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A Scientific Correlation & Proof as to When & Why the Gold Market Makes Tops & Bottoms Including 100 Years of Projections to 2100

By L. David Linsky

2017. 201 pages. THE GOLD MARKET HAS BEEN SOLVED! This book reveals a scientifically based proof which accurately predicts when the Gold Market will make its tops and bottoms. Accurate projections have been made since 1974 with an accuracy rating between 85% - 99%. The Gold Market possesses a previously unknown but now identified hidden pattern, timed by a series of specific cycles which will allow any trader to capture Gold’s primary swings for the rest of their life… A valuable mathematically based pattern in the Gold Market has been discovered which provides a series of safe and highly profitable investment opportunities in Gold for many years into the future. The book lays out this unique discovery of a highly accurate and scientifically based proof foretelling when Gold will make its tops and bottoms within a very narrow time window with an 85-99% accuracy. This powerful insight has proven accurate in forecasting all the Gold Market’s primary tops and bottoms over the past 40 years, with further verification over 750 years. It can be applied to any investment in any highly-correlated or Gold related financial instrument, including physical Gold, Gold related Stocks, Options, ETF's, Futures, Bullion, Coins or Jewelry. Whatever level of investment experience one may have, whether a beginner or professional, this information will provide an invaluable edge for trading the Gold market for decades to come!

CAT#288 $1495.00 Black Suede Hardcover
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