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Athanasius Kircher S.J., Master Or A Hundred Arts 1602-1680.
P. Conor Reilly, S. J.

1940, 207p. A Rare Biography of The Man Considered The Last Polymath, A Multifaceted Scientist/Metaphysician Whose Amazing Diagrams Litter Esoteric Works since His Time. Another Great Magister Ludi of the Glass Bead Game. Contents: Early Years In Germany; The Young Professor; Road To Rome; Professor At Roman College; Southward Journey; Great Art Of Light & Shadow; The Plague; Mundus Subterraneus; Kircher-Alchemist; Frustrated Missionary; The Speaking Trumpet Controversy; Kircherian Museum; Years In Rome; Mentorella & The Last Years. See Our Catalog Of Foreign Titles For Original Latin Versions of Kircher’s Works.

CAT#416 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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L'Archeometre, Clef De Toutes Les Religions & De Toutes Les Sciences De L'Antiquite. Reforme Synthetique de tous les Arts Contemporains. (Volume I)

L'Archeometre Musical, Modes Melodiques Et Harmoniques. (Volume II)

La Theogonie Des Patriarches, Jesus (Nouveau Testament), Moise (Ancien Testament), Adaptations De L'Arheometre A Une Nouvelle Traduction De L'Evangile De Saint Jean Et Du Sepher De Moise. (Volume III)

le Marquis de Saint-Yves d'Alveydre.

1909, 570p. Text In FRENCH. This Masterpiece is Considered One of The Greatest& Rarest Works on the Philosophical/Cosmological Canon With Full Exemplary Applications to the Architectural, Musical, & Literary Arts. This Rare Work Includes Numerous Geometrical Diagrams & Analyses Musical Compositions & Poetic Works, All Created According to the Philosophical Canon. It is considered the most complete & developed application of the Sacred Canon ever published, and has been unobtainable since its original publication. D'Alveydre was one of the foremost Occultists of the 19th Century, teacher of Papus, amongst numerous others. Contents: Vol I: Introduction; La Regression Mentale; L'Erreur Triomphante; Pythagorisme Ancien et Moderne; La Mort Spirituelle; La Sagesse De Dieu Et Le Christianisme; La Voie; La Verite; La Vie; Le Canon Organique de Vie de L'Humanite et sa Revelation; La Vie Divine et la Recelation de ses MysteresLes Cycles Millenaires; Tradition Cabalistique; Description et Etude de l'Archeometre; La Parole et les Alphabets; Le Planisphere Archeometrique; L'Archeometre Cosmologique; Les Triangles Celestes; Eclaircissements sur l'Astronomie des Anciens; L'Archeometre et la Tradition Orientale; L'Alphabet Sanscrit; Les Adaptations de l'Archeometre; L'Architecture, Principes Generauz d'Adaption; Architecture Parlante et Musicale; Archeometre Regulateur & Chromologique; Musique des Sons; Vibrations Harmoniques.

CAT#432 $250.00 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. TEXT IN FRENCH!

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Die Harmonikale Symbolik Des Alterthums, Volume 1.
Albert Freiherr von Thimus

1868, 448p. Text in GERMAN. This work traces the evolution of Musical Cosmology from it Roots In the Most Ancient Times, to the 18th Century. It is an important work In the World of Harmonics, & Was The Foundational Source Work used by Hans Kayser in the Development of His Work. Full of Diagrams & Music. “Die Esoterische Zahlenlehre und Harmonik der Pythagoreer in ihren Bezichungen zu alteeren griechischen und morgenlandischen Quellen insbesondere wur altsemitisch-hebraischen Ueberlieferung.”

CAT#433 $50.00

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Lehrbuch Der Harmonik.
Hans Kayser

1950, 380 Oversized Pages. Text in GERMAN. 100’s of Diagrams. This Masterpiece is Without Comparison, the Greatest Work On Harmonic & Musical Cosmology Ever Conceived. No Thinker in History has Developed the Theory of Harmonics & its Manifestation in Nature To Anywhere Near The Complexity. This Book Is One Of The Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written. Even Without Reading German, The Extensive Diagrams on Harmonics, Lambdomas, Harmonic Proportions, Numerical Progressions, and much more make this work of great value to everyone.

CAT#434 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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Das Gesetz Des Kosmos: Die Gottliche Harmonie Nach Platons Politeia-Timaios. Die Platonischen Zalenratsel Erneut Gelost Und Dargestellt.
Eberhard Wortmann

1965, Text in GERMAN. 130 Oversized Pages With Over 80 Full Page Geometric & Cosmological Diagrams. Title In English: The Law Of The Cosmos The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic – Timeaus The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved Again And Described. This is One of the Ten Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written Eberhard Wortmann is the only know modern Magister Ludi to have corresponded with Hermann Hesse, who in appreciation of his brilliant work called him a "Glass Bead Game Player." The Sacred Science Institute is working in conjunction with Wortmann's family to produce English translation of this Masterpiece, segments of which will be posted upon our website as they progress. Wortmann's works contain hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean and Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics and Astronomy ever seen, as well as one of the most intricate elaborations of Universal Order and Kosmic Law known to man. The vast and synthetic thinking process presented in these works inspired a correspondence discussing the GBG between Hesse and Wortmann. "Here it should be mentioned that the Platonic riddle of numbers are actually a question of logical games of thought, "Glass Bead Games", as Hermann Hesse, the great writer and man, had named this kind of mental business." The Diagrams Contained in this Masterpiece Are the Most Advanced & Original Geometric/Cosmological/Harmonic/Astronomical Diagrams We Have Ever Seen. Even If you Do Not Read German, Three Quarters of This Work Contains Pure Diagrams & Geometry, So It Is of Great Value To Everyone Interested in Sacred Geometric Cosmology!

CAT#435 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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