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An Exploration of the Mechanical Trading Lesson on U. S. Steel

Timothy Walker

2014. 2 Volumes, Vol. 1 Text 216 p. Vol. 2 Supplement & Charts 136 p. THIS COURSE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TRADE LIKE W.D. GANN! For full details see the following link: This GANN TRADING COURSE makes an intensive study of one of Gann’s core lesson, called The Method for Trading the Overnight Chart. When new students came to Gann for instruction, he first sold them his swing trading system. This lesson, is today published as part of the Mechanical Methods & Systems section of his Stock Market Course, and consists of 9 Rules followed by 15 years of trading examples on US Steel. At the time US Steel was the largest company in the world and therefore an obvious candidate to demonstrate the method. The intent of this course is to present a detailed analysis of the entire sequence of 322 trades from 1915-1931 presented in WD Gann’s US Steel trading course. The specifics of these trades and of Gann’s Mechanical Method provide profound insights into the mind of one of the greatest traders of history. With detailed charts accompanying the analysis, the reader will discover great insights in reading market action and learn to understand the specific rules and triggers that Gann used to manage an account through every phase of market activity. This course demonstrates how Gann could turn a $3000 account into over $6 million in 15 years. But it also shows extraordinary returns in shorter trading periods. For instance, from his initial investment of $3000 in February 1915 until October 21 of the same year, Gann produced a 1,337% return increasing the account to $40,123. INCLUDES SUBSCRIPTION TO THE HOW TO TRADE LIKE WD GANN ONLINE FORUM MODERATED BY THE AUTHOR.

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