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The Complete Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann
Volumes I-VI:

I. Marketing Brochures, Interviews, Annual Forecasts & Trading Records

II. The Master Time Factor: No. 3 Master Forecasting Method & Unpublished Stock Market Forecasting Courses

III. Master Mathematical Formula, Calculators

IV. The Complete Commodity Market Course

V. Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods & Trend Indicators

VI. Astrological Writings & Charts

William Delbert Gann

1909 - 1955 6 Volumes, Electronic Scans of 4 Large Opaque Calculators, & Set of 30 Oversized Charts. This set is the most complete, best organized and best priced collection of Gann’s writings ever available. For complete contents see the individual listings for the courses as follows.

CAT#061 $1200.00 TEMPORARY DISCOUNT $1000.00

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Graphs & Their Application To Speculation
Geo. W. Cole, La Marquette

1936 278p. With 30 figures & diagrams. Dr. Baumring Had Gann's Own Personal Copy Of This Book In Which Gann Had Marked Numerous Sections Some Of Which He Extracted And Included In His Own Works. This Book Successfully Demonstrates That Graphs Of Price Action In The Market Pictorially Reflect The Mass Psychology Of Market Speculators, And That Future Movements Based On This Behavior Can Be Predicted With Accuracy. Contents: Graphs: What Are They?; Value Of Graphs; Price Controlled By Universal Laws; Science Of Price; Logical Reasons For Actions; Mob Psychology; Human Equation; Comparison Of Grain & Stock Prices; Speculation A Profession; How To Make Simple Graphs; Geometrical Graph Paper; Ratio Graph Paper; Four Essentials In Graph Making; Daily Movements; 2+ Day Moves; Angle Or Block; Close Graph; Primary Trend; Combination Graph; Figure Chart; Daily Factors & Indications; Daily Range; Inside Days; Outside Days; Neutral Days; Up-Turn & Down-Turn Days; Hook Closings; Time & Cycles; Intermediate Formations & Movements Recurrences; Runs; Reversal Of Movements Of 2+ Days; Reverses Of Futures; Trends; Objectives; Mechanical Formula; Congestions; Thin Spots; Gap; Averages; Daily Average; Average Of Movement Of 2 Days Or More; Major Straight Average; Triple Average; Trend Triple Average Major Combination Average; Resistance Levels; Reactions From New Prices; Closings; Top & Bottom Formations; Head & Shoulders Top & Bottom; Method Of Trading Head & Shoulders; Broadening Tops & Bottoms; Double Spread; Declining Top; Inclining Bottom; Coiling Top & Bottom; Compound Top & Bottom; Seasonal Tops & Bottoms; Daily Analysis; Positions; Trends; Averages; Movements; Objective Distances Unfinished & Finished; Cycles; Top & Bottom Day Or Week; Daily Action & Closings; Scalping Rules; Stop Loss & Stop Profit Plans; Averaging & Doubling; Scalping Against The Trend; Going With The Trend; Year Around Trading Plan; Await Definite Indications; Stop Loss Orders; Trading In Congestion; Study & Application; Long Pull Trading; Sufficient Capital Patience; When To Enter For Long Pull Trading; Interpretation Per Market Graphs; The All Price Curve; Normal Value Of Wheat; Supply & Demand; Export Surplus & Definite; Domestic Surplus & Export; Relative Action Of Grain & Commodity Prices; How To Plot Curves; Gregory King's Law Of Prices; Feudal Systems Of Land Tenure; Attempted Price Control For 500 Years; Bounties In Export; Duties; Price Control Failed; King's Table Of Natural Price Movement; Finding Major Objective; Establishing Primary Price Movement; Establishing Secondary Trend; Calculating Objectives; Objectives Conjectural; Applying Dow Theory To Grain; Similarity; Manipulation; Averages Discount Everything; Theory Not Infallible; Dow's Three Movements; Primary Movements; Primary Bear Markets; Primary Bull Moves; Secondary Reactions; Daily Fluctuations; Determining The Trend; Lines; Relation Of Volume To Price Movement; Double Tops & Bottoms; William Peter Hamilton, Market Analyst; Action Of Wheat & Corn Should Conform; Graphs For Applying Dow Theory; Hedging; 3 Purposes In Hedging; Hedging Eliminates Speculation; Hedging Protects Profits; Origin Of Futures Contracts; How A Hedger Operates; Hedge Not Speculation; Privileges; Privileges Or Bids 7 Offers Are Of Value; Bids & Offers As Outright Speculation; Trading Against Privileges; As Positive Stop Loss; Selling Privileges; Selling Bids; Selling Offers; Experienced Speculators Seldom Buy Privileges; As Insurance Or Hedge In Cash Grain Transactions; Used As Protection.

CAT#065 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Technical Analysis & Stock Market Profits
Richard Schabacker

410 8x11p. Witn 128 charts & Diagrams. The All - Time Classic on Technical Analysis, Pattern Recognition & Market Formations Contents: Technical Approach to Stock Trading; Important Reversal Formations; Minor Reversal Formations; Major Continuation Formations; Miscelaneous Intermediate Patterns & Phenomena; Trend Line Action; General Review of Volume; Dow Theory; Support & Resistance; Measuring Rules & Formations; False Moves & Shake Outs; Stop-Loss Orders; Use of Long Term Charts, Averages & Groups; Charting Bonds & Commodities; Trading Tactics.

CAT#066 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $90.00

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Stock Market Profits
Richard Schabacker

1934 342p. Cycles of Business & Securities; Long-Swing Investment; Short-Swing Investment; Fundamental Factors; Technical Factors; Proper Use of Stock Charts; Market Psychology; Common Sense & Foresight In Trading; Diversification of Risk; Market Counsel, Good & Bad.

CAT#067 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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Tubbs' Stock Market Correspondence Course
Frank Tubbs

1944 184p. Many Charts & Illustrations. One of the Rarest & Greatest Courses on Technical Analysis Discussing the Famous Tubbs' Bottom, Highly Recommended by Dr. Baumring. Contents: Trend of the Market; Groups - Aggregates & Individuals; Records - recording - Weeklies; Charting; Bases, Heads, Progressions, Swing Rule; Manipulation, Pools (Sponsor & Active)-, the Public; Selection of Trading Stocks - Making Trading A Business; Resistance & Support Lines; Investments, Long Move & Fluctuation Trading,; Proportion; Mergers, Action of New Listings.

CAT#070 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $75.00

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The Collected Works of R. N. Elliot

The Wave Principle

"The Wave Principle": A Series of Articles Published in 1939

Nature's Law: The Secret of the Universe

R. N. Elliot

1938; 1939; 1946 150p. The Wave Principle is the Original Work on the Elliot Wave by its Discoverer, Followed by a Series of 12 Articles Elaborating the Subject. Nature's Law Brings the Final Sysnthesis of Elliot's Life Work to a Summation. Contents: Great Pyramid; Nature' Law; Human Activities; corrections; Extensions; Irregular Tops; Alteration; 13 Year Triangle; Pyramid Symbolism; Ratio Ruler; Law of Motion; Emotional Cycles of Individuals; Pythagoras; Rhythm in Nature; Stock Market Waves; Identifying Waves; Wave Characteristics; Speed, Volume, Charting; Applications.

CAT#071 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Pickell-Daniel Extension Course of Grain Market Analysis
Pickell & Daniel

1937 408 8x11p. One of the Greatest Courses on Grain Market Analysis Includes Weather Pattern Analysis & Famous Compass Projection, the "Circumscribed Objective" often referred to by Dr. Baumring. Contents: A Sound Basis For Dealing In Grain; Law of Price Relativity; Law of Supply & Demand; Dow Theory Applied to Grain; Gregory King's Law of Prices; Daily Action; Trends; Averages; Objectives; Cycles & The Weather; Seasonal Trends in Grain Prices; Corn; Oats & Barley Price Characteristics; Business Fundamentals & Grain Prices; the Basis of Prosperity & Advancing Prices; Changing Aspects of American Industrial Economy; Business Cycle & Business Indices; Grain Trading Methods of Big Operators; Application of Trading Methods; Trading In A Narrow Market;

CAT#072 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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Seven Studies in Stock Market Trading
M. V. Woods

1943 An Original & Important Explanation of the Real Meaning of Periodicity, Regularly Referred to by Baumring in his Teachings as one of the Clearest Presentations of this Complicated & Misunderstood Principle. Contents: Stock Market Time-Cycles: A Knowledge Derived From The Past Makes Possible the Forecasts of Future Trends In the Affairs of Man; Major Time-Cycles; Four Stages of a Complete Stock Market Cycle; 50 Years of Stock Market Cycles; Number of Primary Swings In Bull & Bear Markets; Secondary Stock Market Cycles; Normal Reaction Rule; An Analysis of Intermediate Price Trends; Occurrence of Weekly Sequences In the Stock Market; Simple Method of Keeping Records of resistance Points & Areas of Supply & Demand for Estimating Future Price Objectives; DJIA Cycle Combination & Projection; 14, 45, 54, 18, 9 Year Variable Cycles; Variable & Fixed Cycles; Streamlining the Trends; a Study in Price Objectives; Four Types of Gaps; Measuring Price Objective.

CAT#073 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $60.00

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Wyler Series On Stock Market Speculation

Vol.1 The Application Of Scientific Principles To Stock Speculation

Vol.2 Trading And Trending

Joseph A. Wyler

174p. & 215p. This Series By A Consulting Chemist & Chemical Engineer Gives An Analysis Of The Markets From The Perspective Of The Laws Of Physics. Baumring Used This Series As A Fundamental Presentation Of Gann Theory, To Show That The Markets Are Governed By The Measurable Laws Quantifiable By The Terminology & Equations Of Newtonian Mechanics. Contents: Volume I General Principles; Volume; Mass; Velocity; Momentum; Kinetic Energy; K=1/2MV Squared; Work Done; Acceleration; Force; Power; Critical Volume; Consistent Move; Limited Maximum Energy Level; Reversal Point; Tertiary Move; Secondary Move; Primary Move Basic Calculated Factors & Helpful Concepts; Basic Stock Price Structures; Strategic Formations; Theoretical Considerations; Sayings & Proverbs. Volume II General Principles For Trading & Trending; Trading; Trending; Interpretation Of Geometrical Patterns & Combinations Of Patterns.

CAT#077 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $100.00

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Collected Works of William Dunnigan

Gains in Grains

New Blueprints For Gains In Stocks and Grains

Barometers For Forecasting Stocks

The One-Way Formula For Trading In Stocks and Commodities

William Dunnigan

1952, 65p. Research In Business Cycle Forecasting; 1954, 158p.; 1957, 36 8x14"p.; The Works of William Dunnigan are some of the Clearest & most effective examples of the application of Cycle Forecasting to Mechanical Trend Systems. Baumring felt that Dunnigan's One-Way formula and Franklin Paul Jackson's I-S Method were the two most effective Trading Systems he had see which when followed carefully could produce profits without having to Understand forecasting. Contents: Vol. I: Future Turning Points; Following Trend; Technical Evils; Human Nature; Evolution of Grain Barometer; Detecting Trend Day To Day; Identifying Significant Swings; Signals; Reversal Signals; Ascending & Descending Tops & Bottoms; Closing Price Reversal; Narrow Range; Penetrations; Double Thrust Method; Signal Patterns; Upswings & Downswings; Vol. II: Universal Method For Trading In All Stocks & Commodities; Mechanical Rules; Little Lessons; Background; Blueprints of SM & Commodity Markets; Intro To One-Way Formula. Vol. III: Barometers & Trap Forecasting. Vol. IV: How to Select Stocks & Chart Prices; How To Recognize Barometric Movements; Upswings, Downswings; Tops & Bottoms; How To Set Up Swings; Birds Eye View of One-Way Formula; Repeat Signals; Sell Signals; Recognizing The Main Trend; Recognizing Change In Main Trend; Equal Highs & Lows; Continuation of Main Trend; How To Engage In Practical Operations; Operating Plan In Stocks; Practical Considerations; Trading Commodities With One Way Formula; Operating Plan In Commodities; Profitable Signals. For Those Who Have the New Edition of The One-Way Formula & New Blueprints Edited By Donald Mack,, We Have a Supplement Including Just the Stock Market Barometer & Gains In Grains, to Complete the Dunnigan Set. Search Under Dunnigan Supplement.

CAT#080 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $90.00

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A New Technique of Stock Market Forecasting
C. S. Johnson, C. P. A.

1931-4 Another Baumring Pick for its Importance In Volume Analysis. Contents: Meaning of Quotations; Statement of Problem; Volume of Sales; Kinds of Movements; Classification; Weekly Highs & Lows; Tables & Numbers of Classification; Advances & Declines; Daily Charts; Daily double Reverse; Variations; Successive Variations; Extended Variations; Double Bigs & Littles; Weekly Double Reverse; Trading Technique & Procedure; Margin Trading; Waiting for Big Movements; Volume of Sales Line; Charting Volume of Sales; Interpretation; Correspondences & Explanations; Computation of Volume Factor; Weekly Quotations.

CAT#083 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Action - Reaction Signals
Edwin S. Quinn

1950 New Use of Newton's 3rd Law Gives Sensationally Accurate Guidance. What To Buy; When To Buy; How Long To Hold; When To Sell; What To Avoid. Contents: Investographs; First to Adapt Semi-Log (Ratio) Scale; First Simplified Ratio Analysis; First Charting of Stock Prices vs. Ratio Analysis; Investment Activity For Forecasting; Plotting of company Sales & Earnings on a Per-Share Basis; Industry Composites Charting Cyclical Characteristics; Moving Volume Principle for Better Forecasting; First To Plot Price Vertically & Volume Horizontally in One Curve; Price-Volume Charts; Most Important "First" of All, In The Action-Reaction Principle; What to Sell Short; How Long To Stay Short; When to Cover; Newton's Third Law; Constructing Charts; Proof; Signals; Action-Reaction Patterns; Moving Volume Curve; Confidence or Lack of It Controls Price Trends; 6-Week Moving Price Curve; Investment Becomes a Science; 20 Year Test in Steel.

CAT#084 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Basic Trend Barometer: A Long Term Stock Trend Study
Emil Schultheis

1946 200 8x11p. Important & Rare Baumring Selection Developing Many Important Scientific Applications in Technical Analysis, Cycle Theory, Periodicity & Forecasting. Contents: Underlying Causes of Major Swings; Effects; Principles Graphs; DJIA; Moving Average of Mean; 3 of 3 of 3; 7 Months Base; Computing diagrams; Oscillators; Smoothing Lines; Element of Time; Oscillator vs. Moving Averages; Zero Line; Amplitude; Formulas; Reducing Large Patterns; Ratio Oscillator; Short Cut to Ratio Basis; Periodicities: 2, 7, 44 Months; Periodicities Repeat; Everything Relative; Stock Market Periodicities; 4, 13, 51 Months; Analysis of Price Action; Time Factors; Correlating Technique With Periodicities; Current Trend; Time Factor In Base Trend; 23 & 65 Month Periodicities; Continuity & Price Pattern; Anticipating Boom Periods In SM; Buy Rules & Signals; Bear Markets; Flexibility; Climaxes; Measuring Declines; Bullish Indications; Basic Law; Definition of Panics; Tell Tale 3 Months; Full & Partial Measure; Pattern Comparison; Position of Patterns; Distribution & Consolidation; Continuation Signals; Size of Pattern; Nuances in Deviation; Overlapping Patterns; Timing Buy Signals; Double Bottom Signals; Frequency of Panics; Panics & Preceding Peaks; Major vs Local Deviation; Types & Status of Markets; 5/8 Ratio; "W" Pattern; "False" Dow Theory Signals; 50% Levels; Time Marches On; Cyclical Influences; "Bull Market" Critical Periods; "Tri-Dimensional" Approach;

CAT#085 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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An Introduction to Trend - Action: A Scientific Method of Forecasting
Richard Martin

1943 Many Illustrations. An Excellent book on Forecasting by the Determination of Trends and Pattern Recognition Recommended by Baumring. Contents: 5 Elements; Basic Form & Sequence; Structure of Channel; Channel as Unit; The Correction; Long Move of the Channel; Angle Patterns; Types of Corrections; Proportion; Classification; Accumulation & Distribution; Individual Issues; Recent Major Bottoms.

CAT#090 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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Magic of Making Money In The Stock Market
Cliff Stewart

1951 203p. 35 Plates. An Excellent Work on Market Fundamentals, Technical Analysis & Trading Strategy. Contents: 7 Rules for Successful Investing; Daily, Weekly, Monthly Charts; 11% Stop Loss Orders; Single, Double, Tripple Tops & Bottoms to Buy & Sell; Steps & Number of Points to Use in Buying & Selling; 2-5, 5-7, 9-12, 17-20 Point Moves; When & How To Pyramid; Advances & Reactions; Safest Points to Buy & Sell; Number of Days 7 Weeks to Watch For Change In Trend, 3, 6, 9, Weeks; How To Forecast the Trend of the Market; Time Cycles; Seasonal Changes; Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Time Periods; How To Diversify Your Portfolio; Selecting Stocks to Double I One Week; Fortune Making Stocks for the 50's; Estimates of Future Earnings & Market Value; How to Select Fortune Making Stocks; New Significance of Dow Averages; Signal Stocks i Basic Industries; How to Lower Your Income Tax in the Stock Market.

CAT#093 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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The "Todd Theory" of Market Measurement & Price Projection
Payson Todd

1953 Another Baumring Selection for its Superb Analysis of the Phases of the Market and How to Project According to this Understanding. This Particular Study Show How The Rise & Fall of Stock Market Trends Conform to a Rhythmic Series of Price Patterns. Contents: Phases; Legs; Waves; Wavelets; Movements; Price Progress; Examples In DJIA; Price Projection; Reverse; Head & Shoulders; Phase Analysis; Latent Forces; 3 Changes in Average Market Leadership; Waves or Sections I-IV.

CAT#094 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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When to Sell To Assure Profits
James P. Morton

1926 158p. On Speculation & Trading Strategy. Contents: Requirements for Successful Trading & Investing; Long & Short distance Perspectives; Law of Supply & Demand; Forerunners of Important Changes in Trend; Detecting Buying Points In Long Swings; Detecting Buying Points In Short Swings; When To Sell to Assure Profits; Choosing the Most Favorable Industry & Its Most Attractive Security; New Industries & Promotions; How To Determine Whether Sound Promotions Are Overpriced; Mechanical Market Aids - Their Uses & Limitations; Business Developments & Prospects Which Foretell Security Market Movements; Uncovering Bonds Which Offer Big Market Profits As Well As Income; What to Choose & What To Avoid in the Unlisted Market; Lessons of the 1924-26 Market.

CAT#095 Delux Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $50.00

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How To Make a Cycle Analysis
Correspondence Course for the Foundation For The Study of Cycles

Edward R. Dewey

1955, 630p. with charts This how-to manual on cycle analysis was written by Edwin R. Dewey in 1955 as a correspondence course. It provides step-by-step instructions on the elements of cycle analysis, including how to identify, measure, isolate and evaluate cycles. The most elaborate cycle course ever written, by the founder of the Foundation For The Study of Cycles. This course had a limited release in the 50's at a price of $350.00, but has been almost unknown since then. Contents: Elementary Statistics: Definitions; Review of Arithmetic; Machines; Short Cuts; Checking Tricks; Preparation of Data for Cycle Analysis; Charting for Cycle Analysis; Arithmetic Charts; Ratio Charts; Interpolation; Averages; Arithemetic Means; Geometric Means; Medians; Medes; Which Average to Use; Index Numbers - How to Make & Use in Cycle Analysis; Tabulation; Logarithms & How to Use Them in Cycle Analysis; Graphic Logarithms; ow To Make & Use Moving Average Trends for Cycle Analysis; Geometric Moving Averages; V.Cycle Analysis. How to make a cycle analysis of a series of numbers - a detailed outline. The forces creating time series. Series. Synthesis. The proper way to combine cycles. How to combine growth, periodic and random components. Analysis. How to sep How to get hints of cycles. Inspection. Counting intervals. Thumbing. The Graduated scale. The time chart. VII. How to make & use the periodic table to reveal the typical or average shape, strength, and timing of the cycle. How to rotate the periodic table to compensate for trend. Use of color in the periodic table. VIII. How to use a periodic table to determine the length of the cycle. IX. How to position the cycle.X.Randoms: Three ways to minimize them. XI.The effects of moving averages upon trend, upon cycles & upon random numbers. XII. Deviations of numbers from moving averages of various lengths. How to correct for distortion. XIII. Three ways to definitize the cycle. Definitizing cycles of integral length and of fractional length. Determining the calendar timing of a cycle.XIV. How to make a periodogram. XV. Sine & cosine curves and how to fit them. XVI. How to make a simple harmonic analysis. How to make a multiple harmonic analysis. Use and limitations of harmonic analysis. XVII. How to compute moving percentages, moving ratios, and moving differences. Their effect upon cycles. How to use them to detect hidden cycles. XVIII The straight line trend. When to use it for cycle analysis. A short cut method for computing.XIX. How to use the periodic tables to separate one cycle from another. XX. Weighted moving averages. How to use them to reveal h idden cycles. XXI.How to make a Streiff Analysis. XXII. How to determine trend. How to project trend & cycles into the future. XXIII. Tests for significance of cycles. Moving Medians; How To Remove Trend For Cycle Analysis.

CAT#123 Deluxe Quarto Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $350.00

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The Periodic Table & The Law of Vibration

Eric Penicka

July, 2018. 460p. The intent of this course is to provide solution to the Law of Vibration, as Gann originally presented it in his interview with Richard Wyckoff in The Ticker and Investment Digest, upon his first public appearance in 1909. The author takes Gann’s own words and tracks through the science of his day to uncover the meaning of Gann’s explanation that “stocks are like atoms” and that they respond to “mathematical points of force.” The author builds a foundation in the Natural Sciences of Gann’s day, showing how the emerging science of the Periodic Table and of the atomic elements, provides a system of order based upon the vibrational values of the chemical elements, which when known for an individual market, will determine a master number set that will determine the market’s movement in price and time. This is the first public presentation of this complete theory of Gann’s use of the Periodic Table as the basis of the Law of Vibration applied to trading. More description forthcoming. NOW AVAILABLE! – TAKING 1ST ORDERS NOW!

CAT#124 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $4500.00


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Behind The Veil

Dr. Alexander Goulden

2010. Our newest and most impressive trading course based upon the deepest principles of Gann Analysis and esoteric financial forecasting, this exceptional course develops the deepest metaphysical and cosmological content into powerful applied trading principles and techniques. For full details see the following link: CONTENTS: 1. INTRODUCTION: What the Ancients Knew – The Holographic Universe – How Consciousness Manifests Through Ordered Mathematical-Geometrical Templates – Purpose of This Book. 2. MANIFESTATION TEMPLATES: Kabbalistic Templates – Scientific Meaning of Tree of Life – Variations in Modern & Ancient Forms – Reality Fields & Conscious Energy – Mathematical-Geometrical Sequencing – Dimensionalised Frequency Bands – Energetic Description of a Market – Origins of the Gann Grid – Gann & Walter Russell’s Cosmology - Nodal Transmission Lines – Velocity & Angle of Pitch – Applications of Manifestation Templates – Energy Domain Boundaries – Frequency Lattice Composition – Number Vibrations – Sympathetic Resonance – Frequency Encryption – “Law of Vibration” – Numerological & Astrological Perspectives – Gann’s Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions – Gematria – Consciousness Resonance – Correspondence – Harmonic Multiples – Planetary Channels – Harmonic Sound Tones & Planetary Longitude – Harmonic “Charge” Points – Rational of Price Movement – Harmonic Boundaries – Spherical Boundary Fields – Vibrational Lattice – Support & Resistance Oscillations – Fractal Patternings – The “Inner Square” – Angle of Pitch. 3. TRENDLINES AND STOPS: Electrons, Atoms & Molecules – Trend Determination – Trendline Variations – Energy States of Consciousness – Atomic Modeling – Orbital Shells – Harmonic Equilibrium – Photons & Wavelength – Energetic Quantum Mechanics – Sympathetic Resonance – Resonant Alignment – Directional Momentum – Price Trajectory – External Force Determinants – “Overshoots” – Stop Loss Orders – Why 90% of Traders Lose – Trend Exhaustion – Market Makers – “Natural” Harmonic Price Levels – Strategic Solutions – Problems with Trendlines – Gann Angles & Andrews Pitchfork - Consensual Trading – Gauging Energy States – Distortion Free Trendlines – Squaring a Chart – Recalibrating Gann Angles – Price Action & Harmonic Orbitals – Numerological Scaling Principles – Goulden Harmonic Fan – Minimalizing Capital Exposure – Harmonic Offset – Energy State Assessment – Science of Probabilities – Subtle Energy Shifts – Forex Markets – Identifying Trade Entry Points – Stop Placement – Identifying Encryption Characteristics – Vector Determination – The Vesica Piscis – Grid Calibration – Energy Demarcations – Time Fractaling. 4. PYTHAGOREAN TIME HARMONICS: Temporal Components - Solar Motion – Cyclical Correlates – Fundamental & Harmonic Tones – Frequency Octaves – Geometry of a Circle – Properties of Sound – Pythagorean Tone Ratios – Nodal Points – Series Units – Time Harmonics – Harmonic Time Counts – Harmonic Convergence – Polarity Inversion – Trading Sentiment – Phase Offset – Orb of Influence – Distribution of Cycle Harmonics – Harmonic Series – Compressed Nodal Points – Consciousness Field Synchronization – Phase Alignment – Market Encryption – Rotational Progression – Multiple Series Determination – Spherical Holographic Domain – Time Pulse Rhythms – Probability Vectors – Resonant Alignment – Planetary Orbital Periods – Heliocentric Orbits. 5. VECTOR CYCLES: Holographic Properties of Reality Field – Immanent Correspondence – Bio-energetic Frequency Barriers – Fractal Replications of a Supervenient Order – Dimensional Planes – Particle/Anti-particle Systems – Counter-Rotating Electromagnetic Vortices – Differential Fields – Motions of Planets - Mechanics of Consciousness – Kepler’s 3rd Law of Planetary Motion – Gravity Center – Impulse Vectors – Quantum Thrust of Consciousness – Vector Cycles – Rotational Time Angle – Implied Orbital Path – Pythagorean Time Angles – Vector Cycle Harmonics – Relative Decompression – Octave Harmonics – Trade Execution – Reversal Points – Conversion Factors – Vector Determination – Polarity Counterparts – Cyclic Imprints – Sympathetic Resonance – Pivot Formations. 6. THE OCTAVE POINT: Basil Valentine – The Symbolic Keys – Electromagnetic “Tone” – Transits – Cyclic Origin – Vibrational Consonance – Resonant Alignment – Orientations of Tonal Counterparts – Idiosyncrasies of Precious Metals – Earth’s Energetic “Grid” System – Dynamic Markets – Nested Holographic Domains – The Unified Field – Phase Alignment & Adjustment – Inversion of Trading Sentiment – Cycle Calibration – Heliocentric Longitude – Cyclic Forces – Numerological Reduction – Planetary Vibration. 7. CONCLUSION: Mathematical Fragmentation – Electromagnetic Sequencing of Chemical DNA – Perception of External Form – Toltec “Assemblage Point” – Harmonic Imperatives – Tapping the Properties of a Hologram – Consciousness Orientation – Scalar Wave Signatures – Unified Field – Direct Cognition - Eternal Truth. 8. RECOMMENDED READING. 9. BIBLIOGRAPHY. INCLUDES SUBSCRIPTION TO BEHIND THE VEIL ONLINE FORUM MODERATED BY THE AUTHOR. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE.

CAT#174 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $3,600.00 (Note: Disregard the $360 shipping charge you'll see in the cart, we'll correct it when it comes through to $40 US $65 Intl for EXPRESS shipping)

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Sean Erikson

May, 2019. 210p. In this course, Sean Erikson, a recently retired professional trader and fund manager, has presented a set of highly refined tools used for advanced swing trading based upon the principles of celestial mechanics and ancient geometry. These tools were developed and refined over 25 years of research, trading and professional management and represent the culmination of a lifetime quest for the ideal astro-trading toolkit. The essential tool at the core of this system derives from an astronomical component which consistently projects, with exactitude, the angle of attack, or slope, of the forthcoming trend. The core tool provides the trader with the capacity to project the exact slope of the forthcoming trend IN ADVANCE of the trend developing (within the first few bars), from any high or low on any time frame from minute to monthly. This slope angle is then projected in the direction of the new trend, and a channel is constructed parallel to the angle of attack which will contain the entire movement of the ensuing trend and will then signal the reversal into a new trend. Geometrical tools are simultaneously used to project a primary price target for the culmination of the trend as well as providing a secondary target for cases where the trend extends into a longer move. Finally, a simple but powerful astro-timing element is integrated with the channel and geometry to provide a short-term time projection which usually identifies the next 1-3 turns out with surprising accuracy and consistency. The combination of these tools provides a simple but powerful and effective tool set for swing trading or trend trading any market on any time frame. NOW AVAILABLE! – TAKING 1ST ORDERS!

CAT#250 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $7500.00


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The Underlying Wisdom & Philosophy of W. D. Gann
Elegantly Encoded in the Master Charts

Daniel T. Ferrera

2015. Text: 298 Pages, Appendices: 100 Pages. Numerous Diagrams. Software Included. The main purpose and objective of this course material is to provide the reader with a comprehensive yet practical understanding of W.D. Gann's most useful trading tools and their many uses. Over his 50 year trading and advising career, W.D. Gann developed approximately 40 different trading tools, calculators and/or mechanical methods to trade with and many of them are presented in this very detailed course. The material in this book will explore Gann’s different techniques and tools for trading according to his rules, and is intended to be a very practical guide to be used in conjunction with the risk management principles and account management rules presented in my earlier course, The Keys to Successful Speculation. CONTENTS: The Basis Of Gann's Method; Important Clues, 4th Dimension; Base 10 Method; Parallel Angles; Squaring Or Balancing Price Charts; Base 10 Fractal System; Base 10 summarized; Visual Balancing Method; Squaring Price With Time; Three Ways To Square Time And Price; The Most Important Angle, Diagonal; Second Most Important Angle, Horizontal; Third Most Important Angle, Vertical; Sections Of Bull And Bear Markets; Short Summary; Simple Time Periods; Balancing Time With Equal Time; Summary Of Simple Time Periods; Short Term Time Projections; Fibonacci And Natural Squares; Formations & Form Reading; Swing Indicator; Where To Place Stop Loss Orders; Formations Review; The Halfway Point; Moving Average Trend Indicator; The Law Of Vibration; Price Changes Are Vibrations; Let The Market Tell Its Own Story; Support And Resistance Levels; Odd And Even Squares; Fibonacci Price Projection; Square Roots; Price Projection Method; Projection Process Applied; Money Management; The Square of Odd & Even Numbers; The Spiral & Square Charts; Time Counts & Quick Calculations of Angles; Conclusion. Appendicies: All Gann Courses & Materials Referred to in This Course.

CAT#300 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition & CD Rom. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $1995.00


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Essential Mechanics of a Trading Business

Daniel T. Ferrera

2017.200 Pages. Over the course of any professional career, there comes a time when a return to fundamentals is necessary. Without a strong foundation, any structure will eventually fail. In this course, over a full year of developing trades are provided with interpretation illustrating the decision-making process, to hone the reader’s recognition skills, somewhat akin to the art of tape reading. The content can be considered as beginner, intermediate and advanced, because the real essence of trading applies to all levels. Just as W.D. Gann taught more sophisticated concepts, theories and techniques, he always emphasized the fundamentals whenever an actual trading procedure was discussed. In all W.D. Gann’s published works where he taught a trading process, that process was remarkably consistent, in each case. It always came down to two primary elements: pattern recognition and his money management rules. This practical trading guide teaches these core foundational principles which make “Speculation a Profitable Profession” as the great W.D. Gann himself taught. Based upon Gann’s own teachings and techniques combined with a collection of practical tools and strategies, illustrated through a year’s worth of sequential trading, analyzing the decision-making process, analysis logic and application of strategy on the offensive side, while using the principles of account, trade and risk management on the defensive side. This course brings together the two essential elements of the trading game required to assure success in trading.

CAT#314 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $1500.00 TEMPORARY 20% DISCOUNT $1200.00.


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Quantitative Analysis Of Financial Price Structure

Catalin Nicolae Plapcianu

2014, 144p. The intent of this course is to present, for the first time, the true meaning and mechanics of the Squaring of Price & Time. It will provide absolute proof that the financial markets are mathematically controlled and predictable. It will demonstrated that ALL market movement can be categorized into only 9 possible binary cases that will exist in any type of vibrational chart. Because “pivot” points in the market have 3 bars composing them, these 9 types will then be intersected with each other resulting in 81 possible cases, represented in a 9x9 grid called the Universal Swing Chart, which logically orders and defines every possible variation of market action. This chart provides an objective mathematical determination of the exact nature of price swings and pivot points, allowing the energetic balancing of price and time to be calculated through the Law of Conservation of Energy. Once the swings and turning points are thus mathematically defined, they can be identified as conical transformations of the circle, and the calculation of acceleration and deceleration rates for each swing becomes possible. Four types of nonlinear distribution in the extent of a swing will be presented and applied to the projection of hyperbolic acceleration/deceleration curves, which dynamically mold the curvature of future market action. These hyperbolic curves consistently identify and capture large tradable segments of sequential swings in any market, on any time frame, from minute to monthly. The second algorithm uses mathematically defined pivot points to derive geometrical price/time relationships which, when converted through a mathematical growth sequence and applied through an expanding circle, square Price and Time, thereby projecting a sequence of future tradable pivot points. This algorithm produces a secondary trading methodology based upon the projection of these squared turning points, where high probability trades can be placed using increased leverage, due to the specificity of the squared projections. The profitability of trades increases exponentially with the advanced levels of this indicator, with the producing annualized returns of over 4000%! Accompanying the course, or available separately, are a set of subscription indicators, based upon these algorithms, which generate powerful automated trading signals, and provide full backtesting capabilities complete with detailed statistical analysis. By adjusting account leverage based upon statistical backtest results, significantly higher returns than those above can be generated, which far exceed the returns produced by most professional traders or automated systems. This course opens a new era of technical analysis, because it fundamentally defines every possible variant of pattern and swing, mathematically proving the financial markets to be an Absolute Deterministic System. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE!

CAT#333 Deluxe Quarto Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $3000.00

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W.D. Gann’s How to Make Profits in Modern Markets

By ”Gordon Roberts”

2016. Text: 444 Pages. Numerous Diagrams. The intent of this course is to provide a trading strategy that allows for large returns from low risk investments. Trades have an average Risk:Reward ratio of 1:10, with a minimum return of 500% per trade to maximum returns exceeding 5000% per trade. The strategy employs straight forward analytical techniques explained in Gann’s “How to Make Profits in Commodities” to identify high value trade setups which can be employed using highly leveraged options strategies to generate large but safe returns. The analytical techniques and strategy taught in this course do not require any prior Gann knowledge or any past trading experience. They can be easily understood and applied by any trader, new or seasoned, to great effect with very little time or difficulty. The strategy is based upon “leveraged position trading” so requires little time or effort to manage. Minimum capital requirements are very low, so someone with an account as small as a few $1000 can effectively implement this strategy. Owners of this course will also get access to an Online Forum where they can ask questions of the author and where the group will study and search for trade in global markets.

CAT#345 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $3333.00 20% TEMPORARY SPECIAL $2666.00


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Stock & Commodity Traders’ Hand-Book of Trend Determination. Secrets of Forecasting Values, Especially Commodities, Including Stocks.
George Bayer

1940. 51p. This is Bayer’s latest work which is directly focused upon giving a set of clearly defined trading rules Fro traders to apply, using his astrological indicators and ellipse. Contents: The Foundation Upon Which We Build Our Rules of Forecasting Movements of Commodities & Stocks; Additional Fundamentals; What The Ancients Knew; Charts; Trading In Commodities; Astronomy For Traders; Rules For Trading In Wheat; Hides & Stocks; 11 Rules For Trading In Hides or Stocks; Rules For Cotton, Lard and Stocks. Declination, Heliocentric; Direct Motion of Planets; 80 Year Cycles; Rules and Use of Ellipse; Latitude & Longitude both Heliocentrically & Geocentrically; Speed Differentials of Planets; Right Ascension & Declination; Daily Variations; Motions of Mercury, Mars, Venus, & Saturn; Neptune; Perihelion and Appehelion; Conjunctions; Effects of Zodiacal Signs; Parallax; Retrograde Motion; Detailed Trading Rules Using These Principles.

CAT#390 $75.00

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The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume IV:
The Complete Commodity Market Courses
William Delbert Gann

1940-1955 250p. This courses contains all of the courses on the commodity markets written by Gann, along with 30 Oversized Charts demonstrating his methods and principles. Content, Part I: Speculation A Profitable Profession, A Course Of Instructions On Grains. Mechanical Method & Trend Indicator For Trading In Grains. Soybeans, Corn & Wheat, Rules For 2-Day Chart Moves. The Basis Of My Forecasting Method For Grains, Geometrical Angles. Forecasting Grain By Time Cycles. Cash & May Soybean Futures. Part II: Mechanical Cotton Method & New Trend Indicator. Cotton Forecasting Instructions. Resistance Levels. Forecasting Cotton By Time Cycles, The Master Time Factor. Part III: Master Egg Course. October Eggs. Master 360 Degree Square Of 12 Chart For Eggs, Instructions. Egg Futures, Rules For 2-Day Moves. Master Square For Price & Time Trends On Eggs. Tables For Squares 144 for Egg Prices. Why Prices Move Faster At High Levels. Price & Time Chart For Egg Futures. Eggs, How To Determine Culminations & Changes In Trend. Rules For Eggs. Charts For Eggs. Complete Enhanced Master Charts (see listings above Vol II for contents). Oversized Chart Contents: May Soybeans Daily. July Soybeans Daily. November Soybeans Weekly. May Soybeans Weekly Time Periods. Trend Line Indicator For Wheat. May Wheat Monthlies. May & Cash Wheat Monthly. Wheat Prices 1259-1840. Coffee Moon Signs. Path Of The Planets. March Cotton Daily. March, May & October Cotton Weekly. July Cotton Swings. December, March, July & October Cotton Monthly. Eggs 1918-1955. October Eggs Weekly. Dow-Jones Averages Swings. Dow-Jones 9 Point Swings. Dow-Jones 15 Day Chart. Union Pacific Weekly. And More…

CAT#392 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $350.00

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The Collected Writings Of W. D. Gann, Volume V:
Introductory Stock Market Courses, Mechanical Methods, & Trend Indicators.
William Delbert Gann

1935-1954 200p. This course contains all of the more easily approachable Stock Market Courses by W. D. Gann, and would be, along with Volume I, the best introduction to Gann’s writings for those hesitant to approach the more difficult Courses contained in Volumes II, III & IV. It gives clear instructions for the most easily applied Mechanical Methods and Trend Following Indicators of this great master, along with reviews of the markets, and general principles of stock trading and investment. Contents: Speculation A Profitable Profession, A Course Of Instruction On Stocks. Method For Trading With The Overnight Chart, The W. D. Gann Mechanical Stock Trading Method. Review Of The Bull & Bear Markets, Showing Formations & Buying & Selling Points 1903-1939 Dow-Jones Industrial Averages. Seasonal Changes In Stocks. Natural Resistance Levels & Time Cycle Points. How To Make Profits Trading In Puts & Calls.

CAT#393 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $150.00

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Daniele Prandelli

2010, 240p.This insightful new work unravels one of the most intriguing, yet least understood and properly applied principles of the great W. D. Gann, Planetary Price Lines. Many people have experimented with this technique, yet few have been able to maximize the potential of this powerful tool, due to a lack of a proper conversion factor which allows these Key natural forces to be usefully plotted on modern day charts with their extended price scales. Gann never spoke in detail about this technique, and the few references we have to it appear only on some of his most complex and messy charts, having to be deciphered and reverse engineered by the astute Gann analyst in order to determine what he was actually doing. Unfortunately, these attempts have rarely provided a fully functional tool for modern traders, because there is a missing Key, without which one becomes overwhelmed with too much indecipherable information. This course presents the first solution we have seen to properly using Planetary Price Lines in current markets. Contents: CHAPTER 1 – INDISPENSIBLE VIRTUE. CHAPTER 2 – PLANETARY PRICE-TRACKING PRICE PROJECTIONS - PLANETARY PRICE LINES. CHAPTER 3 – THE MASTER PRICE CYCLE- HOW TO DETERMINE THE RATIO FOR ANY MARKET- LONGER TERM PLANETS & VARYING RATIOS IN MULTIPLE MARKETS - SHORTER TERM PLANETS.CHAPTER 4 PLANETARY TIME- FIXED PLANETARY CYCLES (JUPITER, SATURN & URANUS)- PLANETARY ASPECTS. CHAPTER 5– MERGING PLANETARY PRICE & PLANETARY TIME – UPDATES FOR 2010 - REAL-TIME FORECASTS & TRADES. CHAPTER 6 – MATERIAL FOR RESEARCH AND REFLECTION- A NEW TIME SYSTEM CONCLUSION. APPENDICES: APPENDIX A – ORIGIN OF CYCLES. APPENDIX B – A SIGN AS GOOD AS GOLD. APPENDIX C – RESEARCH MULTIPLE INDICES TO CONFIRM REVERSAL RELIABILITY. APPENDIX D – JANUARY 2010 RESEARCH. APPENDIX E – RETRACEMENTS: A CRITIQUE. SIGNING OF A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE THIS COURSE!

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The I-S Method: Individual Stock- Intermediate Swing.
Franklin Paul Jackson

1972. 400p. Contents: Study 1. - The I-S Method Based on Precise Rules; Goal & Strategy of Capital Growth; 1st Law of Trading – Trade With Trend; Different Types of Trend; Dow Theory; Dunnigan; Square Root Law of Price Changes Only a Tendency; Barometric Swings; Penetration to Give Signals; Trend Reversal Signal; Head & Shoulders; Triple Top; False Signals; Good Signals; Study Charts; Stop Loss; Reverse Stop; Volume of Trading; Combining Fundamentals & Technical Analysis; Study 2. – The Square Root On the Moving Average, What does the Square Root have to do with the moving average anyway? Everything, in calculating Trend Signals! Why Moving Average Works; Key Trend Reverse Signal; I-S Method Key Table; Golden Rule; Conjunctions of Moving Averages; Patterns, Trends & Consolidations; Following Swings; Power Bottom; Buying on Reactions; Taking Profits; Preferred Positions; Studying Patterns. Study 3. – New Concepts for Swing & Trend; Definitions; Thrust; Thrust Signals; Signal Patterns; Dangerous Narrow Range; Volume & Thrust; Identifying Action Patterns; Putting It All Together.

CAT #441 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering.$90.00

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W. D. Gann’s Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing

Daniel T. Ferrera

2013, 285p. Numerous Diagrams. Software & Data Included. After seven long years of waiting since Dan Ferrera wrote his last course The Spirals of Growth & Decay, we are very happy to announce the release of his newest and latest work, Economic & Stock Market Forecasting, W. D. Gann’s Science of Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing! During these last years, while Ferrera’s interests have focused elsewhere, he has continued to write his Yearly Outlooks, giving a forecast for the economic environment and general stock market. These Outlooks have continued to be very popular, and have honed Dan’s analysis and forecasting abilities to a new level, leading him to a NEW BREAKTHROUGH in his understanding of Gann’s most complicated and secretive forecasting methodology, what we would call Cyclical Periodicity Sequencing. The intent of this course is to explain Gann’s science of Mathematical Sequencing of periodic market patterns, and how it works in conjunction with Gann’s “cycle theory”, in order to forecast the general economy, stock market, or individual stocks, through identifying the periodic sequences of market action. It also presents a study of Key Options Strategies and techniques to take advantage of these forecasts for both short and long term trading. The course presents new material upon one of Gann’s very deepest levels of analysis, which to our knowledge has never been so clearly and applicably presented in any other work prior to this. CD ROM Including Excel Cycle Modeler, Planetary Cycle Calculator & Dow Jones Data 1790-2010 Monthly, 1900-2013 Daily. INCLUDES FERRERA'S OUTLOOKS FROM 2009-2013! MEMBERSHIP IN ONLINE FORUM INCLUDED

CAT#444 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Edition & CD Rom. Black Suede w/Gilt Lettering. $2995.00


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Wheels Within Wheels:
The Art of Forecasting Financial Market Cycles.
Daniel T. Ferrera

2002, 230p. Numerous Diagrams. The newest course by Dan Ferrera, breaking down the 16 primary component cycles of the DOW Jones Averages, producing an accurate map of the last 100 years of history, and projecting the cycles ahead to 2108. Includes all Excel Spreadsheets with all cycle calculations and charts, and the 100 year projection DFT Barometer. Contents: PART I - Special Stock Market Cycle Report; Author’s Introduction; The 18-Year Super Bull & Bear Market Cycle; The Big Picture; A Closer Look At Cycles; The 42-Year Cycle; Interest Rates; The Economy; The January Effect; 2002- 2102 Major Trend Cycle Composite Forecast; PART II – Special Stock Market Cycle Report; Author’s Introduction; What is a Cycle?; The New Era; The Four Primary Intermediate Cycles; W.D. Gann’s Stock Market Patterns; The 10 & 9 Year Cycles; The Shorter Cycles; Putting Them All Together ; S&P 100 Year Projection Using #1 & #2 Dominant Cycles; Follow The Yellow Brick Road; PART III – The DFT Long Term Stock Market Barometer; 16 Cycle Composite Barometer; Is Timing The Market Worth The Effort?; The 54-Year & 12-Year Cycles In Bond Yields; Cycles In Gold; Stock Market Cycle Charts; APPENDICIES: 1 - Garrett Torque Analysis Example; 2 – How To Create A Composite Cycle; 3 – Vectors & Phase: What is a Vector?; 4 – Understanding Cycles; 5 – Wyler’s Theoretical Considerations; 6 – Dewey’s Cycles In The Stock Market; 7 – Cogan’s Rhythmic Cycles; 8 - Chase’s Economic Time; 9 – Wood’s Stock Market Time Cycles; 10 – Martin’s Trend Action; 11 – Weston’s Geometrical Chart System; 12 – Bibliography & Recommended Reading. CD ROM Including Excel Cycle & DFT Worksheets.

CAT#447 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. $450.00

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Daniele Prandelli

2012 222p. Daniele Prandelli's new Trading Course using Gann's Master Time Factor to create a yearly forecast with directional turning points and 80% accuracy in time projections. Also includes an advanced trading strategy integrating the PFS Forecasts and Planetary Line activity to trade the S&P 500 on an daily to intermediate term basis very successfully. This trading strategy produced 90 points per month on the S&P 500 over the past 3 months, and consistently identifies imporant intermediate-trend Tops & Bottoms with an 80% accuracy. It also provides a sophisticated trading methodology to trade them with efficient risk management, and consistent profits. Contents: Preface. Chapter 1 – General Annual Trend - WD Gann’s Master Time Factor. Chapter 2 – The Polarity Factor System (PFS)- 100 Year Data Model- Creating Yearly Directional Forecasts - The Excel Spreadsheet. Chapter 3 – Looking at the Past- Forecast Confirmation Technique - Secondary Date Projection Model. Chapter 4 – Looking for Monthly & Weekly Turns - Integrating Time Cycles into the Model. Chapter 5 – The Vital Importance of Price - The Key to Trading the System - Trading Strategy for the Forecasting Model. Chapter 6 – The Art of Trading - Trading a Whipsaw Market with Profits - Trading Major Signals & Turning Points. Conclusion. Appendices - Appendix A – WD Gann – Master Time Factor Forecasting Course - Appendix B – Historical Yearly S&P 500 Charts 1961-2011. THIS IS THE BEST MARKET TIMING COURSE WE HAVE! DON'T MISS IT!

CAT#464 $2995.00

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W. D. Gann’s Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts.
Daniel T. Ferrera

2004. 103p. This new book by Daniel T. Ferrera develops a theory of how Gann most probably created his Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts. “Of all the Gann forecasting techniques known, the Mass Pressure Formula has been one of the most closely guarded secrets. In fact, there are very few “Gann Experts” that even know how to create a Mass Pressure Chart or anything about the nature of its construction. These charts are based entirely on Gann’s philosophy that “the future is nothing but a repetition of the past”. Each year, W.D. Gann would draw up a stick figure forecast of the stock market averages and various commodity futures in his Supply & Demand newsletter service. He would provide commentary that would provide an outline of what he expected the market to do. Gann said that the future was just a repetition of the past and one needed only the right beginning to predict the future. In latter years, Gann provided something he called the Mass Pressure Chart. In his advertisement for his Master Mathematical Time Price and Trend Calculator, Gann said that he would provide a Mass Pressure Chart for the upcoming year. Based upon its vague description, the Mass Pressure Chart is supposed to indicate bullish and bearish trends according to Gann’s Master Time Factor. I have talked to many Gann experts about the Mass Pressure Chart and most have no clue as to what it may be. I have never seen an actual original Mass Pressure Chart from W.D. Gann and I do not know of anyone else who has come across one. This course presents what I feel is most likely the solution to this question.” Dan Ferrera. Contents: Instructions for Using the Excel Mass Pressure Worksheet. Mass Pressure Forecasting Article From Traders World Magazine. W.D. Gann’s Mass Pressure Chart. W.D. Gann’s Secrets to Forecasting. Forecasting Monthly Moves. W.D. Gann’s 1929 Forecast Recreated. Special Stock Market Cycle Report I (Free Bonus). Special Stock Market Cycle Report I (Free Bonus). W.D. Gann’s Original Forecasting Course. Includes CD ROM With Detailed Excel Spreadsheets For Creating Mass Pressure Charts, & Spreadsheet Duplicating Gann’s 1929 Forecast.

CAT#495 Deluxe Quarto Hardcover Facsimile Edition. Maroon Suede w/Guilt Lettering. W/CD ROM $195.00

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Stock Market Prediction: The Historical & Future Siderograph Charts & Software.
Donald Bradley.

1948, 2004 180p. The Planetary Barometer & How To Use It. Donald Bradley’s Siderograph Indicator is a very popular market indicator used by many analysts to give current turning points and trend indications for the markets. We have kept Bradley’s original work available for many years, but there has never been software to produce the charts readily available. Upon learning that services charged up to $100 per year for each Bradley chart, and that the only available software to produce the charts ran into the thousands of dollars, we put together a new version of Bradley’s work including the Bradley Siderograph charts for 100 years from 1950 to 2050, including the software so that anyone can produce these charts for themselves. The historical charts will also allow researchers to track past performance of the Siderograph for the past 55 years of market history, and to have ready made charts covering the next 45 years. This book includes a CD ROM with the software, and is bound in a Hardcover. CONTENTS: Mystery of Mass Psychology; Human Response to Outside Forces; Tides In Affairs of Men; Cycles Write World History; Search for Causes; 3 1/2 Year Business Cycle; Planetary Aspects Are The Secret; Jupiter-Uranus Cycle; Planetary Periods & Synods; Symbols; Aspects in Action; Power of Aspects; Line of Aspectivity; computing; Example; Sideograph; Promises & Limitations. 100 Years of Siderograph Charts.

CAT#496 $195.00 HARDCOVER W/ CD ROM.

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Investing For Profit With TORQUE Analysis of Stock Market Cycles.
William C. Garrett

1973 Original, 2000 Reprint. 255p. This well known book, one of Dr. Baumring’s favorites from his top financial reading list, has been hard to find lately, but we have dug up some copies, so are happy to be able to offer this classic again. Contents: The Genesis of Cycles; Price Cycles Derive From the Tick-Rhythm of Opposed Forces; Cyclical Recoil Movements Follow Exhaustion of Impulse Force; Interim Movements Mark Shift From Dominance of a Cyclical Force; Simultaneous Individual Moves Create Market Cycles; The Harmonic Nature of Cycles; Harmonic-Length Cycles; Longer Rhythms Combinations of Shorter Rhythms; How Cycles Combine; How to Synthesize Five Cycles Into One Market Pattern; Cyclical Systems; Cycles Bridge Gap to the Future; Four Parts of Cyclical Principle; A Synthesis Reveals the Market’s Cyclical Nature; 17 Year Cycle; How Longer Cycles Break Down Into Shorter Lengths;4.25 Year Cycle, 17 Month Lengths; Forces & Framework of Cyclical Structure; Nature of the Volume Forces; How The Cyclical Field Is Formed; Volume Flow Determines Amplitude & Length of Cyclical Swings; Support & Resistance Forcebands in Cyclical Field; Volume Plays on the Market’s Harmonic Cyclical Structure; The Invisible Mechanism of Cycles; Thrust Against Circumference; Fibonacci Series; Trigonometry of a Square & Rectangle; Fibonaccis Result From Movement of Axis of Circle; Phi Additive; Mechanics of Thrust & Recoil; Golden Section & Great Pyramid of Egypt; Now Volume Powers The Cycle Mechanism; Volume Alters Basic Cyclical Shapes; How Epicycles “Crack The Whip” At Market Tops; Vectors in the Cyclical Field Are Controlled by Volume; Cycles & the Random Walk, or the Effect of Randoms & Seasonals on Cycles; Price is a Liar; Torque Analysis Formula; Measuring Underlying Forces; Setting Up Statistics for Torque Analysis; How Cycles Are Revealed by Price-Volume Relationship; The Art of Forecasting with Market Cycles; Cycle Forecasting’s Seven Basic Assumptions; Price Cycles Have Two Axes, Hence Follow a Parabolic Path; Time Progression of Trailing Axis Causes a Fibonacci Grid to Form; A Mature Cycle is a Closed System of Influence; Image of New Cycle Derives from Peak of Old One; Technique of Cycle Forecasting; Limits of a Swing; How Cycles Synchronize Their Clocks At Cyclical Troughs; Economics & Market Cycles; Volume Is Cyclical, Psychological & Seasonal; How To Profit For Stock Market Cycles; Dynamic Potential of SM Cycles; Fidelity of Cycles Defined by Torque Analysis.

CAT#499 $???? CURRENTLY OUT OF PRINT. Investment Book Publishing, Paperback.

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