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Patterns In Space
Colonel Robert S. Beard

1963 125 8x11p. Of Pure Diagrams. An Early Manuscript Edition Of One Of The Greatest Cosmological Works Ever Conceived. This Was Dr. Baumring's Absolutely Favorite Book, From Which He Took Diagrams And Laid Them On Market Charts Clearly Showing The Spirilic Natural Ordering Patterns Of The Markets. A Book Requiring Considerable Geometric Contemplation By The Reader As It Contains No Text Explaining The Diagrams, But The Diagrams Are In A Logical Sequential Order Presenting A Cosmological Vision Of Infinite Subtlety. Contents: Diagonals Of 24 Sided Polygon; Diagonals Of Regular Polygons; Rhombic Subdivision Of Dodecagon; Proportioned Petals; Star Tiling Patterns & Spirals; Constructions Of Complex Spiral Tiling Patterns; Petal Spirals; Triangular Spirals; Square Spirals; Tessellated Polygons; Drawing Polygons In Circle; Formula For Polygonal Construction; Value Of 2Pi Variation Of Apollonius Problem; Encircling The Parallelogram & Triangle; Tangent Circles Centered On Verticies Of Diamonds; Primitive Right Triangles: Odd Side Tabulations & Even Sided Tabulations With Formula; Trains Of Circles From Primitive Right Triangles: Odd & Even Series; Series Combined; Elliptical Axes; 47th Problem Of Euclid; Area Calculations; Logarithmic Spiral Inscribed In A Golden Rectangle; Powers Of K; K Factor = Growth Factor; K Factor Equations For Regular Pentagons & Decagons; 5 Pointed Star; Decagon; The Pentagon: 15 Dimensions In 5 Different Units; Powers Of The Golden Section Ratio; Fibonacci Series A, B, & K; Transformation Of Powers Of K (Equivalents In Other Powers; K Circle Grid; Petal Patterns; Star Patterns & Grids; Pentagonal Patterns & Grids; The Five Star Insigne; Vesica Piscis; Star Spangled Heart; Nonagon; Dynamic Circles: 10 Positions Of A Circle As It Rolls Inside A Fixed Circle; 20 Positions Of Circle As It Revolves Around A Point In Its Circumference; 36 Positions Of Circle As It Rolls Around A Base Circle Of Same Size; Conics Board; Parabola; Construction Of Parabola; Light Rays; Tangents; Normals; Parabola In Set Of Cioncentric Circles; The Ellipse & Its Formula; The Hyperbola & Formula Tangent Circles As Parabola; Tangent Circle Ellipses; Tangent Circle Hyperbolas; 3 Hyperbolas Based Upon Any Triangle; Hyperbolic Paraboloid; Elliptical Envelope; Hyperboloid; Conics Creased In Wax Paper; Projective Grid Patterns; Circles With Radii In Arithmetical Progression: Intersections With Parallel Tangents Are Loci Of Parabolas; Circles In Arithmetic Progression; Circles In Geometric Progression; 2 Foci For Circle; 10% Rate Increases; Cycloidal Curves; Straight Line Hypocycloids; Cycloidal Curves; Cardioid; Conchoidal Transformation Of Line; Conchoidal Transformations Of Circle With Formula; Cinchoidal Transformation Of Triangles; Archimedian Spirals; Logarithmic Spirals; Rectangular Spirals; Rhomboidal Spirals; Commensurate Squares; Square Root Spiral; Patterns For Plato's 5 Regular Solids; Table Of Equations For 5 Platonic Solids; Seven Polyhedron Families Having 5" Cube Members; Cube With Its Cover, Blister & Lining Spheres; Patterns For The Honeycomb Dodecahedron; Icosahedron Star; Patterns For: Star Icosohedron, Rhombic Dodecahedron, Triacontahedron, Five Interlocking Cubes, Great Icosahedron, Three Compound Polyhedra, Segments Of Cubes, Dawn Of America; Mount Rushmore. One Of Our Most Highly Recommended Titles!

CAT#006 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Geometrical Psychology, Or The Science Of Representation
Louisa S. Cook; B.W. Betts

1887; 100 p. 43 Diagrams including 12 Beautiful Color Plates. An Abstract on the Theories & Diagrams of B.W. Betts, a Visionary Cosmologist who developed a Geometric Theory of Manifestation of Consciousness/Form in Space/Time. Contents: Evolution thru Polarity; Great Duality;3 Numerical Progressions, Arithmetical, Geometrical, Harmonical, & Equivalents in Consciousness; Variation & Scales of Angular Measurement of Diagrams; Negative Polarity & Mathematical Equivalent; Evolution of Higher Morality; & Its Representation; 3rd, 4th, & 5th Standing-Grounds of Life; 4th Dimension of Space. An Extremely Important work including the most clear description of Gann's Tunnel Through The Air!

CAT#025 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Spiritism: The Hidden Secret In Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Clara E. Speight Humberston

1915 232p. Don't let the odd title deceive you, this is a Surprising book. Richter thought that this book gave Baumring Important Keys to Breaking Gann. Includes: Biochemistry & Sacred Numbers; Crystallography; Pi; Astrophysics; Celestial Mechanics; Great Pyramid; Kaballah; Atomic Physics; Alchemy; Rosetta Stone; Geometrical Space; Relativity; Geometrical Space Areas Explain Origin of Cell-Life; A Visionary Work!

CAT#029 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Nature's Harmonic Unity: A Treatise On Its Relation To Proportional Form
Samuel Colman, N.A.
Edited by C. Arthur Coan, LL.B.

1911 327 8x11p. With 302 Exquisite Illustrations by Author & Mathematical Analysis by Editor. Baumring's Top Pick for an Understanding of Harmonic Order of Nature. Beautiful Analysis of the Harmonic Structure of All Types of Forms in Nature Clearly Showing the Order of their Form. Contents: Correlation of Number & Form; Polyhedra; Modes of Progression; Pentagon; Octagon & Square; Equilateral Triangle & Hexagon; Geometric Forms; Egyptian Triangle; Ideal Angle; Vesica Piscis; Rectangles; Form Evolution; Geometry of Segmentation; Extreme & Mean Proportion; Law of Numbers; Crystallography; Botany; Conchology; Diatoms; and Forms; Insects; Birds; Fish; Mammals; Figure; Force; Sound; Light; Heat; Gravitation; Architecture. A Masterpiece! Don't miss its companion volume Proportional Form!

CAT#032 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Proportional Form: Further Studies In The Science Of Beauty, Being Supplemental To Those Set Forth In "Nature's Harmonic Unity"
Samuel Colman, N.A. &
C. Arthur Coan, LL.B.

1920 265 8x11p. 156 Beautiful Harmonic Illustrations. The Final Summation of These Two Brilliant Men's Work. They Demonstrate How the Forces & Laws of Nature Create the Ordered Natural Geometric Forms. Contents: Heavens First Law; Form & Portion; Units of Measurement; Numerical Units; Geometric Units; Tetragon Family; Pentagon Family; Spiral Formation; Trigon in Visible Nature; Trigon in Force; Gravity; Sound; Light; Asymmetry and Variety; Antidote for Symmetrophobia; Catenary Curves; Ellipses; Eccentrics; Spirals; Asymmetrical Groups; Golden Series in Nature; Proportional Form As Applied in Art and Architecture. Magnificent!

CAT#033 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Collected Works of R. N. Elliot

The Wave Principle

"The Wave Principle": A Series of Articles Published in 1939

Nature's Law: The Secret of the Universe

R. N. Elliot

1938; 1939; 1946 150p. The Wave Principle is the Original Work on the Elliot Wave by its Discoverer, Followed by a Series of 12 Articles Elaborating the Subject. Nature's Law Brings the Final Sysnthesis of Elliot's Life Work to a Summation. Contents: Great Pyramid; Nature' Law; Human Activities; corrections; Extensions; Irregular Tops; Alteration; 13 Year Triangle; Pyramid Symbolism; Ratio Ruler; Law of Motion; Emotional Cycles of Individuals; Pythagoras; Rhythm in Nature; Stock Market Waves; Identifying Waves; Wave Characteristics; Speed, Volume, Charting; Applications.

CAT#071 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Famines Of The World: Past & Present
Cornelius Walford

1879 304p. A Significant Contribution to the tracing of Patterns in disasters over an extended period of time & Correllations with cosmic Phenomena. Chronology; Causes; tables of Floods, Frosts; Dry & Hot Seasons; Comets; Cyclones; Earthquakes; Disasters; Plagues; Meterology Affecting Famines; Indian Famines; Sun-Spot Theory. Very Rare!

CAT#100 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Causes of Catastrophe: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tidal Waves, & Hurricanes
L. Don Leet

1946 232p. A Detailed Historical Work on the History of Catastrophe Tracing their Cycles & Causes Over the Centuries. Contents: Culmination of Catastrophe; Earthquakes; Volcanoes; Mountain Making as the Cause Of Earthquakes & Volcanoes; Mountain Making & Volcanoes In the Pacific; Tidal Waves; Hurricanes & Typhoons; Geophysical Fables - Atlantis To Zealots.

CAT#101 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Geometry Of Art & Life
Matila Ghyka

1946 174p. With 80 Plates. This was One of Baumring's First Choices for his Students in the Field of Natural Order, Growth & the Sacred Geometry Governing it. An Absolutely Wonderful and Classic Work! Contents: Proportion In Space & Time; Ratio & Proportion; Asymmetrical Division; Ockham's Principle of Economy; Arithmetical, Geometrical & Harmonic Proportion; 10 Types of Proportion; Proportion, Symmetry & Eurythmy; Rhythm in Space & Proportion in Time; Golden Section; Algebraic & Geometrical Properties of Golden Section; Number PHI; Fibonacci Series; Phyllotaxis & "Ideal Angle " In Botany; Pentagonal Symmetry; Geometrical Shapes on the Plane; Polygons; Regular & Star Polygons; Remarkable Triangles; Triangle of Pythagoras; Triangle of Price; "Sublime" Triangle; Rectangles; PHI Rectangle; Pentagon & Pentagram; Decagon; Golden Section; Hexagon & Octagon; Geometrical Shapes In Space; 5 Regular Polyhedra or Platonic Bodies; Prisms & Anti-Prisms; Kepler's Star-Dodecahedra; Icosahedron & Golden Section; "Chamber of the King"; Great Pyramid, Star-Dodecahedra & Human Body; Regular Hypersolids in the Fourth Dimension; Regular Partitions on the Plane in Space; Equipartitions & Partitions of Plane, Space; Crystal Lattices; Hexagonal & Cubic Symmetries; Cuboctahedron & Close Packing of Spheres; Principle of Least Action; Most General Law for Inorganic Systems; Geometry Of Life; Harmonious Growth & Logarithmic Spiral; Pentagonal Symmetry in Living Organisms; Pentagon, PHI Spiral & Golden Section; Flowers & Shells; Human Body & PHI Progression; Transmission of Geometrical Symbols & Plans; Pythagoras; Number-Mystic; Pythagorean Tradition, Pentagram, Decad, & Tetraktys; Neo-Pythagoreanism & Kabbala; Antique Builder's Guilds & Mason's Guilds of Middle Ages; Mason's Marks; Masonic Tradition & Symbols; Greek & Gothic Canons of Proportion in Architecture; Dynamic Symmetry; Dynamic Rectangles of Hambidge; Directing Circles of Moessel; Greek Vases, Temples & Human Body; Gothic Master Plans; Symphonic Construction; Periodic Rediscovery of Golden Section; Seurat's Divisionism; Revival of Pythagorean Doctrine in Science & Art; Modern Applications; Symphonic Composition. Wonderful Book, Highly Recommended!!

CAT#112 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Periodicity: The Law Of All Life
Prof. Jos. Rodes Buchanan, M. D.

1912 136p. A Scientific Secret Revealed. Periodicity, the Absolute Law of the Entire Universe Long Known to Control All Matter Now Revealed As The Law of All Life & The Periods Discovered, Showing Its Application to All Areas of Life. One of Baumring's Secret Books. Contents: Periodicity; Seven Prevalent Number In Nature; Septimal Division In All Affairs of Life & Solar System; Periodicity Throughout the Universe; Moon; Universal Influence of Celestial Bodies; Hippocrates; Kepler; Moon Governed By Seven; Earthquakes; Sir John Herschell; Kepler Explained Wind & Storms Caused By Moon & Planets; Moon Influences on Disease; Meteorology; New & Full Moon Dangerous; Moon Effects on Insanity; Flow of Sap; Weather; Tides; Critical Days in Diseases; Septimal System; Represented By Days of Week; Periodicity & Fate of Country; National Periodicity; Laws of Periodicity Applied to Hours of The Day; Vital Periods & External Periods Compared; The Light of the Soul & the Light of the Sun As Sources for Life; The Fortnightly Periods of a Long Life; Periods of Immortal Life & Parental Influences; Year & Day Compared; Periodicity of Days, Months & Years; Periodicity of Napoleon; Final Heavenly Rule; Periodicity Compared To Astrology;

CAT#118 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Io Unveiled: The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
Bozena Brydlova

1922 90 8x11"p. One of Baumring's First Picks for Esoteric Cosmological Number Theory Showing Numbers Developing Through a Series of Angles. Contents: Numbers; Originators of the Primordial Number Forms; Original Number Forms Number One; Two: The Sun, Light and Heat; Three: Moon, Water; Four: Mineral Crystal, the Star; Five: Vegetating Earth; Six: The Animal; Seven: Man (Androgenous), the Soul; Eight: Woman (The Ovum); Nine: Man (The Spermatozoan); Ten: Negative Circle and Negative Diameter; Angular Theory of Numbers; Bible Proofs of the Angular Theory; 45 Primordial Angle; 45 Tip of the Earth; Solar Naros, The Real Origin of Number Forms; Life s First Cleavage. The Embryo; Creation of Earth and Man according to the 45 angle; Sound and Color; The Lost Word; Bibliography.

CAT#121 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Web Of The Universe
E. L. Gardner

1936 104p. Many Diagrams. Transaction of The Theosophical Research Center. An Occult Theory of Sub-Stance, of Man's Origins & the Source of his Creative Powers. Important Baumring Selection Explaining The Lattice Matrix Structure of the Universe & and the Order of Nature. Contents: Father-Mother Spin A Web; Some Descriptive Definitions; The Web; Man & the Elemental Kingdoms; Consciousness & the Dimensions of Space; Man"s Origins; Creative Energy; Lunar, Terrene & Solar; Our Solar Scheme.

CAT#129 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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New Laws For Natural Phenomena
Thomas H. Graydon

1938 64p. One of Baumring's Favorite & Most Often Referred to Books on the Order of the Solar System, Time Cycles & Natural Science. Includes: Kepler's 2nd & 3rd Laws; Newton's Law of Gravitation Equations; Planet Distances; Relation of Planet Distance to Chemical Behavior; Square of the Integer & Periodic Law. Extremely Important Work, Non-Traditional With Important Revelations!

CAT#131 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Ideal Metrology In Nature, Art, Religion, & History.
H. G. Wood

1908. 277p. Contents: Ideal Metrology- Music, Colors, Atomic Weights, Crystals, Solar System, Plants, Animal Life, Human Body. An Ancient Language-Alphabetic Symbols, Numeric Symbols, Symbolic Ideals, Ten Commandments, Ten Perfections, Steps of Yoga. Numeric Geometry- Symbolic Pentagon, Rosary, Buddhistic Cycles, Plato’s Cycles. The Cubit- An Ideal Unit, Symbolic Unit, Egyptian Unit, Scribes Palette, Mosaic Unit, Ezekiel’s Unit, Hebrew & European Foot Rules, Babylonian Rule of Gudea. Hebrew Symbolism- Numeric Ideals, Tabernacle, Temple, Sacrificial System. Numeric Ideals- Architecture, English Cathedrals, Greek Temples, Roman Temples, Symbolic Inspiration. Ancient Monuments- Stonehenge, Irish Round Towers, Ohio Earthworks, Egyptian Temples, The East, The Great Pyramid, History, Ezekiel’s City.

CAT#143 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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On The Relation Of Phyllotaxis To Mechanical Law
Arthur Harry Church, M.A., D.Sc.
Lecturer In Natural Science, Oxford

1904 353p. A Rare & Magnificent Work On The Ordering Processes Of Plant Growth Through Dual Spiral Numerical Series, & Explaining The Laws Which Govern This Order. These Same Growth Patterns Are Found Within All Aspects Of Nature Including The Mass Psychological Emanations Of The Financial Markets. A Beautifully Illustrated & Important Work. Contents: Part I: Construction By Orthogonal Trajectories; Historical Sketch: Fibonacci; Bonnet, Spiral Theory Of Schimper, Bravais, Sachs; General Observations Of 5 Plant Types; Geometrical Representations Of Growth; The First Zone Of Growth; Vortex Representation; Geometry Of Uniform Growth Expansion; Application Of Spiral Vortex Construction; Possible Arrangements; Concentration--Systems; Construction Of Log. Spiral Curves; Application To Plants; Helices & Spirals Of Archimedes; Ideal Angles; Suggestions Of Wiesner; Asymmetry. Part II Asymmetrical & Symmetrical Phyllotaxis: Normal Fibonacci Phyllotaxis: Conception Of Bulk Ratio; Constant Phyllotaxis; Rising Phyllotaxis; Fibonacci Expansion; Falling Phyllotaxis; Asymmetrical Floral Diagrams; The Symmetrical Concentrated Type; Asymmetrical Least Concentrated Type; Symmetrical Non-Concentrated Type; Multijugate Type; Bravais; Expansion System; Anomalous Series; Dichotomy; Conclusions. Part III Secondary Growth-Phenomena: Notation; Rhythm: Theory Of Growth-Center & Lateral Centers; Periodicity; The Log. Spiral Theory Of Equi-Growth-Potential; Contact-Pressures; Theories Of Schwendener & Weisse; Apex; Reciprocal Pressures & Quasi-Squares; Influence Of Rigid Boundary; Packing; Bud; Seedling; Hexagonal Faceting; Eccentric-Growth; Eccentric Homologues Of The Centric Growth-Center; Anisophylly & Dorsiventrality; Orientation Of Eccentric Shoot-Systems; Eccentric Flowers; Bilaterality Of Appendages: Structure Of Foliage-Bud; Phenomena Of Sliding-Growth; Displacements & Readjustments; Spiral Of Dorsiventrality; Spiral Of Phyllody; Representation Of Extreme Bilaterality; Contact-Cycles; Varying Growth In Lateral Members: Retention Or Obliteration Of The Primary Pattern; Production Of A Normal Foliage-Leaf; Mathematical Notes On Log. Spiral Systems & Their Application To Phyllotaxis Phenomena; General Equation To Quasi-Circle Inscribed In A Log. Spiral Quasi Square Mesh: Bilaterality; Dorsiventrality; Isophylly; Mathematical Orthostichies In Log, Spiral Systems; The Form Of The "Ovoid" Curve; Bulk-Ratio; The Oscillation Angle; The Fibonacci Series; Continued Fractions; Sliding Growth; Pine Cones. Amazing!

CAT#154 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Correlation & Conservation Of Forces
Dr. Faraday, Dr. Mayer, Prof. Grove
Prof. Helmholtz, Prof. Liebig, Dr. Carpenter
Chief Promoters Of The New Views

1872 438p. "The Highest Law In Physical Science Which Our Faculties Permit Us To Perceive - The Conservation Of Force" - Dr. Faraday. A Series Of Expositions By The Greatest Natural Philosophers & Scientists Of The Late 19th Century. Gann Himself Quotes Faraday, & Baumring Regularly Referred To Helmholtz. A Brilliant Presentation Of All The Key Topics. Contents: The Correlation Of Physical Forces By W. R. Grove: Motion; Heat; Electricity; Light; Magnetism; Chemical Affinity; Other Modes Of Force. On The Interaction Of Natural Forces, By Prof. Helmholtz. Remarks On The Forces Of Inorganic Nature, By Dr. J. R. Mayer, & On Celestial Dynamics: Sources Of Heat; Measure Of Sun's Heat; Origin Of Sun's Heat; Constancy Of Sun's Mass; Spots On Sun's Disk; Tidal Wave; Earth's Interior Heat. Remarks On The Mechanical Equivalent Of Heat. Some Thoughts On The Conservation Of Force, By Dr. Faraday. The Connection & Equivalence Of Forces, By Prof. Liebig. On The Correlation Of The Physical & Vital Forces, By Dr. Carpenter: Relation Of Light & Heat To The Vital Forces Of Plants & Animals.

CAT#157 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Principles Of Light & Color: Including Among Other Things The Harmonic Laws Of The Universe, The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy Of Force, Chromo Chemistry, & The General Philosophy Of The Fine Forces.
Edwin D. Babbitt

1878 560p. Illustrated By 204 Exquisite Photo-Engravings, Besides Four Superb Colored Plates. This Is The Famous Work Unavailable In Its Original Unabridged Form With Color Plates For 100 Years. Original Source For The Vortex Molecule So Often Pictured In Theosophical Writings. Recommended By Baumring, This Extraordinary Work Should Be Studied By Everyone. Contents: Harmonic Laws Of The Universe: Light; Nature Our Guide; Unity; Diversity; Harmony; Gradation Or Progression; Contrast; Harmony Of Analogy; Violent Contrasts Contrary To Natures Laws; Nature's Unrestricted Growth Never Discordant; Law Of Perfection; Truth; Divisions Of Colors; Triad Of Primary, Secondary & Achromatic Colors; Hues; Grays; Spectrum; Contrast; Harmonic Colors In Architecture. Insufficiency Of Present Theories Of Light & Force; Science & Philosophy Combined; Cohesion; Chemical Affinity; Electricity; Gravitation; Physiology & Psychology; Light & Color Formulated By Law; Chromatic Phenomena; How Is Light Projected; Shadow Is An Entity; Knowledge Of Atoms; Therapudic Properties Of Color; Dynamic & Material Theory; Faraday; Bacon; Locke & Tyndall; Kant; Fitch; Schelling; Laws Of Optics. Etherio-Atomic Philosophy Of Force: Atoms; Force; Size Of Atoms; Form Of Atoms; Heat End Of Atoms; Nature Of Atomic Spinals; Ethereal Forces; Primate Of Force; Grades Of Ether; Ethers Have Weight; Polar Cohesion Of Atoms; Laws Of Atomic Combination; Lateral Cohesion; Unity Of Atoms; Transverse Layers Of Atoms; Paraverse Layers Of Atoms; Crystalloid & Amorphous Bodies; Heat & Cold; Types Of Electricity: Frictional, Chemico, Galvano, Magneto, Chromo; Magnetism; Diamagnetism; Phosphorescence; Fluorescence; Directional Electricity; Weight & Heat Of Atoms; Latent & Sensible Heat. Sources Of Light: Nebulous Matter; Sun Formation; Planet Formation; Comets; Refinement Of Matter; Atmosphere Of Space; Aurora Borealis; Terrestrial Forces; Solar Atmosphere; Sunspots; Production Of Light; Moon; Planets & Fixed Stars; Calcium Light; Combustion. Chromo Chemistry: Spectrum Analysis; Spectroscope; Laws Of Color; Chemical Repulsions; Elements; Metals; Octaves Of Color; Sunlight. Chromo-Therapeutics, Or Chromopathy: Healing Power Of Color; Powers Of Each Color & Healing Effects Of Each Shade & Gradation. Chromo Culture Of Vegetable Life: Germination; Growth; Reproductive Function Of Plants; Insect Life. Chromo Philosophy: Refraction; Reflection Of Light; Absorption; Transparency; Polarized Light; Undulatory Theory. Chromo Dynamics, Or Higher Grade Lights & Forces: Odic Light & Color; Influence Of Solar & Lunar Rays; Magnetism & Odic Force; Proof That Odic Light Comprises Fluidic Forces. Chromo Mentalism: Beauty Of Fine Forces; Exaltation Of Conception; Higher Colors Reveal Primary Laws Of Force; Higher Vision; How To Develop Finer Vision; Psychic Force; Colors & Forces Of Brain; Right & Left Brain; Radiations & Laws Of Power Intuition; Positive & Negative Poles; Interior Machinery Of Life; Process Of Mental Action; Organ Of Higher Vision. Vision: Machinery Of Eye; Retina In Detail; Sensation Of Light; Perception Of Colors. Important Breakthrough Work!

CAT#167 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Space In The Light Of Creation; A New Essay In Cosmic Theory
George Adams Kaufmann

1933 67 8x11"P. With Many Diagrams. George Adams Is One Of The Leading Proponents Of The Anthroposophical Science School, Founded By Rudolf Steiner & Inspired By The Scientific Vision Of Goethe. The Works Of This School Present Some Of The Most Profound Insights Into The Nature Of Vortex System, Ethereal Forces, Projective Geometry & Consciousness; Morphological Botany; Growth & Form; Space, Counterspace & Time. These Works Help Provide Radical Insight Into Many Of The Traditional Cosmological Systems But From A New & Needed Perspective Beautifully Integrated With Consciousness. Baumring Stressed The Importance Of This Work In Understand The Structure & Forces Of The Markets & The Universe. Contents: Mathematical Physics; Spirit Of Goethean Science; Order Of Nature; Rudolf Steiner; Synthetic Geometry; Radiation Of Space; Poncelet; Chasles; Jacob Steiner; Cayley & Sylvester; Von Staudt, Felix Klein & The New Geometry; Geometry Of Point, Line & Plane; 2-Fold Aspects Of Line, Physical - Ethereal; Projective Geometry; Descartes & Pascal; Principle Of Duality; Creation Of Space Out Of Pure Realms Of Time; Botany; Conics Of Weaving Light Rays; Theorem Of Desargues; Theorems Of The Harmonic Four; 3-D Projective Geometry; Goethe's Conception Of Space; Moebius Strip; Transformation Of Two Into One; Qualitative Polarization Of Axes; Archetypal Elements Of: Hexahedral, Octahedral & Dodecahedral Forms; Logos; Ratios; All That Is Form Within The Earthly Realm Has Its Origin In The Periphery Of Cosmic Space; Constancy Of Anharmonic Ratio; Music Of Number; Pythagoras; Infinitely Distant Plane; Imaginary Circle; Morphology Of Plants; Geometry & Dynamics; Functional Property Of Reciprocal Relations; Transformation Of Cartesian Ordinate System To Triangular Projective System; Functional Relation To Ellipse; Theorem Of Pascal; Pythagorean Theorem, 47th Problem Of Euclid; Musical Element Of Creation; Equal Roots & Parabolic Limits; Unequal Roots & Hyperbolics; Conjugate Imaginary Roots & Ellipse; Contrasting Qualities Of Cosmic In & Out Breathing Of Self-Enclosed Eternal Circulation In Pure Forms Of Hyperbola & Ellipse Or Circle; Simplest Cyclic Transformations Of Projective Geometry Are Hyperbola & Ellipse; Rhythms Of Numbers; Cyclic Processes; Number Series; In Every Point Of Space The Infinite Abounds; Sound-Ether; Ether Of Numbers; Light Ether; Chemical Sound-Ether; Forces Of Cosmos; Points Of Inflexion; Lemniscatory & Spiral Curves; Burden Of Earth & Sacrifice Of Warmth; Foundations Of Mathematical Physics; All World-Formation Has Origin In Periphery; "Locus Of Zero Intensity"; Cosmos & Chaos; Earth Forces Symbolized By Lengths In Space; Kinematics & Dynamics; Crystallography; Parabolic Transformation Of Space; Newton's Law Of Inertia Reveals Connection Between Time 7 Periphery Of Space; Force & Work; The Right Angle, Static & Dynamic Symmetry; Measure Number & Weight; Mechanics & Thermodynamics; Negative Gravity. This Work Is Very Clearly Written, Not Overly Mathematical, Presenting An Essential Vision Of The Universe! Strongly Recommended For Everyone Studying Cosmology Or The Markets!

CAT#176 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Living Plant & The Science Of Physical & Ethereal Spaces
George Adams & Olive Whicher

1949 77p. A Study Of The "Metamorphosis Of Plants" In The Light Of Modern Geometry & Morphology. A Continuation Of George Adam's Work With His Wonderful Long-Time Research Partner Who Has Also Written A Number Of Highly Recommended Work On This Subject. An Extremely Original And Essential Field Of Research. Serious Students Should Read Everything These Two Have Written! Contents: Goethe's "Metamorphosis Of Plants" & The Present Work; Goethe's Scientific Method; Ideal Type; Organic Relation Of Part & Whole; Expansion & Contraction; Polarity; Enhancement; Vertical & Spiral Tendencies; Spiral Matrix Of Plant Life; Gesture Of The Growing Plant; Leaf 7 Plane; Flower's Chalice; Fruit; Goethe's 3rd Expansion; "Convex & Concave" In Forms Of Growth; Unfolding Growth & Plastic Outline; Radial Below & Enveloping Above; Cup Within Cup; Modern Geometry & Polar Forms Of Space; Formative Spaces; Metamorphosis & Polarity; Ideal Entities In Science; Interweaving Of Part & Whole "Infinite" & "Absolute"; Archetypes Of Crystal Form; Polar "Negative" Of Euclid; Plastic Spaces Of Living World; Ethereal Spaces & World Of Life; Ethereal Defined; Rudolf Steiner's Work; Ethereal Forces & Life Of Plant; Ethereal Field Of Planet Earth; "Negative Gravity" Or "Levity"; Primitive & Convex Growth; Chaos & Germinating Life; Chaos & Cosmos; Time & The Second Law; Dual Space-Form; Interplay Of Spaces Forming An Organic Whole; Ethereal Aspect Of Plant; Interplay Of Spaces Forming Organic Whole; Ethereal Aspect Of Plant; Focus Above Growing-Point; Sun Or Star Centre; Planar Aspect Of Light; Plant Between Sun & Earth; 2-Fold Process Of Unfolding Growth; Physical Increase, Ideal Decrease; Levity & Upward Growth; Living Geometry Of Plants: 2 & 1 & No Dimensions; Goethe's Spiritual Staff, "Infinitude Within"; Verticon & Horizon; Radial & Periphery: Root & Shoot; Radial Forms & Mechanical Forces; Radial & Peripheral In Living Sphere; Forms Of Leaves; Dual Formative Activity Ion Branching Systems; Leaves As Etherial & Plastic Organs; Varieties Of Gesture; Recurrence Of Plastic Type; Bi-Polar Living Form; Lemniscatory Spaces; Lemniscate-Form In Higher Plant; Rhythm Of The Nodes; Staff Of Mercury; Higher Plant In Light, Air & Time; Leaf & Flower, Fruit & Seed; Leaf-Lemniscate; Leaf, Stem & Flower; Sheathing Petioles; Culmination In Flower; Ethereal Space, Inpouring Content; World Within The Flower; Metamorphosis From Leaf To Carpel; Star-Center & Pollen; Fulfillment.

CAT#177 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Etheric Formative Forces In Cosmos, Earth & Man, A Path Of Investigation Into The World Of The Living
Dr. Guenther Wachsmuth

1932 245p. Numerous Diagrams INCLUDING 48 COLOR PAGES. Another Primary & Important Contributor To The Steiner Ethereal Science School. Highly Recommended! Contents: Quantitative & Qualitative Observations Of The World; Character Of Legitimate & Of Illegitimate Hypotheses; Fundamentals Of A New Theory Of Motion; Organic & Inorganic World; Second Riddle Of The Universe, According To Du Bois Reymond; Will & Motion; Being & Phenomena; Etheric Formative Forces; States Of Aggregation Of Substance & The Etheric Formative Forces; Earth Organism; Etheric Life Phenomena Of The Earth Organism & Their Relation To The Human Organism; Chaos & Order; Waking & Sleeping; Breathing Process Of The Earth Organism; Barometric Pressure; Breathing Of Earth Organism & Of The Human Organism; Vertical Current; Potential Gradient; Emanation; Humidity; Rising & Galling Of Sap In The Plants; Three Great Rhythms Of The Plant World; Circulatory Process Of Earth Organism; Rotation Of Earth; Heliotropism Of Earth Etheric Earth & Solid Earth; Etheric Currents In Earth Organism; Sun Current, Vertical Current; Moon Current, Horizontal Current; Position Of Vertebral Column & Its Relation To Consciousness; East-West & West-East Currents; North-South & South-North Currents; Migrations Of Birds; Nature Of Gravitation & Terrestrial Magnetism; Their Inter-Relationships; Magnetic Poles; Polar Light & The Phenomena Of The Northern Lights; The Sun; Planets & Their Spheres; A 3rd Movement Of The Earth; Exceptional Position Of Uranus & Neptune; Constellations; Planetary Spheres; Man; Interior Of Earth; Metamorphosis Of Etheric Formative Forces On The Planetary System; Transversion Of Inner & Outer; Etheric Organism Of The Earth & Moon; True & False Anthropocentric World Conceptions; Organic Life Processes & Their Connection With Consciousness; Ontogenetic Origin & Disappearance Of Substance; Spontaneous Dissolution Of Substance; Earth Organism, Cosmic Forces, & The Genesis; Of Substance; Cloud-Forming & The Genesis Of Water; Genesis Of Space & Earth Organism; Relation Between Worlds Of Spiritual Being, Or The Etheric, Of Substance, & Of Force; Etheric Formative Forces & Electricity; "Animal Electricity"; The "Spectrum Of Light" & The "Spectrum Of Nature"; Polarity & Intensification; Space & Time: Their Genesis & Their Disappearance; Being & Phenomenon; Fundamental Phenomenon For A New Theory Of Light; Light & Substance; "Pure Light" Cosmic Pure Light & The Earth Organism; Terrestrial Pure Light: Phosphorescence, Radioactivity; "Heat Light": Combustion; Forces Of Light Freed Through The Dissolution Of Substance; Foundation For A New Theory Of Colour; Goethe's Thoery Of Colour & Newton's "Preformation" Theory; Polaric Primary Colors; Activity Of Light & That Of Darkness; Influence Of Colour Upon Organisms; Phenomena Of Tone; Tone & Structure Of Substance; Control Of Their Inter-Relationships; Genesis Of Tone; Relation Of Tone To Humidity, Pressure & Darkness; Shaping Of Substance , The Dissolution Of Substance & Radioactivity; Spontaneous Dissolution Within The 'Earth Organism; Macrocosmic Correspondence & Ages Of Substance; New Substance Unit For The Explanation Of Phenomena Of Radioactivity; Effects Of Radioactivity & Their Significance For Human Evolution; Shape Building Forces & Archetypal Forms In Nature & Reality; Individualization Of Substance In The Process Of Becoming; Archetypal Forms & Theory Of Genesis In The Earth Organism; Archetypal Forms In Mineral Kingdom; Archetypal Forms In Plant World; Heredity; Mendelism; Shaping Forces & Archetypal Forms In Embryonal Development; Sense Organs & Their Formative Forces; Animal Instincts; Man & Animal; Differentiating Characteristics Of The Kingdoms Of Nature; Man & Man's Organism; Threefold Human organism; Polarity Of Etheric Formative Forces; Polarity Of The "Cold & Warm Flame"; Genesis Of The Bony Skeleton; Nature & Cause Of Human Breathing; Rhythmic System, Speech; Nature & Cause Of Human Blood Circulation; Forming Of Organs; Archetypal Forms In The Human Organism; Etheric Structures Of Dead & Living Substance; Genesis Of White & Red Blood Corpuscles & Their Formative Forces; Blood & Oxygen; Stages Of Consciousness,, Etheric Formative Forces & Substance In Man, & Their Relationship To Macrocosm; Etheric Life Current In Human Organism; Etheric Formative Forces In Healing Art; World Reflection.

CAT#178 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Natural Philosophy Of Plant Form &
Goethe's Botany: An Attempt To Interpret The Metamorphosis Of Plants (1790)&
Fragment: Tobler's Ode To Nature(1782)
Agnes Arber D.Sc., F.R.S.
J. W. Von Goethe (Tr. Arber)<

1950 247p., 1947 106p. With Illustrations INCLUDING 48 COLOR PAGES. Plant Morphology As Presented By This Tradition Is A Perfect Model For All Universal Growth Forms Including The Financial Markets. It Is These Forms That The Sacred Traditions Measure In Their Sacred Canons. This Collection Is An Excellent Presentation Of This School Of Botany & Natural Philosophy Based Upon Goethe's Vision & Including His Famous "Metamorphosis Of Plants". Everything Needed To Understand The Fundamentals Of This Branch Of Science Is Included In This Collection. Contents: The Natural Philosophy Of Plant Form: Meaning & Content Of Plant Morphology; Plant Morphology Of The Aristotelian School; Plant Morphology Of Albertus Magnus & Andrea Cesalpino; Plant Morphology From Joachim Jung To Goethe & De Candolle; Concept Of Organisation Type; Partial-Shoot Theory Of The Leaf; Urge To Whole-Shoot-Hood Of Leaf; Bearing Of The Partial-Shoot Theory Of The Leaf On Other Morphological Problems; Repetitive Branching & The Gestalt Type, With Special Reference To Parallelism; Mechanism Of Plant Morphology; Interpretation Of Plant Morphology. The Author Then Gives A Detailed Introduction To Goethe's "Metamorphosis", Followed By Her Translations Of It & Tobler's Ode, Two Of The Greatest Classics In This Field. An Interesting & Informative Basis In Natural Philosophy, Growth & Form.

CAT#179 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Formative Forces In Crystallization
Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

1936 63p. With 98 Photo Plates. Contents: The Activity Of Formative Forces In Plant, Animal 7 Man; Some Crystallization With Sodium Sulfate; The Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Preparations; Comparative Tests Of The Quality Of Produce: Crops, Flour, Bread, Milk; Ice Crystallizations; Technical Details; Appendices; Plates.

CAT#180 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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The Three Circuits: A Study Of The Primary Forces
Taylor Flick

1892 268p. Another Excellent Presentation In Natural Philosophy Of The Solar System As Dynamo. Contents: Lower, Middle & Upper Octave; Magnetism Should Be Name Of Primary Force; Solar Nebulae; Forces Of Nature Have Common Origin; Composition Of Solar Nebulae; Polarity & Axial Direction; Attraction & Repulsion; 3 Circuits; Magnetic Counter Currents; Repulsion The Effects Of Binary Relationship; Production Of Light & Heat; Nebular Segregation; Flow Of Primordial Matter; Conflict In Solar System; Earth Survives; Binary Relationship Of Earth & Moon; Gravitation As Primary Force Over-Rated; Night Side Phenomena; Key To Magnetic Force; 11 Year Period; Great Solar Outburst; Cognate Phenomena; Aurora Borealis & Australis; Comet's Tails; Objections To The Heat Theory; Night-Side Phenomena Explained; Square Shouldered Appearance Of Jupiter; Matching & Mismatching Of Magnetic Points Of Intensity; Zodiacal Light; Indefatigable Observer; Atmospheric Molecules; Molecules Likened To Magnetic Needle; Arrangement With Reference To Bodies Which They Surround; Atmospheric Belt Theory; Minor Circuits Of Magnetic Force, & Result Of Their Coalition; Belts Of Jupiter Compared With Those Of Earth; Cometic Phenomena; Misleading Inventions; Solar Enigma: Weight Is Local Measure; Red Flames; Sun Spots; Variable Stars; Shrinkage In Mass; Solar Enigma; Reflex Answer; Force & Matter Hand In Hand; Freed Force; True Source Of Power; Old Expressions Of Primary Force; Light & Its Color Lines; Musical Octave; Sensate Octave; New Jerusalem; Precession Of Equinoxes natural Architect; Effects Of Earthly-Lunar Relationship; Nuptials Of Sun; Forces Of God; Serpent Race; Organized Forces; Scientific Inspiration; River Of Life.

CAT#181 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Colour: An Elementary Manual For Students
A. H. Church

1887 193p. An Excellent Introductory Dissertation On The Science Of Color By The Author Of "On The Relation Of Phyllotaxis To Mechanical Law". Contents: Colour A Sensation; Connection Of Physiology & Optics With Colour; Luminous & Illuminated Bodies; Undulatory Theory Of Light; Emission; Reflection; Transmission; Absorption, Refraction, & Dispersion Of Light; Composition & Analysis Of Light; Solar Spectrum; Different Colours Differently Refracted; White Light Always Compound; Color Light Simple; Recomposition Of White Light; Rainbow; Sound & Light Compared & Contrasted; Production Of Colour By Absorption, Diffraction & Polarization; Hue Effects; Interference Of Light Waves; Opalescence & Turbid Media; Phosphorescence Incandescence; Unity Of Solar Spectrum; Constants Of Colour; Purity; Luminosity; Classification & Nomenclature Of Colour; Mutual Relations Of Colour; Complementary Colours; Theory Of 3 Primary Colour-Sensations; Theories Of Helmholtz, Clerk & Maxwell; Red, Yellow Blue Theory; Secondary & Tertiary Colors; Mixtures; Chromatic Circle; Laws Of Contrast; Contrast Of Tone & Colour; Lense Of Eye; Complex Combination; Gradated Colors; Harmonies Of Analogy & Contrast; Harmonies Of Seration & Change; Sunlight; Colored & Artificial Light; Colors Of: Metals; Alloys; Glass; Gems; Plants; Animals.

CAT#182 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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The Cipher Of Roger Bacon
William Romaine Newbold

1928 224p. This Is An Analysis & Interpretation Of The Famous Voynich Manuscript, Attributed To The Great Middle-Age Alchemist & Cosmologist Roger Bacon, Said To Encode The Universal System Of Order & Knowledge, But Written In A Sophisticated Symbolic Code. The Original Voynich Manuscript was donated to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University in 1969 by H P Kraus, catalogue number MS-408. Contents: Forerunner Of Modern Science; Voynich Cipher Manuscript Of Roger Bacon: Sketch Of Its History & Contents; Principles Of Roger Bacon's Cipher; Following The Clues; Derivation Of Bilateral Alphabets; Script Of Shorthand Cipher; Rules For Deciphering Texts; Interpretation Of The Key; Annular Eclipse Of 1290; Great Nebulae Of Andromeda; Comet Of 1273; Cato & Fulvius; Oxford Story; Gunpowder Phenomena; Vatican Document; Paris Medical Text; Formula For Producing Metallic Copper; Abbreviated Word About The Green Lion; Table Of Values.

CAT#188 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Occult Chemistry: Investigations By Clairvoyant Magnification Into The Structure Of The Atoms Of The Periodic Table & Of Some Compounds.
Annie Besant & Charles Leadbeater

1951 400p. This Wonderful Book, The Extremely Rare, COMPLETE, UNABRIDGED & ENLARGED EDITION, Shows The Inner Structure Of Chemical Elements & Natural Order From The Clairvoyant Perspective. Contents: Vortex Atoms & Chemical Elements; Geometric Structures Of Chemical Elements; Heart Shaped Form; Force; Babbitt's Vortex Atom; Spirilic Forms; Numerical Characteristics Of Atoms; Platonic Solids & Interlaces; Male & Female Vortices; Hyper-Meta-Proto Matter; Cyclic Form Tetrahedron, Octahedron & Stars; Geometry Of Elements; Dumb-Bell Group; Dissociation Of Atoms; Geometrical Drawings Of Atoms; Tetrahedral & Cube Groups; Atomic Weights; Antinomy; Octahedral Groups; Funnels; Aether Of Space; Table of Atomic Weights; Analysis of Structure of The Elements; Catalysis; Crystallization. An Amazing & Revolutionary Work With 250 Detailed Illustrations.

CAT#189 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Rational Non-Mystical Cosmos, The Mysticism Of Science Exploded.
George F. Gillette.

1933 384p. Profusely Illustrated With Superb Cosmological Diagrams. Title Page: “Major ‘Mysteries’ Solved: Re-Creation, Radiation, Heat Light, Color, Electricity, Gravitation & Internal Structure Of Mass, Etc. The Single Law Of Nature, A Unitary Conception Of All Natural Phenomena And Of The Subatomic Mechanism Of The Cosmos Novel, Original & Revolutionary. The New Physics, Pure Newtonian Physics & Euclidian Geometry. The Greater Relativity Theory Of Subatomia, A Rational, Hypothetical System Of The Cosmos In Its Entirety. Simple Mathematical Reasoning Versus The Mystical Legerdemain Of Higher Mathematics. Ho Mystical Mathematics Of Fourth Spatial Dimensionalism Employed, No Metaphysics. A Scientific Version Of Genesis.” Contents: Cosmic Cycles Of Velocity And Plane; Cosmic Planes Of Size And Cycles Of Velocity; Chart Of The Cosmos; Majestic Cyclorama Of The Cosmos And Its Infinite Series Of Cycles Of Energy; First Law Of Nature; Sole Source Of Energy; Relativity Of Power; Universality Of Energy; Mass & Matter-Motion-Energy; Cosmic Cycles Of Empty Space; Re-Creation Of Higher Plane Mass, Co-Swirlation; Growth & Shrinkage; Co-Bumped Swirls, Solar Systems, Tornadoes; Vortex Systems; Cycles Of Power & Velocity; Ether Swirls; Wheels Within Wheels; Cosmic Velocities; Newton’s Laws; Cosmic Cycles Of Sound; Super Dimensions Of Space; Gyroscope; Color Velocities. A Magnificent Cosmological Masterpiece Redefining The Fundamentals Of Science From A Much Deeper Perspective. Not To Be Missed!!

CAT#362 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Hans Kayser. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited by Joscelyn Godwin.


German Edition 1950. English Translation 2006. 630 pages, 485 illustrations. The first release in our project to translate the complete works of Hans Kayser. The Textbook is THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK ON HARMONICS AND VIBRATION EVER WRITTEN! This course is the equivalent to a Ph.D. in technical and historical harmonics and musicology, and there is no work ever created or conceived which touches the depth of knowledge and scientific application of this masterpiece! It surveys the entire history of harmonics through all ancient societies and authors, developing a Science of Harmonics & Vibration, stemming from Pythagorean origins, elaborating how the entire universe is constructed upon Harmonic Principles. CONTENTS: Translation Society Preface; Translator’s & Editor’s Preface; Foreword; Introduction; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE-NUMBER: The Monochord; Tone-Value & Tone-Number; String Lengths – Wavelength; Vibration-Numbers = Frequencies; The Reciprocity of Waves = String Length and Frequency (Space and Time); Rhythm and Periodicity; Resonance; Interference; Haptic – Ektypic – Prototype – Value-Form – Theorem, Step – Being – Value; Coincidences of the Theorems of Tone-Number and Their Value-Formal Ambivalences; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE SERIES: The Overtone Series; The Undertone Series; The Whole Numbers; The Quanta; The Intervals; Harmonic Logarithms; Convergence – Divergence And Perspective – Equidistance; THE THEOREMS OF THE TONE-GROUPS: THE PARTIAL-TONE DIAGRAM; The Partial-Tone Coordinates; The Rationing of Partial-Tone Coordinates; Major and Minor Series of the Partial-Tone Coordinates; Polarity; The Equal-Tone Lines; Value-Forms for 0/0, 1/1, and the Equal-Tone Lines; Index and Generator; Parabola, Hyperbola, Ellipse; The Proportions; Harmonic Proportions in Architecture; Trinity; Variation Models; Combination Models; Polar Diagrams; Tone-Spirals and Tone Curves; The Complete Partial-Tone Diagram; Logarithmic Arrangements; Tone-Space; Sound-Images. SELECTIONS: Scales; Chords; Ektypics for Melodies and Chords; Cadence; Counterpoint; Directions; Interval Powers and Constants; Symmetry; Space and Time; Enharmonics; Tempering; Number Symbolism; Tolerance: a Dialogue (and Review); Hierarchy; Norm; Harmonic Cosmogony; Summary of the History of Harmonics; Afterword; Partial-Tone Logarithms; Great Table of Ratios; The Author’s Publications.

Translation Society Edition.CAT#385 $350.00

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Collected Essays Of George Adams.

Universal Forces In Mechanics.

The Lemniscatory Ruled Surfaces In Space & CounterSpace.

A Letter From George Adams.
George Adams

1939-1959, 200p.. Profusely Illustrated. Two Rare & Excellent Essays By the Greatest Thinker Of Anthroposophical Science. Anyone Interested In Counterspace & Subtle Physics Must Read These Important Source Works. Contents: Part I Warmth & Inner Forces; Force-Trihedra & Tetrahedra In Counterspace; Kinematical Space, Dynamical Counterspace. “Vector-Hexagram”; Counterspace & Graphic Statics (Plane Frameworks); Technique of Counterspacial Measurement; Dynamical ”Shape”-Principle Of The Lever; Further Aspects Of The Force-Configuration; Mass-Pint & Celestial Remoteness; Guide To Orientation; Mechanics of the Earth-Element; Archetypal Space-Screws; Formal Connections; Kinematics & Dynamics – Polar Relationship; Spherical Space; Polarity In Form of Space & Course Of Time. Part II On The Lemniscatory Ruled Surface & Its Plane & Twisted Curves (Lemniscates, Circles, Conic Sections, Planetary Loop-Curves; Spiral Lemniscates). Part III A Letter From George Adams. An Excellent Dissertation On The Spiral Vortex Nature Of Universal Order With Over 40 Full Pages of Diagrams.

CAT#417 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Mathematical-Physical Correspondence: Articles On Anthroposophical Science.
A Collection of Anthroposophical Thinkers

Over 1200 Pages of The Best Articles & Thoughts On Anthroposophical Science Ever collected. A must For Anyone Interested in Subtle Vibratory Physics, Ether Physics, Counterspace, & similar Thought. Not to be Missed! Abbreviated Contents: Warmth Expansion In Etheric Space; Postulates of Euclid; Pictorial Representations of Complex Functions; The Chambered Nautilus; Imaginariness of Imaginary numbers; Arguments For An Intentional Logic; Laws Of Form by G. Spencer Brown; Crystallinity, Form & Symmetry; Lattice Points; Group Theory; Seventeen Plane Space Froups; Path Curves In One & Two Dimensions; Frieze Groups; Group Theory For The Ear; Planetary Rhythms; Path Curves In 3 Dimensions; Self-Dual N3 Configuration; Imaging The Plane In a Line or Point; Planetary Loops & Geometry Of Free Curves; Plant Bud Forms As Invariants Of Path Curve Transformations; Three-Valued Logic; Creation Out of Nothing; Mathematical Models; Models of Planetary Spacing In solar System; Shape of The Universe; Non-Euclidean Geometry; Distributive Law In Algebra; Representations Of Projective Plane; Tragic Experience In Ancient Egypt & Rise Of Functional Thinking; Path Curves In Plant Kingdoms; Klein’s Erlangen Program & Levels Of Consciousness; Concept of Energy Conservation; w-Hypernumbers & Fractional dimensions; Approach to Lemniscate Path of Sun & Earth; Winter & Summer Star Pictures; Music & The Calendar; Tangents & Vectors; Desargues Configuration In Motion-in-Motion; Periodic Phenomena In Fraction Expansions; Metrification & Electronization; Decimal Expansions of Rational Numbers; Colours & Flavors; Toward A Natural Three Valued Logic; The Imaginary; Mensuration, Generation & Organic Forms; The Euglena As Path-Curve Form; Purified Eccentricity; Etherial & Physical Spaces In Flower Fruit Forms; Nomographic Method of Path Curve Determination; Pteh curves In Micro Realms; Myth of Invariance; On the Geometry of the Regular Heptagon; The Nautilus Revisited; Dual Curve Sketching; Rational Cubes; Pentagonal Numbers; Morley’s Theorem; Flows, Fields; & The Mathematical Description of Forces; Line Geometry; Notes On The Eclipse; Generalized Snow-Flake Constructions; Pascal & Brianchon’s Theoroms For a Heptagon; Least Squares Method For Determining Path Curves; Grecian Amphorae As Path Curve Shapes; On The Spacing of Fern Leaves; Rings- Round & Inside Out; Sundials; Trees, Eggs & The Planar Deviation Angle; Letter On Cassini Curves; Linear Complexes; Congruence Models; Megalithic Stone Curves; Flowers & Buds; Analytic Theory of Linear Complexes & Null Systems; Mobius Valentine & Proof of Law of Cosines; Planet Watcher’s Guide; Can Megalithin Quanta Be Fathomed; Point Conic Space & Path Curves; I-Space Transformation Of Path Curves; Flow-Chart for the Intersection of Two Complexes; Quadratic Complex Associated With Liner Complex; Goethe;s colour Experiments; Pivot Transformation; roots of Clover Leaves;

CAT#418 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $200.00

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Long-Range Astro-Weather Forecasting. A Private, Comprehensive Technical Instruction Course.
George J. McCormack

1965, 100p. This Is The Most Famous & Most Important Course On Astro-Meteorology Ever Written, Highly In Demand Though Extremely Rare. Anyone Interested In Astrological Forecasting Will Value This Course. Contents: Astrotech Weather Guide; Solar Year; Eclipse Cycles; Meridian; Moon; Longitude of Observation; Major Stations Of Planets; Aspects Or Magnetic Angles; Aspects; Astronomic Key; Winds; Mercury In Relation to Weather; Mercury Aspects; Venus Weather Aspects; Floods; Mars Weather Aspects; Perigee Major & Minor; Sunspots; Jupiter Weather Aspects; Earthquakes; Perihelion; Sunspots; Auroras; Magnetic Storms; Seismic Activity; Magnetism of Earth; Saturn Weather Aspects; Parallels of Declination; Equatorial Location; North Tropic; South Tropic; Barometric Pressure; Uranus Weather Aspects; Neptune Weather Aspects; Pluto Weather Aspects; Local Standard Time; Storm Tracks; Moon As Important Time Marker; Weather Cycles, Periodicities, or Rhythms; Celestial Latitude; High & Low Pressure Areas Explained; Crystallizing; Electric & Magnetic Signs & Planets; Vernal Equinox; Equinoctial Storm; Ingress Charts; Eclipses of Sun; Chaldean Saros Eclipse Cycle; Metonic Eclipse Cycle; Drought Eclipse Cycle; Moon, Lunar Phases, North Node, & Eclipses; Lunar Quarters; Perigee; Moon in Celestial Equator; Moon’s Position During Earthquakes; Thunderstorms; Computing Moon’s North Node; Lunar Eclipse Limits; Moon’s Declination; Epidemic Disease; Timing Procedures; Electric State of Atmosphere; Epidemic Influenza; Measles Cycle; Earthquakes & Volcanic Eruptions; Earthquake Belts; Earth’s Interior; Tidal Waves; Tidal Influences; Astro-Volcanology; Volcanic Solar Eclipse Cycle; 19 Year Solar Eclipse Cycle; Seeding; Harvesting; Cultivations; Mowing. By Far The Greatest Work On The Subject!

CAT#423 $60.00

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Lost Star Of Myth & Time.
Walter Cruttenden.

2006. 340p. The companion book to the DVD The Great Year, developing a new paradigm of astronomical theory, with our Sun being part of a binary Sun system, which accounts for the Precession of the Equinoxes, and correlates the Precession with the theory of the Hindu Yuga Cycles. A fascinating and breakthrough work in astronomical theory, which very well may change the way we see the universe. Includes important information forming the basis of astrological or cosmic causation, and theorizing that humanity rises and falls through consistent cycles of advancement and decline over a grand 24,000 year cycle. A MUST READ!!! “Lost Star of Myth and Time is a wonderful, stimulating, thought-provoking new – or very old – approach to the greatest enigmas of human history. If Walter Cruttenden is right, as I very much suspect he is, then he has found the key to the mystery of the ages.” — Graham Hancock, author, Fingerprints of the Gods. “A compelling explanation for a major, but studiously neglected mystery: Why Ancient Egypt was at its height very near its beginning then slowly degenerated. This quietly incendiary book confronts the Paradigm Police across a spectrum of disciplines: ancient history, modern astronomy and the accepted account of human civilization. Powerful stuff!” — John Anthony West, author, Serpent in the Sky. Contents: A Search For Answers; A Cyclic Theory of History; An Astronomical View. Chapter 1: A Brief History of History: The First Archeologists; The Trouble with Assumptions; History Revised; How Broad Were The Dark Ages?; Pushing Back the Clock; Astronomical Alignments; Alternative Theories; Why The Dark Age?; Chapter 2 The Cycle of the Ages: Precession of the Equinox… Defined; Great Year; The Greeks; The Egyptians; Vedic Indians & the Yuga Cycle; The Length-of-Cycle Debate; Biblical References to the Ages of Man; The Dark Ages; A New Spring; The Cycle of Time In Ancient America; The Age of the Fifth Sun; The Hopis; Ancient Wisdom. Chapter 3: The Ancient Science Behind Precession: Precession; The Zodiac; Vernal & Autumnal Equinoxes; The Standard Explanation: A Little Background; The Ancient Sources of Copernicus; The Perspective of the Ancients; In Search of a Cause; Whispers of Another Star; Mithras; Beyond Mythology; A New Search Begins; Chapter 4: The Case of the Missing Motion: What’s Your Reference Frame?; Problems with Lunisolar Theory; Looking With New Eyes; More on the Binary Hypothesis; Binaries Everywhere; Lunisolar or Binary? A Side by Side Comparison; Missing motion & the Lunar Witness; Celestial Signs; The Test is in the Accuracy of the Model; Solar System Anomalies; Rate of Precession; Angular Momentum: A Case of Hide & Seek; Sheer Edge & Non-Random Comet Paths; Orbital Time Deltas; Slips & Spins Make Time; Earth Orbit Geometry & Reference Frames; The New Model: In Sync With Form & Function; Archeological & Historical Implications. Chapter 5: The Search: Nemesis; IRAS & What It Didn’t Find; So, What is It? Black Holes; Brown Dwarfs; Dead Stars; Virtual Observatories; A Visible Star?; What do the Ancients Say? The Giza Marker; The Binary Exception; Sirius Stories; Nibiru, Indra & Sirius… One and the Same?; Distant Influences. Chapter 6: The Cosmic Influence: An Interactive Universe’ The Mu Room; Cemi Field Theory; Consciousness, Mind & the Cosmic Influence; Vishnunabahi, Magnetars & Beyond. Chapter 7: Wisdom of the Stones: The Round Towers; Lines of Energy; Gaia; Terra Preta. Chapter 8: Reconstructing the Menagerie: A Pagan Dig; A Larger Context; It’s the Real Thing; Obituary for the Descending Cycle. Chapter 9: Higher-Age Reality. Purpose; Older & Wiser; The Promise.

CAT#448 $20.00 Softcover, St. Lynn’s Press. SEE COMPANION VIDEO - THE GREAT YEAR CAT#507

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The Collected Works of Jay Hambidge.
Volume 1:
The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry.
Practical Applications of Dynamic Symmetry.
Dynamic Symmetry In Composition.

Volume 2:
The Diagonal.
The Parthenon & Other Greek Temples.
Dynamic Symmetry: The Greek Vase.

Jay Hambidge

1920-1932 850+p. The only collected set of Jay Hambidge’s Complete Works on Dynamic Symmetry. For specific contents of each volume see listing for each individual book sold separately. Purchase of the complete set saves $75.00 over individual prices.

CAT#453 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $200.00

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The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry.
Jay Hambidge.

1919 140p. This work contains a thorough presentation of the principles and rules of Dynamic Symmetry in clearly organized & well demonstrated lessons, & can be considered The Source Work on the Subject. Contents: Introduction; Synthesis & Analysis; The Difference Between Static & Dynamic Symmetry; Sources For the Study of Dynamic Symmetry; The Dynamic Symmetry of the Plant; The Summation Series; How DS was Discovered The Logarithmic Spiral; The Law of Phyllotaxis; Applications to Design; Simple Rectangles; The Square; Methods For Manipulating the Plan Forms of Nature; Square & Diagonal; Root Rectangles Outside & Inside a Square; Linear Proportions of Root Rectangles; Rectangle of Whirling Squares (1.6118) Phi; Root-Five Rectangle (2.236); Constructions of Whirling Rectangles Root-Five From Whirling Square; Plato’s Section; The Reciprocal; The Diagonal; 47th Proposition of Euclid; Division of Root Rectangles into Reciprocals; Root-Two Rectangle (1.4142); Rectangular Spirals; Root-Two Rectangles & Application of Areas; Root Three Rectangle (1.732); Root Four Rectangle (2); Root Five Rectangle (2.236); The Spiral & Other Curves of Dynamic Symmetry; General Constructions For Similarity of Figure; Enlargement & Reproduction of Shapes By Diagonal; Movement of Shapes on Medial Line; Similar Shapes Constructed From Any Point In a Rectangle; Properties of Modulation & Measurableness in Dynamic Areas; Eternal Principle of Growth In Dynamic Shapes; Compound Rectangles; The Complement; Form & Color Complements Compared; Relationship Between Areas & Complements; Reciprocal In a Complement; Rhythmic Themes of Whirling Square Rectangle; Square Plus A Root-Five Rectangle; Compound Rectangles Within a Square; Natural Source in Regular Pentagon; Addition of Unity to Dynamic Areas; The Gnomon; Importance to Design of Similarity of Figure; Most Important Ratios of Dynamic Symmetry & Reciprocals; Definitions from 13 Books of Euclid.

CAT#454 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Practical Applications of Dynamic Symmetry.
Jay Hambidge, Edited by Mary C. Hambidge

1932 109p. Many Illustrations. This book is the only publication of a series of lectures by Mr. Hambidge in New York during 1921 after his return from Europe where he spent 2 years studying examples of Greek Art. His work there was the final corroboration of 25 years experimentation in plant life, of tireless study of natural symmetry laws used by various races of the world, and the test & application of his discoveries to his work as an artist. It represents the final summation and conclusion of all of his thought & research on Dynamic Symmetry. Contents: Symmetry: It’s Static & Dynamic Aspects; The Dynamic Series of Shapes; Dynamic Symmetry & The Law of Phyllotaxis; A Greek Drinking Cup Illustrating the Root-Five Proportion; Pattern Planning; Greek Method for Area Analysis; Area Themes; Chair Illustrating Dynamic Furniture Planning; Architectural Decoration; Type Display & Book Make-Up; Compositional Layout; Spiral Curves.

CAT#455 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. $50.00

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Dynamic Symmetry In Composition.
Jay Hambidge

1923 83p. The paintings & drawings illustrated in this book have been selected to show some of the methods which artists have used to apply the principles of Dynamic Symmetry to picture composition. No more than a passing reference to the principles or explanations of the fundamentals will be presented in this volume as they are covered in the other volumes. This book presents the principles of composition of a picture. This work is an illustration of the process of integrating the principles with the application in picture composition for the artist. It covers layout, structure and design of the underlying elements of design in a work of art.

CAT#456 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $40.00

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