S, E, & W. 3.)Forty-Seventh Problem, Circles Of Enoch, Squares, Triangles, Hexagons, Octagons, Etc., Forming Their Own Circles About A Center; Semi-Circles, The Dots On Same Showing Vertices Of Right Angled Triangles, Both Inscribed & Circumscribed Thereon, Formed By Lines Crossing. 4.)3 Larger, 3 Smaller Squares & Nine Circles (Of 47th Problem) Drawn About A Center. 5.)47th Problem & Nine Circles (With Twice The Number At Center), & Outer Squares Only Partly Shown. 6.)47th Problem & Nine Circles. 7.)Triangles & Arches (Circles Of Enoch) 8.)47th Problem & Nine Arches Of Enoch. 9.)The 9 Arches (Circles) Of Enoch. 10.)The Octalpha, Master Mason's Floor & Nine Arches(Circles). 11.)The Octalpha, Master Mason & Fellow Craft Floors, With Eight Arches (Circle Of Enoch). 12.)The Maltese Cross, Showing The Master's Floor & Border & Outer Line Of The Lowest Floor, & 8 Of The Small 16 Triangles, 2 On Each Side Of The Floor, Forming One Beam Or One Arm Of The Cross. The Stone Of Foundation & The Ninth Circle Of Enoch. 13.)The Passion Or Calvary Cross. 14.)The Templar's Cross. 15.)The "Crux Ansata," Handled Cross 16.)The Saltire Cross Or Cross Of St. Andrew. 17.)Seal Of King David, The Double Triangle. 18.)The Master Mason's Floor. 19.)Second Foundation Of The E.A. Floor, Showing Correspondence Between First & Second Foundations In Breaking Joints At Ends & Sides. 20.)Third Foundation Of The E. A. Floor & Stones Below. 21.)First Floor Of Entered Apprentice Lodge. 22.)Second Floor Of The Entered Apprentice Lodge 23.)The 3 Floors Complete, With Figures Of The 47th Problem 24.)Elevations, Floors Of Lodge. 25.)Fellow Craft & Master Mason Lodges According To Second Projection. 26.)Master Mason's Floor Extended To The Poles, One Hemisphere, With Stones Of Equal Size Throughout. 27.)Projection Of Floors Of King Solomon's Temple. 28.)The Fifth Circle Of Enoch, Showing The Quadrature Of The Circle In The Master's Floor. "The Floors Of The Lodge," Showing Also The Lower & Lowest Floors Of The Lodge. 29.)Royal Arch Banner, Entered Apprentice Apron, Fellow Craft's Apron, Master Mason Apron, With Lodge Floor. 30.)The Pyramid. A Fundamental Book For Anyone Who Wants To Understand Sacred Or Masonic Cosmology.

CAT#026 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $120.00

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Which? Impulse, Instinct or Intuition. Applied Psychology, Geometry & Astronomy
C. Tousey Taylor

1919 166p. 35 Diagrams. An Interesting Book Showing the Correspondences of the Spiritual Laws of Life with the Cosmological Representational Symbolism of the Esoteric & Masonic Tradition. Gives Serious Clues to the Scientific Application of Esoteric Symbolism. Contents: Creation; Symbols Changing From Water to Air; Duality; Trinity; 12 Fold Being of Man; Cosmic Law; Unity; Philology; Why 5 Is Not Desirable in Creation; 7 Is Polarity; Involution & Evolution; Geometry; Masonic Tools & Symbolism; Tangents; Perfect Square; Cabbalah; Solomon's Temple; 2 Pillars; Maltese Cross; Wheel; Astrology; Grid Patterns; 5x5 Square; Masonic Apron.

CAT#027 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Apocalypse Of The Golden Mean
Anonymous (Hugh Roscoe)

20 Important Geometrical Demonstrations and Proofs. "The Masonic T-Square on the Cover States Plato's Academy Prohibition "No Entry without Geometry-Geometers Only!" "However, where Geometers were at work as constructors, their necessary helpers were granted an enter pass EIS-PHREW--- Free to Enter, converting them thereby into Phreo-Mason, or Freemason. Ownership, or Temporary Possession of This Monograph Is to Be Interpreted As an Eis-Phreo conferring on the possessor the Freemasonic Right of Entry to the Masonic Geometric Secrets of Stonehenge (portals running around in circles), and Avebury; namely the Drawing by the Square and Compasses Geometry, of a Right Line = Pi; Squaring the Circle; Drawing Concentric Circles of Radii Proportionate to the Mean Solar Distances of the Planets; the Elliptic Angle; the Cube Root of 2; the Earth's Radius; the Moon's Orbit.....ENTER!" Contains: Earth Measures = Geo-Meters; Pythagorean Technique for Imposing Diagrams on the Earth; Pythagorean Geometry; Four Means; Golden Mean; Golden Angle; Seasons; Siderial Time; Parameter of Ecliptic Angle; Circle Squared; Delphic Riddle; Royal Cubit; Ancient Measures & Weights; Great Pyramid Construction; Plato's Nuptial Number. Baumring rarely allowed anyone to view this Manuscript!

CAT#034 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy; Or, The Origin & Meaning Of Ancient & Modern Mysteries Explained
Robert Hewitt Brown, 32nd Degree.

1882 117 8x11"p. Wit Numerous Illustrations By Author & Two Full Color Plates. An Extremely Rare & Important Work on the Meaning & Symbolism of Masonic Astronomy. This is a Serious Work Considering Important Questions in Celestial Mechanics & Masonic Symbolism, with Clear & Technical Explanations, not a bunch of indecipherable gibberish. Contents: Ancient Mysteries Described; A Chapter of Astronomical Facts; What the Ancients Knew about Astronomy; Masonic Astronomy; Astronomical Allegory of the Death and Resurrection of the Sun; An Astronomical Explanation of the Emblems, Symbols, & Legends of the Mysteries, both Ancient and Modern, & the Lost Meaning of Many of them Restored.

CAT#102 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Secrets Of Ancient Geometry & Its Use
Tons Brunes

1967 2 Volumes, 586p. With Hundreds Of Exquisite Geometrical Diagrams! This Book Develops A Complete Theory Of The Origin And Development Of Sacred Geometry Through The Ages. It Is A Magnificent Work Of Great Beauty And Creativity Loaded With Diagrams. A Must For Anyone Interested In This Area. Contents: Volume I: Introduction; The First Experiences; Speculation On Time & Numbers; Appearance Of Figure 7 As A Symbolic Factor; Birth & Development Of Geometric Speculation; Circles Rectangle & Triangle; Dividing Up The Circles Circumference ; The Applications Of Ancient Geometry; Ancient Geometry & Its Place In Ancient Egypt; The Pyramids; The Great Pyramid Of Cheops; Pyramid Of Cheops In Relation To Ancient Geometry; Book Of Exodus; Ritual Significance Of Moses; Tabernacle; Egyptian Mathematics 7 The Influence Of Ancient Geometry; Measures Of Capacity; Measures Of Area; Triangular Calculation ; Pythagoras; A Geometric Analysis Of Plato's Timaeus; Pythagoras; Plato; Temples Of Antiquity; Temple Of Ceres; The Theseum; Temple Of Poseidon; The Parthenon; Plans & Proportions Of Temple Columns; Geometry Applied On The Ancient Building Site; Triumphal Arches Of The Early Christian Era; Volume II: Ancient Geometry Reaches The Middle Ages; Cologne Cathedral; The Old; Cologne Cathedral; The New; The Pantheon; The Golden Section Vs. The Sacred Cut; Ancient Geometry And Figurative Art; Art In Egypt; Sculpture In Greece; Vases, Jars & Geometry; Cuneiform & Numerals: The Shape Of Things To Count; ABC Of The Modern Alphabet; Trellborg: A Viking Stronghold; The Origin Of Chess? Ancient Geometry & Modern Times. NEW EDITION DESCRIPTION FROM PUBLISHER: We now have available for sale "The Secrets of Ancient Geometry and Its Use" by Tons Brunes. This new "Scholar's Edition" contains two volumes (in the same form as the original edition) within two books, with 622 pages, and with all the original photos, drawings, and illustrations as drawn by Tons Brunes himself. Our goal was to publish the two books so that they would open flat and maintain their mechanical integrity (stay together even after years of use), maintain their literary integrity (no editing, no abridgements, no removals of text or illustrations), and continue to be affordable. So, we have bound this new edition in a Spiral Binding. We do not expect to release any other version of this work in the near future, so this is the only option available.

CAT#104 $360.00 Spiral Bound, Including Over 300 Color Pages.

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The Lodge & The Craft: A Practical Explanation Of The Work Of Freemasonry
Rollin C. Blackmer, C. M., M. D., LLD., Past Master, Past High Priest, Past Commander

1923 297p. One of Baumring's Choice Selections in Freemasonry, Containing One of the Three Keys to Gann. Blackmer Was Attempting to Revive the Lost Knowledge of The Lodge, 100 Years Ago. 31 Lectures Regarding Various Topics Including Legends, Ancient Landmarks, Rituals and Symbolism. The Three Degrees are Covered in Detail as Well as Lodge Management. Contents: ritual & Ceremony; Symbolism of Lodge; Memorial Tessarae & Metallic Substances; Working tools & Northeast Corner; Tenets & Perfect Points of Entrance; Winding Stairs; Five Orders of Architecture; Master Mason; Drama of Faith; Lost Work; Solomon Strikes the Funeral Chime; Prayers at Raising; Morality; Legend of the Craft; Modern History; Freemasonry & Roman Church; Masonic Jurisprudence; Discussions of Geometry, Mathematics; The Seven Liberal Arts & Quadrivium; Symbolism of Bible; Pythagoras.

CAT#108 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Gothic Cathedrals & Sacred Geometry
George Lesser

1957 Volume I 290P. Volume II Contains 80 Exceptional Full Page Photo Plates & Diagrams With Detailed Geometric Analyses Of Cathedrals. A Very Rare & Exceptional Work Upon The Sacred Proportions Of The Gothic Cathedrals. Contents: Volume I; Something About Proportions; Polygons & Polygrams; Early Circular Temples; Round Temple At Tivoli; Pantheon, Rome; Santa Costanza, Rome; San Lorenzo, Milan; Temple Church, London; Holy Sepulchre, Cambridge; Inter-Relations & Cross-Influences Between Longitudinal & Centralizing Church Types; Baltic Group; St. Mary, Wismar; Short Compendium Of The Octagrammatic & Dodecaidal Systems; St. Nicolas, Wismar; St. Mary, Stralsund; St. Mary, Lubeck; St. Nicolas, Stralsund, Lubeck Cathedral; Schwerin Cathedral; Church Of The Cistercian Abbey Of Doberan (Mecklenburg); St Peter, Malmo; St Mary, Rostock, St. Peter, Riga; St George, Wismar; St. Nicolas, Lueneburg; Church Of Cistercian Abbey Of Dargun; Parish Church Of Buetzow; St. Mary, Prenzlau (Brandenburg); St. Nicolas, Anklam; St. George, Parchim; Amiens Cathedral; Reims Cathedral; Westminster Abbey, London; Principles Of Octagonal Geometry In Their Application To Longitudinal Churches; Symbolism; Historic Outlook. Early History Of Chartres Cathedral Up To 1194; Gothic Cathedral; Abstract Geometry, Plan; Abstract Geometry, Cross Sections Through West Limb & South Transept With Crossing; Elevation Of South Transept Front; Long Section; West Front; Symbolism Of Chartres Cathedral. There Are No Other Works Which Describe The Geometric Detail Of The Cathedrals In The Detail Here! PLEASE NOTE: The condition of this book is not the best that we produce, as it was an akward size to scan and the color diagrams reproduced in B&W sometimes are not totally clear. However the originals are hard to find and cost 10 times the price of this copy, so for many this is a decent alternative as a good reading copy to access the material.

CAT#168 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Ancient Records: The Secret Law, The English Alphabet, The Arabic Numerals, The Zodiac, Blessings Of Israel

1927 100p. An Interpretation Of Very Ancient Records, Which Seem To Have Been Left To Humanity By A People Who Lived In An Erudite Age , One From A Long Forgotten Past, Wherein God Was One, Language Was One Language, The People Were On People Under Diving Law. Contents: Two Spirit Influences In Earth; Ancient Sacred & Secret Law Of The Spirit-Christ, Portrayed In The Star Of Bethlehem, A Geometrical Cosmic Calculator; Unfolded Tetrahedron In Construction Of Star; Four Tetrads Of Form; Divine Symbols Of The Invisible Priesthood; Zodiacal Wheel Calculator; Divine Law In The Great Tetrahedron; 13 Commandments Statement Of Law; Spirit In Center Of Star; Tools Of A Master Builder; Forms Of The Ancient Alphabet; Journey Of The Soul As Portrayed By Alphabet; David's Prophecies; Arabic Numerals Symbolic Of Soul's Journey; 3 Double Heads Of Divine Law In The Master Builder Diagram; Quickening Triads; Numerology; Man's Journey Through Life Under Zodiacal Influence; Heliocentric Astrology; Heliocentric Astronomy & Spiral Emanation Of Planets; Siderial Astrology; Houses Of Heavens; Israel's Blessings As Pertaining To The Sons Of God, 7 Portrayed In Ancient Masonry; Real Spirit Of Masonry; Universal Laws; Harmony, Perfection & Active Principles.

CAT#183 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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The Light Of Egypt Or The Science Of The Soul & The Stars, In Two Parts &
Celestial Dynamics, A Course Of Astro-Metaphysical Study
An Initiate In Esoteric Masonry (Thomas H. Burgoyne)

1889 292p.Illustrated W/ 8 Engravings, 1896 107p. "In Light Of Egypt, An Effort Is Made To Show That The Science Of The Stars & The Science Of The Soul Are The Twin Mysteries Which Comprise The One Grand Science Of Life. The Secrets & Occult Mysteries Of Astrology Are Revealed & Explained For The First Time, Since The Hieroglyphics Of Egypt. To The Occultist It Will Supply The Mystic Key For Which He Has Been So Long Earnestly Seeking,. To The Astrologer It Will Become A 'Divine Revelation Of Science.'" "Celestial Dynamics Is An Important Primary Work Being The First Practical Exposition Of The Astro-Magnetic Forces Of Nature In Their Relation To Man." Contents: Vol. I, Science Of Soul: Realms Of Spirit, Involution Of Divine Idea; Realms Of Matter, Evolution & Crystallization Of Force; Origin Of Physical Life, Progressive Expressions Of Polarity; Mysteries Of Sex, Differentiations Of Biune Spirit; Transition Of Life: Incarnation And Re-Incarnation, Truths, Apparent & Delusory; Hermetic Constitution Of Man, Principles Vs. Results, Contradictions Reconciled; Karma, Its Real Nature & Influence; Mediumship, Its Universal Nature, Laws & Influence; Realities Of Life; Soul, Nature & Attributes; Morality & Immortality, Nature's Processes, Appearance & Reality; Dark Satellite, Sphere Of Failure & Undeveloped Good; Triumph Of The Human Soul, Adeptship, Its Nature & How Attainable. Science Of The Stars; Basic Principles Of Celestial Science, Refraction & Distribution Of Solar Force; Influence Of Stellar Force Upon Human Brain; Inter-Action Of Stars Upon Man; Conclusion; Alchemy & Stars; Alchemical Nature Of Man; Powers & Potencies Of 12 Signs & Planets; Practical Application Of Science; Mystical Chain Or Union Of Soul & Stars. Part II: Celestial Dynamics: Solar Power; Occult Forces Of Nature; Language Of Starry Heavens; Harmonies & Cycles; Vital Force; Temperament, Physical & Magnetic; Electric & Magnetic Planets & Sign; Mental & Intellectual Powers; Financial Prospects; Celestial Dynamics In Operation; Diagnosis Of Disease; Material Destiny Of Man.

CAT#192 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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An Essay Upon Force In Nature & It's Effects Upon Matter.

The Crown Jewels Of The Nations Are Their Measures.
J. Ralston Skinner

1869 85p., 1877, 90p. These Are Two Extremely Rare & Important Works By The Author Of Key To The Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery In The Source Of MeasuresSaid By Robert Lawlor To Be The Most Esoteric Book In The Secret Doctrine Series. These Works As Introductory & Explanatory Of Skinners Work. Part I: "The Following Essay Embodies An Attempt To Show That Planetary Movement Can Not Be Perfected By The Theory Of Gravitation As Received. Planetary Movements Are Caused By The Effect Of Force On Matter, Not Inherent In Matter:& Further, That The One Primal Force On Which Planetary Movement Depends, Modified By Special Effects Upon Substances Differing In Kind, In Arrangement, And In Position, Is That Which, Under The Modified Conditions, Is Called By The Various Names Of Force, As Of Attraction & Repulsion, Cold & Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Weight, Etc.- In Other Words, It Is Thought That Differences Of Forces By Name Should Be Taken As Being Expressions Of Differences In Manifestation Of A Same Force, But Not Of Specific Differences Of Forces;- The Differences As To Manifestation Arising From Peculiarities Of Matter On Which The One Force Acts." Detailed Dissertation With Geometric Theorems & Proofs. Part II: This Work Is A More Concise Summary Of The Conclusions & Theories Developed In "Source Of Measures" Presenting The "Development Of Numbers As Answering To Geometrical Analyses Of Shapes, To An Extent Of Exhibition That Proves The Source Of These Number Relations To Exist In Nature, And The Issuances Therefrom (As Shown)To Be The Development Of A Natural Creative System, Or More Reverentially, A Divine Creative System, Which To The Extent Presented, It Is Exact, And Ample To Indicate Basis Of The Complete System. Contents: Geometry; Conics; Diagonals Of Square; Measure Of Circle; The Measures Of The Nations & Their Origin; Turin & Nilometer Cubit Measures; Ansated Cross Of Egyptians; Architectural Details & Specification S Of Great Pyramid Of Egypt, As Derived From These Measures; Ark Of Covenant; Demonstration Of Essential Error In The Legendre Or Playfair Method Of Rectification Of The Curve Of The Circle; Astronomical Use Of The Form; Natural Measure; Polar Diameter; Parker's Methods; Mean Solar Year; Parallax; Quadrature Of Circle; Newton & Kepler's Laws; General Law Of Interplanetary Distances; Biblical Matters.

CAT#199 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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By Robert Rundle

2018 2nd Edition Revised. 144p. & 1st Edition. 250p. Bound in 1 Volume. This is the complete set of Magic Words Thru the Zodiac, Volume 1 & 2 together. These books provide the Keys to cracking the secret code W. D. Gann used to secretly concealed his greatest secrets within his works. It unveils a Masonic Gematria cypher which serves to decrypt references and clues concealed in names, dates and other key words thru the text. These letter/numerical conversions are used to determine potential anchor points for engineering of important underlying market cycles. Gann carefully hid within these cycles particularly within his most mysterious books, The Tunnel Thru the Air and The Magic Word. Many believe that Gann’s greatest secrets were veiled only within these abstract metaphysical books, which can only be decoded thru the complex unravelling of this secret code, leading to the technical mapping of Gann’s underlying astronomical cyclical model of market activity. These book goes further in presenting the secret Key to Gann’s cryptographic methodology than has ever been revealed before.

CAT#262 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. Includes Excel Spreadsheet and Timing Solutions Templates. $1222.00
These books requires the signing of a non-disclosure agreement.

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The Cosmological Freemasonry of Frank Higgins

The Cross Of The Magi, An Unveiling of The Greatest Of All Ancient Mysteries.

A.U.M. “The Lost Word”.

The Beginning Of Masonry, Forty Papers On the Hidden Mysteries Of Ancient Freemasonry.

Frank C. Higgins

1912, 56p. 1914,40p. 1916,127p. These Writings Are Amongst The Best Geometrical, Mathematical, & Arithmetical Unveilings of The Secret Freemasonic Cosmological Science. Contents: Part 1 – The Macrocosmos Shown Mathematically To Be Reflected In The Microcosmos; Chinese I Ching; Great Solar Myth; Ancient Babylonian Magian Symbolism Of Sun, Moon & Zodiac; Cross As Geometric Messianic Symbol; Geometric Genesis; 47th Problem of Euclid; Pythagoras; Cardinal Points; Proportions; Arithmetical Schemes; Squaring of Circle Arithemetically Relates To Sun, Moon & Earth; Equilateral Triangle An Infinite “Square” of Numbers; Pythagorean Tetrax or Tetragrammaton; Number 64 Heart of Magian System; Chess Board; Magian Mathematics; Mosaic Pavement or 64 Squares; Greater Tetractys of Pythagoras; Gnostic Triangle 8x8x8; Manifested Logos; Solar & Lunar Proportions; Sun & Moon Triangles; Vertical Sections of Egyptian Pyramids Express 2 Squarings of Circle; Numerical Sequences; Septenary Calendar Tablet; Magic Squares; Celestial Square; Magian Square Gives Zodiacal System; Pythagorean Mathematics; Magic Square of Cardinal Points; Pythagorean Problem Exhibits 3 Magic Squares; Crosses & Swastikas; Eight Pointed Cross Represents #64; Jerusalem Cross; Solar System; What Swastika Really Is; Squared Circle of Equal Areas; Circle Laid On Square Indicating Function of Swastika; Squared Circle of Equal Perimeter & Relation To Swastika; Zodiacal Signs; Equinox & Solstice. Part II A.U.M. “The Lost Word”; Divine Truth; Flame; Spirit Essence; Sanskrit & Indian Origins; Gematria; Tetragrammaton; Venus; Hermes; Horus; Yin & Yang; Brahma; Vishnu; Shiva; Matter, Mind, Energy; Order & Chaos; Egypt; Geometry As Link Between Spirit & Matter; Geometrical Construction of AUM; Geometrical Correspondences of Oblong 4x7; Egyptian Sun Hieroglyph; Circle & Oblong Square; Geographical Position of Great Pyramid; Wisdom Of Solomon Gematria Code For Solar Science; 3 Rays of Druids & Chaldeans; The “Word” In The Egg; Vesica Piscis; Hexagon; Word of Power; Mundane Egg; Brahma In Mundane Egg Geometric Construction; Three Fall Into Four; 144; Precession of Equinoxes; Egyptian Universe Geometrically Represented; J-H-V-H; Crux Ansata, Tau; Fohat; Stanzas of Dyzan; Solar Logos. Part III Ancient Cosmic Science; Cardinal Signs; First Books of Masonry; Architecture As Hidden Books; Karnac Is A Complete Formula; Theosophy & Masonry; Ancient Mysteries; Secret Doctrine; Hermetic Philosophy; Hermes Trismegistus; Rosicrucianism; Masonry’s Real Secret; Pythagoras & Freemasonry; Eye of Horus; 47th Problem; Ancient Hebrew Pythagorean Triangle; 47th Problem Symbolizes Isis, Osiris & Horus; Creative Logos; Number-Letter System; 3x3; Gematria; Number 7; “Pi” Proportion & Genesis; Elohim The “Pi” Proportion; Masonry In A Snowflake; Cabalism; King Solomon’s Temple; Druidic Stone Circles; Cubic Structure; Chaldean Universe; Cubical Stone Cornerstone of Temple; Middle Chamber; Babylonian Temple With Planetary Steps; Pillars & Parallels; Hindu Great Cycles; Floor of The Lodge; Proportion of 3x4; Equation of Loci; Earths Orbit By Egyptian Astronomers; Candidate; Widow’s Son; Lodge Heads; Grand Masters; Serpent Wand of Hermes; Numerical Sequences; Angles; Sun At Meridian; Signs; Mosaic Pavement; Circumambulation; Babylonian Cylinder Seals; Origin Of Sabbath; Geocentric System; Chaldean Order; Letter “G”; Square, Circle, Triangle = GOD; Secret of Two Cubes; East; Zodiacal & Astronomical Symbolism; Squares; Geometric Derivation of Masonic Symbols; Lion; Earth, Air, Fire, Water; Acacia; Color Symbolism; Light. Filled With Wonderful Geometric & Astronomical Diagrams.

CAT#413 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Ancient Freemasonry, An Introduction To The Study Of Masonic Archaeology.
Franc C. Higgins, 32nd Degree

1923, 463p. One of the Most Scholarly & Revealing Histories of Freemasonry Ever Written. Contains Many Insights into the Geometrical, & Astronomical Secrets of Masonry & Their Origins in the Ancient Civilizations. Contents: Freemasonry the Parent of all Religions; Legends of Masonry; Hiram, King of Tyre; Freemasonry of Ancient Greeks & Romans; Pythagorean Multiplication Table; Trisection of an Oblong; Trapezoid; Universe Geometrical & Cyclic According To Ancient Philosophers; Mysteries of Freemasonry In Ancient Egypt; Freemasonry in Prehistoric America; Mysteries of the Knights Templar; Hidden Source of Freemasonry and its Rituals; Science of Ancient Masonry; Freemasonry's Sacred Cities; Astronomy's Part in Freemasonry; Symbols of Freemasonry Charms and Amulets; Geometrical Relations Between Circle Squaring Triangles, Keystones & Pyramids; Light on the Ancient Mysteries of Initiation; Freemasonry Solves the Mysteries of the Pyramids; First Freemasons in The Universe; Debt Owed To India; Ancient Science Of Numbers; Women in Freemasonry; Masonic Tradition of Adam and Eve; Freemasonry’s Relation To The Calendar; King Solomon a Wizard; Most Ancient Symbols; Sampson and Initiation. An Essential Companion to Higgins Cosmological Freemasonry, Filed With Sacred Science & Symbolism. Many diagrams.

CAT#414 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Count Michael Maier Life & Writings, 1568-1622: Doctor Of Philosophy & Medicine, Alchemist, Rosicrucian, Mystic.
The Rev. J. B. Craven, D.D.

1910, 165p. Count Michael Maier is considered one of the great Alchemists & Rosicrucians of his times. Author of the Alchemical Work, Atalanta Fugienes, he is one of the only know Alchemists to apply the Canon to the Musical Arts, & is a definite predecessor of the Glass Bead Game. This wonderful book gives a full review of his Life & Works.

CAT#415 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Cosmology, Or Universal Science, Cabala, Alchemy, Containing The Mysteries Of the Universe, Regarding God Nature Man, The Macrocosm & Microcosm, Eternity & Time, Explained According To The Religion Of Christ, By Means Of The Secret Symbols Of The Rosicrucians Of The 16th & 17th Centuries.
Henricus Madathanus Theosophus & Anon. Translated by Franz Hartmann, M.D.

1888, 70 Folio (11”x17”)Pages Including 27 Full Page (11”x17”)Color Diagrams of Rosicrucian Symbolism (Color Diagrams Account for Increased Production Cost). Copied and translated from an old German manuscript, and provided with a Dictionary of Occult terms. Contents: Part I. Aureum Seculum Redivivum or The Ancient Golden Age, which has disappeared from the Earth, but will reappear; whose germ is beginning to sprout, and will bear blossom & fruit. By Henricus Madathanus Theosophus. Part II. A Treatise on the Philosopher’s Stone, by a still living Philosopher, but who does not desire to be known. Written fro the instructions of those who love the Secret Doctrine, & for the guidance of the Brothers of the Golden Rose-Cross. Containing text about the Secret Symbils of the Rosicrucians and their application to Hermetic Science, Alchemy & all forms of Cosmology. The text is a showcase for the 27 Magnificent Geometrical & Esoteric Color Diagrams Titled as Follows: Mysterium Magnum Studium Universali; Elohim Jehovah, God Word; The Mystery of the Number Three; Mystery of The Number Five; Mystery of Number Seven; The Great Mystery, Equal Armed Cross; Figura Camalistica, The Basis of the Wonderful Numbers:, Elohim; The Philosopher’s Stone, Spiriti Damnati; Figura Divina Theosoph, Cabalist, Philosoph, & Chymica; The Corner-Stone, Invisible Incomprehensible Chaos, The Visible Comprehensible Chaos, The Signet Star of Time; Scala Philosophorum Cabalistica Magia; Jesus, Alpha & Omega; The Triune God, Jehovah; The Celestial Virgin, Celestial & Terrestrial EVE, Mother of All Beings in Heaven & on Earth, Star of the Sages From The East, Virgin Sophia, Sun of Justice; Unification; Figura Cabalistica; The Septenary Mysteries, Man Know Thyself, & Thou Shalt Know All; The Sealed Book; The Open Book With Seven Seals; Evolution; River Of Gold & Of Silver; Mercurius De Mercurio; Revelation of Jesus Christ; Rosicrucian Prayer; Eternity. A Rare & Important Masterpiece!!

CAT#431 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Sign & The Seal: The Quest For the Lost Arc of the Covenant.
Graham Hancock.

1993. 608p. The fact of the Lost Ark of the Covenant is one of the grant historical mysteries of all time. To believers, the Ark is the legendary vessel holding the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. The Bible contains hundreds of references to the Ark's power to level mountains, destroy armies, and lay waste to cities. The Ark itself, however, mysteriously disappears from recorded history sometime after the building of the Temple of Solomon. After ten years of searching through the dusty archives of Europe and the Middle East, as well as braving the real-life dangers of a bloody civil war in Ethiopia, Graham Hancock has succeeded where scores of others have failed. This intrepid journalist has tracked down the true story behind the myths and legends -- revealing where the Ark is today, how it got there, and why it remains hidden. Built at the foot of Mount Sinai, Hancock tells us, it ``was deposited [around 955 B.C.] by Solomon in the Holy of Holies of the First Temple.'' Later, Hancock says, it was stolen by Solomon's outcast son and carried south to Ethiopia and kept there for 800 years by a Judaic cult. Then it apparently was seized by the Knights Templar, who thought that it was the Holy Grail. The Knights converted the Jews, who kept the Ark in a great church. And to protect the Ark, all of the churches in the cult have their own replicas of the Ark: The original is never seen, even on the holiest days of the year. Part fascinating scholarship and part entertaining adventure yarn, tying together some of the most intriguing tales of all time -- from the Knights Templar and Prester John to Parsival and the Holy Grail -- this book will appeal to anyone fascinated by the revelation of hidden truths, the discovery of secret mysteries.

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