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Baumring's Essential Colville

Kabbalah: The Harmony of Opposites, A Treatise Elucidating Bible Allegories & The Significance of Numbers

Ancient Mysteries & Modern Revelations

W. J. Colville

1916, 1911 541p. Two of Baumring's selections on the Western Esoteric Traditions containing many important topics for understanding Gann. Contents: Bibles Under Modern Searchlight; Rivers of Life or Faiths of Man in All Lands; Ancient and Modern Ideas of Revelation; Various Spiritual Elements in the Bible and Classic Literature; Creation Legends; Egypt and Its Wonders Literally and Mystically considered; The Philosophy of Ancient Greece; The School of Pythagoras; The Delphic Mysteries; Apollonius of Tyana; Five Varieties of Yoga; Union of Eastern and Western Philosophy; Ezekiel s Wheel What it Signifies Astrology in Prophecy; Emanuel Swedenborg and His Doctrine of Correspondences; The Book of Exodus Its Practical and Esoteric Teachings; The Story of the Passover and the Pillar of Fire in the Wilderness; The Message of Buddhism Purity and Philanthropy; Magic in Europe in the Middle Ages; Ancient Magic and Modern Therapeutics Paracelsus and Von Helmont; Jeanne D Arc, the Maid of Orleans; Andrew Jackson Davis; Bible Symbolism; Life and Matter; The Law of Seven and the Law of Unity; Spiritualism and the Deepening of Spiritual Life; The Esoteric Teachings of the Gnostics; Halley's Comet; Psychopathic Treatment.

CAT#103 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Baumring's Essential Doreal

The 10 Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean: A Literal Translation of One of The Most Ancient & Secret of the Great Works of The Ancient Wisdom

An Interpretation of the 10 Emerald Tablets, With The Two Tablets Not Printed Previously

Kabbalistic, Alchemical & Occult Symbolism of the Great Pyramid


1939, 71p.; 1948, 68p.; 1938, 47p. Contents: History of Thoth, The Atlantean; The Halls of Amenti; The Key to Wisdom; The Space Born; The Dweller of Unal; Lords & Masters of Cycles; Master of Magic; The Key of Magic; The Seven Lords; The Key of The Mysteries; The Key To Freedom of Space; The Key of Time; The Key To Above & Below; The Law fo Cause & Effect & the Key of Prophesy; The Keys of Life & Death; Interpretation of The 10 Tablets; Symbols Are But Keys; Higher Knowledge; The Last 2 Tablets Translated; Sacred Land; Symbols of Mystery; Guard of The Portal; Secret of Secrets; Key To Shambala. Volume II Symbolism of the Great Pyramid: Diagrams: Pyramid Structure; Crystal; Secret Entrance; Storehouse of Wisdom For Ancient Atlanteans; Storehouse For Machines; Force Projector; Suspended Radioactive Substance; Connection With Central Earth Force; Pyramid Construction 36,000 B. C. by Atlanteans; Melchizedek; Secret of Transmutation of Physical Powers to Spiritual Powers; Anti-Gravitational Machines; Vibratory Apparatus; Levitating Stones; Focusing Lenses Aligned With Central Earth Force; Interplanetary Teleportation; Vibratory Plasma Energy Rays; Initiation Into The Mysteries; Kabbala & Great Unity; Sephiroth & Kabbalistic Emmenation; Zodiac; Great Pyramid Symbolizes Human Body; Subterranean Passages; Generative Functions; Pyramid Perfectly Symbolizes 12 Phases of Alchemistry: Solution; Filtration; Evaporation; Distillation; Separation; Rectification; Calcination; Commixion; Purification; Inhibition; Fermentation; Fixation; Plus Two Beyond These: Multiplication & Projection; 4 Primal Elements: Azoth, Mercury, Sulphur, Salt; Pyramid Measurements & Cosmic Symbolic Correlations; Time Cycles; Esoteric Meaning of Hieroglyphics Never Been Interpreted; "Book of the Dead" is Actually "Book of Life";Secret Books on Construction of Pyramid; Cosmic Mind; Pythagoras, Thales, Democritus. An Amazing Perspective & New Revelations!

CAT#105 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Temple Of Man: Apet Of The South of Luxor
R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Translated From The French By
Robert & Deborah Lawlor

French Edition 1957; Tr. 1998 Inner Traditions International; 2 Quarto Volumes In Slipcase; 1088p.; 363 Illustrations, 51 Photographic Plates Table of Contents: The Temple of Man Volume 1; Publisher's Preface; Translators' Acknowledgments; Translators' Preface; Preface; Introduction; Symbol-Evocation; Part 1 The Doctrine of the Anthropocosmos: Elements; Consciousness and Irreducible Magnitudes; Consciousness; Irreducible Magnitudes & Consciousness; Symbolique; The Magical Character of the Symbol; Symbol-Synthesis; Innate Knowledge ( A Summary); The Principle of the Present Moment; The Discontinuous Object in the Continuous Present; Relationship is the Symbol of Being; Symbolique; Anthropocosmos; The Meaning of the Anthropocosmos; The Principle of the Microcosm; Totemism & Heraldry; Mysticomagical Science; God & Determinism; Pharaonic Thought; Elements of the Pharaonic Mentality; The Technique of Thought; Function, Number, & Neter. Part 2: Mathematical Thought; Foundations of Pharaonic Mathematics; The Mystical Number; The Irrational; On Harmony; Space; Pharaonic Volumes; The Root; Pharaonic Calculation; Fundamentals; General Considerations; The Egyptian Notation of Numbers; Egyptian Calculation; Fractions; The Rhind Papyrus; Part 3: The Master Builders' Grid: Pharaonic Mathematics Applied; Pharaonic Trigonometry; Fundamentals of the Trigonometry; Functional Development of the Law of Right Triangles; Addition & Subtraction of Angles in Proportional Notation; The Canevas: Living Architecture of Number; The Architectural Grid of the Builders of the Temple; The Three Functions of the Canevas; Varying the Originating Center of the Construction; The Cosmic Principle of Volume; The Principle of the Square Roots of the Lineage of 2 & The Cube Root of the Lineage of 3; Musical Harmony & Volumes; The Problem of the Duplication of the Cube; Gnomonic Growth of cubes & a Practical Method for Extracting a Cube Root; The Canevas of Volumes; Pharaonic Cubits; Measures; The Principle of the Royal Cubit; The Pharaonic Pi; Measures & Cubits; The Human Canon; The Canevas Guide; The Numbers 7 & 19; The Two Pharaonic Methods of Using the Grid; Human Biometrics & Invariable Principles; Application of the Standard Pharaonic Canon; Projection of the Canevas on Two Royal Figures; The Royal Apron; The Axes; The Principle of the Axes; the Axes of the Temple of Luxor; The Axis of Amun & the Naos of Amun's Barque; The Axis of the Court of Ramesses (Narthex); the Teaching of the five Kings of the Sanctuary of Amun. Part 4 The Architecture of the Temple: Themes; The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus; Introduction; Some Anatomical Terms Used in the Papyrus; Carious Skull Injuries; The Temporal Region; Magical Incantations; Conclusion; The Diadem; The Crown of the Skull; Diadem, I Assume Thee; The Joints: Guides for Reading; The Covered Temple: The Head; Sanctuary V; The Essential Secret Sanctuaries; The Significance of Sanctuary V; Crossing; The Zodiac; The Genesis of the Empire; The Zodiac on Egypt; The Zodiac & the Precession of the Equinoxes; The Pharaonic Calendar; The Hindu Temple; The Square of Nine; The Mystic Temple: A Meditation; The Parvis; The Door; The Narthex; The Nave: The Vessel; The Peristyle: Transept & Womb; The Covered Temple, Entrance to the Choir; The Sanctuary; The Apse, Extra Muros. Volume 2, Part 5, The Pharaonic Temple: The Architectonics of the Pharaonic Temple; Preface to the Presentation of the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; The Temple of Luxor. Part 6: Plates, Legends, and Commentaries; Amun and Suti-Hor; Amun, Source of Births, Creator of Neters; Suti-Hor: The Original Builders; General Views of the Temple of Luxor; The Growth of the Temple; A Colossus of the Temple; Joints and Pieces; The Mosaic Figure in the Foundation of the Temple; The Crown of the Skull; The Moon in the Haty; The Knees; The Bows; The Zodiac; The Master Builders' Grid; The Problem of Establishing a Human Canon; Study of an Applied Canevas: The Tomb of Ukhotep at Meir; The Use of a Grid by the Maya; Investigation of the Canevas Imposed by the Representation & Proportions of the Figures; Cubits & Temple; The Grid & Architecture; An Application of the Canvas to the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; Transformations and Mutations; A Secret Sanctuary; The Axes of the Temple; The Holy of Holies; The Lines on the Floor; The Three Axes; The Naos of Alexander & the Geometric Pi; discussions Concerning a Perfect Pi; Receiving & Giving; Giving & Receiving; Receiving & Giving; The Architectural Structure; Transparency and Transposition; Seth-Horus; Realizers of the Plan: Suti-Hor Appendix: Comparison of Parts and Chapters in the English and French Editions;List of Works Cited; Index. BE AWARE, THIS BOOK WEIGHS 13 LBS. SO SHIPPING PRICES VARY CONSIDERABLY FOR DIFFERENT ZONES. ESTIMATES FOR AIR MAIL-ZONE 1: USA, CANADA & MEXICO $15.00-$20.00, ZONE 2: EUROPE, S.AMERICA, PACIFIC RIM $75.00. ZONE 3: AUSTRALIA, FAR EAST $90.00.

CAT#141 $195.00

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The Tarot: A Contemporary Course Of The Quintessence of Hermetic Occultism.
Mouni Sadhu

1962, 495p. Considered one of the best works on the Tarot and it Hermetic interpretation, with a detailed elaboration of Arcanum of each of the 22 Cards of the Major Arcana. Contents: Kabbalah; Spiritual Doctrine; Monad; Hebrew Alphabet As Used In the Kabbalah; Sequence of Triangles Producing the Tarot; Square in Triangle as Symbol of Tarot. Lessons on Arcanum I-XXII: Includes the Initiation Symbols, Great & Minor Mysteries; Relationships of Spirit & Matter; Number, Measure & Weight; Archetypes; Essences; Ideas; Forms; Material Objects; Divine Essences; Charges of Symbolism; Relationships to India & Egypt; Number/Letter Symbolism;5 Senses; Mystic Cross; Circle of Ezekiel; 4 Hermetic Virtues; Arithmetical Cycles; Earth, Air, Fire, Water; Pentagram; Pentagrams in Motion; Tetragram; Concentration Training; Hexagram; Septenaries of the Tarot; Geometrical Addition; Secondary Causalities; Planetary Elements; Numerical Summation Sequence Formulae; Evolutionary Triangles & Reflections; System of Sephiroth; Essence of Things; Names of God; Sephiroth in Diabatic Processes; Magic; Table of Elements in Man; Addition & Multiplication In The Unfolding of the Arcanum; Reciprocal Processes; Isis, Osiris & Horus; Moses; Zoroaster; Mystic Cross. An extremely detailed Presentation of Hermetic Science and the Evolution of the Cosmos & Spirit. Profusely Illustrated

CAT#142 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Complete Works of Franz Bardon

Introduction: Frabato the Magician

Volume I: Initiation Into Hermetics

Volume II: The Practice of Magical Evocation

Volume III: The Key To The True Kabbalah

Volume IV: Questions & Answers

Franz Bardon

For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from these titles, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page, & the individual listings in the Hermetics or Other Categories of the Seeker's Sanctum.


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Frabato The Magician
Franz Bardon

1996 173p. Though cast in the form of a novel, Frabato the Magician is in fact the spiritual autobiography of Franz Bardon, one of the twentieth century's greatest Hermetic adepts. Frabato was the author's stage name during his career as a performing magician, and it is Frabato who occupies center stage in the novel as well. Set in Dresden, Germany, in the early 1930s, the story chronicles Frabato's magical battles with the members of a powerful and dangerous black lodge, his escape from Germany during the final desperate days of the Weimar Republic, and the beginning of the spiritual mission which was to culminate in Franz Bardon's classic books on Hermetic magic. More than an occult novel, Frabato the Magician is itself a work of magic which illuminates Bardon's other books as well as providing a revealing look into the dark occult forces which lay behind the rise of the Third Reich. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.

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Initiation Into Hermetics: A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice
Franz Bardon

1999 287p. Initiation into Hermetics is the entrance gate to true initiation as it is the first key to the universal laws. The content of this book is not based on any speculative methods, but is the result of personal experiences and research of practical exercises by the author, which, up to now, was available only to a chosen few. And it is not easy to express in simple words a subject which is on such high level as magic, and make it understandable to everyone. Initiation into Hermetics transcends any book ever written on this subject, even though it is only the first of three volumes. From this statement you can gather the wealth of information the other volumes contain. Never before in the history of mankind has this information been committed in this form to paper in such a complete and understandable manner. Initiation into Hermetics is the greatest treasure in this universe and this applies to the other two volumes as well. The reader will not find this information in any other books. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.

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The Key To The True Kabbalah: The Kabbalist As A Perfected Sovereign In the Microcosm & The Macrocosm
Franz Bardon

1996 279p. In The Key to the True Kabbalah, Franz Bardon demonstrates that the mysticism of letters and numbers the true Kabbalah is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. This book, the third in Franz Bardon's remarkable texts of Hermetic magic, is nothing less than a practical guide to such attainment. Using the common German alphabet, Bardon guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement. No other available text reveals as great a depth of Kabbalistic wisdom or provides the reader with as much practical training. Though intended primarily as a working text for those who have completed Bardon's first and second volumes, Initiation Into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation, the present work stands on its own, and even those without the requisite background in practical Hermetics will be fascinated by the author's intellectual journey through the mysticism of Tantric India, Tibet, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and the ancient sources of the Western magical tradition. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.


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Questions & Answers
Franz Bardon

1998 99p. Franz Bardon is regarded by many as greatest Hermetic adept of the 20th century. A tireless worker for the light, he survived Hitler's concentration camps but died a victim of Communist persecution in 1958. He left behind him four legendary books which have become acknowledged classics of occult literature. This present volume is the first complete Bardon book from the hand of Franz Bardon to appear since his famous series of books on Hermetics. Compiled by Dieter Rueggeberg from the notes of Bardon's students in Prague, it represents his oral teachings on the nature of the magical universe. Set in the form of questions and answers, this book is an invaluable addition to the Bardon material. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.

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The Sun Book Or, The Philosopher's Vade Mecum &
Fundamentals Of Hermetic Science
John Hazelrigg

1916, 189p.; 1925, 141p. Part I: Sun Book Wherein Is Expounded The Mysteries Of Cosmic Evolution, From The Archetypal To The Manifest; The Sidereal Correspondences; With A Hermetic Dissertation On The Christ Allegory, And The Rationale & Praxis As Concern The Redemptive Processes In Human Regeneration. A Mathematical Premise As Applied To A Geometric Plan Giving The Correspondences Between Sacred Myths & Complex Fabric Of The Physical Heavens Expositive Of Intra-Cosmic Principles, The Astronomy Or Body Of The Mysteries; Creative Sequence From Archetypal To Phenomena; Projection Of Idea Through Time & Space; Trinity & Sevenfold Light; Macrocosm & Microcosm; Alchemy; Creation Of Human Cosmos; Gestitave Regimens Analogical & Reiterative Of Fundamental Processes; Central Principle Metaphysics Of Being; Law Of Diversity; Initiation; Star Of Bethlehem; Occult Physics & Dynamics Of Cross; Forces Of Nature; Regeneration & Redemption; Summum Bonum; Praxis & Correlations; Solomonic Tradition; Yang & Yin; On Corruption & Incorruption; Period Of Pyramid. Part II: Being The Bona Fides Of Astrology As Antecedent To Its Application & Practice; Its Principia Fully Elucidated & The True Foundation Of The Doctrine Rationalized. Contents: Fundamentals Of Hermetic Science; 3 Kingdoms; Law Of Infinitudes; Alchemical Analogy; Celestial Permutation; 7 Norms; Septenade; Transmutation Of Principles; Motion; Nature Reiteration Of Similitude; Determinative Powers; Identity Of Principles; Solar System; Cosmic Egg; Organic Cell; Protozoon; Doctrine Of Signatures; Duality; Geometry Of Circle; Quaternary; Astral Serpent; Duodenary; Geocentric Astrology; Earth A Siderial Organism; Adam Kadmon; 4 Elements; Triplicities; Alphabet Of Nature; Swedenborg; Sound & Number; Harmony Of Sequences; Nature Correlates; Human Cosmos; 7 Coordinate Centers; Cause & Effect; Transmission Of 7 Currents; Ingress Of Elements; Siderial Physics; Astral Forces; Law Of Cycles; Lunar Periodicity; Orbital Impulses; Salts Of Nature; Magnetic Attraction;

CAT#194 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Levi, Eliphas (Alphonse Louis Constant).
Transcendental Magic, Its Doctrine & Ritual.

Philadelphia: D. Mckay, 1923. Revised Edition Translated & Annotated By A. E. Waite. The Seminal Work By The Great Magus And Student Of Wronski. 521p. Octavo.


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Ancient Freemasonry, An Introduction To The Study Of Masonic Archaeology.
Franc C. Higgins, 32nd Degree

1923, 463p. One of the Most Scholarly & Revealing Histories of Freemasonry Ever Written. Contains Many Insights into the Geometrical, & Astronomical Secrets of Masonry & Their Origins in the Ancient Civilizations. Contents: Freemasonry the Parent of all Religions; Legends of Masonry; Hiram, King of Tyre; Freemasonry of Ancient Greeks & Romans; Pythagorean Multiplication Table; Trisection of an Oblong; Trapezoid; Universe Geometrical & Cyclic According To Ancient Philosophers; Mysteries of Freemasonry In Ancient Egypt; Freemasonry in Prehistoric America; Mysteries of the Knights Templar; Hidden Source of Freemasonry and its Rituals; Science of Ancient Masonry; Freemasonry's Sacred Cities; Astronomy's Part in Freemasonry; Symbols of Freemasonry Charms and Amulets; Geometrical Relations Between Circle Squaring Triangles, Keystones & Pyramids; Light on the Ancient Mysteries of Initiation; Freemasonry Solves the Mysteries of the Pyramids; First Freemasons in The Universe; Debt Owed To India; Ancient Science Of Numbers; Women in Freemasonry; Masonic Tradition of Adam and Eve; Freemasonry’s Relation To The Calendar; King Solomon a Wizard; Most Ancient Symbols; Sampson and Initiation. An Essential Companion to Higgins Cosmological Freemasonry, Filed With Sacred Science & Symbolism. Many diagrams.

CAT#414 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $65.00

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Original Writings & Artwork Created By:
Leigh J. McCloskey

2003 1st Edition. Quarto, High Quality Cloth w/Dust Jacket. In TAROT reVISIONed, Leigh J. McCloskey has created an entirely new and unique series of drawings representing the twenty-two archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. A culmination of a seventeen year creative process, this work reveals a depth and acuity of vision that is both original and profound. The text of the manuscript consists of commentaries which examine traditional meanings and attributions connected with each Tarot archetype, as well as introducing new and insightful material that lends a deeper significance to the Tarot Tradition. Each commentary explores how the Tarot expresses both transcendental and individual qualities of consciousness, analyzing the mythological and esoteric, as well as considering how the archetypes interact and influence personal reality and experience. Following each commentary is a detailed examination and explanation of the symbolism and content of each drawing. The manuscript, approximately 90,000 words, is comprised of twenty-two chapters, an introduction and contains a forward by Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, the internationally recognized scholar and author of The Golden Game and Alchemy: The Secret Art. Leigh is a dear friend of Sacred Science Institute and is one of the most exceptional artists we have ever seen, and in this book, he publishes, for the first time, his pen and ink drawings of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. These images possess a beauty and transcendent quality like no other Tarot drawings ever, done in the Renaissance style of Durer. The artwork in this books is EXTRAORDINARY, and includes full color reproductions of Leigh’s magnificent OIL PAINTINGS on the front and back of the Dust Jacket, and on the inner pages. To see samples of the Tarot Drawings, and text from the book, as well as further information about the author, please paste this link into your browser address bar: ( ) This is the FIRST EDITION of what will surely be a collectors item.

CAT#498 $75.00 QUARTO, Beautiful Cloth 1st Edition.

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Tarot ReVisioned Tarot Deck.
Leigh J. McCloskey.

2004. 1st Edition. This beautiful set of cards includes the 22 drawings of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as a Tarot deck in a lovely slipcase illustrated with one of Leigh’s amazing oils. The deck measures about 5” x 7” and includes beautiful small reproductions of Leigh’s fabulous pen and ink line drawings portraying his reinterpretation of the Tarot. A real collector’s item! By Olandar Press.

CAT#506 $25.00 Deck of Cards in Illustrated Slipcase.

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Memories of Franz Bardon
Lumir Bardon and Dr. M.K.

2004 108p.We are happy to announce the release of a new and interesting book on Franz Bardon. It provides a fascinating insight into the life and work of the Czech adept as told to Dieter Ruggeberg by Bardon's son, Lumir, and his long time student, Dr. M. K., providing interesting details and stories about the real life of this great magician. CONTENTE: Memories of My Father; Memories of Master Frabato; Hermetics; Cirriculum Vitae; The Master: Habits & Duties Related To Reincarnation; Perseverance, Patience, Control of the Spirit, Spiritual Peace; Conscience; Haste; Curiosity; Introspection/ Self-Knowledge; Concentration; Yoga; The Spirit; The States of the Spirit; The Development of the Spirit; Wishes; Personal God; The Physical Body; Asceticism - Sport; Destiny; Karma.

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