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Night Of The Gods: An Inquiry Into The Cosmic & Cosmogonic Mythology & Symbolism
John O'Neill

Vol.1 1893,Vol.2, 1897. 1077 pages. Numerous Diagrams. A spectacular and extremely rare work exploring the "endless traces of the Divinities of the Universe Machine, its Axis and its Poles, which are to be found scattered and lost or in the curious condition of the open secret in myth, legend, etymon, sacred literature or common idioms. Contents: Axis Myths; Stone; Pillar; Pillar-Axis as Tower; Axis & Universe-Tree; Polar Myths; Wheel; Buddha's Footprints; Dancing; The Sphere; Kronos & Ptah; Kaberiroi, or Khabirim; Heavens-River; The Mountain; Number 7; South; Universe-Axis Myths. A Fundamental work on Symbolique!Very, Very Rare!

CAT#003 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $190.00

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Which? Impulse, Instinct or Intuition. Applied Psychology, Geometry & Astronomy
C. Tousey Taylor

1919 166p. 35 Diagrams. An Interesting Book Showing the Correspondences of the Spiritual Laws of Life with the Cosmological Representational Symbolism of the Esoteric & Masonic Tradition. Gives Serious Clues to the Scientific Application of Esoteric Symbolism. Contents: Creation; Symbols Changing From Water to Air; Duality; Trinity; 12 Fold Being of Man; Cosmic Law; Unity; Philology; Why 5 Is Not Desirable in Creation; 7 Is Polarity; Involution & Evolution; Geometry; Masonic Tools & Symbolism; Tangents; Perfect Square; Cabbalah; Solomon's Temple; 2 Pillars; Maltese Cross; Wheel; Astrology; Grid Patterns; 5x5 Square; Masonic Apron.

CAT#027 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Stellar Theology & Masonic Astronomy; Or, The Origin & Meaning Of Ancient & Modern Mysteries Explained
Robert Hewitt Brown, 32nd Degree.

1882 117 8x11"p. Wit Numerous Illustrations By Author & Two Full Color Plates. An Extremely Rare & Important Work on the Meaning & Symbolism of Masonic Astronomy. This is a Serious Work Considering Important Questions in Celestial Mechanics & Masonic Symbolism, with Clear & Technical Explanations, not a bunch of indecipherable gibberish. Contents: Ancient Mysteries Described; A Chapter of Astronomical Facts; What the Ancients Knew about Astronomy; Masonic Astronomy; Astronomical Allegory of the Death and Resurrection of the Sun; An Astronomical Explanation of the Emblems, Symbols, & Legends of the Mysteries, both Ancient and Modern, & the Lost Meaning of Many of them Restored.

CAT#102 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Lodge & The Craft: A Practical Explanation Of The Work Of Freemasonry
Rollin C. Blackmer, C. M., M. D., LLD., Past Master, Past High Priest, Past Commander

1923 297p. One of Baumring's Choice Selections in Freemasonry, Containing One of the Three Keys to Gann. Blackmer Was Attempting to Revive the Lost Knowledge of The Lodge, 100 Years Ago. 31 Lectures Regarding Various Topics Including Legends, Ancient Landmarks, Rituals and Symbolism. The Three Degrees are Covered in Detail as Well as Lodge Management. Contents: ritual & Ceremony; Symbolism of Lodge; Memorial Tessarae & Metallic Substances; Working tools & Northeast Corner; Tenets & Perfect Points of Entrance; Winding Stairs; Five Orders of Architecture; Master Mason; Drama of Faith; Lost Work; Solomon Strikes the Funeral Chime; Prayers at Raising; Morality; Legend of the Craft; Modern History; Freemasonry & Roman Church; Masonic Jurisprudence; Discussions of Geometry, Mathematics; The Seven Liberal Arts & Quadrivium; Symbolism of Bible; Pythagoras.

CAT#108 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Cleopatra's Needle: A History of the London Obelisk, With an Exposition of the Hieroglyphics.
Rev. James King, M. A.

An Important book on the Theory of Obelisks, with Important Contributions to an Understanding of Egypt. Contents: religious Character of Ancient Egyptians; Obelisks & Family; Largest Stones of the World; London Obelisk; How Hieroglyphic Language Was Recovered; Interpretation of Hieroglyphics; Thothmes III; Hieroglyphics of Thothmes III; Translations of 4 Sides; Rameses II; Hieroglyphics of Rameses II; discoveries of Their Mummies; Thoth; Constantinople; Memphis; Alexandria; Rosetta Stone; Phonetic Hieroglyphic; Hieratic Hieroglyphic; Son of the Son; Ra-Amen.

CAT#113 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Mystic Symbolism In Bible Numerals
Leo Stalnaker

1952 148p. A Profound Work on the Inner Mystical Significance & Cosmological Significance of Bible Numerals. Used by Baumring to Decode Gann. Contents: Mystic Significance of Certain Numerals; One - Diety; Two - Symbol of Association, Union or Combination; Three - The Symbol of Attributes of Diety, & of Holiness; Four - Symbol of World - Wide Extension; Six - Symbol of World Powers' Greatest Triumph; Seven - Symbol of Perfection; Ten - Symbol of That Which is Human of Earthly; Twelve - Symbol of God's People; Forty - Symbol of Trial, Humiliation or Desolation; Seventy - Symbol of Transition.

CAT#120 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Io Unveiled: The Brydlovan Theory of the Origin of Numbers
Bozena Brydlova

1922 90 8x11"p. One of Baumring's First Picks for Esoteric Cosmological Number Theory Showing Numbers Developing Through a Series of Angles. Contents: Numbers; Originators of the Primordial Number Forms; Original Number Forms Number One; Two: The Sun, Light and Heat; Three: Moon, Water; Four: Mineral Crystal, the Star; Five: Vegetating Earth; Six: The Animal; Seven: Man (Androgenous), the Soul; Eight: Woman (The Ovum); Nine: Man (The Spermatozoan); Ten: Negative Circle and Negative Diameter; Angular Theory of Numbers; Bible Proofs of the Angular Theory; 45 Primordial Angle; 45 Tip of the Earth; Solar Naros, The Real Origin of Number Forms; Life s First Cleavage. The Embryo; Creation of Earth and Man according to the 45 angle; Sound and Color; The Lost Word; Bibliography.

CAT#121 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Temple Of Man: Apet Of The South of Luxor
R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
Translated From The French By
Robert & Deborah Lawlor

French Edition 1957; Tr. 1998 Inner Traditions International; 2 Quarto Volumes In Slipcase; 1088p.; 363 Illustrations, 51 Photographic Plates Table of Contents: The Temple of Man Volume 1; Publisher's Preface; Translators' Acknowledgments; Translators' Preface; Preface; Introduction; Symbol-Evocation; Part 1 The Doctrine of the Anthropocosmos: Elements; Consciousness and Irreducible Magnitudes; Consciousness; Irreducible Magnitudes & Consciousness; Symbolique; The Magical Character of the Symbol; Symbol-Synthesis; Innate Knowledge ( A Summary); The Principle of the Present Moment; The Discontinuous Object in the Continuous Present; Relationship is the Symbol of Being; Symbolique; Anthropocosmos; The Meaning of the Anthropocosmos; The Principle of the Microcosm; Totemism & Heraldry; Mysticomagical Science; God & Determinism; Pharaonic Thought; Elements of the Pharaonic Mentality; The Technique of Thought; Function, Number, & Neter. Part 2: Mathematical Thought; Foundations of Pharaonic Mathematics; The Mystical Number; The Irrational; On Harmony; Space; Pharaonic Volumes; The Root; Pharaonic Calculation; Fundamentals; General Considerations; The Egyptian Notation of Numbers; Egyptian Calculation; Fractions; The Rhind Papyrus; Part 3: The Master Builders' Grid: Pharaonic Mathematics Applied; Pharaonic Trigonometry; Fundamentals of the Trigonometry; Functional Development of the Law of Right Triangles; Addition & Subtraction of Angles in Proportional Notation; The Canevas: Living Architecture of Number; The Architectural Grid of the Builders of the Temple; The Three Functions of the Canevas; Varying the Originating Center of the Construction; The Cosmic Principle of Volume; The Principle of the Square Roots of the Lineage of 2 & The Cube Root of the Lineage of 3; Musical Harmony & Volumes; The Problem of the Duplication of the Cube; Gnomonic Growth of cubes & a Practical Method for Extracting a Cube Root; The Canevas of Volumes; Pharaonic Cubits; Measures; The Principle of the Royal Cubit; The Pharaonic Pi; Measures & Cubits; The Human Canon; The Canevas Guide; The Numbers 7 & 19; The Two Pharaonic Methods of Using the Grid; Human Biometrics & Invariable Principles; Application of the Standard Pharaonic Canon; Projection of the Canevas on Two Royal Figures; The Royal Apron; The Axes; The Principle of the Axes; the Axes of the Temple of Luxor; The Axis of Amun & the Naos of Amun's Barque; The Axis of the Court of Ramesses (Narthex); the Teaching of the five Kings of the Sanctuary of Amun. Part 4 The Architecture of the Temple: Themes; The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus; Introduction; Some Anatomical Terms Used in the Papyrus; Carious Skull Injuries; The Temporal Region; Magical Incantations; Conclusion; The Diadem; The Crown of the Skull; Diadem, I Assume Thee; The Joints: Guides for Reading; The Covered Temple: The Head; Sanctuary V; The Essential Secret Sanctuaries; The Significance of Sanctuary V; Crossing; The Zodiac; The Genesis of the Empire; The Zodiac on Egypt; The Zodiac & the Precession of the Equinoxes; The Pharaonic Calendar; The Hindu Temple; The Square of Nine; The Mystic Temple: A Meditation; The Parvis; The Door; The Narthex; The Nave: The Vessel; The Peristyle: Transept & Womb; The Covered Temple, Entrance to the Choir; The Sanctuary; The Apse, Extra Muros. Volume 2, Part 5, The Pharaonic Temple: The Architectonics of the Pharaonic Temple; Preface to the Presentation of the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; The Temple of Luxor. Part 6: Plates, Legends, and Commentaries; Amun and Suti-Hor; Amun, Source of Births, Creator of Neters; Suti-Hor: The Original Builders; General Views of the Temple of Luxor; The Growth of the Temple; A Colossus of the Temple; Joints and Pieces; The Mosaic Figure in the Foundation of the Temple; The Crown of the Skull; The Moon in the Haty; The Knees; The Bows; The Zodiac; The Master Builders' Grid; The Problem of Establishing a Human Canon; Study of an Applied Canevas: The Tomb of Ukhotep at Meir; The Use of a Grid by the Maya; Investigation of the Canevas Imposed by the Representation & Proportions of the Figures; Cubits & Temple; The Grid & Architecture; An Application of the Canvas to the Architecture of the Temple of Luxor; Transformations and Mutations; A Secret Sanctuary; The Axes of the Temple; The Holy of Holies; The Lines on the Floor; The Three Axes; The Naos of Alexander & the Geometric Pi; discussions Concerning a Perfect Pi; Receiving & Giving; Giving & Receiving; Receiving & Giving; The Architectural Structure; Transparency and Transposition; Seth-Horus; Realizers of the Plan: Suti-Hor Appendix: Comparison of Parts and Chapters in the English and French Editions;List of Works Cited; Index. BE AWARE, THIS BOOK WEIGHS 13 LBS. SO SHIPPING PRICES VARY CONSIDERABLY FOR DIFFERENT ZONES. ESTIMATES FOR AIR MAIL-ZONE 1: USA, CANADA & MEXICO $15.00-$20.00, ZONE 2: EUROPE, S.AMERICA, PACIFIC RIM $75.00. ZONE 3: AUSTRALIA, FAR EAST $90.00.

CAT#141 $195.00

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The Glass Bead Game
Hermann Hesse

Final novel by Hermann Hesse, published in two volumes in 1943 in German as Das Glasperlenspiel, and sometimes translated as Magister Ludi. The book is an intricate bildungsroman about humanity's eternal quest for enlightenment and for synthesis of the intellectual and the participatory life. Set in the 23rd century, the novel purports to be a biography of Josef Knecht ("servant" in German), who has been reared in Castalia, the remote place his society has provided for the intellectual elite to grow and flourish. Since childhood, Knecht has been consumed with mastering the Glass Bead Game, which requires a synthesis of aesthetics and scientific arts, such as mathematics, music, logic, and philosophy. This he achieves in adulthood, becoming a Magister Ludi (Master of the Game). Synopsis: Setting his story in the distant, post-Holocaust future, Hesse tells of an elite cult of intellectuals occupying themselves with an elaborate game that employs all the cultural and scientific knowledge of the ages. The most imaginative and prophetic of Hesse's works. A Masterpiece! QUALITY PAPERBACK EDITION

CAT#144 $20.00

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The Practice Of Magical Evocation: Instructions For Invoking Spirit Beings From The Spheres Surrounding Us.
Franz Bardon

First Published 1956, 2002 Edition. 546 Pages, 148p. & Color Plates With Seals of Spirit Beings . Merkur Publishing. The Practice of Magical Evocation is divided into two parts: the first section deals with evocational magic, and second with the hierarchy of the beings in the different spheres. You could divide magical knowledge into three categories: lower magic, intermediate magic, and high magic. This book gives the reader the significance of the magic circle, triangle, the magic mirror, the magic wand, and so forth. The second part discloses the names and signatures of the different heads, genii and intelligences of the various planetary spheres in our solar system, how to communicate with them and also what their specific tasks are. These heads or genii have their specific field; there is not one field of endeavor which is not covered by one or another head, intelligence or genii. A detailed description of their expertise in a particular field is listed in this book by name and sphere, and how to establish contact with these beings. It should however be mentioned that you cannot succeed in contacting these beings unless you have practically and successfully completed the first volume Initiation into Hermetics, or you must have at least successfully completed the eighth step. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.

CAT#149 $0.00 OUT OF STOCK

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The Key To The True Kabbalah: The Kabbalist As A Perfected Sovereign In the Microcosm & The Macrocosm
Franz Bardon

1996 279p. In The Key to the True Kabbalah, Franz Bardon demonstrates that the mysticism of letters and numbers the true Kabbalah is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. This book, the third in Franz Bardon's remarkable texts of Hermetic magic, is nothing less than a practical guide to such attainment. Using the common German alphabet, Bardon guides the reader through ever greater levels of Kabbalistic achievement. No other available text reveals as great a depth of Kabbalistic wisdom or provides the reader with as much practical training. Though intended primarily as a working text for those who have completed Bardon's first and second volumes, Initiation Into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation, the present work stands on its own, and even those without the requisite background in practical Hermetics will be fascinated by the author's intellectual journey through the mysticism of Tantric India, Tibet, the Hebrew Kabbalah, and the ancient sources of the Western magical tradition. For detailed information, contents, & excerpts from this title, please refer to the MAGICK Section on the Home Page.


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Anacalypsis, An Attempt To Draw Aside The Veil Of The Saitic Isis; Or , An Inquiry Into The Origin Of Languages, Nations, & Relations.
Godfrey Higgins, Esq.

Volume I 1833 525 8x11"P. Volume II 1836 876 8x11"P. An Extraordinary Work On The Origins Of Number, Language, & Symbolism. Contents: Chronology & Cycle Periods; Grecian History A Travesty; Origin Of Letters; Moon's Periods; Cycle Of 14; Thoth; Cryptography, Indian; Vowel Points; Number Line; Arabic Letters; Names Of Gods Of Week; Vedas; Universal Pontifical Government; Book Of Enoch Is On Earth's Axis; Noah & Ships Of Ancients; Cause & Extent Of Flood; Change Of Earth's Axis; Comets Held To Be Planets; Seven Day Cycle & Length Of Year; Year Of 360 Days; Length Of Antediluvian Year; Comet Of 1680; Comet Of 575 Years; Periods Of Comets; Microcosm; Atoms; Chinese Microcosm; World Divided In 3; Sacred Numbers; Mercavah & Caaba; Measures Of Ancients; Vedanta & Nyaya Philosophies; Nature Of Microcosmos; Pythagoras On Numbers; Cycles - Mythology; Symbolic & Alphabetic Writing; Cyclic Mythos; Ancient Mysteries; Birthplace Of Mankind; Former Heat At The Poles; The Mythic-Cyclic-Microcosm System; What Happened May Happen Again; Age Of World; Flood; Planets & Days Of Week; Moon; First God Of Ancients; Sun; Double Nature Of Deity; Metempsychosis & Renewal Of Worlds; Eternity Of Matter; Sephiroths & Emanations; Origin Of Time; Planets Or Samim; Observations On The Doctrine That Destruction Is Only Regeneration; Taurus & Aries; Buddha The Sun In Taurus, Krishna Sun In Aries; Cycles - Isaiah's Prophecies Known To Egyptians , & Celts Of Gaul; Explanations Of Oriental Astronomical Systems; Mosaic & Hindoo Systems; 2 Cycles, Sun & Moon; 600 Year Cycle; Meaning Of Cross; Cross Of Ezekiel; Sacred Numbers In Temples Of Britain; Mystic Numbers; Indian Circles; Secret Doctrines; Serpent Of Genesis The Logos; Influence Of The Moon; Moon & Isis; Mount Meru; Deluge; Change From Taurus To Aries; Two Classes Of Avatars; Star Of Abraham; Cabala; Plato's Atlantis; Templars; Masons; Gnostics; Time; Towers Of Mexico & Babel; Probable Origin Of Numbers And Letters; Cross; Easter Island; Last Avatar Expected; Christian Religion Not New; Etymology And Its Use; Origin Of The Adoration Of The Bull, Phallic And Vernal Festivals; Age Of The World; First God Of The Ancients, The Sun, Metempsychosis, Moral Evil, Buddha, Genesis; The Sun The First Object Of Adoration Of All Nations; Two Ancient Ethiopias, Great Black Nation In Asia, Hindoos And Egyptians Similar; Ancient Persians, First Books Of Genesis, Disingenuous Conduct In The Translators Of The Bible, Abraham Acknowledged More Than One God; Jewish Trinity; Ancient Jewish Cabala, Sephiroths And Emanations; Melchizedek, Zoroaster, Zendavesta, All Ancient Religions Astrological; Character Of The Old Testament; Orphic And Mithraitic Trinity, Mithra, Opinions Of Herodotus, Porphyry, Strabo, Julian, Times Of Pythagoras And Zoroaster, The Vedas Describe The Persian Religion; The Word OM; The Christian Trinity, Its Origin, Philo's Trinity Of The Jews; Life Of Cristna; Crucifixion Of Cristna, Immaculate Conception, From The History Of Pythagoras; Buddha The Sun In Taurus, As Cristna Was The Sun In Aries, Names And Meaning Of The Word Buddha; Isaiah's Prophecy Known To The Egyptians And The Celts Of Gaul, Mystical Meaning Of The Letter M, Oriental Astronomical Systems; Cross The Meaning Of It, Monograms Of Christ And Osiris, Lama Of Tibet, Indra Crucified, Jesuits' Account Of Tibet; Hercules And Samson The Same; Baal, Etymology Of The World Bal; Yajna Or Passover; Secret Doctrines, Bull-Headed And Ram -Headed Gods; Disputed Chapters Of Matthew And Luke; Flood Of Noah, Text Of Genesis, Origin Of The Delta Of Egypt; Adoration Of The Virgin And Child; Ionians, Argonauts, Linga And Yoni; The Lotus; The Loadstone, Helen Athena; Ship Of Egypt And Greece; Aphrodite And Diana, Thales; Cassandra, Babylonian Mythos, Constantine And Helena, Astrology; Rome, Jewish Pentateuch; Judaism Shown By Eusebius To Be Older Than Abraham, Hellenism; Mount Of Solomon, Mount Of The Cabala, Mount Olympus; Religions Of Afghans And Rajpouts; Arabians Of India; Jews Hate The Female Principle, Jews And Egyptians, Observations On The Jews; Origin Of The Sanscrit; Amazons; Cyclopes, All Ancient History Fable Or Nigma, Freemasons In Mundore; Serpent Of Genesis; Observations On Homer, The Iliad, And The Neid; Fish Avatar, Fish Acrostic; Observations On Templars, Chair Of St. Peter, Gospel Of St. Joachim, Masons; Freemasons Of York And India. 1400 Pages Total!

CAT#166 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $200.00

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John Dee (1527-1608)
Charlotte Fell Smith

1909 342p. With Illustrations & Plates. One Of The Rarest An Best Biographies Of The Great English Cosmologist Dr. John Dee, Queen Elisabeth's Personal Astrologer. Contents: Birth & Education; Imprisonment & Authorship; Mortlake; Jane Dee; The Search For A Medium; Edward Kelly; Crystal Gaze; Madimi; Foreign Journey; Foreign Journey; Promises & Visions; Cracow; From Cracow To Prague; Dream Of Gold; Castle At Trebona; End Of Partnership; End Of Kelly; Return To England; Royal Commission; Dee's Library; Adieu To Courts & Courting; Manchester; College Affairs; Last Days; Descendants.

CAT#173 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Geometry In Egyptian Art
Else Christie Kielland

214p. With 56 Illustrations & 34 Plates Of Geometrical Analysis. Contents: Idea Of Order; Egyptian Mathematics; The Golden Section; Lespius' Canon; Theory Of Squares; The Law Of Frontality; Representation Of The Human Figure: Original Position & Movement; Measurements & Axes Of The Flat Figure Are Dependent On The Measurements Of The Picture Surface; Cubic Forms; Planning & Proportioning; Frontal Statues; Statues Of Human Figures In Movement; Link Between The Representation Of The Human Figure As A Flat Picture & As A Sculpture; The Squares As Secondary Marks; Conclusion: Extended Meaning Of The Conception Of Frontality. Flat Pictures With Several Figures: Method For Giving Reality To The Symbolic Idea; Expressing The Story In The Mastaba Reliefs; Developing "Abstract Space"; Composing The Chariot Pictures. Beautiful Diagrams & Analysis!

CAT#175 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Secreta Secretorum (Secret Of Secrets): Three Prose Versions
Pseudo Aristotle

1898 293p. This Is An Interesting Work Famous Throughout The Last Several Hundred Years, Purporting To Be A Dialogue Between Aristotle & Alexander The Great On How To Be A Great King, But Said Really To Be A Coded Manuscript On Time Cycles Explaining The Totality Of Universal Phenomena. This Version Includes Three Different Versions Translated From French, & Latin, Enough Source Material For The Best Shot At Decoding.

CAT#187 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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The Cipher Of Roger Bacon
William Romaine Newbold

1928 224p. This Is An Analysis & Interpretation Of The Famous Voynich Manuscript, Attributed To The Great Middle-Age Alchemist & Cosmologist Roger Bacon, Said To Encode The Universal System Of Order & Knowledge, But Written In A Sophisticated Symbolic Code. The Original Voynich Manuscript was donated to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University in 1969 by H P Kraus, catalogue number MS-408. Contents: Forerunner Of Modern Science; Voynich Cipher Manuscript Of Roger Bacon: Sketch Of Its History & Contents; Principles Of Roger Bacon's Cipher; Following The Clues; Derivation Of Bilateral Alphabets; Script Of Shorthand Cipher; Rules For Deciphering Texts; Interpretation Of The Key; Annular Eclipse Of 1290; Great Nebulae Of Andromeda; Comet Of 1273; Cato & Fulvius; Oxford Story; Gunpowder Phenomena; Vatican Document; Paris Medical Text; Formula For Producing Metallic Copper; Abbreviated Word About The Green Lion; Table Of Values.

CAT#188 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Researches Into The Origin Of The Primitive Constellations Of The Greeks, Phoenicians & Babylonians &
The Law Of Kosmic Order: An Investigation Into The Physical Aspect Of Time
Robert Brown

I: 1899 2 Volumes 520p.; II: 1882 87p. Part I, Primitive Constellations. Contents: Primitive Constellations Of Greeks; Signs Of Zodiac; Mythology; Lunar Zodiac; Adoption By Romans, Persians, Indians, Arabs & Asians; Arabian Lunar Mansions; Chinese & Egyptian Constellation; Hipparcho-Ptolemy Star-List; Phoenician Constellations; Constellations In Greek Literature; Constellations & Coin Types; Homeric References; Unnumismatif Art Of Aigaion Seaboard; Gems; D'Arcy Thompson Babylonian Astronomy After Alexander; Euphratean Numbers; Circle-Cycle Of 10 Antideluvian Kings; Persian & Indian Kosmic Periods; Babylonian Astronomical Terms; Seven Planets; Euphratean Kosmogony Euphratean Connexion Of The Orientation Of Greek Temples; 5 Planetary Divinities; Map Of Northern Hemisphere; Constellations In Babylonian Creation-Scheme; Scheme Of 36 Constellations; Euphratean Art; Engraves Stones; Divisions Of Universe; Extra-Zodiacal Constellations; Mithraic Art; Archaic Lunar Zodiac; Star Names. Part II, Kosmic Order. Contents: Importance Of Ascertaining The Mental Standpoint Of Archaic Man; Necessity Of Concepts Of Space, Time & Number; 3 Great Divisions Of Time; 12 Hours Of Day; Khemic Time-God; Contest For Kosmic Order, According To The Euphratean Scheme; Signs Of Zodiac; Names Of Signs; Assyrio-Akkadian Calendar; The 12 Signs & Their Symbolism; The Lost Sign Now Represented As Libra; Dagon; Reign Of Law; Signs Of Zodiac In Euphratean Art.

CAT#191 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $110.00

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The Mathematical Dr. Dee

Hieroglyphic Monad: The Monad, Hieroglyphically, Mathematically, Magically, Qabalistically & Anagogically Explained

Mathmatical Preface To Euclid's Elements Of Geometry

Private Diary & Catalog Of Dee's Library Of Manuscripts
Dr. John Dee

1564, 76p.; 1570 64p.; 1583 90p. This Collection Contains Four Very Interesting And Important Selections Of The Great Magus, Cosmologist, & Astrologer Of Queen Elisabeth. Baumring's Regularly Referred To Dee's Monus Hieroglyphica, Considering It One Of The Most Important Cosmological Works Ever Written. We Have Added Dee's Excellent Preface To The 1570 First English Edition Of Euclid's Elements Giving Of The Best Overviews Of The Esoteric-Scientific Doctrine Stemming From The Pythagoreans. We Have Also Included Dee's Private Diary & Catalog Of Manuscripts In His Library For A Deeper Insight Into This Enigmatic Character. Part I: This Work Written In 13 Days In 1564 Explains Dee's Discovery Of The Key To The Universe, The Monas, Or Unity Underlying The Cosmos, As Expressed In A Hieroglyph, Or Symbol. The Monad Represents The Alchemical Process & Goal Of The Magus, Who In Partaking Of The Divine, Achieves That Gnostic Regenerative Experience Of Becoming God. Everything Is Dependant Upon The Circle & Straight Line Which Are Formed From The Point. From This Point Revolve Sun & Moon Resting Upon A Cross, Then Upon Two Half-Circles, The Original Fire Of Creation. The Key To The Glyph Is In The Meditation & Study Of It And Its Suggestions To The Creative Memory. Part II: A Very Fruitful Preface Made By M. I. Dee, Specifying The Chief Mathematical Sciences, What They Are Disclosed Certain New Secrets Mathematical & Mechanical Until These Our Days Greatly Missed. Contents: Intent Of Preface; Number, Point, Line; Magnitude; Arithemetic; Qualities Of Elements; Number; Geometry; Art Mathematical Derivative; Mechanic; Vulgar Geometry; Geographie; Chorographie; Hydrographie; Stratarithmetrie; Astronomie; Musike; Cosmographie; Astrologie; Light; Cubes; Anthropographie; Trochilike; Pneumatithmie; Menadrie; Hypogeoidie; Horometrie; Zographie; Architecture; Navigation; Archemastrie; Groundplate Of My Mathematicall Paeface Categorizing All Sciences & Artes Mathematicall. Part III: The Private Diary Of Dr. John Dee Taken From The Margin Notes Of His Almanacs, beginning in 1554 & The Catalog Of His Library Of Manuscripts, Made By Himself in 1583, Before His House Was Plundered By The Populace. Dee Is Said To Have Expended In This Collection The Sum Of 3,000 Pounds, A Very Large Sum In The Sixteenth Century For A Person Of Limited Income.

CAT#198 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Bible Mystery & Bible Meaning. (GL)
Thomas Troward.
1913, 327p. An Interpretation Of The Bible From The Standpoint Of Modern Metaphysics.

CAT#230 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $45.00

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Bible Interpretation.
George Bayer.

1937 With 55 Excellent Diagrams. Contents: Astrological Diagram Interpretation of Biblical Genesis; Longitude & Latitude; Ecliptic; Tree; Transits; Plotting Stock Charts; Diagrams Of Earth, Heavens & Cosmos; The Node Man; Leaf Forms & Astrological Chart; Human Form & Chart; Astrological Calculator Diagrams; Biblical Interpretation; Noah's Ark; Zodiacal Diagrams; Ellipses.

CAT#359 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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The Art Of Memory.
Francis A. Yates

1974. 400p. Book Description "Once in a very great while, historical scholarship produces a book which makes one immediately begin re-thinking many of one's major suppositions about the thought systems of the past. Professor Yates has given us such a book."--Norman D. Hinton, The Modern Schoolman This book is one of the best overviews of the systems of memory and the nature of the art as used in the Renaissance and Greek times. An excellent introduction to the subject, though not focused upon application. Contents: Three Latin Sources for the Classical Art of Memory; The Art of Memory in Greece: Memory and the Soul; The Art of Memory in the Middle Ages; Medieval Memory and the Formation of Imagery; The Memory Treatises; Renaissance Memory: The Memory Theater of Giulio Camillo; Camillo’s Theatre and the Venetian Renaissance; Lullism as an Art of Memory; Giordano Bruno: The Secret of Shadows; Ramism as an Art of Memory; Giordano Bruno” The Secret of Seals; Conflict Between Brunian and Ramist Memory; Bruno: The Last Works on Memory; Art of Memory in Bruno’s Italian Dialogues; The Theatre Memory System of Robert Fludd Fludd’s Memory Theatre and the Globe Theatre; Art of Memory and the Growth of Scientific Method.

University of Chicago Press. Paperback. CAT#379 $40.00

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Of Learned Ignorance
Nicolas Cusanus

1440 tr.1954 174p. One of the Great Works of Renaissance Philosophy by a Cosmologist Referred to by Hermann Hesse as a Precursor to the Glass Bead Game. Contents: How Knowledge Is Ignorance; Absolute Truth Is Beyond Our Grasp; The Absolute Maximum Is Known But Not Understood Maximum & Minimum Are Synonymous; Oneness of The Maximum; Maximum Is Absolute Necessity; Eternal Unity & Trinity; Eternal Generation; Eternal Progression Of the Connection; How The Understanding of The Trinity In Unity Transcends All Things; Mathematics Are A Very Great Help In Understanding different Divine Truths; The Way Mathematical Signs Should Be Used For Our Purpose; Modifications Of Absolute Infinite Line; Infinite Line I A Triangle; Infinite Triangle Is A Circle & A Sphere; Relationship Of Maximum To All Things Is By Analogy What The Infinite Is To Lines; Participation of Being; Analogy Between Infinite Triangle & Infinite Trinity; Impossibility of Having Four Or More Divine Persons; Analogy Between Infinite Circle & Unity; Infinite Sphere = Existence Of God; Negative Theology; Unity & Infinity of Universe; Everything In Everything; Universe-Its Unity & Degrees of Development; Trinity of Development; Possibility or Matter of the Universe; Soul of Form of Universe; Spirit of Universe; Corollaries on Movement; Conditions of Earth; Divine Design In Creation of World. Unfortunately this is not the cleanest copy of this rare book, but it is fully readable.

CAT#412 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Collected Ludwig B. Larsen:

Key to the Bible and Heaven, The Mystery of The Ages Revealed. (GL) 1919, 280p.

Ancient Prehistoric Wisdom. 1941, 301p.

Ludwig B. Larsen

CAT#443 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $90.00

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Q.B.L. Or The Bride’s Reception.
Frater Achad (Charles Stanfield Jones)

1922 149p. Numerous Diagrams. Being A Short Cabalistic Treatise On The Nature & Use Of The Tree Of Life With A Brief Introduction & Lengthy Appendix. Contents: The Formation Of The Tree of Life Being A Qabalistic Conception of the Creative Process; Concerning The Natural Basis of Correspondences In the Hebrew Alphabet; Of The Twenty-two Paths With Their Yetziratic & Colour Correspondences; Concerning The Tarot Trumps & Their Attributions To the Hebrew Alphabet; Some Account of the Ineffable Name & of the Four Worlds with Their Correspondences to the Minor Arcana of the Tarot; Concerning the Macrocosm & the Microcosm & How By Means of the Tree of Life We May Learn to Unite Them; Concerning the Literal Qabalah & the Methods of Gematria, Notaricon & Temurah; Concerning Numbers, Symbols & Matters Cognate; Of that which Was & Is & Shall Be; Of the Kingdom of the Bride; Appendices: Concerning The Natural Basis of Correspondences In the Hebrew Alphabet; Color Attributions; Paths of Planets & Signs; Pythagorean Theorem or 47 Problem of Euclid; Tree of Life with Correspondences.

CAT#450 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The Collected Cosmological Qabbala of Frater Achad
The Anatomy Of The Body Of God
Q.B.L. Or The Bride’s Reception.
The Egyptian Revival.
Frater Achad (Charles Stanfield Jones)

The collected set of Achad’s most important Cosmological & Qabbalistic works in one volume. For Contents See Listings For Individual Titles, Sold Separately.

CAT#452 $80.00

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Original Writings & Artwork Created By:
Leigh J. McCloskey

2003 1st Edition. Quarto, High Quality Cloth w/Dust Jacket. In TAROT reVISIONed, Leigh J. McCloskey has created an entirely new and unique series of drawings representing the twenty-two archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. A culmination of a seventeen year creative process, this work reveals a depth and acuity of vision that is both original and profound. The text of the manuscript consists of commentaries which examine traditional meanings and attributions connected with each Tarot archetype, as well as introducing new and insightful material that lends a deeper significance to the Tarot Tradition. Each commentary explores how the Tarot expresses both transcendental and individual qualities of consciousness, analyzing the mythological and esoteric, as well as considering how the archetypes interact and influence personal reality and experience. Following each commentary is a detailed examination and explanation of the symbolism and content of each drawing. The manuscript, approximately 90,000 words, is comprised of twenty-two chapters, an introduction and contains a forward by Stanislas Klossowski de Rola, the internationally recognized scholar and author of The Golden Game and Alchemy: The Secret Art. Leigh is a dear friend of Sacred Science Institute and is one of the most exceptional artists we have ever seen, and in this book, he publishes, for the first time, his pen and ink drawings of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. These images possess a beauty and transcendent quality like no other Tarot drawings ever, done in the Renaissance style of Durer. The artwork in this books is EXTRAORDINARY, and includes full color reproductions of Leigh’s magnificent OIL PAINTINGS on the front and back of the Dust Jacket, and on the inner pages. To see samples of the Tarot Drawings, and text from the book, as well as further information about the author, please paste this link into your browser address bar: ( ) This is the FIRST EDITION of what will surely be a collectors item.

CAT#498 $75.00 QUARTO, Beautiful Cloth 1st Edition.

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Tarot ReVisioned Tarot Deck.
Leigh J. McCloskey.

2004. 1st Edition. This beautiful set of cards includes the 22 drawings of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, as a Tarot deck in a lovely slipcase illustrated with one of Leigh’s amazing oils. The deck measures about 5” x 7” and includes beautiful small reproductions of Leigh’s fabulous pen and ink line drawings portraying his reinterpretation of the Tarot. A real collector’s item! By Olandar Press.

CAT#506 $25.00 Deck of Cards in Illustrated Slipcase.

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NATURAL ARCHITECTURE: OR, A Report By Petrus Talemarianus On The Establishment Of A “Golden Rule,” According To The Principles Of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, And The Kabala, Serving To Fulfill The Laws Of Universal Harmony And Contributing To The Accomplishment Of The Great Work.
Petrus Talemarianus. Edited by Alexandre Rouhier. Illustrations by Marcel Nicaud. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited & Preface by Joscelyn Godwin.

French Edition 1948. Translation 2007. 456 pages. With 50 Geometric, Numeric, And Titled Designs From The Author, As Well As 108 Engravings And 7 Titled Geometric Designs From The Editor. The second title in the Sacred Science Translation Society series. This book is a masterpiece of esoteric cosmology, coming from a secret French esoteric school, connecting the work of the cosmologist Wronski, teacher of Eliphas Levi and Balzac, and the work of the French Traditionalist, Rene Guenon. The thesis develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical and astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world. We guarantee that this is one of the most important and fascinating works that anyone has ever seen. Contents Overview: The Magic Word ABRACADABRA; The Ratio H/G Linking The Side Of A Regular Pentagon To That Of A Regular Hexagon In The Same Circle; An “Operative Diagram” With Twelve Triangles And Seven Squares; Hindu Doctrines; AKLISHTAKAR’s Tantric Diagram; Chinese Taoism; Numeric Correspondences To The Different Worlds Of Manifestation; Cosmogonic Ennead; Figure That Mediates Between The Squares And The Circle; Pyramid Of CHEOPS; Constructive Aspect Of The Philosopher’s Stone; ARSENIC; Geometric Progression Of Ratio H/G,; Mutation Of The Quinary And Senary; Study Of Progression; Geometric Outline Of The Interior Corridors And Chambers Of The Great Pyramid; Dimensions & Proportions Of The Philosopher’s Stone; “Intermediary Diagram On Triangles” With Eleven Elements; Correspondence To The Signs Of The Zodiac And To The Planets; Intermediary Diagram On Pentalphas; Mediating Diagram; Seal Of The Mutations Of The Quinary And Senary; Deformations Of The Nine Lengths Of ARSENIC; Metaphysical Attributions Given To The Eight Constructive Ratios Of The Philosopher’s Stone; Role Of The Mystic Numbers 108 And 7 In Tantrism And The Kabala; Egyptian Theodicy; The Hebraic Kabala Vehicle Of Egyptian Science; Constitution Of The Sephirothic Tree; Principle Of Polarity; Formal Principles Of Natural Architecture; Pythagorean Discipline; Constructive Theories From Arithmetic, Astronomy, Harmony, Geometry, And Stereometry; Cosmogonic Squares Of The Chinese; Khmer Tradition Concerning Planetary Arithmology; Chinese Theory Of The Twelve Musical Pipes; Scales Of PTOLEMY And PYTHAGORAS; Resemblance Existing Between The Laws Of Harmony And Those Of Natural Architecture; Study Of Harmony; Logarithmic Law; Study Sacred Alphabets; The Ratio Of The Bases Of The Same Exponential Law That Rules Both Musical Intervals And Architectural Proportions Is √G; Regular Division Of The Circle; Universal Pantacles; Stereometry & The Regular Partition Of The Sphere; Regular Polyhedrons; Four Types Of Correspondences Between These Solids; Diagrams Are Projection, On A Plane Of These Correspondences; Justification In The Regular Partition Of The Sphere; Social Applications Of Metaphysics; Myths And Symbols; Numeric Oppositions; Cults Of The Stone And The Waters; Two Exteriorizations Of The Center Of The World; Doctrines Of The Alchemists; Alchemical Vessel; Four Operations Or “Colors” Of The Great Work; “Genesis” Of MOSES; “Theogony” Of HESIOD; Proofs Of This Concordance; Myths Of PLATO In Relation To The “Timaeus”; DANTE’s “Divine Comedy”; To The Alchemical And Initiatory Science; Secret Science; RABELAIS’ Novel; Philosophical Dwelling Of An Adept; Island Of Atlantis And Its Royal City; “Apocalypse” Of Saint JOHN; “Shekinah” (Cathedral Of Amiens); Realization Of Universal Harmony. APPENDICES: Construction Of An Approximate Pentalpha With The Rectangle √G; Table Of The Approximate Numeric Values Of The Eight Ratios Of ARSENIC●M; Ratio H/G Obtained Through The Regular Dodecahedron; Chinese Cosmogonic Squares And Table Of PYTHAGORAS; The Magic Squares; Khmer Arithmological Series And Chinese Cosmogonic; On √Π, 1/√2, And The Ratio Between The Septenary And Duodenary (Unpublished Essay By Francis WARRAIN); Regular Polyhedrons And Polygons; Quadratures Of The Circle Obtained In The Diagrams; The Figured Numbers; The Rhythm Of The Holy Letters; The Divine Architectural Archetype And Its Paths. SELECTED FIGURES: PASCAL’S Arithmetical Triangle And The FIBONACCI Sequence; Egyptian Triangle; PASCAL’s Arithmetical Triangle Limited By The Chessboard; Logarithmic Spiral Tangent To The Corners Of The Revolving Squares; The “Shriyantra”; The Holy Trinity; The Triple Triad; The Pair Of Opposites (Eastern And Western Alchemies; Triangular Numbers; Square Numbers; Pentagonal Numbers; The Shrivatsa; The Constitutive Triangles Of A Pyramid Connected With The “Materia” Squares; Assyrian Ennead; Quadrilateral Of HERMES; Twelve Signs Of The Zodiac; Seven Planets; Magic Rectangle Of The Great Pyramid – Pentagon And Pentalpha; The Egg Of The World – Tibetan “Om”; The Zodiacal Hermaphrodite; The Alchemical Work; Ogdoad Of Hermopolis; Aleph; The Sephirothic Tree – CYBELE, The Mother Of The Gods – MICHAEL, The “Metatron” – The Table Of The Twelve Loaves Of Showbread – The Candelabra Of The Tabernacle; Meditating Taoist; Hindu “Lingam”; The Geometric Tau – Crucifixion Between The Sun And Moon; Chinese Cosmogonic Squares Of 6 And 5; Chinese Tower With Eleven Stories; “Swastikas” On The Cosmogonic Square Of 6 And 5 – The Goddess Of The Rainbow; Khmer Arithmological And Planetary Squares; MITRA-PHANES Emerging From The Pyrogenic Egg Of The World – Egyptian Gnostic Cross – Alchemical Putrefaction; The Rose Of The Twelve Musical Pipes – Chinese Bell With Phoenix Heads – AMPHION, Son Of JUPITER, Building Thebes “Of The Hundred Gates”; Alphabetical Wheels Based Of ARSENIC●M – Ritual Of The Consecration Of A Church – The Rose On The Façade Of The Cathedral Of Exeter; The Union Of Macrocosm And Microcosm – Double-Headed Eagle; Architecture And Music; Constitutive Quadrilaterals Of The Equilateral Triangle And The Square; Equilateral Triangle And Squares With Their Constitutive Triangles; Pentagon With Constitutive Triangles – Notre-Dame De; The Planar Projections Of The Five Platonic Solids; The Projection Of The “Yin” Correspondences Of The Platonic Solids Superposed On The Complete Diagram – The Quintuple Hexahedron – Cubic Stone; Image Of The Moon And Image Of The Sun; Descent Of The Sephirothic Tree Into The Various Worlds Of Manifestation – Ascent Of “Kundalinî” Through The Seven “Chakras” Of The Human Being – The Prophet ZECHARIAH; JACOB’s Ladder; Alchemical Laboratory; The Ark Of The Covenant – MOSES’ Tabernacle And Courtyard – Nubian Tau; The Tomb Of King MIDAS The Alchemist; The Great Alchemical Work (Humid Path) – The Great Alchemical Work (Dry Path) – The Labyrinth At Chartres Cathedral; Tree Of Raymond LULLY; Plan Of The Palace Of Versailles, Superimposed Upon The Monad Of John DEE; The Vision Of The Throne Of GOD And The Lamb – Keystone Of The Absidial Vault Of The Cathedral Of Amiens; Plan Of The Lamaic Cathedral Of Lhasa; The Magic Squares And Their Planetary Correspondences; Regular Polyhedrons: Surfaces And Volumes – Fig. I A, B, C, And D – Fig. II, III, And IV – Table Of The Classification Of The Types Of Polyhedrons – Nomenclature Of The Polyhedrons – Table Of The Elements Of The Polyhedrons – Construction Of The Faces Of The Polyhedrons – Correspondence Of The Polyhedrons To The “Sephiroth”; Quadrature Of The Circle Obtained In The Operative Diagram; Table Of The Numeric Values Corresponding To The Letters Of The Hebrew And Greek Alphabets; Properties Of The Circles Or Parts Of The Whorl. For details about the Translation Society, as well as the complete contents and diagram descriptions, see the Translation Society link on our homepage,

CAT#514 $300.00 Translation Society Edition

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Eberhard Wortmann. Translated by Ariel Godwin. Edited by Joscelyn Godwin.

German Edition 1965, Translation Society Edition 2008. 135 Pages, Including 80 Geometric Plates and 12 FULL COLOR PLATES. This is the 3rd book in the Sacred Science Translation Society series. This book is One of the Ten Greatest Cosmological Masterpieces Ever Written! Eberhard Wortmann is the only know modern Magister Ludi to have corresponded with Hermann Hesse, who in appreciation of his brilliant work called him a master "Glass Bead Game Player." The Sacred Science Institute worked in conjunction with Wortmann's family to produce this English translation of his Masterpiece, and will continue to translate his 3 further works, bringing his life work into English for the fist time. Wortmann's works contain hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean and Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics and Astronomy ever seen, as well as one of the most intricate elaborations of Universal Order and Cosmic Law known to man. The vast and synthetic thinking process presented in these works inspired a correspondence between Hesse and Wortmann discussing the GBG. "Here it should be mentioned that the Platonic riddle of numbers are actually a question of logical games of thought, "Glass Bead Games", as Hermann Hesse, the great writer and man, had named this kind of mental business." CONTENTS: REPUBLIC OR PLATO’S POLITICAL SECRET: The Riddle of Numbers in the Republic; The Solution of the Republic Riddle; Step Pyramid & Ideal Pyramid; The Significance of the Republic Pyramid; Apotheosis; TIMAEUS, OR REVELATION BY MEANS OF NUMBER: Part 1: The Four Essences; The Timaeus Riddle of Numbers; The Arithmetical Solution of the Timaeus Riddle’ The Regular Polyhedrons; The Four Essences; The Proofs; The Master Speaks. Part 2:: The Best of Things Created; Description of the Water Jug; The Golden Section; The Cones of the Jug; The Volume of the Jug; The Extinguisher; The Extinguisher Knob; The Oil Vessel; Wick & Flame; The Jug Stand; Circles & Polygons in the Extinguisher; The Accessory Cones of the Jug; the Hendecagon of the Jug Section; The Cross-section of the Jug; the Pentagons; Ten-pointed Stare & Five Pointed Star; The Polygons; The Pointer (Quadrature of the Circle; The Altar (The Squares of the Egyptian Triangles); The Conic Sections; The Symbolon; The Spearpoint; Mysteries from the Ancient Past; Chalice & Holy Grail; Part 3: Psyche or the Flower Miracle; Thaumazein – The Astonishment; Psychogenesis – The Generation of the Soul; Catharsis – The Purification; Psyche Alogos – The Natural Soul; Psyche Logistikon – The Enlightened Soul; The Proportion of the Flower Miracle; The Total Proportion of the Timaeus Parts. Part 4: The Sign of the Macrocosm; The Orbits of the Planets; The Sphairion – First Horoscope; The Conjunction of the Moon, Earth & Venus; The Opposition of Jupiter and Mars; Helios, The Conjunction of the Sun Saturn & Mercury; The Blooming Heaven; Orion, The Soul of the Universe; The Animated Bands ( The Fixed Stars); The Timaeus Sigil. Part 5 Thus Did Time Come Into Being; The Revolution of the Planets; The Three Regulators; The Corrected Revolution Periods of the Planets; The World-Year; The Planet’s Revolutions; The Proportion of the Planets’ Revolution Periods; The Sacrificial Vessel; The Planets’ Revolution Periods in Divine Time; Sirius, The World Clock; Time Measurement & its History; Platonic Time Division; The Eight World Years; World-Fire & New Beginning; Saturn the Destroyer; The Deluges; The Dagger in the Sky; Table of Planetary Revolution Periods to be Determined; The Hunt of the Two Moons; The End of the Doomed Planet; The Pendulum System; The Emergence of the World from the Soul; The Pentagon Again; The Windmill; The Soul’s Kernel; The Tree of the Immortal Soul; The Two Bands; The Second Division; Division of the Sphere’s Outer Surface; The Mixing of the World-Soul; The Key; A Game With Prime Numbers; The Number 37; The Number 315. Part 6: The Image of the Deity: Alpha & Omega; The ONE; The Pole Star 216; Coronas & Ray Spheres; The Force of Movement; The Volume of the Pendulum System; The Pyramid Peak; The Neck & Breast Jewelry; The Monstrance; The Regular Polyhedrons Again; The 1st Polyhedron Harmony: The Eyes of the Deity; The Water Clock; The Orb; The 2nd Polyhedron Harmony: The Treasure House; The 3rd Polyhedron Harmony: The Polyhedron Symbola; The Great Number Game; The Whole Proportion of the Surfaces of Timaeus; The Whole Proportion of the Solids of Timaeus. Part 7: The Ruler; The Basillica of the Holy Wisdom; The Council of Supreme Justice; The Eagle; The Ruler’s Toe Point – The World-Sphere; Six Arriving Worlds; The Eleven Spheres of the Divine; The Form of the Ruler; The Crystal Ball; The Twenty-Two Pointed Star; The Square; The Twenty-One-Pointed Star; The Sixty-Three Pointed Star; The Ruler as a Surface; The Soul Emerges; The Perfect Harmony of the Sections; The Solids of the Image: The Peacock’s Throne & Body. Appendix: The Harmony of the Spheres; Pythagoras & Music; The Vibration Ratios of the Tone Intervals (Pythagoras); Mathematical Proof; Historical Proof; The Tone-Values of the 31 Number; The Myth of the Hereafter in the Republic.

CAT#516 $200.00 Translaton Society Edition.

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Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt.
John Anthony West.

1993. 266P. This revised edition of West's revolutionary reinterpretation of the civilization of Egypt challenges all that has been accepted as dogma concerning this ancient and enigmatic land. It features a new introduction linking Egyptian science with the perennial wisdom tradition and an appendix updating the author's work with Robert Schoch in redating the Sphinx based upon water erosion. This wonderful work is based upon the research and discoveries of the famous Alchemist/Egyptologist, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, and gives a detailed overview of Schwaller’s ideas of the scientific system of the Egyptian Temple. Topics Include: Hieroglyphs carry Hermetic messages that convey the subtler realities of the Sacred Science of the pharaohs. Egyptian science, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy were more sophisticated than most modern Egyptologists acknowledge. Egyptian knowledge of the universe was a legacy from a highly sophisticated civilization that flourished thousands of years before. The Great Sphinx represents geological proof that such a civilization existed. Pythagoras Rides Again. Science & Art in Ancient Egypt. Myth Symbolism, Language, Literature. Heir to Atlantis.

CAT#518 $20.00 (Quarto Quality Paperback) Quest Books

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Supernatural: Meetings With The Ancient Teachers of Mankind.
Graham Hancock.

2006. 720p. Less than 50,000 years ago mankind had no art, no religion, no sophisticated symbolism, no innovative thinking. Then, in a dramatic and electrifying change, described by scientists as "the greatest riddle in human history," all the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves appeared already fully formed, as though bestowed on us by hidden powers. In Supernatural Graham Hancock sets out to investigate this mysterious "before-and-after moment" and to discover the truth about the influences that gave birth to the modern human mind. Hancock's quest takes him on a detective journey from the stunningly beautiful painted caves of prehistoric France, Spain, and Italy to rock shelters in the mountains of South Africa, where he finds extraordinary Stone Age art. He uncovers clues that lead him to the depths of the Amazon rainforest to drink the powerful hallucinogen Ayahuasca with shamans, whose paintings contain images of "super-natural beings" identical to the animal-human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves. Hallucinogens such as mescaline also produce visionary encounters with exactly the same beings. Scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research have begun to consider the possibility that such hallucinations may be real perceptions of other "dimensions." Hancock theorizes that hallucinogens serve to allow the consciousness to access the “junk DNA,” strands of DNA we all possess which are considered useless by geneticists, and which possibly store advances in human knowledge which can be accessed through these “plant teachers.” He sets out to create a Map of the symbolism of the inner realms, in order to develop a deeper understanding of these transformational experiences. Could the "supernaturals" first depicted in the painted caves be the ancient teachers of mankind? Could it be that human evolution is not just the "meaningless" process that Darwin identified, but something more purposive and intelligent that we have barely begun to understand? A fascinating and very original work!

CAT#544 $30.00 Hardcover, Disinformation.

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